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  • 2 weeks later...

Scientists are still unsure about how the Anomaly happened. Those among us, gifted with powers far greater than any normal human, who initially posed a threat to society at large. Some said the abilities came from the genetic code; in truth it was far more than that. Regardless of how these abilities arose, however, it was clear that the world was not ready for such powerful individuals. It was in the year of 1986 that the first of these people, dubbed “mancers” on the streets, started to appear. Select children, upon reaching physical maturity around the ages of fourteen and sixteen, would tap into their unique powers. The first few victims of the Anomaly were passed off as extreme circumstances. When they continued, people began to catch on to what was happening.

The new millennium dawned with the world slowly coming to realize that the Anomaly was truly happening. Some governments attempted to cover up the fact, but it happened far too quickly and was far too widespread for that tactic to work. Soon the world was fully aware of what was going on, and no one reacted particularly well to it at first. The European Union was the first to properly react to the situation, forming the Institute for Scientific Research of EDNAs, or Earthly Domain Non-Newtonian Anomalies. It’s goal was to study the source of the Anomaly, to find out what caused it, what fueled it, and, potentially, how to take or add it from a person.

Yet the ISRE’s purely scientific goals were not appreciated by all. Across the world governments formed new ways of dealing with the threat these mancers presented; in America, mancers were faced with the threat of a newly formed organization, the Department of Special Anomalies. The organization was built with one specific goal in mind; to handle the policing and management of mancers. A Congressional hearing granted them authority over a vast number of state matters, and with it, began policing mancers across the nation in force.

The year is now 2017. The world has become a different place, and yet has changed so little. Mancers now live amongst the general population, with no easy way of detecting who is and who isn’t a mancer. Fear runs amongst the populace even in the modern day, while the DSA struggles to deal with a rise in mancer-related crime. The American government has entered a new election cycle, and the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the Anomaly has passed. The future is not bleak, but all the same, the country fears for it.

The Anomaly

Hosted by Alex Humva, co-hosted by Basilisk and Ymper Trymon

Rules and Punishments

1. Normo numero uno: follow the BZP rules.

2. Don’t be a terrible person out of character. It’s just depressing for everyone involved.

3. Godmodding is disapproved of. This refers to having excessive powers without earning them first. Earn your godhood.

4. Avoid autohitting unless it makes sense.

5. It's preferred for you to use IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) in labeling your posts.

6. Common sense above all else. Common sense.

Punishments are simplistic:

1. Something bad happens to your character.

2. Something really bad happens to your character.

3. You get a temporary ban from the game.

4. You get a permaban from the game.

The World After The Anomaly

The world of 2017 is a lot like our world today, even after thirty years of ‘mancers roaming around. One would imagine somewhat magical superpowers would of changed things a lot, but the standard day-to-day humdrum is still exactly the same. People still work in offices, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are still competing over the mobile market, and we still don’t have marketable jetpacks. The world’s economic recession has lightened up and the major superpowers are still in position, though the involvement of mancers has given some historical oddities. Ultimately, the world hasn’t changed enough in terms of history or technology to be alien to the viewer of 2013 (and maybe 2014, if we’re lucky!). Five years into the future and the only thing to note with technology is that the iPhone isn’t selling as well as it use to. Oh, and Star Wars came out. It was ok.

It should be mentioned that this isn’t exactly the standard superhero world. That being, there are little to no superheroes. Superheroing is a tough business, and the world doesn’t appreciate it. Common vigilantes are heavily frowned upon by society, and superpowered ones are no different. Being a superhero means you have the DSA on your *** and not being particularly well received by the general public. You tend to get pretty bad PR when stuff gets smashed during a fight with a mancer criminal, and bad PR is never good, especially when people don’t like you to begin with. Most mancers find that they have a better chance out in the world as an improved cog in the industrial machine. That isn’t to say, of course, that being a mancer is a dull life. Some people don’t care about the DSA, and, well, if you see a crook on the streets... a good deed, with minimal collateral damage, is never a bad thing.

Some things throughout the world have changed because of mancers, however. Because of their abilities, many things once impossible are now quite in the realm of belief. Void walkers, for instance, are often capable of travelling vast distances quickly. Because of this, getting around is as simple as finding one who’s up for hire. Corporations employ all number of mancers, from simple metal manipulators to empaths capable of telling when an employee is telling the truth or not. Of course, government regulation rests on many mancer jobs, but it has been scarce enough that it hasn’t made a dent in the mancer economy.

The Mancers

Byproducts of the Anomaly, the mancers are people born with innate powers. The precise nature of how these powers are fueled is still a matter for much scientific debate; it is known, however, that the energy being tapped into does strain the mancer channeling it. This strain causes both mental and physical exhaustion, and overuse can very well kill a mancer. It is important then for mancers to be wise when using their powers, as it is not simply something that can be ignored. Legislation has been passed through most of the western world regarding mancer worker rights for this reason, primarily due to mancers being overworked and having extremely negative health side-effects.

Thanks to the efforts of the ISRE, however, categories of powers that these mancers use have been formed. Outside of special cases (metaread: special GM permission), all mancers appear to fall under the following categories. Note that throughout all of these, specializations can appear and with specialization comes greater power. You could, for instance, have a hyperkinetic, but he could never compete against a speedster, who’s entire abilities are focused around boosting his own kinetic energy. Note, however, that the law of Required Secondary Powers often does not apply. A speedster, for instance, will not have enhanced reflexes or durability.

  • Energy: Capable of manipulating different forms of energy, these range from pyros to kinetics to magnetics and everything in-between.
  • Void: Appearing to manipulate non-existence itself, these mancers have a variety of powers to do with reality and/or space-time manipulation, ranging from teleportation to limited forms of reality-tearing, a process that is painful for all involved.
  • Mental/Mind: A varied category pertaining to the human mind; these include such things as telepaths, telekinetics, and empaths. Important to note is the fact that mentalists follow the inverse square law of mental powers; that being, about every two meters their effective range/energy output is cut by one fourth.
  • Elemental/Molecular: Mancers that control the elements themselves or the molecules that base elements form. These can range from extremely specialized mancers, who control individual elements, or extremely generalized mancers, who can control things such as all kinds of earth.
  • Biological: Capable of manipulating biological processes, these mancers often manifest themselves as healers, though more unique and specialized abilities are quite common.

Outside of these categories, mancers are seem to follow a set system of capability, rated between 1 and 7. While variations within each rating do exist, it is difficult to fully define them, and as such there is no decimal system in place. Mancers vary in skill and ability, though it seems entirely possible for them to advance through the ranks of capability.

1: The most common form of mancer, this ranking represents your run of the mill mancer. Capable of some basic but still impressive feats with their power, they start off with an average amount of prowess for their particular ability, usually given in some numerical value, but open to common sense as well.

2: Rank two mancers seem to exhibit nothing else but a logarithmic power increase of varying proportions.

3: Rank three mancers gain a logarithmic power increase, and exhibit the ability to shield themselves from their own ability. A fire manipulator, for instance, would gain the ability to protect him or herself from fire.

4: Rank four mancers exhibit a logarithmic power increase.

5: Rank five mancer exhibit a logarithmic power increase, as well as the newfound ability to be able to extend their powers past their visual range, presuming they know the location beforehand. This extends to approximately five kilometers, and increases in future rank ups. This does not apply to void walkers, who instead gain a far greater range to their teleportation range.

6: Rank six mancer exhibit a logarithmic power increase.

7: Rank seven mancer are perhaps the most rare of mancers, gaining a logarithmic power increase as well as the ability to sense to great precision when another mancer of their category comes within visual range. They are known to be extremely powerful and extremely rare, and are capable of great feats, depending of course on their specific ability. Such feats that have been witnessed include tidal shifting, containing volcanoes, or even redirecting a fraction of the Earth's kinetic energy while in combat.

Going meta for a moment here, the ranking system is effectively a rewards system. Be a cool person, do cool stuff in the RPG, and I hand your guy a rank up. Everyone starts at rank 1. Just generally be a good player and good things will happen.

Another noteworthy aspect of the mancers is their weakness to alpha and beta particle radiation. For unknown reasons, their powers interact poorly with such forms of radiation, resulting in a nullification effect and possibly cancer in twenty years. Because of this, when dealing with a particularly potent mancer, the DSA will pull out depleted uranium bullets. Nasty cleanup, but tough times call for tough decisions.


While not a comprehensive list of all world factions, these are the major and relevant factions pertaining to mancers in America, due to it being the primary setting of this RPG.

National Mancer Rights Organization: An organization dedicated to protecting the rights of mancers, they are a powerful political lobby group and have been successful thus far in keeping regulation on mancers lighter than some might expect.

Institute for Scientific Research of EDNA: A European scientific study group, they are devoted to further studying the Anomaly and the specifics of mancer powers. A valuable resource to anyone needing knowledge on mancers, their headquarters is easily reached by many void walkers.

Department of Special Anomalies: A federal police and investigation force, this American agency has the task of dealing with mancers on a national level. While in recent years individual states have formed their own versions of the DSI, due to Congressionally given power, they still are allowed to deal with state-side mancer troubles, and indeed, many welcome their presence, having the most experience with managing the mancers.

Citizens Against Dangerous Peoples: The largest anti-mancer lobbyist group, these are the guys you see on the side of the street protesting at a government building. Believing mancers to be a threat to society and the world, their views vary from simply more regulation to full on incarceration of all mancer, or even death.

National EDNA Research and Betterment Agency: The American equivalent of the ISRE, the NERBA hasn’t done too much in the field, due to only being founded fifteen years ago, but has the bonus of being helmed by the famous Dr. Wilson Gray, the man responsible for many of the early mancer experiments in the ISRE’s founding days.


This here is where you fill out your profile. Note, I will give you your specific power abilities per level after you send me your profile, so you know what sort of power you’re dealing with. All mancers start at level one; for older characters, this is explained by the sporadic nature of ascending power ranks. Please note, I will send you a ranking sheet for your powers. You are not guessing the power of your rank ups, I will tell you exactly how powerful your guy is at every rank. Profiles will require two approvals to be fully approved, meaning you must have two GMs approve of it. Please post them in the accompanying discussion topic for approval.


Appearance: (What does this charie look like?)

Age: (Do note that due to time syncing, the oldest a mancer can be is 47. Sorry.)

Power: (Omit if normal. Please, for the love if all good in the world, be specific. I can’t really give you hard data if you don’t give me a good idea of what your dude can do.)

Skills: (What sort of skills does this fellow have?)

Weaponry/Equipment: (Most people are packing something; for normals, this is nigh-required.)

Faction/Sympathies: (Not at all required, but you can be part of a particular faction if you wish.)

Personality: (A sentence or two on what your character is like, in general.)

Bio: (What’s your character’s history?)

Edited by Darth Alex Humva


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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Do you think you could go a bit more in detail with what "ranking up" could imply for a character's power level and how one goes about it? "Killing other PCs and doing crazy stuff to gain more power" sounds like a bit of a recipe for disaster, but that could just be because of how vague the wording is. For example:


5: Rank five mancer exhibit a logarithmic power increase, as well as the newfound ability to be able to extend their powers past their visual range, presuming they know the location beforehand.


How far outside of one's visual range are we talking about here? A mile? Five miles? Bangkok?


7: Rank seven mancer are perhaps the most rare of mancers, gaining a logarithmic power increase as well as the ability to sense to great precision when another mancer of their category comes within visual range. They are known to be extremely powerful and extremely rare, and are capable of great feats.


