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BZPRPG - Ko-Wahi

Nuju Metru

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11 hours ago, Constructman said:

IC: Vine - Ihu-Koro

"Nothing better to do," Vine said. "Might as well check if they're open for business."

IC: Arabeth - Ihu-Koro

The Toa of Lightning pushed upon the door of the Trout and Bear and looked in. It was a quiet, welcoming, and most importantly, warm establishment.

Arabeth immediately entered and stood close to the fireplace.

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There was no better word to describe the frenzy that had overtaken the gatehouse. The maddened, desperate clashes that were breaking out above and below the frozen walls. The terrible sound of steel grinding against steel that filled the arctic air. The pure white snow, stained with the lifeblood of so many warriors. Ko-koro was in utter uproar, a once beautiful village brought to ruin by the Darkness' insatiable, ferocious lust for violence.

Yet, standing in front of the gate, surrounded on all sides by the encroaching forces of evil, she remained a stalwart figure. Undeterred by neither the pained screams of fallen soldiers, nor the explosive impacts of the bombs above, Naona stood strong. One moment an immovable mountain, daring her enemies to strike, the next a blur of action, dropping fanatics to their knees with barely any fanfare. If she was exhausted, her actions showed none of it. If she was in pain, her mask showed none of it. If she was in fear, she refused to show it.

In the midst of all the madness, she was a wall of stone. A warrior ... a protector, upon which the waves of evil would break. Right here, right now, there was nothing else she could be. Every swing of her trusted staff, every disk fired from her pistol, they could be in service to her will. Her desire to keep the gates of this dying village open. Her desire to open a path to freedom for those escaping the chaos.

Her desire to bring those two reckless fools home.

For the sake of those she so dearly loved, Naona would not fall.

And so, she remained steadfast. An unyielding pillar, guiding the way back for her wayward comrades.

"Krayn! Dehkaz! Dying will be viewed as a contravention of my orders!"

Maybe they weren't close enough to hear. But, that didn't matter. It was a promise. To herself. To her utmost faith in them. To the fanatics who dared called themselves "guards" in her presence. A promise that her friends would be going nowhere but home.

And until then, she would be going nowhere either.

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IC[Leah - Sanctum Guard Barracks Underground]:

The Toa of water got an knowing, amused look on her face watching Reordin react to the news of their glorious leader's actions. 

"If he hasn't already." she answered her brother's question, before turning and dropping to one knee in front of the elder Matoran. "You're free now. Go to the Infernavika. Lead them to safety." she said, placing a hand on their shoulder. The Matoran nodded, before moving to rally the former hostages.

Then, Leah stood up again, sauntering over to the room's exit with her staff on her shoulder. At the door, she spun halfway around and leaned back a little, facing Reordin once more with a sly grin: "Come on, LT. You've got home field advantage. Show Stannis what you can do with this storm."




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IC: Quoribay

The fe-matoran's posture straightened as the skakdi drew closer.

"No! The Maru have found the prisoners, and there is a skirmish above!"




Quoribay cursed his luck - this wasn't a raid on the treasury, but a prison break! This was not part of the plan...

"Come on, we need to reinforce Eisen."

That was the only option, wasn't it? If the prisoners already escaped and the battle was above, then Quoribay's only choice was to follow the skakdi to the battle or blow his cover.

"Well, let's get up there then!" he replied with as much concern and anger in his voice as he could muster. "Follow me up this ladder - we can reinforce Eisen up there!"

Quoribay wasn't waiting around to let the skakdi get more suspicious of him - he climbed the ladder back out the trapdoor and found himself back where he was a minute prior -  in the warehouse's main complex, out in the open. Except this time, there were more toa fighting up here than he remembered - the Maru of air certainly wasn't up here when Quoribay made his mad dash to the trapdoor earlier.

So Quoribay was now stuck in a room with two Maru and several rather nasty looking Makuta followers- one of which was that skakdi that was probably climbing up the ladder behind him. The thief only wanted an escape route now that he had confirmed there was no loot to be found inside the warehouse's lower levels. He wasn't sure which way the fight was going, or which side he wanted to have the upper hand.

