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Perhaps a bit of clarification is in order; I'm not opposed to this being a non-sandbox game, the comment about kicking the genre was related to the sandbox genre, not the non-sandbox genre. Phrased that in such a way it looked like I wanted to kick the non-sandbox thing. I think it's cool you're trying to keep the players together, methinks that'll make things easier. I'm just not really keen on the whole specific origins thing and the idea that it'll be from point a to b to c to d to e. If both of these things aren't problems, there's not a whole lot for me to gripe about.


As for the specific bits to cut out, I'll have to get back to you on that.


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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Posting this myself so that Humva does not double post.

Ever since the collapse of the First Ones, humanity has been scattered and lost over the land of Elorena.


Two thousand years of chaos and warlords reduced a once grand civilization to a motley collection of towns and cities that could scarcely be called civilizations. It would be fittingly known as the Age of Chaos, with the foul creatures that roam taking advantage of humanity's fractured status. Alliances with fellow sapients would be made and broken with every breath of the wind across the land. The Age of Cities would start when Emperor Kámen Meč unified the three cities of the Worlds Crown. During this time, humanity would cease its chaotic scrabblings, formalizing war to an art and sport rather than senseless violence. The land would be tamed, and the fantastic creatures that wandered it, subjugated. Soon, sapients began to live amongst humans, intermingling co-existing in the new nations that sprung up from the ashes of the old age. Half-breeds became common, man learned how to wield the power of the earth and create refined metals, and the art of diplomacy was perfected by the kings of the land.

Nearly six hundred years after the Emperor Mečs unification, the Fountains of Mana were uncovered. Ancient shrines from the Age of Legends, these fountains were filled with mana, a strange magical substance. It was discovered in short order that when exposed to mana for a long period of time, one gained magical abilities, capable of doing wonderous things with a mere thought. It was from this the first Council of Warlocks was formed, wizards from around the land who sought to institute a noble endeavor to grant all the ability to use magic and to bring humanity closer together. The Age of Magic had begun. It would fail with the declaration of war between the Southern Ithu States and the Great Sea Cities. The conflict tore the Council apart and made its vision little more than a pipe dream as humans and their sapient citizens continued to exist as their own, independent, entities. Warfare had changed now, however, with magic being used to destructive effect unheard of before the Age of Magic. It would be two hundred years more until the present day arrived. The nations have more or less become stable, but now, the rulers of the land look towards the future. No empire has ever stretched the whole of Elorena, but for the first time, an opportunistic ruler could very well achieve it. The emperors of the past would be shamed by the abilities now possessed by humanity. Someone will rule the land; the only question is who.


Fountains of Mana Hosted by Alex Humva Co-hosted by Silvan Haven


The Game Itself


This is Fountains of Magic, a low-fantasy RTS RPG that involves players taking the role of guiding their civilization through diplomacy, military action, and cultural struggles. Rather than role play an individual, you have the daunting task of role-playing a nation. Its surprisingly easy skill to get the hang of though, so don't worry. Something of note is that, due to the size of this sort of game, the opening post simply cannot hold every wonder and curiosity. As such, in the accompanying discussion topic, there will be an FAQ post that will allow you to browse through questions that have been brought up.


The World We Live In


The world this RPG takes place in is some unspecified Earth-like planet; our slice of the action takes place in a small subcontinent area. The climate varies somewhat, with the southern-most parts experiencing more moderate temperatures and the northern-most bits experiencing harsh winters. As such the environment is more or less a consistent gradient, with a few isolated areas experiencing different weather patterns. Geography can be explained by this handy map:


[Territories controlled]-[World Regions]-[Region Glossary]


The civilizations of this world are approximately in the early first century AD, for a parallel to our own world. Bronze and iron are the mainstays of the day, with steel in its infancy but still not quite perfected by civilizations at large. Travel is as you'd expect, horses and feet making up your primarily means, allowing you to travel the world at 5 MPH. Farming does still take up a large portion of the population, with only around 20% of the population engaged in other activities. Please keep this in mind when doing your day-to-day affairs. Fantastic creatures are an occurrence in this world, but not to the degree you see in something like high fantasy. Some creatures, like dragons and treemen, still roam this world free of human interference, often secluded away from civilization in remote places. Almost all others have been incorporated into the expansive human civilizations. Sometimes these are half-breeds, combinations of humans and other races, but often they are simply another species all-together, coexisting with the human majority. As it stands there is no nation with a non-human majority, but there do exist nations with significant non-human presences. As a player you are welcome to create your own race(s) to have exist within your nation. The mechanics of running a whole nation can be daunting, and indeed, if everyone had to manage every mundane task wed be here all day figuring things out. As such, there are a few systems in place to help players and GMs alike keep things straight. A core feature is the Economic Point (EP) system: this is how you handle things like buying armies, settling new lands, building important buildings, and maintaining your wizardry stocks. Your civilization produces a set amount of EPs based on the land(s) you currently control AND what you have done with that land. This system is cumulative, as in your EPs can build up over time to allow for larger purchases. You produce EP once every quarter year, or every 14 days in real life. You can then spend your EP on whatever you will. For you more visual learners, look at it this way:

  • You begin on day 1. You have 10 EP.
  • You build a dam for five EP. You now have 5 EP.
  • You hit day 14. You gain 20 EP. You now have 25 EP.
  • You build two dams. You now have 15 EP.

This can then be made more complex by maintenance; that is, some things cost money over time, and deducts EP out of your budget immediately. Take this example:

  • You begin on day 1. You have 10 EP.
  • You commission a hundred man army. This costs you 1 EP per pay cycle. You now have 9 EP.
  • You hit day 14. You gain 20 EP. You deduct 1 EP for your army. You now have 28 EP.

Simple enough, right? How you manage your finances is often a significant factor of play, and will require you to make decisions on what to buy and, potentially, what to conquer to pay for your expanding army. But one might ask "ok Humva, so I produce EP based on the land I own, but how do I make more cash?" It's a good question; you have the ability to make economic improvements by submitting your improvement to a GM. Tell them what exactly you want to improve and how, and they will give you an initial price and what EP increase that will net you. Keep in mind, however, that some improvements are better than others in some places. If you live in the mountains, increasing your farming production will have a far lesser gain than, say, building more mines. Take this hypothetical example: you live in the Mythic Mountains, and your province makes 20 EP/cycle. You decide to make three economic improvements, effecting farming, lumberjacking, and mining. You devote 5 EP each to improving these. The farming increases your EP/cycle by 1 EP, the lumberjacking by 4 EP, and the mining by 8 EP. As you can see, lumberjacking and mining are the ways to go for proper economic improvement in that region. Provinces Themselves First of all, an important distinction must be made; regions are areas on the map that detail specific climate areas and facilitate the placement of nations. Provinces are nation based, though still decided by the GM. A province is an area that produces EP, and where improvements can be made. Everyone starts off with one province, their Capital Province, which produces their starting EP. As your nation grows the GMs will decide when to do redistricting and create a new province. This will be reflected in a specialized province map. The tl;dr of this all is that a province is a chunk of land that produces EP/cycle and the GMs draw the borders for them. Take this example scaled down and entirely hypothetical province map:




Province 1 makes 10 EP/cycle, province 2 makes 5 EP/cycle, province 3 5 EP/cycle and so forth. If you were to build mines in province 1 and make it produce 15 EP/cycle, then province 1 would be the only one that benefits from the mines. As stated before, everyone starts with one province, their Capital Province. This will produce a base 30 EP/cycle when you join the game, subject to change as the game progresses.


Waging War


War is inevitable in these sorts of games, and indeed, is a crucial part to expanding as a player. The backbone of any war is the army; for the sake of balance, theres some standardization to army costs and upkeep. A company of men, consisting of a thousand soldiers, costs a flat 1 EP to produce and 4 EP to upkeep. They take 14 real days to train. This is, however, a company of professional soldiers, equipped with some form of good armor and weaponry. You can choose to, instead of professional soldiers, rally together a levy force. These levies are the common folk, armed minimalistically and trained little. They cost 1 EP for three thousand soldiers and cost 1 EP to upkeep. They take two real days to train. You are able to, of course, upgrade the equipment that your army uses via commissioning projects, something talked about later. Maybe you produce some more swords, maybe you make a never-ending supply of bread with magic, its really up to you. Alas, for soldiers that deviate from the standard foot soldier, you will have to request the pricing specifics for that particular soldier type. Do this by talking to your local GM. In addition, units will keep their veteran status; for instance, if you rally levies up and then disband them after the war to return to their farms, you have the option of specifically calling those levies up again in the future. They will benefit from the experience and be better than stock levies. Now, knowing how to buy your troops is all well and good, but how do you actually fight with them? This is a contentious area in RTS RPGs, and one that often produces the harshest of feelings. Often fights will devolve into "my guys shot your guys! no, mine did!" As such, its requested that civility is exercised, and to keep in mind that at the end of the day its just a game. How a typical battle should go down is player A initiating the attack, player B responding to the tactics presented, and then this will go back and forth until a victor is decided. A GM will be there to give a causality report. If the battle cannot be decided in a reasonable span of time, a GM will declare a victor in it. Above all else, use common sense when battling. The tl;dr of this section:

  • Professional soldiers (1,000) cost 4 EP to train and 1 EP/cycle to upkeep. They are trained soldiers who remain soldiers.
  • Farmers-made-soldiers (3,000) cost 1 EP to train and 1 EP/cycle to upkeep. They are farmers with swords.
  • Units keep their veteran status.
  • Battles should be conducted with some form of civility and common sense.




