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  • 2 weeks later...

They're both aware of the pending RPGs for approval. When one of us approves an RPG, we let the others know if it has been waiting for approval. This time of year is busy for everyone with school, holidays, events, jobs, etc.


If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win!
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So, I'm adding my own to this. May be one of the longest development cycles out there, BUT WE GOT IT DONE.


Mass Effect: Division



Many thousands of years ago an old culture struggled against an ancient enemy.


They were the Protheans. Their adversaries were the Reapers. The Reapers were a machine race that “harvested” advanced races and stored the races in the form of a Reaper every 50 thousand years. The Old Machines were all the harder to defeat because of Indoctrination, an insidious process that makes the victim serve the Reapers. Indoctrinated agents sabotaged many Prothean attempts at survival, including one to plant 1 million Prothean warriors to survive the primary invasion.


Just when the Protheans thought all was lost, they completed a device. One that dated back to the first civilization harvested by the Reapers.


The Protheans realized that the Catalyst,the last part they needed, was the Citadel, a space station the Reapers had built as part of their trap and the former seat of the Prothean government. The Protheans gathered their remaining strength and made a final push to the Citadel. They attached the Crucible, as they had dubbed the device, to the Citadel. It fired, but was too damaged to, or it never could, tell friend from foe. The Reapers were wiped out, but at a great cost.


Civilization was lost once more.


3 thousand years ago, the Asari discovered the Citadel and settled in. The Salarians, an amphibious race, soon followed. The Council was formed by these two species. Many races joined the Council as they discovered the Citadel. The honor of making the Council's decisions was left to the Asari and Salarians, but the others could propose ideas and ask for the council's help. This system lasted for many years, eventually giving the avian Turians a seat to serve as the primary military.


But peace was not to last.


The quarians, a race based on Rannoch, built an AI race named the geth to serve them. Eventually the geth achieved sentience, the quarians panicked and tried to shut the robots down. The geth fought back, trying to survive against their creators. The quarians asked the Council to help.


No help came.


Instead, the Council stripped the quarians of their embassy. The “lesser races” (Non-council seat species) began to grow restless.


In 2157 a new race leapt on the scene with a bang. The turians discovered them trying to activate a dormant Mass Relay, which was forbidden under Council law. The humans (as this race was called) fought hard, surprising everyone with their military power. The Council stepped in to negotiate a peace treaty, but was startled when 3 different leaders showed up. The humans were more fractured than any race the Council had ever met. When the Council saw the armada the humans had brought with them, however, they decided it was probably best they were fractured.


Over the next decade, the Council did its best to make the humans divided.


A quarian hacker by the name of Tali'Zorah found this out, and was barely rescued by a human named Commander Shepard. When this discovery leaked, the lesser races had enough of the Council and its manipulating.


They left.


The humans swore off the Council, and a barely kept peace exists between the Council, humans, and the ISA, as the rebel races call themselves. Further complicating this is the final faction, the Krogan and Rachni, which only recently appeared.


Welcome to ME: D



The world of Division is one of strained peace at best. Beings fight to preserve what shaky alliances they have, ambassadors try to form new bonds while Spec Ops try to destroy their enemies.


Who are you? A hero? A man who gets the job done, no matter the cost? Or someone just out to survive?




There are 4 major factions, with 3 subfactions under human. Of course, you don't have to side with the faction your character's race is listed under, or even with a faction at all. Just note that most factions don't like members of enemy species.


Each race has an image linked, courtesy of the wiki. Also, please read the codex article for the race you plan on using if you've never played the game. The Codex is linked below under Locations.


InterSpecies Alliance (ISA)

The ISA was formed by its constituent races after their rebellion against the Council. Their government

is one not unlike the USA's senate, with each race sending a delegation to their meetings. Said meetings take place on the recently built space station Unity. The ISA has the biggest conglomerate fleet, but this is trumped by how many are quarian liveships.

Major constituent races:


Homeworld: Rannoch, though few living quarians have ever set foot there. A synthetic race, the Geth, drove them off and promptly entrenched. Few Geth have been seen since. Instead, most quarians are nomads, living on the Migrant Fleet.


Homeworld: Irune. An inhospitable place, with an ammonia atmosphere and high gravity. Only volus can live here comfortably.

The Hanar

Homeworld: Kahje

The Drell

Homeworld: The Drell live on the Hanar homeworld.


Homeworld: Dekuuna


The Humans

The humans consist of a shaky political alliance between the democratic US, the communist USSR, and the socialist EU. Each sends their leader to a triumvirate. Most meetings end in yelling, but war is not forthcoming.

The Soviets

Domain: Asia and Australia.



Domain: All of the Americas.


The European Union

Domain: Europe and Africa.


The Council

The Council is three members, one of each race, elected by their people.


Homeworld: Thessia.


Homeworld: Sur'Kesh


Homeworld: Palaven


The Kroni

The krogan are governed by clan leaders, while the Rachni are a hive mind dominated by their queens. How exactly they are cooperating is unknown. Please note that the Rachni wars never happened without Reaper indoctrination.


Homeworld: Tuchanka. A massive dust ball, devastated by nuclear bombs.


Homeworld: Suen

NOTE: The picture above of the Rachni is one of many types.


Profile rules

Post your profile in the discussion topic and wait for staff approval before posting as that character. Alternatively you can send your profile to a staffer by PM. Staff need another staffer's approval for characters. See the power list for rules about biotics and the like. The character limit is currently seven. Dead characters do not count toward your limit, the bounds are here to prevent character neglect.


Name: An actual name, please. No usernames. Ideally one fitting with that species' name type.

Species: Any sentient, non-extinct species from the Mass Effect universe is allowed, but you are encouraged to use one of those listed in the faction section above. No Thresher Maws. Mass Effect 3 DLC spoilers:

Leviathans may be allowed eventually, but not now.


Age: Self explanatory. Just keep in mind that some races, like krogan and asari, live to be at least a thousand, while Salarians only live to be 40.

Gender: Male, Female, Indeterminate.

Faction: List is up there.

Class: There are six classes to chose from for biotic, tech, and combat characters. Ambassadors and the like probably won't have implants, but if you want abilities you need to pick a class.

Abilities: Rules on abilities are in the ability section.

Weapons and armor: Self-explanatory. Keep in mind the weight limit.

Skills: What your character is good at.

Personality (optional): How your character acts.

Appearance: What your character looks like.

Ship specifications: Is your ship fast? Slow? Heavily armed? Say it here.

Bio: Your character's history. How they got where they are, their childhood, etc.


Blank profile:







Weapons and armor:


Personality (optional):


Ship specifications (if applicable):





Lord of Adders Black was gracious enough to make sure that we could use the Mass Effect Wiki. Thus, the Codex and all of its information is open to us. Refer to it for planet atmosphere, geography and the like. The Codex: http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Codex


Travel by Mass Effect relays is nearly instant, FTL travel inside a cluster takes about 12 hours to get from one side to the other. When using relays, please be gracious enough to say in OOC that you're going to another cluster.


Arguably the most important cluster is the Serpentine Nebula, home of the Citadel and the Council. Even after the rebellion the Citadel is an important place, being as it is in the center of the relay network. There's a major nightclub, marketplace, and living spaces.


