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  1. So when this new line comes, even if it isn't the big B, it will probably be another Ninjago in terms of story. Which is fine lol, Ninjago is good.


    The urge to make a snarky remark about some prior controversy is strong, but I'll refrain and simply agree, considering I do enjoy Ninjago's story quite a bit.


    This was quite an interesting look from an interesting perspective indeed. Granted, two things come to mind.


    1. I can believe one concept made for fun, but multiple is a little difficult to believe. I can't go into much detail due to the rules, but still.

    2. Considering the Lego development process, I doubt that any of the employees would pitch that kind of thing and see how far it goes. =P From what I understand, they figure out some certain things regarding a theme first, design the sets, then stick a story to them.


    Those are the only two things I can think to make mention of. Otherwise, quite an interesting perspective.



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  2. I mean, what else do you want them to say? It happened eleven years ago. It was bad, it was terrible, and it was used as an excuse for like a decade for a lot of decisions, both good and bad. What is there to say that hasn't already been said??


    It's not a matter of them saying something new or whatever. It's that it seemed to me like everyone ignored it on a more public scale. I saw more people at least acknowledging it on BZPower than I did anywhere else.

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