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    what's up

    yooo its holiday season cool stuff things i've been up to - had to leave my nannying job so I'm going to have to find something else. Which will be hard, because - I'm one sad sick blob that's clawing for solutions. seeing doctors and trying new things to get better. hopefully something works! - being sick and jobless sucks because you can't win. too sick to work, but need money for bills. ??? - I entered the bzp secret santa thing. can't wait to get started! - I GOT A CINTIQ!!! With the help of amazing people through a gofundme I started a few days ago, it went above and beyond what I was hoping for! - I miss doing bonkle art ): i'll try to do some more soon promise - ummMMM I think that's it?? - oh yeah I'm planning on going to Brickfair Alabama you should too (anyone need a roomie? my brother may come along too)
  2. Welp, so it has begun. I'm in that phase of "I want to draw this person something cool, but what do they like the most...?" I'm also excited to do this project on my brand new Wacom Cintiq. Time to stalk a profile page.
  3. This looks like a lot of fun. Sign me up, please!
  4. I'll be unable to complete mine in time (I only have what...an hour?). Work and health threw another wrench at me. Will still be finishing my piece, but sadly not for the contest. Maybe it'll be done by the end of the week. Good luck everyone!
  5. It makes me so happy to see your bionicle art again, dear. That's a fantastic piece. I'm still in my greyscale stage...I've had a lot of issues with the composition, and then health punched me in the face...a speedpaint may be the best I can do.
  6. hey guys. just for the record I'm still entering. finishing up thumbnails and greyscale now, hope to have it done by tomorrow evening!
  7. I think after years and years I'll return and attempt to see what I can conjure for a good old BZP art contest!!
  8. Nice to hear from you! That sucks about your job stuff, I hope everything works out. ): Glad you're playing Mass Effect 1! I love that game so much--the series as a whole. 2 is my favourite. Garrus 4ever <3 I love SU! I haven't watched any of Gravity Falls, though. Should do that soon, though.
  9. So glad you volunteered, SPIRIT. You're hired!
  10. Oh wowie! I never win at giveaways! Yay! Thanks!
  11. I've announced on other websites I frequent, but I forgot to mention here on BZP. I'm currently working on a series of short comics devoted to BIONICLE, particularly during the Makuta takeover arch. Frankly, I was upset in the direction of the story after Mahri Nui, so I'm working on redoing it. Obviously, this is my AU and I don't want to force it on anyone, but mayhaps some people will enjoy it? Here's quick facts about it: - To be released January of 2016 (though will keep everyone updated with concept art and so forth until then). - Will be in a alternative universe with mostly minor altercations to the story--but does its major detour during Karda Nui. - Human Bionicle portrayal. I could go on a long rant as to why I'm doing this, but in the end, it's because I want to do it this way. - Will be separated into comic issues--each one around 20 or so pages. - Each issue will be focusing on a particular group of characters and event. Here's an test page, random scene from Time Trap: That's all I have for today. I guess I'll decide if I want to make a topic or keep it here for all the progress work. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions or such.
  13. I think they are nice pictures! There's a few MOCs that I must have missed, thanks for the shares. Hey, I'm not sick of you! I'm glad I'm checking blogs out more these days. Yours is always a must to read.
  14. If finances permit, I'd totally hang in VA for two weeks, that would be so awesome. I meant to hang more with you, sorry! *hug*
  15. If no one want the medium in a few days, I'll take that one. I can send the funds with the money I owe you for hotel/food in a week.
  16. Have a wonderful berfday!
  17. Noooooo next time you should come! I missed you!
  18. Lady Kopaka


    I loved hanging with you GSR! I wish I could have bugged you more, but next time perhaps? Just being in your company was very entertaining.
  19. I will for sure next year! Now that my finances are more secure and my car woes are hopefully over, it'll be a easy two hour trip over there for me! Definitely! You were amazing to me Scott, and I had so much fun hanging with you! They have hit me, but not too hard--I'm fondly remembering all the fun I've had and makes me excited for the future Brickfair in VA!
  20. I will hold the experiences and joy close to my heart, and not forget all the friendships formed and solidified. I really don't have much to say. I'm almost speechless. I could spend a long time rambling about the details, but admittedly, I'm fatigued beyond belief and may pass on that. Perhaps later I will. But for now, know that it was the highlight of my year. Things have been really hard on me for a long time. Finances and life and health. So hard. There were times recently where I wasn't sure I was going to make it. But I have. I found some inner strength, by what seems a miracle, a few weeks before Brickfair. It carried on and helped me survive through the eventful convention. So much fun and amazing memories. I met old friends and new ones. I am reminded why I am friends with who. Reminded that I still have the ability to make new friendships. That I should try harder to stay in touch and trust people to accept me for who I am. People were so good to me, I'm blown away by everyone's love and kindness when I had a abrasive point over the weekend. You were all so supportive and I confess, had a moment of teary eyes earlier thinking over it. Soft spoken love, genuine hugs, encouraging words. The convention itself was oddly...odd. Turnout was small it felt compared to the last time I went. But regardless, I had a lot of fun seeing the amazing LEGO and BIONICLE creations. Sorry if I did not get to spend time or even speak much with some people. This year I tried really hard to hang out with many, which I felt that I somewhat succeeded at, but again, I apologize if I had accidentally ignored anyone. I had a lot going on near the end of the convention and was not completely myself. I want to thank TLH and Turakii for sponsoring me to make it up there as well as hosting me at your place and being so loving, I consider you family. Thank you Bionicle Raptor/Brappy Hour for being such an amazing friend and gentleman--you really were there for me. ChocolateFrogs for picking me up at the airport and just being a great friend in general--thanks for the book suggestions too! Aanchir--for hanging with me, being fun, and supportive. Kayru, thank you for being there when I needed consoling and love. Thank you AT for letting me hang around and you were such a kind and considerate person. I guess I must not forget about Team Farm Animals for letting me be part of some of the shenanigans too! Thank you. Thank you. There are a bunch whom I am forgetting to mention, and I hope you can forgive me. I'm just tired and spoke the ones that came to mind immediately. I'm going to try hard this week to send a note to everyone I met with a word of thanks and a offering of friendship. I'd love to stay in contact with you all, if willing. Again, had such an amazing time. Will definitely be back next year!! Maybe even go to a few other LEGO conventions in the future? Hmm.
  21. This was only my second time at Brickfair and even I could tell it was all off. Maybe give it another chance if funds and time permit. The first time I went I was very much pleased with turnout and activities. However, socializing with friends is always my primary hope for going. I feel you about quality food and vegetarian stuff (I am borderline vegetarian as I've stated before). Wish I could find a way to actually cook meals instead of eating out so much. It was great to meet you! I'd love to talk more with you, you seem like such a articulate and educated person, which is a type I love conversing with, even if I'm not on the same caliber. Anyhow, take it easy!
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