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  1. interested in some of the kanohi...also, would you happen to have the poster that came with Mata Tahu? I have the set but not the poster
  2. So overall this idea seems pretty interesting. Sadly as of right now I would not have the time to properly dedicate to this due to other Bionicle projects, so it would be unfair of me to throw my hat in the ring. However I think the idea is worth exploring, please keep BZ Power updated on how this goes and if you ever need feedback on a smaller scale I may be able to help out
  3. Helryx Canister Design mini-update #2! As many of you have suggested, I will be taking some inspiration from the '08 era & Karda Nui landscape/area(s) - these images are going up on the mood board . Thank you so much for your suggestions! I know this is taking a little longer than usual but I appreciate the interest, support, and constant feedback. Also, this is going to be one of the last round of broad ideation sketching - after this, I will be focusing on narrowing down on a few solid ideas & eventually one final concept for the canister. If you’ve been following along (or haven’t ) & want to make some suggestions before things narrow down, now’s your chance! Thank you to all who have done so - I can’t wait to see how this turns out!
  4. Helryx Canister Design Update #3! More sketches! I have added another page of exploratory ideas to this process - would love more feedback, & thank you to all who have provided some thus far. Still striving for an old skool design language here . I’m starting to have some ideas in my head for what this might officially turn out to be… Getting some of these shapes not only from the mood board I have up but also from pieces of Helryx, most notably the mata head, foot, and robo rider head. Let me know what you guys think! Would love feedback as I progress through this design process! Also, I’ve taken another look at my guidelines: I really want to push the artwork as the display portion on the canister, since it was equally as much a part of the contest as the moc portion was. These are just rough ideas at this point for how to go about that. I’d also like to include some sort of booklet with a bit of the ‘story of the contest’, if you will. I feel like it could be a nice touch for those who want a canister, & a nod to many of the good designs that didn’t win. I also feel like it can really showcase the Bionicle (or Bonkle) community. Let me know what you think! My next steps will be to sketch some designs inspired by the '08 year/theme. I’ve had a fair amount of people say this is pretty relevant to Helryx, so I’m going to see what happens! I know originally I said I wanted this to last the duration of the Artakha contest, so that when his contests were done I could start right on him, but obviously I got a little delayed in the beginning…oops haha. I’m still going to finish in as much of a timely manner as possible, but I really don’t want to rush this and I’d rather take my time and do it right. Thanks all for being patient with me during this process! And as always, any feedback/comments/critique is ALWAYS appreciated HM
  5. Thank you! I'm going to be posting all along the process, so stay tuned! As far as the art on the wall, I got most of it from the Faber Files, besides the Helryx images (obviously) & the top left 'thingy' haha, which is an image I took. I like to look at those images for inspiration - soon I may add/replace with some different ones, maybe from the '08 era as some have suggested
  6. I'm not sure either....maybe 'featured' videos, containing clips for certain characters/plot points? Or top moments? I know those things are probably a lot of work haha but they would be sweet! I'll keep brainstorming. Either way, your videos are always top-quality & I'm looking forward to whatever it is you make next
  7. Okay, some of this might read a little weird because I posted this on the TTV message boards about a week ago (@ names are for TTV member feedback), but with this now my BZ Power thread is all caught up to my TTV thread: Hey all! First off, I am very sorry about the delay - as some of you know, a few of my co-workers got covid (both recovered now praise the Lord ), which meant I had to take on their responsibilities and therefore didn’t have as much time to work on this as I wanted. But they are back now, and I can spend time on the real priorities haha. I appreciate all of your patience with me. Helryx Canister Design Update #2! I really didn’t want to rush this. I want to do it right. Therefore, I am still in the idea exploration phase and am not ruling out any ideas that pop into my head yet. This is how I was taught product design, so I’m simply defaulting to it during this process. A couple of my thoughts: I think this canister should be (relatively) simple. Since Helryx is the first Toa, and she deals heavily with the Mata, it seems fitting. I have also developed a list of design criteria to help influence the project. They are as follows: “Dome”-shaped lid (based on early Bionicle artwork, this seems fitting. @Count_Pewku @akirk47 striving for that early ‘prototype’ look) Smooth canister main body (for display wrapping - @Eilrach this is probably where a picture of some sort will go) Mask display (this was suggested by @GX_05, and I really like this idea. I’m not sure exactly how its going to play out yet, but I do want the mask displayed in some fashion, especially since it was part of the contest) Logo resin disc (you’ll have to wait to hear more about this ) Not an end-all be-all list yet, but I am going to try to stick to these. If you have any further suggestions, feel free to post in the comments I’m still going super wide with these sketches, & purposely not narrowing it down yet. Each sketch is a new idea, so I’d love your feedback! I enjoy incorporating your ideas into this, and it gives me something to go towards when my mind goes blank haha. An idea was mentioned by @Kanohi_Cantri to give a nod to Daxia in this design. I really like this, so I thought of an outline of the island on the bottom of the canister (sort of ‘foundational’ vibes). Another idea was to make this canister compatible with others (@Lesnichiy). I’m having a bit of trouble with this tbh, and she is kind of a unique Toa… still giving it a shot though This was suggested by reddit user Pirate_Puma on r/bioniclelego - having a set of guidelines (as there will be many more of these to come). I really like this idea. These are not hard rules yet and obviously not fully flushed out, but I’d love input on this as well. Oh I almost forgot, but as you can see the Bricklink parts are for my canon Helryx, who I * almost * have all the parts for cannot wait to see her standing next to her canister! I’m really enjoying this process I have so many ideas, I cannot wait to see the final product. I’m going to be able to post much more regularly now - hoping to have at least 1 more page of sketches up by this weekend. Well, thats enough of me talking. I hope you like the project so far. Please please please leave your comments, questions, and criticism. It really helps me make this the best it can be. (haven't done any exploration of comments from this BZ thread yet simply because these sketches were done before the comments were posted - but rest assured I will in the next round of sketches!) HM edit * : canister guideline #3 should say FIT the theme, not fix the theme
  8. Haha thank you for the kind words I appreciate the support! Really trying to go 'old-skool' since Helryx is so early in the Bionicle timeline, so I'm glad to hear its starting to hit the mark. wow. I just started to look around a little bit at these and they are EPICthanks so much for telling me about them, I haven't heard too much about this media type yet - but now that I know about it, I'll be referencing it as much as possible throughout my design process (and even getting my hands on some if thats even a possibility....)