This game has magic, as evidenced in the opening post. You might ask, how do I get my wizard army? Well, in order to do this you must control a Fountain of Mana; all players automatically start with one, but random ones are scattered around the map as well. You post something along the lines of I sent a guy to become a wizard, and then you wait. It will take seven real life days to create one wizard; its a very long process in-universe. Alas, you can only one one guy bathe in the fountain at a time, so you cant just pop out an army at once. Obviously, if you control two fountains then, you could make two wizards at a time. This creates some strategic drive to hold fountains. But how does your wizard work once you actually have him? Well, magic can be placed into three categories; you decide which your wizard will be and bamft, hes that type. This is a one time deal however, you cant change it once you have your wizard made.

  • Creation: These wizards are creators of life , who make creatures to do their bidding. This exists in two types;
  • Golems: Creations made from the materials of the world itself, these are crude but cheap things, raw material held together by a creator's willpower and granted minimal intellect. They are weak, requiring minimal effort to shatter their magic and reduce them to a pile of garbage. They are also capable only of following simple orders, and must have a commander, magical or not, to guide them. They are, however, capable of being made out of literally anything, and can be mass produced by a creator/many creators.
  • Creatures: Creations made from a combination of raw material and a base, living, animal. These do not rely on any magical force to keep them together, but exhibit the needs for food, water, and other amenities possessed by all living things. The only limit to the monstrosities that can be made are the amount of creators involved, the materials used, and the time creating it.
  • Battlecraft: These wizards are battlemages, specializing in the art of battle. They manipulate earth and fire to devastating effect, pummeling their foes with rocks, setting things alight, or in more complex methods, raining down fiery meteors from the heavens or causing the ground itself to eat advancing troops.
  • Alchemy: By far the most diverse field of magic, these wizards are alchemists, specializing in the making of special potions to imbue effects to living things and enchantments to imbue effects to inanimate things. To define what potions and enchantments can and can't do, potions are effectively magical chemicals, causing reactions and various effects you'd expect from an understanding of chemistry. Enchantments can be placed on inanimate objects and enhance their pre-existing traits.

Wizards will likely form one of the core features of a players production base; creators can create quick armies and elite units, battlemages are obviously useful in battle, though their skills can also be used in the construction of fortresses, and alchemists obviously can do a wide range of things, from enchanting weapons to never dull to making potions that allow your soldiers not to sleep. How doing these things will work is you will fill a little form out specifying what you want to do with your wizards and send it to the GM, who will ship you back a time to produce and a cost associated, if there is one. After all, you cant create your golem armies instantly. Managing Your Civilization Now, we've discussed EP, but so far we've only touched on the warfare aspects of using it. You can also use it for civic improvements, and indeed, is likely what you'll be doing a large amount of the time. Civic improvements consume EP to do all manner of things, from investing in better farms to building entirely new settlements to reinforcing your walls, so forth and so forth. This is done primarily on a case to case basis; you say "hrm, I think Ill build more farms," and send the GM the specifics of how many more farms you want to build and where. The GM then gives you the necessary information and bamft youre chugging along. Some improvements will also help your EP, costing initial EP to build but then producing extra EP as you go along. This is pretty handy for when you need to expand your economy without going on a conquering spree. You can also do things like build more smitheries, to help with weapon production and such things. Settling is a bit special: when you commission a new settlement, you need to tell the GM were specifically its going be. Depending on how far it is, you'll get a time to completion on that. You can issue only one charter of settlement at a time, however, and you must keep in mind that new towns provide no initial EP bonus, nor do they follow any sort of set formula to making EP. Often, towns are used to claim areas of the map, or to provide a place to station soldiers to guard a vital resource.


Rules of the Game That You Should Follow


1-Remember that you're still on BZP.

2-Common sense. This cannot be stressed enough in a game like this, common sense is perhaps the most important rule of them all. Just think about things before doing them, ok? It creates a lot less problems that way.

3-Do not metagame. This is where you allow things outside of the game to influence your actions inside of the game. It can be innocent enough at first but very quickly ruins the game. Do not do it.

4-Going god mode, wiping out whole armies at once, not approved of unless you have the means. Being crafty, setting up an ambush, and crushing the enemy is all well and good. Sending three hundred men against three hundred men and saying you came out unscathed while they all died is rather terrible, though.

5-The GMs ruling on something is final. Continuing to pester them about it results in a slap. If you think you've been wronged, you can take it up with the other GM and things will get resolved via private decorum.

6-Speaking of decorum, be nice. Yes, these sorts of games often require a significant time investment and yes, losing horribly never feels nice, but it is at the end of the day a game. Its not healthy to get too stressed out about things.

7-Funsies apply, so go do cool stuff.


Various Bits of Paperwork


You'll find all the forms you need here for getting things done. Fill them out as required, shouldn't be too confusing.


Profile Submission Form


Nations Name: [Whats your nation known as?]Nations Characteristics: [What are some characteristics of your nation?]

Nations Society: [Hows your society?]

Nations Perk: [Heres where you put your chosen national perks, which can be found here.]

Nations History: [What have your guys been up to?]

Nation's Starting Units: [Ok, so you get to start with some pre-existing military stuff. You have 60 EP to spend here, anything you don't spend will start in your EP bank when the game begins. Keep in mind that you only start with 30 EP production in your capital province, so be careful as to not go over budget. Remember that you can have projects and specialized soldiers in here. In addition, you can start with some wizards, who cost 5 EP each to start with but have no upkeep costs.]


Spell Submission Form


Spell Description: [Yeah really I just need a basic description of whats going on]

Spell Cost & Time: [ill fill this one out]


Project Submission Form


Project Description: [Whatcha be building]

Project Cost & Time: [ill fill this one out]


Specialized soldier Submission Form


Number of Soldiers: [How many troops are in one unit?]

Soldier Description: [What sets these guys apart from your levies?]

Unit Cost: [i'll fill this one out]

Edited by Silvan Haven

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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I went through Dragon Age and did some trimming and adjustments as necessary to help clarify things. This is to say -


RPG fixed according to judges suggestions.


-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

"I disapprove of what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often attributed to Voltaire)

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I'm sure this will need a few changes, and I still hope to pick up a few more staff if anyone is interested. I have no idea if anyone will want to play this or not but I made it and I'm gonna submit it.

TMNT: City of the Lost



Raphael stood next too Mikey as they huddled over a package that lied on the counter before them.


"What do you think this is? Looks like someone sent Splinter a stick."


"Beats the heck out of me Mikey. Why dontcha open it up and see?" Raph shrugged as he crossed his arms.


"Its addressed to an Hamato Yoshi... that's Splinter's old sensei." Raph said as he read the note on the package.


"Fine I will!" Mikey said as he stuck out his tongue and then tore the brown paper off the package. Mikey blanched when what inside was revealed.


"Its just an old rusty katana dude, boooring."


"Maybe there's somethin' special about it." Raph said as he picked the katana up and held it. Suddenly the katana began to glow red. It suddenly transformed; becoming almost like new as Raphael held it. Something in Raph's eyes suddenly changed. He could feel a voice screaming in his head now. His own voice. Kill him! Kill Mikey! Kill the fool!


Raph tried to resist but it had control of his body now. He growled and swung the blade at Mikey. Mikey tried to duck but the blade slashed across his cheek; drawing blood.


"What the Shell bro!" Mikey shouted.


"Die... kill..."


"Raphael! What on earth are you doing?" Leonardo's voice rang out. Raph whirled around to see his brother standing in the foyer with his twin katana drawn.


"Oh, look its Leo! All high and mighty as always! Always kissing Splinter's ***! I'll show you who's best once and for all bro!" Raph shouted as he charged; swinging the katana at Leo's face. Leo deflected the blow easily with his own katana.


"I don't know what's come over you Raph but this isn't you. No matter how angry you get you'd never try to hurt me like this." Leo then pushed Raph's blade back. Raph snarled as he attacked again slashing furiously at Leo as his brother deflected them again with his blades.


"Give it up Raph, the katana is my forte', not yours." Leo said as he swept both blades to the left; catching Raph's katana by the hilt and swiping it from his hand. As soon as the blade left Raph's hand he fell to his knees breathing hard as the voice in his head went away.


Leo sheathed his swords and bent down to peer at the sword. It now looked broken and rusty again. "Where did you find this thing?" he asked as he picked it up.


"Leo no!" Mikey shouted. He'd been watching the duel in fear so far. Too afraid to get involved.


Raph watched as the blade transformed again and now turned a dark blue. Leo's eyes hardened and he gave Raph an eerie grin. "You've always been so pathetic Raph. Never strong enough to best me. You're not a real ninja, you don't even deserve to live." Leo said as he swung the blade at Raph's neck.


Raphael drew his sai in an instant and brought them up to deflect the strike. "**** it Leo! Why did you touch it!" he roared.