Omega is the other major space station, on the far side of the galaxy. Unlike the Citadel, Omega is home to the more unsavory parts of galactic culture. Mercenaries, gangs, and all around crooks are headquartered on Omega. Presiding over all of this is Aria T'Loak, the Asari in charge of Omega's operations. Another major feature of this system is the Omega-3 Relay. Many ships have gone through the relay, none have returned.


Class RulesAll classes may choose six abilities. For classes that draw abilities from two pools (Infiltrator, Sentinel, Vanguard) at least two of the six abilities must be of one type, with four of the other, or a three/three split; i.e. a Sentinel with Tech Armor, Snap Freeze, Flamer, Arc Grenade, Pull and Throw, or a Vanguard with Carnage, Adrenaline Rush, Fortification, Singularity, Warp Ammo and Shockwave.It should be noted that the only species that has a significant number of biotics are the asari, as all asari are born with them and training in them is part of their basic education. Among other species they are quite rare, being practically nonexistent among the quarians (and literally nonexistent among the synthetic geth). Keep this in mind when creating characters.Abilities


Weight LimitsSoldier (Combat): 12Adept (Biotic): 6Engineer (Tech: 6Infiltrator (Tech/Combat): 8Sentinel (Biotic/Tech: 8Vanguard (Combat/Biotic): 8Weapon WeightsSMG: 1Heavy Pistol: 2Shotgun: 3Assault Rifle: 3Sniper Rifle: 4Tech AbilitiesCombat DroneCryo BlastDampingDecoyDefense DroneDefense MatrixElectric SlashEnergy DrainFlamerGeth TurretHoming GrenadeHunter ModeIncinerateOverloadSabotage - only able to hack VIs/mechs, plus the weapon overheat functionSentry TurretSnap FreezeSubmission NetSupply PylonTactical CloakTactical ScanTech ArmorBiotic AbilitiesAnnihilation FieldBarrierBiotic SlashBiotic SphereChargeDark ChannelLashNovaPhase DisruptorPullReaveShockwaveSingularitySlamSmashThrowWarpWarp AmmoCombat AbilitiesAdrenaline RushArmor-Piercing AmmoBallistic BladesBlade ArmorCarnageConcussive ShotCryo AmmoDisruptor AmmoFortificationIncendiary Ammo



1. All BZP rules apply.

2. Listen to the staff.

3. Your posts should go something like this, with IC for “in character” and OOC for “out of character”:

IC: Garrus smashed a pod with the butt of his rifle, grimacing as the fluid hit his shields. “Scratch one!”


OOC: The rest of the Normandy crew is welcome to join in.

4. Arguments/debates may go on for 5 posts in the main thread. After that, take it to PM or the discussion topic.

5. No godmodding. Dodging unavoidable attacks, ignoring injuries, etc.

6. This fits under godmodding: No metagaming. Knowing things your character didn't learn, magically crashing another player's party without a good IC reason.

7. Put “The Harbinger” in your profile to prove you read this.

8. Don't kill another player's character without permission from him/her. Make sure to write that you have permission in the post where you kill the character.

9. IN THE EVENT THAT DEATH SEEMS UNAVOIDABLE: Your character may be killed to avoid breaking rule 5. Only staff can do this. This isn't a punishment, just realism. If you have a good way to get out of it after your character is dead, please PM Toa Kaithas or another staffer.

10. Canon characters are not allowed without having permission from the GM first.

11. NPC autohitting is permitted as long as you play realistically. If you charge a group of krogan mercenaries with nothing but a machete and you're winning, that's breaking the rules.

12. No destroying relays without explicit staff permission. That is the ultimate case of NPC bashing, and they're nigh indestructible anyway. Trying isn't against the rules, but you'll be chased across the galaxy by literally every faction.

13. No bunnying. That means taking control of another person's character without permission.

14. Double posting... Nah.

15. Have fun!





1. Warning.

2. Serious injury that can't be fully healed by Medigel, and requires the character's own body heal.

3. Character death, and no, Cerberus will not be saving you.

4. 1 week ban.

5. All characters die.

6. Permanent ban.



Level 1: Character limit raised by 1 or power limit raised for one character with a power to fill it, custom or normal.

Level 2: A frigate level ship and/or a promotion if you're a member of a faction.

Level 3: Staff position and a character invited to be on the Normandy.


Current Staff

Host: Toa Kaithas/Jon Snow

Cohost: Bundalings

Story and realism advisor: Basilisk


All staff can approve characters.

Edited by Elvis

No such thing as destiny.

BZPRPG Profiles

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Skulduggery: Nothing has been said of this game since my last post, so unless you (Trad) still wants the game approved I will table it for now.

Digimon: Well, it’s not Digigreat to see a Digitypo right Digiaway, but Digihere it is:


There lives a world, a world inside the technology we have belt,

Should be “built.”


I was a little confused when I read the catogorization of Digi... creatures. In order to make it more sorted, change the font size or something for the main header (in this case “Digimon:”) and maybe put bullet points/indents for the stuff under that category, (Vaccine, Virus, etc.). It also makes it more pleasing to the eye.


Another typo/error:


Corruption the corruption of data.

Um, yeah, just revise this, kay.


Two thirds of this region are corrupt.

Grammar: Should be “is corrupt.”


I think it would be best to put the “devices” and “Digimon forms” closer to the most relevant part: The introduction to the digimon. That keeps the stuff on a (somewhat) consistent gradient of information and makes it easier to read without wondering what was going on.


Perhaps, to make the game more accessible for people not used to Digimon stuffs, you should insert a couple paragraphs (near the top of the post) outlying how a player is a part of the world. I’m presuming one plays a Digidestined who can use Digimon, but you never specifically mention this. You need to do this so there is no mistake what a player’s role in the game is. In addition to that, more information on how to acquire Digimon should be added. Also, what is the purpose and importance of Digi-Eggs in the game?


Basically, this game still needs to me modified.


Transformers: Other than it seeming like a massive wall of text (how about some spacing and better design? xD) everything seems to be in order.

Approved x[3]


Clad in Iron: Eugh. Everything is all centered which does nothing to make it easy on the eyes and just makes it all wonky funky munkey... ish. I think of centering stuff as a way to make headings or spice something up, but one should not use it for everything. Still, everything looks good to me.

Approved x[3] with the stipulation that you change the formatting.


The Outer Worlds: I had some doubts about a couple things, but reading the posts in which you clarified stuff fixed that up nicely.

Approved x[3]



I'm running low on time right now, so I'll take a look at Mass Effect: Division later today,

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Digi-Eggs are were Digimon come from. There is another type of digital egg, but it is more suited as a type of evolution, but like I said to the other judges is that the Armor Digi-Eggs will not be implemented into the start of the game.It is also a means of reincarnation, if a Digimon dies, they are reborn as a Digi-Egg, with either their memories retained, some retained, or they have lost their memories completly, though the later is a rare case.I typed the whole RP idea on my phone, and I didn't know the coding to change sizes of fonts on the mobile. Once I get to a computer I can fix the fonts.I honestly hope that this is truly the last few modifications before this is approved :P

"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become,"-C.S. Lewis




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I honestly hope that this is truly the last few modifications before this is approved :P

Sure. XD


Digimon approved [x... um... +1]. lol



The ME game looks pretty good. Can't think of anything to extrapolate on, so, Division Effect: Mass approved [x3].