If Quoribay ran from this fight, that would instantly either blow his cover - or worse; make him look like a deserter. During his time in the Ko-Koro, Quoribay had seen enough public floggings and executions to know of the Legacy's policy towards spies and deserters. If Quoribay fought with the Legacy (And assuming he would even survive combat with two Maru) that would still not ensure he wouldn't be found out before he could escape. He could hear the screeching of gukko outside and the explosions of bombs throughout the city - this was a full scale assault on the koro now - even if he fought alongside the legacy they would be driven out without their hostages to hide behind. If the maru were the tip of the invasion force and the Legacy was almost ready to retreat, then perhaps joining them for this battle would be most advantageous. Couldn't the green one teleport anywhere he wanted? That might be Quoribay's ticket out of here, but only if there was a way to ensure the Maru wouldn't just teleport out and leave him behind to get slaughtered by the remaining Legacy forces.

For now though, the best option was to wait and see - nobody would question a matoran not jumping into a fight way above his weight class, at least for a little while. Quoribay put his hands on the hilts of his daggers but did not draw them just yet. The fe-matoran watched the fight unfolding in front of him, trying to calculate which party would give him the best chance of survival if he were to join them in the fight...

OOC: Independent variable added... Quoribay could be your ally for the low low price of you being the best shot at getting him out of there alive.

Visit www.BZPRPG.com to view my project of archiving BZPower's RPGs, and also access the BZPower Roleplaying Wiki

BZPRPG Profiles - Ghosts Of Bara Magna Profiles

Exo-Force RPG Profiles - Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse (Knichou, Berys, Arnex, The Taku, Exuze)

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IC (Jin)

As I jogged through Ko-Koro, it quickly became obvious that everything had gone to karz.

Echelon had been playing with matches for awhile now, and it looked like he'd finally burned his fingers. Fights were breaking out in the streets as heroes and villains valiantly strove for the fate of—oh, who am I kidding. Almost got you there, didn't I? Let's try that again: some goody-good numbskulls and ne'er-do-well morons were trying to kill each other before the flock of bird-riders hurling explosives down upon the city could get to them first. Apparently the thought hadn't occurred to anyone that they should beat a hasty retreat and sort out goodies and baddies later, when the sky wasn't raining death. It seemed obvious to me, but, then again, I know words with multiple syllables, which is more than can be said for half the people on this god-forsaken hunk of rock.

I ducked into an alley as the birds made another pass overhead and unloaded their cargo. The street erupted in a fountain of ice and snow, strangely reminiscent of another street I'd seen—

No, don't think about that. Not now. Keep running.

I wished I'd packed another layer: a blizzard had fallen over the mountain out of nowhere, and I couldn't outrun the wind that came peeling through the streets carrying flurries of snow. I knew should just cut my losses and ditch, knew it with every fiber of my being, but I couldn't. I'd already made that choice.

"You could have ran while we slept."

Pae's face gave nothing away. As usual. Silence and blank looks—those were the two things he could do better than anybody. That's why the fact that he kept going and actually strung multiple sentences together was such a shocker. Usually I was the one making small talk while he did his best to pretend I wasn't there.

"We agreed not to share. But I would not be here if I didn't believe Polzin could give me what I want."

"I wouldn't be here either," I replied, trying to pick my words a little more carefully than usual (that's one for the history books, folks). "I try not to spend my weekends in drafty shacks, you know."

Silence. Like I said, Pae was good at that.

"But..." I sighed. "You're good company. Better than I'm used to."

I'd been part of a couple teams over the years. Usually they were a team of one, because I work best alone, without partners slowing me down. Too many cooks spoil the soup, you know? In this case, the soup is targeted violence, grand larceny and general crime, but you get the picture. Jin's a solo act, for the most part. That's why I'd surprised myself when I joined up with Bad Company. I'd accepted my recruitment partly for the excitement of a new challenge, and partly for the allure of my recruiter—don't don't don't—but if I'd known what that yes would lead to, I wouldn't have just declined the job offer: I'd have burned down the whole kitchen.

Pae and Nika? A far cry from Bad Company. They knew too much about me, or at least what I figured should've been too much, but they let me stick around anyhow. I didn't trust them any more than they trusted me, but what good's trust at the end of the day? Trust leads to hurt feeling and spilled blood and words you wish you could say or take back. That's why I don't subscribe to it. I prefer the solid reality of a knife in my hand or coins in my pocket. Still... they were better company. Maybe not good company. Maybe not even decent company. But better than what I'd known, and better than I deserved, so I wasn't gonna leave this city without them.

Sheesh. Maybe I'm the numbskull after all.

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A long drag on her newly lit cigarette, with an appreciative nod at the lighter.