Ten minutes later and Raph stumbled back bleeding all over from several cuts on his body from Leo. He watched his brother; also a bit bloodied from their duel. Leo wasn't stopping. He wouldn't stop until Raph was dead.


"Mikey! Go get Splinter!" Raph shouted. Mikey nodded before running off. Raph looked up to see Donnie walk into the room.


"What's going on? Why are you guys fighting?" Donnie asked. Raphael watched as Leonardo turned towards Donnie and then raised his blade above his head.


"You will be the first to fall upon my blade!" Leo shouted as he jumped into the air. Time slowed around Raph now. He charged forward with all his might throwing himself in front of Leo.


"Leo NO!" Raph roared. Leo's katana cut across Raph's face. Blinding pain shot through Raph's left eye and he lost all vision in it. Raphael screamed as he stumbled back holding one of his sai's to his eye now; which was pouring blood.


"My sons, what is the meaning of this." Raph turned to see Splinter standing in the room with Mikey now. Resting against his cane as he took the scene in slowly.


"This sword... it possessed me and now its got Leo. It makes you crazy, I wanted to kill Mikey. We have to stop him Splinter." Raph spat.


"I see. I know of this blade my son. This is an ancient blade that has been in the hands of the Foot for generations. It is no coincidence this blade came to us. This was given to us as a means for us to destroy ourselves. I will not allow that to happen."


Leo turned towards Splinter slowly. "And what are you going to do sensei? I learned everything from you. I am your greatest pupil, you have no chance against me."


"We shall see." Splinter said. Leo ran at Splinter and as Raph watched with one eye Splinter became almost a blur of motion. In an instant it was over and Leo was on the floor while Splinter held his cane to Leo's neck. Splinter then kicked the blade away from Leo and then lowered his cane.


"This blade is pure evil... the demon inside this blade must be exorcised and to do this there must be a host and a sacrifice."


"Father... what have I done?" Leo asked shaking. Splinter said nothing and instead placed his hand on the blade. A black shadow poured from the blade and into Splinter's chest.


"To exercise the demon one of us must die while it is inside our body. I am now its host. I need you to move quickly Leonardo and strike me down."


"What? No! There must be another way! I won't do this father!" Leo said. He was standing now.


"Yeah what Leo said! No one's killing you Splinter!" Raph shouted.


"You must do this Leonardo. You must kill me to destroy the spirit. It is the only way. I can't bear the thought of killing one of my sons or one of you killing each other. Please hurry." Splinter said softly.


"No! Take me instead!" Raphael shouted. As he moved between Leo and Splinter.


"Raphael. You have a kind heart. Don't let your rage destroy you my son. Know that I will always love you and I am sorry." Splinter said. Then his hand cracked against the side of Raphael's neck. Raph fell to his feet his vision fading to black.

Leo stood facing his father; his hands shaking. "Splinter... I can't. I won't."


"Leonardo, please do it. To protect those you love, to protect your brothers."


Leo drew one of his blades from his back. Tears were running down Leo's eyes now as he stared his father down. "Please my son... give your father an honorable death."


Leo gripped the blade with both hands. He looked into Splinter's eyes as he positioned the blade low. "Father... I can't do this... I'm sorry." Leo said.


"You will and you must. My death will not be your fault. My time has come. Now do it before this demon takes control and I kill one of you."


Leo nodded and then steeled himself. He thrust his blade forward now. He had to look away as he felt it cut into Splinter's chest. "Father... please forgive me."


A Bit About this Ninja Turtle universe...

This RP exists in its own Ninja Turtle universe since there are several different ones. It is most akin to the original comics, the 1980's movies or the 2004 animated series in that it is gritty and dark. I will attempt to give an overview on Ninja Turtles for anyone who is interested and not familiar with any of the adaption's.

TMNT takes place in New York city. The story is about four turtles and a rat that made contact with the mutagen ooze and were transformed into mutants. The rat who was named Splinter by his master Hamato Yoshi took the four baby turtles in and raised them as his son. Splinter had spent years mimicking the moves of Yoshi when he was his pet rat and had learned the ways of the ninja. A Splinter raised the four turtles he began to train them and teach them his knowledge. He named each turtle after one of the masters of the renaissance: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael.

Hamato Yoshi at one time was part of the Foot Clan, one of the biggest ninja clans in Japan. He had a rival named Oroku Saki. Yoshi and Saki both loved the same woman and out of jealousy and rage Saki killed her and then killed Yoshi himself.

Years later Saki moved to America and set up operations in New York city, creating his own branch of the Foot Clan. He renamed himself the Shredder and doned a suit of metal armor and a helmet studded with metal spikes and razor sharp blades. Once the turtles were teenagers and went out to venture in the city they came into contact with the Foot. After that a war of sorts took place between the turtles and the Foot. Eventually the Shredder was killed. The turtles had many other adventures, and fought crime against petty criminals and other strange foes such as the Utrom. The Utrom or the Kraang. Are a race of small brain-shaped aliens that usually are incased in a suit of android body armor. They have very advanced technology and are responsible for creating the mutagen ooze in the first place. Their goal is to dominate the world and plant their own species on the earth.

The Turtles also made some human friends along the way. A reporter named April O'Neil, and a masked vigilante named Casey Jones. Eventually the two became a couple and are now married.

Twenty years ago the TMNT were given a mysterious package. The package turned out to be an ancient sword possessed with a demonic spirit. After a fierce battle where Raphael lost his eye to a possessed Leonardo they learned that the only way to get rid of the demon was to sacrifice someone while it was in their body. Splinter allowed the demon to enter his body and then forced Leonardo to run him through.

After Splinter was dead the broken brothers buried their father in silence. Things would never be the same for them. Leonardo soon left New York. He blamed himself for his father's death and could never forgive himself for killing Splinter. He left for Japan and was gone for three years. Donnie became recluse and left the Turtle's lair to find his own space within the sewers where he created his own lab. Mikey gave up crime fighting and moved in with Casey Jones and April. As for Raphael he continued to fight crime alone. Carrying guilt inside him as well.

Two years after the incident a large group of new ninja turtles were found by Raph within the sewers. They had no memories, no names, no past. Raphael took these new young turtles in and began to raise them as his own. Soon Donnie came to him and admitted he had created them in his lab. He had been busy trying to find a way to clone Splinter but each attempt had been a failure, however he had created several successful turtle clones.

Raph told Donnie to give it up, that their father was dead and there was no way to bring him back. Leo returned a year later to find Raphael teaching his new sons and daughters. He decided to stay to help Raphael. Soon Donnie and Mikey returned as well. They each took on the sons' or daughters of their own and began to teach them individually.

Now eighteen years later after these new turtles were found the Foot Clan has grown in strength under a new master. The Foot has collected more mutagen and created a new batch of mutants of various animals. Some of their mutants rebelled however and escaped the Foot; escaping into the city.

War is coming however. The Foot is preparing to find the Turtles, their old enemy and crush them.

Mutant Info

In this RP you have several different options for creating characters. You can be a human vigilante, a human Foot Soldier or perhaps a captain in the Foot Clan, and then you can be a Mutant. Mutants in TNMT are usually animals that are exposed to a mutagen known as ooze.

The ooze then mutates the said animal into an intelligent being, usually very human-like, almost a hybrid of a human and the animal that was mutated. If you are making a mutant you can chose any animal or insect you'd like really. Mutants do not have super powers, but they do have the traits of the animals they mutated from. So let's say you were a cheetah that the Foot subjected to the mutagen, once mutated you would most likely be much faster then a mutated lion or tiger.

You don't have to be a mutated turtle fighting alongside the TNMT, but you can. I hope that some players will make some new turtles. You can choose any color band you'd like, any weapon. Guns are frowned upon by the TNMT but perhaps they have a rebellious son or daughter who prefers them. Female turtles are also allowed.



The Foot Clan: The Foot are a clan of ninja assassins who operate in New York but originated from feudal Japan. Their original leader the Shredder died over twenty years ago thanks to the Ninja Turtles. The Foot have never forgiven the turtles and in the last twenty years have returned to the shadows growing in strength and number. They have a new leader who has donned the armor of the Shredder, but who the identity of this new leader is remains a mystery.

Recently the Foot has collected mutagen from the Kraang and have used it to make a new army of mutants. They then trained these mutants to be members of the Foot. Several of these mutants however have escaped. The Foot are currently trying to track them down.


The Hamato Turtle Clan: The Ninja Turtles originally started as four brothers and their father: Splinter. The Turtles fought for good and protected the innocent from the evils of the Foot clan and the Kraang amongst other threats. Once their father died the four brothers became a broken family. For many years they barely spoke.

Until Raphael discovered several of Donnie's turtle clones. He took them in and began to train them and raise them as Splinter had done to him. Soon Leo returned and joined in as well. These new turtles brought the four brothers back together and gave them purpose. For the eighteen years since these new turtles were discovered they have been busy training them to make them a new force for good.






Others may be appointed if anyone is interested



1. You must post IC when you are speaking in character, and OOC when you are speaking out of character.
2. Dont take control of other players characters without their permission.
3. If your character is in a position where there is no way to escape or survive they will and can and will die.
4. No god-modding. You cant ignore physics and you especially cant ignore your characters weaknesses. No god modding. No character is invincible.
5. Double posting should not happen.
6. No killing all the NPCs as if they are canon fodder.
7. No limit on characters; make as many as you can handle.
8. And as always, all regular BZPower rules apply
9. No straight OOC posts, if your gonna post post IC too.
10. No making canon characters, canon characters are controlled by the staff and have a minor role in the game.