What kinds of feats are we talking about here? I guess what I'd really like to know is how much a mancer's power increases every time you reward them, if at any point their precision over their specialty can end up at any sort of gamebreaking status, and what kind of caps you have set to prevent something from reaching that status. Just a little more extrapolation and I should be fine.



Edited by Dallas Winston



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Me and Tyler discussed this over Skype; the player does not guess what their powers level up to be, I will tell the player, in something like this (taken from a profile I've preapproved);



Rank 1-Grant is capable of phasing one cubic meter of material at 700 kg/m3 for ten seconds.

Rank 2-Grant is capable of phasing three cubic meters of material at 850 kg/m3 for twelve seconds.

Rank 3-Grant is capable of phasing five cubic meters of material at 1,000 kg/m3 for fourteen seconds.

Rank 4-Grant is capable of phasing seven cubic meters of material at 1,150 kg/m3 for sixteen seconds.

Rank 5-Grant is capable of phasing nine cubic meters of material at 1,300 kg/m3 for sixteen seconds.

Rank 6-Grant is capable of phasing eleven cubic meters of material at 1,450 kg/m3 for sixteen seconds.

Rank 7-Grant is capable of phasing thirteen cubic meters of material at 1,600 kg/m3 for sixteen seconds.

I have also made the requested edits to rank 5 and 7 and changed the description of how to get ranks a bit.


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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And I hereby dub The Anomaly approved four times. The Anomaly approved [4]

Edited by Darth Alex Humva


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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Head GM: Toa Onarax

Co-GMs: Silvan Haven


Student Handbook


A Short Introduction from your Headmaster

Welcome new and returning students for 2013-2014 School Year of Venator Academy, this marks our 131st year of teaching and as always we intend to make it our best year yet. We have students from around the world and from all different organizations and methods of exorcising attending our School. However this of course is thanks to our neutral stance as an independent Exorcist/Hunter/Nobles Organization, so please try and avoid turning this academy into a recruiting ground for your organization. Now on to the fun stuff!


As returning students know the annual Tournament of Tests will also be starting up soon, so it’d be best for all you new guys to learn the strengths and weaknesses of fellow classmates, such preparation is the key to be being a successful Exorcist or Hunter.


As always the Tournament of Tests will be focusing on all aspects of Students abilities. From raw combat to games of intelligence to strategy and teamwork, every Student should find at least one thing they are good at. More information and events will be posted on the bulletin board soon, so make sure to check back and sign up for the two events that interest you.


Finally I am obliged to tell you that there has been a bit of a change in the student body as of late, some partially possessed Students are currently enrolled. Now don’t panic, we only want to help these tortured souls as they, for reasons we don’t yet understand, can’t be exorcised, we’ve invited them to train with us. These Students still retain complete control over their bodies so there is no need to fear, still for their safety, I, the Headmaster, am the only one with the knowledge of the identity of these students.


Now without further ado, I have provided you all with three documents, this Student Handbook, which outlines the basics of this school. A class list and a bestiary. Once again I welcome you to our school and hope we all we prosper together.


History and Purpose of Our Academy

Spirits, Yokai, Nunnehi, these are all names given to the same invaders. Mankind’s deadliest foe since the dawn of time. However at the Academy we have one term we use when describing all these foes: Demons. Dark creatures from another world, parallel our own. They seek to possess and tarnish all that we hold dear.


Our history with them stretches back thousands of years, before even the records can track. However for the majority of those years Mankind was fighting a losing battle, one in which the Demons lorded over them. However Humanity would not stay down forever, and soon prophets and heroes around the world brought forth methods to combat their foes. So begin the first disciplines of Exorcism. Whether that be by reciting holy scripture or banishing their foes by working the tools of nature around them, Exorcists around the world separately discovered powerful tools to combat the threat and begin banishing Demons to their dark plane.


For a while it seemed Humanity was on an upward spiral and would win this war, but the Demons became cleverer and realized that to fight Humanities new weapons they’d need to create weapons of their own. So it was that the Lords of the Demons began to create fiercer, deadlier creatures to battle the Humans.


They experimented with everything, creating deadly beasts from bats, wolves, or even pieces of parchment, anything was ripe for their experimentation. Of course some of these creatures were deadlier than others, and being of our world instead of possessed meant we couldn’t use the same techniques we had grown so accustomed to.


Of course if the old ways wouldn’t work we would develop new ways to fight back. Hence a new branch of fighters was formed, the Hunters, but even as we evolved so too did many of the creatures. So even as we managed to kill the beasts with greater and greater ease; stronger, deadlier creatures were born. Eventually their power reached a climax when the strongest amongst beasts gained sentience.


However with that new found sentience came a desire for self preservation. These creatures would no longer be driven along like their feral cousins, serving every whim of their Demon master. These creatures wanted to survive, not throw away their lives.


So it was that our war faded to the shadows, battles that history soon came to regard as myths. Still the war between Exorcists and Demons continues but not as the same black and white picture as things once seemed. There grew to be sentient creatures that had become attached to this world, and not even all Demons wanted to wreck havoc. Some just wanted to enjoy the beauties and splendors our world had to offer.


There was one man who realized this before all of us. A man with a beautiful vision. Of Exorcists defeating the Demons once and for all with the aid of the other beasts. His name was Richard Sheppard and it was in 1882 he founded the now prestigious Venator Academy. To the public it is a School for the elite amongst the elite, acceptance via invitation only, however as every Exorcist and Hunter knows, its true purpose is much grander.


It is a school where Exorcists, Hunters, and Nobles, as the evolved Creatures have taken to calling themselves, all learn to combat forces of darkness that exist in this world. Here every branch of possible solutions to the Demon problem is taught and researched. The students of this school not only grown to be the best and brightest but they also are the first to experience many of the new technologies researchers in the school push out every month.


The school is nigh-impenetrable to nearly all attacks from all Demons, as a protect holy barrier has been extended around the school, using magic developed from branches of Exorcism around the world. This school is humanity’s hope to ridding the world of Demons.


The Shroud

As I’m sure you’re all aware, not just anyone can see Demons and Creatures, most humans only see them as the creature they are possessing or are most similar to. Events caused by Demons and Creatures generally appear to range from being natural disasters to freak animal attacks to even the work of serial killers.


Being Creatures, all Nobles are obviously immune to the effects of the Shroud. Children born into Exorcist or Hunter families generally gain the ability to see the fog around the time they enter puberty. Normal Humans however, can only gain the ability to see through the Shroud via a traumatic experience involving a Demon or Creature. These can range from Possession to witnessing the killing the of a loved one at the hands of a Demon.


Types and Symptoms of Possession

There are two types of Possessions, Full and Partial Possessions. As their names suggest Full Possessions are when a Demon fully takes over their host body, partial possessions occur every now and then with Human possessions. If a Human has a strong enough will they can resist the possession and then Demon will only have partial control able to slip in and take over when the Human loses control. However more commonly the Human has just enough will to prevent their body from morphing and responding to the actions of the Demons and hence they appear to be just a writhing mass of a body, possibly attacking people should they get to close.


A Full Possessions is when the Demon gains full control of the host. When a Demon is possessing a body the body itself changes its form to reflect that of the possessing Demon. Some are more predictable and common, for example a Demon possessing a Tree may appear as a Dryad and even more powerful Demon may appear as a Leshy. However a Demon possessing a Human will often be much more unique to that Demon’s personal tastes in terms of its actual form. A Human under a Full Possession may grow horns, sharpter teeth, or even a tail. When it comes to Human possession the more powerful Demon the closer the Human will appear to the Demons true form, most Demon Lords appear fully demon when possessing a Human. However this does not mean that is their true and full form.


Types of Exorcists and Hunters

Over the years many different branches of Exorcists and Hunters evolved these include:

  • Exorcists
    • Chanters: Exorcists who use the power of Holy Verses to drive back Demons.
      • Smiters: A subclass of Chanters, Smiters use scripture to call upon Divine beings to aid them, hence they have a much more active role in combat. However this power generally comes at a price, a price generally set by a contract a Smiter establishes with the Divine Being who grants them their power.


      Summoners: Exorcists who summon lesser Demons to help them combat other Demons.


      Banishers: Exorcist who rely on using older weapons such as swords to drive back Demons. These weapons are generally enchanted using items such as poisons or Holy Verses to better improve their combat effectiveness.


      Blasters: Exorcists who use more modern weaponry such as firearms to combat Demons. Like with Banishers there weapons are also enhanced via items such as poisons or Holy Verses.


      Classifiers: These Exorcist specialize in identifying and locating the weaknesses of Demons.


      Alchemists: Acting more of a support role, these Exorcist fashion poisons and tonics for other Exorcists to use in battle.


      Researchers: Researches fully immerse themselves in merely studying on new techniques to combat the Demons.



    • Noble Hunters: An elite group of Hunterss who specialize in taking down evil Nobles. These Hunters generally are specialized in taken down one or two types of Nobles, i.e. Vampire Hunters, Werewolf Hunters.
    • Tamers: These are Hunters who have managed to tame lesser ferals.
    • Partners: These Hunters work in tangent with a Noble Partner.
    • Slayers: Elite Hunters who specialize in going after Epic Beasts.
    • Trackers: Hunters specializing in tracking down creatures.
    • Alchemists: They serve the equivalent role of Exorcist Alchemists but for Hunters.
    • Researchers: They serve the equivalent role of Exorcist Researchers but for Hunters.


    Note: Few Exorcists and Hunter specialize in only one role or the other many are hybrids of multiple roles.


Common Types of Nobles

  • Noble Vampires: One of the more powerful groups of Nobles, these Noble Vampires are what many of the legends of old refer to when they speak of Vampires. While the level of power may vary it is known that for the most part they grow more powerful as they age. Vampires primarily gain abilities by taking in blood, the most potent of which is human blood. The more blood they take in the stronger they become, with all their strength rapidly increasing. Blood also allows them to increase their healing factor and regenerate their wounds faster. In addition constant intakes of Blood will cause them to live longer possessing a sort of pseudo-immortality. Most Vampires choose an age at which they want to be preserved and begin a steady intake of blood from that point on. Due to the increase of strength by aging, Vampires from Noble Vampire families streching back ages are generally much stronger.
    • Aged Vampiric Abilities
      • Flight.
      • Shapeshifting
      • Allure: allowing them to charm creatures and other Humans. Strong willpower and training can allow one to resist this force.
      • Noble Commands: This allows them to force Ferals Vampires to follow their commands, this generally requires a Noble Vampire to have a very strong bloodline.
        • A very select few bloodlines even have the ability to use Noble Commands on other Noble Vampires. Some refer to this Bloodline as Barons although it is far from a universal term.



      • Sunlight: Vampires feel a mild agitation when in the sunlight, but this is most commonly seen as an underlying itch.
      • Fire: Fire is extremely effective against most low level Vampires.
      • Apotropaics: Vampires are mildy agitated when going near Apotropaics such as Garlic and Rosaries. Apotropaics also leave one resistent to powers such as Allure. Many Hunters have fashioned deadly poisons out of such materials.
      • Wooden Stakes: Stakes are extremely effective for injuring Vampires as they lack the ability to properly regenerate from the wounds and even after healing, scars are often left behind. Ash, Hawthorne, and Oak are the most common woods used for the Stakes, and here at the Academy we have developed specialized bullets that act as weaker versions of the Stakes.


