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How would G1 be re-continued and ended?

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Hi, guys. As you know, G1 has a cliffhanger (the two unfinished serials), and it’s been like that for nine years, and hasn’t continued. It’s sad, and I wonder if it will be continued (I would hope that could happen in Bionicle’s 20th anniversary in 2021, and it’s not going to be paused forever. Please don’t response to this sentence with negative or doubtful things because it’s not what this topic is about). Of course, we all want it to be re-continued and ended (don’t talk about it, either, unless you support my idea). Now, my topic is this: If or when the story is re-continued, how would you re-continue and end it? 


I can talk about my idea, but first, here is what we are left off: 

  1. There’s a psychotic Great Being, in the guise of a Matoran Universe, rigged a building to explode, with many people, including the cursed Great Being and Vezon, in it. 
  2. That guy killed Karzahni and Tren Krom. Lesovikk is framed for murdering Karzahni. 
  3. Before TK died, he told Kopaka, Pohatu, and Gaardus about the Red Star for some reason. Gaardus took the two Toa there, but left them behind because he was accused by the Kestora for something that he didn’t do, as he says. The Toa duo were being chased by mysterious people, but were saved by Mavrah. 
  4. Tahu and Ackar were having a hard time with finding the new Atero. Why not rebuild the original city? 
  5. Lewa is captured by Agori in Bota Magna. 
  6. Mazeka and Alternate Teridax, whose armor is cracked, went to Spherus Magna while Vultraz is imprisoned in Alternate Teridax’s dimension for study. 
  7. There are Shadow Takanuva. 
  8. Tahu is a Toa Mata. 
  9. Dekar is a clone of Hydraxon. 
  10. Voporak having the Mask of Time. 
  11. There is the Marender on the loose, looking for Toa to exterminate. 
  12. Gelu and his team of Toa are going on a quest to find the Great Beings, but they are getting hunted down by Bota Magna Vorox, who work for the evil Great Being. 
  13. The Toa Mahri are missing. 
  14. There is the golden-skinned being who is a fusion of many beings. 
  15. There are bad guys on the loose. 
  16. Krakua, the Toa of Sonics, is planning to have a fortress someday. 
  17. Varian is still in stasis. 


Now, here’s what Greg said about what he would be going to write: 

  1. Takanuva’s destiny is to find the Great Beings. 
  2. Hydraxon would be a bounty hunter. 
  3. The evil Great Being disguised as Velika by switching bodies with the Matoran because he observed the Matoran Universe, and he didn’t like how things went, so he decided to take over Spherus Magna. 
  4. Atakus, Perditus, and the Bota Magna Vorox are working for Velika secretly. 
  5. Velika being the cause of the MU’s people completely having minds of their own. 
  6. People in the cursed Great Being’s tower survived the explosion, but the cursed Great Being escaped as well. 
  7. The Great Beings are Glatorian, and most of them were trapped in Bara Magna and Bota Magna. 
  8. Lewa showed his kidnappers that he is not associated with the Great Beings, as the kidnappers hated the Great Beings for causing the Shattering. 
  9. The Red Star can revive people, as long as they are on the right condition. 
  10. One of the serials, The Yesterday Quest, would be going to be about the Toa learning about their origins. 
  11. The Great Beings returned to Spherus Magna. 
  12. There would be a war between the Great Beings. 
  13. The Shadowed One is recruiting villains for his new empire. 
  14. There is the Earth Tribe. 
  15. Some facts about some stuff. 


These questions may be answered, but still, no ending. Well, if I were to construct an ending, here’s how I would do it (I’m not writing a complete story). 