Warnings and Offenses:

Numbers equal warnings for each offense

1. Warning. 2. Character mortally wounded. 3. Character death. 4. Several day ban. 5. All characters killed. 6. Permanent ban.

To Join:

Simply fill out this form and post it in the topic:

Name: (Your full-name)
Mutant or Human: State if you are a mutant or human, and what animal you mutated from.
Skills: (Things your character is good at, I will limit the skills characters can have.)
Personality: (Your characters personality)
Weakness: (Every-one should have one)
Bio: (What is your characters mysterious past?)

Staff Characters:


Name: Kane
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Mutant or Human: Mutant Turtle
Faction: TMNT
Appearance: Kane looks much like the other mutant turtles. He is tall, muscular with dark green skin and a shell. The front of his shell over his chest is marked with various scars from fighting and training. He wears a black and red striped band to give homage to his 'father' Raphael.
Weapons: Twin kama (small Japanese sickle)
Skills: Kane is well trained in ninjutsu, and various martial art styles taught to him by Raphael and the other turtles. He also at times relies on his own street fighting style as well. He is skilled with his kama and can think quickly in battle.
Personality: Kane is your average rebellious teen. At times he hates to be given direction, he'd rather go do his own thing and sometimes he dislikes working as a team with the other turtles. He can be cocky and a bit brash, but deep down Kane has a kind heart, he just doesn't like to show it. He is closest with his 'father' Raphael and his personality reflects a bit on Raph's. He is quick tempered and sometimes lashes out when angry. In battle Kane is quite fierce and won't stop until his enemies are taken down.
Weakness: Kane's rage can blind him or make him sloppy if he get's too angry.
Bio: Kane was found along with the rest of the other new generation of turtles alone in the sewers. His first memories are of sitting around in the sewers with the other turtles, inspecting his environment. He had no memories before that, no name, no past.
When Raphael found them he took Kane in along with the rest. They were given the opportunity to choose their own name, to forge their identity, and so he chose Kane. As Raphael began to raise them and eventually the other turtles came back into the picture some of the turtles split off and began training more with Leo or Mikey. Kane stuck with Raphael. To him Raph was his real father. He took Kane in and gave him purpose. He trained him and made him strong. Kane became an excellent fighter and actually began to enjoy the act of fighting and training itself. Kane eventually created his own ninja band to wear over his eyes. He colored it black and red.


When he turned 16 he began going up to the surface secretly. It was then Kane began to fight petty criminals, muggers and street thugs he caught harming innocents. Now, Kane is 18 and growing bored with the same street scum. He's looking for a new threat, something to test his skills on.

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A co-host would be great; my approval also is contingent on a reputable member, preferably with more than a year's experience in the OTC RPG community, to vouch for your ability to GM again and take responsibility for your actions. This would, preferably, be the co-host but we'll see who you get.


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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Yes, a cohost is fairly key here. Preferably someone with experience. Though at this point and considering the dire straits the OTC section in general seems to be in, I consider it fair to warn you that keeping an RPG alive right now is going to take time and effort, I would make sure your schedule can handle it before embarking on such a venture. I would also make sure you have a solid playerbase built up, the days of relying on crowd appeal and niche-fandoms seem to be dying quite quickly.

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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From the first post:


Members who are not RPG Judges, cannot post their thoughts in the Approval Topic. However, if a RPG is posted in this topic, and a member who is not a judge has something to say about the game, then they can take the RPG and their post into the Official RPG Planning Topic. If you, the member, wish to be noted with your opinions, then send the GM requesting a Personal Message detailing what you think is wrong about it -- however, posting it in theOfficial RPG Planning Topic is a better idea, as it allows the rest of the community to say their part.If you are not a Judge you shouldn't be posting in this topic at all, unless submitting a RPG for Approval.





Reposting here.





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Okay I'll get started looking for a co-host and I understand it will take time and I think I have enough time at hand to make it work.

I also need to add some faction info on the foot and turtles most likely.


EDIT: I made some edits to thr story part and added faction information.

Edited by Flex Cop
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So, yeah.



Come to the fire, and let me tell you a story of long ago.


The storyteller sat in his rocking chair, licking his thumb to page through his great Book of Fables.


Once upon a time, when our land was young and magic flowed as freely as water, when tales we dismiss as mere fables today were the norm, a girl ran in the woods. Dragons walked the paths humans feared to tread, the wide green fields of Rowane were sunny and bright.


Yes, we had fields in Rowane. Great, huge, emerald fields.


Now, are you going to let me tell the story or not?


The girl wore a pelt of softest wolf fur, immaculately clean and a shade of reddish grey you've never seen.


No, the pelt was magic. It didn't get dirty whenever she played in the mud.


The storyteller reclined, pulling on an earlobe, looking at the ceiling in recollection, his young audience watching him intently.


She was running from her grandmother, a witch of the type no one had ever seen before. She'd made a deal with a powerful creature, a creature of nightmares.


A troll, it was called. It could change its form and size, but it always smelled of burnt toenails.


Nasty being.


The witch cared not for the smell, but she craved power. So she helped the troll with this and that, and he followed her orders.


The grandmother was old. Older than even I, her hair bleached white and crinkly.


No, not like paper. Like old fibers left out in the sun for too long to dry.


The storyteller leaned forward, looking intently at the young one sitting in front of him.


Now, the girl was young and rapidly turning into a beautiful woman, and the witch envied her.


So, what is a witch to do? With a little bit of newt and some old hairs, a potion could be made. One to turn her into the young beautiful maiden and the granddaughter into an old crone.


The witch failed to count on the young girl's friends. You see, the girl wasn't like the people of today. She lived in the woods, talking to the birds and animals.


Yes, she could talk to animals. Do you want me to make you tell the story?


Her friends were wolves, and they knew the evil troll. So they listened with their great wolf ears and heard the plan. They quickly warned the girl, and she ran.


Of course wolves can understand trolls. What do they teach you in those schools?


The old tale-teller sighed and closed his storybook, putting the large, leatherbound volume on the table next to him.


I'm going to rest. When I wake, maybe you'll be ready to hear the last part of the story, and not interrupt constantly.


The old book lay on the table as the old man closed his eyes, ready for anyone to open it and discover its treasures, to tell its tales...


Welcome to the world of Rowane.

This island is a place where myths and legends come to life, where the old fantasy tales exist. A young woman runs through the woods with wolves from her evil, magically gifted grandmother.


Sounds familiar in some way, right? Just different.


Something is distorting the tales, twisting them into something else. Something for its own purposes. And nobody is the wiser.


At least, not yet.


The Land:

Rowane is a small island, full of green pastures and dark forests. Castles command sections of the landscape, villages the rest. You, the players, will mostly determine the exact layout of Rowane, though it's shaped roughly like Ireland.


Starting Locations:


The Forest of Restless Dark: Contrary to its name, the large forest in the center of the island is actually a bright and friendly place, filled with singing birds and sunbeams. Beautiful trees bloom in bright colors, giving every appearance of a stereotypical fairy tale forest.


During the day, that is.


At night, the Forest becomes a hostile place- even the shadows whisper of death and destruction. The major dangers number two: The troll, who lives in a bog in the center, and a pack of dire wolves, who live in a den on the eastern edge.


The Sinister Mansion: Located to the west of the Forest and the home of Rosamund Hood's grandmother, the Mansion is a large, black brick building with white shutters, windows and doors. Inside is much the same- no color apart from the potions bubbling in the basement. Low and wide, the Mansion looks like it's built to survive a magic attack of nuclear proportions and still have tea and biscuits ready in the parlor.


The Mansion itself is protected by a magic ward, and it would take a massively powerful being to burst in without the Witch's permission.



The Village of Rotbrotheimlot

Nestled in the midst of the Forest of Restless Dark is the quaint little town of Rotbrotheimlot, a lost and forgotten treasure whose rusty red buildings blend with the deep mahogany tones of the trees around it. What makes this place a treasure is that the buildings are not red because they are made of brick. They're made of gingerbread.

In fact everything in the town is constructed from confectionary. There is no glass, just panes of clear sugar. Those fences aren't iron, they're liquorice. That fountain in the town square might look off-putting at first but don't worry, thats nothing more unhealthy than molten chocolate flowing from it.

The wealth of the town is clearly based in the centre, as this is where the fabulous icings are used to color and ornament the houses, which are also distinctly larger than those around the outer edges. At the very centre is the town hall, a regal building adorned with the very finest cream frostings and sugared fancies, which dominates Rotbrotheimlot's skyline thanks to its clock tower. Well, its called a clock tower, but the clock never moves and the bells within never seem to chimethough thats probably because bells made of candy wouldn't make too great a noise, right?

The buildings might be literal sweets but they're nothing compared to the people, who are a cheery welcoming lot, every man woman and child of them. Smiles are permanently affixed to their faces, and they're always so happy to make newcomers feel like part of the group...