    Noble Lycanthropes: While the fusion with the Wolf is indeed the most well known form of the Noble Lycanthropes the term can be applied to other “were” creatures. These creatures are able to morph their bodies into a bestial form, generally mamillian in nature although there are rare exceptions. This form is much stronger than the average human but it is primarily known for its significant speed. Of the common Nobles the Lycanthrope is by far the fastest. Lycanthrope’s abilities only increase depending on the state of the moon with the full moon being their strongest point. However Lycanthrope are also looked down upon by other Nobles due to many of them possessing less control over their bestial form, but like the Vampire they’re exist bloodlines that possess even more power, the strongest of which are known as Alphas. These Alphas also develop abilites over time the greatest growth period being during their teen years.

    • Alpha Abilities
      • Resilience: No Alpha Lycanthropes is unable to control their bestial form with the exception of when the transformation is caused by extreme emotions.
      • Primal Howl: This Howl seems to trigger an adrenal reaction in nearby subjects causing them to feel fear. The weakest of these howls just causes uneasiness but the most powerful can cripple people with fear. Obviously people with more willpower or training can resist this.
      • Pack Mentality: This Ability allows Alphas to force other creatures to follow their command. The type of creature is determined by the type of Lycanthrope, for example Alpha Werewolves can cause Wolves, Feral Werewolves, and some of the most powerful can even force non-Alpha Noble Werewolves.



      • New Moons: Lycanthropes have next to no power during a new moon and most even have difficulty shifting forms during a new moon. The power levels of most Alphas generally drops to that of a normal Lycanthrope.
      • Lycanthropes possessed limited stamina in their beast form and come out of it completely exhausted.
      • Wolfsbane in its raw form will agitate Lycanthropes but mixed into a special poison that can be put on weapons it can greatly damage them. Weaker Lycanthropes can even be forced into changing into Human forms.
      • Silver: The Hunter’s deadliest weapon against Lycanthropes.


    Noble Kitsune: In Japan Kitsune are often regarded as noble and wise creatures, such high regard is aptly deserved. Kitsune do not start out in any Humanlike form, rather they begin their existence as a fox only being able to take on Human form when they reach an age of maturity, generally around 100 years old. There is some debate as to whether Kitsune should actually be classified as a branch of Lycanthropes but due to their perfect control of their fox forms many Kitsune scoff at the idea of being asociated with the “lesser” Lycanthropes. Kitsune tend to grow more powerful the more intelligent they become and this power if reflected in their fox form which grows more tails. When a Kitsune reaches nine tails the difficulty to acquire new tails rises rapidly, however at nine tails Kitsune begin to develop powerful abilities. Kitsune are one of the few Nobles that possess an actual form of immortality, if a Kitsune reaches a hundred tails they become fully immortal, albeit they can still be killed they will just never die of age. Kitsune however are known for having very long life spans, while the exact number is unknown it is believed they can easily live hundreds of years.

    • Kitsune Abilities(Generally only one or two of these abilities comes into play at nine tails and the rest develop over time. Also please note that due to the rarity of a hundred tail Kitsune and the fact that the Academy has never encountered one means that this list is incomplete. Also all abilites can only be used in Fox form.)
      • Hoshi no Tama: Glowing white balls of lights, Kitsune require them to focus their powers and hence guard them dearly.
      • Tails of Fire/Lightning: Most Kitsune develop the ability to create and manipulate Fire or Lightning via their tails.
      • Flight
      • Invisibility
      • Nightwalking: This ability allows a Kitsune to project itself into the dreams of others.
      • Illusion Casting: Some Kitsune are able to create illusions to confuse and trick others, the more powerful the Kitsune the more realistic the illusion.



      • Hoshi no Tama: The same ball they use to focus their power can render the creature powerless should a human acquire it.
      • Pride: Kitsune tend to be very proud beings something which can be used against them.
      • Their Human form is also notoriously weak and even their fox form lacks any raw strength. If one can get past their trickery and flames it can be rather easy to take down a Kitsune.


    Noble Sirens: The term Siren is actually applied to a wide variety of Birdlike creatures around the world, due to the broadness of the term a complete list of abilities can not be provided. Common Sirens include Harpies, Greek Sirens, and Thunderbirds. However there are boundless varieties from other parts of the world.


    Noble Mermen: Like the term Siren, the Mermen term is also applied to a wide variety of undersea creatures. Common Mermen include Mermaids, Selkie and Encantados. Again boundless varieties due exist around the world.

Common Ferals

  • Feral Vampires: These creatures often appear as varying mixtures of man and bat and seek to devour humans. Unlike Noble Vampires they cannot survive without blood.
  • Feral Lycanthropes: A merger of man and beast, these creatures can only operate during the night and hence are generally sleeping during the day.

Higher Level Ferals/Beasts

  • Hybrids: Hybrids are rather unique creatures as they appear to pieces of different animals and creatures all slammed together to make a new being. One of the most well known of this beings is the Chimera, however not all Hybrids are made of different animals, take for example the Cerberus. Hybrids tend to be lacking in intelligence and generally just follow the orders of their masters. While tamings have occurred in the past, for the most part these creatures are firmly under the control of Demons.
  • Epic: Creatures of Legend from around the world, these are the beasts that fill up pages of myths and are some of the deadliest creatures to have walked the Earth. From Dragons to the Kraken these deadly beings have tormented and sometimes aided humanity for generations. While many have gained sentience, they chose not to go the path of the Feral or the Noble, instead they decided to live their own lives secluding themselves from the war between Humans and Demons. Still never rest easy, if these fearsome beasts ever decide to intervene, the tides will rapidly change, they are essentially nukes volatile to blow at any times.


Common Types of Demons

  • Nature Spirits: These demons possess forces and parts of nature. They are by far the most common type of Demon seen in our world as they will often possess insects and other small creatures. More powerful Nature Spirits possess large plants and animals such as Trees or Lions while others become a subset of Nature Spirits known as Elementals. These creatures take over parts of natures such as Water and Fire.
    • Traits: Nature Spirits tend to be one of the foremost examples of not all Demons being evil as many merely wish to protect the places they have called home. However with the increase of urbanization around the world more and more Nature Spirits are becoming agitated and attacking humans. One of the few common weaknesses across all Nature Spirits is their reliance on a connection to what they considered their home or domain, hence should this connection be severed by either the destruction of this habitat or by being forced out of their home, they will often become much weaker.


    Ghouls/Ghosts: These demons possess the recently departed. There exist two main types of this Demon, Ghosts who are an ethereal form of the departed being they possessed and Ghouls who possess the physical body. Ghosts and Ghouls are often unable to immediately repress the spirit of the departed and will hence seem to attempt to carry out some of the departed’s last wishes. It is not uncommon to hear them cry for the departed’s sorrows.

    • Traits: Many Ghosts and Ghouls are most often seen around places filled with the dead, also their weak suppression of their hosts desires oftens makes it easier to manipulate them as many can be exorcised just by fulfilling the hosts last wishes.


    Infectors: These demons sometimes overlap with Nature Spirits, they are demons whose very presence spreads rot and disease. They will often possess rodents and disease carries such as mosquitos. As expected they are commonly found in polluted or filthy places.

    • Traits: As infectors are embodiments of disease, they are quite weak to most forms of sanitation. In addition many Infectors are rather lacking in intelligence and will act like one’s average insect, hence it is their numbers that cause problems.


    Free Floaters: These demons are unique in that they don’t require a body to possess in order to enter our world. However they are often much weaker than most Demons due to be unable to take on a physical form. Many Free Floaters serve other demons, helping them search for a body or gather intelligence.

    • Traits: Free Floaters are unable to attack one directly, the most they can do is cause issues in electronics by phasing through them, however this is also one of the easier ways to deal with should a Chanter not be around, as many are weak to heavy doses of electricity.


    Inanimates: These odd Demons possess inanimate items, ranging from rocks to dust particles to even pieces of parchment. They generally are not too adept of fighting against Exorcists but are often seen with Infectors, helping them spread their diseases. They differ from Elementals in that they can’t actually manipulate the Elements even when they take over something like a rock, they can only manipulate that rock.

    • Traits: Inanimates are often so unique that they rarely possess common traits, instead each Inanimate is generally dealt with on a case by case basis.


Higher Level Demons

  • Serfs: These are the lowest type of Demons to possess humans, most are only capable of Partial Possessions. However they do appear capable of guiding these Partial Possessions somewhat, using them to just cause quick chaos instead of more calculated attacks.

  • Lords: These are generally the deadliest Demons one can encounter. Capable of shapeshifting they will often masqueraded themselves in Human Form. Demon Lords possess immense power and only the most experienced of Exorcists can hope to take them down. With the exception of a few elite Exorcists, Demon Lords are generally taken down via teams of expert Exorcists. It is currently unknown how many Demon Lords are walking amongst us due their habit of disguising themselves amongst the general populace.
  • Princes: Students if you ever encounter a Demon Prince I can only give one piece of advice: run. We do not know where Demon Princes come from or even how to classify them, we know next to nothing about their power except that they are extremely powerful and dangerous. The very few purported cases of Demon Princes arriving all seemed to have a only a few similarities. One, these Princes appeared immune to all our attacks. Two, no Exorcist ever appeared to defeat them, it always seemed as something or someone else intervened. To this day Demon Princes remain an enigma.


Our Campus

Our Campus is located on an Island off the Northern Coast of U.K. and Ireland. Due to having purchased the Island we are the sole inhabitants on it. As we were founded in the late 19th Century our Campus is built with a Victorian Design. The campus takes up over 200 Acres and is divided up into five main areas:

  • Main Hall: The Main Hall connects the front reception areas to the Arena Complex. The middle of the hall does open up for a large, open air courtyard with roofed walkways around it to allow for continued travel during rain.The Arena Complex is a large Amphitheater used for both assemblies and tournament duels. The reception areas are where the bulletin boards for upcoming events are placed. Links to the other parts of the school generally converge out of the central courtyard.

  • The Northern Dorms: There are two sets of two dorms, first division is Male and Female, the second is Noble and Human. Younger Classmen room with groups of two to four students, while Upperclassmen get their dorm to themselves. The dorms are decently sized and have a desk and bed for each student rooming as well as one couch, all other furniture and equipment must be brought by students. Each dorm also includes a bathroom and shower. Each Dorm Complex also has a cafeteria and a gym that includes a pool.
  • The West Wing: Classes that don’t require open areas for training are located here. The West Wing also includes the School Library as well as the Teacher Dorms. In addition there are gardens at the end of the of the West Wing which are where many of the Alchemists ingredients are brewed.
  • The East Wing: Classes requiring open areas for training are located here. The main gym is located here as well as practicing areas for firearms and other weapons. The beast's room is here to allow students a chance to learn the details of summoning or controlling demons/creatures, finally this room houses the duelling arena allowing students to engage in duels or battles with one another on campus.
  • The Southern Grounds: A large forested area often used for the training of Alchemists or field combat. Deeper in the woods lies a lake teachers may bring their students to for more training.



As with any respectable school, we pride ourselves on having our students look their best at all times, as such there is a standard uniform consisting of a black school jacket, a white collar shirt, a green tie and black pants. Both the shirt and the jacket possess the green emblem of our school, a rifle and a sword crossing over an open book, (Image Coming Soon.), atop the left side of a student’s chest.


However we also value our student’s creativity and understand that this uniform is not the best for some of the more vigorous activities our jobs entail. As such we allow students to make modifications as they see fit to the Uniform and in addition many classes will have specialized outfits for their students to wear on some of the more endangering tasks.




