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  1. Happy birthday, thanks for doing the staffthings! ^_^

  2. Lewa was my first Bioincle set! I've love to see you do Kopaka and Pohatu, though honestly I think all six would look great like this.
  3. Correct! The next tricky bit is the Technic watch piece I used to attach them to the alternating joints. I've got instructions on my BrickShelf.
  4. ChocolateFrogs

    Sign Off

    Mosaics of BZP emoticons. That's a really good idea!
  5. #3. I have too many black shirts, and as B6 said, we've never had a purple shirt before.
  6. Are prototypes of sets that look nothing like the final design allowed as inspiration? I'd argue that falls under "these are the designs that didn't make it to the end." But all links to examples showed drawings and 2D art. These first came to mind, along with prototype Kanohi, when I read the topic: -CF
  7. Great entries here (especially 2 and 4), but I'll have to vote for #5.
  8. Every time I see this video it cracks me up!
  9. I love the watch and I love the colors. Plus great use of brick separators and thornax launchers on his back. I'm not thrilled with the Inika feet as armor. They sort of stick out, whereas the rest of the armor (especially the legs) is tight and fitting.
  10. I loved the sets. The theme of space-castle was amazing to me. The characters looked cool and each had a unique personality. The pieces were great. That said, I never watched too much of the animated videos. No time, and I was content building the sets, building some small MOCs, and enjoying it for what it was, simply. I wish it was never canceled though.
  11. Oh man. This is so fresh. The colors really pop, but the different parts usage and combos really blow me away.
  12. I really hope those dinosaur fossils pass through to become a set. Maybe a 5-in-1 design to cut costs but still show off all the different skeletons? For the upcoming set reveal, the Steamboat Mickey sounds like an instant money-grab, but LEGO already has the Disney license and I don't know how this falls into the current Ideas IP rules. The candy machine sounds like the most creative and cost-efficient route, sans candy to cut back from an IP, and maybe the LEGO stores could start selling M&Ms or Skittles at the counter.
  13. It's cool that we've gotten 100 LBR stores in the States! But at an average of 2 stores per state, it's unfortunate that some states don't have any.
  14. The Wolverine one looks great (as do all of them), but the Magneto and Beast masks really stood out to me. Great designs that match the characters.
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