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  1. IC: Skyra Daring - Po-koro - I gave Dorian a thumbs up as he and Praggos left. "No worries, I'll make sure you're the prettiest Toa on the island!" That was a Daring Promise™ Once we really set off I got a good look around at Po-koro, it had changed quite a bit since I'd last seen it, more than I expected. While the sun was still as glaring and unbearable as ever, the landscape of the city itself seemed to be full of life and vibrance. Nowhere near the level of life you'd find in Le-koro but it wasn't bad. I entered the shop as Krayn held the door open, and I immediately gawked at all the various weapons and gadgets I saw before me. "Well hello!" I felt like a kid in a candy store, I practically ran up to what looked like a pistol of some kind and looked it over. "Well this is interesting..." @Perp @Geardirector
  2. IC: Oceanna Gallywix - Onu-koro - ??? - Oceanna gave Aar a thumbs up. "Sure thing bud, I'll see you up there!" And with that she flew up to the roof of the building. She noticed immediately that no one seemed to be on the roof as of yet, but that could easily change. Instead of landing on the roof itself she decided to fly around just above it, hoping to catch them by surprise if they ever decided to actually come onto the roof. OOC: @Palm @Void Emissary @ARROW404
  3. IC: Zanakra - Fort Razorfish;Vaa - Spineless Bay - As they were about to set out on the scouting boat, Zanakra saw something in the water. The most pathetic looking boat she'd ever seen was slowly making it's way towards the fortress, with a Skakdi on board. "What in Irnakk's name..." She looked at the Cordak blaster on her person and briefly considered just blasting the sucker and watching him sink into the depths, but then she'd never learn what he was doing out here. She marched up to the end of the shoreline. "Oi! You in the ####ty boat! Identify yourself!" She shouted at him. One way or another this Skakdi would explain what he was doing in her territory, what happened to him after depending entirely on what he said. @Zeal @Nato The Whisperer @Sparticus147 @Smudge8
  4. IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp - Fire! The jungle was on fire! How was this possible? "Okuo! Fly to Le-koro! Tell them what's going on!" The words came out of the Lesterin's mouth before she even realized it. Okuo nodded and was already flying off on his Kewa as she turned to focus on all the rahi fleeing the fire. OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404
  5. IC: Skyra Daring - Po-koro - Train Station - I stretched my limbs as I stepped out of the train. That had been a good power nap, but now I needed to wake myself up. I did some stretches as I waited for everyone to get off the Iron Mahi. "Hmmmm...I wonder if I'll find any weapons on sale..." I had admittedly been building up quite an arsenal, even so I was still looking for new and unique weapons I had yet to collect. I figured the more weapons I could train with and master the better. It never hurt to learn new skills and become more versatile. Heck, maybe I'd get lucky some day and find a weapon that would make even Makuta #### his pants.
  6. IC: Oceanna Gallywix - Some Inn - Onu-koro - Oceanna abruptly stopped playing her guitar. "You know what? #### this." She walked out of the Inn without a word and into the streets of Onu-koro. What was she doing with her life? Playing music in some deadbeat inn? She'd fought Rahkshi and won for crying out loud! She had the staff to prove it. She'd made fortune and fame but now she was right back where she started, though less smelly and homeless than before. An explosion nearby interrupted her melancholy, causing the Toa guitarist to look up and towards where it came from. "The heck was that?" Curious and perhaps mildly concerned, she used her Kadin to fly towards the disturbance. As she got closer she could see that the Ussalry were here and had surrounded a large building. She saw a Matoran in an exo-matoran was scaling the wall and flew up to him. "Hey what's going on? I heard an explosion. Do you like...need help?" She asked Aar. OOC: @Palm @Void Emissary @ARROW404 Hello there. : )
  7. IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp - Hakari smiled and began to slowly stroke some of the Kewa's feathers. "You take good care of your rider, I can tell." OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Onaku
  8. IC: Arisaka - Ga-koro - Great Takea - Arisaka sat down, it didn't seem appropriate to keep standing there if she was going to have an actual conversation with her Rora, much less anyone else. "Honestly? There are so many differences that it's what isn't different that stands out more. I'm sure you've noticed how similar we Dasaka are to their Toa in a physical sense. Same with Dashi to Matoran, and Datsue to Turaga. Though one thing I've really noticed that's different is they have a lot more men than we do. The sexes seem to be fairly even on this island...before we showed up at any rate."
  9. I mean, there's also the fact that we're all adults now and the idea of begging what is a literally a company that makes toys aimed at mostly children to bring back a toy line isn't something adults should really do ya know?
  10. IC: Zanakra - Fort Razorfish;Vaa - Spineless Bay - "Hmm, no need for a flashy entrance. I'd hate to scare them off before we had a chance to talk." She laughed. "We take the scout boat."
  11. IC: Zanakra - Fort Razorfish;Vaa - Spineless Bay - "Very well." It seemed everyone had either picked something or was already satisfied with what they had. Zanakra put the lightstone rifle back on the wall, it would surely become useful later. "Let us be off to see this 'friendly' camp." She gestured for the three of them to lead the way. @Smudge8 @Nato The Whisperer @Sparticus147
  12. IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp - If Hakari had been concerned about them being lost, she certainly didn't show it, she seemed very relaxed and comfortable in the swamp. Hakari found herself distracted by Okou's Kewa as it descended to them. "Your bird is so pretty! Can I pet it?" Clearly Hakari was feeling as carefree as ever. OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404 @Onaku
  13. IC: Skyra Daring - Iron Mahi heading to Po-koro - Uh-oh, Krayn was getting hung up on semantics. He didn't have to say anything for me to know how he felt at that moment, women's intuition or some bull#### like that. I understood how he felt though, a good bit of the former Aggressors weren't around anymore, I could see why using the name might bother him. While it didn't bother me too much, perhaps it would of been better to come up with a new name? I shrugged to myself, it wasn't my call to make at any rate, I wasn't in charge. Seeing Krayn shut his eyes I decided to follow suit, it wouldn't be too hard to fall asleep like this, between the moving train and the oversized plushie. I also took great pleasure in knowing that Praggos would most likely spent the next while trying to figure out what plimbo meant. He would fail of course, as plimbos are bound to do.
  14. IC: Arisaka - Ga-koro - Great Takea - "Mostly the latter." Arisaka could feel the slightest smirk on her lips. Arisaka had subtly adjusted to a more relaxed posture and demeanor in order to mimic the Rora's current behavior and mood. Clearly Yumi was trying to have a good time and get to know the locals, and Arisaka wouldn't get in the way of that. "How is Ga-koro treating you so far? It has taken some time getting used to this place myself, and I'll admit I still don't fully grasp the way of life here." OOC: @~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA@Mel@BBBBalta@Caedast @Pteronura Brasiliensis @Vezok's Friend
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