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have a problem.


The text limit on posts is preventing me from writing the first post of an RPG I'm making effectively. I'm very near the characters per post limit and already had to make cuts to the main post. The main post is to be updated as the game goes on, which is why I can't trust that it won't cut off near the bottom. It's happened several times already, and I was only able to fix it and make the necessary cuts because I took the precaution of copying the whole post before clicking the "Save Changes" button.


Would it be acceptable to put all NPC and PC profiles in a second post immediately after the main post, so that the text limit doesn't cut off anything? (It would be a double post, but with a reason.) This way, I don't have to worry about either post getting too big as much, and I won't have to follow every few edits with a copy-paste as a precaution and possibly a fixing of the post.


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Halo: Forerunners


If you finished the Halo 4 Campaign or saw all the cutscenes, ignore this section.

"Wake me...when you need me."

These words were spoken by Master Chief to his AI companion and close friend, Cortana, four years and seven months ago. But when she did as he said, things were far from what they expected.

Master Chief woke up to find Cortana descending into rampancy, a condition where AI's that have existed for 7 years begin to deteriorate, divide into many personalities that argue, and finally die from the stress. In addition, hostile Covenant forces were on the severed aft of the Forward Unto Dawn, which was drifting toward a Forerunner shield world designed to protect against the Halo effect. This was strange, because the last he checked, after the Arbiter leading a revolt against the Covenant, humanity was at peace with the Elites. Despite the initial shock, he fought through them to reach the missile controls and destroy part of their fleet. It was interrupted, however, when the planet sucked them and the rest of the fleet in using a gravity well, which also prevented them from leaving the planet.

They discovered the planet was called Requiem, and that the UNSC Infinity was approaching. Chief fought through Covenant and Prometheans, a new faction, to take down signal jammers. To warn Infinity of the gravity well, Chief rushed to what he believed was a comm array, but it turned out that Infinity's signal had been manipulated to lead him there. In truth, a Forerunner, the Didact, had led him there to trick him into releasing him.

The Didact had been imprisoned eons ago in a Cryptum, a spherical chamber where Forerunners were left in exile to meditate. In the time of the Forerunners, ancient humanity was a spacefaring race that was nearly equal to the Forerunners. However, they were pursued by the Flood, and so had been destroying infested planets. The Didact had taken this as an act of war and was oblivious to the Flood, and the Forerunner army went to war with humanity. As punishment for the war, the Didact devolved all humans remaining into cavemen, and placed them on Earth. His wife, the Librarian, discovered the Flood and realized that the humans were running and cleansing, not expanding. The Didact ignored this out of sheer rage, harboring a hatred of humanity.

He engaged the Flood in battle, but was losing greatly. The plan for the Halo Array was formed, which the Didact opposed as an offense to the Mantle of Responsibility for the galaxy. He continued to fight instead, postponing the use of the rings, and had a device called the Composer built. It digitized living beings to make them immune to the Flood, but it did not work correctly. It sent them back as corrupted files, soulless, evil killing machines. Prometheans.

Naturally, the Forerunners opposed this, so the Didact tried modifying himself to become immune to Flood infection. Instead, he became hideous and even more insane, but immune to the Composer. He would not let go of his pride in the Mantle, though, or his hatred for humanity.

The Didact composed his entire army, but it was not enough to stop the Flood at this point. So, he Composed humans as more fuel for his army, and as further punishment, another act of genocidal hatred. When the Librarian discovered this, she was shocked and saddened. Realizing her husband's madness, she shot him twice with a Binary Rifle when his armor was off, and then sealed him in his Cryptum with the armor. She placed his Cryptum inside Requiem, unable to kill him out of love. She hoped he would learn from his mistakes. He did not. The rings were fired from the Ark by a Forerunner who the Didact had imprinted his consciousness on and mutated before he fell to evil, making him a second Didact, a remnant of what the original Didact could have been if he was not filled with hate.

Now, in the present day, the Didact created a slipspace rupture to collapse the area where he had been imprisoned, and escape in his now unlocked and mobile Cryptum immediately upon release. Chief escaped and discovered that in their worship of Forerunners, the Covenant remnant had allied with the Prometheans. He fought through both and reunited with the Infinity's crew. Afterward, Chief fought to destroy particle cannons protecting the gravity well and enter a Forerunner structure, where a memory clone of the Librarian told him the Didact's past and immunized him to the Composer. Upon returning, he destroyed the gravity well, but Captain Del Rio of the Infinity announced his intention to leave immediately.

Chief refused, intending to stop the Didact, and against the wishes of the crew, was stranded on Requiem with only a Pelican. He and Cortana realized the Didact was preparing to leave in his ship, the Mantle's Approach, to get the Composer. Chief failed to stop him, so he jumped on one of the Lich dropships following the Didact's ship in order to pursue him.

The Didact reached Ivanoff Station, a research space station orbiting Installation 03 and studying the Composer. By now, Cortana's rampancy severely impeded them, making the simplest of AI tasks nearly impossible. After informing the doctors onboard of the situation, Chief fought to protect them. They were being evacuated and preparing a nuke for the Composer, which Chief was to use when it was primed. In the meantime, Chief defended the Composer, but it failed. The Didact took it and left after testing it on the station.

Chief pursued him in a Broadsword fighter with the nuke as a payload, all the way through slipspace to Earth, the Didact's target. The Infinity, now under Thomas Lasky's command due to Del Rio's horrible judgement, defended Earth, but it was losing. Chief destroyed the particle cannons' energy spheres, which powered them, so Infinity could get a clear shot. It blew a hole in the Didact's ship, and Chief entered, but the Broadsword was crushed by the moving walls. He took the nuke on foot and fought Prometheans to reach terminals. At each terminal, Cortana ejected several rampant personalities as clones to clear her mind and overwhelm the ship's systems. This worked, taking down the shield around the Composer's controls, which the Didact was preparing, but it was too late. The Composer created a slipspace rupture and began to fire at New Pheonix on Earth.

Chief confronted the Didact, but was easily outclassed. To save his life, Cortana's personalities made new holograms--from the hardlight bridge the Didact was on. The Cortanas turned to shackles of hardlight, restraining the Didact so Chief could stuff a grenade inside his armor. The Didact broke the shackles, but the grenade exploded, injuring him severely. Disoriented, he fell into the slipspace rupture, which had no set coordinated. Chief detonated the nuke manually and destroyed the ship and Composer, but Cortana's core personality used the last of her strength to manipulate and condense the hardlight into a shield to save him. This took everything she had, and after saying goodbye, she faded away. Chief was left depressed, but he was found by the Infinity and given treatment, sustenance, rest, and new armor.

If you saw all the Spartan Ops cinematics, ignore this section.

Six months later, as Chief stayed on the Infinity until he was needed, teams of Spartans had been fighting against the Covenant and Prometheans. They discovered an artifact holding memories of former humans who had been Composed at New Pheonix, but it began to interfere with Infinity's systems. Doctor Catherine Halsey, who had been made a scapegoat and arrested by ONI for the ethical failures of the Spartan-II program, was brought in to study it. In the meantime, Jul 'Mdama tried to get her help to unlock another memory clone of the Librarian and learn where all Forerunner technology was.

