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  1. IC: Skyra Daring - West of Kini-Nui - So they weren't going to use the awesome rando beam. "Yeah that's cool." It wasn't as flashy but sometimes a simple beheading was the best way to go. She'd heard that from someone somewhere during the war. OOC: @Eyru @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ IC: Vashni - Ko-Pou - Vashni had already sat down and was sorting through her memories, separating what she knew belonged to her and what didn't. She looked relatively calm, at least on the outside. Though her mind kept going back to her last confrontation with Ehlek, back before the head of Mata Nui fell. She wasn't sure why she was thinking of it now, but it still bothered her that he had got away. If she'd been a little quicker...she could have rendered him completely harmless for the rest of his miserable life... Who knew what that monster was up to now? @Onaku@Vezok's Friend @Tarn @Harvali @Toru Nui
  2. IC: Skyra Daring - West of Kini-Nui - Patiwairutiki started to slowly march towards Nektann. Skyra was thinking, the beast was down for now but they needed to finish it off, permanently. Due to her mental link with Patiwairutiki she more or less understood all of the Kaita's abilities and that gave her ideas. "Kilo..." Skyra began, she said it out loud out of habit, but she knew Kilo could hear her through the mental link regardless. "...I see that we can fire a...Reconstitute at Random beam? Wanna see what happens if we shoot it into the beast's mouth?" She was dying to find out. OOC: @Eyru @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~
  3. IC: Skyra Daring - West of Kini-Nui - "You got it!" Skyra aimed the lance launcher as Kilo blew away the fog and rain. Her mental link to Patiwairutiki made aiming the thing easier than ever, piece of cake. Still, Skyra didn't take any chances, making her sure her shot was perfect before firing at Netkann's legs. She fired. "Bang." OOC: @Eyru @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~
  4. IC: Skyra Daring - West of Kini-Nui - "Kilo huh? Nice to meet ya!" While Skyra had issues with Vahki, she didn't seem to have a problem with other machines. "I'm Skyra Daring, Toa of Air, veteran of the war, former Le-metru test pilot, etc." Skyra sat down in the seat offered by Kilo, she looked over the controls for the kaita ACR. "Woah...this is nothing like anything I've ever piloted before..." Though it was more like the controls found her. She gasped as her mind linked up to the Kaita, it was nothing like she'd felt before. Though she found having the controls done entirely by thought very intuitive. "This is so cool!" OOC: @Eyru @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~
  5. IC: Skyra Daring - Kini-Nui - Well this sucked, even with an open wound, it didn't seem like anything Skyra did was effective against Nektann at all. She needed a serious change in strategy...she needed a giant mech just like those two that were fighting... Speaking of that, Skyra eyed Patiwairutiki, a mech that large...surely had more than one seat in it right? It had to be difficult to operate alone right? The pilot in Skyra knew this to be likely. She flew towards Patiwairutiki even as it battled Nektann. "Yo, you got room for one more in there? I'm not doing much good out here on my own." I really need to get one of these mechs for myself... OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma @Toru Nui@Eyru @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ IC: Whakamahu, Kaita of Remedy - Ko-Pou Shelter The Kaita's task had been complete more or less. Even if they hadn't fully cured the Matoran, they had bought them precious time in order to come up with a more permanent solution. "This is where I must leave you, little ones." Whakamahu said with the voice of three. "Perhaps we will meet again, if Destiny allows..." And with that the Kaita began to glow brightly, nearly blinding everyone in a brilliant light. When the light disappeared, the kaita was gone, replaced by the three Toa who had formed it. IC: Vashni - Ko-Pou - Vashni rubbed her head as she came to. That was...well it was hard to describe what it had been like to form a kaita with two others, it almost felt like a distant dream now. Being apart from them almost felt wrong, but that feeling was quickly fading away. Regardless, she felt incredibly disoriented, and would need a few minutes before she could think straight. She could feel that some of Triage and Iradra's memories had bled into her own. They felt like her own memories, even though she knew that wasn't true. Even as a Toa of psionics it took her a bit to sort it out. "#### that was weird..." @Onaku@Vezok's Friend @Tarn @Harvali @Toru Nui
  6. IC: Varian - Metru-Koro - The Exo-Toa arrived, standing not too far off where Sidra stood within her Kaita ACR. He had marched endlessly until he had arrived here, where he'd been told what was left of Mata Nui remained. As he did not have to worry about eating, sleeping, or becoming exhausted, he had made it in time to hopefully witness the Great Spirit's demise. Logically he understood that he lacked the power to end Mata Nui himself, as much as he may have wished he could do it personally. No, he would simply have to be content with baring witness to Mata Nui's final death. He knew not why he felt this hatred for the Great Spirit, only that he must be erased. @Gecko Greavesy @Unreliable Narrator IC: Skyra Daring - Kini-Nui - Skyra wondered for a moment if this was it, she'd been in a lot of crazy battles in her career as a solider, but this? Her Skyblaster might as well have been a little toy flashlight against this titanic monster. What on earth was she suppose to do here besides annoy it slightly!? Skyra was reckless to an extreme sure, but even she knew when she was completely outmatched! Her thoughts were interrupted as Patiwairutiki came from out of nowhere hit Nektann right in the head, sending the monster crashing down. Ah of course, the mechs! Skyra felt joy at witnessing something so fantastic at first, but then a pain in her chest followed after as she looked down at the titans from below. What, what was this feeling? Was