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BZPower Lexicon of Terms

Lexicon Terms

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#1 Offline Ziko

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Posted Jul 30 2011 - 07:08 PM


Welcome to the BZPower Lexicon of Terms. Here, you'll find definitions and descriptions of terms used throughout BZPower. You can also submit new terms and have old terms updated.
Some terms that are no longer used on BZPower have been taken out of this topic, but they can still be found in the original or archived topics linked above. Terms used commonly in the blogs can be found in the Blog Lexicon. If you're looking for more information about something Bionicle-related that isn't present here, you can check out BS01. You can also find Hero Factory-related information on HS01.

What can be contributed?
You can submit new terms and definitions to the Lexicon, and you can submit modifications to outdated terms (as well as pointing out unused terms for removal). All of these terms need to be BZPower-related. Please do not PM me or the General Discussion staff with terms and updates, though; post them here.

What can't be contributed?
You cannot submit any new member names. No Bionicle terms go here unless they are related to BZPower (like the Vahi, as a spinny). You also can't submit abbreviations that you made up on the spot.


Admin: Short for Administrator.
Administrator: One of the members who helps to run BZPower.
Ackar Head: You get a spinning Ackar head next to your posts when you are registered for more than eight years.
AFOL: Adult fan of LEGO.
AI: Abbreviation for Artwork I, the Bionicle General Art forum (now the General Art forum).
AII: Abbreviation for Artwork II, the former Bionicle Shops & Kits forum (now integrated into General Art and Comics).
AIII: Abbreviation for Artwork III, the Bionicle Comics forum (now the Comics forum).
Akaku: Forum Leaders have a color-changing Akaku beneath their avatars.
Art North: A nickname for the General Art forum.
Avatar: Now the Photo, a picture that is displayed with your posts and PMs.
Avatar Shop: A topic where members can request certain avatars.
  • The Mask of Light.
  • You get a spinning Avohkii next to your posts when you are registered for more than two years.
Av-toran: Shortened form of "Av-Matoran," a Matoran of Light.
  • Short for "Blog Assistant" - See "Blog Assistant" for details.
  • Short for "Bohrok Awakener", the original creator of the BZPower Lexicon of Terms.
Bad Trader: A rank for a member who is not respected in the BST forum and has completed multiple bad trades. The rank can be removed.
Bandwidth: The space used up by a website. The more bandwidth a site takes up, the more it costs to run.
Banned Member: A member who is prohibited from posting and recieving PMs because of inappropriate behavior. More Information
BBC: The Bionicle-Based Creations forum.
BB Code: The code used in posts to make different elements.
  • Short for The Battle for Mata Nui online game, a rather poor successor to the MNOLG. It was intended for release in 2002, but it was delayed, and eventually released uncompleted in 2003. [BZP Review]
  • Short for Battle of Metru Nui, the largest of four BIONICLE "playsets" released in 2005. It recreates the Toa Hordika's attempt to break into the Coliseum to free the Matoran.
BFP: Short for Battle for Power, an online Bionicle game.
BiA: Short for Brothers in Arms, a Bionicle web serial.
Big D: A nickname for Dimensioneer.
Bink: A nickname for Binkmeister.
Binkmeister: BZPower's Chief Programmer, one of the administrators.
Bionicle: LEGO's first attempt at creating their own theme to rival their best-selling line, Star Wars. Starting off small in 2001 and running the sets until 2010, BIONICLE has spawned countless fansites and forums, including BZPower.
Bionicle Island:
  • The founder of the fansite Kanohi Power, BZCommunity's sister site until the two sites merged to become BZPower.
  • One of two fansites, the other being Xtian's Bionicle Corner, that merged to create Kanohi Power, the sister site of BZCommunity.