  1. If the other of the serials, The Power That Be, would be continued, Kopaka and Pohatu would be shocked to see Mavrah, like saying “Mavrah? Aren’t you dead?” Then there’s a discussion. Then, Mavrah shows the Toa the revived good guys. Then the revived bad guys and Kestora show up to fight the Toa and their revived allies. Kopaka and Pohatu would be trying to steer the Red Star back to Spherus Magna. 
  2. Tren Krom’s intention was to bring back up from the Red Star. 
  3. If The Yesterday Quest would be continued, Gela and his Toa team fight and defeat the Bota Magna Vorox. They would then interrogate the Vorox about Velika. 
  4. Velika would think about his backstory. When he was a Great Being, he created some Matoran, including Velika. He then switched with Velika and then put his original body and Velika’s mind in stasis, and then he plans to get back his body. 
  5. Vezon’s group surviving the explosion. 
  6. Lewa convincing his Agori captors that he’s not associated with the Great Beings. 
  7. The Earth Tribe encountering either Gelu’s team, Lewa, or Vezon’s group, and then fighting them. 
  8. The Great Beings come back to Spherus Magna. 
  9. They would bring more Matoran, Toa, and Turaga, but with opposite genders because they like to continue creating (like female Ta-Matoran, Ga-Matoran, etc. to break this gender-locking thing that some of you guys were complaining about. Plus, more Av-Matoran, Toa of Light, and Turaga of Light). Perhaps give them complete minds of their own, too. 
  10. Velika causes his fellow Great Beings to have a war with each other. Velika has the Element Lords, whose names were used to name the Agori villages before the Agori built the Mega-Village in the 2009 storyline, and his double agents to assist him. Velika gets his original Great Being body back and then he lets the real Velika go. 
  11. Gelu’s Toa team learn about the origins of Toa. 
  12. Takanuva is concerned about Gelu’s team, so he goes to find both them and the Great Beings. 
  13. Kopaka, Pohatu, and their revived allies return to Spherus Magna by crashing the Red Star, damaging so much that it can’t do its functions. 
  14. The Great Beings, including the cursed Great Being, Angonce, and Velika’s original look, reveal themselves to people of Spherus Magna. This can grab Mata Nui’s attention, so he wakes up and recreates his Toa body to meet them. The Great Beings would reveal stuff, and I would imagine them saying that they named the islands in the Matoran Universe after them. 
  15. Kopaka, Pohatu, their revived allies, the newly freed Toa Mahri, Lewa, the people from Bota Magna, Vezon’s group, and Gelu’s Toa team reunite with people in Spherus Magna. There could be some heartwarming moments. 
  16. Mata Nui gives to rest of the Matoran Universe the ability to understand the Agori language, like Lewa and Brutaka learning it. 
  17. Reappearances from people who haven’t appeared for a long time. 
  18. Tahu turns back into a Toa Nuva, either by using some Energized Protodermis or the Mask of Life. Artakha creates new sets of Kanohi for Tahu and Vakama to replace the ones that got destroyed in the destruction of Ta-Koro. 
  19. The Turaga make new Koro and Tahu’s Suva. 
  20. Hydraxon becomes a bounty hunter. 
  21. Mata Nui turns Dekar-Hydraxon back to Dekar. 
  22. Mata Nui heals the cursed Great Being. 
  23. Mata Nui would scold Helryx for her and the Order of Mata Nui’s violent actions. 
  24. Lesovikk got his name cleared. 
  25. The Shadowed One recruiting every villain that he could find, including the disbanded Iron Tribe, Rock Tribe, Sisters of the Skrall, Metus, Strakk, Earth Tribe, Malum and his Vorox, Bone Hunters, Dark Hunters, Tuyet, Miserix, Vezon, the golden-skinned being, Skakdi, Roodaka, Ahkmou, and the Barraki. They have hostile Rahi, including the Rahi Nui, Kardas Dragon, and the Kanohi Dragon, and Spherus Magna creatures, like the Rock Steeds, to assist them. Vezon would ride Kardas again. 
  26. Rahkshi would form their Kaita. All 42 types into 14 different Kaita, including the one with Turahk and the one with Guurahk. The Rahkshi of Heat Vision’s name is revealed. It would go like this: Heat Vision with Weather Control and Elasticity, Chain Lightning with Limited Invulnerability and Power Scream, Sleep with Rahi Control and Insect Control, Fire Resistance with Mind Reading and Molecular Disruption, Ice Resistance with Illusion and Quick Healing, Laser Vision with Teleportation and Cyclone, Electricity with Plasma and Gravity, Magnetism with Sonics and Vaccum, Shape-shifting with Darkness and Plant Control, Density Control with Chameleon and Accuracy, Stasis Field with Silence and Adaption, and Dodge with Slow and Confusion. 
  27. The rest of Nektann’s powers be revealed. 
  28. Voporak would give the Vahi to The Shadowed One. The Shadowed One would be impressed and perhaps make Voporak an official Dark Hunter. Plus, I want Voporak and other Dark Hunters who haven’t talked in the past talking. 
  29. Toa, Glatorian, and their allies unite to fight against all of their enemies, including the Baterra and Marender. The battle would be intense. 
  30. Surel and his Iron Wolves, Varian, and many others return to help the good guys in the fight, and some objects and vehicles, like Artahka’s T vehicles, would get involved, too
  31. The Bahrag create new Bohrok-Kal, this time they are breeds like the Bohrok rather than a team (like more than one Tahnok-Kal). Plus, the Bohrok, Bohrok Va, and Bohrok-Kal would form their Kaita. 
  32. Tahu remembered combining with Pohatu and Onua into Akamai Nuva when they fought the Bohrok-Kal Kaita with Tahnok-Kal at one time in the early 2003 story, with the Bohrok-Kal stealing the Nuva Symbols. 
  33. All six of the Toa Nuva form their two Toa Nuva Kaita during the new fight. 
  34. Vakama remembering himself and his fellow Turaga as the Toa Metru, as they fought that Vahki model with six flying legs. 
  35. Vakama and his five fellow former-Toa-Metru Turaga form Turaga Kaita and then Turaga Nui. 
  36. Matoran forming Matoran Kaita and Matoran Nui. 
  37. The Voya Nui Resistance Team formed again, but noticed that Velika is missing. However, Velika comes back to them. 
  38. The Chronicler’s Company forms again, with Kopeke leading the team. 
  39. Lesovikk, Zaria, and Vican redeem themselves by protecting their new friends. Vican is physically cured completely, as his mutations are reversed by Mata Nui. 
  40. Gavla making friends with people, and goes to protect them, so she would no longer want to dislike them. 
  41. Mata Nui turns Vakama’s Turaga group, Lhikan, and Jovan back to being Toa for extra firepower. 
  42. Alternate Teridax fighting Miserix. Alternate Teridax would turn into his own Makuta Nui form, and then Miserix would have a flashback about him fighting the real Teridax when the real Teridax used Makuta Nui against him long ago. 
  43. Mata Nui uses the Mask of Life to remove the Olmak from Vezon. 
  44. Vultraz returns to the prime dimension, but as a Ta-Matoran and chained up. He then will be imprisoned. 
  45. Mata Nui uses the Olmak to send Alternate Teridax home. 
  46. Takanuva uses a Klakk to cure the Shadow Takanuva, and then Mata Nui uses the Olmak to send them home. 
  47. The good guys get the Vahi back. 
  48. Mata Nui restores the golden-skinned being back to his component beings that formed him. Of course, it could be possible to dream that the fusion can’t turn dreams into reality first to weaken him. Plus, Mata Nui would turn the Piraka back to their original forms. 
  49. Some of the Greg facts being mentioned in BioSector01 in 2012-present (look at anything that is cited with Greg’s name in 2012 to present): https://biosector01.com/wiki/Main_Page
  50. Krakua settling a fortress. 
  51. There would be some references to past events for nostalgia. 
  52. The battle is won by the good guys, as they defeated the bad guys, and peace is completely restored on Spherus Magna. Nothing is left unresolved. 


