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  1. IC: Skyra Daring - Throne Room - Skyra paid no attention to the current tension and argument that was quickly developing around her. Heck, for the moment she'd even forgotten about question Stannis and how he was somehow not only alive but completely unharmed. All she could right now is look at Rose, grabbing onto her wife's shoulder as she saw how dizzy she looked. "Hey, don't pass out on me, you hear?" Skyra looked back up at Oreius and Aurax, looking very ticked off at both of them. "Will you all shut the #### up and go find a medic!? Or do something actually useful!? Go fight over these ####ing worthless ruins of a city later! Maybe when you're done there will be even more RUINS TO LIVE ON!" @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui IC: Varian - The Fire Ruins - Systems rebooting...activating sensory...Varian online... The massive Exo-Toa had gone quite for a while, as if he was dead and lifeless, suddenly he twitched and his eyes glowed with energy once again as his gears began to whirl. His vision came online and he began to look around. "Hmmmm...I must have shut down..." His sensors quickly detected some of his allies nearby and he started moving towards them. "Apologies, I seem to have gone offline for a moment." He said as he approached Zak-Yak and the others. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ @Sparticus147 IC: Vashni - Po-Koro - "I can read your mind if you wish me to Kanohi. Though like our friend said here, I won't be able to show Kilo or the Vahki anything with my powers." Vashni then turned to Jutori. "I do try not to read people's minds without their permission, but sometimes I do pick up a stray thought or two unintentionally. It's sort of how you can't turn your ears off if you don't want to hear something. Some times I hear thoughts whether I wish too or not." @pokemonlover360@Harvali@Tarn @Toru Nui
  2. IC: Skyra Daring - Pridak's Throne Room - Skyra felt her heart skip a beat as Pridak breathed his last. Was it over? Was this war finally over? Maybe. Skyra had been fighting so long now that she wasn't sure it was possibly for the war to end anymore, and it wasn't like either side was innocent. Sure, she was heavily biased towards her own side. But she'd seen enough things, especially recently, to put some doubts in her mind about how things were...well had been run in Metru-Nui. She supposed it didn't matter much now. She felt strangly giddy, like there was some sense of closure with the death of the League's leader. Whatever happened after this, she didn't really care too much at that moment. She made her way over to Rose and touched her shoulder. "You okay love?" She had to make sure her wife was alright at the very least. There was...one thing that was bothering her. She'd been a bit preoccupied when it happened, but she could have sworn Stannis had been fatally injured and sent falling to his most likely death. How exactly was he standing here now, without a scratch on him? She'd only seen what happened in the corner of her eye but...she couldn't have imagined all that right? "Stannis, how the #### are you alive right now?" @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui
  3. IC: Vashni - Desert, En Route to Po-Koro - Vashni gave Kanohi a simple nod when the Matoran mentioned another vision. Obviously right now wasn't the time to take a look, but after the current situation was dealt with she'd see what it was. For now though, she listened to the conversation. As someone who was never a resident of Metru-Nui herself, she wasn't super familiar with the Vahki and their story, or any machine in general. Fully mechanical beings like Kilo and the Vahki were something of an enigma to her. She couldn't read their mind, sense their emotions if they had them, or anything. It was like trying to read the mind of a table, or the mind of the ocean. There just wasn't anything to read to begin with. Of course she knew they had minds, they just weren't designed the same as theirs. But it was hard to see it that way when you were used to feeling the presence of others around you. It made her feel uneasy even if she thought about it. She could try to say something of course, put her two cents in. Though frankly she felt that adding more words to this wouldn't accomplish anything. Everything that had been needed to be said had been said. So for now she continued to listen, standing by her friends and allies. @pokemonlover360@Harvali@Tarn @Toru Nui
  4. IC: Skyra Daring - Pridak's Throne Room - The pesky Vahki didn't last long against Skyra, not much more than metal scrap once Skyra had stopped firing her Midak. She turned her attention back to Pridak and the others. Things seemed to be going well. Pridak was no longer in his armor and was attacking crazier than usual. But it seemed like all this was coming to a sudden end. Skyra could see that Pridak was as good as dead now, there wasn't much more she could do but watch with a smile. Oh, and reload her Cordak Blaster as well, just in case of whatever. @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui IC: Vashni - Desert, En Route to Po-Koro - Vashni stepped off her bike and waved at Kanohi. "Hello, Kanohi. It's good to see you again." @pokemonlover360@Harvali@Tarn