1. All BZP rules apply.

2. Listen to the staff, who happen to be Kaithas (me) and TPTI (More Fierce Than Fire).

3. Your posts should go something like this, with IC for in character and OOC for out of character:

IC: A quick sidestep and the troll's fist impacted a tree trunk instead of Rosamund.


OOC: Some help would be nice!

4. Arguments/debates may go on for 2 posts in the main thread. After that, take it to PM or the discussion topic.

5. No godmodding. Dodging unavoidable attacks, ignoring injuries, etc.

6. This fits under godmodding: No metagaming. Knowing things your character didn't learn, magically crashing another player's party without a good IC reason.

7. Don't kill another player's character without permission from him/her. Make sure to write that you have permission in the post where you kill the character.

8. Replace the Fable blank with Tale to prove you read this.

9. IN THE EVENT THAT DEATH SEEMS UNAVOIDABLE: Your character may be killed to avoid breaking rule 5. Only staff can do this. This isn't a punishment, just realism. If you have a good way to get out of it after your character is dead, please PM Kaithas or another staffer.

10. NPC autohitting is permitted as long as you play realistically.

11. No bunnying. That means taking control of another person's character without permission.

12. Double posting... Nah.

13. Weaknesses are only necessary if your character is supernaturally powered, beyond the level of a simple magic sensing ability.

14. Have fun!


Fairytale Guidelines:

I'd like you to keep the characters consistent, though a few additions or subtractions can be made. Basically, your fable must still resemble the original. My version of Red Riding Hood may have the addition of an troll, but it still has a grandmother, wolf, and a girl who runs through the woods.


Secondly, fables can be shared- someone can become a different character from your version of the story. With your permission, of course.


Thirdly, if you wish a location from your tale to be playable, you need to send me at least a paragraph description of it to the staff, whether in your original post or in a PM.


Finally, Transformers, Marvel and the like are not fairytales. Thank you.


Magic and this RPG:

Anything that bends the ordinary laws of physics can be considered magic, and in the world of Rowane, those so called laws are more like guidelines. Don't be expecting for your character to be able to sling bolts of it at will though. Spells take time, preparation, and lots of practice. Once you get to that level of skill, however, you can do things like fit an entire dress in a walnut shell. So be sensible. Your ordinary Joe is going to have next to no magical ability, and would very likely be stumped by even the appearance of a spellbook. More powerful spells sometimes take weeks to prepare and are often kept in potion form instead of enchanted immediately. Far more common are magical objects, something enchanted to perform a specific function or spell.


Profile form:








Weaknesses: Optional in special cases, such as Rosamund Hood. See rule 13.


No such thing as destiny.

BZPRPG Profiles

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Twisted just looks...hollow somehow. You've set up a central storyline in the intro, but there's no pay-off anywhere else, no mention of how it ties in to or affects the world in general. And if thats a deliberate attempt to try and be sandboxy then you're going to have to put more detail into the world than just three locations so the players know what they're doing and where they're going.

I know we've talked about the scene-setting stuff, might be a good idea to actually put it in the RPG :P

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Actually, come to think of it, I do have one question:


I'd like you to keep the characters consistent, though a few additions or subtractions can be made. Basically, your fable must still resemble the original. My version of Red Riding Hood may have the addition of an troll, but it still has a grandmother, wolf, and a girl who runs through the woods.


What exactly are our limitations here - how strictly are we being held to this "resemblance" thing? If I try to make my tale a little more grounded, with the exact same characters, pseudonyms, and incredibly basic plot structure, but cast it in an entirely different interpretation of Wonderland and replace the cakes and the growing and the shrinking, would that fall within the boundaries you're setting here? Just a little clarification.





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I... feel like this is kinda too open-ended. We need some sort of thread to tie it all together and I'm just not seeing it. Are we all just going do our own thing? Because that's the surest way to get everyone split and activity to flounder and die. It needs a good, over-arcing plot, to keep things moving. Lot of little bits right now but no spine to hold it together.


1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, with the rewrite of the rules, I'm distinctly less uncomfortable with Dragon Age, so Dragon Age: Burning Towers approved [x3]



Edited by young sinatra



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Faster Than Light

Hosted by Alex Humva, Co-Hosted by young sinatra

The Setup

It is 95 Standard Years since the discovery and application of FTL by humanity. Since then they've joined the greater stage of the galaxy, with their part of it dominated by five other races. The Engi, a cybernetic species, has formed a loose alliance with the humans to make the Federation. The Rockmen lay off to the outer regions of known space, a secretive and reclusive race. The Slugs live in thick nebulae and harsh worlds, slimey telepathic creatures pawning their services across the galaxy. The Mantis, an insectoid and warlike race, are well known as pirates and mercenaries in the disputes that trouble the galaxy. Finally, the Zoltan have appeared on the galactic scene, beings of pure energy with a strong legalistic way of thinking.

But in the year 94 ALT, disaster has struck the humans. The Mantis, fearful of humanity's growing colonial influences and the threat the Federation poses to their unrivaled stance as the galaxy's warriors, has struck a decisive blow against the planet Earth itself. Millions of casualties in the Sol system and dozens of raids against Earth's colonies has traumatized the whole race. The Federation responded with total war, convincing the Zoltans to join in on the struggle. The Mantis have made friends of their own, swaying the reclusive Rockmen to their side. Now, the UFS Kestrel has been brought out of drydock, given a mission straight from High Command: to reach Zoltan space and deliver important data to the Zoltan Ministers. Any means necessary to do this have been authorized; Federation battlefield commissioning powers have been granted to the Colonel of the Kestrel. The information will make it through, lest yet another blow be brought to humanity.

How The Game Works

Player characters in this game are members of the UFS Kestrel, a newly commissioned battleship designed to be small enough to evade detection but large enough to pack a punch. If your character has been pre-approved before the game starts, then you start on on the ship, right off the bat. If you approved afterwards, you can be picked up from a station, or, if you’d like to make a more flashy appearance, can be picked up after a plot event. Want to be an escaped slave? The Kestrel will run into a slaver and we’ll see how that goes. Your character can be just about any profession, so long as it makes some sort of sense for the setting, and can be one of the listed races. Custom races are, regrettably, not allowed for simplicity’s sake, you can however have a modified race, within reason and approval of course. That being said, any modified character should have a legitimate reason for why that character was modified.

The World

The game takes place in the universe of the indie game FTL, with some liberal fact extrapolation and content adding. While the game took place in the distant future, during a struggle within humanity, this game takes place a while before that, though still at an ambiguous point in the future. It has been 95 years since humanity perfected faster than light travel, during which time they have become a galactic force to be reckoned with. With over 20 solar systems to call their own and many more planets colonized, humanity has made itself a force to be reckoned with amongst the already-present alien species. Humanity continually finds itself held back by its internal divisions, however, and currently exists as two major powers; the Terran Confederacy, calling Sol and a few colonies their own, and the League of Independent Planets, colonies who have broken off and united together into an alliance.

The technology of this era is futuristic, but not quite cyberpunk or anything of the sort. While humanity has progressed significantly since its earlier days, it is still distinctly recognizable. The primarily difference between our world and theirs is the full adoption of space travel and the invention of the titular FTL drive. This drive allows for instantaneous travel between solar bodies as well as planetary bodies, though only in specific circumstances. The weaponry of this period relies heavily on a mixture of kinetic, missile, and laser technology. Worth noting is that drone warfare is not yet popular amongst humanity, with poor AI holding it back significantly.

Of course, there are also the other sapient species of this universe, detailed below.

The Species

  • The Engi: Humanity’s closest allies, these semi-robotic creatures are a curious species. Entirely dependent on their cybernetic enhancements to survive, the Engi are nonetheless an organic species. They are, at first glance, devoid of emotion, though prolonged exposure to the Engi is quick to tell that these robotic creatures can experience just as wide a range of emotions as a human. They are the most advanced species in the galaxy, as well as the only power that kept the Mantis in check before the arrival of humanity. Engi are trained from an young age to be master engineers, and are renowned through the galaxy for their ability to build and repair just about anything.

  • The Zoltan: A very legalistic species, little is known about the Zoltan. They are constructed entirely of contained energy, glowing an unearthly green and totally unaffected by such things as lack of air to breath. Thanks to their visology, the Zoltan are capable of exuding significant amounts of energy, enough to power significant portions of starships. Other than these qualities, however, not much else is clear about the Zoltans. Even the Engi are unsure of the Zoltan, saying they arrived to the galactic scene shortly after humanity did, though in that time the Zoltan have aggressively expanded across worlds uninhabitable to other species.

  • The Rockmen: Creatures of living stone, the Rockmen are an exceedingly reclusive race. Few outsiders are allowed past their border worlds, though pirates make frequent excursions outside of Rock space. Due to their vastly different biology, Rockmen are capable of surviving a variety of different environments, though oddly enough they still require oxygen to breath.

  • The Slugs: Slimey creatures that have made their homes in the dense nebulae of the galaxy, the slugs are merchants at heart. Born with an urge to gather things, most slugs have turned to capitalism, while others take the more direct route of piracy. Still more simply outsource themselves, as slugs are also born with telepathy. A good slug can detect a sapient thought at nearly two light years away, and are more than capable of serving as lie detectors for negotiations.