Bionicle Rex: One of BZPower's former Administrators who served the site up until March 19, 2009. [Profile Link]
BIONICLEsector01: A Bionicle reference site created by Crystal Matrix. [BZP Forum Link] [Site Link]
BionicleZone: A forum created back in 2001. Over time it would become BZCommunity, the sister site of Kanohi Power, before merging with it to become BZPower.
BioniLUG: Short for "Bionicle LEGO Users Group," BZPower's LEGO Users Group. BZPower Topic
Black Six: A BZPower Administrator. He is BZP's news editor and is in charge of BZPower's forum policy. [Profile Link]
Blog: A "log" or "journal" made online (in this case BZP). [More Information]
Blog Assistant: Staff members who moderate the blogs.
Bloggie: A term used to refer to a member of the Blog staff.
Blog Leader: Staff member in charge of the Blog staff (Blog Assistants).
Bob Thompson: The leader of the BIONICLE story team, who supervised the story from 2001 to 2003. Now charged with running his own company, Create TV & Film, he has less time to spend on BIONICLE, but he is still responsible for many of the ideas and concepts in the story. He also writes the BIONICLE movies.
BRB: An abbreviation for "Be Right Back".
B-Rex: Short for Bionicle Rex.
BS01: Short for BIONICLEsector01 - See "BIONICLEsector01" for details.
BST: (or B/S/T) Buy/Sell/Trade forum.
BTW: An abbreviation for "By the Way".
BZC: An abbreviation for BZCommunity.
BZChronicle: BZCommunity's radio show, which first aired on 20th of August, 2001. The show had three popular episodes (including a pilot episode). When BZCommunity merged with Kanohi Power to become BZPower, BZChronicle changed it's name to BZPowerCast.
BZCommunity: When BionicleZone grew in popularity and size, its Administrators renamed it BZCommunity, with the "BZ" standing for BionicleZone. BZCommunty's main feature were its collossal forums, which served as a place for members to discuss Kanohi Power's news. On July 20th 2002, BZCommunity merged with Kanohi Power, creating BZPower.
BZ-Koro: A term used to describe BZPower's Forums, comparing them to a "village" filled with members who will do everything to help the community.
BZ-Koronan: A term used to descibe all Members of BZP, in reference to the fan-created "village" of BZ-Koro.
BZ-Metru: With the introduction of Metru Nui into the BIONICLE storyline, some fans took to referring to the Forums as BZ-Metru rather than BZ-Koro, although most members still prefer to use the term BZ-Koro.
BZP: Short for BionicleZone Power.
BZPLOT: The BZPower Lexicon of Terms, a topic showing off the many terms used on the BZPower forums.
BZPowercast: BZP's Radio Show.
BZPower Quick-Nav: A way of getting to BZP's features quickly from the main site.
BZPRPG: The official BZPower Role-Playing Game.
BZPQ&A: Short for the BZPower Q&A forum.
B6: Short for "Black Six" - See "Black Six" for details.
CG/CGI: Short for "Computer Generated," can apply to any picture or item that has been created or edited on computer.
CID: Short for "Close if Dupe," a term used by a topic starter, requesting to Forum Leaders that the topic be locked if it is a dupe topic.
CMV: Short for "Copper Mask of Victory", a Kanohi mask, in the shape of both the Noble Huna and Noble Komau, given out at promotions across the world in 2001. At LEGOLAND Windsor and Toys 'R' Us in the US, the Huna was given out to customers, and at LEGOLAND Billund, you could buy a special pack containing both the Huna and Komau.
Constraction: Portmanteau of "constructable" and "action." "Constraction figures" refers to Lego lines such as Bionicle and Hero Factory.
COT: Short for "Completely Off Topic", a Forum in Non-LEGO Forums which is used for discussion of anything that isn't related to BIONICLE or LEGO. It is BZP's largest and most popular Forum, with over 20000 Topics.
COT RPG Judge: Completely Off Topic Role Playing Game Judge; members who regulate and approve RPGs in COT.
CS: Short for Cryoshell, a band that makes music for Bionicle.
CTVF: Create TV & Film, Bob Thompson's filmmaking company.
Custom: To MOC in a unique or very complicated fashion, unlike any existing set
CWFM: Short for "Can't Wait For More".
