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Star Wars: Interregnum


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The mercenary captain rolled her eyes, stepping out of the elevator into Taris at large. She didn't really have much of an intended destination, so she just sort of picked a direction and started walking. 


"So, what's a good bar around here?"



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Carefully keeping herself balanced in a handstand, the Zabrak Inquisitor kept one eye on the holoscreen as she stretched her legs, first one, than the other, trying to keep busy until she was needed dirtside.


Upside-down, the fugitive Zabrak's face didn't seem quite so judgy, which let her concentrate a bit more on listening to the holoscreen's narration of the events leading up to this mess, without getting sidetracked by the feelings of guilt that came up whenever the image of the fugitive's tattoos reminded her that she still hadn't worked up the courage to do the same to her own face, her hand shook too badly when she tried, and this greaseball probably hadn't done his own anyway he'd probably had someone else to....


Let it go. Not helping.


As the narration came around again to the point at which the Republic pilot brought his craft down at an as-yet unknown point on the surface of Taris, near again to the ending she'd heard several times already, Varis regained control of her breathing.


Deep, steady breaths, in through the nose.


Deep, steady breaths, out through the mouth.


Left leg crooked, knee forward, toes back, heel almost touching the back of her thigh.


Then straighten, all forward, slowly, carefully, shifting her shoulders slightly to offset the shifting weight.


Slowly moving the left leg back to the vertical, as the right leg begins to move sideways, stretching muscles, forcing her to adjust her balance again, carefully, slightly, perfectly.


"In the case of the search for New Republic pilot Rav Kadran, and for the holocron he is believed to be searching for, these are the known facts...."


Deep breaths. Slow. Steady.


Stretching. Re-balancing.


Keeping her body ready, for fieldwork, for a firefight, for a quick two-step dance with a Kobok, anything, but more importantly keeping her focused, convinced she is doing something, convinced she's not just rotting in space while the advance team, the actual best the Inquisitorius has to offer, do all the real work.


Hey, it's not called self-delusion if you know you're doing it. They covered that in training.

We will remember - Skies may fade and stars may wane; we won't forget

And your light shines bright - yes so much brighter shine on

We will remember - Until the skies will fall we won't forget

We will remember

We all shall follow doom

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IC: "Thank you," Dak muttered. Not much of a response, but she was obviously still shaken by the encounter. She'd co-operated as best as she could but only a few minutes earlier she had genuinely believed she was selling Evnairis out. That wasn't an easy feeling to deal with.

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"Good job, Sergeant. I want you coordinating the trap from nearby. I'll have Insight coordinate things with all the major spaceports on this portion of the planet." She was quiet for a moment. "We have to assume he's going to try and weave past any checkpoints anyway. We're going to need to clamp down on him before he gets lost in the underworld."


She turned to Veyura, who was glancing between Lieutenant Arkada's dead body and the B-wing idly. Costa let out a low breath and pinched the bridge of her nose between thumb and forefinger.


"Surprise, surprise. Wherever there's a summary execution, Raia Veyura's on the scene, breathing heavy. Hey."




IC (Raia Veyura, Taris junkyard)


"You do know how to get me hot and bothered," Veyura replied nonchalantly. "How are we doing, then? Does it look like the data's going to be recoverable?"





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IC: The interrogation finished, Dak stuggled to compose herself before turning towards Nadia and Viseria. 


"So I guess now I've got to lay low," the former stormtrooper muttered.


"It shouldn't be very long," Nadia said. "We stick with our plan. You and Evnairis are going to stay here for the next few days. You're already looking different so all we can do is hope nobody else comes looking."


"There isn't much else we can do now," Viseria said. "The Beks won't take you in, not if they've seen you with the Vulkars. Best case scenario is they'd refuse, and that's assuming they don't try to turn you in for a reward. The other gangs aren't quite as charitable as we are when it comes to taking people in. We could try to get you off world, but that would increase the chances of being seen. The best thing to do is to stick with us."


"So what is there to do around here?"


"There's probably a few things you could do if you asked around," Nadia said. "Odd jobs and things."


"The mechanics often like an extra hand," Viseria added. "Most of us can do our own repairs but a little assistance is often useful. Evnairis has so far proven to be pretty good at it."


Silence fell for a moment.


"I don't know much about swoop repair," Dak finally said. "But I know a thing or two about weapons."


"Well, we do have a small arsenal," Nadia said. "We don't usually need it, but we like to keep a few weapons on hand."


"I could examine them for you," Dak said. "If you like I could get an inventory of what you've got and what conditions they're in."


"That's not a bad idea," Nadia said. Dak turned and made her way towards the elevator.


"After all this, I think I might need a drink," Viseria said. She turned towards Evnairis. "Do you think you could finish up here?"


"Sure. No problem."


"That's a good idea," Nadia said. "Dak will probably be busy for a little while. Evnairis is occupied with swoop maintenance. Some time to make sense of everything would be good."

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Liare had slipped back into the mask of a civilian before he'd even left the building. Pin in the pocket, lightsaber under the coat, and the coat unbuttoned to hide the Inquisitorius emblem. It made him feel a little better, being able to blend into the crowd. Old habits died hard when life just kept on encouraging them. Helping the Stormie and the scavenger helped, too. He'd catch if anyone asked what happened to them, but no one would. He'd done his job. And with the recording en route to the rest of the team using the magic of technology, everyone else'd have the info pretty quick.


"Got what they knew, boss." He slipped the flask out of his pocket, after unmuting his mic, and took a long sip. "Gonna do a few sweeps of the Lower City, see what I turn up. Unless there's something else you need done."



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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IC: As Dak stepped into the small armory, she began to look around at the weapons the Vulkars had. It was hardly anything professional, but she quickly recognized several different firearms, among which was now the blaster she had with her when she arrived. It didn't take long to recognize most of their guns, which seemed to be made up of whatever they had managed to find, both through scavenging and by way of local weapons stores.


As she touched her blaster, she began to remember something. She was there, in the junkyard with Evnairis next to her. Mia was giving what would be her last orders: to run. Dak dropped the weapon in shock, taking a moment to catch her breath.





Nadia and Viseria had left the base and were making their way down the streets of the Tarisian Lower City. A drink hardly seemed like a bad idea right now, especially after everything that had happened so far.


"We could go down to the Stray Tach," Nadia said. "That place seemed to be good."


"I don't think it matters to me," Viseria replied.


"Well, it's either that or we go to that place run by the Dulok."


Viseria shuddered slightly at the memory of that Cantina, if it could even be called that. It was amazing it was even still open, given the Duloks' notorious incompetence and their infamous cooking.


"Stray Tach should be fine," Viseria muttered.