There. I know it’s a lot, but hey, things have to be finished, as you can’t let Lego models be unfinished. Of course, you would need another serial or short story for some of these things to end the G1 story that way. I use a lot of nostalgia to spice things up. Fans need it, you know. For some bonuses, here’s these: 

  1. Kopaka and Pohatu would crash-land the Red Star to somewhere near G1’s own Okoto from G2 and encounter people, their stuff, and creatures in there, which are G1’s versions of characters, their stuff, and creatures from G2. Velika would have someone from the island, like an Okotan or a G2 villain, like Umarak, to be his another secret agent who watches over Kopaka, Pohatu, and their company. I have my ideas there (focus on the topic post): http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/28794-the-g2-exclusive-characters’-roles-in-g1/
  2. After the Great Beings return to Spherus Magna, they would say that while the planet was destroyed, they created the stuff that I said above, and at least two of them left and planet and created Mr. Makuro from Hero Factory long before the Great Beings returned. It’s just that Hero Factory looks a lot of Bionicle (a friend of mine once said “Stormer is my favorite Bionicle character”. Lol). Of course, Greg said in the TTV message boards in 2017 that HF and Bionicle G1 “have no connection” because the Bionicle sets didn’t sell well (I would like to think that if the Bionicle’s sets sell well again somehow, vice versa). I believe it’s best to say it, so people wouldn’t be confused by the similarities between the themes. People are into shared universes nowadays, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus, Star Wars and Indiana Jones are like the same thing. I have my ideas here (focus on the topic post): http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/31161-anyone-want-bionicle-g1-and-hf-to-share-the-same-universe-20/
  3. The Great Beings who made Makuro would also mention visiting the planet Earth undetected during their travels before they created Mr. Makuro. Plus, use Bionicle G1’s ending to end Hero Factory’s ending. Here are my ideas HF’s ending (focus on the topic post): http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29475-how-would-hero-factory-be-re-continued-and-ended/
  4. Nobua from the cancelled The Legend of Mata Nui video game would appear. The 2002 comics and Bohrok Online Animations in 2002 show someone that looks like him. 
  5. Vezon would be fused back to Vezok. 
  6. The Great Beings would take some Bionicle characters on a trip to Earth or Hero Factory just for fun as an epilogue. 
  7. The Shadowed One’s real name to be revealed. 
  8. Tera from the cancelled The Legend Reborn sequel appearing. He’s an Earth Tribe member. 
  9. Maybe some references to the Avengers movies and Star Wars since people are into them nowadays. (Optional)
  10. Vezon would do a quick visit to the G2 universe for fun or just mention it. 
  11. These additional moments (look at the topic post): http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29863-new-story-parts-in-g1-that-you-would-like-to-add/
  12. This Bionicle-and-Hero-Factory crossover story that looks over the themes’ stories by time-traveling, very much like Sonic Generations and Avengers: Endgame (focus on the topic post, and that’s optional if you are talking about video games): http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/25028-your-dream-bionicle-video-game/ 


