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  1. Well, when I redo the Nuva I definitely plan on giving them their nuva symbol to them--either by some accessory, tattoo, etc. Thank you so much for the compliments, dear, it means a lot. Hehe, thank you Elissa! Takatu!!! It's so awesome to see you! Wow, talk about blast from the past. I hope all is well with you. Well, the older art I showed was back in 2011, so I have changed my style a lot. I've left my manga/cartoon style for a bit of a more realistic approach, and hopefully can avoid making my characters look -too- pretty. It's actually Zaktan. I'm still designing Vezon. (: Sorry, reminds me I still need to properly place a description beside each drawing. Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it! Glad you think so, I worked hard trying to figure a good outfit for him.
  2. Fantastic work. It reminds me vaguely of a cutscene, like in MNOG and such, just a different painting style. The composition is what catches me first. It makes me feel claustrophobic at first, ya know? It's squeezed in. Mavrah is staring up, shocked over Nuurahk as he mercilessly glowers. The smoke effect is fantastic and adds a nice mood to it. Colouring is great too. I'm particularlly fond of a slightly sketchy look--honestly I'd love to see one of the Bionicle comics in this style, it's fantastic. Also, the rest of your gallery is great too. You're very talented! Thanks for sharing, love to see more Bionicle work from you.
  3. Lady K! Thank you, and it's super cool seeing you around again. It's actually neither, I used Letraset promarkers, if you're familiar with them. It's good seeing you around too! Letraset? I feel like I have but can't place the name--I'll research into it. Thanks for letting me know! (wonderful seeing traditional art <3)
  4. So adorable! Adore the simplicity and style. You've fooled me--is this watercolour or digital?
  5. Darkness is a watchful Dark Hunter assigned to supervise the Shadowed One’s actions and decisions to ensure that his leader does not become merciful and compassionate.
  6. One Day I Slowly Floated Away - Eisley
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    Sounds like the exact reasons I couldn't go (though I do have a car). ): My brother and I are planning to drive there next year. Are you nearby Tennessee? Perhaps we can carpool it next year.
  8. Okay, hopefully this is okay as a topic. I hide in art/writing, but wanted to check about this. So, I am very seriously considering getting a new tattoo. I'd love for it to be themed for Bionicle. Even after I move on from it, this fandom and toyline has been a huge part of my life and I want to remember that. I already have a current tattoo based from Assassin's Creed that I got a few years ago. So, questions: What would make a good tattoo that is from or based off Bionicle? What would you get, if you wanted one? (If you don't like tats, that's okay. This is all just theoretical for you--I'm the only one risking it!)
  9. just wanted to announce I'm working on a new epic/novel that involves Bionicle that will definitely debut here in a few months. I will keep you guessing what it'll be about until I can make a proper poster. I'm very excited for this because I haven't had a serious project to work on since Glitch in the System. (which, btw, is being posted again; lightly touched up and edited to boot) I mean, well technically, I could start on the original graphic novel version of Glitch, but I feel that's a huge leap for me due to my health and life situation. I want to ease back into writing and art with a smaller project. So why not something that involves Bionicle? I know the fandom is small now and may dramatically change if/when Bionicle returns and many may not be interested in what I'm doing, but I'm doing it for myself. However, if you're interested, let me know! Stay tuned! (p.s. - sorry I'm not at brickfair this year guys...maybe next year! You all have lots of fun! Thank you Aanchir for taking the time to call me, that was so kind of you. And thanks as well Vezok's Friend, ChocolateFrogs, and Bionicle Raptor for skyping me. You guys are awesome!)
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    Didn't get to go either? Perhaps we shall go float around and haunt the others together. Ah well, maybe next year?
  11. Still trying not to join the hype train because who knows how this will turn out. But if they bring back a Kopaka or something...yes. Please.