she...jealous? She'd already expressed her desire to pilot a mech like that herself, but now that she was baring witness to them fighting the monster she couldn't help but wish she was also doing the same... Skyra snapped back into reality as Nektann let out a massive roar. She recognized a challenge when she heard it, she didn't need to speak big ### monster to understand that. Skyra grit her teeth, she could worry about getting a mech later. Right now she had a fight to finish. Before she hadn't seen anyway to do damage to Nektann, but thanks to Patiwairutiki, there was now a nice, vulnerable spot on Nektann's skull. The monster bled, which meant it could be killed, and that's all she needed to know. Skyra's jetpack roared as she started flying straight down towards the fight below, heading straight towards Nektann. This time she aimed her Cordak Blaster as she examined Nektann, spotting the wound that was still oozing blood on his skull. So as Nektann charged Patiwairutiki, Skyra fired all the loaded rockets in her Cordak Blaster as she came in range, aiming right for the wound as she did. Skyra had no idea if this would work, but trying was half the fun right? OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma @Toru Nui@Eyru
  7. IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - Skyra didn't have time to so much as yell as the Taku was hit by the large hand, the impact caused Skyra to crash into the still closed ramp. Skyra let out an irritated growl. "Status report, is everyone okay?" Skyra heard as she got back on her feet. "Oh yeah, just PEACHY!" Skyra yelled the last bit as she pushed the ramp button, she didn't even wait for the ramp to fully open as she practically leaped out of the ship and into the sky. Her jetpack roared to life as she made a beeline towards Nektann. She aimed her Midak Skyblaster without much fanfare and opened fire at the beast's eyes, intending to blind the beast if she could. Nektann wouldn't touch the Taku again if she had anything to say about it. OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator
  8. IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - As the Taku began to pick up speed, Skyra pulled her head back inside and closed the window. Skyra overheard Rose's description of the monster they were dealing with, it sounded massive. While of course Skyra was more than excited to fight a creature of enormous size and power, it did give her pause. She may have been reckless, but she wasn't suicidal. She knew she'd have to take extra care when approaching this thing, and this also made her mission of making sure the beast was too distracted with her to attack the Taku all the more important. With all this mind the Toa of Air made her way to the lower deck and it's ramp. As soon as they had a clear view of this thing she was going out there. "I wonder if this thing is a giant, flying whale..." OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma @Toru Nui
  9. IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - The boss and the captain were back on the ship, but Skyra was too distracted to really notice. She could feel the change in the air pressure from outside as she could hear the rain begin to fall heavily outside the airship. Skyra poked her head out a window to see just how bad it was. "Holy #### it's storming something fierce out there!" If you thought Skyra dreaded the idea of getting into an aerial fight in a the middle of a thunderstorm well...you're wrong. If anything it made her more pumped. "This fight is gonna be epic, I can feel it~" OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma @Toru Nui
  10. IC: Vashni - Ko-Pou - Vashni grasped Iradra's hand firmly, giving both her and Triage a reassuring smile. Being a Toa of Psionics made her acutely aware of the feelings of nervousness from the other Toa, not that she needed her powers to see that. It was natural to feel nervous of course, Vashni felt it herself. In all her life, she'd never even seen a Toa Kaita before, much less accomplish creating one. There were a lot of unknowns. None of that really mattered. They had to help these Matoran, and this was the last course of action available to them. In this, the three Toa were single minded in purpose, and perhaps that's all that was needed. Vashni knew this would work, because it had to. @Tarn@Snelly@Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend
  11. IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - Skyra loaded her Cordak blaster with rockets before checking her Midak Skyblaster. Both seemed to be in good shape and combat ready. She nodded to her wife as she volunteered to man the big gun on the ship. "If we get into an fight, I'm gonna fly out there and engage the enemy. The rest of you can man the guns on the ship or whatever." OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma
  12. IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - Skyra quickly spun around to see where Arnex was looking. Yeah, that was definitely a monster, yep. "Holy ####! Judging by the distance that thing has to be...really big." This was great. Well...it wouldn't be great if they couldn't stop it of course, but Skyra was sure they could take pretty much anything down with the resources and manpower they had. "The boss better get here fast..." OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma
  13. IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - "Ah!" It seemed it was finally time for some action! Skyra couldn't help but grin just a little as she turned to follow Rose. "You don't have to tell me twice!" As she ran up the ramp, Skyra began to ask questions. "What are we dealing with here? An army? A squad of enemies? Some big ### monster? Tell me it's some monster!" OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma
  14. IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - "I'm Skyra Daring, slayer of warlords and #####." Skyra was good at introductions. "I have no idea about open spots, have to ask bossman when he gets back from his visit to the hospital or whatever he's doing." OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @NorikSigma
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