Don’t criticize this stuff, please. 


So, yes. :) I have seen some people making fan stories about it, but sadly, they never finished. Well, I know one, at least. :( But, don’t get me started on that one. 

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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My thoughts if G1 were to be continued:

  • Finish the serials (obviously)
  • Re-tell the existing story if possible via new medium, imagine an animated series like The Clone Wars telling the G1 story or something.
  • Or... perhaps the best idea... restart the story in a new location. What were the Toa and Matoran not from Metru/Mata/Voya/Karda-Nui doing in G1? What was society like in the Great Spirit Robot in far off lands before the Great Cataclysm? How did Matoran survive in the far corners of the universe after the Cataclysm? Or even outside the GSR, what is happening on Bota Magna and Bara Magna during all those years after The Shattering? Yes it would still be G1, but it would be a completely blank slate offering a new perspective on unseen corners of the universe. 


All aboard the hype train!




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I'd love Kaita variants for the Rahkshi, I loved all of the normal ones back in the day. I wanna see how LEGO would approach those nowadays, cause they could actually make the Rahkshi's faces open up like in the movie. Plastic engineering has gone a long way in seventeen years.





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I've been thinking about this for a while, actually. If I did it, I'd want it to be in two long sagas, like the Dragon Ball arcs: The Element Lords and the Great Beings. I'm not gonna catch everything cause I'm not totally up on every piece of lore, but I'll do my best to tie up the major loose ends.



The Toa Mahri return with the Toa Hagah 

Gelu, Zaria, Orde, and Chiara escape Kabrua's Vorox into a cave somewhere. They find either a trail to follow or one of the Great Beings who knows where the others are, then return home with the news.

Axonn, Vezon, Brutaka, etc., escape the Fortress. The cursed Great Being flees elsewhere. While looking for help, they run into the Jungle Tribe holding Lewa. They are scared of the Order members, and Vezon uses a portal to snatch one of the jungle tribe who can speak Matoran (Tarduk/Gresh?) to mediate. Vezon throws them back into the "home" with Lewa and the Order members leave. 

Kopaka, Pohatu, Mavrah, etc. find out where they are. 

Takanuva leaves to find the other Great Beings

Shadowed One builds his army

Element Lords arrive at “home”

They fight with the Toa

The Toa almost beat them, but the EL sap them of their elemental powers and they almost die

The leftover Toa are forced to mount a defense of the Matoran & Agori while the Glatorian look for Artakha

The Baterra chase the Glatorian as well as some bad guys

The Glatorian find Artakha who gives them a bunch of masks with elemental powers (callback to G1) and sends them on their way. They arrive just in time for the EL to show up. The new masks allow the Toa to defeat the Element Lords.

Saga ends with Takanuva finding Angonce



Some Baterra are still out there

Angonce tells Takanuva of Marendar. Somehow a spy sends word to the Order.

Vezon Axonn and company finally meet the Order. The Order demands Lewa’s silence, to which he agrees, then they send him away.

Takanuva rushes Angonce to “home” before Marendar gets there. Angonce hopes to shut it down.

Velika recruits various bad guys- Barraki, Vorox, Earth Tribe, Makuta- as well as remaining Zyglak, Vorox, Baterra, Skakdi, Rahkshi, to build an army of mindless zombies to take Spherus Magna. He runs into the Dark Hunters and feuds with The Shadowed One. Eventually Velika kills him (someone has to have an underwhelming resolution lol) and recruits the Dark Hunters into his army. Lariska and some refuse and strike out on their own.

