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  1. I recently bought some used Bionicle sets and their canisters smell quite smokey. Soap and water helped a little bit, but the smell definitely still lingers. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing and have any solutions / tips they could share? Thanks!
  2. I know the shift in tone definitely wasn't for some, but I look back on the launch of the Ignition comics as something that really drew me back in after I had felt confused with the story at times in 2005. That comic cover with Thok emerging from a canister was shocking in such an exciting way for me and I think that's really when I went from a fan of the toys to a true fan of the line. Stuart Sayger's work on those comics still represents some of my favourite Bionicle visuals and I actually hope to have an Ignition-style tattoo of some form in the not-too-distant future!
  3. I had a chuckle at the article describing the '01 sets as "futuristic-looking". I remember feeling like the Bohrok were the most space-age toys imaginable when I first had my parents help me build them in '03, and then being awestruck every year thereafter after as each wave seemed to top the last! Thanks for finding and posting this, it really does add an important perspective that gets lost sometimes: that Bionicle truly was a phenomenon that was hard not to take notice of.
  4. I would absolutely love to see this happen, and perhaps it will if they choose to produce a Bionicle set for the 90th anniversary of Lego, but TLG has been pretty steadfast in their refusal to acknowledge and/or pay tribute to the past Bionicle lines. Here's hoping that changes, I think Bionicle Brickheadz would be a welcome addition to any Bionicle collection!
  5. Wow, respect! This is incredible. Even 20 years in, it's energizing to see such a cool and unique collection like this.
  6. I was sorting my G2 stuff yesterday and became super nostalgic for CCBS for probably the first time. I always found the ball and socket friction superb and CCBS-constructed figures really have their own distinctive level of pose-ability. Whether or not it's Bionicle-related, I hope CCBS constraction has a future with Lego! Cool to know/remember that it's the tenth anniversary.
  7. It's no wonder a line like Bionicle that promotes creativity (both through the physical constraction figures and the storyline's imaginative universe) came from someone so passionate about creativity. The anecdote about walking around Copenhagen made me excited to explore my own environment and take inspiration from it. Great job Faber! Really appreciated the insight into his process, and hopefully he will be able to do something like this again.
  8. Thank you for compiling these! They look great all together like this, and looking over the banners reminded me how much I enjoyed reading them all.
  9. Were the "misprints" originally acquired in mask packs that made it to sale? I've never been totally clear on how they got into fans hands. I think a lot of evidence lends itself to your theory, xboxtravis. I'm just wondering here, but could they have been produced for a European equivalent to the Mctoran that were never fully produced?
  10. Take your time, TT! We'll wait as long as we need to for what should be the next great Lego game. *Palpatine voice* Long have I waited...
  11. I was actually thinking about my Bionicle succession plan today as I was putting my sets into storage (living situation demanded it). Online resources and networking sites like BioMedia Project, BZP, BS01, The Wall of History, and so many more do such a great job at fostering a sense of Bionicle community and making the complete story accessible for all new fans. I've only recently been really getting back into Bionicle but I've been so encouraged by everything I've seen and everyone I've met online. That isn't even mentioning the incredible fan art I see on multiple sites coming out every single day. Max Nui, I love your plan on sharing your collection with the next generation! As impressive and diverse as the online resources and communities are, I think most Bionicle fans were drawn in by what it all boils down to: a toy line. I saw a joke once that stated that 99% of the world's Bionicles are controlled by 1% of the world's Lego users, and while those numbers are exaggerated it is certainly true that the majority of Bionicle pieces are by now in the collections of established fans, and thus the responsibility of passing on what many would consider the heart of Bionicle falls on our shoulders. What that looks like will be different for each individual person, but I hope we each get the chance to pass on, in some way, the love of Bionicle to someone in our lives at some point. Twitter user @ HahaMakesGlass recently gave me the idea to put some of my physical Bionicle books in free little libraries around town in hopes that someone might try and enjoy them for the first time, as all the books/comics/etc. are now so readily available online.
  12. So unbelievably excited for this. The closest feeling I can think of is back in the day when we first got pictures of a new Bionicle wave. Can't wait for August 10!
  13. Wow, nice catch! I'd love to hear if anyone else sees any prototype models / parts in official images.
  14. That's gorgeous! What an awesome piece. My collection also has two framed Legends of Metru Nui storyboards, featuring the scene where Lhikan is cornered on that bridge and leaps off of it. Other than that I don't have anything too rare, but I am proud of my copper masks of victory, blank kanoka disk, and rahkshi + bohrok-kal CD's. I know they're not really unique but I also really like my working manas and all 6 mata canisters.
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