Student Application Form


Name: What is your name?

Gender: Male or Female?

Age: How old are you?

Type: Exorcist, Hunter, or Noble?

Specialization: For Exorcists and Hunters this is the type(s) you plan to specialize in,for Nobles this is your species.

Appearance: What do you look like?

Personality: What are you like?

Biography: What has happened to you so far?

Skills/Abilities: What are you good at? Do you have special powers(Nobles mainly)?

Weapons: Do they use any weapons in combat, if so what?

Weaknesses: How do you get hurt? What are your flaws?


For Familiars/Possessors of Tamers, Summoners, and Possessed Characters


Name: What is the name of this creature?

Gender: Does it have a Gender, if so what it is it?

Type: Demon or Creature?

Classification: Nature Spirit, Ghoul, Feral? (No High Levels, with the exception of possessed characters who should leave this as unknown.)

Appearance: What does it look like? (If being possessed what does your character look like while under its influence. Does he have better posture or does he start huncing over?)

Personality: How does it act?

Biography: How did it meet your character?

Weaknesses: How does it get hurt? What flaws does it have?

Bestiary Entry: If one does not already exist.



  1. Read the rules(Good Job, see how easy this is?)
  2. Follow all BZPower rules.
  3. No bunnying or autohitting without express permission of players.
  4. No OOC only posts and try and keep OOC discussion in the Discussion topic.
  5. No godmodding, this includes metagaming. Your character will win some and will lose some, and that’s perfectly okay, that’s how characters develop.
    1. To build on this, make sure your characters have some sort of weakness, it’s what makes things more realistic and creates a stronger character.


KEEP RELIGIOUS TONES TO A MINIMUM: This is extremely important, yes this is a game about exorcism so chanting out of the Bible to exorcise a demon is going to happen, however please keep any and all references to Religion in the CONTEXT OF EXORCISMS ONLY. BZPower has a policy of no religious discussions so when using a Religions of any culture ask whether it is necessary and beneficial to the character. If I see Religious discussions and debates brewing I will not hesitate to punish the offending players. The discussion is not only against the rules of the RPG its against the rules of BZPower.


Listen to the staff if you have a problem with a decision PM us.


Most importantly remember to have fun!!


Some Words of Advice

  • Obviously this RPG allows for characters around the world, so I want to see players be more than willing to play foreign characters, it's an interesting frame of reference, but please do your research. I want people to play characters, not stereotypes.
  • Speaking of the world, this RPG will allow for creatures from around the world to appear. Some more well known than others, from Djinn to Wakwaks quite a few things can fit into here. I am more than willing to approve custom creatures from different mythologies but please do your research. I want the effort in research shown in the profile. I’m not going to require paragraphs of reasons why you should be able to play as so and so, but I do want the profile to paint a clear understanding of the creature. You don’t have to be an expert, you don’t even have your person be exactly like the creature you’re emulating, however the work should show and it shouldn’t seem like you just stole a creature based on common stereotypes.




Teacher/NPC Profiles

(Please note that as NPC Profiles these are rather shortened, I would prefer Player Profiles be much more in depth than these.)


Name: Arnold Sheppard

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Type: Not for Student Access

Specialization: Not for Student Access

Appearance: Sheppard is a man with an ever grinning face, a cheeky smile can always been seen adorning his rather pudgy face. Likewise his oddly red colored eyes are generally wide and beaming, and he has bushy black eyebrows above them as well as a decent sized beard. His stands somewhat short at 5’ 7’’ but the way he carries himself gives him the impression of being taller than he really is. His overall body is rather round as well although not overly large.


In terms of clothing he wears a uniform similar to the rest of the students of the academy, although his jacket is a deep maroon shade and is generally buttoned up like a sports coat. In addition he wears brown pants instead of the students black pants.

Personality: Sheppard is a rather cheery individual, which is known to sometimes unnerve some of his shyer students. He is always bursting with energy and ready to jump in on any student’s conversation. However despite his relative nosiness he does genuinely care for his student as evidenced in his willingness to help and listen to his students no matter the issue.

Biography: Not for Student Access


The Bestiary and Class List

(Feel free to add to these as both are incomplete.)


Class List

Edited by Toa Onarax


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Bakugan RPG: The Reign of Naga.

Hosted by sonyaxe, co-hosted by The X

Co-Co-hosted by The Lonesome Wanderer

By all rights, none of us should be here.

The world should have exploded, or been ripped to shreds.

But it didn’t.

And that is almost worse than if it had.

Ever since the Bakugan fell from the sky, nothing has been the same for me. At first, everyone thought it was a game, but strange occurrences started happing. Bakugan started to talk, battlefields started collapsing, and the barrier between Earth and Vestroia, the universe that the Bakugan came from, started to collapse.

Most of us didn’t notice this much until dimensional gate appeared in the ocean, bringing with it the supreme evil of Vestroia, Naga. He was a gigantic dragon had absorbed the Silent Core, which was made of negative energy that he hoped to use to take over the world with. Only one thing stood in his way. The Bakugan Battle Brawlers. They were a team composed of six brawlers, the best battlers in the world. Each was a master of their attribute.

They crumbled like a wet paper bag before Naga’s assault.

Naga then absorbed the Infinity Core after defeating his sister Wavern, giving him control over the entire universe. Four of the Brawlers -Marucho, Julie, Alice and Runo- were exposed to the silent core with their Bakugan and turned to Naga’s side. With them, Alice reverted back to Masquerade, the greatest Bakugan Brawler in the world.

But that was three years ago. Naga has subjugated the world’s governments and brought Earth under martial law. However, there is still hope.

Shun and Dan, the two greatest Brawlers, managed to escape, along with a few hundred children that still had their Bakugan. They… no, we managed to get to an abandoned military base somewhere off the coast of Cape Horn on a large island. We set up there, and with the help of our Bakugan, created a fortress that has never, and will never, be breached. From that fortress, the resistance harasses Naga, mainly by taking over bases or getting rid of supply trains to his massive armies.

We are the Resistance. We will take back the world.



Battles will be decided using Gate Cards, Ability Cards, and of course the Bakugan. To start a battle, one person will “set” a Gate Card, or throw it on the ground. This will be the surface that the Bakugan battle on. In a battle, you can have twelve Ability Cards, three Gate Cards, and three Bakugan.

A good, basic battle would be where one of the 2+ brawlers challenge each other to a brawl. One of the brawlers shouts, "Gate Card, set!" and throws down one gate card. Each brawler throws one Bakugan onto it, and the battle commences. The owner of the gate card can then say, “Gate card open! (insert name of a gate card here)” and the gate card will have some special effect. Once this happens, brawlers can use ability cards by shouting, "Ability activate: (insert name of an ability card here). Brawlers use abilities to attempt to overpower their opponents Bakugan, while the two Bakugan duke it out on the field. One Bakugan will eventually be defeated, usually by an ability that one brawler was too slow to counter, or just by overpowering the other Bakugan using Gate cards and Ability strength boosts, in which case the stronger Bakugan may do some mixed martial arts to finish off his opponent :P. If a Bakugan manages to land a hit that would be under normal circumstances a mortal blow, the other Bakugan will return to ball form. The battle continues like this, each player taking turns throwing down a card, until one person’s Bakugan have all been defeated. Once a Bakugan has lost a battle, it cannot be used for the rest of the brawl. When all of one person's Bakugan have been defeated, the battle ends.


Bakugan are normally large, monstrous creatures. But on Earth, they take the form of a small ball about the size of a walnut. In this RPG, however, Vestroia and Earth merged, so Bakugan can choose to be in their ball form or in their normal form. There are six attributes of Bakugan, indicated by their color. They are Pyrus (fire), Aquos (water), Haos (light), Ventus (wind), Sub-terra (ground) and Darkus (shadow). Normally, each battler keeps only one attribute of Bakugan with them, but that is not always the case. Bakugan have different traits based on what Bakugan they are and their attribute. For example, a Ventus Bakugan would be faster than a Sub-terra, but the Sub-terra would be stronger. Your ability cards and gate cards can strengthen your Bakugan, and the ability cards unlock their various powers.

List of Bakugan…

Bee Striker · Centipoid · Cycloid · El Condor · Falconeer · Fear Ripper · Fourtress · Gargonoid ·Griffon· Harpus · Hynoid · Juggernoid · Laserman · Limulus · Manion · Mantris · Monarus · Rattleoid · Ravenoid · Reaper · Robotallion · Saurus · Serpenoid ·Siege Sirenoid · Stinglash · Tentaclear Terrorclaw ·Tuskor · Warius · Wormquake

Gate Cards and Ability Cards

Gate Cards:

These cards are a crucial part of any battle. With them, you can do anything from raising your strength to switching attributes. In a battle, you would have three Gate Cards of your choice.

A list of available Gate Cards:(will be added to as the RPG progresses)


Ability Cards:

Ability cards can determine the fate of an entire battle. You can have ten of your choice in a battle. These cards are more diverse than Gate Cards, and can have battle changing effects.

A list of available Ability Cards: (will be added to as the RPG progresses)



There are really two factions in this RPG. The Resistance, which is composed almost entirely of kids, is led by Dan, Shun, and Kai. In this faction, being a Darkus brawler is rare, as most Darkus Bakugan are being used by the Legion. The Legion of Naga, which is comprised of adults mostly that have been trained to use Bakugan and is led by Naga. Any attribute besides Darkus is uncommon,but there are still a good number of non-Darkus Bakugan.


Fortress of Wrath: Naga’s main base. It is centered in what was once New York City, in the United Nations building. Apparently, he found it funny that humans could ever be united in any way. The weapon systems on this place are HUGE. Meaning, if you don’t have the pass code ready in about 2.637 seconds, you will be blasted to atomized bits. If you are a member of the Legion of Naga, you will most likely start here.

Parade Grounds: Within the Fortress of Wrath, there are many open spaces where soldiers drill and practice battling. Soldiers also trade news, eat, and spend what little leisure time they have on these large fields.

Weapon Station: This is where most of the fortress’s weapons are controlled from. Pretty basic, but you have to be pretty high ranked or respected to set foot in here. Occasionally, missions are planned in this room.

Redemption H.Q.: This is the central hub of all of the Resistance’s missions. There aren’t many weapons, but this fortress is naturally protected by the year-round storms that rage around the island it was built on, courtesy of some volunteer Aquos Bakugan. If you are a part of the Resistance, you will most likely start here.

Battle Park: A large, sunny, verdant park filled with flowers and trees, and also brawlers wishing to hone their skills. Most of the time, this is where people train and hang out.

Mess Hall: A place to eat, hang out, and just talk about anything.

Command and Control: A large, tiered, circular arena where missions are planned. Everyone is allowed to listen and give their input or ideas, and missions are planned by everyone, not just the leaders, using a democratic, voting procedure.

Most other places, such as cities, forests, mountains, etc. will be basically the same. Cities are constantly changing hands as the Legion and the Resistance battle it out.


1. Follow all BZRPG rules

2. Follow any guidelines listed above

3. No meta-gaming.

Meta-gaming is using information in you IC posts that you character could not possibly know. Just don’t do it. It annoys me. And when you annoy me, your Bakugan gets sent to the DOOM dimension. (Lol jk)

4. Use IC for in character posts and OOC for out of character posts.

5. Be respectful

6. Have fun!


Your character will be a kid, 12-16 years old if you are in the resistance, or an adult, from about 25-38, if you are in the Legion of Naga.

Character sign-up sheet.





