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  1. You make me want to watch Star Gate. Which I probably will end up doing soon. Very soon. You definitely captured the mood and feel of SG, and the simplicity of it is great too! Nothing over zealous or cluttered. Remind you, I express my artistic skills with a pencil and not with lego, so I honestly am very awed how one can make fantastic pieces of art like this, so I don't have a lot of room to offer suggestions or to go further in depth as to why it's awesome. Simply know that it is and I love it! I'm so sorry I won't be able to see it in person!
  2. hey guys, I really would like to get involved with the RPG happenings here--but, I have no idea how to start or what's going on or if I should wait or anything help If someone could volunteer to teach me the ways of BZPRPG and so forth, that would be awesome. I will pay you in hugs and invisible cookies. I'm reading the rules and everything now, but a mentor would be awesome!
  3. I'm sorry I won't be coming. I'm so bummed about that. But have fun for me instead! Take lots of pictures and have fun!
  4. While that would be awesome, I'm currently working on MU characters first. UNCLE K!! It's so lovely to hear from you! Funny, because I was looking over your art and being jealous about -you-. You were equally a inspiration for me over the years, so it means so much for you to take the time to comment and encourage me. So thank you. Turaga/Metru I'm currently working on. Bohrok, honestly, I think are pretty much the same as their set design. As for later characters, I have some of them too in progress! So many to design! I apologize for that. I made the topic, ran off to work, and then realized, "wait. I forgot to say who was who. derp". So, I shall fix that and title them properly. As for that dude you mentioned, it's actually Ancient!
  5. Star Trek is the best. I grew up on it and still love it. I think Voyager is my favourite of the series, followed by TNG. I really need to rewatch them all though, it's been forever. I don't think I've even finished DS9? Glad your job is doing well too!
  6. http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/13928-lady-ks-human-bionicle-thread/?do=findComment&comment=709696 you should all totes check it out and yeah. i'm going to start drawing again ???
  7. oops guess who is back in bionicle

    1. Jedi Gali

      Jedi Gali

      So cool to see some of the old-timers returning!

    2. Ghidora131


      Jeez, this is a tough question...

  8. hey you guys I have a incurable intense desire to design the characters as human. It's super fun to be creating the cultures, how everyone looks, costumes, and more. LATEST ART: (updated 11/24) 2014 OLD ART (click the thumbnail for the larger picture) TOA NUVA [outdated designs] OTHER Just a note, while I love critique, don't bother with the old art. It's yucky, outdated to myself and designs of the characters. Just thought you guys might enjoy seeing it. I will accept your opinions on how to change their appearances or costumes, though. If you guys have any suggestions on who I should design, let me know!
  9. It's something that has always irked me. Even as a child before I really took equality as important as I do now, I still often wondered why there were so little females. Obviously the reason, as others have pointed out, is because the toyline is supposed to be geared toward boys, and if you're a boy you obviously must prefer your own gender and being 'manly' and 'tough', etc. etc. (insert sarcasm). Anything with girls is deemed weak by boys, because that's what our culture has made them believe. I'm glad the female characters in Bionicle are, at least, strong leads and have had important roles, though. Part of me doesn't really care, because I am more concerned with character rather than ones gender--but obviously at the same time, gender is important to many and how it defines them. Bionicle is diverse with elements, characters, so forth--so it's a shame LEGO never took the chance. I'm getting to the point of possibly doing gender swaps with some characters in my fanon world, honestly.
  10. This is a lovely rendition of the characters in human form. The costumes are astounding as well. This is perfect on so many levels. Your art style is very solid as well--it's unique, enjoyable to my eyes, and gets the subjects across rather well. Wonderful job. Thanks very much for sharing.
  11. Mixed feelings on this rumor. Sometimes it's best just to let sleeping dogs lie. Things could end up be awfully disappointing. I won't hold my breath or get too wound up, but I won't deny some excitement as well. Bionicle was one of the best fandoms I've been in and it would be awesome to return to it. I mean, I'm still in the fandom, but returning to it being active is another. We'll see how things go.