  12. You. We must play. GW2 is the best game ever and I'm also on Tarnished Coast. I'm Lady Kaguya on there.
  13. Section 5.02 Tachi's eyes drifted open. They opened ever so carefully as her gaze was welcomed with the blinding light of the sun. She leaned against a crate, indistinctly feeling the boat rock up and down from the shifting waves of the never ending ocean. The Toa clutched her head, trying bring herself out of the strange, dreamless sleep she had experienced. She forced herself up and scanned around. The small fisherman's boat moved at a steady speed, the salty wind somewhat eased her foggy head. Her attention then turned to face Komas at the bow of the ship, leaning against the side and staring off to their remote destination. Komas had paid the Matoran that owned this vessel a considerable amount to get where they wanted. It was a place Tachi had heard by rumors was not a place any retreat—but quite the opposite. A lifeless island chain that merciless Makuta conquered long ago. He must've brooded within his decaying fortress, foiling the good and experimenting on grotesque matters for countless years. If Tachi had been around this area years ago, she probably would have torn this Makuta called Szian as fast as she could. Yet because of her memory, she felt ignorant around many regions. Komas on the other hand, knew every nook and cranny of the entire world. Earlier he gawped about the countless lands he had visited. From far away islands like Xia to above the domes to feral and strange lands. No matter how much the Toa of Sonics spoke, he seemed miraculously talented at keeping his past indistinct. Such ways made Tachi almost uncomfortable, wondering if he was some sort of double agent. But as her yellow eyes studied the Toa leisurely resting against the boat humming some tune, it seemed amusing and absurd to think such things after what they went through. His silver calix shifted toward her, as if the whole time he knew she was looking at him. Tachi stiffened and looked away from her associate. She stared at the matoran who permitted taking them to the island and watched him trot into the cabin holding a net. There was another, matoran too, but he seemed much too busy and focused on guiding the ship. After a moment, her attention returned back toward where Komas was standing, but instead of being at the front of the ship, he now stood a foot away from her with arms crossed. Tachi was not startled but the nuisance of Komas using his element constantly was being a strain. "Must you do that?" Tachi retorted. "Well I could ask you the same when you stare at me with those conspicuous yellow eyes of yours," he said. "Of course that would be a lie as it doesn't bother me the least. What do you want?" "What?" The Toa scoffed and rubbed his hands together. "You're thinking. And when woman think it's usually always some dastardly plan. You have stared at me the entire trip and I'm trying to figure why. I mean, sure I'm awfully handsome, but you are always up to something different." Tachi leaned herself against the crate with eyes toward the sky and exhaled, trying to decide whether or not to toss Komas in the water. She lastly thought against it, and turned toward Komas unenthusiastically. As for Komas's thoughts, he considered Tachi's personality and expected the Toa to fall in a cold silence and ignore him—instead he got quite the contrary. "Well, I'll spit it out. What made you become a mercenary?" "Wha—? That's definitely random." Komas raised his eyebrows, not expecting such a query. He rubbed his chin and looked around a moment, purposely trying to procrastinate the answer. "I do not appreciate knowing nothing about someone I'm working with." "Hmm…fair enough," he shrugged. "Well…I got tired of being a cop I assume." Tachi leaned toward him and ridiculed. "You of all people, were a cop?" "Yeah, yeah. Is that so hard to believe? That was forever ago, though. Back when Toa were actually popular." Tachi fell into a curious state as he became silent, looking anywhere except at her. One part of her felt slightly bad for being nosey, but the other was enjoying the moment of interrogating him. Komas seemed to dumbly stare back at her, and he finally concluded she wanted more info on the matter. "I worked with about…oh, four other Toa I believe around various islands and cities. Technically the word 'cop' or 'agent' is a bit inflated; I was like every other Toa out there in the world: a moron and naïve. But we got the job done fighting against foes and conspiracies. It wasn't a bad job at all." "Well, what made you leave?" Komas looked at the base of the boat; his hands began to fiddle around his gun. "My squad died. They were murdered by a…uncivilized tribe. I decided it best for me to try…new professions." Tachi's inquisitive mood faded when she saw the flamboyant mercenary fall in a cold, depressing stillness. She wanted to say something to him, possibly an aphorism of pity, but she could not find the words. She had always figured a mercenary or bounty hunter were what they were out of greedy hearts; but it seemed Komas's reasons were different, as far as his quick account told. Before she could say anything else, the fisherman trotted out of the cabin, holding a map. The Matoran went to quietly talk to his partner who was sailing the ship, and then waved at the two Toa. "Oy! We can almost see land, we'll be there soon!" Tachi looked at Komas, concerned for a moment about his sudden stillness, and then walked rigorously over to the Matoran. "Where on the island is the city?" Tachi questioned. "Oh…I believe