Main Attribute: (Pyrus, Aquos, etc…)

Appearance: (please, more than ten words at least)

Personality: (self explanatory)

Background: (optional)

Bakugan: (Use the list that is up farther in this post. List their type and attribute.)

Here is some extra info:

After about 20 posts in this RPG, and after you win at least four brawls, I may see fit to reward you with a talking Bakugan. All staff will automatically have one.

This is my first RPG. Please, if there is any confusion, comments, or criticism on ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to ask.

On Talking, or Guardian, Bakugan: These Bakugan are Bakugan that have seen fit, whether through chattiness our seeing potential in their brawler, to talk to them. Be creative, give your Bakugan a personality! For example, a Seige may have a chivalrous personality, or a Robatallion may be like Spock. Be creative!

Major NPC list so far:(will be added to as the RPG progresses)


Name: Daniel Kuso


Age: 15




Main Attribute: Pyrus


Appearance: Dan has wild, brown hair at around neck length, dark red eyes, and is of average height. He normally wears a yellow shirt under a red jacket, with red pants that have a black strip on the knees and black skate shoes. He also has green sunglasses that he wears above his eyes and blue fingerless gloves.


Personality: Dan used to really love playing Bakugan, but since then has taken on the role of one of the Resistance leaders admirably. Still, he gets frustrated easily and expects the best out of everyone. He still tends to act rash and impulsive which often leads him to trouble. He is very eager for a brawl, thinking he can take on anyone. He is constantly organizing offensive missions against Naga, because he can’t stand just sitting there and waiting.


Background: One of the two creators of the rules for Bakugan (The other being Shun Kazami), Dan is one of the resistance’s most powerful brawlers, rivaled only by Shun and Kai. He is the strongest Pyrus Brawler there is, but despite this when Naga came, he and the rest of the Brawlers were defeated. He and Shun were able to escape to Cape Horn, and take over a small island off the coast with the help of a bunch of kids who followed them to Cape Horn.


Bakugan: Pyrus Dragonoid (Guardian), Pyrus Saurus, Pyrus Griffon, Pyrus Garganoid


Name: Shun Kazami

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Faction: The Resistance

Main Attribute: Ventus

Appearance: Shun has black hair at neck length, brown eyes, and is of average height. He normally wears a black shirt that has green markings on it, with black pants and boots as well.

Personality: Shun was one of the calmest brawlers in the group, before Naga defeated them. He rarely gets flustered or annoyed and even when he is annoyed; he maintains a cool voice (even though he voices his displeasure). Shun is a lone wolf and always focuses in battles. However, his stamina does have its limits; shown by how he tires after a large amount of constant battling. He has good instincts as he is able to discern a person's actions by their personality.

Background: One of the two creators of the rules for Bakugan (The other being Dan Kuso), Shun was one of the top Brawlers for a while. He is the strongest Ventus Brawler there is, but despite this when Naga came, he and the rest of the Brawlers were defeated. He, Dan, and many other Brawlers were able to escape to Cape Horn, and take over a small island off the coast.

Bakugan: Ventus Storm Skyress (Guardian), Ventus Monarus, Ventus Ravenoid, Ventus Falconeer

I'm waiting.... (not to be rude, but... please hurry? Please?)

Edited by sonyaxe
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I'll approve Epilogue, seems to check out. Epilogue Approved [2].


Bakugan... simplistic, but that's alright. I have no major questions and see no major errors so, approved. Bakugan: Reign of Naga Approved [1]


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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Epilogue is approved 4x and I also will give a third approval to Kybagan: Naga of Rain, too. I'm interested to see if this will work; I think we should think outside the box and try new things, so I wish you luck!

Edited by EmperorWhenua
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Transformers: Regeneration

Cybertron. For countless Metacycles, our home has been a place of peace. The High council kept the peace, while researchers pondered the secrets of the universe. Workers built magnificent structures across the entirety of our home, and the ways of war was unknown to us. The scars of the First Great War were gone, replaced by that of the Golden Age. An age of science, progress, culture, and exploration. Times were good. The Primes, our leaders, watched over us, helped us, pushed us to reach for the stars.

And we did. Yet, after enough time, the Senate, the ruling body of Cybertron, becamee corrupt. As a result, the Decepticons began to appear. Organized by a former miner, now gladiator from Tarn, the Decepticons demanded the abolishment of the caste system put into order by Nominus Prime, and the removal of the Senate. The Decepticons, who were rapidly gaining traction as an Anti-Senate group, declared war upon the Senate and all their supporters, and attacked the Autobots, prompting Sentinel Prime to engage the Decepticon leader, the Kaon Gladiator Megatron, in combat. Sentinel died, and the Senate knew their time was drawing near. The Golden Age was over. The Second Great War had begun between the Autobots, and the Decepticons. In desperation, they ordered the next Prime, Zeta Prime, to use any means necessary to destroy Megatron and his Decepticons. Zeta Prime's continuous crimes in attempt to destroy the Decepticons led to the Autobots betraying him, and aiding the Decepticons to kill Zeta Prime, and dismantle the Senate. To the Autobots, this victory seemed to mark the end of the war, and were anxious to return to peace.

Megatron had other ideas. He quickly ordered his forces to take control of Cybertron, forcing the Autobots back to their bastion in Iacon. Eventually, the war resulted in one outcome. The shutdown of Cybertron. An Exodus was ordered, and the beginnings of a final battle between the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, the last Prime, and Megatron. In space, heading towards a portal through space and time, the duo engaged in one final battle, resulting in a stalemate in which neither could prevail.

Their ships, The Ark and The Nemesis were lost to the stars. But other ships looked for them. The Distant Light, a repurposed Autobot freighter was one such group of Autobot survivors that hunted for the Ark, hoping to find Optimus Prime, their leader. Arriving over a planet in the system Sol. It was thereThe Distant Light was attacked by a Decepticon raiding ship called The Corsair. The two ships battled each other in the orbit of this planet. Through the course of the battle, the two ships disabled the other's shields, and dealt enough damage to each other to cause the ships to lose orbit, falling to the planet below.

The survivors of the crash, when re-activated from the emergency landing, found themselves on a new alien world, uncharted, unexplored, and filled with organic lifeforms. As the Autobots and Decepticons start to repair themselves and become acquainted with this new world, their war begins anew.

-An observation of 'Earth'.



Earth. While the 'humans' call it home, it is different than those seen before. This Earth is rich in Energon, with only a faction of it being uncovered by humanity. Humans originally fought a war among themselves as they thought their Energon stockpiles were near-gone, over a vein of Energon in a territory called 'Serbia'. This sparked a massive war between two sides, which culminated in an armistice and treaty that would (hopefully) prevent such a war from happening again. This treaty also outlined an organization which later became known as the 'United Nations', hoping to smooth world-wide energon trade. Much to Human-kind's relief, more Energon deposits were found soon after, and more nations entered into this UN. While most Nation's qualms and fights had died down as negotiations were made to achieve more than economic goals, much cooler relations were maintained by several of the 'superpower' nations such as the USA and USSR, both of which are constantly trying to secure power over the other.


With enough time to work on research without the threat of war or nuclear armageddon, the technological advances have been significant. In other times, humanity would've been capable of electrical-powered cars, mobiles phones, and the 'internet' by the start of the 21st century. However, in this case humanity was capable of accomplishing these feats before the end of the 8th decade of the 20th century.


The current date in human-time is 1989, Humanity has gone to it's twin moons, Selene and Luna and found nothing but dust and rocks. Humanity has launched satellites and space stations, all in the name of 'Peace and Brotherhood'. Humans are able to constantly trade both Energon, and their 'fossil fuels' without risk of war. The last decline in the world economy was a brief dip in the charts at the end of the 1920s, and the few wars that occur are only brief revolutions in developing nations. While those who's vision is captured in the now see no problems, those who see into tomorrow fear for what they have built, and what might cause the scales of balance to tip...



Welcome all, I'm Varren Rehn, and this is Transformers: Regeneration. This RPG is an alternate timeline of the Generation 1 timeline, which for all OOC references, is dubbed 'Primax 013.0 Kappa'. It raises the questions of what would've happened if Optimus and Megatron never arrived at earth? Did other Autobots and Decepticons look for them? And if these other Autobots and Decepticons ever get as far as earth, what sort of adventures would they have?


The rules of the game, which should be followed at all times.

  • All BZPower forum rules, OTC forum rules, RPG forum rules, and this RPG's rules should be followed at all times.
  • There shouldn't be a reason to use overly-obscene language in this game. Transformers have their own words, such as 'scrap, slug, or rust'. Use those as needed please.
  • No God-Modding.
  • No Flaming.
  • You are not allowed to kill another person's character without their permission.
  • Avoid making OOC posts at all costs. You shouldn't make a post that only includes an OOC post, as that usually leads to discussion in the gaming thread.
  • You are allowed a current maximum of ten characters.
  • You are not allowed to make characters who appeared in the G1 cartoon.
  • All characters must be staff-approved before you are allowed to use them in-game.
  • All characters require a staff-approvals to be approved for playing.
  • All Canon characters must be approved by two staff members.
  • All characters may carry one weapon.
  • All characters may have one ability.


Head GM: Varren Rehn

GMs: Krayzikk


While the Transformers universe is quite large, this is a list of the current locations available for play.

  • Earth: Earth is in a time period known as '1981', or 'The Twentieth Century'. This version of the earth has two moons, Selene and Luna. These moons have changed the way time is measured, make the lunar tides much stronger and often, as well as making the nights significantly brighter. Although, humans have advanced their technology a long way, and the results of their efforts have produced faster vehicles, better weapons, and a data-net that could one day spawn robotic-based life similar to that of Cybertron's. In the meantime, humanity is woefully unaware of the Cybertronian's and their war, allowing a golden opportunity for the Autobots or Decepticons to gain the organic humans as allies.
  • Autobot Base: The crash zone of The Distant Light, modified to accommodate the Autobots living there. The Autobot base is located on the northeastern slope of Treasure Mountain in Gunnison County, Colorado. The base is equipped with a groundbridge, medical bay, armory, and other amenities that existed upon the ship, or were constructed upon it’s crash.
  • Decepticon Base: The crash zone of The Corsair, somewhat modified to accommodate the Decepticons living there. The Decepticon base is located at the coordinates of 6°10'51.07"S, 69°57'4.68"W, or the middle of the amazon jungle. The base is equipped with a groundbridge, medical bay, armory, and other amenities that existed upon the ship, or were constructed upon it’s crash.


Somewhat self-explanatory, these are the species available for playing at the launch of the game.

  • Cybertronians: The shape-changing robots from Cybertron, the Cybertronians have crashed on earth as a result of their millennia-long civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. As a Cybertronian character, the character has access to an approved alternate form and a robot chassis. The Cybertronian may also carry two approved weapon. To recognize that some Cybertronians have special abilities or multiple alternate modes, a player may have their character have a modification. However, a character with a modification requires two staff approval. If a player wishes to create a character with a Cybertronian alternate form, that player must message the staff, and gain approval from two of the staff member for that vehicle form.
  • Humans: The inhabitants of the planet earth, humans are organic carbon-based lifeforms with no special abilities. They are, however, very small, and dominate this planet. Individually, they can not face a Cybertronian and defeat one in battle, but where they lack in individual power, they make up in numbers, and an army of humans could easily take down a single Cybertronian. As a Human character, the character has somehow gotten themselves involved in the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and is now trying to live through the secret war raging across their planet. Sometimes the Cybertronians they become involved with might offer them protection, or enlist them to aid in human relations. There are also places humans can go where Cybertronians simply can't. Human's small size, and the fact that they dominate a good majority of the planet, allows a human to go practically everywhere that is important.