Kopaka and Pohatu reach out to their fellow Toa somehow. The others learn that the Red Star is the repair center of the Matoran Universe. They try to fix the teleportation system, but can’t, so they are forced to crash it into the planet. They escape with their lives by the Toa of Magnetism and Gravity using their powers to protect them.

Marendar senses this and chases the Red Star inhabitants, buying the Toa/Glatorian some time.

Angonce tries to track down Marendar. He fails and asks for help. Turaga Vakama is forced to contact the Order of Mata Nui for help.

The Order tracks down Hydraxon and employs him and several members to track the Marendar robot.

Lariska kills some of Velika’s army who are hunting her

Hydraxon’s group finds the Marendar, as well as the Red Star people. They fight. The Toa get beaten badly but Botar disables it. The Order members recognize Botar. The group separates, with the Red Star inhabitants heading for “home” and Botar returning with the Order.

Takanuva and Angonce form a team to find the other GB.

Marendar arrives. The Glatorian are no match, and the Toa are decimated. At the last moment, it gets cut in half by a giant axe. It’s Axonn and the Order!

The Order is forced to go public by the threat of global conquest and death. They hold a council with the Turaga, Agori, Toa, Glatorian and a few Matoran leaders to determine a defense strategy.

Takanuva and Angonce find most of the GB except the cursed GB and a few who join Velika. They return home

CGB lurks in the shadows outside of “home”

The Order sends out scouting parties to find allies and enemies alike. Lariska is captured and brought to the Order. Brutaka and Vezon plead her case and they allow her to live.

The scouts bring back some allies and word that Velika’s army is a few days away. The Council meets again. The Order tells the Toa that they will have to kill in order to survive. Preparations are made.

Velika arrives. He asks for surrender, but our heroes refuse. Velika then absorbs the power of the other GB and achieves his final form

They battle

All seems lost but Gasp! It’s Mata Nui in the Mask of Life!

Mata Nui materializes a body

Maska Nui restores the Turaga to their Toa Metru bodies, then materializes the old forms of the current Toa (Hordika, Inika, Mata, etc.) and also materializes bodies for Matoro, Ignika, Jovan’s toa, etc. The reinforcements are enough to beat the army.

CGB redeems himself by taking a strike from Velika, which makes his parts come to life and obliterate himself. Maska Nui uses the Ignika to destroy him for good.


The Turaga return to normal. The Toa Nuva and Takanuva finally surrender their powers. Tanma, Photok, and Solek become the new Toa of Light. The Voya Nui Matoran and some others become the new Toa. Maska Nui uses its power to restore Matoro and Jovan’s Toa to life, then goes dormant once again. The Toa Mahri debate surrendering their powers but decide to briefly forego that to help train the new Toa. The Order of Mata Nui helps to build Matoran and Agori fortresses, one of which is manned by Krakua. Hydraxon, Lariska, and some others become bounty hunters and strike out on their own. The various tribes build new civilizations, and all of them build the new Atero on the site of the battlefield. The remaining Great Beings leave Spherus Magna to build a new civilization with the lessons they learned. With the major existential threats gone, the citizens begin new, peaceful lives.


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Velika makes sense as the new "big bad" antagonist. I could see him portraying himself as the "father" of the MU inhabitants, having been the one to give them sentience. I think that's a more interesting angle—instead of him just wanting to rule because he thinks he could do a good job, he believes it's his divine right to rule over the beings who owe their very intelligence to him.

If G1 were to be revisited, I would make it a soft reboot. Start the new story by alluding to an ancient conflict that devastated the planet. This would be the fight between Velika and the Toa/Glatorian. In the battle, most of the Toa and Glatorian would be slain, but Velika would also lose his physical form and become a vengeful spirit. 

A thousand years have passed since that war, and the remaining tribes of Agori and Matoran live on the tropical island of Mata Nui, named for a benevolent Great Spirit who blessed the planet with life before falling into a deep sleep, or so the legends say. The Matoran must be constantly vigilant, as savage creatures called Vorox prowl the island under the shadowy influence of Velika, the ancient brother of Mata Nui. But legends tell of six Toa who will be called to the island to achieve their destiny and awaken the Great Spirit.

...hmm, I think I've heard this story before. :P

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I would like it to either continue with the story where it ended, or explore what happened before the Metru Nui saga would be interesting. Marendar should be one of the first threats to be taken down in my opinion. Mata Nui reviving and restoring many things would be a great idea. I like your ideas in general. But isn't Miserix good? Why would he join the Dark Hunters?