around the center ma'am," the Matoran said, handing the map to her. "It's not hard to miss, specially the tall cursed black fortress that the Makuta lives in…or well, it's all rumors." "It ain't no rumors, that karzahni of a place is littered with Rahkshi and terrible experiments!" The steersman replied harshly, spitting something out of his mouth. "How do you plan to get in there? What are you two anyway, performance folk hired to entertain a Makuta?" "We're paying you two to take us, not to ask questions." Komas responded tersely, coming up to join the party. He looked out to faintly see the islands ever so slowly inch into view. He returned his gaze to the Matoran who was grimacing at him. The other fisherman cleared his throat and got between his friend and Komas. "We'll be there shortly; we don't want to be near that island very long, once we get there, jump off and that will be the end of that." Komas squatted down and shook the Matoran's hand. "It's much appreciated." The fisherman smiled, nodding his green Hau and scampered off to fix some nets. The matoran steering the ship muttered something under his breath. Komas swung around again and pointed at him accusingly. "I heard that." The poor steersman tensed and looked, wide-eyed at Komas. Swinging his head away, he stared off into the horizon, pretending to ignore the Toa of Sonics. He remained quiet after that. Komas smirked, seemingly enjoying the use of his element at the time. Tachi controlled herself from giving away any hint of amusement or disgust. She simply watched him pull out his gun and let his hand glide over the silver complicated exterior. Tachi wasn't sure if he had already forgotten about their short conversation or was still trying to evade her gaze. She gradually slipped beside him and looked over his scarred mask. Komas's head drifted toward her and he just nodded his head with an encouraging grin. ::::: ::::: Lights flickered around a dark room, the blue and green aura hues casting dancing shadows around the metal edifice. The occasional noises of clicks and buttons pressing were perceived around the streamline and advanced room. Toward the far side a figure sat, eyes focused intently on his job. The holographic screen in front of the small white being flickered to life, within seconds white font of the matoran language covered the screen in an arranged style, the device humming and brewing as it calculated the task given by the programmer. Long, dragging minutes followed of the same suit and the figure just sat still carefully reading over what was laid in front of him. His eyes darted left to right, and up and down at the reports with surprising speed. The door across hissed open and a tall dark green figure strode in, feet clanking on the metal floor. Into the bleak light, the tall being was an air Toa. He leaned down toward the computer; he straightened some form of a waistcoat that he wore, and then looked at the programmer. "What's to report, Philo?" The Toa questioned in an aged voice. The matoran immediately started pressing some keys, his eyes never drifting away from the device. "Flood of reports came in from the southern continent, sir," Philo said. "Some nasty problems happened while our attention was diverted." The air Toa sighed, rubbing his mask. "We can't give five minutes without conspiracies blowing up in our faces or terrorists running around like swarms of visorak. What happened now, Stelt finally blew up?" The Matoran grinned, shaking his head. "No, chief, I think I have better." The Matoran pressed a few more buttons on his table. An image of an island came into view. "Makuta Muurax is dead." The chief's eyebrows deepened and he leaned closer in, hands placed on the desk. "Your sources gave me reports earlier this afternoon when they stormed in concerning this." Philo continued softly, studying his commandant's expression. "He apparently fell off the cliff—and he didn't survive." "Suicide?" "No sir, there was signs of hostile acts." Philo paused and bent down to open a compartment. After a few moments of shuffling through papers, he came back up and held a parchment. "The T.S.T.C.—or Taun Southern Trading Company hired a mercenary to kill the Makuta. And they claimed this Toa did it." Philo handed the paper over, and the Toa's old eyes scanned over it, after a dead silence the Toa of air grunted. "Komas." The Ko-Matoran nodded his head. "No sooner after the village was attacked, but it was unharmed. Various reports indicated a squad of Rahkshi was after Toa Komas and some other Toa who was with him." The Toa scoffed as he read over the report. "…'Subject was found with a female Toa of Lightning, being pursued by Makuta servants. They disappeared into the nearby sea cliffs. Fate is unknown'…how predictable of you Komas, now you probably have the entire Brotherhood chasing you." He stopped and grimaced, handing the parchment back to Philo. The Toa looked down at his feet and then at the screen, exhaling noisily. "Sir…Toa Nihles?" Philo quietly spoke up. "What's our next step?" "I want an investigation on this ASAP, Philo." He answered instantaneously, already planning ahead. "There is something wrong here. I think some of those Makuta in the district are holding more secrets than we thought. And we cannot afford anymore Toa throwing their lives so uselessly away." There was something wrong, Nihles knew it. He was a veteran Toa, he knew all too well when to tell not to judge a mask by its looks. Komas and apparently this lady had gotten themselves a malicious situation. He figured it best to slip in and stop it