As a ruse, she went along with it, but was discovered by the UNSC, who took the ruse seriously. They imprisoned her again, but she was captured and teleported away by Prometheans. After that, Admiral Serin Osman, a Spartan-II reject who worked for ONI now, ordered her execution. Despite Lasky's protests, knowing full well that she was being used as a scapegoat, Commander Sarah Palmer jumped at the chance to kill Halsey, who she hated because of her actions during the Spartan-II program. After Palmer's departure, Lasky sent Fireteam Majestic to save Halsey.

Halsey unlocked the device for the memory clone and entered it, which angered 'Mdama, as he wanted to speak with the Librarian. The Librarian gave Halsey the two halves of the Janus Key, which revealed a map to all Forerunner technology in the galaxy. When she returned, however, Palmer and Fireteam Majestic were there, fighting the Covenant around 'Mdama. 'Mdama seized half the key, not knowing there was a second half, which Halsey threw to Spartan Gabriel Thorne of Fireteam Majestic. Palmer shot Halsey in the arm in a failed attempt to kill her, and both sides retreated.

Halsey was still captured. 'Mdama, rather than giving her easily possible medical treatment, amputated her arm but left the part with the bullet on as punishment for passing Thorne the key. However, she told him she only did that because she did not know her "compatriots were a hit squad." 'Mdama asked her what she wanted in exchange for her help. She simply told him, "I want revenge."

Since then, Jul 'Mdama has grown more vigorous in his pursuit of the Janus Key's second half. With the aid of the Prometheans left allied with his forces by the Didact, he seeks to unite the halves, revealing the map.

While the UNSC likewise seeks his half of the key, and is the dominating force in the galaxy, it is plagued by internal conflict. Secrecy and treachery divide humanity's government and military in more ways than one. ONI blames the entire Spartan-II program on Halsey, and wants her assassinated as the sole scapegoat of the ethical failures of the program. The soldiers of the UNSC must defend against the Covenant assaults, which grow more and more frequent, and yet their unity and focus are broken because they wonder what is being kept from them. Mysteries about the Forerunners grow deeper, as with every new answer, every new discovery, more questions arise. The Prometheans obey Jul 'Mdama for the moment, but the fate of their master is unclear. The Arbiter's forces remain strong followers of the peace established with the UNSC, though unknown to them, ONI has provided certain resources to the various rebel groups they must fight to prevent the Elites from uniting and becoming truly strong once again. The transportation of these resources has ceased because ONI realized it was unwise to keep the Arbiter's forces in check when the UNSC was in need. However, if they somehow discovered the treachery behind some of their problems, they would be quite angry, as it has resulted in much war, destruction, and death. Pirates, mercenaries, and other free groups roam the galaxy, bringing both aid and pain to the various factions, whatever suits them. They tend to be oblivious to the overarching conflict, though they use what they do know for profit. This setting is, of course, extremely liable to change. You, as the players, will have much more say in what happens than in most other RPG's. Want to blow up a major location? Have at it, but tell a staff member first so they can RP the other end of the conflict. Want to bring a species to prominence? Band together with other players and find any plausible solution you can. Want to stop a certain person's plans, even if they're important to the plot? Mess them up and possibly even kill the one responsible, as long as you don't cheat in any way.

And so this is where you come in. Now, the Covenant and Prometheans are storming the Infinity from various airlocks and weak spots, both on the front end and the aft. The biggest full scale boarding assault ever executed against the ship so far has already begun.

Character Rules

There are many rules, unlockables, and character types, each with many details, basic and new for this RPG, and the entire section takes up a massive space. For this reason, a post has been recycled for that purpose. Direct your attention here.

NPC Rules

NPC's are everywhere. In combat, Covenant and Promethean NPC's have the strength they do on Heroic difficulty, though they get buffed to Legendary when under the command of a player or Important NPC. An Important NPC has a role in the plot and/or a high rank. NPC's can be killed without permission, and in combat have the intelligence of AI enemies in the game, to preserve the true Halo feel.

Important NPC's can also be killed, and this can affect the plot drastically. You, as players, can actually mess up the plot, but it will be difficult. Important NPC's have insane amounts of good luck, reflex, and skill, regardless of how much they can take head-on. They will perform insane stunts and moves that normal PC's, staff included, are completely incapable of. Some will do this more than others, like Jul 'Mdama, while yet others like Master Chief will do it much less, instead being closer to a PC. They always have luck on their side, so if there is the slightest chance they will survive, they will.

Combat Realism

Combat in this RPG is much like in the games, except with a bit more freedom. Treat NPC combat as Campaign on Heroic. The reason for Heroic is because the other difficulties will let you invade entire Covenant ships with one Spartan-IV. While you can still do this on Heroic sometimes, it is much harder, and Legendary is not used here because you do not get respawns. You are expected to adhere to the way weapons, grenades, and vehicles are used in the games, though your melee attacks can get much more creative, and you can do things that are physically possible under the circumstances that the games do not allow you to do. You can climb and throw boxes, for example. However, you cannot dodge things that you cannot dodge in the games, under any circumstances. Unlike other RPGs, you will NOT spam dodging maneuvers. You will not dodge a sniper unless you are moving around, facing him, and know he is there. You will not dodge automatic fire...well, at all. Cover is important. Retreating to cover is not dodging, so you are most certainly allowed to do that. Slow-moving projectiles like rockets, grenades, charged Plasma Pistols, etc, are possible to dodge to the point that they are in the game. Dual-wielding is allowed for the Magnum, Boltshot, and Plasma Pistol, but your aim will suffer for it. Important NPC's can aim just fine when dual-wielding, and can dual-wield nearly anything. Assassinations are allowed, though now they can be interrupted by whoever is being assassinated unless there is a VERY good explanation for it, and the opponent must ALWAYS be unaware. No jumping then thruster-packing over the enemy and turning around. Non-important NPC's can be assassinated even when aware if they are turned around, but you can't set them up in that position. You can abort an assassination to save yourself from gunfire, but it will cost you the kill. Acrobatics such as flipping, cartwheeling, handstanding, and the like are not allowed at all. These break the flow of the game, and are not even logically possible for most characters in the game, especially when they are wearing literally a ton of armor. Important NPC's do not always have to follow some of these rules.

Profile Format

While you can put any information you want in your profiles, some information is required. The amount of detail put into certain sections can be as low as you like, as long as it, to some degree, answers the question posed by each section of the profile.

Name: (Make it fit into the naming style of your species or type. No ridiculous names.)


Gender: (If applicable)

Rank: (If applicable)

Appearance: (A description or picture, either will do)

Loadout: (If applicable, but even if you aren't a Spartan, you still can choose from the weapons available to your type. Important NPC's do not have a loadout. Instead, their weaponry varies, but still usually by their choice. If an Important NPC happens to have a power weapon or...let's say four, don't be surprised.)


Skills: (Be reasonable. You're not good at everything, and you have to specify just how good you are at what you cando. If you have extreme skills in one area, you have to compensate with skill reduction or complete ineptitude in others. Important NPC's do, however, get to be less bound within reason in this area)

Backstory: (You don't have to write much here if you don't want to, but briefly summarize the recent history of the character.)

