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Bionicle Mafia XLII: Graveyard


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Well... this is very disappointing. Those alive have an obvious mafia on their suspect list, yet can't be bothered to play the game they signed up for... tsk tsk.

What's ironic is that I got all the roles to respond last week, which didn't happen for the first night. Must've been a busy weekend. (But good news, half of the livies have voted now! Looks like they're aiming for a triple hanging!)


Current Votes:


Taka Nuvia: 2

Valendale: 2

Trijhak: 2



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The Grave Diggers took a long time to reach a consensus. At first, they all merely stood around awkwardly, avoiding eye contact, until Scrubbish finally voiced his opinion. Other members started speaking up, but they couldn’t make up their minds for sure. But finally Taka Nuvia cast a tiebreaker vote. “It’s Trijhak!” she proclaimed.


“Then it has been decided,” Xccj said. “We shall execute Trijhak today!”


Trijhak was led to the gallows, where he was strung up. “Any last words?” Xccj asked.


“I’m kind of bummed we missed out on a triple hanging,” Trijhak admitted.


The level was pulled, and Trijhak went limp. But something fell out of his pocket, and Rahkshi Guurahk picked it up. “Hey, this is an official Grave Digger license in Trijhak’s name,” he said. “Even I don’t have one of these yet!”


“You guys just hanged another one of our diggers?” Xccj asked, shaking his head. “Well, that’s enough for today. Get back to digging holes, everybody!”


But the daylight was already waning, and they didn’t have much time left to work. The remaining members were only able to dig a couple of holes, where they then buried the recently deceased, including Trijhak, Kuan, and Rassilon. But as the rest returned to their tents, the Necromancer stayed out as the sky darkened, his eyes greedily looking over the fresh graves...




Trijhak – Grave Digger – Lynched


Roles, please PM me your actions for Night 3.



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The Head Honcho and Meticulous One met in passing as darkness covered the island. “The heat is on us,” the Meticulous One said. “I don’t know how much longer we can continue on like this.”


“You fret too much, my finicky friend,” the Head Honcho said. “Their numbers decrease daily, and they still haven’t found us. That fool of a Benefactor has let them hang all his precious Grave Diggers. Soon, there will be none left to resist us. But we must still take action tonight.”


“I am well rested; I can make the kill,” the Meticulous One said. “Who shall I slay?”


“Target the Accountant,” the Head Honcho said. “He is far too meddlesome, and we cannot risk him exposing us before the time is right.”


The Meticulous One grinned slyly. “Consider it done.”




The flames of the candles flickered, the winds roared, and the Necromancer's chanting echoed through the cave. But finally, the ceremony was done, and a figure rose from what had previously been a pile of dust.


Lucina stretched his limbs. “Man, this is weird, I thought for sure I was getting stabbed by that Vampire Hunter,” he said to himself. He glanced over and noticed the Necromancer. “Who are you?”


“An ally,” the Necromancer answered. “I am only saddened that we couldn’t meet under better circumstances.”


“Well, buddy, you’re lucky I’m not hungry right now, or else I’d feast on you,” Lucina said. But then he paused, and felt his mouth. “Hey, where did my fangs go? I don’t feel as strong as I should either.”


“I am afraid that is because you are no longer a vampire,” the Necromancer said. “I raised you from your ashes; you are a reanimated corpse now.”


“Oh, cool, I can live with that,” Lucina said. “Or unlive, I guess. I heard rumors about you; you want to turn this island into a haven for the undead. Sounds like my kind of place.”


“Hopefully you can help me with that,” the Necromancer said. “Have you turned many others into Vampires, who we can ally with?”


“There’s Rasssilon,” Lucina said. “He should be romping around by now.”


“I’m sorry to say, but he was killed before his fangs could fully set in.”


“Ah,” Lucina said. “Well, there is one other... but even so, there are a lot of other non-undead folks here. How do you plan on dealing with them all?”


“I have a servant taking care of that at the moment,” the Necromancer said. “He may be undead, but he’s still quite strong...”



The Accountant was looking through another file in his tent. One particular Grave Digger had been acting suspiciously, and hadn’t even used a shovel since stepping foot on the island. The Accountant was going to get to the bottom of their true identity.


“This is interesting,” he said, spreading the paperwork out across his desk. “These identification tablets are fake... they lied to make sure they could join this expedition. But for what purposes?” But suddenly something caught his eye; it was a news clipping referring to a mafia attack. To his surprise, the one member was the only survivor.


“Are they mafia?” he wondered. “No, the reports say that a Mafioso known as the Head Honcho was behind that massacre, and he wouldn’t be so careless to make his name known as a survivor.” Suddenly, realization hit him. “This member knew that a former mafia leader was targeting this island; they came here looking for revenge! If this Survivor found the Head Honcho...”