Maybe repairing the Great Spirit robot could be posible. I would like that. Maybe too nostalgic. But I guess there could be trouble between the inhabitants of the matoran universe and the agoris.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Here is a radical idea. To "finish off" the original BIONICLE story, just ignore everything in an online serial posted after the conclusion of the Final Battle between Mata Nui and Makuta. Start from when Tahu told everyone, "My friends...it is time to begin." It's been so long since the serials were left in limbo, it'd be crazy to ask Greg (or even another author) to pick up those stories and finish them. I say, keep it simple and start from scratch, so no one has to worry who's in an alternate dimension, who's planning to betray who and who's entering an unlikely alliance and resurrecting you-know-who and yadda yadda yadda.

The core of BIONICLE was with the Toa and their Matoran allies. To find out what happened to The Shadowed One, the Order of Mata Nui, or whatever, let us pretend none of that stuff post-BIONICLE Stars happened.

And if you think I am being obtuse, look at what happened to Star Wars, what with the "continuation" of the original Star Wars trilogy in the run-up to the release of "The Force Awakens". Bye-bye old Expanded Universe. And there were plenty of finished and unfinished story concepts that will never be "officially" continued or acknowledged. With BIONICLE, there are only a few unfinished serials, so I'm willing to accept their loss. The only arbiters that matter in this decision would be GregF and LEGO, of course.

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2004 - 2011

"There are a thousand ways I could bore you...and only 942 of them will put you to sleep. Permanently"

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On 8/4/2020 at 9:56 PM, Bionicle Guru said:

Here is a radical idea. To "finish off" the original BIONICLE story, just ignore everything in an online serial posted after the conclusion of the Final Battle between Mata Nui and Makuta. Start from when Tahu told everyone, "My friends...it is time to begin." It's been so long since the serials were left in limbo, it'd be crazy to ask Greg (or even another author) to pick up those stories and finish them. I say, keep it simple and start from scratch, so no one has to worry who's in an alternate dimension, who's planning to betray who and who's entering an unlikely alliance and resurrecting you-know-who and yadda yadda yadda.

The core of BIONICLE was with the Toa and their Matoran allies. To find out what happened to The Shadowed One, the Order of Mata Nui, or whatever, let us pretend none of that stuff post-BIONICLE Stars happened.

And if you think I am being obtuse, look at what happened to Star Wars, what with the "continuation" of the original Star Wars trilogy in the run-up to the release of "The Force Awakens". Bye-bye old Expanded Universe. And there were plenty of finished and unfinished story concepts that will never be "officially" continued or acknowledged. With BIONICLE, there are only a few unfinished serials, so I'm willing to accept their loss. The only arbiters that matter in this decision would be GregF and LEGO, of course.

Well, it’s best to finish what was started rather than leaving it incomplete. Same goes to a Lego model. If you watch Ninjago’s Prime Empire season, Bionicle’s unfinished G1 story and fans of it would be like Unagami being mad at his creator. It’s not pleasant, and the story’s been hanging for 9 years. Waiting for Samurai Jack and Hey, Arnold to be finished up after 13 years of incompleteness is quite frustrating if you ask me. Plus, in the story, there are a lot of messed up and I think that it is necessary for them to be resolved. A certain guy kind of has the right idea: 

As a bonus, this because people are into shared universes these days. Ask The Lego Movies and Scoob in 2020 about it: 

You see, a lot of fans are picky about this stuff. It’s very unbelievable. It’s very sad to look at. However, if a certain someone from Lego would re-continue the G1 story with the Star Wars sequel trilogy’s way of things, that could be interesting and a good idea if done correctly. A lot of people are perfectionists these days, you see. 

If I or we want anything to happen on Bionicle’s 20th anniversary next year, the re-continuation of G1’s story should be one thing at least. Plus, I emailed Lego about it and I hope they get back to us: 


I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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In a perfect world, yes, it is ideal to finish what was started. I was definitely a fan of seeing "Samurai Jack" (something that came out the same year as BIONICLE first did!) finished twelve years after the last episode aired. "Samurai Jack" was Genndy Tartakovsky's baby and he finished the way he wanted it to, and you could tell. I can't speak to the "Hey Arnold" or Ninjago TV series, but there is a similarity here between them and "Samurai Jack" that BIONICLE sorely lacks: they are all television shows (one made to develop and help sell a LEGO theme), and BIONICLE is not. Heck, BIONICLE isn't even the creation of one single person. Granted, by the end of 2009, it was pretty much Greg Farshtey's story to tell, so I can understand why, by 2011, people were counting on him to "finish" BIONICLE. But at that point, BIONICLE wasn't a toyline, not a direct-to-video movie, and not even a comic book (delayed Papercutz graphic novels aside). It was a series of online serials. Entertaining, yes, but a far cry from the multi-platform story we got from 2001 to 2010. So even though it has been nine years, I don't think it would be the greatest idea to drag GregF out of BIONICLE retirement just to finish some web serials. If he wanted to, sure, I'd be all for it. But here is another consideration: what makes you think BIONICLE is "incomplete"?