Weaknesses: (Everyone, Important NPC's included, must have a significant physical weakness of some sort. A weak point in their armor, skills they are not good with, etc. While Important NPC's will not have their weaknesses revealed to the general player base to prevent even subconscious or accidental metagaming, all staff are to be informed of their weaknesses so that no staff, especially me, is able to cheat.)

General Rules and Enforcement

1. Naturally, all standard BZP rules and guidelines apply.

2. When making a new character, post the profile in the topic. If it is approved, the link to it will be added in the Links to Player Profiles section.

3. When posting, put this before in-character areas. It will greatly clear things up.

IC - (Insert Location) - (Insert Time)

If you wish to say something out of character, just put OOC: (Insert text here).

Here is an example post. "Link" is an example of a planet name.

IC - Link, B-0452 System - 14:36, Saturday

The lone Spartan walked through the rain, the glow of his lightrifle making his position slightly obvious. He had been moving through the trees, so as to get better cover.

The problem with trees is that an ambush could be waiting behind every branch.

He had nothing to say to anyone. His team was missing in action.

"Missing in action..." he said to himself, too quietly to be heard. The worst fate that could befall a Spartan. Everyone knew what that meant...because Spartans never die.

Maybe he should have chosen his other loadout, so his radar could be more effective. At the moment, as long as the last enemy kept still, he was nearly blind in the darkness.

He needed his foe to think he was vulnerable...

"All clear. Ready for extraction." But his comm channels were entirely unused as he spoke.

OOC: I like pie.

4. No god-modding. God-modding is simple, we've all heard the term. Playing unrealistically in a way that gives you an unfair advantage. There are many ways to do this. Dodging everything (Which is especially offensive here, a game that uses actual guns), surviving the impossible (No, you cannot take a Fuel Rod to the face. This is not set to Easy.), dealing excessive damage (This is not COD, 3 Lightrifle rounds to the face of a Spartan, Promethean, or Elite are NOT a kill.), etc.

Generally, it revolves around being just too powerful. If you are playing like an Important NPC, basically, you are doing something very wrong.

Staff, despite their ability to use Important NPC's, must adhere to these rules with their characters just as much as anyone else does. Important NPC's are there only for the plot and to provide fun boss fights, not to give staff any sort of advantage.

5. No extremely improbable occurences as a result of your post. No deus ex machinas. No "going Super Saiyan". A meteor will not hit your opponent when you're about to lose the fight, you will not somehow manage to land that one-in-a-million perfect snipe over 100 feet when moving walls are between you and your target, you will not pull out a hidden reserve of strength or skill and somehow defeat the Elite Zealot with the shiny Energy Sword when you have a half-empty Magnum and no shield. While NPC combat is easier than PC combat because it's like Campaign on Heroic, this is not a license to always win against any NPC. Be realistic. Luck is neither on your side or against you.

6. No metagaming. Metagaming is using information you know but your character does not to your advantage. You won't suddenly have a feeling that you should take a vacation where something interesting like a battle is going on. You don't know where the Greater Ark is. You can't just turn around whenever anyone attempts to assassinate you and something is distracting you from your radar.

If the enemy is trying to deceive your character, examine it for a moment. Take into account your character's intelligence, the enemy's intelligence, and how well the trap is laid. Are you really going to know that the gunfire is a distraction and he really means to stick you with a Plasma Grenade? Sure, if you were watching in third person you'd figure it out easily even if the post didn't outright state it. But would your character do that in the stress of a firefight?

If someone has a grand plan of some sort, and your character has no specific details or intel, if any intel at all, are you going to set up defenses? Maybe, if you have vague intel that a strike is coming. But things get ridiculous if you set up defenses specifically tailored to work perfectly (Or close to it) against what is coming.

Basically, play as your character, and only your character. You know almost everything. They don't have that luxury.

7. If you have a disagreement with a player, don't panic. Maybe the other player is cheating. Maybe you are are and you don't realize it. But try to work it out calmly.

Naturally, if it's incessant disagreement and you can't settle it, you could get angry. But we are not the BZPRPG staff. We will not dish out a punishment of some sort on you for asking, or take away whatever you are fighting over. While their method can be effective sometimes, it overall just leaves everyone feeling horrible and doesn't help the game at all. So...

If there is a dispute and you can't solve it on your own, feel free to ask staff what should be done. They will look at the situation and decide how to fix things up.

If you have a disagreement with a staff member in this manner, call a different staff member. The same result should come.

Try to get along, call staff if you can't, and then seriously, don't argue with the staff if you don't like how they sort it out. None of us are going to do something extreme or horrible.

8. If you want to get into a fight with a load of NPC's, tell a staff member. You can, to a degree, kill some NPC's without permission, but if you have any intention of getting a challenge, accomplishing an important goal, or attempting to board an entire Covenant ship solo, you'll need someone RPing the other end of the conflict.

9. When assassinating a PC, make your you tell the other player it is an assassination in an OOC. You may then auto-grab the unaware character and begin to perform the lethal action, but must give room for the other player to reduce its effect to damage rather than death, if they want to do that and it is realistically possible. You can't actually say the knife went in, but you can say you stabbed towards the victim's neck. You can't say you snapped their neck, but you can say you started pulling their head back for that purpose.

Players who repeatedly or blatantly disregard the rules, however, must be kept within proper bounds. The game would devolve into chaos if nothing was done about repeated issues and/or crazy people.

So, we'll be using a variant of a common system. When a large offense is made by a player, after the player has been warned at least twice (Unless they take advantage of the warning system in order to have a free license to cheat once or twice, in which case the punishment is automatic) any staff member can issue a strike.

Instead of the customary 3 strikes, there will be 4.

First Strike (Not the multiplayer medal, this one's bad): You will get a serious warning and the character(s) you are performing the offense with will be attacked by a horde of NPCs that fit into the setting in some manner. If you're in the wilderness, large animals will strike and deal injury. If you're on a Covenant ship, have fun being captured by 8 Hunters and brought to the brig. Other scenarios exist, but I won't get into all the hypothetical stuff. While the exact effect on the character varies, as with the method to give the punishment, one thing is consistent: It's not good and will have a serious effect on your character.

Second Strike: The same as the above, plus a temporary ban anywhere between a day to a week. This is judged on how long staff think you need to cool off, slow down, and figure out a way to fix your offenses.

Third Strike: The same as the above, plus a dead character and a severe injury to all but one of your characters. You also get a free pass to not be allowed to use unlockable character types anymore for 1 month.

A third strike can only be issued if 2 out of the 3 staff agree on it.

Fourth Strike: Get out of here. NOW.

Major Locations and All Profiles

Like the Setting section, these are things that are to be updated frequently as the game goes on. Unlike it, however, these take up such a large amount of space that they simply cannot be put here without breaking the post length limit. For this reason, I am recycling this RPG's former position inside the planning topic. Go here for all major locations and Important NPC profiles. Staff and Player Profiles are found in the discussion topic's main post.