Listless wasn't a word you could usually apply to the Toa, but she moved as little and as slowly as the smoke curling away from between her fingers. Her other hand was still on the bunk, the faintest hints of new, green growth coaxed from the wood beneath it. It would wither and it would die, almost as soon as she pulled away. There was nothing to sustain it. No roots, no water, certainly no sunlight in this place.

For a moment she thought of going with the hostages. Make a passing excuse about keeping them safe, just in case, and go right back to the 'Vika. No one would believe her but no one would give her a very hard time about it, either. One excuse. One excuse, and she could go have a drink. Here her help probably wasn't needed. There were Maru on the case. The hostages were gone, those forces of nature had no need to hold back. And every one of them, in the room at least, would find more of their element to work with here than she would. There was even less reason to stick her neck out than when they'd reached the tunnel. Reordin had his team, they'd be fine.


The wood creaked beneath her fingers. 

Listlessness became movement in the blink of an eye, crossing the room in long purposeful strides. There was a ferocity there that hadn't been a minute ago, reflected in the thudding of boots upon the barracks floor. A flick of the cigarette spilled a little ash and motioned for the ILF, or perhaps again the ILS, to follow her out the door. The mercenary muscled past Leah with probably a little less respect than was due, and certainly without a glance, stepping into the storm outside. Every falling snowflake was a taunt. A challenge to the Toa so far from her habitat, daring her to show the blasted Village of Ice what she could do. Skri took another long drag, and flicked the butt into the snow. The sapling in her hand, wherever she got it, was tucked carefully into an inside pocket. She felt it, she felt the seeds gathered in her other pockets. Gathered in Ta-Koro, carted all the way into the wastes. There was not a fiber of green alive to be found for miles, but she had brought it with her.

The Maru be . She could create life in an instant from the merest seeds, grow a forest in this place if she so felt the need. Half a dozen of the seeds sprouted in an instant, vines snaking out of her pocket and winding tenderly about her arms. They would stay there until she deemed otherwise, impromptu armor if she needed it and six spry, vital ways to bind or strangle the people that had taken this village.

Her right hand grasped the hilt above her shoulder and drew the blood to which it belonged, the monstrous sword swinging an arc around to rest against the ground two bio if it was an inch. To see her hold it it didn't weigh any more than a feather, even with the one hand. The other drew the Rahkshi staff from her back and flipped it experimentally about her wrist. She started walking towards the sound of battle as soon as she was satisfied, the immense blade again swung up to rest across her shoulders.

The long, low growl could almost have been mistaken for the voice of the storm itself.

"Let's find something to kill, boys and girls, before I get angrier."

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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Lantz watched the battle continue between Eisen and the Maru called Stannis.

He was on the outskirts of the chamber, having been drawn into battle by allies of the Maru, but it seemed most of them had withdrawn, fleeing the fight. Perhaps Lantz should have followed after them, he thought to himself. Even now, there were distant echos and booms, and even the room they were in shook.


He looked at the exit. Still there. For now.


Back at the fight.

Soon, either Eisen or Maru would fall.


And Lantz would await the victor.



Soraph did not stir.

She had not been aware when the Kalta had found her, freed her or carried her to safety.

She had not been aware when she had been loaded onto the Gukko and flown outside the Koro.

She was not aware she was now in relative safety, or of the battle raging in Ko-Koro.


She dreamed?


A figure in shadow sat on a throne. My throne, Soraph realized. It was back in the Kentoku Archipelago, and the seat of Vilda power. Currently occupied by my vile aunt Relisai, Soraph thought grimly.

Looking around, the rest of the palace court was empty.  Moonlight filtered in through the windows.

Seraph suddenly became aware of the crystal blade in her hand. Clutching it in both hands, she approached the throne.


Soon, we'll awaken sister. Soon we'll share power you have never imagined.  Soon, our life will begin anew.

Soraph was close now, she could see who sat on the throne.

It was herself. Around the throne-Soraph's neck, draped like a shawl, was a wriggling Parakuka.

Wont you come give your sister Mapris a hug?" throne-Soraph asked, holding out the slug with a wide grin.




ooc: How do i add colours?




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They hit a complication.

Or rather, ran straight into the reason why up until this point their escape was comparatively smooth.