  12. got back in Bionicle oops and this happened before there was some weird rumor about Bionicle returning, too? (idk anything on that just something I've heard from various friends) anyway totes been hiding out in BS01 a lot refreshing my memory and will probably watch the movies soon, etc. Lots of nostalgia and feels. What I've really fallen into is making my own fanon universe. Which is pretty much the same as the original but everyone is 'human' (somewhat? depends on speices? still working that out) and some of the later stuff has been changed. Well, a lot of the later stuff has been changed but I'm still trying to decide how much I'm deviating from canon. so if anyone wants to talk bonkles with me that'd be awesome or even if you are mildly interested in my dumb human!Bionicle universe let me know. I'm already drawing and writing lots for it.
  13. Glitch in the System was a BIONICLE fanfiction I wrote back in 2008 that was met with surprising sucess. Back then, anyway. I'm converting it into a original story (or well, it's been converted for years). However, I am aware of 'Metal Arms' you speak of. sup well we are talking now No worries. It's a old and horribly written. You're not missing out on much. what. i think you have me confused with someone else bro no really I can barely follow instructions for sets let alone build something myself
  14. ah yes hello there mysterious person who i should likely know but i do not. i hope you are well and in good health. i am not certain why you should be a fan of me but that's cool i guess
  15. i felt nostalgic. what's up with me: I turn 22 on the 31st (I can't believe I was 14 when I joined this here website) moved out on my own working on a graphic novel/webcomic series (based off Glitch in the System) yes I'm still doing art, though i'm extremely rusty still suffering from health problems still not in school busy working two jobs is continually a derp still secretly loves Bionicle still, especially doodling human versions of them planning to make a return to Brickfair this year that's about it hope everyone else is doing good. never be afraid to bug me via PM here or elsewhere
  16. It was great meeting all of you guys, seriously! Ryuujin, it was no problem. I wish we could had hung out a bit more! If people expect me to join BZPRPG I expect someone to write me up a 'how to get into BZPRPG for dummies', please and thank you.
  17. SECTION 3.2 Komas came walking out a large grey building, feet silently padding against the steps that led to the streets below. His hand squirmed into a small pouch that attached onto his belt as he turned to see Tachi where he had left her--sitting on a bench nearby an old building. Komas made a half grin, surprised the Toa didn’t up and leave afterall. He joined her, sitting down and leaned against the wall leisurely with his feet propped out. He followed her gaze, only to notice she was absentmindedly staring around the small village, deep in thought. Her eyes would sometimes follow a Matoran walking down the street or others preparing to open shops and businesses in the cool, foggy morning. Their reflections in the puddles of water scattered around the dirt street and the modish traditional Matoran homes loomed close by in serenity and balance. Voices merged together in the town, all speaking of various concerns. Feet clattered about, tame Rahi roared or squawked, being brought in the trade; all the different noises and vibrations, Komas heard it all. It was times like this where it was often hard to focus on one thing--the vibrations came from all around, and the attention divided to control it. Though the small village was by the sea; a variety of different Matoran lived in the area, all tradesmen, sailors, or the average farmer. Its simplicity was quite uninteresting in Komas’s book. His interests in communities were of the larger and most popular cities with shining skyscrapers and trendy technology. Then again, to rather hear the waves crash placidly around the docks and beaches from the sea instead of deafening explosions he usually had to deal with on missions was somewhat wanted. “Well…” Komas spoke up finally, “I got paid. A nice sum too; I doubt I’m doing any work like that again. But I think it’s only fair you deserve at least half.” “I don’t want any money.” Tachi responded, her chin resting against her hands as she hunched down, still examining the village. “Nothing?” “I don’t need it.” Komas leaned downward to look at her and Tachi’s cold golden eyes drifted toward him like a ghost. Komas couldn’t help but feel uneasy from her piercing glance. “Suit yourself, sweetheart. You sure are…indifferent.” Tachi stood up from the bench and rubbed her neck. “I assume that is a bad thing.” “No, not at all,” Komas said. “I like the cold and quiet type.” It took a second for The Toa of Sonics to notice Tachi was walking away. He stumbled to stand and caught up with her through the busy street. “Why don’t you go find a woman that will actually enjoy your company?” Tachi spoke out curtly, turning down toward the main street, carefully avoiding from bumping into Matoran. Komas