  5. IC: Skyra Daring - Pridak's Crib - Well things had certainly become a lot crazier. Skyra found herself being targetted by a Vahki, having narrowly evaded the blasts from the Vahki's erasure staffs. It had been a little too close for her taste, and if she hadn't been wearing a Calix she wasn't sure she'd had been able to avoid them. The Kanoka disks were a much easier thing to avoid, as Skyra simply used a blast of her own elemental power to knock the disks off course. Skyra responded with an attack of her own, taking out her Midak Skyblaster and letting the Vahki have it. "Just ####ing die already!" Skyra wasn't in the mood to fight with these machines, she wanted to be there when Pridak breathed his last. @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui
  6. IC: Skyra Daring - Pridak's Crib - Skyra felt herself being pulled very suddenly, without much time to really think about it, her jetpack's thrusters engaged and pulled back against the telekinetic force. It was working for the moment, but Skyra wasn't confident it would stay that way. She'd have to think of something quick, or this wasn't going to end well for her... Rose and Pridak exchanged some words during all this, and at Pridak's mention of Carapar, Skyra laughed. Was it cruel to laugh in front of the deceased's uh, comrade? Friend? Clearly Pridak was mad at his death, or he wouldn't of mentioned him yeah? Well, it didn't really matter, he could call her a psychopath if he wanted, but she couldn't help but laugh. I mean I'm supposed to laugh if it's funny, yeah? Skyra hadn't really been in a position to see who'd come through the window to join the fight, but she'd definitely heard the shattering of glass. Well, glass could be surprisingly useful in situations like this, especially when you were a Toa of Air. She'd heard roughly where the glass had fallen on the floor, and so without even glancing that way she summoned a powerful gust of wind to pick up the shards of glass as she sent it straight towards Pridak. He'd have to break his concentration one way or the other and then she'd be free. @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui
  7. IC: Skyra Daring - Pridak's Crib - Skyra raised her arms up instinctively as the Cordak rockets exploded prematurely. The shockwave send Skyra flying backwards, though with the help of her Calix she managed to correct her fall and land on her feet. She quickly looked herself over, her armor was a bit singed and burnt in a few places, but it was no worse than some nights with Rose. Skyra looked at Pridak and couldn't help but grin a little, this fight was going to be even more fun than the one against Carapar. Waveahk had managed to actually wound Pridak in the back, for all his complaining and insults he liked to regularly throw at her and Rose, at least he was pretty handy in a fight, Skyra could respect that much. Skyra started to hover in the air with the help of her element and jetpack, flying around Pridak in a large circle till she had a good view of that wound Waveahk had inflicted upon the warlord. Skyra put holstered her guns for the moment in favor of a lower tech solution. Skyra pulled out a throwing knife from her belt before throwing it at Pridak, aiming for the wound. She then chucked two more knives at him, aiming for the same spot. Her aim was pretty solid, but throwing a few increased the odds of at least one of them successfully hitting the target location. @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui
  8. IC: Skyra Daring - Pridak's Crib - Skyra had never been the religious type. Sure, she'd believed in Mata Nui and all that as a Matoran living in Metru-Nui. That was what you were supposed to do right? But she'd never once taken it too seriously, to her it was just a thing that you did. Stannis had mentioned Mata Nui seeing death as an offering, and this had got her thinking. Considering all the death and destruction she'd left in her wake during all her battles during the war, it made her wonder if perhaps she was far more devoted to Mata Nui than she'd realized. Skyra watched Stannis charge into the throne room of Pridak and shout out his chants at him, Skyra felt oddly inspired by the whole thing, and she'd never been one to feel inspired by anything particularly religious. But at this moment, it felt all too real to her. If I must become a herald of the death god, then so be it. I will fully embrace this role...just this once. Skyra muttered a prayer to the god of death before leaping into the throne room, using a combination of her Calix, her element, and her jet pack, she darted across the room at a surprising speed, her katana cutting through a Vahki who'd been unfortunate enough to be in her way. She dropped her katana suddenly, pulling out both of Midak Skyblaster and Cordak Blaster, one in each hand, aiming at Pridak himself. "The Death God says hi." Even as she started speaking her fingers had pulled the triggers, a barrage of missiles and orbs of light came crashing towards the warlord. @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui
