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  1. Umbra’s eyes can be canonically explained by the fact he has elemental Light powers. Making specific parts of his body glow is theoretically the simplest thing he could do. Lesovikk’s eyes may not actually be glowing. Perhaps he’s wearing some kind of “headlight” visor to help him see in the Pit.
  2. Nivawk could well have been created by Teridax specifically to monitor Metru Nui (and give him rides), based on the fact that nobody seems to have seen a similar animal before or since. Rather than a member of a species, he could have been a completely unique individual.
  3. Mostly boats, and caravans of cargo carts (often pulled by Rahi) for landlocked travel. I don’t think we ever saw airships used outside of Metru Nui, which was one of the wealthiest and most technologically-advanced regions, so that may explain it. And we don’t know the travel range of the airships; the only time we saw them leave the island is when the Toa Metru were taking the comatose Matoran to the surface, after which they were dismantled and recycled as building material (maybe they broke down upon landing, who knows)?
  4. If I could jump back in, if it were created as, say, a movie, or a TV show, or even a book, there is always the possibility that toys would be made anyway. And when a franchise strikes a toy deal, even if the toy line is not the core aspect of the franchise, the story is inherently influenced by the toys, anyway. Ever heard of the word “toyetic?” It’s when movie and TV artists specifically design something, be it a character, vehicle or building, to be appealing enough so that kids would want a toy based on it (thank you, Freakazoid!). For decades, people have accused Lucasfilm of creating Ewoks solely to sell toys, for example.
  5. It’s a tough one, but realistically, I should probably narrow it down to one of the years with large, expensive sets I never got, and which have only increased in value in the aftermarket. Those would be 2001 (Manas, any toy retailer), late 2003 (Takutanuva, Toys ‘R’ Us) or late 2009 (Toa Mata Nui, LEGO Store or Shop at Home), and to a lesser extent late 2002 (Cahdok & Gahdok, any toy retailer). I ended up getting basically all the sets released from 2006 to 2008, so those three years can be completely eliminated.
  6. “Huna,” eh? They may not have gotten that term specifically from Hawaiian, though. I suspect it exists in several different languages both in and out of the Pacific region. By the way, has anyone else ever thought that Kopaka’s original shield does a pretty poor job protecting him? I mean, it’s full of holes! I don’t even think the piece was originally meant to be a shield. Years before I got Kopaka, I think I had this piece in a Star Wars Echo Base set as an antenna dish. Edit: Oh yeah, here it is, the Snowspeeder set:
  7. Like a cigarette smell? If so, that’s a tough one that toy collectors have been struggling with for years.
  8. Do you think there are any TV news recordings mentioning it? Stuff like this. I mean, I know it was never a craze quite like that example, but maybe some report about popular Christmas toys or something, and they happen to mention Tahu, or the Bahrag.
  9. That bothers me to this day: Teridax went out of his way to avoid killing Matoran for a couple different reasons (he knew he needed them for the robot to survive, plus a smart ruler knows that the less people there are to rule over inherently makes you less of a ruler). The infected Rahi, while dangerous and bestial, weren’t free-willed pawns he just happened to be manipulating; they were under his direct mental control via their masks.
  10. I’ve mentioned this before, but Bricklink has some colors on file for certain masks that don’t seem to be documented at all, and are likely fakes. For example, a regular blue Noble Rau, and the picture looks suspiciously doctored, like someone did a digital color replacement using some image manipulation software. So don’t believe every so-called “misprint” or “prototype” story you find. Off-topic, but Bricklink also once had someone selling a supposedly ultra-rare pink Darth Vader minifig head, and as I recall, it turned out to be real! So on the other hand, bizarre things do indeed happen.
  11. There is only one truly good reason for them to exist: for us fans to mock them and have fun doing it! While I have knowingly bought bootleg products before, it was only because there was literally no possible way for me to buy them legitimately. For example, a couple years ago I bought a well-known bootleg CD from a seller on eBay. It was the soundtrack for both of the Ewok TV movies. While an official release does exist, it was only released on LP, which doesn’t have the same versatility of CDs (fight me), and while I would gladly have bought it, I’ve only seen it for sale once, and the asking price was ridiculous. But in general, I don’t believe in giving someone money in exchange for something they are producing without having the right to do so. I will say, though, it might be fine to own one of these, just as a curiosity or conversation piece. Just buy it secondhand, so that the maker doesn’t get that extra sale.
  12. This is another topic for another...topic. Or forum...or site, frankly.
  13. Let’s put it this way. Vahki were very, very good at doing what they were meant to do: subdue and neutralize Matoran criminals. Anything beyond that, well...they never had much success. The Toa Metru acknowledged that they were a threat, but they were still able to escape them almost every time, even without Mask or Elemental powers. As for the Vahki-Visorak battle we saw, I see this as Greg world-building by including some past characters, plus relieving some frustration he had over the Vahki, which he has stated are his least favorite characters in the franchise due to their simple, pre-programmed personalities. He showed them getting their butts handed to them because he didn’t like them, but also tried to rectify their “uninterestingness” by making them more complex, via the peek into their (albeit surge-corrupted) minds and revealing their previously-unknown speech capability (also partially caused by the surge, as mentioned a few posts up).
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