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  1. I'm convinced we went back to 2014
  2. IC: I'd thought myself prepared to see the worst, but seeing how horrifically injured Krayn was sent a shock through my system, I went completely stiff for a moment. It didn't help my already guilty conscience, that's for sure. I couldn't breath, I held on to Kale for dear life while I tried to collect myself. I had to remind myself that Krayn was alive, if barely, but alive. I let myself breath for a moment before looking at Krayn and the others again. "I...I'm glad you're all alive...I...I'm sorry I'm an idiot..."
  3. IC: Arisaka nodded in understanding, she could understand Onuzek's struggle to answer the question. Arisaka wasn't someone who was known for her brains either. Her physical strength and prowess in combat is where she shone. Arisaka's eyes widened slightly as she got an idea, she glanced around and saw an empty table. "I have an idea Onuzek..." Arisaka gestured for the Toa to follow her to the table, she sat down on one end and then put an elbow on the tablet. "Have you ever arm wrestled?" She grinned.
  4. You can’t go wrong with clannad.
  5. IC: "Thank you." There was a part of me that wanted to insist I didn't need help, but I ignored those urges. I realized that one of my biggest flaws was that I always tried to do everything myself. I wasn't one to ask for help, even when I really should. That needed to change. I also realized I would have never made it out of the room without Kale's help. I'd underestimated how unsteady and unbalanced my body currently was, I was glad Kale caught me when he did. Still, it felt a bit embarrassing. Not that any of that really mattered right now. All I wanted to do was get to Krayn... OOC: @Silvan Haven
  6. IC: Arisaka chucked, she liked Onuzek's childlike enthusiasm, it was oddly endearing. When she realized what she was doing it she cleared her throat, it was rare for her to lose her serious demeanor like that. "Tell me Onuzek. Which one of us do you think is stronger?" This had been in the back of her mind since she first laid eyes on Onuzek, and she could no longer resist asking the question.
  7. IC: Become better. Twice Kale had uttered these words. They were simple, only two words. But they cared more weight than any babble a psychiatrist could ever come up with. I looked at Kale, wiping my eyes and nodding. "I will...I..." "We need a healer--quick!" I knew that voice...it was Dehkaz! That meant he must of found Krayn! My body started to move on it's own as I tried to climb out of my bed, Kale was likely going to try to stop me but I didn't care, I had to see him!
  8. IC: -The Great Temple- Something was wrong, Wraith could feel it in his bones. The Dasaka had noticed it before he did, but he had a feeling of what this was. Could it really be though? When all karz broke loose, Wraith knew what was happening. Makuta...he's back... There could be no doubt as the earth shook and the wind raged on. Wraith was quickly on his feet, using his elemental power to create a shield of ice to block anything flying towards him. When the storm and quake suddenly ceased, Wraith knew for a fact that the dark one was once again free on Mata Nui. There simply was no one else who could have caused such a thing. "So, Makuta has returned..." Wraith said out loud among the Dasaka and the others, it was unclear if he was speaking to all of them or just thinking out loud, as he rarely said much. Seven, please be safe. IC: I let myself sob into Kale's shoulders, there wasn't any point in trying to save face. I'd always been one to act like everything was fine, like I could handle anything, even if on the inside I felt otherwise. But now, after everything that had happened? I just couldn't keep it in anymore. Krayn was missing, possibly dead or seriously injured, and it was my fault and I couldn't even do anything about it. I felt so useless, helpless. How was I supposed to move on from this? "I...I don't know what to do anymore..." OOC: @Silvan Haven
  9. IC: Something got caught in my throat. I tried to reply but nothing came out. I could feel my hands shaking I...Krayn wouldn't just die right? He was way too #### stubborn for that! "Krayn...he...he'll be fine right? He's too strong to..." I couldn't finish what I was saying, I felt something running down my face. Gods I couldn't let Kale see me like this! I covered my face with my hands, trying to hide the tears that wouldn't stop. OOC: @Silvan Haven
  10. IC: I jerked my head towards Kale as I heard his voice. That was a mistake, as my aching head pulsed in pain from doing so. "Kale, you're okay! That's good." I was happy to see at least someone familiar had made it back safe and sound. But that still left the question... "...did everyone else make it back okay?" I could feel my heart beating in my chest, I was scared that I wouldn't like the answer. OOC: @Silvan Haven
  11. IC: The pain was agonizing. And no, not the kind of pain you're thinking of. A concussion? Some cuts and bruises? Sure they could hurt like karz, but they were par for the course by now. No, the pain I felt was something that no doctor on Mata Nui or off it could heal. The feeling of guilt, I was convinced that it was the worst pain you could ever experience. That gut feeling in your stomach, the stress and anxiety, the crushing weight that came with it...it really sucked. The Ihu-Koro doctor had already taken care of me, healed what wounds they could and told me to stay put and rest. When I became full coherent and aware of my surroundings I was laying in a hospital bed, the window next to it showing nothing but endless white from the blizzard that was still raging on. The worst of my concussion was most likely over, all I needed was rest. I wanted to do anything but. I didn't know where my friends were...were they still in Ko-koro? Or had they escaped? Were they alright? I didn't know, and not knowing only fed into the sense of dread that had been slowly overwhelming me. If any of them were seriously hurt or killed, it was on me, one hundred percent. I'd pulled the classic Daring move and charged in without thinking. I...I should have known better, but of course as always I let my emotions get the better of me and just jumped into the fray. I slammed my fist into the wall, ignoring the pain it caused. I was angry...angry at myself for being a complete idiot. "I shouldn't have come here...I should have just went home..." I was starting to talk to myself, great. "They'd be better off without me messing things up..." Ever since I'd was old enough to hold a sword I'd been trying to play the hero, to fight all that was wrong and evil in this world. But maybe I was just making things worse, maybe I was just a messed up, broken Toa who couldn't get it together. Maybe I should just quit...
  12. Skyra will never forget Grokk either.
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