Going back to the example of "Samurai Jack" (since it is the only one I can talk about), the last episode released was about Jack saving and traveling with a baby. It was a cute, fun little episode, but it had little to no bearing on the overall plot of the series, which as you know, was all about if Jack was going to find a way to travel back in time to stop the evil of Aku from ever taking over the world. That was never close to being resolved, so justifiably, fans clamored for the "ending" to the show for years until Genndy finally got around to it and found the proper story to tell.

This is NOT the case with BIONICLE. BIONICLE's main plot, the awakening of Mata Nui and the ultimate defeat of Makuta, was completed. We even got a last-minute deliverance to a new paradise thrown in for all the characters to enjoy. It was a great way to end the story. However, picture if the last bit of BIONICLE we got in 2010 was like the last episode of "Samurai Jack". After the events of "The Legend Reborn", the toyline shifts gears again like it did in 2004 to flashback to when Spherus Magna had just broken up and the Mata Nui robot rocketed off into space. On the desert world left behind, Agori and Glatorian begin rebuilding their lives. A new society is born, and we are introduced to Certavus and his Legionax of Spherus Magna--his old Core War veteran buddies, and suddenly, they're on a mission to find the corpse of a Great Being. In March of 2010, just as they find the corpse, they realize it was all a trap by the Skrall, and they barely manage to get back to southern Bara Magna. They agree to keep the Agori in the dark and start the Glatorian system. The End. BIONICLE is over, and we move on to HERO Factory in the summer.

I completely made all of that up, but wouldn't that be a huge let-down? A good story, yes, but what about Mata Nui and his quest to get home? What about Makuta and the universe of characters we know and love? What happened to the Toa Nuva? Heck, what about Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and Berix? What was up with that disassembled robot in the sands of Bara Magna?

It sounds terrible, and if that had been the case, I'd be right there with you, picketing every day, "BRING BACK BIONICLE, AND FINISH THE LEGEND!"

But hey, we live in this reality, where BIONICLE, for better or for worse, was completed. Yes, we still have some ongoing serials involving the characters thanks to GregF. Like any good writer, he knew before BIONICLE ended to plant seeds in all his stories for future development. Lucky for us, he got to develop them with some serials post-summer 2010. But he didn't get to finish those. That's what's left unfinished. Not BIONICLE. Just these serials. It sucks, especially for those that wanted to see it "all" finished. But for me, I see the big picture. I am definitely biased since I was about to begin my senior year of college when BIONICLE ended. I remembered the serials, but their specifics faded from my memory after a few years. However, the core BIONICLE plotline of 2001-2010 is still as fresh as ever in my mind.

In conclusion, I respect and understand why you and so many others would like to see those serials concluded. But BIONICLE is not the unfinished story franchise like "Samurai Jack" or (big tears here) "Reboot". There are some hanging threads, yes, but even as you pointed out, others have jumped in to write their own takes on what direction BIONICLE could've gone in after the main story ended. Who is to say after enough years, fans would prefer the fan-endings more than something official churned out after the fact? And finally, remember that just because something can be "finished", doesn't mean it should be (looking at you, Star Wars sequel trilogy. Grrrr....).

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"There are a thousand ways I could bore you...and only 942 of them will put you to sleep. Permanently"

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True, the whole “Mata Nui restoring Spherus Magna and Teridax getting defeated” is the main thing, but if the story ended that way without the two unfinished serials existing, we would still question about the Great Beings or how the MU people got complete minds of their own. I believe Greg is trying to pull a Steven Universe Future thing on this to explain it all. That’s how it felt incomplete. The Great Beings never showed their faces much. If Bionicle G1 and Hero Factory are said to share the same universe, perhaps that would explain what the Great Beings were doing when Mata Nui was doing his mission. They may have created Mr. Makuro for fun because they love creating stuff, and that could be how the Heroes from Hero Factory look like Glatorian and have the same hearts as Toa. I know that Greg doesn’t want to say that because the Bionicle sets weren’t selling well, but he did, it would be mean re-continuing the Bionicle story, and we don’t know when he’ll do it (that’s because Lego is not doing constraction since 2018, and we have no idea when they will bring it back again). 