Staff Members

Axilus Prime

Flaredrick: Forgotten One


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I got lost just reading the intro. What if a player tries to join who's only played the fourth game? Are they going to know all thats going on? It might be easier if your intro was some form of timeline that clearly established certain important events and occurrences to help someone less engulfed in the Halo mythos. It might also explain how the UNSC became more dominant than I noticed some members in the planning topic thought they should be


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You do not have to provide complete synopses of every event of every game. Hence why I suggested you should stick to just really important things.


Also, the first halo game came out over ten years ago. And a lot of information is in books or online. It is not inconceivable that someone who is into the game doesn't have in-depth knowledge of what goes on in the Halo-verse

Edited by Lord of Adders Black


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EDIT: Added links, and almost broke the post again. It made me realize that I can't expand the main post sufficiently for locations or profiles without breaking it.


For this reason, I added a link to a separate post (recycled post from the Planning Topic) containing the profiles and locations so they can be freely edited as time goes on.

Edited by Axilus Prime


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If you're worried about space, are there things you could cut down on? I mean, you said you didn't think you needed to summarise events due to players already knowing the background, so how come you put all that detail into the various species? You could try using a wiki link for some of them, cut down on their massive descriptions.

Likewise the rules, howsabout setting them as a list

  • Rather
  • like
  • this

to save space and make it clearer whats a paragraph end and whats a new rule. Also, I notice assassination attempts can allow us a crippling autohit, is that just assassinations? Or do we have that kind if leeway whenever we make an attack? Since you don't list anything about not killing PCs


The reason I mention saving space, incidentally, is because I've read the RPG about three times and I have no idea what the story is supposed to be. Yes yes we can be human, evil alien or friendly rebel alien, but then what? We just get sent around wherever the GMs send us? Constantly just shouting pew-pew-pew at the same NPCs and characters? There doesn't seem to be any core drive and I think you could do with setting that up better


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Well, the current status of the species is there, and the notes on their physical structure tend to be linked to gameplay elements as an explanation. Most of that stuff actually is needed.


The truth is, the main plot mostly hasn't been revealed.


I actually numbered the rules.


Well, assassinations don't always result in the autohit, but they always cause the auto-grab. The player may find a way to prevent the crippling injury if it isn't completely unrealistic. And I actually said that a PC can be killed but not autohit. Conversely, a PC has to survive realistically. They can't dodge bullets, but that's their responsibility. The attacking player can't say the bullets hit, but if the gun is aimed correctly and the PC has no cover, they can't dodge the direct shot. It's a piece of metal flying at 200mph at the least, so they do need to both keep to realism. But I also covered that in the post.


Now as for the drive of the RPG, it's sort of a sandbox, and players can start their own raids on other factions, interact with others, start plots (No pulling Forerunners, Flood, or supercarriers out, but more the kind of plot players everywhere start in RPGs) and generally do as they like. They can also be pirates or criminals if they don't like the idea of a faction.


However, all players can (realistically, no simply showing up where there's action with no good explanation) jump into the staff plot if they want to, and they can even mess it up by stealing objects, killing Important NPC's, etc. There's a lot of freedom, the plot isn't a railroad. It has a planned course that adapts to how the players affect it.


Actually, I sort of explained all this in the main post.


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I actually numbered the rules.

Yes, but they get lost in the cluttered layout. You put paragraph break in everywhere, it makes things very



Now as for the drive of the RPG, it's sort of a sandbox, and players can start their own raids on other factions, interact with others, start plots (No pulling Forerunners, Flood, or supercarriers out, but more the kind of plot players everywhere start in RPGs) and generally do as they like

Yeah see, thats the thing, you've given the players a whole galaxy with no mention of any specific important planets, or major faction leaders or anything more than a vague mention of who's doing what. The players are going to end up scattered, and unable to interact. How are we supposed to raid enemy bases when we don't know where those bases are? You need some sort of immediate plotline or threat that will bring them together an enable them to kickstart all the things you just mentioned


Actually, I sort of explained all this in the main post.

No, no you did not. See above, you just slapped a few names into a paragraph and are expecting the players to do pretty much everything. If I were to give you a loaf of bread, a lump of cheese a head of lettuce and a pig would you call that a ham sandwich?


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I guess I could move the species descriptions to my blog on the Halo wiki, but can I keep the locations and profiles on that recycled post? It's much easier to edit here, and I don't plan on editing the species descriptions at all.


Anyway, as for the story/setting, I will fix that when I'm not in the middle of a class. But don't worry, it will happen.


EDIT: Due to certain things that I will keep where they belong, Basilisk has left the staff.

Edited by Axilus Prime


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Finally have the RPG I've been working on with BioBeast ready:The ProeliumContents:I. PlotII. Laws of the Proelium (General RPG Rules)III. LocationsIV. Rules of the Arena (Battle Types and Rules)V. Character CreationVI. StaffI. Plot: A giant, mechanical flying island, which also happens to house a grand arena for fighting tournaments. Everything on the Proelium centers around the arena and the combatants inside. Every year, the island's Mayor holds a tournament in the arena to find the best fighter in the world- one worthy of being called a true champion. Many fighters gather from throughout the world to fight for the title- and two types stand out from the rest. One kind of fighter is the ideal champion- one of those who works tirelessly to win, and always follows the rules of combat. The other kind of fighter is the one who is just in it for the title- and they don't care how they get it. As the fighters clash in the arena, they will all have to struggle to get on top- so how far will you go?II. Laws of the Proelium:

  • [*]Follow the BZP Rules - This one's a no-brainer, but following the BZP Rules will ensure everyone has a good time while playing the RPG[*]Get your profile approved before playing - Post your profile Out Of Character in your first post, and wait for it to be approved by the RPG hosts before you start playing. A list of approved profiles is in the post below, sorted by player name.[*]Keep it realistic - Yes, your character may be faster than normal people, but that doesn't mean they can just jump from one side of the city to the other. This also means that you can't instantly defeat your opponent in one blow, and your character won't know everything that you know.[*]Rules on Killing - Due to the nature of the fights in the arena, it is very,
very unlikely that you will kill anyone there. However, killing outside the arena is permitted, however, killing a random NPC will be much easier than killing a player character. Also, due to the small, single-city scale of the RPG, remember that you might, and can be found out.[*]Settle your fights - Undoubtedly, there will be a fair amount of fights between players in the arena. However, these fights can't last forever, so know when you've been beaten. Remember to be fair and reasonable, or a Referee might come in and end the fight.[*]Label your posts - Label your posts either In Character (IC) or Out Of Character (OOC), and be sure to mention which character you are using. This makes it easier to tell if your character is doing something or if you're discussing something with another player.[*]Have Fun - The success of this RPG depends on everyone enjoying it, so enjoy yourself


  • [*]Bad things happen if you don't follow the rules. You get three chances, but there are still consequences whenever you break the rules.[*]Strike 1- you will be given a warning, and all your characters will be placed in prison for a period of time (at most, a week for the first strike), harming their reputation in-game and you cannot post while all your characters are in prison.[*]Strike 2- your characters will be placed in prison for a longer time than the first strike, having the same consequences. You will also be given a temporary ban from entering any official battles for a while.[*]Strike 3- you get banned from the RPG, and your characters are either shipped back home to the surface or marked for assassination.