  • The Mantis: A terrifying insectoid race, the Mantis have been at war with themselves or the galaxy as long as anyone can remember. Looking similar to their Earth namesake, Mantis are born to litters numbering in the thousands, and must eat their brethren to survive infancy. From this system emerges tough creatures with exceedingly short tempers, though remarkably intelligent for a species of their sort, and long lived. A typical Mantis can, if it survives, live until the ripe old age of 85. Most do not, though, as Mantis fight and die on a daily basis.

The Glossary

The Federation: An interstellar organization, currently made up of humans, Engi, and Zoltan. It sets general policy and serves as a military alliance. Its primary mission statement is to ensure the safety and well-being of the galaxy.

FTL: Faster Than Light, used to describe the main mode of transportation in this universe. FTL travel is facilitated by special FTL crystals, which expend the massive amounts of energy required to travel so quickly. These crystals are burnt up when used though, and only last long enough to travel to a nearby star system. Used crystals and poorer quality crystals still have residual energy however, even if they aren’t enough to swing a ship across the galaxy, and are often used to power energy weapons.

The Kestrel

The Kestrel is a three tiered blockade runner, the first of its kind, designed to hold a considerable crew but not be so large as to draw attention. Extremely modular in design, it is capable of being upgraded significantly, and indeed, hot-swapping weapons at supply ports is one of its main features. The layout of the Kestrel is simple enough; this image gives its general body type and color scheme. Its bottom deck is devoted to cargo and supplies, as well as the storage of a small land-rover for transporting said supplies. Its middle deck is where the battle stations and bridge can be found, as well as the central engine control area. The bridge itself is out on the forward end of the ship, with battlestations along the sides. On the top is a small bunk area and the mess hall, where the crew can sleep and eat.

The Crew

Current list of positions aboard the Kestrel. You’re welcome to make up your own position, subject to approval by the staff of course.

Alex Humva -- The Colonel
Tyler St. Francis -- The Lieutenant
Simon Digger -- The Weapons Officer
Rawrmouse -- The Flight Commander
Xomeron -- The Security Officer
Ymper Trymon -- The Pilot
Kothra -- The Doctor
Basilisk -- The Engineering Officer & The Colonial Adviser
Onarax -- The Fighter Pilot
Snelly -- The Fighter Pilot
Silvan Haven -- The Powered Marine
JAG18 -- The Mauveshirt
The Power That Is -- The Navigations Officer
Auron -- The Engineering Assistant
Magnus -- The Maintenance Chief
Ehks -- The After Party
Zhangku -- The Cook
Hubert -- The Counselor
Burnmad -- The Mantis
Takuma -- The Psionic Watch

The Rules

  1. Follow all BZPower rules.

  2. Common sense, common sense, common sense. Use it please.

  3. No autohitting without prior plotting or excuses as to why you’re going to hit your opponent.

  4. Death is a fact of life in the void; players could conceivably kill other players in the cramped quarters of the spaceship, though one assumes the rest of the crew wouldn’t like that too much. In addition, away missions can turn really bad, and your character could die there from a bad decision. Life happens, death happens.

  5. No godmodding, this includes metagaming. Death may come easy, but you still can’t eradicate the whole crew in one go.

  6. Listen to the staff; if you have a problem with a decision, do so in a respectful manner.

  7. You are limited to two characters (at a time), unless otherwise given permission. This is to keep the ship from suffering overpopulation.

  8. Have fun.

The Profile

Name: (Self-explanatory)

Gender: (Yep)

Age: (How old are you?)

Species: (There’s six available)

Profession: (What do you do aboard the Kestrel?)

Skills: (We all have some; keep it to three please.)

Items: (Any particular weapons or sentiments or tech that came with you?)

Appearance: (Even aliens differ.)

Personality: (Why does your character do what they do? What makes them tick?)

Biography: (What’s your life story?)

Edited by Strategist Alex Humva
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1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

"In short, my English Lit friend, living in a mental world of absolute rights and wrongs, may be imagining that because all theories are wrong, the earth may be thought spherical now, but cubical next century, and a hollow icosahedron the next, and a doughnut shape the one after." -Isaac Asimov, responding to a letter he had received saying that scientific certainty was false, The Relativity of Wrong

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  • 7 months later...

They had shut Beth out. They had cooperated completely for two weeks, and just when she had found her most promising lead yet, Core 9 had shut her out. She tapped her metal fingers on the desk and looked over the email hovering in front of her in AR. 
"Dear Ms. Bethany Tate," it began, "We are incredibly thankful for your assistance in this investigation, but regret to inform you that we no longer require your cooperation. For your efforts, 300 rubles have been blah blah nondisclosure blah blah license agreement blah blah contact customer support."
She sighed and rubbed her eyes, pushing her AR goggles up to her forehead in the process. The stolen goods were no doubt confidential, but not confidential enough to warrant the dismissal of every private eye that got this far--at least, not if Core 9 ever wanted the investigation to go anywhere. She put her goggles back on and started composing a new message. If the tech was really that secret, someone would pay exorbitant sums of money for access to it. If there was something deeper to this secrecy, someone would pay for the information. Either way, she'd make a lot of money.
She selected the addresses of several of her most trusted friends and sent them each a message over a network she trusted:
Core 9 just canceled my contract, but there are still leads I want to pursue. Let me know if you want in and we'll split the money I make selling their corporate secrets >=P
Later that night, a sniper was preparing his weapon on a roof across from an apartment building. He had been hired by an anonymous client to silence some private investigator who had stepped outside the boundaries of her contract.




Thirty years ago, the world was dying. Global recession threw entire countries into financial chaos, as expansionism increased through wars of acquisition. Terrorism blossomed, and freedoms were forfeited, giving rise to social unrest and civil war. Chaos was the global constant.

All was made worse as the world continued to heat and permafrost banks around the world started to melt. Massive floods buried coastal cities underwater. However, the worst was yet to come. Buried in the Arctic and Antarctic ice lay a dormant life-form that would nearly wipe humanity out. This was the Runoff Plague, a pandemic consisting of several strains of virus with incredibly complex DNA. It didn’t take long for the Plague to work its way into sewage systems and water supplies across the world. Society started to break down as refugees retreating from the rising coastlines were forced into crowded, unsanitary camps where a new case of the Plague was just a sip of tap water away.
However, all hope was not lost. While the world’s governments struggled to contain the chaos, an isolated, for-profit biotech firm called Spiritechnology worked tirelessly alongside its state-sponsored cohorts to develop a working treatment for the Runoff Plague. When they finally put together something that worked, it was first distributed to those within Spiritechnology, followed by the company’s corporate allies, and finally, hospitals and medical camps everywhere. With Spiritech and its allies remaining healthy and prospering, deals were struck between the affluent group of corporations and world governments; free distribution of the cure in exchange for a few ‘favours’ at the end of the epidemic. By all appearances, the Plague had been stopped, but not before it had wiped out nearly twenty percent of the world’s population. 
In 2023, in accordance with the agreements made during the Runoff Plague, the globe’s major powers signed the International Corporate Extraterritoriality Treaty (known as “ICE Treaty” colloquially), granting companies with a certain net worth the right to operate above the laws and restrictions imposed by the local government. As such, Spiritech and its allies in the “ICEd Tea Club,” fueled by the admiration of countries around the world for curing the plague, as well as political favours, gained ever more power on the world’s stage.
Now, in the year 2046, the smaller population has led to a slightly more stable environment in the world of politics and business. Extraterritoriality and the freedom granted by the ICE Treaty to big corporations have led to a number of unprecedented advancements in science and engineering. For one, new biotechnological research has led to an insurgence in highly-available cybernetic implants led primarily by Spiritech. In addition, almost all interaction with the digital world is done through virtual and augmented reality, whether you’re reading information projected onto your field of view via a pair of AR goggles or downloading it directly into your brain with a neural implant. AR programs can even be shared and updated in real-time between multiple users, allowing for a multi-user AR experience for those who can afford it.
However, it isn’t all roses-and-sunshine. Sea levels have risen two meters since 2016; this might not sound like much, but it will only get worse. While there were initially less people around after the dust settled, the overall population density in urban areas has seen an increase since 2016, as those settling around coastal areas have moved further inland. Quarantine cities, such as Karantin, have turned into fully-fledged population centres, as well as main operating grounds for ICEd Tea activities - especially those of an illicit and controversial nature. The ethics of cybernetic enhancement aren’t a major source of public controversy quite yet, although there still exists a prejudice against augmented individuals. As corporate power increased, the power of the government decreased in proportion, leading to a general rise in criminal activity. On a similar note, the corporations lucky enough to get into the ICEd Tea Club are doing increasingly underhanded things to stay there.
This is the world you live in. Will you take up bounty hunting, earning your coin by doing the jobs everyone else refuses to take? Will you steal corporate treasures and sell them on the black market? Will you be a hacker, breaking into secured networks and using what you find to further your own goals? It’s up to you, but one thing is for certain: if you play by the rules, the streets will eat you alive.
The Iced Tea Club:
If you want to survive out there, you’ll need to know who’s in charge. In no particular order, these corporations have reached and surpassed the threshold to receive the full benefits of the International Corporate Extraterritoriality Treaty:

Spiritechnology, Inc: “Not just biotechnology. Spiritechnology.” A biotech company and the first to join the Club. Currently, they’re the leading provider of cybernetic hardware. They’re also famous for engineering medication to combat the Runoff Plague, though due to the disease’s reduced presence in the modern world, it’s not really a priority anymore.

