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I have a very general idea for a game, which I will probably not start anytime in the near future. The basic premise is that after the Great Cataclysm, several landmasses of varying sizes, not just Mata Nui and Voya Nui, formed over the body of the Great Spirit Robot. These landmasses loosely correspond to locations in the Matoran Universe and almost all of them are inhabited, having been settled by various races fleeing the fallout of the Cataclysm. There would be islands and continents settled by Vortixx, Steltians, Skakdi and so on. There would also be a few natural landmasses, though these are mostly uninhabited and never serve as starting locations. Specific parts of the Matoran Universe, such as Metru Nui and Karda Nui, would also be accessible, though these would be difficult to access and very hazardous to spend any time in.

Technology level would be somewhat higher than on canon Mata Nui, though much lower than in the Matoran universe. Most species would be roughly at the level of  the mid-nineteenth century British Empire, with access to telegraphs, steam powered locomotives and relatively simple firearms. However, some groups would be less advanced, such as isolated matoran or skakdi tribes, while others, like the vortixx, would have access to more advanced technology. Players would also be able to recover archeotech, or rare technological items left over from the pre-Cataclysm Matoran Universe during their journey.

The players would choose between one of two or three different factions, each with their own goals, and each with their own selection of playable races. They would be assigned different goals based on the factions they chose, and be able to choose different powers and skills based on their character's species. Powers would be treated as skills rather than innate abilities, though the powers a character could learn would be partly determined by their species and elemental affiliation. For example, a toa of fire could know how to throw fireballs and a skakdi of water could know how to use impact vision, but not the other way around.

Kanohi would be treated similarly. There would be multiple power levels for kanohi, explained in-universe as being determined by the power level of the kanoka they were forged from. Disks from levels 1-5 kanoka are completely powerless. These are what matoran player characters start off with unless specified otherwise in their profiles. Kanohi from level 6 kanoka grant a very limited version of their powers. A level 6 Hau, for example, would provide only a weak energy field. Level 7 and 8 disks make noble and great version of the masks, respectively, just like in cannon. Masks from level 9 disks would grant Nuva-level powers, though these versions are incredibly rare and their powers are by far the most difficult to master. Kanohi always assume the power level of the lowest-powered disk used its its making, so mixing power levels is frowned upon. All characters, including matoran, would be able to access level 6 mask powers as long as access to and skill with said mask is described in their profile. Like all skills and powers, this should make sense for their career and background. Toa and Turaga PC's would start with access to great and noble masks respectively. It is assumed that they already know how to use their mask powers. Level 9 masks could be acquired as a reward for completing quests, though PC's never start out with them. Characters with the right skills would be able to forge their own kanohi, using any combination of kanoka they would logically have access to.

Gameplay would focus mostly on exploration and discovery, with some combat, usually with NPC's. There are lots of unexplored areas in this world, and all factions would have a stake in exploring them. Though the Great Spirit is in hibernation, his condition seems stable, so their is no pressure to awaken him immediately, leaving the PC's plenty of time to explore and complete quests. Typical rewards include archeotech items, rare kanohi and miscellaneous artifacts such as nui, mahoki and toa stones.

Just an idea I had. Like I said, I will probably not do anything with this just yet. I have a lot of real-life commitments right at the moment, and there are already a few games in progress. Feel free to critique me, and give me any suggestions for improvement.


Biological Chronicler

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1.) I like your use of many islands from canon. Most RPGs stick to a smaller world: one or two islands tops. 

2.) The idea of archeotech is neat! Would like to see this fleshed out in your system. 

3.) How would you manage the codifying and policing of regimented power levels for kanohi in a play by post format?

4.) How do you plan to handle majority NPC combat? Would players fight their own NPCs, or would you expect to have time for responding to all attacks expediently?

Happy chat.


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1) I use multiple islands because I am trying to make the world as large as possible for the players to explore. There is only so much you can find on any one island, even one the size of Mata Nui. If they have the option of leaving there home island, that will open up many more possibilities for further adventures. Besides, I have a few ideas for alternate versions of canon islands I want to use at some point.