It wasn't long before they reached the door to the Stray Tach Cantina. The Twi'lek quickly steppd inside, with the Miraluka following close behind. The place was still bustling. The Wookie Bartender was still working there. As Nadia and Viseria approached, the Twi'lek quickly signaled to the bartender. "I think we need a drink," she said. "Something strong."

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"I think a few squints with some fresh caf and no sleep might be able to squeeze something out of the computer. The droid is a harder sell. Even if Arkada wasn't the one who tinkered with the microchips inside, they're still damaged and the droid still has slag in its head. It'll take more time than we--"


Liare pinged her over her earpiece with his little briefing. Costa knew she should have asked for specifics, but she would prefer to just have the information right now. The rest could sit in mission reports.


"Do your thing, Liare. Let me know what you find. Expect another Inquisitor coming your way in a few hours. I'm requisitioning another two from onboard Insight. Veyura goes with me, one goes with you...and we'll let Kaz secure the garrison."


A slow, grumbly breath.


"I need pills." An irritated glance at Veyura out of the corner of her peripheral vision. "Don't even offer."





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IC: Her hair was tied back into a rough braid. As usual, she was wearing her long trenchcoat, with a pistol hidden inside. Not that she expected to need it, but based on what she had heard of criminal activity it was always good to be prepared.


Layna Arkada marched through the streets of the Lower City. It had not been an easy flight to Taris. Long, crowded, and dull. Still, she had arrived and made her way to the Lower City. She just hoped finding work wouldn't be too hard, though she could probably ask around in the Cantinas. There was probably a bounty office somewhere she could use to start looking. Of course, that wasn't her immediate interest. What she was really looking for was that small Imperial Outpost. Locating it had not proven too hard; the Imperial Logo on the door gave it away. Then it was just a matter of gaining entrance. The place didn't seem to be too guarded; then again, there wasn't much reason for it to be. 


As Layna opened the door and stepped inside, she looked around. Mia had evidently been hard at work restoring the outpost. The place was intact, and the computers seemed to be working. It was a strange feeling. Layna could barely remember when she last saw her sister. Still, there didn't seem to be many people here. She noticed a nervous stormtrooper standing at the door to the barracks, watching her movements. Moving towards the officers' quarters, Layna began to overhear someone, a man; who seemed to be delivering a report. As she approached, she saw an officer speaking to someone on a hologram.


"That's what they told me. I don't know much, but something seems off about all this." He turned toward Layna, somewhat confused about her presence.  Then back towards the hologram. "I'm going to have to call you back."


"Can I help you?" He asked, after shutting off the hologram projector.


"I'm looking for someone. I was told I could find her here."


"Really?" the officer stood and approached her. "Well, there aren't very many people here. I'm Commander Riv Needa, acting C.O. I should be able to find them easily enough."


"My sister was supposed to be here," Layna explained. "Mia Arkada."


Needa's expression changed in an instant to one of remorse. Layna tried to remain calm, though she had a feeling she was about to receive bad news.


"I'm sorry," Needa said. "I didn't know her for long, but she was a great woman."


A few tears were emerging from Layna's eyes. "How did it happen?"


"According to the reports, she was killed in action."


Layna's tears were uncontrollable, and quickly pouring out. Needa approached her. Layna could barely keep herself from crying as the officer wrapped his arms around her.


"There was nothing anyone could have done," he said, not that it did much to calm down his visitor. All he could do for now was let her take a seat on one of the beds, and let her tears out. He could hardly blame Layna's reaction to losing her sister. He could still remember the emotions he experienced when he learned that his own brother had been choked to death by Vader himself. He also knew there was little he could do to make Layna feel any better. Still, he was noticing something else: a possible opportunity, though in her emotional state there was little she could do for now. All he could do was try to comfort her.

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OOC: I guess I'm stuck at the moment. I've got two characters waiting for approval, but I'm still waiting to hear back from M31 before I can do anything with them. 


IC: The Wookie bartender didn't seem to notice them yet. He (or she? Why is it so hard to tell?) was obviously busy with other customers. For the moment, Nadia would have to wait patiently for service, not her strongest skill.


"So what kind of trouble is Mia in?" Nadia asked.


"I don't know," Viseria said. "I can just say I don't like it... wait a minute..."


Viseria turned towards a viewscreen on the wall. She approached it slowly. Nadia watched  in confusion.


"Is something wrong?" She stood and approached the viewscreen as well. It only took a moment to realize what was bothering Viseria.


"Tragedy struck as Imperial troops were attacked by scavengers on patrol in the junkyard. Reports indicate that only a few stormtroopers managed to escape. Among the casualties was reportedly decorated Imperial Lieutenant Mia Arkada. The Lieutenant had served the Empire for ten years aboard a variety of ships..."


The Twi'lek paused. She could barely comprehend what she was hearing. "Now I really need a drink," she said, turning back towards the bar. 


OOC: Nadia is open for interaction.


EDIT: Got the approval for one of my new characters. Still waiting for the other to be approved as a player character (as opposed to an NPC, which is what he is at the moment) but hopefully that will come soon.


IC: The officer tried to remain calm. The young woman who had only a moment ago appeared imposing and tough was an emotional wreck. It was hardly a surprise that she was having trouble accepting her loss. He had known Mia for three months and already missed her. He already knew what it was like to lose someone he had known his entire life. Layna's tears were entirely understandable, especially if his suspicions were correct and there was something about Mia's death that was being kept under wraps. He took a deep breath and thought about what to say. Any information he could get might be useful to uncovering the truth, but it was obvious that Layna was too distraught to speak rationally. Finally, he spoke casually.


"You got a place to say?" He asked. Layna shook her head.


"I'd offer you accommodations here, but that might be difficult at the moment. I'll tell you what I can do: Mia made a bunch of deals with one of the local gangs, the Vulkars. They're friends."


The officer was briefly cut off as Layna took a moment to sniff.


"Tell them what you told me. They should be able to give you a place to stay, at least until you get settled in."


Layna nodded. It wasn't much comfort, but at least she had a direction.


"As soon as I can get more information, I'll bring it to you. You got that?"


Layna nodded.


"Do you want me to send someone to escort you?"


Layna shook her head.


"Alright then. Let me once again share my condolences, and I promise I will do whatever I can to see your sister's killer brought to justice."


Layna nodded, before making her way towards the door. A miserable young woman in the streets of lower city Taris was hardly unusual, and didn't seem to draw too much attention. All she could do for now was make her way towards the Vulkar base.

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Sen Fahl


IC: The young Mandalorian returned the offer with a smile.


"That sounds wonderful."