Taurus Corporation: “Information in the blink of an eye.” Taurus Corp. is responsible for providing internet access to an estimated twenty million subscribers each day. Needless to say, this makes them a highly profitable organization.

Ian V. Xavier Technology Solutions: “Putting the ‘World’ in ‘World Wide Web.’” IVX TechSol is Taurus’s number one competitor in terms of internet services, though they specialize more in hardware and basic software than networking. Chances are, if you have a pair of AR goggles or a Direct Neural Interface, there’s an IVX logo slapped on there somewhere.

Krueller-10 Weapon Systems: “This is your boomstick.” Krueller-10 is thus far the only weapons manufacturer to make it into the Club. And for good reason; their firearms are the most reliable on the market, and some even feature integrated computer systems that allow users to fire the weapon with a thought and receive data such as ammunition count and estimated bullet trajectory. They specialize in light firearms such as submachine guns and pistols, though they do manufacture a few heavier-caliber weapons.

Igneous, Inc.: "Ignite the highway." Igneous is a prolific transportation company, producing mostly high-end sportscars and sedans. The luxury of the Igneous brand name means they don’t have to sell very many units compared to other companies to stay where they are. They just need to sell a few at exorbitant prices.

Zeta Aerospace: “Innovation is our motivation.” Zeta Aerospace, as the name suggests, designs, builds, and manufactures aircraft, and they’re also funding their own budding space program. Most commercial airliners in use today are of the Zeta brand, though they do dabble in military technologies.

Coronation 9: “Moving the world.” Core 9 is the jack-of-all-trades of the corporate world. Through a number of subsidiaries, they manufacture a wide array of products, from computers to rugged road machines and everything in-between. Their main brands, however, are in the field of robotics. Their most famous product, the Multi-Purpose Mobile Platform (MP2) is a semi-autonomous four-legged walker that can be re-equipped and re-programmed to perform a variety of roles.

Karantin, the Frostbitten City:
Karantin (Russian for “Quarantine”) is an underground megacity situated far northeast of Moscow, deep in the now-thawed Siberian Outlands. Consisting of a traditional aboveground cityscape, the underground portion was built in a hollowed-out cavern during the Runoff Plague outbreak as a highly-sanitary superhospital for disease victims. The underground buildings, currently known as the Laquearia District, were built hanging from the ceiling of this cavern. Thus, if any runoff water made its way into the cavern, it would collect at the bottom, preventing doctors and other “clean” personnel in the hospital from becoming infected. Since the days of the Plague, the water that collected under Laquearia has been drained and another district, Solum, has been constructed. The gap between the two lower districts is bridged by a network of catwalks and elevators dubbed “Medius.” Medius also includes the lowest walkways connecting Laquearia’s buildings.
Above Laquearia, on the surface, lie the Lower City, Mid-City, and Upper City. Similar to the underground city, these buildings are separated into districts by walkways between them. 
Contrary to most preconceived notions, in Karantin, the poorer you are, the higher you live above sea level. Geothermal vents warm air conditioning systems in Solum, and the heat is then distributed in accordance with proximity to the vents. This means that housing is cheaper towards the top, where heating is minimal at best and the living conditions are accordingly abysmal.
There are a number of ways to get around the city. If you live in Solum or the Lower City, you can usually just drive from place to place. If you can’t afford a car or you don’t live on a level with roads, you can take the Elevators. Elevator cars, or Levs for short, are equal parts elevator and subway car. Not only can they travel vertically, but thanks to a complicated system of wires, rails, and magnetic tracks, the right car can take you nearly anywhere in Karantin. And, for the particularly well-off, there exist expensive flying vehicles built by Igneous that run on technology developed by Zeta. These “hovercars” require massive batteries and solar panels in order to power the Pulsed Inductive Thrusters they rely on for propulsion, but they’re an option if you have enough money and patience. 
Politically, Karantin is owned by the Russian government, and managed by the key players of ICEd Tea, meaning the ruble is the local currency. A construction company known as Kasper New Series is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the city, though each member of the Club also has a large presence there. Mainly forgotten by the rest of the world following the end of the Runoff Plague, it is a place of corruption and corporate control. The poverty at and above the surface makes it a bustling hub for gang activity. Meanwhile, the lower levels frequently host the activities of more organized crime syndicates. If you want to make a quick buck, Karantin hosts plenty of opportunities for you.
In recent local news, a Coronation 9 robotics research lab in Laquearia was raided by a group of unidentified, heavily-augmented assailants. Investigation is still ongoing, but thus far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. Several untested prototypes were reportedly stolen in the raid. Several organizations, Core 9 itself included, are enlisting the help of private investigators to solve the case. 
Iced Tea Club members aren’t the only powerful groups with presences in Karantin. Here are a few you should be wary of:

Dvenadtsat' Brat'yev (The Twelve Brothers): The Brothers are the largest crime syndicate in Russia, and they are particularly active in Karantin. As their name suggests, the twelve Lukyanenko brothers collectively preside over the the group, and their connections run deep throughout the city.

Your Local Collective: Despite the name, this hacker group is anything but local--their operations span the globe. Most people who operate in the Collective’s name do it for fun, exploring new ways to exploit the world’s information systems, but they do occasionally work for money.

Watchman Contractors: This private security contractor is headquartered in Laquearia and largely serves as its police force. They commonly make use of hover vehicles to get where they need to go faster than levs can carry them, and its officers are quite good at what they do.
Electronic Warfare:
The advent of virtual and augmented reality has made electronic warfare much more common in the modern world. Most consumer electronics have some sort of wireless capability, and many infrastructural items are linked, whether directly or indirectly, to some sort of wireless system. 
Hacking in this game will be treated very much like combat. Players will take turns attacking and/or defending their devices in cyberspace. Virtual Reality interactivity has allowed for the creation of hacking systems that simulate combat between two or more “avatars” in cyberspace. Users can customize the appearance of their avatars, but their abilities in cyber-combat depend on the software they have, and the software they have usually depends on how much money they have. The battle takes place in an environment built by the defending user(s). This environment can be anything from a digital battle arena a la Tron to a clearing in a snowy forest--really anything that you can imagine. If a user hasn’t taken time to customize the environment on his or her device, it will usually default to an endless field of grid lines. No matter the environment, however, there is always some virtual object that represents files stored on the device, like a safe or a briefcase. Gaining access to this object is the ultimate goal, so defending parties should attempt to defend it at all costs.
Now, bear in mind that if you’re hacking a device, your opponent probably won’t be another human being right off the bat unless said device’s owner doesn’t have any security software. Most devices have Automated Security Protocols--ASPs--that can be customized as much as the VR environment, whether it’s through the tools that come with the software or by programming your own. They’ll typically take forms that suit their environment as well; for example, the previously-mentioned forest might be defended by a timberwolf. Like many things, ASPs cost money, and the more expensive they are, the better they work. If you’re trying to steal data from a large corp, expect heavy resistance. When breaking into lower-grade systems, however, the security measures might be more subtle and complex. For example, while a secure corporate databank might appear as a heavily-guarded fortress, a system owned by a programmer might be protected by a complex maze of dark hallways.
What happens once the ASPs are down largely depends on what you’re trying to break into. Most tech-savvy users will have their system set up to give them notifications once their security protocols have been breached. At this point, they’ll usually plug themselves into VR and intervene manually. However, larger databases usually won’t have a specific user guarding its contents, so the ASPs will be the last thing you have to go through before you have access to the system.
If a user does, however, decide to confront you, there will be little reason for either of you to constrain yourselves with real-life physics; many users program virtual superpowers of sorts into their cyberspace avatars. These powers can range from flight to teleportation to laser vision and beyond, so long as they're balanced.
Damage to an avatar will be reflected as damage to the data stored on the user's device. Files might be corrupted or lost, viruses might be installed--it depends on the extent and type of damage dealt. For example, if an avatar suffers some minor lacerations, a few non-essential files might be damaged and corrupted, whereas if it is mortally wounded, more integral files could be corrupted or lost. This damage, like real-life injury, takes time to fix. Ultimately, players should judge how long it takes to get their devices up and running based on how much damage they've suffered. 
Aside from VR and AR technology, unrestricted corporate research has yielded breakthroughs in many technological fields:


Multiform Particles: Metallic particles that can be programmed to take different shapes. In volumes greater than about a gallon, they start to lose cohesion, so they don’t have a lot of practical uses on larger scales, but they can be used in smaller quantities to form tools and other useful items.

Hoverbikes/Cars: Vehicles that are propelled by ion thrusters and hover above the ground. They bridge the gap between aircraft and automobile.

Jet/Rocket Packs: These rigs are good for short bursts of speed and jumping higher than normal, but not really “flight,” per se. They require training to use effectively and can either be worn or implanted depending on the preference of the user.

Propulsion/Repulsion Boots: Useful for gaining extra height when used in conjunction with rocket-and-jet-packs, whilst also serving as stabilizing thrusters. Repulsion boots also help to slow flying users down before impact with ground.

