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  1. IC: Knichou, Po-Metru, Sculpture fields "So they buried the disk, eh? Too bad I left my metal detector in my other airsh-" Knichou paused in the middle of his joke. "Wait a minute. Nale - you don't happen to sense any magnetic, um, anomalies, that are underground near here?"
  2. IC: Knichou, Po-Metru, Sculpture fields While Stannis immediately exited the aircraft, Knichou was making sure all the systems were working. The new anchor dropped into the sand below, and the ex-Ghost turned off the engines and started up the levitation autopilot. Satisfied with his work, Knichou exited the bridge, motioning for Kanohi to follow. "Come on Kanohi, lets see what they found" Knichou slid gracefully down the ladder to the lower deck and took the rope ladder to go out of the cargo bay opening on the underside of the ship. What he saw when his feet hit the sand was a large statue of Dume, defaced by graffiti. "So this it, huh?"
  3. IC: Knichou, Po-Metru, Bridge of the Taku Knichou swiveled his chair around to view Stannis entering the bridge. "I said all I knew - Arkius called and asked specifically for your help. I don't know exactly what they found, but he suggested I bring all of us there so we aren't split up in case we're still being hunted." Seeing everyone aboard the ship (Knichou was pretty sure Kanohi was close behind Stannis), Knichou gracefully increased levitation and the airship began to fly somewhat low over the sculpture fields - while Stannis knew the general direction of the other Toa, being closer to the ground made it a lot easier to spot them when the Taku arrived. Flying low also had the benefit of hopefully not raising much attention - someone would have to be already exploring that general area of the the sculpture fields to see the ship in the distance, and any airship traffic monitoring stations couldn't effectively reach their radar into the many canyons of the sculpture fields. The flight wouldn't be long, it was only a matter of time before they would be able to see what mystery Nale and Arkius found.
  4. IC: Knichou, Po-Metru, Bridge of the Taku "10-4, we will be en route soon, be aware you may need to flag us down when we get close, over." Knichou pressed a button on the radio control panel to switch to the airship's speaker system so he could announce it to the crew outside the ship. "Finish up what you're working on and get back inside, Arkius needs us to go over to them. Apparently there's something they need your expertise with, Stannis" Knichou turned the engines back on, and set levitation to manual control. He pressed a button that activated the motor to retract the anchor. The boulder was slowly winched back upwards to a compartment on front of the ship - although it was a bit larger than the normal anchor so it bulged outside of the compartment, forcing the doors to stay open. Functional, but a bit ugly compared to the bespoke part it replaced.
  5. IC: Knichou, Po-Metru, Bridge of the Taku The shortwave radio crackled to life, taking Knichou's attention off from the instrument checks he was performing. Apparently Nale and Arkius were running into a problem. The ex-Ghost unhooked a transmitter from the dashboard and began to speak. "Taku captain here. Copy that. Do you want me to tell him to go alone or do you need me to give him a ride? Over."
  6. OOC: Sorry for the wait, fellas IC: Knichou, Po-Metru Sculpture Field, Bridge of the Taku The crew was in agreement - Po-Metru was the best option for their next destination. The flight wasn't that long, Po-Metru was rather close to Onu-Metru. Arkius rested in Knichou's quarters while Kanohi nervously checked up on the systems on the lower deck again. For the majority of the trip, Stannis appeared to be meditating and Nale was inspecting her rifle, ensuring that the airship's barrel roll hadn't broken anything. In between gaps in the clouds below, the crew could see the deep pits of Onu-Metru get replaced by the plains of Po-Metru. Instead of the vast underground complexes, now there were actual settlements on the surface. Then even those settlements disappeared, with only a seemingly endless field of statues below. The sculpture fields held entire generations worth of art, thousands of legacies literally etched in stone, to the point where the names of some of the earlier masters were long forgotten. By far the most low-tech area of Metru Nui, the expanse of the sculpture fields were the perfect place to hide an airship of fugitives. Knichou suspected that they weren't the only ones - or things, for that matter - hiding in this array of canyons. The airship descended to rest near a canyon wall, and Knichou switched off the main engines. "Please keep your arms and legs inside the airship as we come to a complete stop, and thank you for flying Nynrah Airlines," Knichou joked over the intercom as he turned off the engines and pulled the lever to open the cargo bay doors at the back of the airship. The crew assembled in the bridge to discuss their next move. "Well everybody, we're back on the surface and I'm pretty sure we weren't followed. Now that I'm not responsible for keeping everyone from falling to their deaths, Stannis and I can search the memory crystal I found on Nuparu's body. Once we do that we'll have a better idea of what our next steps are." Knichou turned to Nale and Arkius. "As I've mentioned before, I suspect the great disks are involved in this invention of Nuparu - if we want to turn it on or keep it from being turned on, we're going to want control over one of those disks. If the sculpture fields are the best place for us to hide - I suspect they might be where the disk is hiding as well. While Stannis and I are reading the memory crystal, you could get a head start on that search." Knichou pulled a handheld radio out of a compartment and tossed it to Nale "Use this to report back if you have a lead or are in trouble so we can bring the ship to you. Let's keep radio silence unless it's something important. Vahki - or worse - are probably monitoring many frequencies." Knichou swiveled his chair to face the other side of the room. "Kanohi, thank you for getting most of the important repairs done during the flight, now the only real issue with the ship now is that the bow's lower hull is beaten up pretty badly. See if you can straighten it out a bit so we don't look like we just returned from the front lines whenever we fly to a populated area. Hopefully when you're done Stannis and I will have a better idea of what our next steps are, or we'll be able to fly over to Nale and Arkius." "Oh and Stannis - before we figure out what was going on in Nuparu's head, our anchor is in need of replacement. There's a lot of stone around, I'm sure you can put something together." Knichou paused for a moment, realizing he had given quite the lengthy set of orders. Being a former Ghost, he always preferred to work alone and relatively independently - but somehow his position of being the one in the driver's seat for a battle lead to him feeling more 'in charge' than he really had any normal reason to be. "Any objections?"