He tipped his drink at her in thanks before taking a sip. One eyebrow rose in surprise, the Wookie certainly knew her drinks.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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IC: Nadia took a seat at the bar. On one side, Viseria sat next to her. On the other, she saw a young human wearing olive green armor plates. He seemed to be enjoying himself. To the Twi'lek, it seemed strange that a man could enjoy himself at a time like this. Still, she tried not to let him distract her. She was already frustrated enough as it was.


"I need something strong," she said to the Wookie bartender, trying to keep her frustration from getting out of control. Viseria wasn't exactly feeling much better, though she tried to remain calm. The young Miraluka reached out towards her friend, wrapping an arm under her lekku and putting it on her shoulder. Nadia tried to hold in the tears, though that didn't stop a few from coming out.


"We're going to have to tell Dak," Nadia said. 


"I know," Viseria said. She could feel a few tears of her own pouring from under her mask. Ordinarily, Nadia was tough. She wasn't the kind of person to let her emotional vulnerabilities show easily. To see her genuinely upset about something was very strange, even for what might as well have been her sister. 


IC: Layna looked around as she stepped into the Vulkar base. She was hardly feeling much better, but at least here she might be able to find something to do. There were a variety of different species, and for the most part she didn't draw much attention.


"Hey!" One Bek yelled as he approached her. "Who are you? What is your business here?"


Layna paused. "I was told to come here," she said.


"By who?"


"Easy now," said a voice from behind. Layna looked in confusion as she was approached by a large Gamorrean. "I'll take care of this. I assume there's a logical explanation for this."


Layna took a deep breath. "My name is Layna Arkada. I was told that you know my sister, Mia Arkada."


"We've done business together," The Gamorrean said. "Nadia is the one who knew her best, but she did a lot for us." He looked at Layna's face. Her expression did little to hide her emotions.


"Mia's dead. One of her officers said to come here."


"I see." The Gamorrean paused for a moment. "Well, we can get you a bed easy enough. If there's anything you need-"


"I'm good. Right now, all I want is answers."


"I'll do my best to give them to you. My name is Gonzai. I do a lot of the business around here. Come on, I'll show you around."


The Gamorrean gave Layna a thorough tour of the base. As they walked, he explained to her everything that had happened recently. "I don't know much yet. Yesterday, we were visited by a Stormtrooper who told us that Mia was in trouble. She said that there was some kind of mutiny involving a dark trooper named Raltz."


"Raltz?" Layna quickly realized she would have to remember that name.


"That's what she said. She told me to try to save Mia, then left."


"She said there was a mutiny?"


"Something along those lines. Why?"


"I was told she was killed in action."


Layna remained quiet, though she was thinking. Something about this wasn't adding up. This supposed witness's statement of a mutiny hardly lined up with the report of KIA she had been given.

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IC: (Vulkar Base)


"I guess that's everything," Gonza i said. "I know you'll probably be wanting some time to yourself, so I'll give you some privacy. If there's anything you need, you just let me know."


Layna remained quiet for a moment. "Is there a good place to get a drink around here?" She asked. Gonzai turned around.


"There's a few. I know of one place down the street, but it's not very good-"


"Doesn't matter," Layna said. She stood and began to walk towards the exit. 


Gonzai watched. It was obvious the girl needed some time to herself. Losing a sister could not have been easy for her. Still, she had offered information that was not available before, and Layna wasn't the only one who deserved to know.


The Gamorrean turned toward the armory, where he quickly found Dak. She looked as though she had been in the middle of examining their weapons, but then got distracted.


"Are you okay?"


Dak nodded.


"You want to talk about it?"


Dak shook her head.


"I've got some more information."


Dak looked at him. She already knew what he was going to say, but even so she wanted to know for sure.


"I'm afraid... Mia... Mia's dead."


Dak collapsed into Gonzai's arms almost immediately. There was no way she could stop herself from crying. Gonzai did his best to comfort her, at least as much as he could with his massive arms.


IC: (Nadia, Stray Tach)


"WHAT'S TAKING THOSE DRINKS SO LONG!" the Twi'lek yelled impulsively at the Wookie bartender. She was on the verge of climbing onto the counter. Viseria was struggling to restrain her. As she did, one swipe of her arm managed to easily knock over Sen Fahl's drink. 


"NADIA!" The Miraluka was calling out. "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!"


Finally, Viseria managed to pull the Twi'lek back into her chair. 


Viseria turned so that she could face both the bartender and the young Mandalorian sitting next to Nadia. "I'm sorry," she said. "We just lost someone."


Nadia was starting to calm down. She took a deep breath.


OOC: Nadia's open for interaction if anyone wants. Layna should be soon.

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IC Odiina Brando:


"LT's dead, Inquisitors are takin' over everything here on Taris.... god I wish the Emperor were still around."


"Yeah well, he isn't. And we still got a job to do, whether that's under the Emperor or the Inquisitors doesn't make much difference for us."


"Jeez, Brando, you sound like on of those hard clone vets."


"So you keep tellin' me."


Odiina Brando, Stormtrooper TK-2449 as she was known by imperial records, and her patrol partner's discussion often consisted of her partner complaining about the lack of respect the troopers got, with Odiina putting tghe bare minimum effort in rebuffing him. Not that there was much else to do on patrol in the lower city. Aside from the odd gang member who got a little too full of themselves, the patrol in this sewctor was safe, which consequently made it -boring-. Not that Brando cared. Fresh out of training, she still had little individuality. However as her partner was quick to point out, it seemed to suit her just fine.


OOC: Brando OFI

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OOC: Brando OFI


OOC: This would be a great opportunity for an interaction with Commander Needa, but I'm still waiting for his profile to be approved. It may still be possible for Layna to get some interaction, though.


IC: (Layna Arkada, Taris Undercity)


Of all the gin joints on all the planets in all the galaxy, she had to walk into the one that was run by a Dulok. The projector at the front should have already clued her in. The place was literally called "Restaurant" and claimed to serve "the finest in Dulok cuisine straight from the Swamps of Endor." Still, all she wanted was a drink. 


"OH" She heard a voice yell, followed by a clattering of pots. The large green Dulok stumbled out of the kitchen. "A CUSTOMER! WELCOME TO THE ONLY RESTAURANT ON TARIS WHICH SERVES AUTHENTIC DULOK CUISINE! The special today is glock."


"What else to you have?"


"Well, we have glock... glock... and uh... glock."


Layna was quickly starting to see why Gonzai didn't like this place. "I just need something to drink."


"OH SURE!" The Dulok proceeded to pour a disgusting-looking fluid into a dirty glass. "Authentic Dulok beer!"


Layna quickly turned toward the door.