In my opinion, it’s best to celebrate Bionicle’s 20th anniversary by doing these two things for our sakes. Lego should respect that, and it’s been too long. If Greg had started the two serials, either he should finish it or write a book about the ending of the G1 story. You can’t leave a Lego model unfinished because it wouldn’t be natural if you don’t.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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here's my version of a G1 continuation

Make it one year later (because of introducing new characters and plot lines and and new lands and also working with how a year work in canon and a new clean slate some what)

Have some sort of Multiverse system so the universe's aren't one in the same (like a universe were some characters don't exist or a major event happens or happens differently

Having long story ark's so the story can breathe and to avoid rushing it into a brick wall at 2000 Miles Per Hour

 Keep some story beats and reworking the gender to element ratio

doing a complete Lore Book (from start to were the story is at that time)

have some links to G2 and Hero factory in some from or another 

and that's it manly for if G1 continues i just think that Bionicle may come back in the future but as a another reboot again or a spiritual successor to it

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I did a bunch of conveniently unfindable drawings a while back depicting a (surprisingly detailed) "continuation" of The Yesterday Quest. Under the form of an, again, ridiculously well detailed video game (I mean I'm pretty sure I got Chiara, Orde, Zaria and Gelu's somewhat brawler style gameplay figured out down to individual keybindings, and maps of the game drawn out ; I really do remember being fairly methodical). In that, this idea that the Vorox had access to technology that could essential syphon toa powers boiled down to the fact that they actually used some kind of Nui Stone-like substance to harness elemental energy and power their entire civilization on the underside of the canopy. The Toa eventually evaded capture, retrieved their weapons and basically batmaned their way to Kabrua, blablabla, and manage to get some stuff I don't remember about the Great Beings and the name Velika out of him ... I mean it's all head canon and natural unfinished. If I find it all I might make a post about it someday or even re-illustrate the project and another about the Toa Mahri in New Atero (they go up against Takadox who's trying to take over New Atero (an ACTUAL living city, there's a lot that's been done in Bionicle so far, so I figured that having a city that combined elements of both extremely urbanised Metru Nui with much more nature-y Koro aspects, even Agori ghettos and stuff, the whole being based on some benevolent Lovecraftian entity that essentially IS the city in part). I remember this design for a tentacled, Tren Krom-altered Carapar under Takadox's servitude too (yeah, I took the liberty of imagining that he got eaten instead of atomised, or teleported straight to Tren Krom's stomach or whatever, and then kinda survived when Tren Krom, you know ... exploded). There was also one based off Varian escaping stasis and the entire dying Matoran Universe with Lurker and Gatherer (and guys, not to be anymore childish than I'm already coming across as but the interior of the GSR would be even more cinematic than 2012 ...). There really unlimited untapped potential. For one, the Dark Hunters totally needed proper sets (I guess they kinda tried that with Hero Factory but it was less original). Then we all wanted to see Zaria, Chiara and Orde (I gave Zaria a staff which he could use his power over iron to morph the ends into whatever, Chiara had these these trident-type things on chains and Orde got a katana-like sword which he got to control with his mind). Also, I dunno about you guys but I'd kill for a Red Star themed Kopaka. *long, wishful sigh* Alas, it wasn't to be. That said, about the whole "concluding" thing, and yes, Star Wars does come to mind (though that's basically EXACTLY what Lego did with G2) ... yes, it's essentially more of an open ending than no ending at all. To be frank. I mean I'd be the first person to jump for any kind of extra content from Greg or anybody for that matter, I put my hand up, but we weren't exactly left hanging wondering whether Mata Nui was gonna beat Makuta. The Spherus Magnus Saga is very much a new "phase". But if it were up to me (and it really isn't) I'd get all the heads of BZP, the Bionicle Wiki and Bi0sector, get Greg for good measure and continue the whole thing on a serial, even maybe illustrated basis. But that's just me. I mean the truth is the Bionicle Universe is so expansive, and there's so much left unexplored, that it can still bring joy to anyone with a little bit of imagination.

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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Honestly everything in G1 got turned into a big mess that it is mindboggling if you don't memorize it. What G2 lacked was a proper story and a someone competent enough to add actual depth instead of rushing it. Bionicle had good marketing since it was so new.

What it would really need are basic principles but don't reveal too much of the goal too early like G2 did, they solved everything too early instead of a bigger plot unveiled after G2 Makuta was defeated (Teridax had a insidious cunning mastermind of a plan) Also huge parts of the story were released in books were easily confusing when you considering the ammount of webserials.

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