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  1. the real question is, is Hapori Tohu a rahi?
  2. I'm currently working on this very idea, actually. I'm not yet at the point where I have a full home setup where I can do this yet, but am taking some steps to do so. Custom kanohi is something I've wanted to get into for a long time (I have a product design degree so its up my alley). I will keep this thread updated
  3. Haha I was wondering that as well, I sent him a message because it is a bit hard to tell from the photo (he hasn't responded yet)
  4. "oops" -Lego But yeah, it is kind of a weird subject. Matoran definitely see krana as rahi, which I can see in their mind, and especially since the queens are rahi. Kraata is a weird though because I always veiwed them as 'extensions' of Makuta...I wouldn't necessarily call that a rahi, but I honestly don't know what I would classify it. Kind of like Makuta now has his own 'species', for lack of a better term. Good point though, I guess it depends on who is defining things and the matter of perspective. Especially since the games were from the matorans' perspective
  5. Let's not forget our big orange boi made the cover of a dark hunters book
  6. Well this is incredible I'm actually just about to read issue 1 of this comic series tonight! Yeah, I can see that. It is a bit lighter, and also is more vertical directly under the eyes, both of which look like the movie version of the kanohi
  7. Nice designs, & great photography! Harke almost reminds me of a 'G2 skull villian matoran', if such a thing could even exist
  8. This is epic! Cannot wait for this to come out, I'll definitely be sending in some questions Seriously. That we can even look forward to an event like this, so many years after 2001 (and with multiple cancellations), is incredible.
  9. This looks like an excellent idea. Especially for the kiddos involved, now they can look forward to going to a sort of therapy session. Very cool
  10. I NEED this as a set. This is incredibly hilarious and equally well done
  11. yeah, like @Lorentz said, these were never intended for a final look. Lots of companies that have parts in development will keep the ID on them for identification purposes (or other purposes) when a final design is still being chosen. Found a few interesting images
  12. Yup, these are great tips! I think Eljay has a video out there somewhere as well for cleaning parts edit: found it!
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