Layna quickly stepped out of the cantina. She almost wondered how the place was even still open. She heard the Dulok continuing to stumble around inside, knocking over other dishes.


As she walked away from the cantina, she quickly spotted a pair of stormtroopers apparently on patrol. They seemed to be talking among themselves. One of them said something about a dead lieutenant- probably her sister. Not being seen would be difficult right now. She just hoped nobody knew who she was yet.

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Sen Fahl-The Stray Tach


IC: Since Sen was still holding his drink all it took was a sway backwards to avoid the swinging arm. He took another sip while returning to his previous position, staring at the two women. He could of sworn they had just been in here.


"My condolences." He said, deciding not to put his glass down just yet.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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IC: (Layna Arkada, Tarisian Lower City)


The chances of being noticed were fairly low at the moment. Unless someone thought she resembled her sister (which was unlikely based on her messy hair and extremely worn outfit) she would probably be okay. She hadn't even told Mia that she would be coming. Why would anyone else know that her sister had been on Taris for a few hours at most?


"Excuse me," she said to one of the Stormtroopers. "You mentioned something about a lieutenant. You weren't by any chance referring to Mia Arkada?"


IC: (Nadia, Stray Tach)


The Twi'lek was starting to calm down, at least as much as she could. 


"I'm sorry," Nadia muttered. "I've just been under a lot of stress."

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Costa leveled a migraine-driven pouty glare at Veyura and rolled her eyes. The very motion made her want to shoot something else, even if it was just the ugly Tarisian skyline, sun-bleached orange by twilight and the fumes from old spacecraft carcasses.


"Do you, Sarir. I'll find you later."


She hadn't stopped staring at the team's mad scientist psychiatrist.


"C'mon, Raia. Soon as this is over I'll find you a whooole ant farm for you to kill with a magnifying glass."





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IC: (Dak Ulgo, Vulkar Base)


Gonzai led Dak out of the armory and took a seat with her on a couch nearby. The former stormtrooper was still obviously upset, and the Gamorrean could do little to make her feel better. Between her new tank top and messy hair, one would never have guessed that she had only a few hours ago been a member of the Empire. Now it was a question of whether she would ever be able to return or if she would have to spend the rest of her life hiding out with this gang.


"You sure she's dead?" Dak asked.


"As far as I know," Gonzai said. He took a deep breath.


"There was another woman who just came by, who said she was Mia's sister."


"What? I didn't know Mia had a sister. She didn't talk much about her personal life."


"She said she was told Mia was killed in action,"


Dak was angered by the statement. "That's not true," she said.


"I didn't say anything about you other than we met, but if she is who she says she is, you might want to talk to her."


Dak paused to think. "If I can get back to the Outpost, I might be able to find something in the records."


"But we don't know how deep this thing goes,"


"Most of them should still be down in the Junkyard. The only ones who stayed at the Outpost were a few of Mia's officers and the stormtroopers who were unfit to go with her. Nearly all of them are people who knew Mia personally, and worst case scenario they could probably be bribed to look the other way."


"You think so," the Gamorrean asked.


"Yes," Dak said. "If there are any Imperials on the planet that I can still trust, it's the ones at the Outpost."

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IC Odiina Brando:


The pair paused, taken slightly off guard by someone addressing them with anything other than superior rank or drunken stupor.


Brando was of course the first to regain composure, and her voice grated from the speaker of her helmet, carefully modulated.


"Who's asking."


More of a statement than a question, though that was in no small part due to the flat tone that she used.

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IC: (Layna, Taris Undercity)


Layna paused and thought for a moment. If she was right, these stormtroopers might be able to offer information, but she also knew that revealing her true identity would be a bad idea. Fortunately, neither of the stormtroopers seemed aware of who they were talking to.


"We were... together at the Imperial Academy, and very close," she finally said. It was technically true, after all. "At least until I flunked out of it. I heard that she was running an outpost on Taris but I've also been hearing a rumor that she was killed in action. I just wanted to make sure she was alright."

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IC: (Layna, Taris Lower City)


"I don't watch the holonet much," Layna said. "I've been hearing a lot of people talking about it in some of the cantinas."


IC: (Dak Ulgo, Imperial Outpost)


It was only a short walk as Dak made her way towards the small outpost where she had spent the last few months under Lt. Arkada. She walked up to it carefully, hoping that she was making a solid decision. If she was wrong, and Inquisitorious stormtroopers were here, she would be in serious trouble.


Fortunately, as Dak stepped inside, the base was mostly empty. A few drunken stormtroopers were still sleeping off the effects of their drinks, but none of Raltz's squad was present. They were probably still busy in the scrapyard. That was good so far. She heard the noise of a door opening, and turned in shock, but was relieved to see a familiar face. It was one of Mia's officers, a middle-aged man. Commander Needa.


"Okay, I'm not sure why you're here, but this is a restricted- Wait" He stopped himself, squinting as he looked at the woman in front of him. "Dak? Dak Ulgo?"


"I'm sorry about my uniform, sir," Dak said.


"Ordinarily I'd order you to get changed, but things are difficult now." Needa stepped out of the room. "I'm in charge for now. I heard Lt. Arkada was killed and you're the only member of her platoon who has returned. You must know something."


"I'm not a deserter, if that's what you mean."


"Of course not," Needa said. "But I get the feeling you know something about what's going on down there. The reports said that Mia was killed in action, but being shot in a fight against scavengers seems unlikely. I'm pretty sure there's something they're not telling us."


"That much is correct," Dak said. "I can tell you Mia wasn't killed in action. I was with her during that battle. She was still alive when the scavengers had been overpowered. I don't know exactly how she died, but it seemed to have something to do with Sergeant Raltz. I saw him jetpacking towards her. Mia's last instructions were to get out of there before I was found."


Needa paused for a moment. "What are you doing then?"


"I needed information about the lieutenant. I've been told that she may have a sister."


"She does," Needa explained. He reached for a datapad and opened the Imperial Records. "I was surprised as well. Layna Arkada. Born six years after Mia. Tried to enroll in the Imperial Academy but was found to be too impulsive and ultimately dropped out. Spent the last few years working as a bounty hunter and mercenary. In fact, she came by here earlier. I told her to speak to the Beks about accomodation."


"I'm also going to need you to step in here," he motioned towards the officer's quarters. Dak reluctantly stepped in, Needa shutting the door behind her.


"Between you and me," Needa explained. "You may just be the key we've been looking for."


"What do you mean?"


Needa took a seat. "As you are no doubt aware, the Empire has become somewhat divided with the sudden death of the Emperor. The man was so worried about his own rule that he never made a decision on what would happen when he died. The Inquisitors want to follow in his footsteps, but there are some of us who believe that they are unfit to rule. We believe that the Empire should be run by someone responsible, who is not likely to abuse their power. You may be just what we need."