momentarily focused his attention to some good smelling food that was being sold nearby, but then returned his concentration back to the insolent female. “You could call it curiosity,” he replied. “I hope you know how particular it is to meet someone that hunts Makuta to retain lost memories. Tell you the truth ma’am... I’m not sure if I would want my memories back if I was captured by Makuta.” “You question all about me,” Tachi retorted, ignoring Komas’s statement. “But I know nothing of you. It is an unfair bargain.” “I don’t see what’s so exciting about me. I’m a mercenary; I travel around getting paid to kill off morons like that Makuta.” “No one becomes a Toa doing dirty work like that.” Komas rubbed the three long scars that contorted the right side of his mask and for once Tachi noticed his expression drift to more of a scowl. “It’s a long story.” Komas finally spoke up and then looked away from Tachi’s inquisitive stare. He seemed to open his mouth again, but no sound came forth. Something changed. Komas’s frown faded away into a blank expression and he just stood there staring out around the harbor. He didn’t move a muscle, but finally his head jerked around, glancing from left to right suspiciously. Tachi moved in front of him and cocked her head. “...You were saying?” Komas just put a finger to his mouth, signaling her to stay silent. Tachi was going to continue her questioning anyway, but in a mere split second, his hand jerked out and grabbed Tachi by the arm and pulled her over to a nearby alleyway. When she was able, Tachi wrenched away from his grasp, upset. “What in the name of Karzahni are you doing?” She snapped. “We’re being watched.” Komas responded, and his hand gradually slipped down to clutch his weapon. He then answered Tachi’s question before it could be asked. “I could hear them. The sounds around the village were…disturbed. A different rhythm, a balance was off.” Tachi didn’t squander a second thinking it over and took what he said as truth. “I presume someone isn’t so happy about what we did those two nights ago.” Tachi pointed out. “I suggest we leave the area, I don’t want to harm the innocent here.” Komas nodded his head in agreement, and carefully edged his back to the wall, and peered around the corner. “Should we split or—” Wham. A powerful force rocked against Komas, sending the Toa tripping into a pile of wooden crates with a crash. Matoran nearby jumped from the scare, gasping and immediately backed away, already sensing the trouble. Tachi had bounded out, sword in hand and looked around. “If you’re not dead get up!” Komas staggered up and cursed, rubbing his large silver brace. “Oh gee, that’s heartening!” It was Tachi’s turn to grab hold of Komas. She pulled him away behind a food stand and the two ducked, just as another bullet sped over them. They froze, back against the stand, trying to plan to plan the next course of action Tachi’s visor brimmed golden, the small device reading around the area for any movement. Nothing she could see, which made it all too hazardous. She couldn’t distinguish or pick up anything hostile around, but she sensed it. The feeling crawling around Tachi made her hand tighten on the handle of the long sword. “There’s a sniper around here. Might I suggest we…” Komas cleared his throat. “…Take our leave?” Tachi nodded her head, giving up arguing with the Toa. She took a deep breath, eyes focused to the road heading out of the town. Matoran around the street stared at the Toa wide-eyed, slowly backing into their homes. The air seemed parched and filled a tenseness--a hunter preparing to capture the prey. Where could the sniper be? What was going on? 1… 2… 3. Tachi burst down the street, feet digging into the muddy ground. Her body hunched, face determined. Komas was quick to follow, his head jolting around, using his element to sense any sounds their enemy could be making. This attack came faster than either expected; Komas grabbed hold of Tachi by the shoulder and pulled her to the side just as a flash came straight down into the earth. The bullet was missed by a split second, and now was deep into the earth, steaming. As if matters could not get worse, a large Rahi suddenly came from around the corner. Spiked and covered with red armor, its claws slid into a halting stop, dirt sprayed everywhere. Sickened yellow eyes of madness focused at the charging Toa. “I’m getting sick of this,” Tachi held her weapon close by her and pointed it defiantly at the wild rahi. Komas caught on promptly. He spun around, feet sliding in the slippery mud and pointed his weapon out, firing several rounds at random by the nearby taller buildings. Tachi brought out her hand as surge of electricity danced around it, and the crackle of lightning soared straight through the centre of the creature. Tachi swung her weapon, the powerful feat going straight through the weakened area; the body cracked, and flew separate ways just as Tachi and Komas ran straight through. Wires, metal pieces, all flung about in the air. Komas sensed another bullet surging toward them and jerked his head back, activating his calix. The