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Lewa Nuva (TRON Style)

Hidron Nuva

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So... hello anyone ^_^


It's been two years since I started this project posting 'Kopaka TRON', I said I was working on Takanuva but it was never satisfied with it and eventually I scapped it. I was thinking of drawing a new version of it...

Basically the idea was to represent how the Toa Nuva would look like if they entered the world of TRON (I made up a little story in which they have to enter Mata Nui's operative system to 'reboot' him).

And here's the thumbnaaaaaail


lewa_tron.jpg <--- Click me

It's Lewa, flying over the city, maybe fleeing from some enemy :D
I liked the idea of him being able to leave behind light ribbons* from his swords while flying.

*those walls of light left behind by vehicles in TRON, reference.


I hope I'll be able to make more of this, I really like this project. Who knows, maybe I'll manage to make more before 2015...

The background is a thumbnail from the movie, I just made it more green. Lewa was made in pencil and coloured in Photoshop.

*a 1900p wide version is available


So, what do you think? I hope you like it, feel free to leave a comment :)

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Ooh, very cool concept! With the streamlined look, it seems like you've leaned a little bit more on the 'organic' side of things while still keeping Lewa appropriately robotic (or electronic, in this case.) I particularly like the asymetry you've worked into his design.

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I have to admit that seems pretty awesome.. i mean i like the way you did his air sabers but the way the mask flows is also an elegant touch


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I think Lewa is an improvement in flow and detail over Kopaka, but he looks really feminine given the tiny waist compared to his shoulders and hips. He has an hourglass figure, practically.

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Good grief, that looks awesome! I couldn't even tell the linework was in pencil until you mentioned it, so great job there. Lighting is always a tricky thing to master, too, but you did very well here. I can't wait to see more Tron-style characters from you! :)

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The character works so well with the background, at first glance it's hardly possible to tell that they're that different (movie still/drawn character), so you really did an awesome job at blending them together.


As for Lewa himself, I've always admired your art style, and I still do - he looks absolutely awesome. Love the design, the dynamic pose, everything flows so beautifully...


The monochromatic style creates an atmosphere that is dark, but also gives the whole thing a certain aspect of determination, so I can't bring myself to think that he's fleeing, I think he's rather charging towards the enemy. :)



I think Lewa is an improvement in flow and detail over Kopaka, but he looks really feminine given the tiny waist compared to his shoulders and hips. He has an hourglass figure, practically.


I have to disagree, a classic hourglass figure would include a significantly wider hip structure (I would refer to it as hip bone, but I doubt Toa have them, so yeah xD)

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I really love the feeling of movement you've managed to create here. He looks like he's going to come leaping out of the the screen and kick me in the face. XP

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I really like it: it's a great idea and done quite well. I think you need to even out the glowing on the thighs, right now only one thigh glows and the other doesn't...


That being said, I really love what you've done here, and it would be great to see more.




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For starters... I'm pretty sure I want swords like that.


Really. I could swing them around and make 'zeersh fweoorsh vwoom' noises and pretend to be a Jedi.


...Or say nothing at all, and pretend to be a ninja.


But enough about my dreamworld shenanigans! This art is fantastic. I can't comment on the background due to it being, as you said, a thumbnail, but it really looks like this Lewa fits in there. The coloring is fantastic and the shading is qute amazing - I like how you incorporated the Nuva pauldrons into shoulders that vaguely remind me of Samus Aran, and the nice details of the lower torso adds a very nice touch to the characterization. I did think for a moment that the hips were wide in a way that vaguely reminded me of 'baggy pants' (which is an interesting style in character choices given how many 'tight jeans-ed' protagonists there are), but then I realized it's more of a perspective of his movement and position, and it works quite well. The asymmetrical design of the lights on his body are also quite intriguing.


Overall, I think this is a great piece of artwork. Good job!

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This art piece is pretty well made and very appealing, and even capturing the feel of the motion. I really enjoy the color palette you chose for this art piece and the style seems so unique! It would be nice to see more works from you again! :D Nice job!




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