  7. Thanks for posting this! It's always great to see some of the classics preserved! As far as Toa's Quest 3 - I have a copy of the three executables for that game and an .ini file that changes some settings. I haven't tinkered too much with it, but the game runs for me (I'm using windows 10), with the only problem being that it's scaled horribly incorrectly for my display (I guess widescreen support wasn't the biggest priority for fan games in 2008 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). I'm rather curious if you have similar issues, or if my old copy is just slightly less broken than yours for some strange reason.
  8. IC: Knichou, ??? Airspace, Bridge of the Taku "Hmm.... Po-Metru... lots of open space... relatively off the grid... right next door... lots of raw materials..." Knichou thought out loud for a few moments. "This could work. Assuming someone hasn't found the great disk there yet, we'll probably need one to figure out what Nuparu's contraption does. If we have a great disk, then regardless of whatever that machine does, we can control who gets to turn it on or not. Nuparu seemed rather worried about that machine falling into the wrong hands."
  9. IC: Knichou, ??? Airspace, Bridge of the Taku Nale and Arkius entered the Taku's bridge to see Knichou looking simultaneously stressed and relieved. "Sorry about the engines," Nale remarked as she helped Arkius through the cramped bulkhead door. "No need to be sorry - I was the one who broke them first, after all," Knichou responded. "Plus, it appears that Matoran we picked up got one of the two operational again. Not bad." Knichou pointed to another door immediately to the right of the two Toa. "Arkius, there are two bunks in my quarters, they may be a bit cramped for a toa, but it's slightly more cushioned than the protosteel floor. After we figure out where we're going I suggest you rest up there. And... sorry about the turbulence..." Stannis seemed to have a way of finding himself at the right place at the right time, so Knichou decided to start talking about the next topic already. He really wanted to figure out the plan quickly, because this conversation had been already interrupted twice by stowaways and if there was a third waiting to delay this any further, Knichou was going to crash the airship himself. "Before that dark hunter rudely interrupted us, Stannis and I were about to use the memory crystal I found on Nuparu's body. But since both of you are here now and Stannis is probably on his way, lets go ahead and talk about where we want to go so I can set a course for the ship before Stannis and I experiment with that. Obviously we're not going back to Onu-Metru, but there isn't a clear direction that stands out as our next stop right now. Perhaps we'll gather some clues from the memory crystal, but until then, if there's somewhere you really think we need to go then now's the time to speak up."
  10. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru Airspace, Bridge of the Taku Knichou saw the icon for the left lower bow engine switch from red to green, and he immediately began tinkering with the control panel, adjusting levitation levels to balance the ship out again. It wasn't perfect, because it would take a few minutes for the effects of the weight increase disks on the right lower engine to wear off, but now Knichou could lower the stress on the two engines above them. The stowaway was gone, and so Knichou unlocked the bridge, waiting for the 'crew' (Are they my crew yet? How does that work exactly?) to climb the ladder and enter the bridge so they could chart a course for their next destination. Also, Knichou and Stannis had a memory crystal to observe.
  11. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru Airspace, Bridge of the Taku The regeneration Kanoka hit the levitation engine through the open wall of the compartment, hitting the complex machinery inside of the engine that was broken from the crash and extra broken from being punched by Vyarik. The disk disintegrated as it's mass shifted to repair the gears and levers. While there was no way to stop the power of the weight increase disks without using levitation disks on that area of the ship, the repairs to the internal systems realigned the disks inside of the engine and repaired the failsafes that prevented them from causing a chain reaction again. With a power cycling and maybe a tweak or two, the levitation engine could be switched online again by Knichou in the bridge, although if any repairs were successful Knichou wouldn't know of them until the engine's control panel was reset.
  12. IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru Airspace, Bridge of the Taku Vyarik's blow towards the levitation engine was a surprise to Knichou - the engine was powered off for repairs, the Ghost didn't understand why - The levitation engine had many complex components inside, but on the most fundamental level it was just a sealed machine for banging the levitation and weight increase kanoka against the hull. Even though the engine was powered off, manual activation of the kanoka is still possible, and this was easier to do because of both the damage and that some parts were taken out for repairs. It just so happens that Vyarik's fist hit the stack of weight increase kanoka inside, causing a few of them to activate each other in a chain reaction. The ship immediately rolled a bit to that side and pitched downwards somewhat. Knichou was already running the two bow engines on the upper decks at full power to compensate for the lower two being offline, but the misfire below was near the limit where he could keep the ship level. The ship would stay in the air but wouldn't be able to fully realign itself without the other engine on the lower decks being repaired. Knichou continued to man the helm, adjusting engine power levels to compensate somewhat, hoping the toa below would get the situation under control.
  13. Make as many characters as you want to/you can handle. Things are really fast paced in here compared to RPGs in recent years so more characters might mean a lot of posts, so it really depends on your schedule.
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