III. LocationsThe Proelium: OverworldThe Fighting Arena - This is where combatants go to participate in their official matches. A large round building in the middle of the town square, the Proelium Fighting Arena is the main attraction of the Proelium. Inside, there are many stands for spectators, a huge field in the center where the fights take place, and huge screens so everyone can see the action. The arena also features an environmental simulator, so that different environments (i.e., Jungle, Snow Fields, Urban, etc.) can be replicated in large-scale battles This is also where the Mayor resides. You can contact him through his secretary, who has her own desk in the lobby. The Proelium Fighting Arena also houses the regular combatants locker rooms and their special training arena, although this part of the Arena is sealed off to normal civilians and new challengers.The Town Square- The town Square is where shopkeepers tend to set up shop, as it is the most frequented area on the Proelium. With direct access to many great attractions such as the Proelium Fighting Arena, and the Proelium Gym the Town Square is the place to be if you own a shop of your own.The Proelium Gym - The Gym is where the rookie challengers train. Frequently visited by both trainers and Arena Challengers, this is also a great place to set up shop if the Town Square is too mainstream for you.The Living District- The living district is where most of the Proeliums inhabitants reside. In fact, only the Mayor and regular combatants are legally allowed to live anywhere else. The Living District is a huge place, filled to the brim with skyscrapers. Libraries, and other places of knowledge are located in this district.The Proelium: UnderworldThe Underworld Arena- The Underworld Arena is a gigantic arena deep underneath the Proeliums Surface with chains dangling precariously from the roof, and hundreds of lights pointed at the fighting ring. Spectators may watch the ongoing battles from the bleachers just outside the fighting ring. There are metal fences that surround the circular fighting arena, separating the spectators from the combatants. The only way to reach the Underworld Arena is to go through one of the many doors in the Town Center Station of the Dark Line Subway.The Underworld Living District- The Underworld Living District is nothing more than an abandoned passageway with some nooks and crannies carved into the wall for people to sleep in. There is a few small prototype Living District buildings that apparently didnt make it all the way to the surface during the Proeliums creation, but those are reserved for those who live in the Underworld and not for those who only go down there to watch the matches. The Underworld Living District is only accessible through one of the many doors in the Living District station.The Dark Line Subway -The Dark Line Subway is one of the few actually legal locations in the Proelium Underworld and provides quick transport from the Living Districts to the Town Square. There are two stations, the Living District station, and the Town Center station, and both are identical. Other than the subway trains, the only other things of note are the many doors. One of the doors in the Living District Station leads to the Underworld Living District, and the same door in the Town Center Station leads to the Underworld Arena. The rest of the doors lead to the maintenance Tunnels, and thus are off limits to civilians.Proelium Maintenance Tunnels-The Proelium Maintenance Tunnels are off limits. Nobody is allowed but Maintenance Staff, and Guards are posted at all entrances to keep dangerous people from messing with the mechanics that keep the Proelium afloat. There are many tunnels, each separate tunnel connected to a different door in both the Living District Station and the Town Center Station. The Maintenance Tunnels are closely guarded by many guards, and are almost impossible to penetrate. Anyone that even attempts to break into the tunnels is immediately branded a terrorist, and hunted down by both the Overworld inhabitants and the Underworld inhabitants.Other Locations: While the Proelium is currently the only place where the RPG will be taking place, the fighters all come from different places around the world. There are many countries where your character can come from, and they will act as a sort of faction system. The Countries are: Nextaria: The most advanced country, and because of the abundant technology, also the wealthiest. The people from this country have an air of superiority about them, and they are the favorite to win the tournament. Siskarun: Originally part of Nextaria, but it peacefully split away years ago because the technology in Siskarun was not advancing as fast enough as the technology in Nextaria. As a result, they aren't as wealthy, but their fighters are just as skilled. They are Nextaria's main rivals. Suharto: A militaristic country that runs like clockwork, and also the major goods manufacturer of the world. Even though the world is currently at a shaky peace, this country is constantly strengthening it's military- and producing some outstanding fighters in the process. The Fernalian Kingdom: The last Kingdom in the world, this is the most peaceful country, and it acts as a mediator between countries to prevent wars from breaking out. Despite being peaceful, there are many fighters from here with a strong sense of honor. Pantagria: The least advanced country, far behind the rest of the countries. The technology there is only slightly ahead of modern earth, but their lack of technology is balanced out by their large amounts of farmland, and they are the largest food supplier in the world. This country is the only one that hasn't yet won a tournament. Artelia: The smallest country, the size of a few large cities. This country is home to the council and acts as the capital of the world. The Proelium is part of this country, and all types live here.IV. Rules of the Arena:The Arena is where the combatants of the Proelium will duel. All of the combatants have had their bodies enhanced through the use of enhanced medical technology, allowing them to recover incredibly fast from any kind of injury and making them nearly impossible to kill. This enhancement process also gives the combatants enhanced abilities by allowing a larger amount of energy to go to a certain part of the body, but not without taking away from another part. Because of these enhancements increasing both safety and action, fighting in the arena has grown to become a massively popular sport, going from originally being 1-on-1 matches to full team battles. This is a list of the types of battles that take place in the Proelium Arena:1-on-1 Knockout MatchThe most basic of matches, taking place in a ring in the center of the arena, and it is also the only type of match that doesn't use the arena's environmental simulator. Like the name implies, the goal of this kind of match is for one combatant to make the other unable to fight.Last Man StandingThis type of match takes place throughout the whole arena, and requires at least 3 combatants. The goal of this kind of match is to be the last combatant able to fight.Team PointsThis is a timed match in which the goal is for one team to take out as many combatants of the opposing team as they can within the allotted time.Team DeatmatchThis match is almost exactly like Team Points, however, the goal is to completely take out the opposing team, and there is no time limit.Capture the FlagThis type of match is the most strategic, where the goal is to capture the opposing team's flag and return it to your base instead of trying to defeat the other team in combat. The game cannot be won until the flag is retrieved, even if an entire team gets wiped out.V. Character Creation:When you create a new character, be sure to fill out the form below with the charater's characteristics and post it in the RPG's topic for approval. Name: Put the character's name here. Applicable to all characters. Username: This is here to make it easier for us staff to file your character. Yes, your username is just to the right. Just put it here anyways. Applicable to all characters. Biography: Tell at least something about the character. Maybe include their history, or how they got to the Proelium. This can include things like age, height, weight, etc. if you want. Because the Proelium is set in a futuristic world, integrating technology into your character's body (i.e., nanotechnological implants, cyborgs) is allowed, but these integrations need to conform with the abilities (i.e., regenerative implants might give you increased vitality). Minor rule, your character must be within reasonable size limits. No characters that are too small to hit, or big enough to tank everything. Applicable to all characters. Attribute: Choose one attribute(attributes listed below) to have your character gain the benefits of that attribute. However, if you choose to give your character an attribute, you must choose another attribute, and keep the disadvantages listed. Applicable to combatants/guards. Choose one for strength and one for weakness. Optional for guards. Weapon: Weapon that your character will use. You can use any kind of weapon you wish, but keep in mind that, as the Proelium's fights are for sport, Combatants are not allowed to use weapons that would give them a large advantage over other Combatants (i.e. Exo-Suits, Teleportation Devices, One-Hit KO weapons). Applicable to combatants/guards. Use of a weapon is optional. Occupation: What is it that your character does on the Proelium? Is he a combatant? A guard to keep civilians from getting hurt? A shopkeeper that provides items that combatants can use in battle? Whatever they do, write it here. (Please note that maintenance workers are not allowed as of now.) Applicable to all characters. Country of Origin: Where did your fighter come from? It will most likely be easier for you to relate to characters from the same country, while others you might see as rivals. Applicable to all characters.Attributes:If you want your character to gain an attribute, you have to pick one benefit from the list below, and one disadvantage, and list both in your character's profile.