The following is the list of approved Weapons for use in game. Since the world of transformers is large, and not all generic weapons are named, this list is used to help for the purpose of character creation. If you would like to add a weapon to this list, you may write a new weapon with your character’s profile.

List of Approved Weaponry:

  • Neutron Assault Rifle: The Neutron Assault Rifle distorts the equilibrium of its target by blasting it with sonic booms. Once disoriented, the attacker can close in with a melee attack.
  • Riot Cannon: Essentially a modified fusion cannon, it fires off high-speed rockets than can really put a crimp in someone's day. With the right upgrades, the last rocket in every clip packs an extra surprise, containing 5 times the explosive power of ordinary rounds.
  • Scatter Blaster: A popular short-range weapon during the Great War, the scatter blaster fires a wide spray of explosive buckshot. Surprisingly it is full auto.
  • Nucleon Charge Rifle: The Nucleon Charge Rifle is a great weapon for sniping. Equipped with a 10x scope and near unlimited range, a skilled wielder can take out a squad from afar before they even know what's happening.
  • The Path Blaster:The Path Blaster is a semi-automatic weapon that fires dense packets of molten metal with a good deal of accuracy.
  • Photon Burst Rifle: The Scientist's version of the sniper rifle is named the Photon Burst Rifle. It has a more effective zoom than the Battle Pistol and delivers three photons per round.
  • Subsonic Repeater: The Subsonic Repeater is a close-range SMG that grants great footspeed when equipped. It has a very high rate of fire, and thus remains the fastest firing weapon on Cybertron.
  • Thermo Rocket Cannon: The Thermo Rocket Cannon is the improved version of the thermo rocket launchers used earlier in the war. Now firing three missiles at a time, it can not only lock on to opponents in alternate mode like its predecessor, but also when they're in robot mode. Be prepared for it to make a big mess whenever it's fired.
  • X18 Scrapmaker: The X18 Scrapmaker is an even more ferocious weapon than the X12 Scrapmaker it superseded. Reducing the spin-up time dramatically, the X18 can make grated gears of the opposition in no time flat, which is also how fast it will chew through ammo.
  • Corrosive Slime Cannon: It's a double-barreled corrosive slime-shooter, which... well, shoots corrosive slime.
  • E.D.K. TechVolt: It projects an electro-diffraction beam that can carve an enemy to pieces in a blaze of lightning. On some settings, it can also be used to recharge or otherwise repower machinery and even other Transformers.
  • The Energon Harvester: A shotgun-like weapon that siphons energon from targets and utilizes that energon to repair its user. It fires a quick burst of moderately powerful rounds, best at close range, but the accuracy is pretty good for a shotgun.
  • The Gear shredder: The Gear Shredder is one of the technologically simpler weapons used on Cybertron. It fires out razor-sharp spinning blades that bounce off walls and will cut right through an enemy. It can be also charged up to fire three blades at once, letting you slice and dice the foe when they come at you in groups.
  • Plasma Cannon: It released bolts that could be charged to higher intensity levels. The Plasma Cannon was most effective against big, slow-moving targets, like hovering Soldiers.



The following is a list of approved Modifications. Legendary Cybertronians such as Mirage, Hound, The Triple Changers, Soundwave, and more have been known to have special attributes to them. Any player who wishes to equip their character with Modifications, must have a staff approval. Players who wish to create a new Modification must check with the staff first before creating a character with them.

List of Approved Cybertronian Modifications:

  • Triple Changer: In their quest for ever-greater machines of war, the Decepticons developed warriors with two distinct alternate forms. These Triple Changers can travel by land and air with equal ease, and in the heat of battle they can rapidly change form to confuse and outflank the enemy. To counter this threat, the Autobots also developed their own group of Triple Changers. A player who is making a character with the Triple Changer Modification may have their Cybertronian possess two alternate modes instead of one. However, to accommodate the extra alternate mode, Triple Changers have less armor to make room for necessary parts to transform between the alternate modes. This lack of armor makes them easier to damage with weapons, to the point where a group of humans with heavy weaponry could take a Triple Changer down if they weren't careful.
  • Cloaking: Some Autobots and Decepticons, to further their stealth abilities, have installed or subjected themselves to experiments involving Cloaking technology. Those who survive this instillations and experiments have the ability to turn themselves invisible to the common optic sensor. However, a well-alert being has the ability to detect a Cybertronian using cloaking technology. They also appear on radar, infrared, and thermal sensors. Characters also cannot fire their weapons while Cloaking, and must De-Cloak to do so.


The multiple factions that have been formed in-game.

  • Autobot: The Autobots are one of the primary factions in the Transformers mythos. They usually find themselves defending both their own race and other species against the Decepticons and upholding justice and freedom throughout the galaxy.
  • Decepticon: The Decepticons are one of the primary factions in the Transformers mythos. They are typically concerned with such things as conquering Cybertron, defeating the Autobots, amassing large quantities of energon, developing powerful weaponry, and beating people up. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Governments of Earth: The Varous governing bodies of Earth. Differences in culture, religion, or state of mind have resulted in humans creating separate nations for themselves. They are unified through the United Nations, a group formed after World War II to help with foreign relations, as well as regulate Energon trade.

-Signup sheet:

Name: (Character name)

Species: (Cybertronian or Homo Sapien. For now.)

Gender: (Robots are people too. It's just that they don't reproduce. However, human genders are much more distinct than Cybertronian genders.)

Faction: (Autobots, Decepticons, etc.)

Appearance: (A detailed description or image of how your character looks.)

Alternate Mode: (Cybertronians can shapeshift into an alternate form that can be used for transportation, combat, or other functions.)

Weapons: (Keep it realistic and not overpowered; no character is going to wield the Star Saber.)

Personality: (How your character thinks, feels, and acts)

Skills/Special Abilities: (Realism please, no single character can be good at everything.)

Weakness: (Nobody's invincible)

Bio: (Where is your character from? How did they get here? Any notable events in their life?)

A general gist of the first few events of the game:


-Decepticons, being on a new world, initiate Megatron’s infiltration protocols.

-The decpeticon leader sends decepticon scouts to scout out earth, unknowing prompting a small firefight between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

-The combat expands, with both sides calling in reinforcements until the decepticon leader calls the battle off to avoid casualties.

-Both sides return to base, and the decepticon leader cautions his troops to be more stealthy in their scouting of the planet.

-Autobots and decepticons continue to set up their new bases. The humans, aware of the autobot’s base in US territory, send agents to learn what the Autobots want for Earth, and the USA.

-Small firefights between the Autobots, Decepticons, and the Humans continue, while the decepticon scientist discovers a the location of an energon vein, and informs the decepticon leader.

-the decepticon leader sends a decepticon strike team to secure the vein’s location, which happens to be located atop a small town in west america, just miles from the Autobot base. Battle ensues.

-The Autobots decide to create a second base elsewhere. The decepticons, who are scouting in this location for energon, fuel, and weapons, encounter the approaching autobots and raise the alarm.

-The US prepares to launch an assault upon the decepticon HQ, located in the amazon. The autobots are asked to stay out of the conflict until diplomatic relations with humanity can be established. The decepticons must hold off the assault from one of their perimeter bases, located over a thousand miles away from their HQ. The decepticon leader, angered that the humans know of their presence, orders the decepticon scientist to enter phase three.

-The decepticon leader, either furious or pleased as a result of the battle for the relic, sends his troops to raid an energon refinery in russia, hoping to gain enough energy to resupply their stockpiles, as well as provide energy so that the decepticon scientist can begin construction on a space bridge.



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First off, things I'm curious about in this particular game:





Weapons among the transformers are divided into the following categories:

  • Acidic Weaponry: Weaponry that uses a corrosive material to accomplish a variety of tasks.
  • Concussion Weaponry: Cause a majority of damage through physical force. Most commonly examplified through the use of bullets, or other similar mechanisms.
  • Energo Weaponry: Melee weapons that are powered using Energon to cut through stronger substances than normal melee weapon is can cut through. When the energon battery is depleted, the weapon can still be used as a melee weapon.
  • Ion Weaponry: A variation of Laser Weaponry, Ion weapons fire quick, strong, and have a cooldown swift enough to become legendary among Cybertronians.
  • Laser Weaponry: Guns that fire lasers.
  • Neutron Weaponry: Big guns for big bots. Or ships. A small number were equiped upon the Distant Light and the Corsair. A miniaturized version exists, and was known to be the Cybertronian version of the machine gun.
  • Null Weaponry: Disables electronics. Extremely helpful.
  • Photon Weaponry: Could be compared to both a flamethrower, and a rifle. Variations upon variations exist
  • Plasma weapons: Weapons that fire plasma at enemeies.

*exemplified, equipped, enemies. In addition, what sort of limit are on this weaponry? What can and can't they do to other Transformers? Strengths and weaknesses? Can certain weapons be wielded in conjunction with each other? Any limits on what weaponry can and can't be carried on a character? Are there limits to how many weapons a character can have?



The following is a list of approved Modifications. Legendary Cybertronians such as Mirage, Hound, The Triple Changers, Soundwave, and more have been known to have special attributes to them. Any player who wishes to equip their character with Modifications, must have a staff approval. Players who wish to create a new Modification must check with the staff first before creating a character with them.

List of Approved Cybertronian Modifications:

  • Triple Changer: In their quest for ever-greater machines of war, the Decepticons developed warriors with two distinct alternate forms. These Triple Changers can travel by land and air with equal ease, and in the heat of battle they can rapidly change form to confuse and outflank the enemy. To counter this threat, the Autobots also developed their own group of Triple Changers. A player who is making a character with the Triple Changer Modification may have their Cybertronian possess two alternate modes instead of one. However, to accommodate the extra alternate mode, Triple Changers have less armor to make room for necessary parts to transform between the alternate modes.
  • Mini-Cassettes (Recordabots/Recordicons) and Deployers: Occasionally, a Cybertronian might modify themselves so that they may carry a group of smaller robots. This smaller robots can be deployed from the Cybertronian's body in the form of data-discs or the human equivalents of CD's or Cassettes. A player who wishes to create a Cybertronian (The Deployer) who has been modified to carry Mini-Cassettes must have other players to control the Mini-Cassettes. A deployer can only carry up to five Mini-Cassettes within it's body.
  • Cloaking: Some Autobots and Decepticons, to further their stealth abilities, have installed or subjected themselves to experiments involving Cloaking technology. Those who survive this instillations and experiments have the ability to turn themselves invisible to the common optic sensor. However, a well-alert being has the ability to detect a Cybertronian using cloaking technology. They also appear on radar , infared, and thermal sensors.


Same issues with this. Is there a limit to how much you can soup up your Transformer? Because with what I'm reading here I see a lot of potential for some frighteningly OP characters. Some extrapolation would be nice, and if regular characters really do have the ability to become that powerful, some power dampers or at least side effects would be much more appreciated.

With that past us, now I want to talk about Transformers in general.

This is the third Transformers RPG I've seen in the last year. The first, Transformers: Alignment, was a decent enough concept with enough of a tug that people could get behind it for at least a while. It lasted a couple good months, with at least somewhat consistent activity, but the number of posts it received is largely misleading; most of the interaction was due in large part to the game's staff and a couple other players. Of the two dozen or so that played it, only nine people had over 100 posts, which seems like a large number at first glance but really isn't when you look into the length and quality of the posts. After a "near total activity drop" (the words of an actual player of both prior games who I will not name out of respect for his reputation) the game was abandoned in search of a new concept that would net a new player base.