  9. I will keep you posted for sure! Also, just saw the 'trailer' you posted about this project - so cool!
  10. I believe the remaining Hagah are also part of the TTV contest But yeah, brainstorming what other characters could be canon is really exciting! Can't wait to see how this all unfolds
  11. I think this is a great list! Some that really stand out to me: Toa Dume (I've seen some cool mocs for this in the past) Turaga Jovan (I was disappointed...) Rahi Nui (I think this opens up a lot of cool possibilities) Brutaka's mutated form (seems like a very popular idea that would be easily accepted) I know at one point TTV mentioned doing another list of characters, so I'll keep this list in mind
  12. Helryx Canister Design mini-update 1 Got some orders in the mail recently for this project! I’ll open them soon for all to see…
  13. Awesome, glad to hear it! Yeah I'm sure getting everything into reading order is quite a bit of work - even if you organize the commercials by year I'm sure that would suffice for 'proper' reading order. Soon I might be on the hunt for some promotional CD's - I'll keep you posted if you still need any of that media
  14. Just recently look a quick look-around of the site and I think its great! Especially for those who maybe took a break from Bionicle, or joined during later years, or left after 3 or 4 years, this will help get everybody on the same page (ha). I think this is going to turn out to be a great project and you should be proud of the work that you have done so far! One question, are you planning on doing commercials?! I know it probably adds a fair amount of work to the project, but I think it could be really cool and add to the full experience of Bionicle media. I know the commercials always used to hype me up for the sets as a kid. overall nice work, can't wait to see where this goes
  15. Hey Bionicle community! I’ve been watching & reading BZ Power content for a while now but as this is my first post, I just want to say it’s an honor to be here & it’s a great community to be a part of with so much great content! So based on the title of this post I’m sure you all can figure out what it’s about. Like the rest of us, I’m super hyped about this new TTV canon contest, and I really want to participate. However, I’ve never been the most phenomenal at Bionicle MOCs, so I thought I’d take a different direction – the canisters! Obviously canisters, at least in Bionicle G1, were a big part of the Bionicle universe, & I think as we’re doing this canon character contest and having things verified as canon, it would be cool for them to come with canisters (lots of words that start with C I know). I’d really like to design & create these canisters, & I’m willing to do it for each & every contest that will be held. (Just a sidenote: I’m also open to creating boxes if the “set” requires it, but I’m more passionate about the canisters) The reason why I like to do this is two-fold - 1, because of my passion for Bionicle, & 2, because of my passion for design. From a young age I always loved to build and create, & that’s actually what I went to college for! I’m proud to say that I have a degree in product design with a solid skill set around CAD and 3-D printing, sketching, model making, & general design principles. I’d really like to utilize the skills & sort of give back to the Bionicle community. As far as how this would work, personally I think it would work best to design the canister after each character is finished, just to help me tie it in together (to the character/mask) and also let the original MOCist do their work without me influencing it. I would love to even make the actual canisters & gift them to the winners & maybe even send some to TTV to review on their YouTube channel as a set. And obviously I’m open to any ideas the community might have for how I could go about structuring/creating these canisters! So long story short: I’d like to join the TTV cannon contest by creating canisters for each character & then sending them out to the winners & TTV. I would love to get in contact with Greg & the cast members to make this official, but I’m not sure exactly how (if anyone knows, please let me know. Update- I did send Eljay a message). I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of working with such a great community. Anyways, that’s a lot of text. But please, let me know your thoughts & comments about this idea! I'll be using this thread to post my progress photos, which are also on the TTV message boards (obviously lol), Reddit, & Instagram (all with the same username). My first round of sketches is posted below. Please please please give feedback! I would love to know how I can improve this design as I go through the process. I’d love to hear from you guys & I would value your input greatly. Let’s continue to keep the legend of Bionicle alive! #Unity #Duty #Destiny
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