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BBC Contest #72 Final Poll

BBC Contest #72 Final Poll  

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Final Poll

BBC Contest #72: Use the Force!


Here we are... it's the final round of voting for BBC Contest #72: Use the Force!


Final Voting begins December 24th and ends December 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.


A voter in this poll will be selected to win a random Star Wars constraction set, kindly donated by LEGO.




BZP Rules and Guidelines




1. c72_006.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Grand Master Yoda


2. c72_019.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> R2D2


3. c72_016.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> STAP


4. c72_014.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Ahsoka Tano


5. entrypic.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Imperial Speeder Bike & Scout Stormtrooper


6. c72_023.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Darth Maul


7. imag0295.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Yoda


8. c72_001.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Pit droid

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I love both of the models that include vehicles. They're both fantastically made and they both capture the image of the figures perfectly.


Though I must say, I prefer the Imperial Scout Trooper to the droid on the STAP. There both well made but I think capturing the image of the scout Trooper would be harder than a battle droid.



Thumbs up to all that made it to the finals.

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While I think the STAP is the best of all these worthy entries, Ahsoka Tano is the most impressive, considering how much harder it is to build organic lifeforms compared to droids. My vote goes to Tano.

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for" -John Lubbock
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