before the brotherhood started further wars. Toa Nihles nodded his head toward Philo and walked back out of the dark technician's station without another word. The metal door hissed and shut behind him. Nihles' eyes squinted and adjusted back to the sunny afternoon light that shone in large windows of the fashionable hallway. He turned to a short and slim female Vortixx who quietly stood beside the door, watching him with tepid blue eyes. "Zimriah, connect me to a private communication line." Nihles spoke up, straightening the vest he wore. "This is of utter importance." ::::: ::::: The long silver buster sword came crashing down on a pile of wreckage harshly and effortlessly. Tachi held the weapon with both hands, deep in thought. She looked up to examine the dark area, the once large buildings of shining iron were now rusted red and cracking from the years of being unkempt and being continually tortured by the horrid sand and rains. The whole area was eerie and even gave Tachi a feeling of uneasiness. Unlike the last conquered city, this one was completely lifeless. Not a soul, not a single enemy of the Makuta was found. Presently mere echoes of falling wreckage hung in the suffocating and binding atmosphere. Tachi kicked aside the mess she had unnecessarily swiped and continued to inch along the stone walkway leading to the tall shattered building. Komas as usual lagged behind, his head spinning from one location to another, ready for the worst. "What's with these Makuta?" Komas said, taking a moment to hear his voice echo throughout the urban. "They enjoy dark, damp and nasty places. I keep waiting for a bad guy out there to actually like an area uncontaminated. Perhaps a place with flowers. I like flowers." "Good luck in searching for one," Tachi responded wryly. She stopped by the large steps that would take them to the fortress. Still no signs of any enemies. Was the Makuta planning an ambush? Tachi lastly started to carefully tread up the steep stone steps. Each step she took the more impatient she felt; at each step she strained a little more to be prepared. They reached the top and Komas walked past Tachi. With one powerful hit, Komas rammed the barred down by his foot. The dark entrance buckled and flew back into the desolate darkness. The two Toa stood there a moment, weapons pointing out into the blackness that welcomed them with cold hands. But as they stood there, ready for a battle, scarcely breathing and blinking; nothing happened. Nothing came. Tachi grew intolerant and strode in, her sword out and pointing to every corner and exit. The old lobby was covered with filth and rubble, the aura of faded green lightstones flickered above their head and the sparkle of the sun peaked in broken windows. Komas looked down at his feet, watching them wade through a small puddle of grimy water, the eerie sloshing rippled in the desiccated atmosphere. Drip. Drip. Komas spun around and pointed his gun toward the sound, the light on the top of the firearm flared on to face a broken pipe. It was merely water dripping quietly out on the soiled floor. "Calm down, there is no one here." Tachi affirmed, lowering her weapon. "We'll storm upstairs." "It's too quiet." Komas muttered. It was becoming more transparent that the male Toa obviously hated silence. "Good." Komas lowered his gun and sighed, but his body nevertheless appeared tense. He turned to Tachi and wordlessly nodded his head. Tachi returned the favor and pointed a finger to a door leading up the large building. Simultaneously the two jolted forward, tearing down the door and running as fast as they could up the winding dim stairs. Tachi's yellow eyes shown with a ghastly manner as she tore through some rubble and with ease continued up. She could see the door up ahead, and she braced herself for what was to come. Komas pointed his gun toward the door and fired a blast at the knob. It splintered apart and the Toa easily walked over, kicking open the entrance. She slowed her pace to a trot, and finally stopped all together. She looked around the large walkway, with long windows showing the view of a forgotten city high above. But Tachi ignored the scenery; all she saw was a large impressive door up ahead. Tachi withheld herself from breathing too loud, and she glanced over at Komas. He just stood beside her motionless, patiently waiting for her next commands. "Let's move it." Tachi whispered. Her visor glimmered against the light and her expression seemed to be as when they were met with the other Makuta; glazed and distant, and dissonantly cold. The two sprinted toward the door, Komas controlled the sound around them, and they stayed in a noiseless appearance. Komas ran to one side of the entrance, Tachi did the same. Their backs were against the wall, looking at each other and then the door. Tachi watched the mercenary make a soundless grunt as he forced the door to swing open. They were met with blackness and a sudden cold gust of breeze from the inside. Tachi was the first to run in, weapon swinging around her as she inspected the area. A dark library was wreathed with dust and strange experiments. Green water bubbled inside of vats, shining around the study. Strange metallic devices seemed to be in every corner and in the centre a large desk and chair was assembled, all of it unused and empty. Empty. Komas walked about the room carefully, looking around with weapon pointed. Tachi just stood there, musing with confusion and resentment. After some cold moments Komas faced Tachi, his goggles shimmering against the green hue. "Tachi…there is no one here."