Dehkaz cursed under his breath, the skakdi swear freezing in the frigid Ko-Wahi air in moments. He stopped his half-jog suddenly, his boots cracking the iced-over walkway he had been following to the main gate. A main gate that had erupted in utter chaos. The fighting had drawn those Legacy members nearby to protect their ill-gotten fortress, clearing their path as Dehkaz carried the unconscious Krayn to freedom, but also barring their escape on its final stretch.

The toa of Magnetism cursed again, ducking into an alleyway adjacent to the path; and out of view from the fighting at the entrance to the Koro.

Hefting the unconscious Krayn up off his shoulders and down against the nearby wall Dehkaz paused to consider his next move carefully. Karz if he hadn't come this far for nothing, and the Commander wasn't about to rush headlong into an unknown battle; well, not with the state that Krayn was in. If the De-toa wasn't knocking on death's door so loudly they would've had more than a chance; both men had been up against far worse than a few trigger-happy psychopaths.

Carrying his wounded friend the rest of the way to the gate wasn't the issue, Dehkaz reasoned as he kneeled down to check the former guardsman's pulse, avoiding the attention of those working hard to keep anyone from escaping was.

Krayn's pulse was worryingly weak. He had lost... too much blood. Even though the grim cauterization--Dehkaz wished to never have to use his Kanohi like that again--had staunched the bleeding, there was no telling how long Krayn had been lying there in the snow. While not in immediate danger, his outlook was not improving the longer they stayed within these Mata Nui-forsaken walls.

Getting Krayn to the gate would be difficult. Doing it without risk to the De-toa's tenuous grip on life would be asking for a miracle. It just wasn't possible.

His violet gaze fixed on the battered and beaten form of the man who had been prepared to sacrifice everything so that his friends might have a chance at safety.

No, it was necessary.

Dehkaz cycled the action on his rifle, fully loading the weapon from a magazine he slipped from his belt. It gave a reassuringly solid click in response, a small comfort given the circumstances. Once again shouldering the weight of his comrade Dehkaz set off, a single icy breath steeling his resolve.

Amazingly, his luck held for the first half dozen heavy paces to their destination as he approached, rifle held at the ready. The sound of fighting was cutting through the wail of alpine winds; growing ever louder with each step.

And then, like the fickle nature of the winds, their good fortune ran out. Even so, making it this far was more than Dehkaz could have asked for at this point. It was hard to tell what had set it off, perhaps it was simply a wayward backwards glance by some Legacy lackey, maybe it was the approaching sound of packed snow being crushed underfoot. Regardless, the results were immediately apparent. A heavily armed man carrying another on his shoulders, making for the exit of the Koro with great haste didn't paint too difficult a picture to comprehend, even for those minds who had decided serving a dead dark god was a good life choice.

A shout echoed above, followed by another from a toa near the base of the gigantic defensive structure, the sound of their voices, clearly directed at the two realized threats from behind, cutting through the general din of battle. Attacks became realized moments later.

Dehkaz drove his foot into the ground, hard, as soon as the yell of recognition reached him; dipping his opposite shoulder to push Krayn's weight laterally with the sudden change in momentum. Not a moment too soon, as the sheet of worn icy road that he had been barreling towards exploded in a cloud of sparkling vapor, the ice instantly sublimated from a barrage of plasma thrown from the palm of the Su-toa. Grunting as his dodge to the side reached its end and he found solid footing again, even for his stature the added weight was going to be an issue, Dehkaz focused on the toa clad in rusty armor making to attack once more.

Funny how the mind tended to pick out certain details when working to keep itself alive. Dehkaz could clearly see the snarl on the toa's face as his fist began to glow with superheated energy and watched as the snarl morphed from confusion to shock to pain in the span of milliseconds as a pair of vivid sapphire beams raked across his armor, now rusty and melted.

It was a second reprieve from assault, and Dehkaz wasted none of it. He squeezed the trigger of his weapon twice in a practiced rhythm and felt the thudding recoil up his arm answer in confirmation from the rifle.

The Su-toa regained his wits in time for the first round to impact, the high velocity disk slamming into his upper arm and snapping the limb back at a joint which wasn't present moments before. The second sharpened projectile sliced through his chest armor, carving a crimson groove as it punched through the plate. Dehkaz didn't have time to watch him drop, already on the move. Flat out sprinting was out of the question, but his strides were born of survival now. It was all or nothing.

They were so close.

An arrow shattered itself on the ice to his left. He didn't have time to identify who it had come from, stricking out in the direction of where it had come from with a balled fist. A bolt of magnetic energy mirrored the strike, lancing through the air with a hum.