For example, the villages on Mata Nui would more closely resemble modern day nations in size and social organization, with set boundaries and centralized governments. Each one would have its own style of government, its own  unique customs and cultural values and its own dialect of the  Matoran language. All six nations would be part of a permanent island-wide alliance acting for the common defense of all Mata Nui Matoran, sort of like NATO. However, this alliance is very loose, and their are occasional disputes and conflicts of interest between the different nations.

Voya Nui would mostly be the same as in cannon, though it would be much larger, retaining more of the original Southern continent. Their would be lots of relatively small settlements the size of the cannon cliff village, though these settlements are generally not segregated by tribe like in Mata Nui. It would still host the mask of life, though this is not as important as in cannon as there is no immediate pressure to revive the Great Spirit. It is treated as little more than a hopeful myth by everyone, even the turaga of Mata Nui. As such, Voya Nui is mostly important as the gateway to Mahri Nui

Mahri Nui is a city from the Matoran Universe which sunk during the great cataclysm. The native matoran were exposed to mutagen in the waters, causing them to evolve into fish-like beings adapted to undersea life, complete with finned tales, prehensile flippers as gill-like organs for breathing underwater. They are some of the only intelligent aquatic life in the setting. Members of Ehlek's species are present, though they mostly confine themselves to shallow waters near large landmasses. All the same tribes as on Mata and Voya Nui are present. Mahri Nui is very difficult to access for surface dwellers. It can only be navigated explored in Vortixx submarines, by members of Ehlek's species, or by former surface dwellers who have been drastically mutated or surgically altered. It is mostly important as one of two gateways to Karda Nui, the other being the Great Vortex.

Karda Nui is more or less the same as in cannon. It's a large, hollow sphere partly flooded by water from the surrounding ocean. Plenty of strange rahi can be encountered here, though the only intelligent beings living here are Matoran of Light. They do not occur anywhere else, except disguised as members of other matoran tribes a la Takua. Serves as a good source of archeotech, especially flying vehicles and rare, energy powered weapons.It can only be accessed through Mahri Nui or through the Great Vortex, a massive, permanent storm surrounding the open roof of the dome.

Metru Nui is a massive, abandoned city, only accessible through the labyrinthine Mangaia tunnels under Mata Nui. It is a very dangerous place to be, inhabited by visorak, mutant rahi, self-replicating automatons like vahki and krahli, and feral, roving bands of matoran scavengers. Lots of strange things can be found here, especially data crystals and rare kanohi.

Vorti is a archipelago to the southeast of Mata Nui inhabited almost entirely by Vortixx and Nynrah ghosts. Out of anyone on the surface, they have been able to maintain the most of their per-cataclysm technology. They are roughly a century ahead of the rest of the world in technology, and have access to all kinds of nifty gadgets like portable radios, electronic lights, fully automatic weapons, and exotic vehicles like airplanes, tanks and submarines. Most Vortixx technology runs on petrodermis, a dark, viscous material which can be synthesized by subjecting organic protodermic materials to intense heat and pressure.

Vortixx technology is highly valued in the rest of the world, and they often lend their technology to willing clients. However, they are very protective of their mechanical secrets, and often send assassins to track down and kill those who attempt to reverse engineer they technology. They are largely uninterested in the wider world, relying on their technological advantage for security.

Steltians are a feudalistic society, largely confined to a single large large continent. Like in cannon, they have an elaborate, racially based caste system, which includes all cannon Steltian species as well as matoran and members of Carapar's tribe, a race of amphibians who live almost exclusively along coastal areas. There are multiple nations of steltians on this continent, each with their own goals and allegiances, just like on Mata Nui. Unlike on Mata Nui, there are no strong, long term alliances, though there are several factions and interest groups made up of multiple nations.

The inner reaches of the Steltian's continent is mostly unexplored territory, filled with strange rahi, wild bruisers and strange tribes of matoran and skakdi. This area is of great interest to traders, prospectors and missionaries, though the natural suspicion and defensiveness of the feudal Steltians makes exploration difficult.

There are also chains of small islands to the south the Seltian continent. They are sparcely inhabited, and hold little of interst to traders. There are also rumors of a vast, frozen continent to the south, though nobody has traveled far enough to confirm these rumors as of yet.

