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  1. IC: Zanakra - Fort Razorfish;Vaa - Spineless Bay - Zanakra smirked at the banter between Sohmak and Jojax. She approved of rivalries between her underlings, kept them sharp. But for the moment they needed to focus. "Alright you rats, let's move out, we've wasted enough time here." By her command they set out into the bay towards the camp. Soon enough Tahtorak Outpost was visible, and they would be visible to the residents of the outpost as well. Zanakra stood in the front of the scouting ship, looking as imposing as possible. "Who's in charge here? I have things to discuss with them." She shouted as they got within hearing range, Cordak Blaster on her side, shrapnel gun on her other, and hammer strapped to her back. She did not look like someone who would be denied. OOC: @Zeal @Nato The Whisperer @Sparticus147 @Smudge8 @ARROW404 Hello there!
  2. IC: Oceanna Gallywix - Onu-koro - ??? - Her eyes watered as she struggled to see again, slowly but surely her vision was coming back. She forced herself to look towards where the fugitives were, judging by the amount of noise they were making. Yes, there they were. Her grip on her Rahkshi staff tighten a bit. Eying the Vortixx, Oceanna flew down towards him at high speed, betting on the fact that he would neither heard nor see her coming from above, as they had seemed to forgotten her the moment they had blinded her. As she closed the distance she grabbed her staff with both hands and swung it at his head, intending to knock him down. OOC: @Palm @Void Emissary @ARROW404
  3. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - "Sure thing Dehkaz, I'll catch up with you and the others later." I said with a wave as the other Toa left. I paid for my pistols and acquired the wrist grapple that Dehkaz had bought for me. "Alright Farzan, just let me know whenever you're ready to have me test those prototypes. I'll be uh, wherever the Fowadi is probably..." Come to think of it, I had no Idea where I'd be or how he'd get into contact with me once it was ready...well I was sure he'd figure out something. "...anyway bye!" As I headed for the door I glanced at the Matoran trapper...what was her name again? Hmmm, she never said come to think of it. "I'll be just outside. Once you're done here just come get me and we'll go see your lion." With that I headed out, putting the wrist grapple on as I did. I was kind of eager to try it out, I'd seen some members of the Gukko Force pull off some pretty fancy stunts with these, made me wonder what I could pull off with it. @Geardirector @sunflower @ARROW404
  4. IC: Hakari - To Ta-Wahi - Hakari paid close attention to Kanohi's teachings of morse code as they walked towards Ta-Wahi. She honestly found it impressive how the Matoran had come up with a whole way of communicating without even speaking, he was far smarter than she was, or at least she thought so. Before they all knew it, they had reached Ta-Wahi OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 Hakari, Lapu, and Kanohi to Ta-Wahi
  5. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - “Sure, I’ll check out your lion.” I said as I looked at Farzan. Let’s see, I was getting a wrist grapple, curtesy of Dehkaz, two diskette pistols that I’d placed on the counter and was buying myself, and then I’d be coming back at some point to test out some sort of prototype weapon and get one for free for my trouble. Yup sounded right. “Once I’ve got my new stuff I’m ready to go.” I said as I took out the widgets to pay for the pistols. Oh! I also needed to get something for Dorian, though I was thinking of buying him something from a different store. @Geardirector @Perp @sunflower @ARROW404
  6. IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - Heading towards Ta-Wahi - Hakari followed Kanohi and Lapu silently. Dealing with the fire had subdued her chattiness, plus it was hard to keep a conversation when you were the only one who could actually speak. It had been so long since Hakari had left Le-Wahi, she didn't know much about Ta-Wahi but she understood it was much hotter than even the jungle. She wondered how different it would be. OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404
  7. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - I pumped my fist as Dehkaz ordered the wrist grapple. Who knew that being good at throwing dangerous objects could get you free stuff? I looked back at the trapper. "Sure I've seen lions, they're big cats like Muaka right? When you've wandered through Le-Wahi as much as I have you tend to see all sorts of creatures. Can't tell you the last time I came across a lion though, it's been a while." They weren't exactly the most common creature, I didn't want to get her hopes up in finding more of them. "Pretty rare to see them honestly, with how huge Le-Wahi is it can be years before you come across one." @Geardirector @Perp @sunflower @ARROW404
