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Short Stories Autumn Olympics Event 1 Info

Posted by Hahli Husky , Oct 13 2009 · 664 views

(I'm keeping previous event info for the SS Autumn Olympics here instead of the topic, to minimize clutter.)

Event 1 - Team Writing

First off, I know just what you're thinking. "But HH, that's like a round robin! Those aren't allowed in the library!" You're absolutely right. However, this is not traditional round-robin. I will be breaking entrants up into teams and giving them a schedule. Each team member will post just one part of their team's story when specified.

How to Enter

Event is going on now, entries are no longer being accepted!

Post a reply in this topic with the info below BEFORE October 5th, 2009, 12:00 am EST.

- Your name
- An example of your writing, less than 100 words (this can be from one of your already-posted fanfics)
- Any day between October 6th and 12th that you will be unable to log-in and/or write

How it Works

1. On October 5th, I will announce the teams in the post below this one, and which order each member will need to post their story parts in.
2. On October 6th, I will start-up each team's topic. There, I'll reveal a sentence the whole story should start with, and the sentence it should end with.
For example, say the starting sentence is "Tahu wanted a goldfish." and the ending sentence is "Tahu and the goldfish lived happily ever after." The team members would post like this:

Team Member 1: "Tahu wanted a goldfish. Despite being a fire Toa, he always liked how ... [more story here]"
Team Member 2: "Unfortunately, this goldfish was actually rather violent, and jumped up and bit Tahu in the face. It swam off among the river rocks ... [more story]"
Team Member 3: "[more story] ... so he went back home to Ta-Koro. Tahu and the goldfish lived happily ever after."

Hopefully this makes sense. laugh.gif

3. Each team member will post part of the story, between 200 and 300 words, in their team's topic on the day I have assigned to them.
4. Each team's story will be judged by a panel of judges. Winners will be announced at the end of the Olympics.

Special Rules

- No arguing, fussing, or flaming with/at team members or other teams. The first time I call you down, I'll let you walk. The second time, you'll be automatically disqualified from every event. Also, appropriate action will be taken (ie proto drop, suspension, etc.)
- No original characters. Canon characters only, please.
- Each team member's part of the story must be between 200 and 300 words, not counting the beginning and ending sentences. Remember, you're not the only one writing this.
- The first poster MUST have my starting sentence at the beginning of their post, and the final poster must have my ending sentence at the end of their post.
- Each part must be relevant to the rest of the story.


Q: Do I have to enter all three events?
A: No, you can enter just one, two, or all three. It will have no effect on your standings.

Q: What if one of my team members doesn't post their story part on their day?
A: They'll be skipped, and won't be allowed to post at another time. I'm sorry, but I can't be forgiving with this.

Q: If a member doesn't post on their day, will it hurt the team's standing with the judges?
A: Not at all. smile.gif

Q: What if you assign me for a day, and later I find out I can't log in or write on that day?
A: Contact me as soon as possible and I will try to change the schedule for you. You'll need to tell me 24 hours in advance, apologies.

Q: Round Robins usually turn out somewhat humorous. Is this okay?
A: As long as it's not a full-blown comedy, lighter tones and some humor is perfectly all right.

Q: Is proper grammar and spelling required?
A: No, but do your best.




Okay, got the teams all together. smile.gif Topics are now posted, as well.

The first and last writers will have two days to write up their parts, since endings and beginnings can be tricky at times. I'm counting the days in EST roughly, but I don't think any of you will have much trouble writing in time.

First Team
Story Topic

Are you Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of Orpheo's Curse - 6th-7th
Iranu055 - 8th
Multivac'sEntropicDilemma - 9th
AZBlue - 10th
Tifosi 92 - 11th-12th

Second Team
Story Topic

Xander004 - 6th - 7th
Rassiter - 8th
Lloyd: The White Wolf - 9th
Lady Kopaka - 10th
JaycobC - 11th-12th

Third Team
Story Topic

Master Of Shadow Matoran - 6th-7th
Amethyst - 8th
Snoopy82 - 9th
The Dark Knight - 10th
Phovos the Raptor - 11th-12th

Fourth Team
Story Topic

Kiotu - 6th-7th
Toa Of Power - 8th
Yukiko - 9th
Batman Begins - 10th
Jithra - 11th-12th

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