Skakdi are a hardy, adaptable species, living in small communities across the Steltian interior and the southern island chains. I had a vague idea for large, mobile skakdi colonies, which are essentially massive pirate ships which serve as a base of operations for raids against other ships. These ships typically travel in fleets, with a single admiral or figurehead as the head of each fleet. I was thinking of incorporating the piraka as a group of six admirals seeking a common goal.


2) The basic idea of archeotech was inspired by a science fiction novel called A Canticle for Lebovitz. The novel takes in Arizona thousands of years after a nuclear war, referred to as a "Flame Deluge" by the main characters, has effectively destroyed modern society and caused a regression to roughly medieval level technology.The story follows a group of Catholic monks tasked with preserving the writings of various saints and historically important figures from the prewar era. Mundane objects from this era, such as concrete barriers, transistors and even post-it notes are treated as sacred artifacts by the monks, or become objects of worship by pagan tribes. 

I would probably treat archeotech items in the game as rare, often unique weapons and tools, which can only be acquired under very specific circumstances. Most of the exotic Xian and Artahkan weaponry from cannon would probably fall under this category, though realtively simple things like zamor spheres, midak blasters, mechanical exoskeletons and artificial brains in general would fit here too. Basically, anything from the Matoran Universe that's too advanced to produced at the setting's current tech level would be considered archeotech.

3) Kanohi power levels would be treated the same way as power levels form non-kanohi abilities.  Just like a toa of fire could do more with his power than a turaga of fire, a great Hau user would be able to do a lot more than a noble Hau user. For example, a noble Hau would be able to protect against a hit from a musket or a thrust from a bayonet, but not from larger projectiles or from shockwaves caused by explosions. A great Hau would be able to protect against everything the noble Hau can and more, up to and including shockwaves and large projectiles.

4) All NPC's, in and out of combat, would be under my control. I would be writing responses for each one to show how they interact with any given interaction. I plan to simplify this somewhat by making most non-story critical hostile NPC's be rahi, automatons, organic animals or other creatures with predictable responses. The players would act knowing the general outcome of their action, with any inaccuracies or missteps being corrected by me.

In certain non-combat situations, such as interacting with a trader at a marketplace, I would supply multiple options for interaction, each leading to a new set of options like dialogue trees in a video game. A typical interaction might go something like this:

IC - Biological Chronicler

Jaller approaches the vortixx merchant to inquire about buying a replacement kanohi for Kongu. She disappears into the back of her stall and returns a moment later with three kanohi; a green level 3 kaukau, a brown level 5 pakari and an orange level 6 miru with a deep scar running down its side

1) Purchase the kaukau for 4 widgets

2) Purchase the pakari for 7 widgets

3) Purchase the damaged miru for 8 widgets

4) Ask if she has any others

5) Negotiate the price

6) Leave the stall

IC: Jaller

4) "Do you have any level 6 kanohi without damage?"

IC: Vortixx merchant

The vortixx looks him in the eye. "This is the best I have. Take it or leave it."

1) Purchase the kaukau for 4 widgets

2) Purchase the pakari for 7 widgets

3) Purchase the damaged miru for 8 widgets

4) Negotiate the price

5) Leave the stall

IC: Jaller

5) "I'll take the miru for 5 widgets. 8 is too much for one so badly damaged."

IC: Vortixx Merchant

"I can't part with it for anything less than 7."

1) Ask for the kaukau instead

2) Ask for the pakari instead

3) Ask for the miru for 6 widgets

4) Purchase the miru for 7 widgets

5) Leave the stall

IC: Jaller

4) "Very well. Seven it is."

IC: Biological Chronicler

The vortixx sells Jaller the damaged miru for 7 widgets. What does he do next?

At this point, Jaller's player would be free to stay in the marketplace, return to his vessel, try to have the miru repaired or anything else they might be able to come up with, within reason. As you can tell, I am still working out how this will actually work in my head. Characters would probably have some form of in-game currency, which they can spend on items in the marketplace. Most items from quests could probably also be sold on the market.

I suppose the biggest problem is that I originally conceived of this game as a tabletop RPG setting, not a forum game. It might be somewhat hard to adjust. I know this is a lot of information, but so far it is just an idea, and I am not sure how much I will actually use if and when I actually announce it as a game.