D: Short for "Dimensioneer" - See "Dimensioneer" for details.
DiD: Short for Dwellers in Darkness, a Bionicle web serial.
Dimensioneer: The creator of BionicleZone, currently BZP's domain owner and Chief Financial Officer. He manages the Premier Membership program. [Profile Link]
Display Name: Your publicly displayed username which can be found by your posts, in your profile, etc.
DM: Short for Dark Mirror, a Bionicle web serial.
DoD: Short for Dreams of Destruction, a Bionicle Web Serial.
DOT: Short for "Disk of Time", a promotional item given away in special edition Vahki sets in 2004.Also contained within the special Vahki sets was a golden Kanohi Vahi.
DP: Short for "double post". Double posting is forbidden by BZPower, as it uses up bandwidth and clutters up topics with repeated information.
Dupe Topic: Short for "Duplicate Topic," a topic that either has the same purpose as another or was posted twice (or more).
DW: Short for Destiny War, a Bionicle web serial.
EM: Short for "Expanded Multiverse". [More Information]
Emoticons: A small image placed in a post to express an emotion.
Faxon: You get a spinning Faxon next to your posts when you are registered for more than six years.
FCG: The Fan Created Games forum, where members post their own BIONICLE-related video games.
Flaming: Offensive posts like 'Your MOC Stinks'.
FM: Short for "Forum Mentor" - See "Forum Mentor" for details.
FoF: Short for Federation of Fear, a Bionicle web serial.
Forum Assistant: These members aid the Forum Leaders in keeping the forums running smoothly.
Forum Leader: Once known as Moderators, Forum Leaders help BZPower by locking and moving topics, editing posts, and generally cutting down on spamming and flaming.
Forum Mentor: A retired BZP staff position; Mentors approved the posts of New Members and helped members around the forums.
Forum: A large group of topics all based on the same thing.
Frowned upon by Hapori Tohu: A rank given to those who insult the mighty Tohu.
FT: Short for S&T Fact Team. [Profile Link]
FTW: Short for "For the Win."
Furno: You get a spinning Furno head next to your posts when you are registered for more than twelve years.
GA: An abbreviation for the General Art Forum.
GB: Abbreviation for "Great Being."
GD: An abbreviation for the General Discussion forum.
GNB: Short for Gali Nuva Blog, a Bionicle web serial also known as Toa Nuva Blog.
GPKK: Short for "Grey Plastic Krana-Kal".
GregF: The BZP username of Greg Farshtey, best-known to BZPower Members as the author of the DC BIONICLE comics and the BIONICLE book series. [Profile Link]
GS: Short for "Guest Star".
G&T: An abbreviation for the Games and Trivia forum. Only Premier members can start topics here.
Hapori Dume: The mascot of VahkiPower, an April Fools' joke created in 2004. [More Information] [Profile Link]
Hapori Tohu:
  • BZP's mascot. The handsome face with the golden gears in the corner of the site. [Profile Link]
  • You get a spinning Hapori Tohu next to your posts when you are registered for more than ten years.
  • Blog Leaders, Global Moderators, and Administrators have a color-changing Hau beneath their avatars.
  • You get a spinning Stars Hau next to your posts when you are registered for more than nine years.
HD: Short for "Hapori Dume" - See "Hapori Dume" for details.
HEROsector01: A Hero Factory reference site created as a sister site to BIONICLEsector01. [Site Link]
HF: Short for "Hero Factory."
HS01: Short for HEROsector01 - See "HEROEsector01" for details.
HT: Short for "Hapori Tohu" - See "Hapori Tohu" for details.
HTH: Short for "Hope that helps".
  • Forum Assistants and Blog Assistants have a color-changing Noble Huna beneath their avatars.
  • Outstanding BZPower Citizens get a Copper Huna beneath their avatars.
  • You get a spinning Great Huna next to your posts when you are registered for more than three years.
IDK: Short for "I don't know."
Ignika: You get a spinning Ignika next to your posts when you are registered for more than seven years.
IIRC: Short for "If I Recall Correctly."
IMO/IMHO: Short for "In My Opinion"/"In My Humble Opinion."
