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  1. IC (Lohkar) [The Infernavika] "Well, that's a difficult question to answer, innit?" Lohkar replied. He'd taken the wheel and was steering the Infernavika deftly on her course towards Leva Bay. "Because to know if there's anything I'm still forgetting, I'd 'ave to remember all the things I've forgotten, which I can't do, because I've forgotten 'em." There was a pause. Lohkar cleared his throat. "What I'm sayin' is, it's hard to tell. But so far it does seem to be the whole shebang. Childhood, runnin' off to sea, becomin' the legendary rogue you now see before you..." He shot Yasurek a dazzling smile. "...so on an' so forth."
  2. IC (Lohkar) [The Infernavika] "Best night of my life, luv," Lohkar replied with a wink. "An' I've spent one with a Vortixx girl." He bounded up the steps of the aftcastle to stand beside the helm, overlooking the weather deck. The crew were busying themselves about the ropes and masts, some beginning to climb the rigging to unfurl more sails, but from the hushed atmosphere and constant glances in his direction it was clear they were expecting to hear what had their captain in such a state of excitement. Far be it for him to deny them. "My friends," he declared, hands raised in an oratory pose, "as of last night, my memories 'ave returned to me! I now know the location of my homeland, the glittering isle of Seprilli, off the coast o' Zakaz. I sailed those waters from when I was just a lad, an' let me tell you: they are ripe with treasure an' adventure, for anyone brave enough to take 'em! "Oh, Mata Nui's a nice place, to be sure. But for a man such as meself, it becomes a little too nice. Truth is, I'm goin' soft out here, mates. Fightin' Rahkshi an' cultists is all well an' good, but I am an' always will be a thief, a scoundrel, an' a pirate. I need to go back where I belong! An' so, as soon as the 'Vika is ready, I will be settin' sail with all haste for the place they call the End of all Worlds. "Now, I do not expect all of you to share my enthusiasm for such a voyage. Nor would I demand that any of you go to such perilous lands unwillingly. So to any who do not wish to come, let us part ways at Ostia, an' I shall bid you the fondest of farewells. But to those that will join me, I promise you all the prizes an' plunder you could ever want, upon the Sea o' Zakaz!" He threw his arms wide. "Whaddya say?" A cheer of genuine enthusiasm but somewhat underwhelming volume rose from most of the crew. Lohkar frowned. It occurred to him that the 'Vika was a little understaffed these days. A few new people had joined them after the Battle of Ko-Koro, but that didn't quite offset the general attrition of crewmembers over the past months and years. "All right, we'll pick up some recruits at Ostia — and some payin' passengers, come to think of it — an' make all the necessary preparations to get underway. Then, my friends...Zakaz awaits!" He stood silent for a moment, with all eyes still on him, and clearly caught up in the drama of his own speech. Then he seemed to snap out of it, and waved his hands in a chivvying motion. "Well, snap to it then, ya swabs! We 'aven't got all day!" OOC: @Snelly @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360
  3. IC (Ageru Tazera) [Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu] As the Toa launched another bolt at her, Tazera brought the taut Soulwhip forward, placing it quickly as directly as she could in the path of his outstretched finger. She had only a fraction of a second to gauge the path, the moment he would fire...even if the principle worked as she hoped, the simple act of lining it up would be a close-run thing. The lightning leapt forth — struck the Soulwhip with a shower of sparks and a noise like a firecracker — and rebounded, shooting away to strike the floor, leaving a small scorch mark. Tazera didn't bother holding back a fierce grin of satisfaction that her hunch had been right, but her moment of relief was immediately interrupted by the voice of the Commodore over the mental plane: ::One, Toa, Lightning, illusions,:: she responded, as quickly and tersely as possible. ::Engaged at the bridge. Controls damaged.:: She could hear Inzu struggling with the bridge door. The Toa, meanwhile, seemed taken aback by the countering of his attack, and downright indignant that his plans — apparently to hold her and the crew ransom and somehow commandeer the submersible single-handed — were not going as anticipated. Clearly he liked to talk. She decided to humour him. "I am an officer of the Imperial Navy," she growled through a dangerous smile, advancing cautiously, still holding the Soulwhip at the ready in case he went for another pot-shot. "We do not surrender our ships to the enemy. We fight to the death." Another shudder ran through the Ryuu, knocking the Toa and Dasaka off-balance once again. This time the deck under their feet bucked sideways. Tazera quickly realised why: the mooring lines holding the submersible to the dock, intended only to keep the vessel from drifting away from its berth, had snapped under its submerging weight. The great bridge window was now entirely underwater. OOC: @oncertainty Absolutely — in fact, with his Kualsi, and a clear view through the window onto the bridge, Aeragot is one of the only characters present who could feasibly board the Ryuu while it's sinking...