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This really does work a lot better as a tabletop game than a text based forum game. As it is, I'm starting to wonder if I should be worried about being eaten by a Grue. The world itself is pretty cool and very large, large enough that you should really get a co-gm to help you run the game. Player spread is a real issue if you can't actively give them all stuff to do.

Something in particular that's been confusing me though. Toa's masks jump all the way up to Great Mask levels when they get transformed and their powers are only limited by practice and imagination, plus whether or not they have a mask on at the time. That's not really what's being described here.

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"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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@Silvan Haven

 I always thought of kanohi as mundane tools, with a well-defined purpose and a limited range of uses. This would certainly be easier to use in a game. I also had the idea for a consumable item called an improvement kit. Basically it would be used once to upgrade the owner's kanhoi a set number of levels. When matoran characters transform into toa, I could say that the transformation affects their mask the same way as x number of improvement kits. Same goes with toa's powers. Sure, the only limit is the toa's imagination, but I always assumed any use of elemental power would be very physically and mentally strenuous, with more elaborate powers being more draining. Also, if the toa were making use of their power a specific way, but not in any other way on a regular basis, I think it would make sense to assume they would be adept at using their power that way but not any other way. I try to represent this by having powers as learned skills.

After giving it some thought, I think I might have all characters start in the same location, as members of the same party. This would certainly be easier to keep track of, though it would be hard to explain why they're working together.

I will certainly try to get someone else on the forum to co-gm with me, if I ever find a time to go through with it. It would be very hard to keep track of on my own.

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@Unreliable Narrator

The length is still up in the air. I would probably limit the game to 3-4 months in real time so I can write up a satisfactory conclusion to the campaign and not just have it be slowly abandoned over time. If the players were interested in continuing their character's stories, I could write a sequel to the initial campaign.

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So the masks are more of an internal mechanical thing than a storytelling thing. That would probably work better if characters were limited to Matoran or Turaga, at which point it would make a certain amount of sense to have such limited masks. Also someone figuring out how to allow a Matoran use a mask is a lot less canon-breaking than changing the basics of how Toa transformations work.

Toa being particularly good at moves they practice would certainly help with precision and maybe energy conservation, but imaginative and varied use of elemental powers has been a staple of Bionicle since its beginning. Limiting it to specific moves also runs into the issue of people who have lived for tens of thousands of years. Sure Toa live more dangerous lives than normal Matoran but it's not unusual for them to also be really old.

Best thing I can actually think of in order to make the world fit the mechanics is if someone discovered how to make some sort of fake Toa. Artificially turning Matoran into something partway between a Turaga and a Toa.

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"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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@Silvan Haven

On the issue of lifespans, I was thinking of having the matoran, and by extension most other species, being much more like human beings in this respect. Matoran would live about 75 earth years, and individuals would have to be regularly replaced by younger generations. I wanted to reintroduce the concept of matoran clans or subtribes from MNOG (remember how Jaller was from 'the clan of Lhii'?) and I think this would work better for beings with limited lifespans. The Red Star would not exist at all except as an astronomical feature, though most cultures would have some concept of an afterlife.

Some other species, like vortixx and upper Steltians, would live maybe ten to twenty years longer, due to advanced medical technology or innate physical advantages. Others, like the skakdi, would only live about forty years, though some remarkable individuals might last longer. Most kinds of lower Steltians would live to about fifty or sixty. The only exceptions would be toa and turaga, who are biologically immortal but can still die from violence, disease and so on. It is also important to note that very few matoran are ever so much as considered to become toa, and most toa die in combat before they have the chance to become turaga.

The limited mask powers mostly apply to matoran and non-matoran species canonically capable of interfacing with masks, like vortixx. Toa and Turaga PC's, if they were included at all, would start off with access to at least one great or noble mask, respectively. For matoran, very basic powered masks would be accessible at character creation, though the players would have to explain how they got them and where they learned to use them. Otherwise, their masks are assumed to be completely powerless and only serve as protection and as sources of energy, like in cannon. Spending too much time without their mask, even if it is otherwise powerless, would be just as bad for them as it is for canon matoran.

Same applies with other species. Most of them don't need kanohi in the same way matoran do, though they can also include very basic versions of these masks as equipment. All species would be able to receive more powerful kanohi later on as rewards for quests or through special circumstances, though they would need to train to use them.

