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Ask me anything that you can




Well, hello!





Now is the time where you can ask me anything and get answers for once! le gasp! :o


So, in the comments, you may ask me anything relating to my works on BZPower. Anything your sick, twisted mind can come up with. Questions will be allowed for two days, you can post multiple questions.






Recommended Comments

Do you like turning String cheese into Octopus's? 

On that note, Do you like Octopus's?

On another note, What about Marshmallows, are they going to turn evil and Destroy the World?

Are Tomato's Evil and Untrustworthy?

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What is the location of a 2x2 LEGO brick that goes by the name Samantha?


If a penny saved is a penny earned, then why the heck can't I get my dress to change colors?


Peacocks; adorable modern day dinosaurs, or vicious blood-thirsty demons in shiny feathers?

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Do you wanna take the dumb quiz?


What color is the sky?


What color is Pohatu?


What color is the skin of a Ninjago Minifig?


What was the first question I asked here?






Off of that, what's D3 Petewa's favorite color?

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