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What if someone asks if your serious and you don't want to lie? Would you have to tell them it's all part of a game?



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What if someone asks if your serious and you don't want to lie? Would you have to tell them it's all part of a game?


If someone wants to know if it's part of a game, you can share that with them (this game isn't a secret, after all). But if they are questioning you because it is spam, or otherwise entirely unrelated, then you have almost certainly broken either a rule of VERSUS, a rule of BZP, or both.



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Here are the posts from Team Mega-Orb:


-Announcements & Administrationfishers64

-Overall Lego Discussion - fishers64, Pulse, Kopekemaster

-Creative Outlet - Pulse.

-BZPower Discussion

-Non-Lego Forums. -NeoShadowVezon, Vrokota


using these phrases:


...this is just like when Vakama betrayed Roodaka in Web of Shadows. -NeoShadowVezon

...how does toast? - Kopekemaster

...why are there only four pedals when there are six directions? - Pulse.

...and that’s how I managed to make myself a custom Bowser amiibo! - Vrokota

...or so say the legends of Okoto, at any rate.

...and so you’re building it but they’re breaking it down. - Pulse

...that smells terrible! Almost as bad as a rotten banana sliding down a slide covered in the slime of a dripping pen filled with lemon flavored ink colored green! -

...such wow, very surprise. - fishers64

...and so I named them Gerald and Agnes. -

...and that raises the question: who the heck is Alfred von Tickleswort? - fishers64

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Team SHM has done it! They covered every phrase and every team member, which is more than Team MEGA-ORB managed (they missed three phrases and two members), and Team CHUMMS gave up halfway through the challenge. 


Both Team MEGA-ORB and Team CHUMMS must vote out a member of their team - votes against players who do not vote at all will count for triple. ShadowVezon and CHUMMS, I will use the same PMs as last time. MEGA-ORB, I will send out your PMs momentarily.


Second Round Results

1. Team SHM            - They covered every phrase, every team member. Well done!

2. Team MEGA-ORB - They missed a few phrases and two team members, but completed most of the task.

3. Team CHUMMS    - They gave up halfway through the challenge, and I was tempted to make them vote out two members because of it. But I like to be nice sometimes =P.


You have 24 hours to vote.

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For Team CHUMMS, Burnmad has been eliminated from the game by the rest of the team. 

For Team MEGA-ORB, JiMing's absence this round cost them the victory, and they have now voted him out as well.



Each team must decode six phrases in their private team PMs! The first team to do so shall win, and the other two will be forced to eliminate another player. You must work together as a team to decode the phrases; I will be watching your team PMs to make sure each member only reveals one decoded phrase. Once they have all been decoded, a member of the team must post them in this topic.



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-I wonder if Voltex will ever host a versus 3.

-who would have thought that bionicle would return in 2015?

-remember when luroka tried to stop all of his team’s phrases in the first game?

-all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

-I'm not forcing someone to record an entire team singing a bad parody.

-isolation, extraction, extermination, uprising.

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With Luroka having posted their phrases, and each individual member of the team decoding at least one of the phrases, Team CHUMMS has quickly taken this round! Of the other two teams, three members of Team SHM managed to decode four out of the six phrases, while in Team MEGA-ORB, they were penalized for one member decoding every phrase, and were left with only one phrase having been successfully decoded. 


The speed of Team CHUMMS with this round has both propelled them to first place for the round, as well as removing Team MEGA-ORB's chance of recovering.


Unfortunately for Team MEGA-ORB, this round's twist is now in effect: the third place team this round must eliminate two players. Team SHM will have 24 hours to vote out one member of their team, and Team MEGA-ORB will have 24 hours to vote out two members of their team. Votes against players who do not vote will count for triple. Abstaining from the vote is not allowed. Suicide votes are not allowed.


Second Round Results

1. Team CHUMMS    - All four members each decoded a phrase, with two members also decoding an additional phrase to win them the round. Good job!

2. Team SHM            - Three out of the five members managed to decode four of the six phrases.

3. Team MEGA-ORB - A lack of attention to the rules of the round cost them the round, as they were given four new phrases to decode in addition to the original six as a penalty. The speed of Team CHUMMS left them with no time to recover.


I will send out the elimination vote PMs to SHM and MEGA-ORB within the next few minutes. You have 24 hours to vote.

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Due to this round's twist, Team MEGA-ORB was forced to vote out two of their players. By an overwhelming portion of the vote, both Liuth and Vrokorta have been eliminated from the game.

Team SHM's vote was closer; by a narrow vote of 3-2, Underscore has been eliminated. 



Each team has four days to write up a page for their team detailing its history on the BZP Mafia wiki. The team's banner must be included somewhere on the page. The other requirements are as follows:


-A completed team profile template

-a bio for each current member of the team

-a bio for each previous or eliminated member of the team

-a bio for the team itself

-background information & history on the team

-trivia and interesting facts about the team and its members

-a list of what every team member did to help; every team member must be involved.





Team MEGA-ORB Page


Team SHM Page


Team CHUMMS Page

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I'm not just a member of Team MEGA-ORB, I'm also a former member of Team SHM. The rules state that they need my bio as part of their page, thus why I was going to write it for them.


Banner by jed1ndy


"Master of Shadows and Game-running Compliants, Ǝɹsɐʇz Ԁᴉɹɐʞɐ ᴉu qlɐɔʞ' No˙ 999, Vezon of the Twighlight"

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Over the past four days, two teams have displayed exemplary teamwork, making sure that every member helped to fill their wiki page in some fashion, and fulfilling the requirements of the round. The first, Team MEGA-ORB, managed all of this within the first two days; they have spent the rest of the round simply touching up their page and making minor edits. The second, Team SHM, steadily added content through the round, although most of this was done within their PM and was not added onto the wiki page itself until much later. Team CHUMMS, meanwhile, failed to even display a hint of recognition for the round within their PM and very little was done for their wiki page. As such, the results for this round are as follows:



1. Team MEGA-ORB - Excellent teamwork, requirements fulfilled, and rapid timing.

2. Team SHM            - All the same as Team MEGA-ORB, but a little slower to come up with content and to add it.

3. Team CHUMMS    - An abysmal performance.


The TWIST for the round once again involves the third placed team eliminating two members - however, this time, the second placed team remains safe from the vote! As such, Team CHUMMS has 24 hours to vote out two of their members.


You have 24 hours to vote.

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My apologies. I have been rather busy as of late. 



Both ToaD and Luroka have been eliminated from the game, leaving only Unit and MrPerson left of Team CHUMMS!



And now it is time for Round 5 - but first, one of our teams now consists on only two players; as such, our teams must be shuffled just a little bit! Unit shall join Team MEGA-ORB, while MrPerson shall join Team SHM! Now, onto the challenge.


Each team must vote for a new captain, or if they wish to, they may re-elect their old captain. You have 24 hours to do this. Once the captains have been decided, each team has three days to come with a brand new idea for a G&T game, and then post it in the VERSUS 2 topic. The team that designs the game I want to play more will win the round.



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