  9. IC: Skyra Daring - Ventilation Shaft - Skyra's eyes were closed, her breathing controlled and regulated as she focused. It was almost like she was listening intently with how still she seemed, she looked even more collected than Stannis himself, if you can believe that. Everything about her at that moment was quite contrary to how she usually appeared. Not even her wife had seen her ever look quite this serious. She wanted Pridak extra dead, and she wouldn't even let herself get in the way of that. No, she was gonna start this strong, and end it even stronger. Pridak was already dead, she just had to show him that. A hand gripped the hilt of her katana... @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui IC: Varian - The Fire Ruins - A lot had happened, but Varian had mostly just listened. He admittedly didn't understand a lot that was going on, being an amnesiac such as himself. He turned to Takadox as the Vahki left. "Whatever your past is, know that you will get no judgement from me." He reassured him. @Burnmad @Vezok's Friend @Toru Nui @Onaku @Edelgard @xccj @Jakura Nuva @Sparticus147
  10. IC: Skyra Daring - Coliseum - If Skyra had anything else to say, she missed her chance, as the elevator had finally stopped and Stannis had called for silence. It was critical they weren't discovered, at least not until it was time to finally strike down Pridak. Despite whatever the Titan with them thought of her, she knew how to follow instructions, when it suited her at any rate... OOC: @Tarn @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui
  11. IC: Skyra Daring - Coliseum - Skyra nodded her head as Rose spoke. "Right, we were just fighting the giant crab because that's what you're supposed to do!" Like duh! What did Waveahk think they were supposed to do? Run away like a coward? "Besides we definitely would have killed it, the whole radiation thing kind of messed that up." OOC: @Tarn @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~
  12. IC: Alice - The Madrigal - "Affirmative captain!" The AI said in response as she assumed direct control over the plasma turrets. The turrets systematically fired at the lead enemy ship, making sure it's shields stayed down. As Alice fully took over all of the Madrigal's plasma cannons she hummed a little tune to herself. A very happy unbirthday, to me! Naturally she was also doing work in the background, trying to worm her way into the enemy ship's systems, looking for cracks in their firewalls and networks. If she could start systematically shutting down their systems it would make it rather easy for the Spartans and friends to capture.
  13. IC: Skyra Daring - Coliseum - Skyra had become unusually silent the moment they'd all stepped into the corridor. Skyra was all too familiar with the stench of death, and this place was full of it. She didn't show her displeasure, other than the slight clench of her fists. She got onto the lift without a word. OOC: @Tarn @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ IC: Vashni - Ruins of Stone - Vashni frowned, they needed a great disk, but they didn't have one. She wasn't sure how they could possibly proceed like this. As she thought about this both the Collector and Jutori seemed unwilling to give up. And Jutori was absolutely right, even when the puzzle back in Po-Metru had literally been destroyed, they still had managed to figure out a way forward, this was no different. "The puzzle suggests that we need the great disk to proceed forward...but is that necessarily true? Perhaps a replica is enough..." Vashni walked over to the writing of NUVA on the wall and brushed it with her hands curiously, she didn't expect to find anything useful but it never hurt to check with these sort of things right? @pokemonlover360 @Tarn @Onaku @~Xemnas~ @Harvali @Vezok's Friend IC: Varian - Ruins of Fire - Varian glanced around the ruins of fire, he'd followed Providence here, wherever here was. "Strange place..." @Burnmad @Sparticus147 @Unreliable Narrator
  14. IC: Skyra Daring - Coliseum - With a grin towards her wife, Skyra jumped down the elevator shaft without hesitation. She didn't even bother grabbing onto the cables as she began to descend, she didn't need them. OOC: @Tarn @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator IC: Vashni - Ruins of Stone - Vashni followed with the others, looking around, it was quite remarkable how vast the place was. @pokemonlover360 @Tarn @Onaku @~Xemnas~ @Harvali @Vezok's Friend
  15. IC: Skyra Daring - The Eclipse - Skyra nodded. "Yeah, seems simple enough." Skyra opened up her Cordak blaster and made sure it was nice and loaded. OOC: @Tarn @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ IC: Vashni - Ruins of Stone - Some sort of AI controlled this place, how interesting. It explained why Vashni could not sense a presence on the mental plane. She followed the others into the chamber. @pokemonlover360 @Tarn @Onaku @~Xemnas~ @Harvali @Vezok's Friend
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