His thoughts were cut off as he heard somebody enter his tent, and say his name. “Scrubbuish?”


“Yes?” Scrubbish said, slightly irked that his investigation was being interrupted. But as he turned around, a knife lodged itself into his throat.


“The Head Honcho told me to silence you,” the Meticulous One said. “Don’t take it personally; I rather liked your attention to detail. But you were looking too closely at things, so you needed to go.”


Scrubbish fell to the ground, the life draining out of him. The Meticulous One took a glance at all his paperwork, and nodded to himself. “It would be best if nobody else had access to these files either,” he said, and he knocked over Scubbish’s candle, which caused the papers to ignite. The Meticulous One then carefully slipped away into the night, even as the Accountant’s tent went up in flames.



Taka Nuvia was pacing outside her tent, keeping an eye out for any trouble. There had been too many killings lately, and she didn’t want to become the next victim.


Something moved in the shadows. Instinctively, she grabbed her shovel and pointed it at the figure, who was already saying, “I am the Vampire Hunter! I am here to smite the undead...”


“Well, I’m not the undead,” Taka Nuvia snapped. “Now stop sneaking up on people.


The Vampire Hunter paused. Close up, he could tell that Taka Nuvia was not one of the undead he sought out. “Sorry to bother you,” he murmured, and then darted back into the darkness.


“Who even vetted all these Grave Diggers?” Taka Nuvia wondered. “They brought a bunch of loonies to this island, and that’s not even considering the Mafia who want to kill us.” She paused, as she noticed a distant glow. "Is that a fire...?"



Valendale had been staying up late that night, as he read through one of his favorite novels. In the distance, he heard the crackle of a fire, but put it out of his mind. One of the other members must’ve started a bonfire.


There was the crunch of rocks as someone walked towards his tent. Valendale looked up to see a large shadow approaching. He peered out of his tent and caught sight of the intimidating figure. “Hey, look, it’s the Gate Keeper,” he said to himself. “He must be protecting me tonight.”


He was about to get back to his book when he paused. “But didn’t we lynch the Gate Keeper two days ago?”


Toa Smoke Monster pushed through the tent, ripping it off the ground as he charged towards Valendale. The Grave Digger was barely able to dodge, and out in the moonlight he caught a better view of Toa Smoke Monster. The former Gate Keeper was now a rotting corpse, and yet he was still moving. Dark magic was clearly at work.


“Kill... Valendale...” Toa Smoke Monster chanted, and he swung his fist at Valendale. Valendale dodged again and grabbed his shovel. He swung it hard, hoping to knock down the Reanimated Corpse. But the shovel handle splintered upon contact; even dead, Toa Smoke Monster was mightily strong.


Valendale quickly realized he couldn’t overpower the Reanimated Corpse, so instead he decided to flee into the night. Toa Smoke Monster was strong, but he was not fast. Valendale quickly outpaced him and found himself down on the beach.


“That was a close one,” he said to himself, breathing hard. “But I need to warn the others that there’s an undead corpse walking around. There must be a Necromancer out, and we need to find them and...”


He paused, an otherworldly chill running through him. The wind blew across his mask, and in the breeze, he heard his name. “Vaaaaaaalendale...”


“Who’s there?” he shouted. But as he spun around, a dark fog rolled over him.


“You kiiiiiilled me…” the winds whispered. “Now I will kiiiiiill you.”


Valendale realized that this must be a Vengeful Spirit, seeking out his murderer. But it was not him. “Spirit!” he pleaded into the fogs. “You misunderstand. I did not kill you; I am innocent of that crime.”


But it was already too late. Valendale’s feet started to sink into the beach's sand, as the spirit turned the very ground into quicksand. Valendale struggled to free himself, but to no avail. His cried for help were drowned out by the wind, and soon he sank beneath the surface, and was never seen again.



Xccj stood overlooking the burnt remains of Scubbish’s tent. The Accountant was now dead, and all his detailed files were crisps as well. But the fire had erased all traces of the killer; the Meticulous One had indeed lived up to his name.


“The killer is still among us!” Xccj said, staring at the crowd in front of him. “He could be any one of you.”


“No, it couldn’t have been,” Railgun said. “Me and Rahkshi Guurahk were up partying all night; we didn’t even notice anything was wrong until we saw the fire.”


“It’s true,” Rahkshi Guurahk said. “Although I think I partied too hard; I have a splitting headache this morning.”


“You two have alibis, but what about the rest of you?” Xccj asked, pointing to the other six members. “It could be any of you! And we will decide who it is today.”


“Valendale is also missing,” Finch pointed out. “Perhaps he was killed too in a second but unrelated murder. So we should vote for two people each.”


“What, and have another pointless mass hanging?” Xccj asked, shaking his head. “No, you all get one vote, and we will figure out who the guilty party really is.”




