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  1. Hey folks! Its been awhile since I've last poked around on the forums here, so sorry if this is already old news, but I just found out that the Bionicle Legends set that Lego Ideas shot down awhile ago is getting a second chance at life via the Bricklink designer program! https://ideas-admin.lego.com/mailing/email_link?payload=eyJpZCI6IjZhYjMzYzhjLWIxMTctNDIxZi05Y2RjLTE2MGExZTI4Nzg3ZCIsInVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly9iaXQubHkvQklPTklDTEVsZWdlbmQifQ%3D%3D It needs something like 3000 preorders in order to be produced, so if any of you folks want to own this set as much as I do, head over there and check it out! Thanks to Sokoda for designing this awesome tribute to the legend of the Bionicle!
  2. Just get the wide-brimmed hat and cloak and you're ready to cure COVID!
  3. Is their name TheZOMBIEJ? But seriously though, that's pretty cool!
  4. This is almost more interesting to me. I could see Dark Hunters or Makuta planting volatile masks in Suvas as an act of sabotage. It would have been crazy if Makuta had "hid" a bunch of these for the Toa Mata to find way back in the day... I wonder if there is a potential here for new Legendary-level masks to be created? Or even a more developed system of categorizing masks? (sure there are a bunch of Great level Kanohi, but I wouldn't put the Mask of Elemental Energy and the Ruru on the same level as the Aki or the Olmak, personally)
  5. Yeah now that I take a closer look at it, you're right he never said that the mask would have 2 powers. But now that I took that second look, it seems to me that this does have some interesting potential. Greg says "to achieve a new power by combining two masks..." Based on the context this does seem to imply new mask powers; as in "otherwise unattainable" mask powers. I think your example is sound for all Kanoka-based masks, but many masks are (as far as we know) not Kanoka-based (i.e. Avsa, Tryna, Garai, Olisi, Olmak, etc). In the case of these unique masks, I think it would be reasonable to assume that new mask powers could be created (some of which might function like multiple mask powers, such as the Mask of Light and Shadow, which is one power that functions like two), which creates some interesting possibilities (i.e. Rode+Mask of Charisma=Mask of... Leadership? Calix+Mask of Possibilities=Mask of... Reality? ). Additionally, combining Kanoka-based masks could make it possible to come up with new combinations. For example, if you combined a Hau and a Komau, you aren't combining two discs, but actually 5. Too bad, but still interesting
  6. Hey all, So I've been working on a project, planning out a multi-chapter fanfic with MOCs to go with. It takes place during the aftermath of the Matoran Civil War/Great Disruption and during the Time Slip. I'm finding it a little tricky to find sources that talk about these events in great detail, which does give me some freedom but I'd like to make sure that I do this right. I didn't really get deep into the Bionicle lore until well after Bionicle ended, so my knowledge is kinda fuzzy. So if anyone knows anything about the Time Slip, I'd love it if they posted what they knew here-particularly if anyone knows if Toa Dume was around back then. For a little more context, the fanfic is basically based on the question "what if the Time Slip wasn't just 6 months, but a great deal longer? And what if it was actually covering up something other than the Av-Matoran migration?" Also, anything about Jovan's team would be helpful too. Thanks!!!
