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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition Submission Topic

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Name of entry: Warlord of Frost

Since news of the battle of Ekimu and Makuta have reached him, he now searches the cold region of Okoto where he can still survive searching for one of the three masks of Power that were lost.

Entry Photo : http://imgur.com/a/lVAj8

Gallery : http://imgur.com/a/9QqmM#SuiO8WV



Not sure if the links work... first time

edit: well the first link doesn't work and I cant fix it... the first picture in the gallery is the entry pic now

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Entry Name: Mutated Kozapak

Image Link:http://onyx-crimson764.deviantart.com/art/Mutated-Kozapak-entry-picture-497665638

Gallary: http://onyx-crimson764.deviantart.com/gallery/52165567/BATTLE-FOR-THE-GOLDEN-MASK

BIO: Kozapak was once a normal rahi on the island of Mata Nui, until he was mutuated by the Brotherhood of Makuta and became a smart rahi with the ablitity to talk and new elemental powers. Kozapak's intelligence made him a cunning villain. He talk his new powers to escape from the Brotherhood and began creating his own mutatants to gain control of the island, for his new intelligence made himself seem about the Toa and Makuta and a right to control all of the island.

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Entry 1: Ataran: The Demon of the Forge of Masks       Photo Link: w3IodvV.jpg

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tahu descended into the darkness that enveloped the passage to the heart of the abandoned forge. The location was made even more intimidating as the sound of metal scraping on metal echoed throughout the chamber.  He tried to convince himself that he was not afraid. Tahu ignited one of his swords as he continued. The air around him got stuffier and hotter with every step. His mission was simple:  get to the center, and signal the others. The tunnel stopped as Tahu made his way into the main room. Lifting his sword, he could see some of the vast room.  It was lined with rows of anvils, and littered with discarded tools, with the great furnace in the center. It was amazing to think that this dusty old place had once been the most productive mask forge on Okoto! Thoughts of what this place may have been like in its prime rushed through Tahu’s head: the incessant pounding of workers hammers, the thousands of hunched figures scrutinizing their masks for any flaws…  Why had the fire tribe chosen to abandon this place? The demand for masks was as high as ever, and the place seemed like it was still in working condition…  Why WAS this place abandoned!? Suddenly, a large burst of flame came from the main furnace, startling Tahu. A large, shadowed figure was revealed by the light. It moved toward the blaze, igniting its back, head, and claws. The figure pointed its beastlike claw at Tahu, while raising his lance. Fear struck Tahu like lightning as the monstrous figure moved close. Too close. Tahu was within its reach. He could see the demon clearly now.

“Mata Nui… It’s hideous…” he gasped, realizing why the forge was abandoned.

It was covered head to toe with many pieces of assorted armor, with spikes and flames piercing out of its back. His lance, too, was made of other assorted weapons. They looked like weapons a Toa would use Discarded parts? Or were they the remains of its unfortunate victims? The beast turned to face Tahu, and its glowing red eyes had a bloodthirsty look in them. Tahu was too stunned to move. The beast grabbed Tahu by the throat and lifted him off the ground. It towered over him like a mountain dwarfs a tree. The last thing Tahu heard before he blacked out was the beast bellowing:


Entry 2:  Ataran: Warrior Form    Photo: 7rkQNYD.jpg

Ataran awoke to the gentle, yet sinister voice coming from the shadows surrounding him.

“Arise, Ataran…” It beckoned.

Ataran slowly rose to his feet. He immediately noticed his body was much lighter now. The mish-mash of armor pieces he once called a chest plate were now fused neatly into one. His lance was replaced by two flaming broadswords.

“I am Makuta. And you are my servant.” The figure said, emerging from the shadow.

Ataran shook his head violently and swung his swords aimlessly, smashing a boulder in the process.

“I call no being ‘master’,” Ataran retorted.

“You are indebted to me,” Makuta snarled, “Would you rather I had left you to die at the hands of the Toa?”



“No…” Ataran reluctantly conceded.

He winced as he recalled the events that transpired. Tahu was in his grasp, his mask, and the power it contained, would have been assimilated into him… But Tahu’s team had intervened…What had Makuta called them…Toa…was it? The fire tribe must have called on these warriors! Makuta saw Ataran’s state of reflection, and saw his chance to act.

“I have renewed your armor for a reason Ataran,” Makuta said, “you can have Tahu’s mask powers, as well as all the Toa’s, as well as the legendary masks. That is…IF you choose to follow me.”

“Makuta made a good point,” Ataran thought.

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My others entrers:



Main Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129158095@N04/15732896920/in/set-72157649142925078


Name: Itzcrartor


Powers: Ice, can’t control external ice just create it.