Grappling Hooks: Hooks designed to be fired via magnetic or compressed-air propulsion system. They can be used to maneuver quickly between buildings and other large structures or set up ziplines and tightropes.

Interchangeable Weapon Systems: Specialized weapons platforms that use simplified base-and-grip platforms in order to attach multiple ‘rigs’ that will convert the firearm to a plethora of modes. With the right attachment, these ‘bases’ can be turned into assault rifles, sniper/battle rifles, LMGs, and even submachine guns and shotguns.

LIMEs (Linked Integration Module, Electronic): Electronic devices used as a tangible alternative to virtual reality. A touchscreen datapad device uses a specialized nanowire equipped with a ‘plug’ at the end - composed of multiformation particles, the plug is able to shape itself to fit any computer terminal socket, transferring data to and from the LIME device.

Four Weapon Categories: Kinetic (Rail/Coil-based Weapons), Propelled (Bullets, Rockets/Missiles), Laser (Short charge before an extended burst), Plasma (Essentially shooting directed lightning bolts)

Specialized Multiformation Tool (SMT - Uses Nanoparticles to form shapes of different tools): This baton-like device uses nanoparticles to arrange itself in a manner of ways depending on a re-programmable setting. The SMT can take the form of a spade, axe, crowbar, sword, and countless other tools (Tools with moving parts not included. Think the T-1000 from Terminator 2).

QuickHeal Regenerative Bandages: These Spiritech-made adhesive patches use chemicals that promote blood clotting and cell growth to quickly stem the flow of blood from open wounds. They aren’t much of a long-term solution, but they can buy a wounded person some time.

VR Goggles/Implants: Your standard connections to the virtual realm. Goggles project information onto the user’s retina, whereas implants feed data directly to the brain, allowing for a more immersive experience.

Generational Genetic Modification: Those who can afford it have the option of modifying the genetic code of their children before birth. The legal modifications are limited to basic things like appearance, immunity, and muscular strength. Anything beyond that, and the child is at significant risk to develop cancer or a degenerative genetic disease.

Augmentation: Numerous advances in cybernetics have made human augmentation much more commonplace. It isn't limited to just limbs, either; almost any electronic device can be implanted into a human body for the right price. A commonplace procedure involves implanting a net of electrodes and electric stimulators into the brain that allow the the implantee to control electronic devices with his or her mind and have information projected directly into his or her field of view. This system is known as a Direct Neural Interface.
Cybernetic limbs come in all shapes and sizes ranging from the lifelike to the blatantly mechanical. Whatever your taste is, in cities like Karantin, many augmented individuals who can afford it choose to have weapons like blades and firearms integrated directly into their prostheses for self defense.
Other popular augmentations include cybernetic eyes with special capabilities like thermal vision and built-in life support systems that support their users in toxic environments. If you can think of a way to enhance the human body electronically, chances are someone’s selling it somewhere.
Despite all the benefits of augmentation, there are more than a few drawbacks. Due to their added capability, augmented workers are more likely to be hired than non-augmented ones, dividing the populace between augmented individuals and those who can’t afford augmentations or refuse to get them for medical or personal reasons. While the tensions between “augs” and regular humans have not escalated to violence quite yet, the animosity rises with each passing day.

  • All posts should be broken into “In-Character” (IC) and “Out-Of-Character” (OOC) sections. For example:
    Adam stretched his new cyber-arm and ran his fingers over the smooth surface of the countertop. He was still getting used to the strange pseudo-touch granted to him by the latest in tactile feedback technology.

    OOC: Anyone up for interaction?
  • No godmodding. In short, this means don’t do anything outside the realm of possibility. Your character won’t be able to take down a squad of corporate goons without at least a little outside help.

  • Don’t take control of any characters that don’t belong to you without the respective player’s permission. This includes NPCs being controlled by other players.
  • Don’t metagame. Your character won’t know any important info he or she hasn’t learned over the course of the game.
  • Death happens. If your character is in a situation he or she can’t escape, there’s probably a reason for it, so it’s just best to let him or her go.
  • As always, all BZP rules apply.
  • Above all, have fun. The purpose of this RPG is storytelling; there are no winners or losers as long as everyone is enjoying themselves.

To create a character, fill out this form and post it in the discussion topic.

Name: (First and Last.)
Alias: (Giving out one’s full name to employers might not be the best idea when living the life of a criminal, so plenty ne’er-do-wells-for-hire go by a codename. If your character doesn’t, feel free to omit this section entirely.)
Age: (How long has your character been alive?)
Allegiance: (Does your character prefer to work for a particular group, or his he or she a lone wolf, taking jobs no matter who presents them.
Appearance: (What does this character look like? You can give a description and/or link to an image here if you so choose.)
Personality: (How does this character think and how do those thoughts affect their actions?)
Skills: (What is this character good at?)
Augmentations: (Does this character have any cybernetic implants? If so, list them here. Integrated weapons go in the Weapons section)
Equipment: (What does this character typically carry around?)
Weapons: (What potentially lethal objects does this character typically carry around?)
Cyberspace Environment: (What will a hacker see once he or she tries to hack this character’s device in VR? See Electronic Warfare above for more details)
ASPs: (On a similar note to the above, what Automated Security Protocols does this character have installed on his or her device?)
Cyberspace Abilities: (What special abilities has this character programmed/installed for him/herself in cyberspace? These can be pretty much anything you can think of, so long as they’re balanced.)
Weakness: (He or she doesn’t have to have a Kryptonite, per se, but nobody’s perfect)
Bio: (A recap of your character’s life thus far.)
Important NPCs:
Name: Bryan Teach
Age: 57
Allegiance: Watchman Contractors (CEO)
Appearance: Brian has a strong, tall build and angular features. His face is etched with the preliminary lines of age and he's almost never seen without a suit on.
Personality: A pragmatic and business-minded leader. He's also a tad paranoid, but he'd vehemently deny it if you said that to his face. 
Skills: Being the boss everyone hates
Augmentations: None
Equipment: a small data-pad and a set of AR glasses he uses to manage business.
Weapons: He keeps a K-10 Carnivore revolver concealed in the folds of his jacket at all times.
Weakness: Teach doesn't get along well with people. That's not to say he's reclusive--it's just that most interactions between him and others tend to be completely formal in nature.
Bio: Teach was a riot cop in the Bristol PD during the Plague days. The chaos he witnessed trying to suppress the ensuing outbreaks of violence that ensued once the virus hit the UK had a profound impact on him. Eventually, he quit policework and founded Watchman Contracters with the aim to counteract further violence in urban areas across the globe. In 2039, the Watchmen set up a headquarters in Karantin, and since then, they have served as the city's primary police force.
Zyke (Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo)
Perpetual Darkness

Edited by Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo


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Krueller-10 Weapon Systems: “This is your boomstick.” Krueller-10 is thus far the only weapons manufacturer to make it into the Club. And for good reason; their firearms are the most reliable on the market, and some even feature integrated computer systems.


So since I assume this is the biggest or at least most prevalent weapons manufacturer in this game's world...what exactly do they specialize in? Are these basically real world guns with some computer systems slapped on? How are they integrated? Is the weapons tech that's in R&D in 2014 now available for consumers? Considering people are always going to be walking around with guns (unfortunately) in real life and in a game world like this one, it would be nice to have a little more detail on what exactly these weapons are capable of/who can afford what/how mainstream they are. 


Interesting concept on hacking-as-combat, but I have to ask how often it's going to be a factor, and what the consequences are for your avatar losing. Does the device just...not work after that? Do you have to reprogram it somehow? It sounds like if you want to try and get into a database of some kind combat ends up being either incredibly high-risk for your wallet or it comes with no risk at all. I'm gonna need a better idea of how that works.


Also: what's the real plot of the game? I see a world that's really well fleshed out (I like the satire/capitalism-gone-amok messages here a lot) with a bunch of corporations,  I see disdain between augmented humans and regular humans, I see the seeds of class warfare, but nothing truly jumps out as the thread that will create the plot.





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I've made the following changes:


Krueller-10 Weapon Systems: “This is your boomstick.” Krueller-10 is thus far the only weapons manufacturer to make it into the Club. And for good reason; their firearms are the most reliable on the market, and some even feature integrated computer systems that allow users to fire the weapon with a thought and read information like ammunition count, bullet trajectory, and other relevant points of data. They specialize in light firearms such as submachine guns and pistols, though they do manufacture a few heavier-caliber weapons.

Electronic Warfare: 




Damage to an avatar will be reflected as damage to the data stored on the user's device. Files might be corrupted or lost, viruses might be installed--it depends on the extent and type of damage dealt. For example, if an avatar suffers some minor lacerations, a few non-essential files might be damaged and corrupted, whereas if it is mortally wounded, more integral files could be corrupted or lost. This damage, like real-life injury, takes time to fix. Ultimately, players should judge how long it takes to get their devices up and running based on how much damage they've suffered.


I also added a "Tech" section and combined it with Augmentation. I was thinking of getting a main plot thread going IC once the game started (I do have some concrete story ideas), but I can see the need to include a hook of sorts in the main post.


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One more thing: Karantine is the only city we're going to be playing in? It looks like the only location we're ever given any background on so I assume the PC population is going to be focused there





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