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  1. @Turaga of Force thank you for the clarification. That variety pack is so interesting, especially containing 2 parts that are so rare and nothing else...what a strange thing from Lego haha. It honestly would make sense that the Brown Komau came in some sort of mask pack. Throughout my time collecting Bionicle I have rarely seen a White Huna, but a Brown Komau I have seen surface every now and again. Ah yes, this is what I was thinking of, and yes I do recall it being dark red. I think the dark blue noble Matatu may have even been in the same picture. This is now jogging my memory on a dark red komau...
  2. Somebody has been busy collecting. I have a few other Bionicle deals going on at the moment I'd like to finish up, but then I may be interested (still) in some of those kakama/kakama nuvas
  3. Man, I am in love with this artwork! Reminds me of being a small child and staring at my new Lego magazines of the next Bionicle wave, soaking up every last detail I could. You have captured that feeling perfectly I hope you plan to do all 6 locations and I cannot wait for more to come out. Nicely done!
  4. This is fascinating. Bionicle really did have such a large impact on the toy industry and really the culture for many kids (myself included) growing up in that era. Great find!
  5. Another mystery box in the mail... (@Creative Mechanics)
  6. I didn't, but I had to ask to quiet the inner child Yes it is sorry, should have been a bit more clear. I am speaking about the Gray Plastic Krana-Kal (GPKK), which were a prototype for the Vacuum Metal Krana-Kal (VMKK). GPKK were given out to proto-squad members in 2003 by mail. If you have grey/gray krana, the genuine GPKK are much lighter in color, and are not as 'rubbery' as regular krana. Some images (not mine) for reference (GPKK is on the top row, second from the left end)
  7. Yes exactly! When I hear Tohunga i picture MNOG and Mctoran, but when I hear Matoran i picture the metrutoran and voyatoran etc
  8. This topic gives me so much happiness to read, that there are still others who care and need answers about these things haha I personally think it is probably a scale-back like you had said @Xboxtravis, where Lego had originally planned to release more. They were struggling financially at the time, so maybe they thought they had bitten off too much and dialed back on the kanohi production to save costs. I also think the miscommunication theory between the story and production teams has some validity, however Bob Thompson has a strong reputation of being on top of this stuff, especially when it came to this theme, which makes me a little hesitant on that idea. Of course, these are all just speculations. Same here. I have never heard of this but if it is true my inner child will go crazy haha Just to clarify - Lego advertised 8525 as having 73 possible kanohi & 8530 as having 88 possible kanohi? Or they advertised them as having 73 each? Or something else? Very confused matoran over here. Do you happen to have any more info on this? I somehow have never heard of this and am very curious. This is incredible. Right up there with the Platinum Avohkii almost being melted down. now that I think of it, I have not seen a bubble Kaukau that wasn't light blue. I will keep an eye out @Turaga of Force thank you for the pictures as well! Very cool stuff. If I recall correctly there is an even more rare red huna in existance
  9. Very impressive work! So cool to see them all displayed in the same place. How long did it take you?! Also, do you have a master list of sorts that you work off of? I've been working on my own comic collection lately, and while I don't have as many as you yet I'm steadily growing *leans on edge of seat*
  10. Which variant, if I may ask? Also, I know this might be a long shot, but do you happen to have any of the GPKK? They were given out to proto-squad members back in the day
  11. I think this is a really good point, which is why I guess I naturally gravitate towards matoran. I'm surprised no one has mentioned McToran yet, as I use that quite frequently Also, whenever I hear 'Tohunga' I think of only the 2001 Matoran, which is probably why I tend to lean towards using 'matoran' for all of the years edit: Ironically enough, I just realized that my BZP rank just went from 'Tohunga' to 'Turaga' (I don't think it was ever 'Matoran')
  12. This is a great question. I think pre-2005 I really like what they did in just keeping it 'Makuta', because in addition to keeping him a mystery, they kept the secret of their being more than one Makuta from us (which is basically a staple for Bionicle). After it is revealed though that there are other Makuta, then I think he should be called Teridax or Makuta Teridax, to distinguish Also: someone's going to the principle's office I don't know if I can get this out of my brain now
  13. Thank you for posting some high-quality photos! This is really a cool sight to see and I need to have it now
  14. ah okay I was wondering, I have used photoshop in the past but only Sketchbook for about 1 semester - but it seems to be really gaining a lot of popularity lately and people are doing some really cool stuff with it! Speaking of which, nice work on the Kaita! I especially appreciate the little keychain details (and all 8 of these jackets look like something I NEED)
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