  14. This was a challenge to decide which one to vote for. I glared at them all for a loooong time. Finally made my decision, though. Good luck to the entries! You all did fantastic work!
  15. I think it was through google. I tried to join back in 2004, but my parental block hindered me. I tried again in late 2005 and been around ever since (for the most part).
  16. I love your signature banner. One of my favourite movies.

    1. Vorahk1Panrahk2


      Thanks! It's such a gem of a film- definitely my favorite non-American animation, and one of my favorite animated films in general. I'm so stoked for his next project!

  17. Hi everyone! I'm back! I'm still kinda doing art? Health and life have ruined my artistic self, but I keep trying. *offers new and returning members hugs*
  18. Finally added a updated version of chapter 4.
  19. Section 4.02 There was little choice as Komas ran countless of plans through his head, like a desperate and frenzy processor. The creature was disgruntled and tall, mostly a rusty green, powerfully built with silver spikes that shimmered around his armor. Its eyes widened as it clutched onto the seemingly stationary Tachi. Komas didn't want to, he knew it was a stupid idea; but finally he gave in, his weapon dropped to the dusty ground. "You…you Toa are so predictable," The creature said. "My master warned me of how dangerous you can be…you did not disappoint. Of course, everyone knows the one weakness of Toa, no matter who they are." Komas glowered, frantically looking for the upper hand as the creature slowly began to back up. When he faced Tachi, her expression changed in a flash to look both angry and disappointed. "You fool!" She yelled harshly, eyes shimmering with rage and she momentarily stared at the gun that lay on the ground. Her hand swung against the creature's clawed arm, and a bang echoed out. The bullet missed, striking a cliff right of them. The commotion unsettled a gathering of flying Rahi, scattering them about as they squawked in fear. Tachi spun around in the grip of the enemy, and jumped against the cliff's wall. She pushed and spun over its head, forcing the green mass to let go and ram into the wall. Tachi landed and ran over, swinging out a kick with her leg. Her foot hit against the creature's head harshly, sending him skimming in the earth and toward the edge of the overhang. Komas wasted no more time and jumped on top of the dazed foe. He placed his gun intimately by the head and used his free hand to clutch the wired neck. "You sick spawn of a rahi, what are you trying to pull on us?" The intrepid expression the creature once wore immediately dispersed. Its eyes widened and shook all over. It opened its jaws to speak, but no sound came forth. "I'll force the sound out of you or I'll tear your metal brain out and find the information myself." Komas glared, shaking the body. "You have three seconds before I lose my temper." "Please, please, mercy Toa…! I was commanded to do so, I feared for my life!" The Toa of Sonics seemed to ignore the squeaky voice and charged up his gun. The creature froze and yelped from fear; the gun glowed in its hallow red eyes. "Let's start somewhere," said Komas. "Who sent you to kill us?" The creature sighed—or if that was possible for such an experimental mess to do. "My master…I care little for him…I would wish him dead, but I fear the outcome. I am much too afraid of him…" "Who. Sent. You?" Komas repeated in a slow intimating voice. "His name…his name is Szian; he is Makuta! He knew of the female Toa and wanted her dead. He…did not tell me why." Tachi blinked and looked at Komas. "This has nothing to do with the other Makuta?" "No… no…" The creature stuttered. "Makuta Szian disliked the Makuta you killed. I was commanded to kill him, you beat me to him. He just wanted the female Toa…" The creature's jaw clamped shut, still fearfully watching the Toa; it did not want to continue giving away data of his Master. "Is that all the information you can give us?" Komas questioned. The creature just looked at him and hesitantly nodded his head. Komas smiled, his grip nearly loosening. Suddenly without caveat, Komas darted his hands into the creature's neck, tearing apart a small gear within. Sparks emitted for a second from the creatures body. The Makuta's servant twitched and gagged. He did not know Toa could be so terrorizing, the empty glare of Komas made him tremble. The interrogation, it vaguely reminded him of all those past experiments… it didn't want that, it couldn't handle it. "His…his location!" the servant stifled, finally giving in as Komas' hand was about to reach toward his head. "He resides in an abandoned fortress, in the Vayoha island chains west of here…it is not hard to miss!" Komas muttered something, still holding onto the creature and just glowered at it. Finally he removed the gun away from the creature's face and stood up, pushing the Makuta's servant aside. "Get outta here." "You...you are not going to