  7. I'd like to think that Teridax used a more elegant, sleeker form while he was the Makuta of Metru Nui-a bit of a viceroy/steward/ruler thing going on... ...I like that theory b/c it justifies the Teridax MOC I'm working on lol XD
  8. WELL HOLD THE PHONE! I just happened to stumble on something from the Official Greg Discussion archives-I was looking for something else entirely-and take a look at this: Question: "just a couple questions for you [Greg]. 1. can you mold a mask into the shape of a piece of armor? 1.b. if yes, if you put the armor molded mask on as armor, would it still give you powers? 2. can you take two halves of a different mask and receive a new kanohi no power, new power, or a fusion of two powers? That is all, and thank you for your time." Answer: "1) Yes, but you wouldn't be able to use it as a mask then. It needs to be on your face for you to be able to use it. 2) To achieve a new power by combining two masks, you need to melt both masks down and make a third from them. You can't just stick two halves together." SO! It seems that, at least according to Greg, that Kanohi with multiple powers ARE possible! So long as it sits on your face, you're good to go! EDIT: here's the link by the way: https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2010-2011/page1#post6
  9. I totally agree-I got my hands on "The Big Three" (lol) last year, and was kinda reluctant to take them apart, but I gotta say I was surprised by the quality of the combo. The instructions/pictures of it don't do it justice. I'd agree here. I seriously doubt this is Teridax's "true" form, but one carefully chosen for the circumstance. It's certainly intimidating, but it also strikes me as being cobbled together from miscellaneous bits of Rakshi/Manas/whatever else was around. For a Makuta who took over the universe, it does look a bit.... dumpy. I think there's also some irony in his set function, which is basically the same at the 03 Matorans'. (Especially considering his Infected Matoran form, his 03 form might be his own subtle mockery of The Rebuilding... perhaps ) I'd guess that not only was his form chosen to make him look beatable, but also as part of the bigger mind game he was playing with Takanuva with the Kolhii game (the whole battle was basically him taunting Takanuva: "Even though you may look different, you're still just trying to play Kolhii games in a world far more complex than you could ever understand"). Further, I'd also guess that he wasn't just taunting Takanuva for the fun of it, but to distract the Toa from how "easy" it was to defeat the Makuta. "Winning" the "Kolhii" game was a moment of profound character development for Takanuva-he proved to himself that he was a Toa, and that he earned the right to be a Toa. Remember, even though everyone else was awestruck by the Toa of Light, Takanuva had serious self-doubts about his role. When he beat Makuta, everyone else bought it (after all, he's the 7nth Toa!) and Takanuva himself was probably reveling in the significance of that moment: "I am a Toa. I defeated Makuta though my own skills and abilities. I was chosen for a reason." Had the confrontation been just a simple battle, Takanuva might have wondered "Why was that so easy? How could a Toa who's less than a day old do what a team of six experienced Toa couldn't in a few years?" So yeah, all this to say he chose a form that would manipulate Takanuva into truly believing that he had completely defeated Makuta. I actually disagree here. Teridax has basically three moments of immense triumph in his life: first he overthrew Miserix. Second, he caused the Great Cataclysm. And finally, he took over the Matoran Universe. Based on what we know of his personality, it's safe to assume that Teridax is not gracious in victory. He's a gloater. "The reply came from everywhere at once. A dark, humorless laugh boomed from every stone, every star, from the ground, the sky, the ocean. Matoran huddled together in fear at the sound even as the Toa drew their weapons." (From The Final Battle: Epilogue). What does Teridax do once his great plan comes to completion? He laughs. He moves the stars just to taunt his foes. His arrogance is boundless in victory. We can expect him to behave similarly at his second greatest moment of triumph: the Great Cataclysm. Think about it: the "Ultimate Dume" form is completely unnecessary. Six novice Toa (one of which, I might add, doesn't even know what his mask power is) and a Turaga are no match for the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta! Even if this isn't true, it's still probably what Teridax is thinking in his arrogance; but it does raise the question, how were these novice Toa able to beat him? The answer is simple: because Teridax was being reckless. The first key stage of The Plan has been accomplished! He's not threatened by these "Toa" Metru; in his mind they're probably closer to Matoran cosplayers than to actual Toa . So he assumes a new form: a towering, winged, colossal beast with savage claws.... all purely for decoration. Think about it: the only ability gained from this new form that he uses (as far as I can remember) is flight as he chases after the Toa. But even this is theatrics! As a Matuka who can access all 42 Kraata powers, Teridax can teleport! Flying is SLOWER! My guess is he didn't really care at all about the battle. Sure, he lost the Vahi, but that's a minor setback. The wheels of his plan are finally well and truly turning. With every victory, the Toa come closer to their ultimate defeat. What's one battle when you've just won the war? I don't think he was even really paying attention to the battle. Sure, the Toa "beat" him (perhaps kinda like how Takanuva "beat" him), but they beat him by..... letting him bash himself with stone pillars? By.... dogging? Definitely not Teridax's A-game. I'll admit that being placed under a Toa Seal probably him off more than a little, but in the grand scheme of things, even that was a minor setback. It's definitely fun to consider though! No wonder Teridax was the "Farshtey Fave" lol
  10. Very nice! Like the use of the Skull Spiders, and a unique twist on a classic thumb/hand design! Those gold collar/neck pieces-where are they from?