projectile missed him by an inch. Tachi twisted her body and blocked it with her sword; it meekly clanked against the protosteel and flew off into the sky. Tachi jumped on a wooden plank leaning against a barrier, ran up it and flew off down toward the ground, her body stiffly together and she spun and finally landed neatly on the grass. Komas took a heavier approach as he landed beside her with a shaky thump. He pointed the streamline weapon around, walking backwards toward the tall mountainous cliffs that hung threateningly beside the ocean. Large white clouds rolled by, the sense of such tall natural structures seemed almost dizzying. A strong moan of wind passed the two; the tall grass shook around them warily. They waited, they didn’t move, didn’t breathe. Weapons ready to fire or to swing at any moment. Their attacker was near, but never came. Both Toa felt the vague sentiment of being toyed with—watched with enjoyment, the enemy taking their time for the kill. Shocked cries from the Matoran came from over the wall, completely baffled at the mere few minute situation. A roar came from behind Komas and he flipped back, missing a swing from a staff that a white Rahkshi held. Looking back in the air he fired his weapon, tearing up armor and destroyed the kraata inside. The body fell on the ground with a lifeless echo. A score of other Rahkshi seemed to jump all around them, ambushing through the forest. They screeched aloud with terrible voices, raising their staves as their powers flowed threateningly around them. Komas slowly caught onto what their enemy was doing. The sniper wasn’t important anymore—it had pushed them straight into a trap. “I’ll bring the thunder, you show that lightning.” Komas responded in a lively voice, putting some more bullets in his weapon carefully, and acting unaware to the charging monsters. “There are eight of them, can you handle it?” Tachi questioned dryly. “Obviously…Wait, me? What about you?” Tachi placed her hand on her sword, and electricity sparkled all around it. She pointed toward two of the Rahkshi and a powerful explosion rumbled out toward them. After a blinding flash, only charred metal remained. Tachi turned to face Komas with a dominant expression. Komas grunted and charged up his gun. He activated his mask he ran right in the mess. With amazing agility he flipped, jumped and twisted around the beings, firing around at the vital spots. For such a tall and strapping being, Komas was agile and quick, his fancy and deadly moves weakening the ambushers. Tachi came and did the finishing blows, swinging her buster sword with flair and power. Unlike the last battle with the Makuta, Tachi seemed calm—almost too calm for the situation as she blocked an acid attack by the tall creatures. Komas kept a wary eye out for Tachi, but it seemed useless, she didn’t need help or protection. Dancing around like an unstoppable bolt of lightning, was she even of this universe? Surely no one could fight as faultless as Tachi did. Komas grasped hold of one of the Rahkshi nearest to him by the stiff metal neck. Komas brutally head butted it and it rolled on the ground. The Toa of Sonics pointed his weapon at it, but before any shot could be fired Tachi came down, her sword digging into its chest as sparks flew. It made a screech and with minor twitches, expired. “That one was mine.” Komas snapped. Irritation washed over his face as he watched Tachi look around the battered area. “You work too slowly.” Tachi simply said. Komas didn’t have time to answer; a screech was heard off in the distance. The remaining Rahkshi were charging at them, and Komas barely avoided a powerful blast of acid from one. The Toa of Sonics already felt his energy slipping away; they couldn’t handle this stance for long. “We gotta plan something…” Komas spoke up, taking a few deep breaths. “Tachi, we—Tachi?” The Toa spun around and gaped. She was no longer behind him, instead already climbing and jumping nimbly up the tan rock face. Komas wasn’t sure if what she was doing was foolish or smart, but it seemed better than fighting on a wide field with little protection. Quickly Komas used his mask power and jumped to catch up with Tachi. Possibly, they could throw an ambush on their ambushers in the cliffs. They ran with speed up the slim and crumbling cliffs, and behind the corners of rocks, trying to lose the dreaded Rahkshi. They heard the screeches of the enemy coming from behind; apparently the arrangement wasn’t working as well as either hoped. Brown textures of rough rocks blurred beside them, the roar of waves down below. The speed of which everything was moving even made Komas’s wits a little baffled. Playing hide and seek around cliffs that could break apart at any given moment were not his type of game. Fate seemed determined to continually challenge the two Toa. Up ahead, a gap was seen on the slim cliff path. Dust flew everywhere from the unsteady rocks and debris fell down to the ocean to meet other jagged and infested rocks, they were left with a dead end. Tachi slid to a stop before falling down to the sea. She turned around to face Komas, but