kill me?" "Go jump off a cliff or something if you want," Komas retorted. "My sound ammunition ain't worth your guts. I've wasted enough over the past few days." It stood there hunched, staring at the two Toa with wary green eyes, wondering fearfully if these two mercenaries were lying. But Tachi and Komas didn't move. They just stared at him with cold perceiving eyes. Its slender three fingered hand clutched the injured neck and rushed back from the cliffs, running clumsily away. "Useless piece of junk." Komas grimaced as he put away his gun and crossed his arms. Tachi just shook her head, attaching her weapon to her back. "You let him live?" "I'm still a Toa; I don't always have the right to take away a life." Komas said, looking back to the small green figure fading in the distance, scrambling up the cliffs. Tachi watched the creature fade away around the cliffs to disappear in the forest, and she turned and acknowledged Komas' leniency. He turned to face her and seemed to read her mind. "There is a thing called mercy. You might want to think about it." Tachi grimaced, not particularly happy she was getting a petite lecture. Without any time to waste, she had already turned around and began to scale up to a safer pathway. Tachi moved swiftly and neatly, ignoring if Komas was following. Finally after the tiring minutes, she jumped back down to the grassy earth on the other side; she was met with large dark trees and clear air. Komas expected her to walk off, but she just stood there waiting for him as he staggered down off the ridge. "I am going after that Makuta." Tachi spoke when he was within earshot. Her eyes looked out past the trees and toward the sea thoughtfully. Komas didn't look extremely happy about her choice. "I thought I made it clear that I wasn't going to hunt anymore Makuta." "Then don't come at all." Tachi snapped back, her voice sounding like she was about to break into a fit of anger. Komas let his shoulders sag and he carefully inched up to her. "I was teasing…look, I think our destinies are intertwined, I'm not going anywhere." "How can I trust you?" Tachi demanded. Her eyes studying the silver and dust covered Toa. Komas for once looked outraged at Tachi's bitter attitude. "Excuse me? I just saved you approximately two point five times; and I've helped you out of mess that you started with the bloody Brotherhood. I don't do work for free sweetheart, so I'm sticking around until I get paid back." Tachi just looked at him and took a deep breath, he seemed angry for a moment, but finally he chuckled, shaking his head and smiled. "So you're pretty much stuck with me, dear." "It looks like I don't have a choice." Tachi said, and brought out her hand. A small spark of electricity flowed around her finger tips. Her expression softened eventually when she began to walk toward the road. Tachi was good at containing her emotions, being detached and apathetic; but nevertheless her old forgotten self whispered inside her like a tiny conscious, grateful and pleased. Tachi would openly say she was not a believer in destiny, but every being knew it was true. She could not deny how things were settling out. And apparently destiny had set her to be with this Toa to chase after Makuta. For good or ill, she would have to wait and see. "Then we find a way to make it to the Vayoha island chains." She spoke promptly. Komas just nodded his head smiling; the acceptation from her set him in a lighter mood. "Back to the village?" "No, they will not accept us after the scare. We will travel by foot until we reach another harbor." Komas sighed, but started walking down the path with Tachi almost gliding in front. For awhile the two were chary, wondering if another attacker would come out. But after walking for a long, wordless hour, nothing happened. Just the flying rahi would pass over their heads, high above in the blue sky. Trees danced about in the wind, and the feeling of peace and harmony took over the edgy tense moments Komas and Tachi were experiencing. Tachi couldn't help but feel relief wash over her. For both surviving the battle and knowing her next course of action. If this Makuta knew her and wanted her dead, it could only be assumed that this could be the Makuta in charge of destroying her memories. This Makuta Szian wasn't looking for revenge because of the other Makuta, he was looking for her. ::::: ::::: The woodland soon cleared away to an endless land of hilly fields, the long strands of dried grass scratched against one another as they flowed like water, shimmering under the brilliance of the setting sun, embracing the lighthearted tranquility. Neither of the two Toa spoke, just taking in what had happened the long hours ago. Small huts of straw or pale stone of the Matoran were close by the long and seemingly endless trail, smoke quietly coming out of the chimneys, the shadowy smolder to be swept away in the wind. The farmers stopped from their work to look over to see the strange Toa walking