  11. Yeah, now that I think about it, all the Toa tools for the Toa Metru were designed with travel in mind, so I guess it makes sense that these would be too. Honestly, I totally thought "piton" was a made up word that just sounded like it fit with "proto" well-I guess it helps when you actually know what the word means lol I assume it's because they are made of Protodermis. (Side note: you know you're a nerd when you know what the imaginary word means but you don't know what the real word means )
  12. Ok so I recently got a Brinklink order with Metru Onewa in it, and it just dawned on me: what ARE the Proto Pitons? Are they grappling hooks? Or are they more like medieval flails? BioSector says "Onewa used them to swing from sculpture to sculpture in the Sculpture Fields", but this doesn't necessarily imply that this was their INTENDED use (BioSector also says "He was courageous, and ever-ready to crack a joke... He found being a Toa thrilling, like Matau" so maybe it wouldn't be too out of character for him to go "hey, I bet I could swing over there..."). I've always assumed they were grappling hooks, but after taking a closer look at the set form I'm not sure.... Also, LMN portrayal, if anything, seems to make this more confusing. What do you think?
  13. Very impressive! I like the little rifle-very fitting addition (and the light is a nice touch!) The tentacle leg with the peg leg is a bit of a hard sell conceptually, but it's so flawlessly pulled off I didn't even bat an eye! Sweet build!!!
  14. That's hilarious XD Ok, my memory of the mask of creation is a but rusty, but could that information have come from the mask? I vaguely remember Matoro being able to access the consciousness of the Ignika when he put it on, perhaps there are certain "blueprints" that are revealed to whoever wears the mask of creation? (and yes, equating all the legendary masks to the Ignika is a whole other debate, but I'm talking on a much smaller scale) Ah, but maybe thrice the heads heads=thrice the consciousness! In the case of Makuta (which can shapeshift into a three-headed creature presumably), it probably wouldn't work. But what if there was a creature that had three heads, each with its own consciousness? (like a goofy, cartoony three-headed-dragon, but not cartoony or goofy lol)The heads would need to share a strong connection in order to function (possibly Psionic?), and all this to say they would still need to be able to wear kanohi. I feel like some sort of fusion of three toa could also be a possibility-some sort of experiment gone wrong or something... (The Shadowed One has the employment papers all drawn up )
  15. I was like "Oh hey that's kinda-OHMYGOD IS THAT KRAATA!?!?" XD
  16. It's incredible and I really REALLY want to know what the eyes are XD
  17. I was gonna comment on that too but there is no possible way to state that better XD Looks like they came right out of a campy Sci-Fi! (In a good way lol)
  18. I didn't notice them til I read this but I love them! The shield is elegantly simple and the bare legs/arms/midriff make for a memorable MOC Nice work!
  19. It has a nice storybook, almost goofy feel to it which I love, but I have a feeling that if you swapped the eyes out for something red it would look quite sinister.... Nice work!
  20. Do you have more pics? I like what I see and want more!
  21. WOW!!! I love the concept, the execution, and the build itself. AMAZING! The flail alone is beautiful. Caught myself almost literally drooling staring at this work of art XD
  22. I actually kinda like this aspect of the MOC-to me the Ussal crabs always seemed to have spindly legs: both in set form and in the various animations. I also really like the scale of the eyes compared to the rest of the body. They're much smaller, but it's an improvement. Very nice!
  23. Awesome! Love the headdress and the simplicity of the face!
  24. Me: "Oh yeah, that forehead is definitely gap riddled..." *nervous chuckle; glances at my own MOCs and cringes* Seriously that's pretty incredible. The sculpting is phenomenal-this is in a whole nother league! Definitely a loving tribute
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