Inactive Trusted Trader: A custom rank for Trusted Traders who have not completed a trade for at least six months.
Inhabitant: This is the first Rank that a Member will have after they join BZPower.
Invincibility Robots: Rip-offs of Lego and Bionicle sets sold in China.
Invision Power Board: The message board software used by BZPower.
IOD: Short for "Island of Doom" - See "Island of Doom" for details.
IR: Short for "Invincibility Robots" - See "Invincibility Robots" for details.
Island of Doom: A term that can refer to either the first BIONICLE Legends book, or to the new island introduced in the 2006 storyline.
ItD: Into the Darkness, a Bionicle web serial.
J/K: Short for "Just Kidding."
JTLYK: Just to let you know
Kakama: Reporters have a color-changing Kakama beneath their avatars.
KanohiJournal: A Bionicle web magazine. [Site Link]
KANOHI.novus: A "media-based community project" created by KanohiJournal.
Kanohi Power: A Bionicle fan site that merged with BZCommunity to make BZPower.
Keetorange: Portmanteau of the words Keetongu and orange. Keetongu was a unique shade of yellow-orange at the time, and his color was named after him.
KFOL: Short for Kid Fan of Lego
KJ: Short for KanohiJournal, a Bionicle web magazine
KimPower: An April Fools joke in 2005 in which BZPower was supposedly sold to a Kim Possible site. A picture of Kim Possible replaced Hapori Tohu. [More Information]
Kit: A collection of an assortment of sprites all made in a certain style.
Komau: Retired Staff get a Copper Komau beneath their avatars.
KP: Short for "KimPower" - See "KimPower" for details.
Kudos: A form of praising someone's status.
KUTVGW: Short for "Keep Up The Very Good Work."
KUTGW: Short for "Keep Up The Good Work."
Leah Western: The ex-webmaster of BIONICLE.com. Also known as Brickgirl.
Leet: Using numbers and symbols to replace letters in a word. You can lose Proto if you use leet.
LGD: Lego General Discussion forum, a forum on BZPower prior to the 2011 reorganization.
LOC: Short for "LEGO Original Creation."
Login Name: User name used to log in, which cannot be changed. It is also the username that shows up when you are in the Member Spotlight
LOL: Short for "Laugh Out Loud".
LOMN: Short for "Legends of Metru Nui," the second BIONICLE movie and fourth book in the BIONICLE Adventures series.
Lowest Lifeform on Mata Nui: If you have a post count below zero, you get this shameful rank.
LUG: Short for "LEGO Users Group."
MAS: Short for "Multi Author Series," used to refer to a BZP comic series written by more than one member.
Mata (Color): (eg: Mata Red, Mata Green, Mata Blue) Terms used for the colors of the Toa Mata sets.
Mata Nui Adventure Game: This online game first appeared on Bionicle.com in 2001. The game followed the journey of Takua during the 2001 story line. The game was completed in December 2001 and removed in 2004.
Mata Nui Online Game: Another term for "Mata Nui Adventure Game" - See "Mata Nui Adventure Game" for details.
Mata Nui Online Game II: The second Mata Nui online game.
M&B: The Movies and Books forum, now part of the Media Discussion.
MC: Short for The Mutran Chronicles, a Bionicle web serial.
McToran: A term used for the Matoran given away at McDonalds in 2001.
MEK: Movie Edition Kraahkan - a mask given away in the Takutanuva set.
Messenger: The area where you send and receive PMs.
Members: The standard group of BZ-Koronans.
Metruan: A term used for the 2004 Metru Nui Matoran.
MG: Short for Mahri Games.
MIN: Short for "Move If Needed", a term used by a topic starter who is requesting to Forum Leaders that their topic be moved to an appropriate forum if it is in the wrong forum.
MNAG: Short for "Mata Nui Adventure Game". See "Mata Nui Adventure Game" for details.
MNOG II: Short for "Mata Nui Online Game II" - See "Mata Nui Online Game II" for details.
MNOLG: Short for "Mata Nui Online Game" - See "Mata Nui Online Game" for details.
MOC: (or MoC) Short for "My Own Creation."
MoL: Mask of Light, the first BIONICLE movie and the fifth book in the BIONICLE Chronicles series.
MoLi: Short for "Mask of Life."
MoLToran: A term used for the Matoran in the Mask of Light film.
