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  1. ayy you're still around these parts? Not many familiar faces still around nowadays. Seem to remember some homestuck chatting with you back in 2014ish, was that in fact with you? I it's all fuzzy at this point, I'm just back for the nostalgia rush every once in a while

    1. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Hi, sorry I took an exceedingly long time to get back to you! (also same for nostalgia as someone I know's mention of BZP is why I logged in today.)

      While I've talked about Homestuck stuff before, I'm pretty sure that wasn't me if that was circa 2014, I hadn't read it yet at the time. =p

      Hope you're doing well!

    2. Great Being Velika

      Great Being Velika

      I'm doing pretty well, got a good job as a waiter and pushing my way through college (5th year now oops). Good to hear from you! hm it doesn't let you delete comments? I'm noyt well-versed on this update lol

    3. Great Being Velika

      Great Being Velika

      I'm doing pretty well, got a good job as a waiter and pushing my way through college (5th year now oops). Good to hear from you! Can't say I have much bionicle around nowadays but I do have lewa nuva right next to me (who was the only toa nuva I didn't manage to get as a kid) and it's pretty good

  2. ohi I've been here over 10 years now, yay.

  3. hi, I remembered I do in fact exist. =P

    1. Daler99


      Glad to hear it :P

    2. Great Being Velika

      Great Being Velika

      Ayy I remember you! Glad to see ya around

  4. gg I just noticed my sig is still the banner for BZPMN2 that Onkoo made. It looks nice though, so it stays for now.

    1. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Also now that I'm looking closer at the new overhaul of the forum from a while back, RIP the friends list, ??-2019.

  5. Dekar. (also gg I'm pretty sure this is my first post on the overhauled forum.)
  6. Okay sheet 1! I'll do RG II's or Bartok's tomorrow after I decide which one I want to come back for this. Player Name: Lein Campaign: 1-she knew Kirbraz well before this, anyways. =P Character Name: Lein Saryian Gender, Age, Element: F, late 30s, Jungle Personality: To steal a bit from your prior description of her, she's quiet, contemplative, and kinda stubborn, yet also at times fierce. To not directly paraphrase you, she's also interested in the arts, which probably isn't going to be relevant at all in that so gg. She's interested in learning more about magic, but still rather scared of its possibilities. I'll add more to this later. History: While she was previously a Matoran, I guess now she's a generic Jungle Protector. For irony I'll say that in the new timeline she used to be the diplomat for Jungle, before everything that happened to them. After that, she moved to Nokoma city. [i plan on editing and adding a bit more to this, it's a tad short of a section.] Greatest Fears: 1: that all of this was basically for nothing. (while I'm assuming she doesn't remember anything on Ikir and such that precedes this, I'm meaning this in terms of what goes on through the season.) 2: That the Jungle Region, and Okoto, is going to end up destroying itself both figuratively and literally through all of this fighting. 3: I somewhat alluded in the personality part to being afraid of magic. This is normal for Okotoans, including Lein. =p Greatest Dreams: Well basically, Lein wants 1. all of this conflict to be done with for good, 2. to be able to prevent the situation for the Jungle Region and Okoto to get even worse than it is, if that's possible; and 3. to be back to a normal-ish life at the end of this, even if her perception of what that'll be will change when she regains her memories. Ultimate Power: Make it to a bit better than it is under Miserix. Also, once she gets back her memory, have a bit more say in what goes on on Ikir, and revive those who've been lost on the way there, if possible. Strength: 1 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 4 Charisma: 2 ---- Also gg RG II or Bartok will still be only the 2nd person in campaign 3 at this rate.
  7. Yay, it's snowing. Snow is gud.

    1. TERIDAX941


      Not here... though it did a week ago or so. Kopaka must be on vacation

  8. I'll reprise Guurahk of Ga/Le. (and also probably as diplomat bc wynaut) I'll send the PM a bit later today.
  9. Thanks again for hosting this, Voltex! It's been the most enjoyable experience out of the three BZPGoT games so far, at least for me. And while I said this in the discord, S4 certainly looks like it's going to be interesting based on everything you've said... (Also RG I annoys Miserix to quitting reality just by how stubborn he is when? =P )
  10. This chapter is nice! I'm going to give you filler. Also rip every character I've played in BZPGoT now, although my namesake Guurahk lives. Also hope you deal with the place to live stuff quickly and that all goes well, Tex...
  11. I'm not sure if I should be surprised or disappointed that there are several comments on a recording of something on youtube saying that it sounds "exactly like the bionicle heroes titles." Only the first phrase is the same, then it becomes different. =P

  12. Good game everyone! I have no idea how I managed to win this. =P
  13. I mean, technically you were on the list for night one... I'll keep voting opened until later tonight. Oh. I'm just forgetful then, considering how long ago it was.
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