  4. IC (Lohkar) Lohkar woke with a start. Rather than the comfort of his hammock, he found himself slumped in his chair. Must've fallen asleep at the chart table. The shutter of the lightstone lantern that hung from the ceiling had come loose, and was swinging gently back and forth, throwing more shadow than light across the walls of the captain's cabin. Its yellow glow swept slowly around the room like the beam of an erratic lighthouse. In contrast, calm silvery moonlight poured through the windows at the cabin's rear. The Lesterin heaved himself upright and groggily set about shuttering the lantern properly so he could get back to sleep, but something made him pause. He glanced down at the Magic Map (he really would have to think of a better name for the thing) still fastened to the chart table. It was blank. He frowned. Did it usually do that? For some reason he couldn't remember. He turned slowly. The moonlight coming through the windows really was bright. There was something otherworldly about it. He noticed there seemed to be a strange silence blanketing the ship. He could hear no voices of his crew nor any sound of activity on deck; even the creaking of the Infernavika's timbers and the sigh of the wind seemed quieter than usual. And then, ever so faintly, a distant bang, a strange crackle. Cannon fire? He wasn't sure. The desire to go back to sleep was gone. On the contrary, he felt strangely awake, strangely...alive? He walked to the door, opened it, and strode out onto the moon-bathed deck. It was empty — no sign of Gunner, Yasurek, or any other crewmembers. Surely somebody should've been on night watch, but there was nobody on deck, nobody in the rigging, nobody at the wheel. And yet the ship was sailing, straight and true, on a gentle wind across a calm sea. None of the lanterns were lit, but he could see just fine: the moon loomed huge in the sky. Was it usually that big? That, too, he found he couldn't remember. But these worries slid quickly out of his mind, as he found his gaze drawn to the fore of the ship, the direction from which those strange distant sounds were coming. There was an island ahead. The sight of it was strange, and yet...he knew it. It was a mountain isle, rising from the sea in a rough triangle, its peak shining with moonlit snow. The mountain's slopes were cloaked in forests of tall trees, its feet lined with mossy cliffs and gleaming beaches. The Infernavika was sailing towards a huge cutaway bowl-shape in the cliffs, a natural harbour nestling a sprawling city, glittering with lights. Towers, archways, awnings, all aglow with firelight and stonelight and a million lanterns of every colour. Ships lay in the harbour — not the strange angular designs of the Mata Nuians or the squat, brutish vessels of the Skakdi, but ships like the 'Vika: tall, sleek, built from rich red timber. Above the terracotta rooftops, fireworks were exploding in showers of green and gold. He knew this place. The recognition of it set his heart ablaze. It was home. *** Lohkar woke with a start. He found himself slumped in his chair; must've fallen asleep at the chart table. He heaved himself upright. He felt different from usual somehow, as though there was something in his head that hadn't been there before. He had the vague sense that he'd been dreaming of something, but he couldn't remember what. The warm light of dawn was beginning to creep through the windows, spilling across the chart table. He glanced down at the Magic Map. It was blank — wait, no, not quite blank. The compass rose in the corner was there, and in the field of the chart proper (where before there had only ever been the horned shape of Mata Nui) there lay three small dots: one east, one west, one north, forming a rough triangle. As he stared at that mysterious paper, words began to form near them as through written by some unseen hand. By the point in the west, beside which a small stylised ship had appeared: By the one in the east: And finally, in the north: The memory of the dream surged to the surface of his mind, and with it came the other memories — the real memories. As he began to process them, to realise what they meant, Lohkar felt elation well up inside him. He had always known who he was, but where he came from, and the life he had led before unknown winds and tides carried him and his beloved Infernavika to Mata Nui's shores...these memories had been lost to him. He reached out one finger to that northernmost dot, almost needing to check that it was really there and not some half-dreamed mirage. At his touch, the ink suddenly ran, spreading across the page as though he'd spilled water across it. He started back instinctively — but just as quickly, it coalesced into a familiar but long-absent shape: a ragged ring of land enclosing a central lake, crowned with mountains and cut with rivers. And just off that unforgiving coast: the curious little island that he had yearned for without even knowing that he yearned. He stared fondly for a time, transfixed by this unexpected reunion with his past, until a realisation struck him. Tentatively, he brushed his finger against the words that stretched across the bottom of the map, marking the great expanse of water that encircled the two isles: The ink ran again, this time condensing back into those three dots, the westernmost marked with its