what she saw made her heart lurch. Komas continued to run. Before she could do anything, Komas grabbed her by the waist and jumped over the broken path. For the first time that Tachi remembered the impulsive actions made her shriek aloud. The water and dangerous rocks were right under their feet as they flew over the breach. Komas pulled out his gun with his free hand, twisting around to point it toward the charging Rahkshi. He clicked a switch on his gun and it brimmed red. He only had a few seconds to do this, but it felt like it would never end as they floated in midair. The agonizing breathless seconds of wondering whether they would live, or die. Komas fired, the powerful blast surged toward the screeching Rahkshi. It hit, a sound blast rocketed, and even deafening Komas’s ears as the explosion shook behind them. He clutched on Tachi, shielding her from the blast. Smoke and debris danced around, and the dusty air distorted past them. Komas could almost envision them falling to the jagged rocks, but instead his back rammed against the sea cliff, and the two tumbled down on an overhang. Tachi was the first to limp up, coughing and shaking the dust off her. She looked up to find where the Rahkshi once was now covered with piles of rocks and steaming ashes. “You’re the most dim-witted being I have ever met. What is your problem?” Tachi gritted between her teeth, electricity danced around her hands. If one could see Komas’s eyes, he probably would have just rolled them. With a grumble he slowly dragged himself up. They were alive from the treacherous clash, that’s all he cared about; nevertheless he couldn’t help but brag to himself how fancy of a move he pulled off to kill the Rahkshi. He was about to walk over to her, but abruptly stiffened and eyebrows shot up. He flung an index finger toward her. “Behind you!” Tachi didn’t have anytime to react. A dark green, hunkering creature flung out from thin air, tackling Tachi and rolling on the sparse space. By the time Komas had neared the calamity with gun pointed, the creature had pinned and pulled her up. A large launcher was held dangerously close at her head. “Don’t move Toa,” the creature spoke. “Put your weapon down if you want to see her live.” Komas grunted, clutching onto his weapon. It seemed they couldn’t get a mere few minutes of rest without being attacked and threatened. The creature pushed the weapon at Tachi’s mask. The metal clanged against her mahiki. This creature was not joking, and Komas felt he only had a few seconds to save her.
  18. I was on the same boat with Sisen, hah. We were just talking yesterday evening like, "man I hope she's okay!". Big relief on my end. I'm sorry to hear about unemployment and all that with your family, I can relate. I've been keeping you in my prayers and been thinking of you a lot. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Also, if there's a time or way we can catch up, I'd love to touch base more often, but only if you want to/can. I feel bad falling out of touch with you. My summer consisted of working 50 hrs/week which was very bad for my health and well-being, but got wrapped up getting to go to TLH/Turakii's wedding and Brickfair. I had a lot of fun and was very blessed to be given the chance, I needed that vacation. Otherwise nothing exciting--just deciding on things like moving, maybe going back to college, etc.
  19. TLH/Turakii's wedding, getting to tour D.C., and Brickfair was amazing. Really. The best vacation I've ever been on. I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends that I've met through here, and also getting to know new people! I really apologize if I didn't get to hang out with everyone like I wanted, I'm so so sorry. I kept getting pulled in different directions and since it was my first time here it was a bit overhwelming, but in a good way of course. I'm definitely planning on going next year though, and goign to try my best to spread out and geto to know any BZPers that come. I also plan to attend the one in Alabama in January since it's only a two hour drive away. Let me know if you'll be there. (: So now I'm very exhausted. Thankful no work today, so I've jsut been flopping around like a zombie all day. Maybe I'll make a more useful entry later, but yay Brickfair!! In other news, I might think about getting into the BZPRPG. Maybe? Hmm...
  20. It was such a blessing to be able to visit them and witness the best wedding I've ever been to! I'm so happy for them! They are seriously the cutest couple ever!
  21. Lady Kopaka


    It should work out. I'm flying, tickets are already paid for. Parents will just have to deal with it this time lol, I'm an adult.
  22. Lady Kopaka


    Hey guys I'm coming to Brickfair Yeah (Blame Thank TLH/Turakii)
  23. BZP hi I miss all off you bbies lots of hugs how is everyone? I am really avoiding going to bed after a grusome 15 hour work day and I don't want to work agian tomorrow, so I thought, hey, I haven't been on BZP in awhile so here have a picture of HB Zaktan pouting <3
  24. Odd. Well, added a text link as well.
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