Weapons: Glaciate claw (part of him), Ice blade. From both can channel his, limited, ice powers.


Mask: Kanohi Dorun, the mask of heat absorption. Drains the heat of the target. Because is mutated he can only used trough his bite as poison.


Story: The cold mountains are lifeless, lifeless because of Itzcrartor. He can brake the tallest of the icebergs with his hand and expand the cold of his territory with just step on new land, but its seams that he fears something, something that is far more powerful, something terrifying, something that may even be the reason why Itzcrartor is alive.  He is the leader of a team of mutants, which some call the anti-toas, because their only duty is destroy.





Main Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129158095@N04/15300550493/in/set-72157649142925078


Name: Ehcuhatler


Powers: Air, mixed with acid, only creates it. The acid is very limited. More limited plant control


Weapons: Claws, Scyther-claw (Part of him), A saw like armor on his back.


Mask: Kanohi Orgark, Mask of acid, Can manipulate the acidity of a substance. Because he is mutated he can only access to the power trough his saliva.


Story: The nightmare of the forest, few have seen him, but all fear him. He doesn’t like to move from his territory, but he will do anything to keep anyone out of it.


Some thinks that he doesn’t like to move of it because he fears something, but what frightens the most is think what could cause a fear in this monster. He is part of a team of mutants, which some call the anti-toas, because their only duty is destroy.





Main Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129158095@N04/15297975774/in/set-72157649142925078


Name: Terrpark


Powers: Stone, can manipulated, but not creates it.


Weapons: His fist. One of them is pure rock which some times have poisonous substance.


Mask: Kanohi Rerlek, mask of balance. It can control the balance of the objective. He can only access to it trough the poison of his rocks and bite.


Story: The mountains shred to his might, one hit can knock the strongest of stones. Terrpark doesn’t stops if he is raged, he can follow someone trough all the extent of his territory, and will always end in the same way: with one more victim of the monster of the desert. He doesn’t know fear, except for the one who create him. He part of a team of mutants, which some call the anti-toas, because their only duty is destroy.





Main Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129158095@N04/15732766418/in/set-72157649142925078


Name: Feltezal


Powers: Water, only control it, and electricity, only creates it.

Weapons: Water blade and Lighting blade, its claws and enormous jaws.


Mask: Kanohi Dragnus, mask of prisoning, generates web that cant be broken around a target, only while the user is focus.. It can only access trough his bite, but it has to bite long enough to create a stronger barrier.


Story: Lies one the deep, waiting to its pray, of all the monsters on this land, Feltezal is the quiets of them all. Attacks in a flash, and disappear in a second, the sea is never safe when Feltezal arrives. Feltezal rarely leaves the ocean, like if something scare its. Its part of a team of mutants, which some call the anti-toas, because their only duty is destroy.




Main Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129158095@N04/15297984464/in/set-72157649142925078 


Name Calhitar


Powers: Earth, only controls it, not creates it.


Weapons: Bladed Maze, claws.


Mask: Kanohi Rarrku, mask of pressure. Makes the target to feel in a cage, and lost movement. He can only access to its power trough his bite.


Story: In the deeps of the caves, where the light doesn’t exist, you will find Calhitar, the Lord of the deeps. His monstrous appearance is a result of a mutation, mutation that may be made by someone. He prefer to stay in the caves, where not many can disturb him, and where the one who he fear, will never find him. He part of a team of mutants, which some call the anti-toas, because their only duty is destroy.



More pictures of everyone in the galery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129158095@N04/sets/72157649142925078/

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Entry 3: Ringatahu Image Link: E3TkPwX.jpg 

Tahu was alone on the cliffs of Bara Magna. He was unknowing of the dangers that lurked behind him. The last Makuta It was a lowly shadow leech slithering across the baron, sandy landscape. He attempted to strike it but his efforts were useless against the shadow leeches' tactic of maneuvering around the blasts and clinging onto his leg. Tahu felt extreme pain and passed out. He awoke as a servant to Makuta.

Entry 4: Demon of the Jungle 

image link: cx84rqO.jpg

Worse than panthers.

(Ringatahu was just for lulz)

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Hello everyone, this is my first post! :smilejala: :)


Legend tells of a lone creature who dwells in the darkest recesses of Okoto.  For many years, whole caverns and canyons have been closed by the village elders for fear of this fearsome entity.  This terrifying being, once a villager of fire, is told to be extremely dark and cunning.  He is said to corrupt and take over the mind of anyone he comes in contact with!  Rumor has it that he has been amassing an army to do his bidding.  In recent years, several bold villagers have ventured into the forbidden canyons.  Of the five that journeyed forth, only one returned.  This villager told tales of a horrible sight!  Thanks to the villager, this villain’s appearance is now known.  He is told to bear a formidable flaming staff and a mystical orb of corruption.  Now that the Toa have arrived on the island, they are the villagers’ only hope of stopping this horrid rogue:  Meladar:  Master of Corruption.