"Why? What's going on?"


"I'll show you."


Needa approached the holoprojector, and typed a code into it. Though Dak could not make it out, she could tell he was accessing a secure channel, one he probably intended to keep secret. After a few minutes, a small figure appeared; the blue translucent image of an Imperial Officer.


"Commander Needa," the officer said. "It's good to hear from you. I trust you have something to report."


"I do," Needa said. "Remember how I was telling you about the scrapyard operation and Mia's apparent death."




"I've got someone who can testify to what actually went on."


The officer paused. "Go on," he said.


"Dak," he motioned for Dak to approach the hologram.


"Identify yourself," the Officer said.


"Private Dak Ulgo, designation TK-4601."


The Officer paused as he verified her designation. "Very well. Tell me what happened in the scrapyard."


Dak was nervous. She remained unsure if she could trust anyone in the Empire, but at the same time, Needa was offering a possible way out of her mess. The Empire might still have been willing to take her back. All she needed to do was lay low until she could find a way off Taris, then make her way to an Imperial world.


She carefully proceeded to relate what happened. She described everything from Raltz's arrival to her escape from the scrapyard, though she refrained from mentioning her new affiliation with the Vulkars. 


"Excellent," the Officer replied. "If your testimony is true, than it is obvious the Inquisitors are lying about Mia's fate. She was still alive after the skirmish, meaning she couldn't have been KIA. You didn't see what happened, did you?"


"No," Dak said. "But I did see Raltz jumppacking after her."


"I'll have to check the records for information on this Sergeant Raltz. It is starting to sound like he was involved in the murder of a decorated officer. If we can expose this, it might be just the break we're looking for. I will pass this information up immediately. Excellent work commander."


"Thank you," Needa said.


"In the meantime, 4601 will need to lay low. Commander, I'll need you to find out if any other Inquisitors are on Taris, and if so gather whatever information you can about them. Discretion is of the utmost importance."


"Copy that," Needa said. "This is Commander Needa out."


A flick of a switch, and the Officer disappeared.


"Do you have a place to stay," Needa asked as he turned toward Dak. She nodded.


"Good. Don't tell me. The less I know, the better. Just take this."


He handed her a small comm link. 


"It's a secure line that leads directly to my own. For safety reasons, you will only be able to send recorded messages."


"What do you want me to do with this?" Dak asked.


"For now, just lay low. If I find any more information or I need to contact you, I'll send you a message. Of course, if you remember anything that may be of use to us or you need me for any reason, you can transmit a message to me. Just keep this on you at all times. Got it?"




"Good. Now get back to wherever it is you've been staying and don't draw attention."


"Yes sir," Dak muttered as she placed the comm into her pocket. She stood and approached the door, opening it and moving towards the exit. A few more steps and she opened the door and was outside. She started to walk back towards the Vulkar base.

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IC Odiina:


"Killed. By a Zabrak. Some kind of fugitive. Blaster shot to the chest, last I heard." she said.


"LT probably tried to talk him into surrendering," Her partner snickered. "She always was too soft."


"That's neither here nor there. Point is, she was killed. The Empire is still searching for the killer." 


"C'mon, Brando, we've wasted enough time chatting up the civvies. We gotta report back."

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IC: That was strange. Yet another differing account of what happened to her sister. So far she still had yet to receive anything beyond second-hand accounts of what other people were told, but none of them seemed to line up. Needa said she was killed in action fighting scavengers (though he clearly didn't believe it). Gonzai said that she was the victim of an attempted mutiny. Now these stormtroopers were saying she was shot and killed by a fugitive. In any case, something was off. Otherwise there wouldn't be at least three separate accounts of what happened.


Before the stormtroopers turned around, Layna caught a glimpse of someone leaving the Outpost. She was just outside as they began to turn. Whoever it was, she didn't look like an Imperial, between her tank top, messy hair, and tired-looking expression. She seemed to be moving towards the Vulkar Base. Layna walked towards the figure, passing the stormtroopers as she did, and approached her.


"You look tired," Layna said as she approached. The young woman turned in surprise. Her expression seemed to suggest that she was pleased about something, but she spoke only in a quick whisper. "Layna?"


"You know me?"


"I just saw your record. My name is Dak Ulgo, and I've got a lot to tell you. I wasn't expecting to run into you. Come on, let's get to the base. I'll explain everything later."


Layna remained puzzled. It was obvious that she didn't know everything about this person, but they shared the residence of the Vulkar base. Layna reluctantly decided to follow her.

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[Sue, The Stray Tach, Lower Reaches]

Sue stared deadpan at the young twi’lek as she wordlessly gestured to the glass of Arkanian sweet milk and the shot of Sullistan gin which were sitting on the counter, and had been their for some time.

Her sideways look at the Madalorian needed little translation.

OOC:  Atton, if you’re looking for interaction from somebody the best way is to PM them, instead of just plowing ahead.  Sue is a competent and aware bartender, but I was a)waiting for a Sen post initially b)preoccupied with real life things and too mentally exhausted to post.

In the future, I would suggest holding back a bit.  Posting a lot without interacting without interacting with other people’s characters is largely counterintuitive to the purpose of an RPG.

There's a dozen selves inside you, trying to be the one to run the dials

[BZPRPG Profiles]

Hatchi - Talli - Ranok - Lucira - FerellisMorie - Fanai - Akiyo - Yukie - Shuuan - Ilykaed - Pradhai - Ipsudir

And some aren't even on your side.

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In the future, I would suggest holding back a bit.  Posting a lot without interacting without interacting with other people’s characters is largely counterintuitive to the purpose of an RPG.


OOC: I tried to wait. I just got a little impatient. One problem with text-based RPGs is that you don't always know when one person is going to post. Maybe I should try and find a technique for dealing with those moments.


IC: Nadia looked at the drinks on the counter. That was strange. She didn't notice them there before. Obviously she wasn't thinking entirely straight. Nadia picked up her glass, as did Viseria.


"To Mia," Viseria said.


"To Mia," Nadia said, before taking a large swig.

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"You got it, boss."


The good thing about a Twilek causing a commotion at the bar? Drew most of the eyes in the place. And when they're all looking at the ruckus, he could slip in unnoticed and claim (in contrast to earlier) an out of the way booth where as few people as possible could see him. The long swig he took from his flask would have to do, for now. He wasn't going to go order a drink until those Vulkars left. Best not to deal with them.


