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What Are You Listening To At This Very Moment?


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Everything off The Killer's Pressure Machine. The album is full of vignettes based of life in rural Utah (the band's lead singer grew up in a small town only an hour and half away from where I grew up). So the album is having a strange impact on me in the sense it has a very strong local vibe to it in my mind's eye. Its definitely a lot more slower paced than most of their work musically compared to the arena/dance floor sound of stuff like "Mr. Brightside" from back in 2004, but the lyrics are more raw or "gritty" if it can be called that. The Killers just sort of leaning very hard into their Springsteen, Mellencamp, Seger, Cash, Willie Nelson and Jackson Browne influences with a dash of New Order thrown on top of it all. The second song off the album has this music video for it which gives me all the nostalgia feels for my own childhood while also thinking back on communal tragedies I remember from my own life:

The final album track off Pressure Machine is another one hitting me with all the weird emotional feels, since the lyrics remind me of my grandfather who passed away several years back. I can almost picture the smell of fresh cut grass on my shoes after mowing his lawn and a fresh cold can of A&W in my mouth like I am a teenager again in my grandparent's house, and its strange to me how the song takes me back to that. 

Another recent album I have been listening to a lot that released earlier this year is Robert Finley's Sharecropper's Son which is a traditional blues & soul style affair produced by Dan Aurebach of The Black Keys. It actually shares a lot of the same recording personnel and performers as the Key's own latest album (Delta Kream also from earlier this year) so I kinda view the two as sister albums since both are very southern blues rock & soul affairs. I always have fun buying any album out of Aurebach's Easy Eye Sound company since all their vinyl's come in unique colors, Finley's album is pressed in yellow vinyl when bought online (my copy) but those who find it in record stores can get a copy pressed in green! My copy of Delta Kream was pressed in pinkish-purple (almost the shade of Onepu purple actually) with little gold flecks, so again just fun from the record collecting perspective itself. But the music is great to listen too as well. 



All aboard the hype train!




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