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Ginormous list of BZPower Minecrafters

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Sep 24 2012 · 2,063 views

So I decided to make a list of everybody on BZP who plays Minecraft. This is the result.

Note that I have either forgotten or do not know the usernames of some members-these instances are marked with an N/A. If your username is not on this list or marked with an N/A, feel free to PM me or leave a comment below, and I'll add you. :)

There's also a Minecraft server for BZPers. IP is Rules are no griefing, no stealing, no killing people who are working, and no swearing(48-hour ban). Burnmad is the owner. This server is no longer active. If a new BZP server springs up, I'll add it here. If anyone wants to make a server, please do and mention it in the official topic.

So without further ado, here you are:

BZP [Minecraft]

Alex Humva [dralexhumva]

Artezza Trigger [ArtezzaTrigger]

Avohkah Tamer [AvohkahTamer]

Bambi [Wolveon]

BBCCD [Awesomesaurus]

BenLuke-116 [KethryeNuva]

Beardy Spoon [Claghorn_Tull]

BioBeast [BioBeast]

BlueFire [TAHU2014]

Bonkle [Kultax]

Bulik [Octagonal]

Burnmad: Toa of Emoticons [Burnmad]

BZP Blade [BZP_Blade]

Chro [ChroOmega]

Chols [CholsTheWolf]

cobui [Cobui]

Commander Helios [C_Helios]

ConTradictheory [xianyu118]

Cosmic Titan [wilfreandvezon]

Dallior [whoviangamer08]

Ddude the Insane [Destin_Faroda]

Dual Matrix [Themightymeisme]

Eastonium [Kickflip645]

Emperor Sirius [ToaDriken]

Electric Turhak [Ektris]

N/A [Ethreal]

Flipz [_Flipz_]

Golden Emporer Bolshak [gdfgdfgdfice]

helryx280 {furno5943]

iBrow [ibrow]

Jedi Master J. [JMJ2011}

karpinskijd [FireEmblemBZP]

Kohu. [meblaylock]

Kovika [MataNuiFilms]

Luna [Tag533]

Makuta Miras [Toa_Freddo]

Makuta of Comedy [MakutaofComedy]

~MatoroIgnika~ [MatoroIgnika]

Mizkio [mizkio]

Nara [nara567]

Onarax [1234goofy]

Orino Ryuujin [LaughinManBZP]

Petewa [Drysdalez]

Ptolemiaos [Ptolemic]

Phovos the Raptor [N/A]

Piraka~Mistika [piraka_mistika]

Portalfig [Tavahka]

PurpleBouncy [GetYourWings]

rahkshi guurahk [quantummetalbric]

Roablin [Roablin]

Rokoro [Lord_of_Potatoes]

An Edible Explosion [Skrief]

Scanty Demon [Phantom_Vriska]

Shadow_Ignited [OscarTeddy]

SPIRIT [HeroicSpirit]

Tenebrae Invictus [TenebraeInvictus]

The Invisible Noob [madufruit42]

thelonewander [thelonewander117]

The X [XXaron]

thoron [mtmerrick]

Toa Ekorak [MCenderdude]

Toa Onaku [herrabanani]

toa ordaku [1adude]

Toa Zehvor Blackout [ToaBlackout]

Toa Zehvor MT [TheBlarghMan]

TreloManka [mario1437]

Xaeraz [NewAgeRetroHippie]

Zakaro [JustZakaro]

Zatth [kanohizatth]
ZokInsaneMathWizard [ZokMathWizard]

Total: 65

Last updated 10/8/2015.


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*cough* *cough*

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The Pale Emperor
Sep 24 2012 10:35 PM
change the "Laughin' Man" to "Orino Ryuujin" please, I don't use that name anymore except in instances where I'm absolutely stuck with it
    • 0
Cosmic Titan
Sep 24 2012 10:43 PM
I was paragon but I changed my name.
    • 0
Jedi Master J.
Sep 24 2012 11:07 PM
*cough* Jedi Master J. [JMJ2011] *cough*

- JMJ 2012
    • 0
You canz add:

Zatth (kanohizatth)

    • 0
It really did mess up your list. Look at all that coding. >.>
    • 0
Add my please.
minecraft name is Tag533
    • 0
Im no longer Driken Toa of Shadows please change to Emperor Sirius, minecraft is still ToaDriken.
    • 0
Avohkah Tamer
Nov 14 2012 04:18 PM
I somehow just noticed that my name has a typo on here. Mind fixing it?

Avokah -> Avohkah (Both BZP and Minecraft name)

It's a pretty common typo, so I don't blame ya.
    • 0
Kohu. (yes, I put in a period, stop laughing it's on purpose.) [meblaylock]
    • 0
Rahkshi Guurahk
Nov 26 2012 06:18 PM
and me?
    • 0

Ahem, add me please.


Roablin = Roablin

    • 0
Yup, I play the game too:

    • 0

Change Emperor Sirius to Shadow Knight Oswald kthnxbai

    • 0
Let's Henshin!
Dec 05 2013 01:53 PM

My account's name is 1234goofy.

    • 0

You might want to change mine to be Eastonium [Kickflip645 / Eastonium]

    • 0

I'm... herrabanani

    • 0
TAHU2014 needs on this list!
    • 0

Chro [ChroOmega]

    • 0

Kohu. is now LockeBZ

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