Two more mercenaries had turned, previously intent on re-securing the entrance to their vile sanctum, one of them shouted to a third.

Krayn wasn't getting any lighter, and out in the open Dehkaz's options were quickly disappearing.

...He still had one more.

He looked behind the massing foes, towards a familiar lithe toa of Stone; a russet blur of movement just beyond Dehkaz's destination.




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To Karzahni with the cold.

To Karzahni with what Ko-Koro had become.

To Karzahni with having to carry along a limping, wounded Toa.

To Karzahni with Skyra Daring, for blowing our cover; to Karzahni with Merror, Cael, and Utu, for having drug me back so near this place.

To Karzahni with Echelon, for his marks and for taking over my home.

Lastly, to Karzahni with Krayn, thinking he gets to stay behind and have a hero's death.

Once we made it to Ihu, I got Cyrix off of my shoulder and over to some place he could lay down. "This is going to hurt," I told him. "Mask can't numb things, and these arrows have to come out." Once I was sure he had something to bite down on so that he didn't remove his own tongue accidentally, I got to work removing each arrow. Thankfully, the arrowheads hadn't detached from the shafts, even with all the movement; nor had any of them become lodged in bone. I grabbed a scalpel from the medical bag I had, flash-freezing it to sterilize the blade. I didn't bother to warm it back up. The cold would help numb whatever I was doing, at least a little bit.

Still, I'd also gotten fairly quick at what I did; opening the wounds up slightly and excising the arrowheads was a fairly quick matter, and the wounds mostly closed themselves. Add in a boost from my mask to rush the healing along extremely quickly and he was nearly as good as new by the time I was done. "Now, be easy on that leg," I cautioned him. "Drink lots of fluids because hydration is important, especially for the blood you lost. Make sure you eat well, too; you'll need the energy to finish healing."

Speaking of energy, I was nearly entirely spent. I turned away from Cyrix, facing towards Kale.

"Kale." My tone was dead, just as tired as I felt.

But there was something else that needed done.

"Give me the odds that Krayn is still alive."

profiles i guess

i'm a south american giant otter now


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The cultist's mask shattered with a thunderclap. One moment, they were calling for the aid of a comrade. The next, they could only speak in choked, wheezing gasps - stumbling, collapsing in a violent explosion of white. Their closest ally was no more fortunate. The shining staff slammed against their chest, armour shattering, bones grinding to dust. And the third of the dark warriors was left sprawled against the pure snow, suddenly clotheslined by a blur of brown.

It took less than a minute.

And the options available to Dehkaz widened once more.

"Get him free," she spoke, materialising in a burst of speed besides her comrades. "I'll cover you."

For their sake, she would clear any path.

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There were no heroes in combat. Great acts of heroism existed in legend, in tales of conquest told by the victors, in the histories of noble warriors... But none existed in a fight for survival.

Maybe, after they made it to the others--if they made it out of this Koro alive--with all said and done there would be heroes. Not now. Combat was grim, chaotic, and merciless. A single mistake meant the end, slip once and everything would be over. Those faster on the draw survived. Anyone a hair too slow... didn't. There were no heroes here, only combatants whose lives, by circumstance, happened to come together at a fixed point.

It was a sobering reminder of the way of things as Dehkaz planted his armored boot on the back of a fallen vortixx who frantically reached for some sort of launcher; the being's leg cracked and twisted at a gruesome angle from a hypersonic blow from the Commander's partner in arms. He fired his rifle once and continued forward. Naona had vastly increased their odds of getting out of this alive, as the previously insurmountable obstacle of the massive Ko-Koro gate was looking far less daunting to overcome.

They were still outnumbered, but the Legacy's mercenaries were divided. Attacks from the air split their attention from the trio of escaping toa who weren't directly trying to attack them. While it did not completely even the odds, it brought into sharp relief a glaring hole in the Legacy's defenses. Uncoordinated, thrown into chaos from attack from multiple angles, the mixed bag of mercenaries, assassins, and killers began fighting like mercenaries, assassins, and killers.

They came at the two former Aggressors, for all intents and purposes, alone and unsupported. Naona and Dehkaz were not. They knew how one another thought, and more importantly, knew how one another fought. Even with Krayn's motionless form hindering their movement the pair made a formidable force, and not one that was so easily stopped. Crippling, bone-crushing strikes from Naona followed moments later by calculated shots from Dehkaz' rifle and Kanohi. Barrages of arrows and lancing strikes of elemental electricity diverted around them as the air hummed with magnetic power, while torrents of solid rock kicked around enemies and cracked icy walls.