by their rural panorama. Occasionally some would wave, while others just quietly stared from under their straw hats. Tachi took no notice and simply looked down at her feet, taking long strides. She felt Komas behind her, making soundless footsteps while he leisurely followed. The female didn't look back at him, just thought it over. She finally admitted she felt awkward with another being. For so long all she did was plan and kill, not speaking a single word sometimes for weeks. Now she probably had spoken more in a few hours than she usually could do in a week. The company… it felt, easing for her. She could not remember her past, no matter how hard she tried, but the feeling of missing someone reminisced. Maybe many people. Now all were probably dead, simply decaying on a destroyed island that she used to cherish. The blankness of her mind almost made her want to shriek with irritation. She just wanted to stare around a corner to see the truth but was unable to no matter how hard she strained. Who were her past friends? Did she have any at all? Her Toa allies… who were they? Were any alive, or like her, perhaps? Lost in a darkness of blankness and dubious unease? There were so many questions Tachi had and through the years she had found little answers. She presumed she had to hope for the best, and sooner or later the problem would disperse. Hope was a complicated word for her. She didn't think about it. Tachi, Toa of Electricity just moved on. Hope and despair was of little significance to her, she didn't care. But she wondered what chances there would be if she could find her memories. Wasn't this selfish for a Toa? Could she not be doing better in the world by helping the innocent? Tachi bleakly thought of this, but after a moment resisted. Memories or not, she was going to have vengeance. The pitiful Makuta had their fun, and it was her turn to play the games. But, with Toa Komas she felt as if she had stronger motivation, a better purpose. She just wasn't doing this for herself, but for all the ones she once knew, lost in the lonely past. This was for redemption. It was justice. Tachi almost wanted to regret this tender thinking about her new partner and other emotional feelings when she saw Komas jog up to her. She shook her head, trying to come out of her yawning thoughts. Tachi skeptically noted his strange expression and gradually jammed onto what he was going to initiate. "Say, Tachi…" He started slowly, easing beside her as he looked around a moment at the scenery. His scarred though robust silver armor glimmered around in the light of the sun. "What is it?" "Well, you know, you're a pretty good fighter and all, for a lady." Tachi didn't respond and seemed to ignore the compliment. Komas smiled, placing his hands to rest on his belt. "I guess I just like girls with a little... shock to them." Tachi immediately stopped and snorted out loud. The crude noise from such a refine being as Tachi made Komas freeze. Tachi removed her visor and smiled as she rubbed a hand over her purple mask. She was still trying to figure Komas, was he really serious in his jokes or was he just trying to poke fun at her? Tachi finally got over it, knowing he had probably done this with countless of other fair ladies. She continued to walk on wordlessly, and one might've caught Komas's entertained smirk as he followed, as if he had succeeded in some plan. "I thought I told you your lines are absolutely unmoving." Tachi spoke out seriously with a straight face. "I just thought it was worth trying." Tachi sighed and looked at him with her yellow eyes. "Is this something special, or do you normally do this with the ladies?" Komas shrugged, both hands now fooling with his goggles. "Both possibly. You always seem down in the pit, I just wanted to cheer you up." Tachi looked away, and continued to walk. She didn't say anything some long dragging minutes—she really didn't perceive anything worth saying. Tachi wanted to ignore the statement, though inside she felt reassured for once in her forlorn years of wandering, even if the reassurance was rather... childish and flirtatious. She finally took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she felt the wind press peacefully around her. Her lips slipped up into a frank smile. Frail and almost unnoticeable, but it was truthful. "Well, thank you for trying."
  20. I'd likely be in the business of environmental care--plants, trees, etc. I feel in a city, while not as populous as it'd be elsewhere, is still important for various reasons. Preservation, biodiversity, extraction of raw materials, restoration, so forth. On the side, I'd simply be a artist and possible teach my related fields in Ga-Metru.
  21. explain to me why i was unaware of this video until now (also i can't breathe please send help)
  22. Lady Kopaka


    Ah, the look of my mother's face when I exclaimed with joyous thrill the possible return of Bionicle.
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