Morby: (or Morz) Short for "Morbuzakh."
MU: Abbreviation of "Matoran Universe."
Mythanical: A term used to describe Bionicle music. A mixture of mythical and mechanical.
My Settings: This is where you control your BZPower account (avatar, signature, name changes, etc.).
NBZP: The rebooted BZPRPG.
Newbie: A new member.
News: Usually used to refer to BZPower's main page, where stories concerning Bionicle, Lego, or BZPower are frequently added.
Noob: A derogatory name for a newbie.
Norik Head: You get a spinning Rahaga Norik Head next to your posts when you are registered for more than four years.
NPU: Short for "New Parts Usage."
OBZPC: Short for "Outstanding BZPower Citizen" - See "Outstanding BZPower Citizen" for details.
Official Topic: A topic that has been created or approved by the Admins and Moderators.
Off-topic: When something is not related to the topic it is in.
Old BZPRPG: The BZPRPG prior to the 2011 reboot.
Olmak: You get a spinning Olmak next to your posts when you are registered for more than five years.
OMG: Short for "Oh My Gosh."
OTOH: Short for "On The Other Hand."
Outstanding BZPower Citizen: A non-staff BZPower member who has full proto
Password: Your private code enabling you to access BZP.
PBZP: Short for "Project Bionicle Zone Power" - See "Project Bionicle Zone Power" for details.
PE: Short for "Proto-Energy" - See "Proto Energy" for Details.
PGS: Short for "Permanent Guest Star."
Photo: An image used to represent a member in the forums. In IPB 3.2, it combines the avatar and personal picture features from previous versions of the forum.
PIHT: Short for "Post It Here Topic" - See "Post It Here Topic" for details.
Pinned Topic: A topic that could be helpful to members and is prevented from disappearing by being put at the top of the forum.
PK: Short for "Project Klinkerpoop," the first BZPower comic series to be written by multiple authors working in a rotation
Platinum Avohkii: A one-of-a-kind collectible, which was a contest prize in 2003.
PM: Private Message or Premier Member.
POBZPC: Short for "Premier Outstanding BZP Citizen" - See "Premier Outstanding BZP Citizen" for details.
Post Icons: A small picture that shows what your topic is about.
Post It Here Topic: A topic usually condemned by the Forum Leaders, which often imitates existing forums by asking members to post their artwork, stories, or other things which should be posted in individual topics..
Posts: An individual message that make up topics.
PP: Short for "Profile Picture" - See "Profile Picture" for details.
Premier Forum Leader: A Forum Leader who is also a Premier Member.
Premier Members: A member who helps pay for BZP and gets extra features. [More Information]
Premier Outstanding BZP Citizen: An Outstanding BZPower Citizen who is also a Premier Member.
Profile: A page containing information about a member, including their interests lists, recent posts, and an "About Me" section.
Profile Picture: An image representing a member that is shown in their user profile (now replaced by the Photo).
Project Bionicle Zone Power: A project for MOCers (See MOC), in which they MOC one BZP member for each letter of the alphabet.
Proto-Drain: When your Proto-Energy goes down.
Proto-Energy: A sign of your behavior on BZP. When you do something good, it goes up. If you spam or flame, it goes down.
Proto-Point: The measurement of Proto-Energy. For example, you could have 1 Proto-Point added or deducted.
Proto-Rise: A rise in your Proto-Energy.
Proto-Zap: Another term for Proto-Drain.
PSC: Short for "Pocket-Sized Creation."
QFT: Short for "Quoted for Truth."
Rahkshoe: The Nike Rahkshi Shoes.
Rank: Depending on how many posts you have you gain a different rank.
Rank Images: An image next to your posts that matches your current post rank, which is one of the perks for becoming a Premier Member.
Reference Center: Area of BZPower relating to Bionicle reference. [Forum Link]
Reference Keeper: A disbanded staff group in charge of BZPower's reference section.
Reference Master: A former staff position, the Leaders of the reference team.