I see your point about canon breaking, though I am breaking canon a lot anyway already. The way I had envisioned it, the game would be very matoran-centric, with matoran being by far the most widespread throughout the setting and acting as the baseline for all other player races. These races would have different advantages and disadvantages compared to matoran. For example, skakdi would be much physically stronger and have access to special powers, but be generally unintelligent and weak willed. Vortixx would be the opposite. They don't have a lot of brute strength, but they are very graceful and agile, and are more likely to posses exotic weapons. I would try to represent these differences as best as possible in actual gameplay.

I would probably completely exclude turaga from the game as playable characters, or have turage be a career choice rather than as species. Toa players would be restricted to novices, freshly transformed. This would give them a sense of vulnerability, and allows room for experimentation and creative thinking on their player's part. Again, their choice of career would be severely restricted. Toa fight for matoran and occasionally go on quests, but don't do a lot else.

Thanks for your feedback!


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Apologies for double posting. This is a continuation of my last post.  I've come up with an idea for a forum game taking place in my previously described setting. It would take place in Metru Nui after the Great Cataclysm, and has the players assuming the role of treasure hunters from the surface world. I was thinking of calling it "City of the Savage" or something along those lines. What I have here is very much a WIP. Please feel free to offer feedback.


After the Great Cataclysm, the peoples of the Matoran Universe fled to the surface world newly formed over the body of the Great Spirit. Some races perished entirely. Many struggled, but endured. Some even learned to thrive in the strange new world they had found. And yet, they had lost so much. Their histories survived only in scattered fragments. Marvelous works of engineering were demolished, never to be recreated again. The people themselves grew ignorant and short-sited in their isolation, eternally separated from the the  wisdom of their ancestors. The first few generations of survivors yearned for the old times, but as the centuries progressed, they gradually began to accept their new life. They had no hope of ever returning. Until now.

On the island of Mata Nui, Onu-Matoran miners have discovered something incredible. An elaborate system of underground tunnels, leading to a vast underground city; Metru Nui, the ancient center of Matoran civilization. At first, all of Mata Nui was ecstatic at the news of their discovery. Once thought to have been lost forever under the massive floods which rendered most of the old world inaccessible, the city of legends had resurfaced, bringing with it the promise of a new golden age.

However, when the first survey mission returned, the worst fears of skeptics had been confirmed. The once great city had fallen into ruins, infested with strange spiderlike creatures and all manner of grotesque mutant rahi. Worse, it was quickly discovered that the underground tunnels were not the only way in or out. There were also at least two massive, underwater gates, each big enough to admit an armada. News of this development spread quickly. Soon, not only Matoran, but barbaric skakdi warlords and ruthless vortixx viceroys probed the mysteries of the fallen city.

General Information

The game takes place after the Great Cataclysm. It is set in an alternate reality where several islands and continents of various sizes have formed over the body of the Great Spirit, serving as homelands for non-matoran MU races.

Players characters assume the role of treasure hunters exploring the ruins of Metru Nui, seeking valuable artifacts, especially ancient technology.

All players may choose between one of four factions. Each faction has its own pool of playable races.

-Mata Nui

Overview: Matoran from Mata Nui, Voya Nui or Karda Nui. Mostly interested in recovering ancient records, rare kanohi and objects of historical and cultural significance. Seek to monopolizing their access to Metru Nui by closing the sea gates. Divided into various subraces.

Mata Nui Matoran: Matoran native to Mata Nui, from one of the six koros (city-states). May choose one primary element(fire, water, earth, air, stone or ice) which also determines your koro of origin. Gain access to throwing disks and unpowered melee weapons. All these matoran start off with one powerless kanohi, which they can exchange for Great and Noble kanohi they find later. Excessive use of these kanohi, including those with passive effects, will leave the matoran feeling tired and irritable over time. If they ever find themselves without a mask, they suffer from intense disorientation and feelings of weakness until said mask is replaced. If they lose consciousness during this state for any reason, they slip into a coma. They can only be revived from this coma by replacing their mask.