The concept never worked, and the players never came.

Transformers: Eternal Conflict came next. As far as I can tell from a good look through both topics it never had more than half a dozen players at one time, and out of those nine in the "100 Club" from Alignment, half of them didn't come back for the new one. Of the five that remained, two of them had less than five posts in the new game. Of the three remaining, two of them had over 25 posts. From what I can tell in the game's discussion topic there were four different GMs who tried to run the game over the course of the two months it existed and all of them failed. The game - and its player base - were unable to be resuscitated, just as its predecessor. My question is why this one is any different.

I have no doubts that there's a Transformers fanbase on this website; I've seen it. I do have doubts that the fanbase has the continued RPing interest or time to properly keep a game based on the franchise buoyant, and in fact, at this point I'd go so far as to say that in the currently inflated OTC RPG bubble going on I could see this game folding just as quickly as the two before it, unless you can find some new way to pitch this game to a player base outside the half dozen or so loyalists I can see joining this game off the bat. Frankly, with this game, I'm not sure how you could pull that off.

My job as a Judge is quality control. I'm supposed to, with the help of experience, research, and my gut instinct, catch RPGs I don't think could work out in the long run and stop them from crowding up the forum any more than it's already crowded. This is one of those games that I feel would not only crowd up the OTC forum in the short term and die prematurely, but also, in the long term, may present yet more evidence for a future Transformers game to go unapproved because of the failures of its predecessors.

With all this in mind and more, I can't approve this game in good conscience.




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Primarily, on weapons and abilities, the limit is one for each. Weapon combinations are considered impossible due to the unstable materials that make up Cybertronian weapons. As for damage amount, I imagine it'll have the effects on Transformers as it does to any metal statue. Strengths are listed in the weapon guidelines. I originally had a list of weapons that outlined different weapons and what they were capable of, but due to complaints, I replaced it. If it's that much of a concern, I can change it back.
On abilities, the rule is is 'as it is written'. I obviously forgot to include the amount of abilities and weapons a character can have (which is one), and I forgot to have a counter-effect for Deployer-types. If more counter-effects for the other two powers is required, I'd be more-than-happy to apply more.
As for drawing players in and keeping them interested...
I have no idea who this game will attract. I've gotten the attention of several people, some highly active, the others barely active. While personally, I've never played the two precursor games, but I can say there's a greater story and plot behind what I've revealed thus far. If approved, I'm sticking to this plot. Wiggle-room for creative players with their own ideas will be made, but there's not going to be an epidemic of "There's nothing to do, open-to-interact". I have enough planned out to the extent of which I haven't planned before, due to the highly fluid and flexible nature that RPGs run on. In justification of the points you've made, I'll admit they're very valid, and gives you good reason to be skeptical, and probably is the basis of which this game will be judged upon.
By all means, you are correct. Why should this boat float when others of the same style have sunk? At this point, I do believe it is too early to tell. However, if it is scrapped before it can truly begin, that will only help to provide justification for other RPGs of a similar genre to be denied at the judging stage. Two RPGs like this have passed before, neither really reaching a high level of popularity. However, the success of the previous games should not reflect upon any future performance that this game may have. Instead, allow it to be the proving grounds. In baseball, there is a rule of "Three strikes, then you're out." Allow this rule to become the rule on RPGs with genres that haven't fared well. If this RPG cannot prove itself to be successful, then why should any future versions be allowed to exist on BZP? However on the other hand, if it is passed and if it does well, then shouldn't it lay the way for other RPGs similar to it in the future?
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I suppose I can live with three strikes, considering your arguments and the fact that the previous two RPGs were run by a completely different staff team.


Just re-add the lists and stats of the various weapons (even if people did complain, it will still be handy for a surprising portion of players who want to customize their Transformer to the best of their ability) and impose a fair and balanced number of counter-effects for all three powers so that nothing has a particular huge buff or huge nerf compared to anything else, and we should be fine.





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So. Question, why did the 'Cons, when upon a new world with no outside support, with forces upon on it that are capable of fighting them.....decide provoking that world and the natives was a good idea? Deception is in their name. I'd have expected them to have a strategy beyond that. Why didn't they try to sway the humans to their side? It's not like the Autobots can prove their story is true. Why not color history a bit, get some allies?

Edited by Basilisk

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Ah. The summary of events didn't cover that, so I assumed...


Well, once the changes suggested by Aegon are made, I'll have no issue approving this. Please don't die a quick and tragic death by the way. Too many RPG's doing that lately.

Edited by Basilisk

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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The Ontario Event


“Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes I think we're not.

In either case, the idea is quite staggering.” --Arthur C. Clarke


Four years and seven months ago, on the first of July 2014, we received the first signal. It was too complex to be accidental, too clear and strong to be interference or trace radiation from space, and it came from somewhere close by--easily within our solar system and approaching swiftly. That should have been our warning, but we didn’t heed it. Two weeks later, our satellites picked up something in lunar orbit. From what we could discern, it was a dome ten times the size of Manhattan, and the images NASA’s probes returned quickly dissolved any doubt that it was artificial. The government tried to hide its existence at first, but amateur stargazers quickly picked it out through their telescopes, and leaked images reaffirmed the public’s belief that this was something more than a stray piece of space debris. Some believed they were our saviors, others thought they were here to destroy us, and still others insisted on believing that it was nothing.

They took us by surprise, swooping in, deploying their ships, and dropping their soldiers in our cities. They were a united army of many species and technologies. The war lasted almost a year, with all the world’s major powers united solely against the extraterrestrial threat. And through some miracle, we drove them back. A combination of nuclear force and military might brought down their massive carrier ships, and once those were gone, it was only a matter of time before the rest of their forces either retreated or were wiped out.

But our victory was not without cost. The distinction between first- and third-world countries has been lost, and more than a few major cities have been reduced to radioactive rubble thanks to our efforts to defeat the invaders. The United Nations have become the Bureau of International Unity, a global totalitarian regime that passes for this new society’s ineffective government. The Dome is still out there, and rumors have it that some of our foes here on Earth have survived their defeat...

The BIU have cut off all access to the remains of the carrier ships, but they couldn’t quarantine the smaller vehicles before most of them were looted for their tech. The Coalition of Scavengers was born from the fruits of these raids. They have reverse-engineered what they recovered into weapons and cybernetic implants that greatly enhance the abilities of the user, and aside from the BIU, they are the most organized group that has survived to this day. Other factions have sprung up all over the world, and despite the BIU’s efforts to suppress them, some fear that another war is just around the corner.

Here, along what was once the border between New York State and Quebec, tensions are high. One of the carrier ships splashed down in the middle of Lake Ontario, and the BIU’s quarantine squads arrived too late to contain it. The locals were prepared, but after warding off the

government’s forces, they turned on each other. Peaceful settlements have been converted into fortresses, and while those who aren’t fighting try to survive in peace, the conflict heats up. Today, Lake Ontario is a warzone, and whoever wins this battle will have the power to change the world.




The post-invasion Ontario Lakeside is dominated by groups vying for control. These groups include:


The Bureau of International Unity: This regime was formed by what was left of the world’s governments immediately after the invasion. Though they follow totalitarian principles, they have full control over very few areas of the world. The areas they do control, however, become little more than supplies depots and labor camps for their ET-related activities, with the residents under strict surveillance. They operate out of the recently-established Fort Gordon just north of Niagara Falls, and their main US headquarters is situated in Denver, Colorado.


The Coalition of Scavengers: The Coalition was formed from weapons dealers that stole alien tech from the remains of the extraterrestrial attack force. They have used this technology to create new high-tech weapons and cybernetic implants that greatly enhance the capabilities of their agents. They continue to salvage and reverse-engineer what alien tech they can, and have taken over a settlement known as Carversville to serve as a forward operating base near the lakeside. They trade weapons to whoever has goods of enough value.


The Ones Who See: The “Seers” are a group of extremists who believe that the aliens have arrived to elevate humanity to a higher level, and as rumors have it, they house surviving ET’s in their forts. They are a ferocious fighting force, though they will surrender if confronted by alien hostiles.


Anti-Unity Militia: This private military group consists mostly of soldiers who deserted the military upon the foundation of the BIU. Since BIU troops were recruited primarily from American organizations, a great many Militia soldiers once operated under foreign military groups like the SAS and found themselves stationed in the US during the time of the invasion. They are primarily devoted to eliminating the BIU and are currently the only organization that has made significant efforts towards this goal.


Other: If an alliance is formed between the characters of at least four distinct players, they will be considered a faction.




Humans: Your average run-of-the-mill Homo Sapiens.

-Operators: Sometimes called “Ops” for short, Operators are humans that have been enhanced by Scavenger tech via cybernetic implants. The functions of these implants vary greatly, though they typically come in the form of prosthetic limbs that provide extra strength and speed. They run on the Operator’s own bio-energy and consume this energy very quickly, so while Operators hold an advantage on most battlefields, over-exertion of their superhuman abilities can have adverse effects on their nervous systems.


Harvesters: These are the most common aliens in what was once the invasion force. They stand as tall as most humans, but are much thinner and have elongated skulls and pale grey skin. Those that have survived seem to be benevolent towards humans, indicating those seen fighting in the war were doing so against their will.


Colossi: As their name indicates, the Colossi are the muscle of the alien army. They wear suits of powered armor to provide enhanced mobility and strength, and for good reason: the ant-like creatures underneath the suits barely have enough muscle to move at all on their own. Upon its user’s death, a mechanism within the suit violently detonates, making it difficult for even the most skilled Scavengers to reverse-engineer this technology.


Sprinters: The Sprinters appear to be of the same species as the Colossi. However, unlike their armored cousins, advanced technology has been integrated into their very bodies, giving them amazing strength and speed. However, due to the fragile nature of the species as a whole, they can be brought down quite easily, and their augmentations do not self-destruct. They are as common as the Colossi, and they are the primary source of the Scavengers’ advanced tech.


Other: Alien species besides the ones mentioned have supposedly been encountered, though they only officially exist as rumors, and it is still believed that we have so far only seen the foot soldiers of the invasion force, while the commanders and generals still reside in places hidden from the public eye. If you would like to submit a custom species, write a detailed description of your species including any special abilities or traits and post it in the discussion topic along with a paragraph-long or longer in-character sample of how this species would be played. Only one custom species can exist per player, but additional slots may be earned through significant contributions to the RPG.




Alien technology has become commonplace in today's world.


Cybernetics: The aliens have mastered the creation and operation of artificial servos, motors, and sensory devices. They have used this to build augmentations and suits of powered armor for their troops. While the Scavengers have managed to reverse-engineer these augmentations, they still struggle with the ability to power an entire suit of armor.


Weaponry: The most commonplace of alien weaponry comes in the form of devices capable of supercharging gaseous compounds and launching them at enemies--in other words, laser cannons. There exist both handheld and mounted variants. In addition, the aliens make use of weapons that fire solid projectiles, whether they be electromagnetic railguns or just good old-fashioned firearms, though these are less common. The Scavengers have effectively reverse-engineered railgun technology into rifles and heavy cannons, but so far, they haven't been able to replicate plasma weapons.


Vehicles: Though few alien vehicles still operate, their wreckages have been collected and looted for technology by Scavengers and BIU agents alike.