Restricted Member: A member who continues to break the rules after being warned. They can only post publicly and can't send PMs or view profiles. If the member continues to break the rules, they are often banned.
RK: Short for "Reference Keeper" - See "Reference Keeper" for details.
RM: Short for "Reference Master" - See "Reference Master" for details.
RPG: Short for "Role Playing Game."
Rocka: You get a spinning Rocka head next to your posts when you are registered for more than twelve years.
ROTFLOL: Short for "Rolling on the floor and laughing out loud!"
RtS: Reveal the Secret, the expansion to Battle For Power.
Settings: Short for "My Settings," the area where you control your BZPower account - See "My Settings" for details.
Sig: Short for Signature.
Siggy: Another name for Signature.
Signature: Text and images that are placed at the end of every post.
SJ: Short for "Splendid Job!"
sp?: Short for "Spelled Correctly?"
Spamming: Useless posts that are off topic and waste bandwidth. eg. 'Cool!'
Sprite: An image of an object clearly rendered in pixels.
Spritesheet (or Sprite Sheet): A collection of sprites based on one subject in different poses.
S&T: The Storyline and Theories forum.
Suspended Members: Members who are prohibited from posting for an assigned amount of time for doing something against the rules.
Takashoeva: The Nike Takanuva shoes.
TBH: Short for "To Be Honest."
TBRPG: Short for "Text-Based Role-Playing Game."
TCBCN: Short for "This Can Be Closed Now", a term used by a Member who is stating that a topic can be locked by a Moderator.
TCW: Short for "The Chima Wiki."
Terry (or Teri): A nickname for Teridax.
TFOL: Short for "Teen Fan of Lego."
TK: Short for "Tren Krom." You might see this in the S&T forum.
tl;dr: Short for "Too long, didn't read."
TLG: Short for "The LEGO Group."
TLR: Short for The Legend Reborn, the fourth Bionicle movie.
TMC: Short for The Mutran Chronicles, a Bionicle web serial.
TNB: Short for Toa Nuva Blog, another name for Gali Nuva Blog, a Bionicle web serial.
TNGM: Trans-Neon Green Miru, a mask given away at LEGOLand.
TNW: Short for "The Ninjago Wiki" - "Ninjago Wiki" for details.
Toa Mata: Tahu, Kopaka, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua and Gali.
Toa Olda: The original Toa that came out in 2001.
Toa Shoeva: The Nike Toa Nuva shoes.
TOL: Short for "Toa Of Light".
Topic: A group of posts all relevent to one subject.
  • Short for "Terms of Service"
  • Short for "The Official Site", usually used when referring to the official BIONICLE website.
Trusted Trader: A custom rank for a member who makes many good trades and is respected in the BST forum. More Information
TT: Short for "Trusted Trader" - See "Trusted Trader" for details.
UD: Short for "Ultimate Dume", the combiner model of Turaga Dume & Nivawk, Krekka and Nidhiki. It is supposed to represent Makuta as he appears in Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui.
UDH: Short for "Ultimate Dume Helmet."
UN: Short for "Username" - See "Username" for details.
Username: Your name on BZP (see Login Name" and "Display Name" for the two types of usernames).
  • You get a spinning Vahi next your posts when you are registered for more than a year.
  • The Great Mask of Time, created from the Disk of Time. It was released as a promotional item with Walgreens purchases in 2002. It has since appeared twice in the storyline, and to celebrate it's role in the movie Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, a gold Vahi was released with special edition Vahki sets in 2004, along with a Disk of Time.
VahkiPower: An April Fool's joke, in which the Admins turned BZP into VahkiPower for a day. [More Information]
VMKK: Short for Vacuum Metal Krana-Kal.
VP: Short for VahkiPower.
WMKK: White Metal Krana-Kal, a promotional item given out in Bohrok-Kal sets.
WoS: Short for Web of Shadows, the third Bionicle movie.
Xtian's Bionicle Corner: One of the sites that became Kanohi Power, which later merged with BZCommunity to become BZPower.
XD: Text emoticon for laughing your head off.
Yetrax: A portmanteau of the words Yellow and Jetrax, for the exclusive yellow version of the Jetrax set.
YFOL: Young fan of Lego.

