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  1. Hi guys! Who still gets on blogs??? I'm not sure myself. Just checking in. I still check the BZPower news a lot and I'm occasionally trying to force myself back on the forums. Not sure about the status and health of everything, though? Shame about GEN2 ending and all. Oh but guys don't forget I'm wasting my precious little free time (when I'm not sick) on a Bionicle webcomic! It's hand drawn! Silly humanized bonkles! You should all ask me about it! It'll be rad! How is everyone doing, otherwise? Any fun things to share? Also if we were friends and acquaintances back in the day we totally need to bug each other again! I'd love to catch up with folks. (or hey if you're new or have always wanted to chat with me, that's fine too) Anyway. Nothing much going on in my life. Being bedridden, likely moving further east this summer, having a quarter-life crisis, so forth. I'll also be at Brickfair VA again this year. Okay, off to work back on art and script writing! Cheers all!
  2. Hi! I greatly appreciate the compliment. Some updates: - I'm building a personal website for when the comic actually appears. In the long run it saved me a lot of trouble than attempting to post it in twenty different sites. I don't think there should be any issues with me linking it? If so I'll work something out with moderators. - A short comic series should appear before the actual release of Catalyst. Mostly to dip my toes into the whole comicking business. - I suppose it's apparent I'm behind on the actual release. Oops. Sorry guys. Health has been finicky. I really have no ETA now on release, but it will be coming out this year. Delays stink, I know. - I think that's all the news I really have? Anyway, here's some recent art:
  3. Hey,No worries. When content begins to show in the next few weeks that I'll make it clear to who is who.
  4. Hey all! It's been awhile! Update on the comic: - Started the script. Slated to be finished in December and the actual comic (prologue) will appear in late January. - Almost done with most character designs. Most. There's so many characters! - I'll do my best to post more art here. A lot of the development art is being held for Patreon (not sure if I can link that here). I'll see about giving some exclusive rights to BZP for early access. Here's some development art:
  5. Okay, thanks so much SPIRIT! Bless you, coming and saving the day. So the beginning totally makes sense. We discussed and covered that, and thanks to your elaboration (that death tornado, man) isn't as plot-holey as we feared. But why didn't they just take six matoran back after defeating Makuta? The trusting of the vision thing makes sense, but how did they know the Visorak would be a thing? It would had been much easier to just go back and keep everyone in one place, right? According to the timeline, they load the six matoran, they make their way out, death tornado, fight makuta, protodermis cage--and instead of taking the matoran back, they instead journey with -just- six matoran to scout out a place, (go through a whole ordeal with six eternally sleeping matoran) and then go all the way back? So overall, makes sense, buuuutttt... Dume, Rahaga, Keetongu, some rahi, had to stay in this uninhabitable place for a long time when maybe it would had made so much more sense to have th Matoran awaken there and help rebuild everything. Granted, no one knew about Dark Hunters or Visorak. But all the more reason to stay and defend it, right? Narrative wise makes sense. We needed to get to Mata Nui for the story, but why did no one ever question Vakama's vision and decision? It seems it would go really against a lot of their intellectual and independent nature.
  6. Hey guys! I really need your help! I couldn't find this information through bS01, bzpower, and elsewhere. A friend and I have been happily talking and discussing the Bionicle storyline (G1). It's been fun in a nostalgia sense as well as preparing for my upcoming project 'BIONICLE: Catalyst'. Uh oh, though! Found a issue! I think. Can you guys, please explain to me why the Toa Metru moved the matoran to Mata Nui? What was the specific reason they had or wanted to move? Why didn't they just awake the Matoran in Metru Nui after stopping the Makuta or Visorak? We are very confused here and would loved if this was cleared up! Thanks!
  7. Hey Taka Nuvia! It's great to see you still doing art! I really like this--keeping the composition partial to the overall body makes it looks like it's coming out from the darkness. The line weight is excellent and keeping everything greyscale helps with the eeriness. It has a nice custom look while still retaining a vision of Bionicle. Keep it up! We have to catch up sometime. (:
  8. izaak do u have a skype or im program or something

    1. Xaeraz


      i have skype but i've been considering trying out carrier pigeon as it may be more reliable