Voya Nui Matoran: Matoran native to Voya Nui. Can choose from any element besides light or shadow. Generally somewhat physically weaker than Mata Nui Matoran, but possess special tools to make up for this weakness. Examples from cannon would include any weapons used by the Voya Nui Resistance Team, and similar devices such as zamor launcher or Mahri Nui electroblades. Possess symbiotic, organic kanohi which grant very limited versions of their mask powers. Unlike with other matoran, these powers take very little physical or mental effort to use and have no ill effects after prolonged usage. Their masks and tools are part of their bodies, so they can never be disarmed or unmasked. Organic masks can never be exchanged for other masks.

Mahri Nui Matoran: Matoran adapted to the deep ocean, distantly related to Voya Nui Matoran. Possess prehensile fin-like appendages, fish like tales in the places of legs and gill-like organs for breathing underwater. They are excellent swimmers but are very clumsy on land and require special equipment to breath. Possess natural sonar abilities when under water and can see into the infared spectrum. Possess kanohi identical to Voya Nui Matoran, but not any of their special tools. Can choose from any element besides light or shadow.

Karda Nui Matoran: Matoran of Light(Avmatoran) or Shadow(Kramatoran) native to Karda Nui Possess very basic elemental powers and a single channeling weapon. Can choose between light and shadow elemental powers. Resemble Mata Nui Matoran, though they are physically large and stronger. Any use of their elemental powers severely weakens them, with similar effects to a kanohi. These affects, either from kanohi use or elemental power use, cannot be reversed except by exposure to sunlight in the case of Av-Matoran, or when surrounded by complete darkness in the case of Kra-Matoran. Use kanohi identically to Mata Nui Matoran.

Toa: Much physically stronger and tougher than matoran, and wield full control over their elemental powers. All toa start with a Great Kanohi and a tool for channeling their power. Can use great or noble masks with no ill effects. Playable toa will be assumed to have been transformed from one of the above races of matoran, and as such share the traits of that race. Voya Nui Toa possess full access to their great kanohi powers. If a Mata or Karda Nui toa is unmasked, they suffer mild disorientation and feelings of weakness. Elemental power usage is this state is strictly limited.

Turaga: The spiritual leaders of the matoran, physically identical to matoran of their subrace and element. Possess limited powers of their element. Can use noble masks with no ill affects, though great masks are even more taxing for them to use than matoran. Any turaga using a great mask will quickly slip into a coma. Almost always carry a badge of office to denote their authority. Most Turaga are assumed to be former toa, though especially wise matoran may claim the title as well. Suffer similar effects to a matoran when their masks are removed, though they never become comatose due to masklessness. Turaga cannot use any elemental powers when unmasked.



Brute(Brutaka's Species, name pending):

Ehlek's Species(name pending):

Scout: Matoran sized beings with elongated, ratlike faces and hunchbacks. Serve as scouts and domestic servants for the skakdi.

Fenrakk: Large, spiderlike creatures native to Zakaz. Cannot use tools of any kind but are very physically strong.

Scorpions(Shadowed One's Species, name pending):


Upper Steltian:

Lower Steltian:


Carapar's Species(Name pending):


Vortixx: Taller than matoran, but very thin. Lack the powers and brute strength of toa and skakdi, but are very graceful and dexterous. Can access various advanced technologies.

Nynrah Ghost: Identical to Mata Nui Matoran, expect they are always of the iron element. Can access most vortixx gear with some restrictions.

Visorakians(Tobduk's species, name pending): Physically resemble Mata Nui toa, and treat kanohi identically. No elemental powers, though they can influence the emotions of other beings.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi everyone! Since SKE is wrapping up by the end of this month and we're reaching the climax of the game I thought it's time to start the official planning and communication for SKE2. As has already been hinted at I have two different games I want to propose to the community depending entirely on how the current game ends. That said, there are common threads between both games I want to run, and I also want to get your input and thoughts. SKE has been, and will always be, a collaborative game where what the collective community wants is more important than my personal ideas. When you have a minute, please complete the linked Google Form here to give me a better idea about what the next game should include.


Love you all,


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Happy chat.


