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  1. IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru - “Vashni." She introduced herself as. The Toa did somewhat passively get a quick sense of the assembled matoran's mental states, not an actual mind read, but she got a basic feel for their emotional states, mostly she just felt excitement and perhaps anxiety from them. It made sense with what was going on. "Well, being a Toa already, finding the great disks wouldn't benefit me all that much. Not that I couldn't be of assistance in finding them if needed!" Not like I have anything better to do anyway...
  2. IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru - “I’m pretty new to the city so that would be great! It’s a lot bigger than I expected...”
  3. IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru - Ah, they noticed me. Play it cool Vashni. "H-Hey there...did I hear something about a tour?"
  4. IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru - Vashni bit her lip as the broadcast of Turaga Dume's speech ended on the many large screens all over the Metru. Vashni knew of Lhikan only by his fame and reputation, but she'd never heard him called a traitor or criminal before. Something seemed very, very wrong about the whole thing, it made her wonder if coming to Metru-Nui had been a mistake. What if this Turaga Dume was some sort of control freak that locked up any Toa that didn't do whatever he wanted!? Vashni shook her head, she was letting her imagination run wild again and jumping to conclusions. No, she needed to just lay low and figure out what was going on before assuming anything. ... Vashni lightly kicked her hover bike, which was parked beside her. She was very bored. She hadn't been in Metru-Nui very long, but she thought that at least something would have caught her interest by now... Vashni just so happened to notice a group of matoran chatting heavily about finding the great disks, she sighed. She knew from experience being a Toa wasn't quite as glamorous as they assumed it was, there was a lot of annoying work involved! But what really caught her interest was the mention of a tour. Hmmm, I could actually use a tour, I wonder if they'd mind a Toa tagging along? Without much thought she starts to casually walk toward their direction. But not too casually, she didn't want to come across as some ditzy spaz of a Toa. Her reputation was important!
  5. Name: Vashni Species: Toa of Psionics. Faction: Metru-Nui Brief Description: Her body is mainly a dark blue color with some gold highlights on her armor. Since her element is somewhat rare she's often mistaken for a Toa of different element such as water or lightning. She wears a mask of mutation, though the mask's appearance is rather similar to a Mahiki. though its slightly different. Background: Vashni has been living in Metru Nui for only a short while now. The city of course more than happy to accept the help of any Toa who wish to help defend it. Her home island was lost to her, so she wandered for a long time before ending up on Metru Nui. No one knows her well, at least not yet, but she seems rather determined to make sure Metru-Nui never falls into the hands of the League of Six. Flaws: Vashni doesn't have any weapons on her person other than her own powers, if she had to fight with her fists alone she would lose. Fighting multiple opponents at once would be troublesome for her as she prefers to focus on one opponent at a time. Powers: Vashni has the standard powers of a Toa of Psionics, which include but are not limited to mental energy blasts, telepathy, telekinesis, illusions that fool the senses, inducing dreams and nightmares in beings who are asleep, and hypnotic suggestion. Her mask of mutation allows her to mutate a target from a distance, though she can't do this to herself. Equipment: Vashni doesn't carry any Toa Tool because not only does her element not require one, she prefers not to have one. She does however have a hover bike that she uses to get around Metru Nui quickly, and being a hover bike it can conveniently transverse over water, it's big enough to fit two Toa sized beings at most.
  6. The wrap up topic should be closing very soon. Tyler has been dealing with final projects and such but he should be about finished with them I believe. He's gonna make a final post before closing the wrap up topic. So I'd just wait till the next arc starts.
  7. I'm convinced we went back to 2014
  8. IC: I'd thought myself prepared to see the worst, but seeing how horrifically injured Krayn was sent a shock through my system, I went completely stiff for a moment. It didn't help my already guilty conscience, that's for sure. I couldn't breath, I held on to Kale for dear life while I tried to collect myself. I had to remind myself that Krayn was alive, if barely, but alive. I let myself breath for a moment before looking at Krayn and the others again. "I...I'm glad you're all alive...I...I'm sorry I'm an idiot..."
  9. IC: Arisaka nodded in understanding, she could understand Onuzek's struggle to answer the question. Arisaka wasn't someone who was known for her brains either. Her physical strength and prowess in combat is where she shone. Arisaka's eyes widened slightly as she got an idea, she glanced around and saw an empty table. "I have an idea Onuzek..." Arisaka gestured for the Toa to follow her to the table, she sat down on one end and then put an elbow on the tablet. "Have you ever arm wrestled?" She grinned.
  10. You can’t go wrong with clannad.
  11. IC: "Thank you." There was a part of me that wanted to insist I didn't need help, but I ignored those urges. I realized that one of my biggest flaws was that I always tried to do everything myself. I wasn't one to ask for help, even when I really should. That needed to change. I also realized I would have never made it out of the room without Kale's help. I'd underestimated how unsteady and unbalanced my body currently was, I was glad Kale caught me when he did. Still, it felt a bit embarrassing. Not that any of that really mattered right now. All I wanted to do was get to Krayn... OOC: @Silvan Haven
  12. IC: Arisaka chucked, she liked Onuzek's childlike enthusiasm, it was oddly endearing. When she realized what she was doing it she cleared her throat, it was rare for her to lose her serious demeanor like that. "Tell me Onuzek. Which one of us do you think is stronger?" This had been in the back of her mind since she first laid eyes on Onuzek, and she could no longer resist asking the question.
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