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  1. I was just at LEGO Land in Billund, Denmark (woo!) and I noticed that there was next to no BIONICLE sets left, however both phase 1 G2's Lewa and phase 2 G2's Gali were in massive leftover quantities, left in bargain bins while a mix of other G2 sets remained at full price on shelves. Looking back, was there just less love for the G2 Lewa and Gali sets, or do you think it was a coincidence at one of LEGO's most highly visited stores? photo credit http://lopez-the-heavy.deviantart.com/art/Lewa-Is-Sadness-478068157
  2. What do you guys think of this website? It was made to capture more of G1 in it's early, mysterious stage. Stay tuned for a new content update on the site at the start of September! http://www.wildshores.co
  3. What do you guys think of this website? It's a story that takes place in the BIONICLE universe but has a different, more mysterious tone than G2. http://www.wildshores.co
  4. Hey guys, Now that the beasts are in more stores and more of you have gotten your hands on them, what do you think of the new Quake Beast and do you remember his Hero Factory brother, Bruizer?
  5. Childhood heroes Metal bodies glowing hearts New suits same legends
  6. I ended up modding Kopaka within his plastics budget to have a sled/riot shield. It's fairly heavy to balance but I believe it can really add to the play value of the set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkONfWp9W68
  7. Hey guys for the Month of Stone I revised the Toa of Stone to re-orient the gearbox to allow the speed demon to run and kick! Though Pohatu ended up a little pear-shaped I like to imagine it's mimicking the real life Roadrunner bird which shares the same triangular figure. Plus claws! Anyway please comment with feedback, I tried to use as many themes from the 2001/2002 sets as I could with spiked biceps, armoured toes/shoes, claws etc. ps if anyone would like a close-up of the Protector's Sure Shot blaster let me know and I'll make room in my uploads to add it!
  8. I really like the story behind this one! Aside from the tail image the photos are great (it looks like light is shining down a cave without being too dark to miss details) and at first I was unsure why the plating was so heavily done at the front until you explained and showed the centaur posture which was nicely explained. The bulky bug build works really well here, nice work!
  9. Great work! I really like that the colour scheme compliments the element and makes the mask look right at home. The shield's jagged edges convey sporadic energy well and the horns/spikes at the back look very conductive! My only feedback is that the way the key blade is being gripped at 90 degrees looks uncomfortable and limits possibility, so I'd recommend adding connector pegs + short pipe pieces to the handle which allow the hand to be positioned more naturally. Otherwise great detailing and balance all around!
  10. For the Month Of Stone I went back to my Pohatu 2015 set and remade the body to be oriented with the gearbox driving the thighs to kick and run, anyone else wish that this sort of build happened in the official set rather than the geared shoulders?
  11. While I see that, I don't fault the idea, since the group of villains consist of more "skeletal monsters" rather than the now cliche typical zombies (which I imagine would consist of half-destroyed plating and damaged, decaying masks). I was hopeful to see crazy Rahi but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of details and mechanical features of the sets and given that I'm even more excited to see what's coming out next season.
  12. Aside from adding holes to the bone pieces (perhaps even through the sphered ends to fit rods through, though it would likely cost a contact surface when attaching sockets that line up over the holes to create small-scale gaps), I would suggest adding more to the plating pieces. Not only would there be appeal to add flat plating with sockets below to create complex machines/architecture, but I would be really intrigued to see plating that featured STUDS ON TOP OR BELOW to encourage attaching bricks, horns, windows, etc. and really promote as much building freedom as possible!
  13. With the word "sustainable materials" in mind, three main categories appear where A) the material is drawn from a source and/or manufactured in a way that has low to no negative environmental impact B) the material is drawn from a source and/or manufactured in a way that has low to no negative environmental impact while the finished product is easy to either recycle, compost or be repurposed beyond it's original product lifespan C) the finished product is easy to either recycle, compost or be repurposed beyond it's original product lifespan I would love for LEGO to really pursue developing a bioplastic that may not biodegrade (as that could pose health risks while breaking down compared to the chemically inert ABS) but would be created using grown material that is farmed in someway (but permanently hold their shape), as this could be a breakthrough for other industries involved in plastic that can't afford such a huge investment in R&D like Lego. (1,most important etc.) Echoing what others have said before, I find that durability of the material plays a massive role in product design. While model making with fragile materials rewarding, it often isn't suited for kids or adults who on a whim can decide to deconstruct their creation and throw all the parts in storage until a new configuration idea comes along. That said, designs involving reinforced pieces featuring slightly more material could be a simple solution to stress on weaker material. (2, second most important) The LEGO experiences relevant to addressing "sustainable materials" is very subjective, however I appreciate the fact that the ABS is recyclable (including the older BIONICLE containers, LEGO Technic Hockey containers, etc. Looking ahead, one way LEGO could really add appeal to sustainably made bricks is to make them CLEARLY unlike existing pieces, where LEGO could phase in the pieces with a series of select sets featuring special textured stamping on the surface of the sustainable parts, or if possible allow the parts to be transparent to see the mix of the bio-based plastic pulp to drive home the message that "you are building with PLANT MATTER WHICH IS SOMETHING REALLY AMAZING". (3rd priority)
  14. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

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