Meladar:  Master of Corruption:  Photos:




Main image:  https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-fmted03L5XI/VHv6KcO_6KI/AAAAAAAADbw/VCSNTXaQgmA/w932-h699-no/DSC07056.JPG


Gallery:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/108915618301376022645/albums/6087734373079418257


I hope you enjoy! :D

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Entry Name: Zalavus


Zalavus was an expierienced warrior in Okoto. Zalavus always wanted a mask of power from Ekimu, but Ekimu refused because he could not trust Zalavus' reckless ways. When Ekimu was put into a slumber, Zalavus stole a mask from Ekimu's workshop, and now uses it to wreak havoc upon the villagers and the toa. 


Features gear function slicing blades and tattered cape!


Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/YBZUD


Image: http://imgur.com/YI3nhae

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Entry name: Voodude
A mysterious shaman that wanders the jungles of Okoto. Only ever seen at a distance or in the corners of brave adventurers' eyes, it is rumored that he guards the great Masks of Power scattered across the land from all who seek them.
Entry picture: color corrected version--please use if allowedoriginal, non-color corrected version if needed

Gallery: link (note: all images here save the one mentioned above are color corrected)
(Edit 1: modifying description; Edit 2: adding this message; Edit 3: adding note to gallery link)

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Entry Name: Rautaki


Entry Picture: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Kongu389/BFTGM/101_1882.jpg


Gallery: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=550055


Retired from combat after sustaining an injury to his left arm, Rautaki is now a brilliant strategist, who lends his talents to any cause he finds worthy. Loyal only to himself and whoever he chooses to ally himself with, his military strategies are efficient, effective, and always successful.

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Entry Name - Makuta: Master of the Forge

Entry Picture - http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Shadrahk/Mocs/MakutaForgeMaster/entrypic.jpg

Gallery - http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=550353



Edit: Whoops, forgot to deep link.

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Entry 1:
Entry name: Friour
Entry image and gallery


Entry 2:
Entry name: Draylain
Entry image and gallery

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The Three Virtues | Eljay: The Becoming | BioCraft: Chronicles

Go give a read to an amazing epic,

Seven Lives... Two Faces, written by Kini Hawkeye!

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Entry Image: http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/Makutanazo/media/P1010021_zps138ff09f.jpg.html


Album: http://imgur.com/a/GugmN


Name: Irogier, Master of Chaos

Gender: Male

Short Bio: Irogier was once a powerful and evil creature that destroyed all he saw. Once, six hero's rose up to stop him, and sealed him away under the island Okoto. Centuries later Makuta dawns the Mask of Ultimate Power, causing the island to shake and crack. At this point, Irogier is awakened, and now conscious. Ekeimu then stops Makuta, creating a shockwave strong enough to free Irogier from his bindings, unleashing him onto the world, but stripped of his power. He now searches for Makuta's evil mask, knowing it will restore his strength and then some.

Edited by MakutaNazo

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Heres my entry


Akutahn, Makuta of Okoto


15735032317_b3e7b7c9a8_z.jpgAkutahn by Archinto, on Flickr


(edited, I somehow forgot to add his name before the link)

Edited by Roa McToa
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                            ^^ Clicky the Linky! ^^

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My entry: Roodaka the Queen of Skullspiders.


I'd like to leave the story to our brave storyteam, but to mention that she is the queen of Skullspiders as a reference to the Visorak hordes.

I've decided to recreate one of the most charismatic female villains of the old Bionicle story. She bears her traditional staff / scepter that we've already seen in "Web of Shadows" but with more spidery look. Her hair is also remininiscent of the one seen in the movie, it is flexible and somewhat poseable.

As for the construction, I'd like to mention that I tried to combine the old Bionicle Pieces, Technic and CCBS, though the shades of silver have been changing from year to year and it was sometimes difficult to put the old and the new ones together due to their color differences.

I also used a lot of flexible parts to preserve the smooth outline of the model without the lack of poseability.

Although It's quite reckless of me to hope for the grand prize posting such a character, I'm looking forward to see more feminine characters in my favorite Lego series.


Entry pic:



[Flickr Gallery]

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<iframe src="https://www.flickr.com/photos/129739761@N07/15895389606/in/photostream/player/" width="75" height="75" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>

Entry name: Mahtava


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