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Happy Anniversary BZPower!

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It's quite the feeling to wake up and realize that nearly twenty-one years have gone by since you stumbled across a new Bionicle fan site that would go on to alter the course of your life. It's been over two decades since Dimensioneer started the site that would go on to become BZPower (after starting out as Bionicle Zone and later BZCommunity after an early letter from the LEGO lawyers) and somehow we're still here! I'm thankful every day for the friends I've made and experiences I've had thanks to this site and know many of you feel the same. I'm hopeful that we can keep things going for years to come and continue to have great times and friendships through this wonderful community!

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Happy birthday BZP! Thanks to all who've been so frightfully kind here and kept the site going! :spinsmile:


I didn't know what to draw for the occasion, so gave this a go. Tohu X Technic  9x12, pencil, mechanical pencil on watercolor paper. Final drawing with blemishes/scan speckles from pencil eraser “healed” and scan stitched in Pixlr E. My scanner bed is a bit small and this was my first attempt at “scan stitching” via layering and the “clone tool” in Pixlr E. The two raw, original unedited/not scanstitched versions (upside down for differentiation) capture the whole drawing/paper if desired and one semi-edited (not scanstitched) version. I’m sorry to say it is simplistic, has faint areas of pencil smudge around the gears, and is not as detailed as I’d like. Mechanical art isn’t my regular, and I only figured out I could sharpen the mechanical pencil graphite finer after finishing it.







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IMG_0692.GIF.3309bb29bcc7460f3b8786a87af44771.GIF Member-Made Emote Topic IMG_0693.GIF.e0e3371af529fa2449b443e99300a8b5.GIF

Mush art thanks to @Bambi




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12 hours ago, Taria Pakari said:

The brick Tahu spinny!

Somehow, I'm not surprised by that at all. ^_^

Formerly known as Takanuva's Symbol, I rejoined BZPower on October 10, 2012.

These days, I am perhaps best known for my obsession with all Lego video games.

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BZPower can now legally drink! Soon it will be graduating college and going off into the wide world...

To think back in July 2003, I was a "latecomer" to the BZPower community. I think the major facelift in May 2003 and getting my own personal email address in July prompted me to join BZPower. Those first few years were pretty amazing as a member. Sad that so many of those posts from pre-2011 are now forever lost, but I'll always have the memories.

Though I was upset BIONICLE got no more-than-marginal love for the 20th anniversary last year (and just a little more for the 90th anniversary of LEGO this year), it definitely still resonates in my heart and mind. I've been recalling a lot lately the summer of 2002, when the Exo-Toa, Bahrag, Boxor, and upcoming Toa Nuva were all the rage. So many awesome things happened to me that summer and BIONICLE is cemented among them. Axiomatic to my teenage memories. Kanohi-Power was a part of it, too, since I checked out that site before it merged with BZCommunity.

A virtual toast, then, to BZPower!



2004 - 2011

"There are a thousand ways I could bore you...and only 942 of them will put you to sleep. Permanently"

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