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Six Kingdoms: Rebirth/Impact

Thanks so much to those who filled out the Google Form regarding what you want to see next game and what you liked about SKE so far. Here are the things that have stuck out to me from those answers:

  • Players wanted more time overall to explore their characters, the plots they create, and the world they inhabit.
  • Players liked the level of violence in SKE, and the majority of players enjoyed darker themes with darker tones.
  • Great Disk puzzles were a huge success! Players gave them a medium difficulty rating, which was the intended difficulty, and that the majority of players felt there was enough time to complete the puzzles.
  • Players loved PVE overall, though less players reported enjoying PVP. This is interesting as it shows how players feel about collaborative storytelling during combat. Combat is where players can become hostile quickly and has been the main area of GM resolution during SKE.
  • Players are interested in seeing player owned locations but don’t want to be forced to participate.
  • Players are interested in kanoka crafting and mask making
  • Players are interested in a suva mechanic, but are also worried about its functions
  • Players want the power levels to stay the same, and want the next game to be Mad Max levels of chaos.
  • The majority of players are planning on carrying a character over into the next game, and most also want to make a skakdi.
  • Players liked the idea of mechs.

With all these in mind, here is my spoiler free rough introduction for Impact/Rebirth. Please, please, please know that further feedback is appreciated! I want to know what you want. For example, Kaiju and mechs are options.



After the final acts of SKE, players must forge and take artifacts to their resting place to fulfill the prophecy of the Red Star in an apocalyptic dark age. These resting places will be inside sacred temples filled with traps and puzzles to allow only the most determined and destined to reach the inner sanctums. While this quest occurs across an island called Zakaz, the surviving Barraki warlords and skakdi warrior tribes fight for resources, fortresses, and landmarks with their war machines and heartlight powered vehicles. Unknown to all, an ancient evil has awoken to claim the throne of the Dead God.



After the final acts of SKE, players grapple with the awakening of the Dead God as their universe is forever changed. Players must travel to an island called Zakaz to find a way to save the universe locked deep inside sacred temples filled with traps and puzzles to allow only the most determined and destined to reach the inner sanctums. While this quest occurs, the surviving Barraki warlords and skakdi warrior tribes fight for resources, fortresses, and landmarks with their war machines and heartlight powered vehicles. Unknown to all, an ancient evil has awoken to rival the Dead God.

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Happy chat.


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Well, this sounds like it's shaping up to be a spectacular sequel, whichever path we take. 

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Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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On 3/6/2019 at 1:42 PM, Azibo said:

I've been thinking it'd be fun to run a Makuta-player campaign using the Red Star Games d20 system.  The premise would be six players are makuta trying to take over metru nui.  The setting is an alternate universe where Icarax beat Teridax but wasn't able to maintain control of the Brotherhood, resulting in it becoming decentralized.  The players would be six Makuta in this organization who for whatever reason want to conquer Metru Nui and then control the universe themselves. They'd have all powers a Makuta has, but for balance Metru Nui is comparable to the Toa Empire Universe in that it's fairly well defended.  Also, the team would start on Destral I'd assume. Would this be playable on this site?  Should I just get six players together on here then move to roll20? Any interest at all?



I could also just use the Red Star Games rulebooks as more of a guide, then we could just have a traditional topic going on this forum.  That might work best, honestly. Just let me know if there's interest in this type of campaign and if I could get six people to play.

Sorry for the late reply, just read your post a minute ago. I definately like the idea of running a TTRPG campaign with BZP users, but I am not sure Roll20 is our best option. As far as I can tell, they do not allow games to be played with fanmade campaigns. Also, I am not sure how I feel about asking other players to reveal themselves using sound and video.

As far as the system itself goes, I think there are a lot of things RSG does well in regards to stating certain enemies, establishing a wealth and inventory system and so on. However, I was under the impression that only toa were playable in the current version. I suppose you could write up your own rules based on NPC makuta stats, but, as you said yourself, balance would be a huge issue. If you were going to have all or mostly non-toa PC's I would suggest using the rahkshii instead. They are at a similar power level to toa, and encourage more specialization on the part of the players. They would still be pretty high-powered compared to most of the city, but I think your idea of a heavily-defended Metru Nui is a good one. You could have vahki, well-trained rahi and well-armed matoran as low-level enemies, and powerful veteran toa, Dark Hunters or other rahkshii as stronger enemies.

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I have another proposal: Matoran Crossing!

You read that right, Matoran Crossing. 