The attacks against them began to falter, and the gate only got closer.



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In the end, the efforts of Makuta's forces were not enough.

Against the desperate, unyielding desire of the two Aggressors to save Krayn, those half-hearted attempts at bringing them down had no chance of victory. Mercenary and fanatic alike were forced to give ground, with only the most zealous willing to continue the pursuit. And alone, their love of the Darkness would be squashed, crushed under the power of friendship.

And so, they broke free.

Emerging from the chaotic gatehouse, onto the icy bridge, and into the snowdrifts of the Wahi.

"Give me Krayn," said Naona quietly, once they were far from the violence. "And hold on tightly."

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Kale Ironshaper- Ihu-Koro

IC: Between breaking through the defenses of the koro, deflecting shells designed to break through stone walls, and running up the side of a mountain to reach Ihu-koro, Kale was exhausted. He couldn't act like it though. A leader had to keep their head up, to present a face of confidence and stability. It gave the people following them something to hold on to, the illusion that there was somebody around who had the situation under control. So even if his lungs burned, his legs wanted to collapse and his mind ached, he had to keep standing. To keep moving and seeing to it that his people were taken care of.

Or at least that's the front that he tried to put up. Anyone who knew the young man could see it in his eyes. Leaving behind Krayn like that haunted him like few others things did. It was both a failure on his part and the loss of a good friend. Behind the screen of professionalism lay a raw, open wound.

"Ten...five percent. Probably less. He was already wounded when he sent us on ahead. The chances that he survived long enough for Dehkaz to find are...not good."

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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OOC: c'mon and slam, and welcome to the jam

IC: Pae - Ko-Koro

Within their small two-story, Pae and Nika had witnessed the fight in the streets turn for the worse. Oreius Maru had been felled at the hands of Eisen. But as quickly as the fight was completed, Korero Maru swooped in, whisking away the Toa of fire. That was when the blizzard began.

The unwelcome storm had kept them inside, but now there was something much more threatening to contend with than the weather.

The Gukko Force's second bombing run had began, tearing to shreds nearby buildings, sending shrapnel high into the sky, pounding the outer walls of their shelter. The ground shook underneath Pae's feet, giving him pause. His gaze met Nika's and he spoke, "We should leave, quickly."

Back against the cold stone wall, Nika peered around the frame of a broken window through his rifle scope — watched as the bombers sliced through the storm, wheeling around for a third run of the city.

“Agreed,” he said, stuffing the lens into the pocket of his cloak, slinging his rifle around up and over his shoulder. “Need to find Jin. Then get back to the gate, hope that Echelon doesn’t head there, too.”

Pae's mind briefly flashed back to his dream - Angelus' lips suddenly becoming Echelon's, their bodies tangling together. Pae beginning to choke - but as quickly as it came, it was purged from his thoughts. He winced at letting a simple mention of Echelon's name distract him.

"Ko-Koro falls again."

Without another word, Pae slunk past Nika. He lifted his hood back over his green Kakama as he stepped into the stairwell.


They had not even stepped onto the street before the next wave began.

The bombs fell like hail, and where they touched, ice melted and stone burned — motherfatherwhereareyou — and Nika stumbled back into the stairwell, shoulder scraping across the rough wood of the door. He smelled smoke — helpmehelpmeitburnsmyhanditburns — and oil, and he clenched his flesh-and-blood hand into a fist, fingernails piercing the skin of his palm.

“Pae,” he said, reaching out with his prosthetic, gripping his compatriot by the arm. “Need your mask. Need you to….”

Nika breathed out, hard and jagged.

“...carry me.”

Pae stopped and turned towards his partner. His first instinct was that he had been hit by some shrapnel in the most recent bombing run, so he crouched low as if to inspect Nika. At a glance, Pae could tell the wound was not physical. Without another moment, Pae turned again and lowered himself further so thee vortixx could climb on his back.

With Nika's arms wrapped around him and heavy breathing in his eye, Pae felt the power of the mask push into his chest and limbs, breathing life into what was once before a frozen body. He set them off kicking, whipping down the alleyways and corridors, skidding around corners. The pair slid to a stop before reaching a square in the town, largely untouched by the airstrikes and Pae's wary eyes scanned the streets for any threat. However, all they found was the silhouette of another familiar vortixx on the other side. He spoke loud enough for her to hear over the din of Ko-Koro's razing, but softly enough so hopefully no bystanders could hear.