Upper Body Strength: Affects the strength of your character's attacks with weapons, hands, and blocking.Benefits: Increases the strength of your character's attacks with weapons, hands, and blocking.Disadvantages:Decreases the strength of your character's attacks with weapons, and hands.Lower Body Strength: Affects the power of your character's kicks and jumping.Benefits: Increases your character's jumping height, and the power of your character's kicks.Disadvantages: Decreases your character's kicking power.Agility: Affects your character's evasion and attack speed.Benefits: Increases your character's evasion and attack speed.Disadvantages:Decreases how quickly your character can evade enemy attacks.Defense: Affects how well your character absorbs attacks, affecting how easily your character can be knocked back or down, and how much attacks damage them.Benefits: Decreases how badly a character is hurt when hit head on by an foe, increases how well your character can absorb attacks, and decreases how easy it is for your character to be knocked back or down.Disadvantages: Decreases how well your character can absorb attacks, and increases how easy it is for your character to be knocked back or down.Reflex: Affects how well your character can react to and counter attacks.Benefits: Increases how well your character can reatct to and counter attacks.Disadvantages: Slightly decreases how well your character can react to and counter attacks.Vitality: Affects how long your character can go in a fight, and also how easily they can get up after being knocked down.Benefits: Increases how long your character can go in a fight before getting too tired, and how easily they can get up after being knocked down.Disadvantages: Decreases how long your character can go in a fight before getting too tired.

VI. Staff: Strong Arm BioBeast Terminus24

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What sort of technology could we bring into these fights? Are they supposed to be just brawls where we punch (or stab if we've got some sort of non-lethal sword) at each other, or could I have a character with a teleporter who zips around the arena and shoots at people from a distance with a stun gun?


I assume there is going to be some sort of plot other than the fights, yes? Since not even people who pick fighters aren't going to be fighting all the time.


Oh, and when you say we can be a guard, that does mean a Proelium guard right? Could one of them go into the maintenance tunnels?


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What sort of technology could we bring into these fights? Are they supposed to be just brawls where we punch (or stab if we've got some sort of non-lethal sword) at each other, or could I have a character with a teleporter who zips around the arena and shoots at people from a distance with a stun gun?

You can use pretty much anything you like, both melee and ranged weapons, but anything that would give a large advantage (like teleportation devices) isn't allowed, as the fighting is a sport.

I assume there is going to be some sort of plot other than the fights, yes? Since not even people who pick fighters aren't going to be fighting all the time.

Yes, there is more planned for the plot that will involve everyone outside of battles, although the stuff that is currently in the RPG is the main starting point.

Oh, and when you say we can be a guard, that does mean a Proelium guard right? Could one of them go into the maintenance tunnels?

Yep, they are the Proelium guards, who are posted throughout the city. And no, they aren't allowed into the maintenance areas without permission.Anyways, I've made a few changes to the RPG regarding this stuff.
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Edit summarizing all recent events has been added.


I didn't put in any backstory before Halo 4, because any Halo fan knows the basic original story, just like other COT RPG's don't usually summarize the beginning of the story they are building on because fans who would play the RPG already know these things.


To make space for the edit and fix this ridiculous problem where the coding keeps messing up, I also took your advice to move the character type descriptions somewhere else. I can't do that on a wiki because the code won't cooperate, but another recycled post did the job just fine.

Edited by Axilus Prime


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Somethings up with the coding of the Halo RPG so I can't read it. Though I feel I should point out that most COT RPGs (should we be calling them OTC RPGs now?) based off a pre-existing property do in fact summarise the story if only to show the players what level of canon they're using



Proelium: The more I think about these fights, the more questions I get. The arena seems to be a circular building much like the Coliseum so do all the fights take place in just a bare open circle of sandy ground? Does the terrain or environment not switch up a few times to make things different?

And I think the limits on weapons need to be a bit more...defined. You say nothing lethal which is all very well and good, but a truly good fighter could kill you with nothing but his bare hands. You going to chop his hands off? Could we bring in a gun with bullets if we promised not to shoot anyone in the face? Can I still enter if I've upgraded myself into a cyborg? Or augmented myself with a nanotech healing system? I mean, everyone could do it so its not me giving myself a big advantage its everyone else not keeping up.

Will there be something to the fights other than mano-e-mano slug outs? Will there be mass melees between two teams of fighters? Something requiring more strategy like a Capture the Flag?


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Proelium: The more I think about these fights, the more questions I get. The arena seems to be a circular building much like the Coliseum so do all the fights take place in just a bare open circle of sandy ground? Does the terrain or environment not switch up a few times to make things different? And I think the limits on weapons need to be a bit more...defined. You say nothing lethal which is all very well and good, but a truly good fighter could kill you with nothing but his bare hands. You going to chop his hands off? Could we bring in a gun with bullets if we promised not to shoot anyone in the face? Can I still enter if I've upgraded myself into a cyborg? Or augmented myself with a nanotech healing system? I mean, everyone could do it so its not me giving myself a big advantage its everyone else not keeping up.Will there be something to the fights other than mano-e-mano slug outs? Will there be mass melees between two teams of fighters? Something requiring more strategy like a Capture the Flag?

Changed/added some things to incorporate and clear up some of the stuff you suggested. I've also put in a table of contents.
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Same problem as before with the Halo RPG. You've just said "here are some dudes who hate each other. Here are some other dudes who hate those dudes. Oh, and pirates". Okay. And? Have some major assault occurring, or some new breakthrough being made in the search for the key half. Something that would actually act as a story rather than a backdrop



Oh, with Proelium, are the markets and such in the two living districts? Since we can be merchants and all


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Actually I plan on having some battles going on as soon as the game starts, but that's as the first IC post.


And I laid out an entire story plan in PM with the other staff. If you're still skeptical I could copy paste it to you.


I do have a massive, well thought out plan, I just didn't put it in that post because I don't want the entire player base to know what I intend to throw at them from start to finish before the game even begins.


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...so just tell them what you intend to throw at them at the start. Acts as a hook, sets the tone. If your story/plan is so rigid that you have every bit of it thought out and think you need to tell everyone then you might not have the right idea. Story needs to adapt with the players


Well, I meant I thought of all the main antagonists' plans. What they actually end up doing does adapt with the players, like I stated 3 times or so in the RPG overview post. But I can't just tell them everything the Important NPC's want to do from start to finish, otherwise it'll promote metagaming and the story will have no surprise.


I can't really give out any more plot details before the game starts, or everything ends before it begins.


Also, most people will want to spawn on a ship, because there's an attack right at the start of the game, which follows with the setting I laid out.


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Popping into say, I'm formally withdrawing my RPG The Outer Worlds from the approval process. Other things have come up in the mean time and it's probably best to kill it here than out in the wild.


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"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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