Edited by Ziko, Mar 18 2014 - 09:21 PM.

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#2 Offline Crazed Hegemon P~M

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Posted Oct 26 2011 - 08:52 AM

You forgot Blog. :POh, and "For the win," nice. --:ruru:
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#3 Offline Purple Devil

Purple Devil
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Posted Oct 27 2011 - 06:20 PM

On the BZPRPG wikia we us NBZP to refer to the new BZPRPG.
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#4 Offline Kahi

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Posted Feb 27 2012 - 12:59 AM

A word I've seen used for quite a bit around the forum recently is "constraction", which, if I'm not mistaken, is portmanteau of "constructable" and "action figures".
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#5 Offline Purple God

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Posted Apr 09 2012 - 06:22 AM

On the BZPRPG wikia we us NBZP to refer to the new BZPRPG.

Expanding on this, the pre-reboot BZPRPG (Pre-2011), is referred to as the Old BZPRPG.

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#6 Offline Tomaku

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Posted May 26 2012 - 04:57 PM

I can't see NPU on the list.
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#7 Offline Ziko

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Posted May 27 2012 - 12:15 AM

Updated the list. If someone has another, more common, definition for "NPU," please post.Tomaku, "NPU" wasn't there because nobody has suggested it and I've never heard it before (probably because I don't MOC). If there's a term that you think should be in this topic, it would be appreciated if you would provide a definition, because there's always a chance that I won't know it.

Edited by Ziko, May 27 2012 - 12:25 AM.

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Posted May 27 2012 - 06:14 AM

I believe NPU can stand for "New Parts Usage" as well.-Gata Posted Image

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Posted May 28 2012 - 10:55 AM

Sorry for not providing definition but what Gata said is the only definition I have heard.
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Posted Jun 03 2012 - 02:26 PM

UN I've seen used for username. Also, TOS is also used for Terms of Service on various websites LEGO-related. TBH (to be honest) would also be good to add, since a lot of people use it here. Oh, and HF, for Hero Factory.EDIT: TLG (The LEGO Group) should definitely be added.

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Posted Jun 03 2012 - 02:33 PM

MU, which is an abbreviation for Matoran Universe, and GB, short for Great Being, should probably be added.
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Posted Jun 07 2012 - 08:51 PM

Black Pixel, which refers to the black pixel that accidentally appeared at the top of the screen for a time.
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Posted Sep 16 2012 - 02:36 PM

On the BZPRPG wikia we us NBZP to refer to the new BZPRPG.

Expanding on this, the pre-reboot BZPRPG (Pre-2011), is referred to as the Old BZPRPG.

Expand-expanding on this, NBZP usually refers to the period between the reboot and the Great Downtime. BZ-III or BZIII refers to the third and current iteration of the game.

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Posted Image

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Posted Nov 30 2012 - 04:00 PM

TCW = The Chima Wiki (chima.brickcraft.me)

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Posted Feb 22 2013 - 03:59 PM

I think you need TSO (The Shadowed One). People often say it when referring to him in S&T, and it took me a little bit to figure out (that, or I'm just slow  :P ).

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Posted Mar 10 2013 - 10:25 PM

TBRPG: Text-Based Role-Playing Game

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Morally unambiguous.

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Posted Apr 01 2013 - 12:02 PM

Some abbreviations that have come up a lot in S&T recently:

SM = Spherus Magna

RS = Red Star

TK = Tren Krom

EP = Energized Protodermis

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