But the Tach was the best bar he knew of, so it was really the best (and practically only) option to get nice and buzzed before he continued working. He needed it. Besides, it gave him a few minutes to run through the list of strategies he'd employ to dig up intel. Especially now that the goodwill he had created, before everything went to , was all used up. He had to find new sources.




Well now this was unexpected.


After about twenty minutes worth of fleeing, including finding a new hole in the wall to hole up in for a little while. NT-081 was absolutely not being followed. Not 'being followed minimally' or 'being followed badly', just... Not being followed. She had noted an uptick in Imperial activity, but none of it was for her. If she had to guess she suspected something may have diverted attention.


"Ms. Dana," She began, unmuting her earpiece. "I think something may have diverted that tail you were concerned about."



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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"Dana is fine. I am not accustomed to honorifics or prefixes, even from most active duty personnel. I am not someone who would typically receive them."


There was a pensive tone in the mission controller's voice, and the faint boopbooping sound of screens being pulled up ringing in her earpiece. A moment of silence - and when Dana spoke, she sounded as though she wanted to smile.


"Unbelievable. There has been a skirmish reported in a junkyard, twenty-six kilometers from your location. An Imperial garrison commander found herself relieved of duty - at the end of a spacer's blaster. I am unable to access further information." A soft, husky haha sighed through the earpiece. "Incredible. ISD Insight, an Inquisitorius Imperial-I class Star Destroyer, has been in orbit for the past ten hours. They are coordinating a planetwide manhunt. This may work to your advantage, NT-081. Stand by."


Thirty terse seconds of silence, exactly.


"We have hailed ISD Insight offering assistance in the manhunt. One stormtrooper squadron has been diverted to assist the Inquisitors in any function they deem necessary. There is currently one squadron of eight still guarding your apartment. Given the physical and psychological profiles of the skeleton crew, suffice it to say your odds of success are...heartening."





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“That,” The Novatrooper began thoughtfully, sipping from the coffee she’d ordered to justify her presence in the establishment. “Is much more heartening. Eight remaining Stormtroopers. Approximately fifteen minutes to reach my apartment, taking the most direct route. Enough time for the other squadron to be diverted.”


A brief pause, while she sipped again. “Can you block an IFF signal, for a few minutes?”


"Your dearth of knowledge regarding my experience is wounding. Powering down to recover data backups of self-confidence."


A beat.


"A joke."


“I will take that as an affirmative.” The rest of her coffee was downed in a few swallows, the cup left for the staff to deal with, and her case collected from the seat next to her. Then she was on the move. Rebekah cut a clear, swift path through the Lower City towards the complex that contained her apartment, using the silence to focus her thoughts on the task at hand. It was not at all dissimilar to those of her previous officially-tasked missions. Infiltration, elimination of a numerically superior force, and collection of an objective. In this case the objective was the remainder of her supplies but the principle was very much the same.


That said, she could not exactly come up the front stairs. Or the frontal approach from the street. These troopers were not Tarisian. They were not assigned to a backwater world to do simple crowd control and enforcement. They were from the Imperial core, tasked with the apprehension of a dangerous fugitive. Their tactics would be adequate, if not more. They would have a member of the unit monitoring the frontal approach vector. A sniper, depending on whether or not the standing order was for her to be captured alive or whether it was for her dead. Either way going through the front door would alert them. However she was aware of their presence, something they would not anticipate.


And she always had a backup plan.


The apartment complex was nothing of high quality, anything else would have perhaps drawn the wrong kind of attention, and its landlord was something of a cheapskate but even he needed maintenance done. Nor would the populace, regardless of economic standing, tolerate workmen bringing heavy, bulky supplies and equipment through the public elevator. They had to use the maintenance lift. Unlike the resident elevators, the maintenance lift was accessible from the rear of the building and exited into a secluded spot on each floor. All the better to keep it as out of sight as possible. It required keycard access, as well. Not an issue for herself, given that she had obtained one of the keycards within the first week of her stay, but it was an additional reason that her would-be-ambushers would not monitor this secondary means of approach.


Which is why she was presently slipping off of the main road and into an adjacent alley, exiting into the modest utility vehicle parking lot. Though it was unlikely, she did not discount the possibility that they were monitoring the back of the building; hence both her approach by alley, and the way she crouched to keep one of the vehicles between her and any windows for the majority of her approach. She had to spend only a few seconds in the open, between the vehicle and the entrance, before her feet took her too close to the building to be spotted from above. She slipped the keycard out of her jacket’s breast pocket, sliding it through the scanner and stepping into the lift.


Now it was time for the real preparations. Off with her coat, as well as all the other layers that she wore atop her body glove; though the garments were not at all high quality, they were all that she possessed. In light of that they were folded carefully and set beside the instrument case that she had rested upon the floor of the lift. A deft motion undid the clasp to reveal the case’s contents. The boots went on first, and with them the greaves; these pieces were much harder to put on once one’s torso was already encumbered with its armor. A bottom up approach was most useful when donning armor of this nature.


It was almost welcome. After months of fearing to use it, it was familiar. Not comfortable in the physical sense. Imperial equipment was not designed for comfort, not unless you were one of its chosen upper echelon. But its cool embrace was a comfort, the way it secured tightly around her frame spoke of a protection she had long been missing. The efficient manner in which she put it on spoke of a similar ease, too; as though she were performing a task she had done every day, not one undone for six months. Each clasp was familiar. The helmet came last, and required the most deviation from her practiced movements; she had to use both hands to gather up her hair, a side effect of blending in with civilians, and one to hold it in place while she fitted the helmet over her head.


It took mere moments for the familiar HUD to spring to life before her very eyes.


She left her rifle where it was. Though the barrel could be removed to make it suitable for use in these confined spaces, it would be an excessive degree of firepower; it presented a very real risk of damaging the building, drawing attention, or even causing unintended harm to bystanders. She would be doing this much more subtly. Her DT-57 would be sufficient. Her garments were tucked into the case, the case sealed, and then propped up against the wall. She would collect it on her way out of the building.


Then she pressed the button for her floor, and listened to the lift creak and groan its way up. It only took a few moments but the ride was sufficient to gather her thoughts and center herself within the mindset of a professional. The floor was exactly as she had anticipated, once the doors shuddered open. No one was monitoring the rear approach.


Her apartment was located on the east side of the building, which translated to right of her present location. The hallway she had exited into would connect to it in a short distance, after which the entrance would be a few meters to her left. She had selected an apartment close to the lift for reasons of exfiltration, but the decision had proved useful for infiltration as well. The Novatrooper crept along the hallway as softly as she could, which admittedly wasn’t very much given the sound of boots on the metal floor, but hopefully her targets would write it off as another building occupant approaching.