To celebrate Animal Crossing releasing today, I thought it could be fun to offer a very simple RPG:

You play a matoran in a small idyllic island with other matoran. There is no war, there is no evil makooti bionic man out to get ya. You're a matoran with a tent.  Rahi are fun! Caves to explore! Fishing! Friendship drama!

Play your way with Matoran Crossing. <3

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Happy chat.


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Matoran Crossing: New Artakha

You play a peaceful matoran villager in the cozy valley of Artakha. Turaga Nuke and his assistant the matoran Ihzii welcome you to your new village and offer you a small tent and basic supplies so you don't have to worry as you prepare to make a better village with your new friends.

Regions of MC:NA option 1

  • The Icy Ihu Mountains: bordering the Northern edge of the valley of New Artahka, the Icy Ihu Mountains are a great place to ski and take in the sights. You can even find rare fossils here!
  • The Fau Swamp: a small little bog to the Eastern edge of the valley of New Artahka, and a great place to catch bugs for your personal collection! Be careful, don't want to get caught by a Nui-Rama.
  • Naho Bay: a pleasant coastline on the Southern edge of the valley of New Artahka. enjoy paddle boarding, canoeing, and fishing!
  • The Lightstone Caves: below New Artahka stretch several miles of beautiful gemstone caverns. Collect rare rocks and share them with your friends.
  • The Dunes: Bordering the West of New Artahka, these soft sand dunes stretch for miles and miles until they reach...
  • The Lonely Volcano:  beyond the Dunes. a dangerous trek for an excellent photo!

Regions of MC:NA option 2

  • You all live in a tiny little coast village with warm air and plenty of trees. There's a camp fire where Turaga Nuke tells stories at the end of the day, and everyone's tents are circled around the camp fire. valley has steep mountains, with *out of bounds* beyond them. Also going too far out to see is *out of bounds*

Happy chat.


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I think you should downplay the AC similarities and just sell it as a slice-of-life RPG.


3 hours ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

Turaga Nuke



I think making the names less referential would help. I very much like the idea of an RPG where my character just chills and fishes and talks to other characters, although at the same time I'm not sure how long it would last before the novelty wore off for most people. 

Edited by Tarn

(shout out to max)

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On 3/19/2018 at 10:57 AM, Smudge8 said:

Welcome to the Island of Terra-Dra Home of adventure and danger. Amongst the peaceful grasslands, calm beaches, dense jungles and tall mountains matoran live side by side with giant, dangerous Rahi. Their survival depends on YOU the hunters. Grab your weapon, put on your mask, and get out there to defend civilization and blaze new trails into the wilds of Terra-Dra. Happy hunting!


The Island


Terra-Dra is a rough and harsh landscape with five areas. Planes-Dra, Beach-Dra, Jungle-Dra,  Mountain-Dra, and Sand-Dra. The Hunters Guild monitors the environments of each area closely, and travel into each area requires the Guild’s permission.

21 minutes ago, 1womanarmy said:

I'm not an approval overlord, but I have to say that this RPG looks good. I would play it. 

I think that it needs a second profile form, though, because some people might wish to play as Rahi. And it needs some player objectives: why are we hunting the Rahi, exactly? To free them from Makuta's control like in 2001? I feel that this needs clarified. Perhaps if we manage to complete a quest or hunt a Rahi, we get to a higher level. 

Also, what are the Guild's objectives? If they aren't to be revealed immediately, how do I as a player work toward unraveling the mystery? Why does the Guild exist? What am I doing as a player? These are concerns that I would like to see addressed in a revised draft. Thanks. 

11 minutes ago, Eyru said:

Hey @1womanarmy! :) Just so you know, this topic is strictly for RPG applications and approvals. The only people who should be posting here are RPG applicants and the RPG judges.

But we'd love to hear your thoughts on potential RPGs. We just ask that you post them in the Official RPG Planning Topic. Thanks!

 Yeah, sorry about that man. I just noticed that this planning topic existed after I had made my post. Whoops. Noob facepalm. But here it is.  

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21 hours ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

What do you think would be most fun? I think limiting players to a max roster of 3 characters (1 bookie, 1 hero, 1 villain) would be good?

Definitely a good idea. The focus should be on using the rigged fights to develop storylines between fighters, and having too many fighters will only slow the game down. I might even suggest only one fighter per player, to make everything move faster and make each character more recognizable.

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