tiny rendering of the Infernavika. Undulating lines began to trace across the space between, marking currents of wind and sea. A wide grin spread across Lohkar's face. He was whole again. He had his past. He had the memory of his homeland. And most importantly — he had a heading. He sprang to his feet, and strode to the door of his cabin and out onto the ship's deck. The morning sun was further over the horizon now, casting its glorious light across the 'Vika's sails and, far off to the west, the coast of Po-Wahi. "ALL RIGHT, MATES!" he roared. The pirate captain's usual demeanour was far from subdued, of course, but to his crew there was unmistakeably a new fire in his voice and on his face. "All hands on deck and make full sail for Ostia! We 'ave a real voyage to prepare!" OOC: @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360 @Snelly and anybody else I'm forgetting
  5. IC (Ageru Tazera) [Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu] Tazera remained crouched, tucked close against the bottom of the thick instrument panel as the intruder sent bolt after bolt of lightning to spark off its edges. He had her pinned; the moment she left her cover he'd be able to fire off a shot long before she could close the distance between them. Between the miniature thunderclaps, she could just make out the sound of hurried footfalls approaching in the corridor — hopefully Inzu on her way to help. But she heard something else too: the grinding, wrenching sound of the Toa heaving the door bolt as tightly closed as it would go. The bridge door was designed to be secured from the inside; it would not be easy for Inzu to get through if the Toa had successfully secured it. She would have to turn the tables on her own. You could've been forgiven for thinking the lieutenant had little defence against ranged attacks, being armed only with a Miru, an axe and a whip — but that whip was still a Soulsword. There was one technique she'd trained in that might work; very handy against bow-wielding pirates, or the rarer ranged Soulsword practitioner. She couldn't be sure it would be effective against elemental Lightning, but it was better than sitting there and waiting for him to flank her cover and zap her anyway. Her Soulwhip sprang to life in her hand and she grasped it further up with the other, holding a two-foot length of it taut. She tensed, reading herself to spring out — And the deck beneath her suddenly moved, tilting slightly, accompanied by a low groan. Tazera's eyes widened. The movement was unmistakeable. She glanced up at the scorched and shattered instrument panel, where she could make out one partly-destroyed label: #UOYANCY Oh ####. Water began to swell at the bottom of the bridge's wide viewing window. From outside, the alarmed Menti watching the Ryuu, still waiting for reinforcements to board the submersible, saw the craft shift in the water and gradually begin to sink. The situation was all the more urgent now, Tazera knew. By regulations the hatch ought to be closed, so at the least the Ryuu should not be flooded, but who knew what damage an uncontrolled descent into the reefs of Naho Bay might do to her. She had to regain control of the bridge, and the sub as a whole, as soon as possible. Time to act. She sprang out from behind the panel, gripping that two-foot length of Soulwhip taut in front of her. By all of Zataka's magnificent assets, I hope this works.
  6. IC (Syrik) [Echelon's Lair] The Toa remained silent as Aerus spoke, standing to the right and a little behind the Vo-Matoran in the great metal doorway. His stance and expression remained neutral, hands calmly on his hips, but his eyes flicked to each of the Matoran and the Hapaka in turn, fixing each of them with an analytical stare before moving on to the next.
  7. IC (Syrik) [Echelon's Lair] "Oh, so am I," Syrik replied with a grin. "Just making sure you know the option's on the table. Remember, this place is extremely valuable to us. No matter who's outside that door, we let them go, we're letting the location out into the world." He shrugged. "I'm not sure we can afford to take that risk. But hey — " he grinned again " — you want to play nice for now, I'll follow your lead. Let's go meet our guests." OOC: @Goose
  8. IC (Syrik) [Echelon's Lair] "It's possible," Syrik replied. "But I try not to be. And it looked like there was a snowstorm blowing in that should've covered my tracks." He too rose from his seat, quickly catching up to the smaller being in a couple of strides. "How they got here doesn't much matter now. Whoever they are, they've found this place." He looked down at his new partner. "Want me to kill 'em?" he asked nonchalantly. OOC: @Goose
  9. No problem, that's what we're here for. Enjoy the RPG!
  10. Not really; current posting in the Ga-Wahi topic is still in the immediate aftermath of the Dasaka's arrival. Very much so; perhaps worse, even, because significant numbers of Rahkshi are in play and the remaining Dasaka are actively fighting them to try to regain their territory. This post gives a good overview of what things are like in the Archipelago as the arc begins. It's still a good way to get started, yes. If you want to ensure a good chance of getting some interaction, though, you may want to start your PC out near other active characters, or indeed interact directly with them.