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They had made it. Against uncertain odds.

The two Aggressors had made it out of the Koro relatively unscathed, though Krayn was worse for wear. While no longer in immediate danger, he needed real medical attention as quickly as possible. The toa of Sonics had lost too much blood, his complexion disturbingly similar to the frozen wasteland around. Dehkaz himself was bruised, peppered with smaller injuries from attacks diverted just enough to avoid serious harm, but he would live.

Naona's voice, nearly shockingly quiet compared to the cacophony of battle that they had just escaped from, drew Dehkaz out of his adrenaline-induced reverie. He nodded in understanding.

"Good idea."

The toa of Magnetism pulled Krayn's limp form off his shoulders, passing him to the Guardswoman's arms. Confident their friend was secure, Dehkaz took hold of her torso with both hands, a small application of his elemental power ensuring he wouldn't be thrown off.

With a smile born of near relief that they had actually pulled it off he spoke up, "Ready when you are."



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Arankhe - Ihu-Koro
Everything for the last several minutes had been an incomprehensible blur for Arankhe, sprinting alongside the others and hoping the strength of her shield on her back was enough to keep her safe.
Evidently, it was. She'd failed to notice much going on, just trying to keep up despite the weight of her armour and shield, and it had finally caught up to her as they reached Ihu-Koro, the Cry-Lesterin toppling forwards into the snow, making no effort to stop herself, with only a grunt as she landed signalling that she had not, in fact, died on the spot.
It was only now she had a clear enough mind to register the talk of Krayn. It hardly eased her spirits.
"We...we did...something though...right?" she breathed.

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1 hour ago, Snowy Aegis said:

Arankhe - Ihu-Koro
Everything for the last several minutes had been an incomprehensible blur for Arankhe, sprinting alongside the others and hoping the strength of her shield on her back was enough to keep her safe.
Evidently, it was. She'd failed to notice much going on, just trying to keep up despite the weight of her armour and shield, and it had finally caught up to her as they reached Ihu-Koro, the Cry-Lesterin toppling forwards into the snow, making no effort to stop herself, with only a grunt as she landed signalling that she had not, in fact, died on the spot.
It was only now she had a clear enough mind to register the talk of Krayn. It hardly eased her spirits.
"We...we did...something though...right?" she breathed.

IC: The Fourth

Arankhe would find herself gently lifted up from the snow by familiar arms and slowly moved to a nearby resting place under an outcropping. The Fourth eased her up against a cool, shaded part of Ihu-koro's wall, not far from where everybody else was recuperating.

"We did," said the Ga-Toa quietly, her voice indicating her own exhaustion. "We got some people out, at the least."

She put on the best smile she could. "Try and take pride in that."

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On 10/1/2019 at 12:04 PM, NorikSigma said:

IC: Arabeth - Ihu-Koro

The Toa of Lightning pushed upon the door of the Trout and Bear and looked in. It was a quiet, welcoming, and most importantly, warm establishment.

Arabeth immediately entered and stood close to the fireplace.

OoC: First time posting in 4 years, I sure hope I remember how to ar-pee

IC: Dartakh

As was usually the case, Dartakh was enjoying an intoxicating drink. It was the only thing that could drown out the incessant emotional storm raging in his head -- or, at least, it was the only thing besides the thrill of shattering someone's protodermic bones. Sadly, there had been no opportunities lately to do so, and to make things worse, he was running low on widgets. No contracts meant no bone crushing and no pay. Soon enough he couldn't be able to afford the one thing that kept him sane.

Maybe then he could resort to crushing bones for its own sake, without using widgets as an excuse?

He shook his head and drank some more. Blurry images of his lost past flashed in his mind before the pleasure of the drink pushed them aside.

The door behind him opened. He growled as the cold wind from outside forcefully entered and chilled his skin. Turning to see who had done this, he glared at two Toa as they entered.

Of course it had to be Toa.

One looked like a rahi-monkey who had escaped from his enclosure and scavenged armour from a junkyard, while the other looked so frail and thin Dartakh was almost fully certain that a single blow from his protosteel mace would kill her. For a brief moment she fantasized of doing just that to punish her for ruining the warmth of the tavern.

He turned back and drank some more. The fantasy was flushed out by the drink.

Edited by Daniel the Finlander

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