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  1. Impressive collection! Love seeing the Bohrok in a swarm Not sure if you have any rare items, but I am particularly looking for rare collectibles (most notably krana and kanohi, things like VMKK, GPKK, etc.). Please let me know if you have any and hopefully we can work something out HM *edit: I may be interested in those Virsorak shells as well depending on color
  2. Happy Bionicle day everyone! I'm using the attention of this day to search for ANY Grey Plastic Krana-Kal from protosquad owners! (Also looking for metal krana, particularly Vaccuum Metal Krana-Kal) I have included a picture of some of the krana I am searching for below (image not mine - I wish!): Hope everyone has a great Bionicle day! HM
  3. Alright, so this is absolutely INCREDIBLE Great job on this build! Amazing shaping. I love these mocs that bring a different style of building to the Bionicle world. Please tell me you plan on making instructions for this bad boy? I would love to build this.
  4. alright, this is epic. I am going to need some more photos of this clever little guy so I can build him myself
  5. I may be interested in the BrickMaster comics if those have not been taken yet. Also, Battle of Metru Nui is way over priced imo
  6. Okay actually been wanting to post a topic like this so this is perfect I am in the same boat as @Max Nui, looking to get a 3D printer of my own. I know I am definitely going with resin as that gets much better quality. @Gresh21 that mask of creation has some exceptional quality and detail I have been asking around the community, particularly in some CAD/printing focused Discords, and they seem to all recommend resin. I think I am going to go with an Elegoo Saturn. As I understand it, the Saturn has great quality, but also can print much larger objects (I plan to do more than just Bionicle masks with it). I would love to hear other people's recommendations though! It's a big purchase so I want to make sure I am making the right decision Also for those of you who have a resin printer, did you buy your curing station as a kit? And if so could you provide a description (maybe even a link?)
  7. Inside the box - more masks of Psychometry! (@ Creative Mechanics )
  8. Hey there! I'm interested in a few items here as well as some of the items I've seen on your other post. I sent you a few PMs, you can also email me via humblematoran@gmail.com if you'd like. Hope to hear from you soon!
  9. This could fetch a decent amount from collectors (myself included). Do you happen to have a picture of it? I would definitely be interested, but would have to see what you are referencing
  10. Found this thread, which although may not solve all the mysteries, is at least some additional info
  11. @Turaga of Force thank you for the clarification. That variety pack is so interesting, especially containing 2 parts that are so rare and nothing else...what a strange thing from Lego haha. It honestly would make sense that the Brown Komau came in some sort of mask pack. Throughout my time collecting Bionicle I have rarely seen a White Huna, but a Brown Komau I have seen surface every now and again. Ah yes, this is what I was thinking of, and yes I do recall it being dark red. I think the dark blue noble Matatu may have even been in the same picture. This is now jogging my memory on a dark red komau...
  12. Somebody has been busy collecting. I have a few other Bionicle deals going on at the moment I'd like to finish up, but then I may be interested (still) in some of those kakama/kakama nuvas
  13. Man, I am in love with this artwork! Reminds me of being a small child and staring at my new Lego magazines of the next Bionicle wave, soaking up every last detail I could. You have captured that feeling perfectly I hope you plan to do all 6 locations and I cannot wait for more to come out. Nicely done!
  14. This is fascinating. Bionicle really did have such a large impact on the toy industry and really the culture for many kids (myself included) growing up in that era. Great find!
  15. Another mystery box in the mail... (@Creative Mechanics)
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