Carrier Ships: Aside from the Dome, he most prominent alien vehicle is the Carrier Ship, a city-sized featureless black disc. It has various ports along the sides and bottom for deployment of weapons, soldiers, and vehicles that seamlessly merge with the rest of the hull when closed. Not a single carrier ship beneath Earth's atmosphere is currently functional. Nobody quite knows what each ship holds behind its sleek surface, though judging by the weapons systems and the fact that it can hold itself plus a legion of armed aliens aloft, the rewards of breaching one would surely be boundless.

Gunships: The Gunship, as its name entails, is the primary aerial combat unit utilized by the aliens. It consists of a central command pod equipped with a cockpit designed for unarmored Colossi, two rapid-fire plasma cannons, a central railgun, and two semi-circular lobes that use the same anti-gravitational technology as the Carrier Ship to achieve flight.

Walkers: The Walker is something of an anomaly among the aliens' fighting force in that every single Walker observed as of late has been fundamentally different from the last. As long as it's mechanical, alien, and walks or crawls along the ground on two or more legs, we call it a Walker.




For the most part, this RPG will take place in the areas surrounding Lake Ontario, though other locations are accessible. The Lakeside itself is in remarkably good condition; the military managed to bring down the local carrier ship using no nuclear force whatsoever. The stories vary, but regardless of how it was accomplished, the ship was taken out without extensively damaging the landscape. However, the waterline did extend a couple hundred feet, but farmland is still available, if scarce. Dirt paths connecting settlements have been built around the roadways that haven't been overgrown or destroyed.


Fort Gordon: A fort that serves as the BIU’s forward operating base towards “Operation Titanic,” their codename for any activities pertaining to the crashed vessel in Lake Ontario. It is located north of Niagara Falls.


Carversville: Although this town appears to be little more than a peaceful settlement, it is thoroughly and covertly guarded by Operators. It has been completely overrun by the Scavengers, and they use it as a sort of hub from which to ship weapons to their customers. It is located in a forested area just off the lake’s New York coastline.


Pestilence: “Pestilence” is a codeword used by Militia operatives to identify their many secret strongholds scattered across the Ontario lakeside. They use an alpha-numeric system to name each base, with “Alpha (A)” designating the most important strongholds through “Zulu (Z)” designating the least, plus numbers that represent the location of each one (i.e. Pestilence Echo-Thirteen). Pestilence Alpha-One is the main command center for the Militia’s Ontario operations, and its location is a closely-guarded secret.


The Bell Tower: A large tower constructed of scrap metal and other refuse in which the Seers gather for meetings and other gatherings. As the name suggests, a large bell rests at its tip, though it is never rung for fear of collapsing the tower.




1. No god-modding. Basically, don't do anything that would be beyond your character's (and the universe's) limits, both mental and physical. We may have some super-powerful characters in the game, but try to be as realistic as possible.

2. Do not bunny (take excessive control of) or kill other characters without the owner's permission. For example: "Bob threw a rock at Joe's foot, killing him."

(In this case, Bob would be the offending player's character, while Joe is another player's character.)

3. No metagaming. Everything that your character knows IC must be learned in some way.

4. This one goes along with #1: No deus ex machina. Basically, don't god-mode to get your character out of a tricky situation.

5. As always, all BZP rules apply.

6. Before submitting your first character, please send me a PM containing the phrase “Paranoid Conspiracy” so I know you read this.


If any of these rules (with the exception of #5) are broken, the GMs will punish the offending player based on the severity of the offense.




Zyke the Space Biker

Varren Rehn

The Fourteenth Lakefish


To Join:


Fill out this profile and post it in the discussion topic:



Species: (please choose one from the list of approved species. Species-ambiguous characters are allowed, but will be judged with more scrutiny than others)

Gender: (Does not apply to alien characters. They may have their own genders, but chances are they don’t mean much to us carbon-based lifeforms :P)

Age: (Again, optional for alien characters)

Equipment: (Weapons, armor, tools, or whatever else your character carries with them on a daily basis)

Appearance: (A description of what your character looks like. Images are acceptable as well.)

Abilities: (Whether superhuman or otherwise, please outline any special skills your character can make use of. For Operators or Sprinters, please detail the function of every augmentation they have)

History: (A brief description of your character’s life up until the current time)

Weakness: (A potentially fatal flaw of your character. The more powerful the character, the greater the weakness must be)

Edited by Zyke the Space Biker


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@Transformers: The new timeline for earth is a little odd. If having energon around has boosted our tech so much, why has technology apparently only just made a jump to what is advanced tech for the 1980s rather than accelerating faster consistently? And why have we only just gone to space when the urge to get to the stars is pretty key in human psychology, probably moreso when there are two moons. You say there's a data net, which I'd imagine would require satellites, so there's clearly the ability to lob things into orbit, why no people?


@Ontario: If the world has no more economy anymore, where are the BIU getting the funds for their troops and equipment?

Are aliens something we can expect to run into a lot if you've got various species listed under the races?

What, specifically, do the Anti-Union Militia have against the BIU? I don't understand what it is they disliked so much about a government trying to save the world, since from the description it just sounds like they didn't like being in the USA. I've never been myself, but I don't imagine its that bad :P

For that matter, why is there all this fighting anyway? Are people not more worried about, you know, food and things? Or are the fighting over that as well as alien tech?


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Technology is in the modern-day, the time period is the 1980s. The Great War was fought for different reasons, resulting in a different outcome. The Depression was merely a Recession, equivalent to the Great Recession recently experienced. WWII was an entirely different conflict. There was a brief time where the US and the USSR thought they might come to blows following WWII, which resulted in the military of both countries growing during the 50's. The 60's were focused on Domestic affairs, and the 70's was the greatest time of peace the world experienced in the twentieth century. So far, the 80's have been a period of collaboration. Satellites have been launched, but prior to the 70's they were commonly used for the purpose of the internet.


Going to space is a planned project, but without the motivating force of the Cold war, there wasn't enough popular support for such project among any individual nation. It's only in the eighties, where the UN collaborated space mission gets approved for the first time, is that nations start to look up. After all, once all the world's outstanding issues are solved, what else is there left to do?

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That didn't answer my question. Technology seems to run equivalent to what it does in our world until suddenly in the 80s it jumps forward to modern times. Why? Why hasn't it been constantly accelerating faster ever since we discovered how to harness energon? Think how much faster we could have developed something like aviation with a much more efficient power supply.


I'm also still not seeing how its going to stop people fighting over beliefs and governments, unless thats just propaganda and this world peace is really just a US-dominated force that has crushed anyone who didn't fall in line


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@Ontario: If the world has no more economy anymore, where are the BIU getting the funds for their troops and equipment?

Are aliens something we can expect to run into a lot if you've got various species listed under the races?

What, specifically, do the Anti-Union Militia have against the BIU? I don't understand what it is they disliked so much about a government trying to save the world, since from the description it just sounds like they didn't like being in the USA. I've never been myself, but I don't imagine its that bad :P

For that matter, why is there all this fighting anyway? Are people not more worried about, you know, food and things? Or are the fighting over that as well as alien tech?


Elaborated on that first bit in the BIU's faction section, but the gist is that they pretty much enslave the people of the places they manage to get control of. Hence why the Militia hates them.

And yes, I'm planning to allow players to have alien characters, and as of the beginning of the RPG, they'll have to hang out around the Seers or risk getting shot at, but I have a plot in the works to help remedy that so said charries can get a little more interaction.

Yeah, that's also a point of conflict, but the land can still be farmed and used to raised livestock, so it's not a huge issue. The Seers want to get inside the ship because they think it's the key to reaching that elevated state without being killed by aliens, the Scavengers want to break in and harvest the technology inside, the BIU wants to quarantine and destroy it, and the Militia wants to stop them from doing that because the ship could be an advantageous strategical point/bargaining chip both for its tech and its importance to the other factions. So, conflicts.

Edited by Zyke the Space Biker


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They still have farmland? I know agriculture existed in Ontario but after the massive ship crashing, the floods from it landing in a lake, the probable fallout from the nukes that brought it down or from the ship itself, and all the fighting with energy weapons there wouldn't be much left of the farmland

Perhaps you could add a section where you describe the current layout of the city? Or expand your locations section to more than just key bases?


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My apologies for stiffing out on my duties. Transformers: Regeneration Approved [1]. While prior Transformer's interest hasn't been the greatest, it's still worth trying again.


Still thinking on Ontario though. I'll get to it later today hopefully.


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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With the modifications complete, and the one of our currently active judges speaking in favor, I add my weight to this.


Transformers: Regeneration Approved [2].


Try not to die.

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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@Transformers: I dunno, there's still thing niggling at me. Be they little things like the way only one of the two moons has been given a proper name, odd things like some form of teleportation tech being mentioned in the intro and then never again or bigger things like energon somehow causing everyone involved to lay aside differences despite similar reliance on fuels not doing the same in the real world


@Ontario: I can't help but feel these people have better things to do than fight each other over. They only want the ship in the lake for the tech but pretty much all of them already have alien tech, enough of it to reverse engineer it even. And I'd still like to know more about the terrain so the whole thing doesn't descend into a constant back-and-forth of attacking each other's bases. What are those settlements like? How much do they vary in size? How much of the former major cities in the area is still standing? A map might be slightly useful as well to show where the bases are in relation with each other since they're the opnly landmarks we have to go on

You might also want to mention how many characters the players are allowed. I didn't see a limit or lack of limit anywhere.


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The original Moon is 'The Moon'. The other is 'Luna'. I don't really follow what you're saying on that Adders.


Teleportation only exists in the bases as a means for transportation to other parts of the world. It only works less like a teleporter, and more like a 'bridge' across space to allow faster transport. A set of coordinates is required for the entrance and exit portals.


And l also corrected that last one for you. It isn't as-unified, but there's at least communication. Kinda like Detente...

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You've given one moon a name, Luna. Why has not the other moon been given a name? You're just calling it a moon. Its like having two dogs, calling one Patch and the other Dog. Why hasn't it been called Selene or something like that? Its not like one of them is a new discovery and they needed to differentiate, both have been visible forever. So why is only one of them named properly?


So we can only teleport to another teleporter? Its not like Star Trek where we can just beam anywhere we want as long as we have one on our end? So what makes earth a 'nexus' for teleportation then? Are there other planets that have races that teleport to us then use our teleporters to get where they wanted to go, like a big galactic waystation?


And finally:

We'd become so dependent on the trade of Energon, that we put aside hundreds of differences to ensure we wouldn't run out of Energon. Civil rights and the end of apartheid came about as the result of Energon trade bargains


No. You haven't fixed it. Dependancy on energon somehow makes things better rather than worse as everyone tries to grab it for themselves, and seems to exude tolerance as an exhaust


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It's the original moon...


Are you saying that The Moon should have a better name..?


It functions like the teleportation devices from Star Trek. However, teleportation to any point in the galaxy is difficult, depending off of distance, and where the location is. Earth is galacticly-clear of any nebulas, so it's easier to transport to than a large portion of the galaxy.


There must obviously be a large amount of energon situated on Earth. I'm following the idea from the original Beast Wars, where you could basically find energon anywhere.

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But its not the original moon. They both are. Both moons have been around since prehistory, you establish this in the interview. So why does only one have a name?


If there's a lot of energon on Earth then surely thats even less incentive to form complex trade negotiations to monitor its use? I mean, what need is there to regulate its use if its just everywhere?


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