As she neared the corner, her luck finally ran out; one trooper, likely a sentry outside her door, rounded the bend to investigate whatever had made the noise. He (NT-081 assumed, knowing that it would be impossible to determine while they were in armor) noted, processed, and acted upon the visual stimuli filtering into his helmet exactly as he was trained. She was faster. His E-11 came up to fire upon her, her left hand batted it aside and stepped into his guard, wrapping her right hand around the back of his neck, near the base of his skull, and triggering the shock function in her right glove on its highest setting.


The Stormtrooper crumpled, and only a careful catch from his assailant prevented him from dropping noisily to his knees, and subsequently, to the floor. ‘Noisily’ being the key term. He was instead lowered to the ground carefully, effectively neutralized. The second sentry (standard tactics for ambushes in urban locations, two sentries outside the door, two securing the entrance, and the rest combing the interior for traps or clues) would not note anything suspicious, not yet, and that was all the time she needed. Rebekah rounded the corner and sank a shot from her DT-57 into the side of the trooper’s head, dropping him like a ton of bricks, and flung the fragmentation grenade she had drawn with her off hand into the open apartment.


From this point on, things went by much quicker, and much, much messier. She pivoted left from her position right of the door, using the brief confusion created by the explosive to move in; the tight space had confined the blast radius, taking the two Stormtroopers closest to the epicenter out of the picture. Not lethally, given how well reinforced their armor was against such explosives, but they would take a little time to get back up. If they could without medical attention. That was fifty percent of the targets neutralized. Four shots in the confusion, two per target, put two more enemy combatants down for the count.


The remaining two, however, had time to recover. The rogue Novatrooper caught a blaster bolt to the chest, saved only by her shield, while the second Stormtrooper closed in with crackling gloves. Apparently the standing orders mandated ‘alive’. She could use that to her advantage. An interesting quirk of her particular situation, given the way that IFF technology functioned, meant that both of her remaining opponents were labeled as Friends; and as such, she could see their operating numbers. RT-1964 was one one closing in, while RT-2176 was the one covering him. Troops from the Regency for certain, given the prefixes of their numbers. And credit where credit is due, both recovered exceptionally well. 1964 grabbed her forearm when she tried to aim her pistol, yanking her off balance and stepping into her guard in much the same way Rebekah had done to his comrade. The current running from that glove might have been an issue, were it not for the extra reinforcement on the forearm of Stormtrooper armor, but the hand arcing towards her neck definitely was. She intercepted his arm with a forearm block, pushing the offending limb up and to the side and letting her get a grip on his arm; a grip used to pull him in front of her so she could slam the underside of her boot into his midriff and send him staggering back into his compatriot.


A few rounds from her DT-57, planted in 1964’s chest, put him down. 2176 was not quite as cooperative. Two more rounds from his rifle slammed into her armor’s shields, much too close for comfort. It held, but it wouldn’t hold up to sustained fire at this range. She needed to end this quickly. Rather than give him a chance to take a third shot she lunged, closing the distance between them in a matter of moments, and grab the barrel of his rifle, twisting it out of his grasp. He responded similarly, taking the chance to plant his knee in her own gut and push her back. His hand went for his SE-14r, looking to end the fight, but Rebekah didn’t let him have the chance. She recovered and closed the distance again, grabbing him by the wrist just as the blaster was leveled in her direction, planting her opposite hand just above his elbow, and exerting opposing forces until something snapped. It wasn’t a long process.


Disarmed herself, Rebekah resorted to the low-tech solution; his moment of pain was an opening to get her hands on his helmet and twist.


A glance at her HUD told her that 2176, 1964, and the second sentry were the only confirmed casualties. The rest were still displaying lifesigns, however faint. With immediate enough medical attention they might make a recovery. Ultimately, however, that wasn’t her problem. Mercy was one thing. Actively ensuring their survival was another. Whether it was their duty or not, they were the enemy. For now.


She didn’t grab much, now that the apartment was secured. Two bags, each prepared ahead of time in the event a speedy escape was necessary, and a small bag of additional credits. Everything else was nonessential. They would only slow her down, The Novatrooper exited her apartment as quickly as she had come, returning to the lift and removing her armor. She was back on the ground floor within minutes, case affixed to her back and two bags in her hands. Helmet hair was the only real sign she had ever been in a fight.


“Supplies secured. I need to see about locating accommodations, and passage off of this world. Any suggestions on either?”

Edited by Peele



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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And they would definitely be searching. If the Imps hadn't picked up the B-Wing coasting down for a landing then he'd gotten the luckiest break of his life. He wasn't going to bet on it though, they had probably already either torn the ship apart looking for information or blew it to bits. The fact that there was a Star Destroyer, even though it could just be a triangle-shaped cruiser based on the average backwater planet bar patron's knowledge of Imperial ship classifications, just made things all the more complicated.


He wasn't working with a whole lot at the moment. Time included.


"Suppose a, uh, traveler hadn't yet gotten acquainted with the ins and outs of this planet; two capitalistically-savvy rogues with no love of the Empire wouldn't mind the financial opportunity of giving said traveler the grand tour?"


IC (Tallik Vao, Lower City streets)


"Of course. Arguably, though, the best sight you can get of Taris is from space...moving away from it, if you catch my drift. Are you looking to see that particular view?"





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“Supplies secured. I need to see about locating accommodations, and passage off of this world. Any suggestions on either?”



OOC: Well, the local gangs seem to be the place to go when you're on the run. The Vulkars already seem to be getting their share of Imperial Fugitives (and one who's not technically a fugitive though she could get in trouble if the wrong people found out she was on Taris). You could also try out one of the other gangs. Seeing as she doesn't have any prior Vulkar ties she could probably get assistance from the Beks, in which case you'd be able to develop them more (so far there hasn't been much established about them). Alternatively, you could introduce a new street gang, which you would also be able to develop through her interactions with its members.




IC: (Nadia, Stray Tach)


After quickly downing her drink, Nadia stood and began to make her way out of the cantina, leaving Viseria. That was somewhat unusual. Obviously, the Twi'lek would need some time to herself. The Miraluka stood, and moved along the counter towards the wookie bartender.


"Look," she said. "I'm really sorry about Nadia. She's normally a good person but... let's just say that she just lost a good friend, and as you saw she's been taking it pretty hard."


The Miraluka reached into her pocket, and quickly checked how many credits she had. She placed a few on the counter, just enough for the drinks. She then placed a few extra as a tip, before turning towards the exit herself.


OOC: Nadia is open to interaction at this point.



IC: (Layna/Dak, Vulkar Base)


As soon as they were inside, Dak led Layna to a corner of the room, where there was a small bench. The two sat down.