  11. Welcome! Don't worry, broad questions like these are exactly what the discussion topic is for. Bulik has done a good job of covering most of the points, so I'll just add a few further comments: The Three Virtues are certainly a core aspect of belief in the Great Spirit and an important part of Matoran culture, so most everyone on the island is at least aware of them. Whether they try to live by them is another matter, of course. But yes, as Bulik says, this isn't something we put a lot of focus on, and it definitely tends to the 'disparate' end of your question. We have a principle around here that we call 'BZPTime'; time in the BZPRPG tends to be malleable and inconsistent, since there are just so many different characters in play, and thus players writing at different paces, that it's basically unavoidable. The idea of BZPTime is that it's best not to think too hard or worry about exact periods of time, but rather to let them serve the needs of the stories we're telling. So yes, as the others have said, some small vague number of years have passed in-game. No need to be more specific than that. Mata Nuian society is generally pretty inclusive, so now that the Matoran are used to them, Lesterin (and Skakdi, and Vortixx) are typically treated just like anybody else. There's probably some awareness of their penchant for travel and trade, but not much in the way of stereotypes beyond that. No, despite their nautical prowess, the Seprillian Lesterin have not yet had contact with either Mata Nui or Kentoku. This is mainly a result of the amnesia-inducing fog that covered the ocean between the locales and only recently cleared. The only known contact between Zakaz and Kentoku was the arrival of the Piraka, who passed safely through the fog by unknown means. On the other hand, over the years some number of Seprillian Lesterin have (whether by foolish bravery or bad luck) sailed into the fog and washed up on Mata Nui (albeit with no memory of their home). So for the moment, to natives of Zakaz and Seprilli, the existence of lands beyond their own is a matter of near-forgotten ancient history, tending to myth. Correct, their current whereabouts and activities are unknown.
  12. IC (Ageru Kilanya) [Fort Kizuno, Odaiba] "Please do," Kilanya replied with a nod. "I have never seen a Kiril used in this way. Most would simply regrow what was damaged, but it seems that you replace it with something stronger." There was a kind of beauty to the patches and streaks of translucent blue. It reminded her of kintsugi. Her mother, teaching her to repair her favourite teacup with glittering lacquer...
  13. IC (Syrik) [Echelon's Lair] Syrik looked up sharply from the documents he'd been poring over, as the sound of knuckles on metal echoed down the entrance corridor of the dead Necromancer's lair. He slowly turned to look over his shoulder at the study doorway, then back to Aerus. A hint of a quizzical smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, while the dangerous glint had returned to his eyes. "I got the impression you weren't expecting company." OOC: @Goose
  14. IC (Ageru Kilanya) [Fort Kizuno, Odaiba] The sound of horagai from the gates heralded Kilanya's arrival. It wasn't long before murmurs passed between the other soldiers and workers reached Shiki's ears: the Toroshu was making a personal inspection of the fort's defences, and it would likely not be long before she reached the eastern wall on which the young Menti had been toiling away. *** Based on the most recent scout reports, no significant Rahkshi attacks were expected in the coming days. But, as Kilanya knew well, that did not mean they would not happen, and the likelihood of smaller raids or skirmishes was harder to predict. All in all, to be complacent in these times was to invite death. The current reprieve offered an opportunity to prepare for the next battle, nothing more: to ready the troops, to bolster the defences, and to generally make her presence felt among her long-suffering people. That last point was particularly important to Kilanya's personal philosophy. Even before the invasion had eroded the barriers between the many rungs of the Imperial hierarchy, Kilanya had made a point of interacting personally with her people. She still spoke and acted with all the authority of a Toroshu, of course, but she listened too. She had always felt it was important to make clear that she belonged amongst those she ruled, and to treat them, not necessarily as equals, but as individuals worthy of respect and compassion. And now more than ever, they needed her. Morale was on a constant knife-edge: they needed to know that their Toroshu would live among them, fight among them, and if it came to it, die among them. And so, she made her way through Fort Kizuno, checking the state of the fortifications and supplies, but also speaking with those who defended and maintained them. So it came to pass that she happened upon a young Menti she did not recognise, working hard to patch the rents the Rahkshi's otherworldly powers had torn in the eastern wall. She held her hands crisply behind her back as she approached, casting her eyes over the repair work the Menti had been performing. It had a somewhat unorthodox look to it: crystal rather than wood plugged the holes, and it looked as though it had been grown out to fill the breaches rather than affixed over them. The visual effect was a little odd, but it certainly seemed sturdy. "This is good work," she addressed the young Menti. "What is the technique you use?" OOC: @Razgriz
  15. The Parting of the Ageru A self-indulgently long and melodramatic post, I know, but a necessary one for the characters concerned. The invasion and evacuation of Kentoku presented the perfect (and only) opportunity to wrap up some CD I'd planned since I first created my Dasaka characters at the beginning of Arc 2, but never got around to setting up properly. So I guess it's not so much "wrap it up" as "shoehorn an arc's worth of it into one post", but hey, that's what happens when you don't Write More... Anyway, I'm excited for where Arc 3 may take my Dasaka characters, so if anybody's interested in interacting with them and joining me in shaping their journeys, let me know!
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