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  1. As far as games go, I think Junkbot has to be right up there with MNOG (blasphemy, I know) and I found the Alpha Team ice world game to be very fun and underrated. I definitely put a lot of hours into the adventurers game, and I have fond memories of the Knights Kingdom II games as well. Other than games, I always loved when a theme home page had a characters section that you could surf around, learning things about all the different characters present in those themes. It's a shame Lego has so few story-driven themes these days so there's less character exploring to be had.
  2. Nuparu modding his hands is big-time headcanon now, love it!
  3. Hahli Mahri was the first sign of things to come for me, I haven't heard of anyone having trouble with 2005 joints.
  4. I would say the themes of directly modelling oneself after people you look up to and trying to do what you believe is right while stumbling along the way despite your good intentions (the misplaced and misguided anger and confusion Ignika felt after Mutran tricked the Nuva into attacking it). A lot of the time I feel as inexperienced as a living being as Ignika probably did, and I admire how despite this inexperience Ignika forges forward. The concept of Ignika's consciousness also implies loneliness and I get choked up at Ignika giving up the existence it so wanted to experience for the good of all. I also feel like I have kind of a similar relationship with gender to Ignika, which is rare when the story is usually so gender binary.
  5. To my surprise, Toa Ignika has been developing into one of my favourite and most relatable characters as I've been reading more about Bionicle. For that reason, '08 has been becoming more important for me lately.
  6. As the fall season commences, I'm always looking for ways to feel frightened. This did the trick. Great work!
  7. I don't have a source for this, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think I remember reading at one point that there are active BZP members who remember the username of the creator, but the creator had disappeared from BZP long ago. I remember those days though. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Back then I was constantly looking for new toy fair pictures and rumours of new Bionicle products, and Voriki seemed like a godsend with his awesome purple colour scheme and very convincing (at least to me at the time) new pieces. I stuck to the belief of his authenticity way longer than I should have, and honestly I wish I still believed. Good luck with the doc! I hope someone is able to help you better than I could, and I hope to see your documentary in the future!
  8. When coming up with a name for my personal Bionicle universe character in the mid-2000's, I decided to try combining some of my favourite Bionicle names and terms in order to create a name that sounded authentic. I ended up settling on a combination of the Kanohi Hau and Avohkii: Hovoki! Not long after that, my parents finally allowed me to create a BZP account after years of lurking, and I began posting and making friends in the hugely popular The Bionicles Try to Run a House comedy written by MT Zehvor. I was graciously welcomed in by the members of MT's Toa team, the Zehvor, where we adventured through the worlds of comedy and BZPower! And that's how I became Toa Hovoki Zehvor! Lately I've been thinking about changing the spelling to Hovokii, but I feel like I have to earn my little naming day ceremony so maybe I'll do it when I've contributed something really cool to the community! I'm looking forward to hearing all of your username stories!
  9. How does your Rahaga remover tool work? I think my success rate for removing the second liftarm has been no higher than 5%, I always give up and my Rahkshi/Rahaga head part compartment is littered with heads still attached to that liftarm.
  10. Does this imply the existence of lime and orange Muaka and Kane-Ra prototypes? Wow though, these are gorgeous. Something about Mata red with trans-blue (which I can't recall seeing before) seems to work very well here. A very interesting and unique part of Bionicle history to be sure, thank you for sharing a cool look behind such a prominent set!
  11. I personally have always considered it canon (if only just for me) that Matoran of all genders make up every elemental group! I think just about every Bionicle fan I've spoken to learned lessons about being unique and accepting + being proud of themselves from their time enjoying the theme, but unfortunately the gender balance of the Matoran Universe characters was something that was really lacking in that regard. Bionicle is best when everyone feels at home and can see themselves represented in the story we love. I'd like to think that in a Bionicle G3, characters of all genders would be present in most factions.
  12. I think Bionicle fans are very lucky in that we don't have any truly bad years to pick on. I think That Matoran with a Vahi's point about flashback fatigue is probably the biggest reason why 2005 failed to gain the traction that some other years enjoyed, thus meaning it isn't always looked back on as the greatest year. That being said, perhaps our time away from the characters established from 2001-2003 helped make their 2006 return feel more triumphant and truly needed, helping the story and theme overall springboard into the Ignition trilogy's success? I've been really happy to see Web of Shadows get some love on Twitter over the last few months, as I feel it truly deserves it. While Vakama's turn can appear rushed, the themes of a leader corrupting under the pressure to do the right thing were always very interesting to me and seeing Vakama redeemed and accepted back by his team was something I loved to see and still take a lot of meaning in today. Set-wise, while I currently have a great appreciation for everything 2005 had to offer, I remember being disappointed by the lack of true Kanohi masks for the Toa Hordika. I was pretty young at the time, and I think the head builds / face aesthetic of the Hordika may have alienated some of the younger fans, but not too badly. The Toa Hagah will forever be some of my favourite sets in Bionicle history, and I still can't wait to get my hands on Keetongu. I hope this post prompts a lot of discussion! 2005 may not be the most popular year, but there's no denying that it had a lot of depth and content to discuss even now, 16 years later!
  13. A smash-style game with characters from Bionicle, Hero Factory, Ninjago, Monkie Kid, Power Miners, Mars Mission, Nexo Knights, Alpha Team / Agents, Knights Kingdom, Exo-Force, Adventurers, Hidden Side, and other Lego IP's would be such a dream to play, I personally would probably main Hikaru's stealth hunter from Exo-Force! Some characters from across the themes I think would make great playable characters in a game like this: Bionicle: 6 Toa Nuva, Tahnok, Teridax, Lerahk, Takanuva, 6 Toa Metru, Brutaka, Axonn, 6 Toa Inika, 6 Piraka, Vezon MK from Monkie Kid, Wu and the Ninja from Ninjago, Witch Doctor and Von Nebula from HF, rock monsters from Power Miners, aliens from Mars Mission, the knights and Jestro from Nexo Knights, Ogel from Alpha Team, the knights, Vladek and the king from Knights Kingdom, honestly anything from Exo-Force, Johnny Thunder from Adventurers, and so many others I'm forgetting / not familiar with. This was a cool concept to think about, thank you for the discussion prompt!
  14. As if Bionicle could get any cooler! Great job, I think Nuparu Inika has some competition for most punk rock looking Bionicle!
  15. I switch the mask out for a fake. Not a good enough fake to completely fool you, but good enough to buy me a minute to escape. The mask is mine!
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