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The Latest Craze

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , May 09 2008 · 312 views

Iny my endless scheming to make A Merging of Dimensions the most popular blog on the face of the earth, I have come up with the idea of a new system: Pokemon of the Week. Each week on Friday (in California) I will post an entry describing, critiquing, and discussing in depth a certain Pokemon. And I'll probably end up doing a Duelmaster Card of the Week as well.

First up, as PotW #1, is . . .


Cherrim is a really interesting Pokemon. Besides Castform, it is the only Pokemon which changes form with the weather, something unique in its own right. Also, Cherrim is a great player on any Sunny Day team, with it's ability, Flower Gift. It allows Cherrim to transform in the sun, and raises Cherrim's and an ally's Sp. Attack by 1.5x in Double Battle. Therefore, in a Double, pair Cherrim with Groudon and a special based Pokemon for great results.

A good moveset for Cherrim would be this:

Cherrim @ Heat Rock
Modest Naure
6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 SpD
~ Sunny Day
~ Solarbeam
~ Protect
~ Hidden Power (Fire)

This allows Cherrim to set up Sunny Day, attack decently, and stall for a turn to help out it's partner (in Double). Of course, while weak overall, this set does exploit Cherrim's strengths, and uses its best attacks available. Grasswhistle was be used instead of Protect too, if you're feeling lucky enough to try its accuracy.

Ballom's Rating: 3/5
While Cherrim is a good team player, and is neat to use, it's too fragile for my tastes, and has too shallow a movepool.


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Good review. How do you pick these Pokemon?

Why do I keep thinking Cherubi's the evo?

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Ballom Nom Nom
May 09 2008 10:27 PM

The Pokemon I pick as I wish, though Cherrim was picked since it fits the season, as it is nearing summer now.

And now you have me thinking Cherubi's the evo! Augh!

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Hectic Dalek
May 10 2008 12:09 AM
I'd find this more interesting if you did "Star Gate Episode of the Week". =D
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Ballom Nom Nom
May 10 2008 10:45 AM
Exactly what is is Star Gate? And I wouldn't do that, this blog is only Pokemon and Duelmasters, silly.

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Mata-Nui Nuva
Jul 23 2008 11:44 AM
The latest craze? By the title, I thought you meant Mudkipz.
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