"I guess I owe you an explanation," Dak muttered. Layna looked at the visitor.


"My name is Dak Ulgo. I'm a stormtrooper. My designation was TK-4601. I served under Mia Arkada."


"Wait," Layna said. "You're the trooper Gonzai was talking about?"


"I'm the only one around here," Dak replied.


"Gonzai said you left."


"Probably a security measure. He wanted to be sure he could trust you before you found out I was here. You are Mia's sister, aren't you?"


"That's right," Layna said.


"I can tell you she wasn't killed in action," Dak said. "You know why? Because I was there."


"You saw what happened to her?" There was no doubt Layna was paying attention. "The Stormtroopers outside said she was killed by a fugitive."


"Not likely," Dak said. "While it was true that we were sent on a mission that required us to go to a scrapyard to investigate a b-wing, its owner was long gone by the time we arrived. Mia also survived the initial skirmish."


"Tell me what happened," Layna said. "Everything you know."


Dak started to explain everything to Layna. She started with Raltz's arrival and the growing tension between him and Mia. From there, she related her understanding of what happened in the junkyard, ending with her escape and falling in with the Vulkars. This was the most detailed account Layna had received so far, and the first from any kind of witness.


"So you're saying that Mia was still alive when you left?" Layna asked.


"Yes," Dak replied. "She gave me the order to get Evnairis to safety and that was the last I'd heard from her."


"This was after she was attacked by the scavengers?"


"Yes. The others had been killed or captured by that point."


Dak's testimony presented another possible explanation, one which it unsurprisingly would not have been widely advertised.


"Dak. Do you think it's possible that she was... murdered?"


"Raltz did seem to be especially hostile towards her," Dak said. "If she was, I suspect he had something to do with it. It looked like he wanted her out of the way."


"In that case, we'll need to find this Sergeant Raltz. We find him, we find Mia's killer."


"Are you crazy?" Dak asked. "He's a dark trooper with years of experience. He's also probably still in the scrapyard surrounded by his own squad."


"Makes sense," Layna replied. "Okay, I'll have to see if I can access the Imperial records. I'll need to get as much information on this Raltz as possible. Once we know who we're dealing with, the next step is to try and find him when he's vulnerable."

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"I'm never shy." I just don't want to chat with anybody right now.. "I wanna control the sound system."


Costa vaulted into the passenger's seat of the speeder bike. Instead of putting her arms around Veyura, she pointedly straddled the seat tightly with her legs and put her hands between her legs.


"Find a frequency with a beat. A real beat."




"I wouldn't know. I spent a hundredth of the time in the Outer Rim as an Imperial that I've spent here as a mercenary. A deathwish is a box in the positive column for TIE pilots." Reo shrugged. "If we ever take a job in the Inner Rim or the Core, we'll go on bar crawls that span a year at a time. Out here? I just want something salty."


A faint smirk crossed the ex-Imperial ace's face and he nudged the genetic mutt beside him with an elbow.


"Present company excluded."




"Many of the most highly rated hotels and apartment complexes in the Upper and Lower Cities have headquarters in the Galactic Core, Inner and Middle Rims," Dana reported. "As such, they have all been given your general appearance and backstory, and will apprehend you on sight at the check-in counter. Each Imperial garrison is also equipped with guest quarters for any visiting officer. Impersonation for most would be difficult, but possible for most. You, on the other hand, are too well-known. Any potential ride off-world from a garrison spaceport is similarly expunged."


Dana was silent.


"There are three LifeDay Inns within a ten kilometer radius of you," Dana offered. "They offer anonymous HoloNet access, nine premium channels - including tonight's Outer Rim shockboxing championships live from Reuss VIII - and rooms with relatively little pests. Some reviews claim no pests at all. Your physical profile denotes an inclination towards calorie-heavy meals. You may be enamored with the LifeDay Inns continental breakfast options."


More silence.


There is a weekend deal on two-bed rooms. I will get to work on forging personas for the both of us. A faked HoloNet call featuring a visage purporting to be mine will no doubt convince them I am your significant other and will be joining you shortly. They expect a woman traveling alone. Not a blushing bride. Stand by."


Silence, and then a tone of voice that sounded almost chagrined.


"Getting you off planet, unfortunately, will be significantly harder. As we speak, there is a Lambda-class shuttle reporting back to ISD Insight, and another already clearing for takeoff. It is my belief that they are sending down further troops to help comb your region of the planet. They must want their target fiercely. Between Imperial spread, capture orders at the planet's major spaceports, and the odd propensity for independent starship captains to all be on long galaxy-spanning quests of dire import, transport will need to be vetted carefully beforehand. Which is difficult in a manhunt such as this."





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IC: "So the first thing we should do is find out what we can about this Raltz," Layna said. "In the meantime, he's going to have the advantage of knowing the environment better unless I can get around. I'll need to find some work anyway. Do you know where the local bounty office is?"


OOC: I'm assuming there is a bounty office somewhere on Taris, isn't there?

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IC (Raia Veyura, Taris junkyard)


Veyura flicked the bike's sound system on and cycled through a few frequencies.


The unmistakeable sound of a Bith jizz band blared from the speakers for a moment, then static.


A few bars of a Mon Cal soprano warbling from Squid Lake.




Some talk radio: "...the new diet that'll have you as thin as a Kaminoan in no time...".




Then something with a beat.



Edited by Ghosthands





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IC: (Nadia, Taris Lower City)


The Twi'lek wandered down the crowded street. She could hear that familiar voice calling.


"NADIA! NADIA!" She remained largely indifferent as Viseria rushed towards her.


"Nadia," the Miraluka stooped to catch her breath as she finally reached the Twi'lek. "I know you're upset. Mia was very good to us and losing her is going to be hard. I miss her too."


"I know," Nadia said.


"But you've still got me. You've got me, and Gonzai, and the other Vulkars, and we're going to get through this. I know there's no one like me anywhere on Taris but you're the closest thing I have to a sister."


Nadia fell into Viseria's arms, crying uncontrollably. The Miraluka wrapped her arms around the young Twi'lek, carefully letting her hands under her lekku.


OOC: Nadia is still open for interaction.




IC: (Layna, Taris Lower City)


Stepping out of the Vulkar Base, Layna Arkada made her way according to Dak's instructions. Turned out there was a bounty office just down the street from the Vulkar base, right next door to the Dulok's Cantina. There were probably offices all over the planet, but this one was within easy reach, which was good. 


As she stepped into the bounty office, she looked around. There were a variety of people, some bounty hunters, others looking to place bounties. There was a small counter she approached, at which she saw what looked like a manager.


"Excuse me. I was hoping to inquire about possible bounties."

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