  8. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - I raised my eyebrow at the Matoran trapper. "A lion huh? I'm more of a bird person myself but lions are cool." I commented before turning towards Dehkaz, glancing at the dagger he offered me. I couldn't help but smile. He understood that I'd been using throwing knives since arc 1 as long as I could remember right? Not to brag, but I had even won a knife throwing tournament in Le-koro once, so needless to say I was confident in my ability. I took the knife. "Alright Dehkaz, sounds fun enough." My sights were on the dagger currently imbedded in the beam. Of course, while I knew I'd have no issue hitting the target, the tricky part was hitting it with the exact force needed to dislodge it from the beam, and from the correct angle. Even for someone who was well practiced at knife throwing like myself, this was a tricky shot. "Mmmm sure sounds good..." I said, only half paying attention to what Farzan said as I focused on making the throw. Not wanting to overthink it, I just took the shot and tossed the knife. There was a loud ding as metal smacked against metal as the knife I threw struck the one embedded in the beam. The knife had been certainly loosened, leaning downwards towards the ground. Only the tiniest bit of the tip was still stuck in the beam, but alas it was still hanging there. "Well ####." I muttered, disappointed with the results. But before I could admit defeat, something unexpected happened. A butterfly with black and blue wings fluttered by, deciding to land on the end of the knife's hilt of all things. The knife then proceeded to fall out of the beam and clatter on the floor. ... ... WHAT!? Perhaps my damaged brain had just imagined that. What were the odds that could even happen!? Hallucinating butterflies wouldn't have been the weirdest thing to happen to me. I glanced at Dehkaz, Farzan, and the Matoran trapper. "Did anyone else see that ####? Also I want the wrist grapple, Dehkaz." Butterfly assistance or not, I'd still take a win. @Geardirector @Perp @sunflower @ARROW404
  9. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - I gave Krayn a wave as he left. Then I stood there by the counter as I waited. I tapped my fingers against the counter. Tap tap tap. I looked over at the Matoran that was also in the store, and then to Dehkaz. "You guys wanna play a game while we wait? Not the quiet game though, I don't like that one." @Geardirector @Perp @sunflower @ARROW404
  10. IC: Oceanna Gallywix - Onu-koro - ??? - Chaos had erupted rather quickly. That roof had given out, and Oceanna and floated there in shock for a moment at what had happened. This wasn't her first fight of course, and she had already pulled out her Rahkshi staff in preparation for what was to come. Getting shot at wasn't something she had anticipated, though she probably should have. The Vortixx's shot hit true, right into her shoulder. "KARZ MY EYES!" As the lightstone exploded the Onu-Toa was literally blinded, and bright lights were definitely one thing Onu-Toa hated. She let out a serious of slurs, including some things that weren't so flattering about Vortixx as she tried to restore her vision, using her free hand to try and rub her eyes as she remained in the sky. OOC: @Palm @Void Emissary @ARROW404
  11. IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp - Hakari snapped her fingers in front of Kanohi's face. "Hey...hey are you with us?" He looked like he was in shock, so Hakari was trying to snap him out of it. OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404
  12. IC: Zanakra - Fort Razorfish;Vaa - Spineless Bay - "Yes." Zanakra turned back to the scouting boat that was being prepared. "We are about to set out to 'greet' a nearby camp." @Zeal @Nato The Whisperer @Sparticus147 @Smudge8
  13. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - I gave Farzan a thumbs up, curious to see what he had in mind. If these guys could arm the three of us with the island's latest inventions, then Makuta and his followers wouldn't stand a chance. @Geardirector @Perp
  14. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - “Yup, born and raised in Le-koro.” I said with a nod. “I’m Skyra by the way.” I already had heard his name, seemed only right to tell him mine. @Geardirector
  15. IC: Skyra Daring - Tech Emporium - Po-koro - I grabbed a second pistol, two was better, I decided against getting a rifle because I already had a blunderbuss, seemed kind of pointless. I placed the two pistols on the counter, looking at Farzan with a gleam in my eye. "I want these, I also want one of those wrist-mounted grapples, those look fun, and what else do you have for sale? I'm trying to collect every kind of weapon and gadget known to man, woman, and child." As always I had reasonable goals in life. The more crazy #### I owned the more my enemies would fear me, and possibly friends too. @Perp @Geardirector
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