  9. I think my brother and I looked into that but it was expensive or there were not very good options. I THINK next year we'll be closer to bfair and chris wants to bring a lot of MoCs next year so we'll likely just make it a roadtrip. I MISS YOU SO MUCH AND YOUR HUGS AAAAAAAH
  10. AAAAAA WE MISS YOU TOO *looks on instagram* That doesn't look good! Are you feeling any better now? yeah, I'm fine! just was a crazy thing to see when I finally made it home.
  11. [insert things such as 'it was fun!' and 'i got to meet lots of new and old friends!' and 'the MoCs were amazing!'] But in the end, thank you everyone for helping me get up there considering my financial situation. The Pates (though they couldn't come this year) helped a lot as did Ben/CF, making sure I had the funds for food, lodging, and all that. Thank you Jamison/Brappy Hour for letting me and my brother room with you, and for being a wonderful person who I could trust and feel safe by. Thank you Scott for being so kind and for the awesome tshirt as well as the new hairstyle for my self-minifig! Thank you Team Farm Animals for being totally awesome. While they are notorious for being remarkably comical, they are some of the sweetest gentlemen and I thank them all for letting me hang with them. Shout outs to others like bzpower staff and some of the people who were kind enough to talk to me about my art. It was very humbling for many to watch me draw, ask for advice, or even do art for them! Brickfair is a very important part of my life now. Though this was just my third year coming, it means so much to me. It makes me sad all these wonderful people live so far away from me! But it also makes the year wait all the more special. Hijinks, adventures, personal growth, helping others...I couldn't ask for a better community. Very grateful time seemed to slow down enough for that week. just...for me to take a deep breath, look around, remind myself why I'm here, what I want to do, and what I can do for others someday. it was great that my health has been improving, and it was timed well for brickfair. In general, I'm sad about it being over, but I'm so happy and forever thankful that I was able to go and have fun with all you great people. If I didn't get to spend much time with you, I apologize sincerely! But I'll see everyone next year! Note to self though: don't take a bus again.
  12. I MISS YOU ALREADY CRIES did you see what happened to my feet/legs ?
  13. Thanks for all the fun! Glad you had a good time!
  14. So sad it's over, but it was such a blast. Thank you again for everything.
  15. I did this one awhile back, but figured BZPower should see it! Click for a larger view. Just a speedpaint. Took a few hours. Was nice to return to my roots.
  16. www.catalystwebcomic.com BIONICLE: Catalyst is a personal/self-indulgent project of freelance artist Lady Kopaka/Susannah L. A rewrite of the G1 BIONICLE ending. In an alternate universe, it focuses on the heroes and villains of the Matoran Universe. Makuta has won, Mata Nui seemingly vanished, allies are scattered, and demise is imminent. Tensions run high as the fate of their universe rest in broken hands. - PAGES - ARTWORK: 2014/2015 CHARACTER CONCEPTS/ROUGHS: COMIC TEST PAGES: 2016+: BIONICLE © LEGO | Catalyst and related artworks © Susannah Livengood
  17. Take it easy, dear
  18. Lady Kopaka

    Checking in

    no. no spirit. just no. sad you're not going to be there! but, the bird robot?? a shipment of good vibes?? i'm excited!
  19. Lady Kopaka

    Checking in

    Hi everyone. Long time no chat. Nothing very new or important to report. Just struggling to get by. Hoping to start seeing a light at the end of the black hole, you know? I'll be going to brickfair in VA this year again. Who else is coming? I'm not really sure what else to say, hmm. Anyone want to throw questions at me? Or how is everyone else? Summer going well so far?
  21. Now this amuses me greatly for some reason.
  22. Some recent art, since I think my last 'official' topic died. Click the thumbnails for the large image. This is a somewhat final design of my human Zaktan for my AU. There's a pretty cool story as to why he doesn't look as 'monstrous' as the rest of his species, but I'm shy to share it. Kiina. I'm not very proud of the wonky anatomy, but just gotta practice. Sorry about the misspelling. A page from the scene in 'Time Trap'. Was testing the waters for comicking. I wish I could do a large scale HB comic series. Hafu being....Hafu. For the Journey to One contest. I wasn't able to enter due to health and time, but this is as far as I got. Done for friends for their Bionicle AU. She's part of some cult and purposely has blinded herself in pursuit of enlightenment. Quick sketch of a earth toa that I did for a group project. Secret Santa gift for Master Inika! It's Kopeke. A mix of movie and set style.
  23. Happy holidays, Master Inika!! I found out your favourite character is Kopeke. Hope you like it!
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    For now, haha. How are you Inferna?? We should talk more. GENIUS all I can think is the piraka rap song Well, I need to do MORE bonkle art! It'd be cool if you'd go!
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