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BZPower's Best Bionicle Villain Bracket

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Happy 810nicle Day. Our little treat today is to launch a new voting bracket. Only this time, instead of looking at our favorite heroes from across Bionicle, we'll pick out our favorite villains, at least those at the canister set price levels. The first round is now live, and voting will last for a month. Read on for some more details and a selection of interesting rounds to keep an eye on. And stay tuned to BZPower to see the results and vote in future rounds!

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Oh boy, this is going to be a tricky one. 

In a lot of ways the Toa were far easier to judge, because their builds and abilities were all very samey, making it easier to choose standouts. But the villains have a lot more variety in personalities, powers, and designs, especially in the later years when the line started moving away from clone builds. 

I'm going to throw out a tentative prediction that the Barraki, Mistika, and Phantoka villains will have more staying power as the rounds progress, owing to their more in-depth characterisations and unique designs. But the Bohrok and Rahkshi have the power of nostalgia on their side, so we'll see how things pan out. 

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Finally had some time available to make my votes in this round. And seeing the results thus far, while many of them are rather obvious, there's quite a few that are a very close 50-50 (in fact, one of them is currently at exactly 50-50, so it'll be interesting if a tie-breaker might need to be done at the end of this round). Pretty much the only vote I gave that will likely not win this round was for Umarak the Hunter, as I wanted to give support to at least one character from G2.

It certainly would've been nice to have some other villains included, such as Skull Grinder, or perhaps Roodaka, some Dark Hunters, arguably Vezon, or even (the most obvious one of all) Makuta Teridax. I guess they wanted to stick to a limit of 64 for this bracket, so that inevitably meant they had to remove a lot of the really good ones. Maybe if we do these brackets again a few years from now, that might be a possibility, but that's just my personal opinion.

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