Scrubbish – Accountant - killed by Meticulous One

Valendale – Grave Digger – killed by Reanimated Corpse and Vengeful Spirit


Suspect List:

Taka Nuvia

Toru Nui




Pahrak #0579

You have 48-ish 96-ish hours to vote, you lazy diggers you.



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You saw nothing here. =P

I'm going to vote Finch TORU!!!! as my gut feels like finicky was a clue.

edit: see next post of mine in topic.

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-Rahkshi Guurahk
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I'm still surprised I haven't been on a suspect list for the Meticulous one yet, as I fit that kinda well at times. =P

I'm going to vote Finch TORU!!!! as my gut feels like finicky was a clue.



A brief examination of the suspect lists and remaining players makes it rather obvious that Toru is the Meticulous One.


So I vote Toru.





As I didn't bother checking those, change the vote in my previous post to being for Toru.

Was my Toru obvious enough of a vote change? =p

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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Current Votes:


Toru Nui: 3

Unit#phntk#1: 2


Got three people left, this can still go any way.


I'm still surprised I haven't been on a suspect list for the Meticulous one yet, as I fit that kinda well at times. =P

I mean, technically you were on the list for night one...


I'll keep voting opened until later tonight.



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Current Votes:


Toru Nui: 3

Unit#phntk#1: 2


Got three people left, this can still go any way.


I'm still surprised I haven't been on a suspect list for the Meticulous one yet, as I fit that kinda well at times. =P

I mean, technically you were on the list for night one...


I'll keep voting opened until later tonight.





I'm just forgetful then, considering how long ago it was.

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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Too obvious?


What other explanation is there for Toru being the only one left on both Meticulous One lists?


The Head Honcho has probably voted for me. That makes it 4-4. Ehks, you have three possible outcomes to choose from. Choose wisely.



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The remaining members all cast their votes. At first, it seemed like there was a clear outlier, but the actual results were more complicated than that. A certain member spoke with such authority that his vote counted as double. Meanwhile, a new vampire had already sulked away from the sun’s bright glare, and while everybody vaguely recalled that the member had voiced his intention, his vote didn’t actually count.


But as influential as the Head Honcho was, he still couldn’t save the Meticulous One.


“There will be two hangings today,” Xccj announced. “Toru Nui and Unit#phntk#1, please make your way towards the gallows.”


Unit hung his head in disappointment, but Toru Nui gritted his teeth. “You aren’t taking me,” he snarled, as he attempted to draw a hidden dagger.


“He’s got a weapon!” Azalea shouted. “He’s the Mafian!”


The members surged forward and restrained Toru Nui before he could get into attack position. To Toru’s disappointment, even his fellow Mafians rushed in to subdue him, with the Head Honcho pushing his face into the dirt.


“Boss… why?” Toru Nui gasped.


“This is the second time you’ve failed me,” the Head Honcho whispered into his ear. “And it will be the last time. Goodbye, old friend.”


Toru Nui tried to protest further, but he was bound and gagged by the other members, and dragged to the gallows. And then the members celebrated as he was hung.


“Congratulations on finally hanging a Mafioso,” Xccj said. “Perhaps now all this distasteful killing will be behind us.”


“Wait!” Taka Nuvia cried. “Where did Unit go?”


Everybody looked around, but Unit#phntk#1 had darted away in the confusion earlier. But he had dropped something in his haste. Pahrak #0579 bent over and picked up the vial. “This is a potion!” he said. “A potion for bringing back the dead!”


Everybody gasped. “That means Unit was a Necromancer!” Railgun said. “I knew he was up to no good, and I was right! He was probably even responsible for Valendale’s disappearance.”


“If he ever returns, he will face justice,” Xccj said. “But it is getting dark… and you’ve still failed to dig more graves! Return to your tents, but remain vigilant tonight. If there’s a Necromancer on the loose, who knows what they could unleash tonight!”




Unit#phntk#1 came to a stop, already close to his hidden cavern where the reanimated corpses waited for his return. That vote had been too close, and now he feared that his cover had been blown. He could never return to the camp of Grave Diggers again. Still, he could continue on his mission to revive the undead.


There was a shuffle in the sand behind him. Unit spun around, and was surprised to find a figure in a cloak standing behind him. He narrowed his eyes. “It’s you!”


“I am the Vampire Hunter,” the figure said, slowly unsheathing a dagger. “I am here to smite the undead. Prepare to be vanquished!”


The Vampire Hunter threw the dagger, but Unit had already summoned his dark magic, which formed a fog around him. But the dagger still managed to slice through his projection, narrowly slicing into his arm.


“How?” Unit gasped, feeling his arm go limp.


“Your role was revealed during the lynching,” the Vampire Hunter said. “Maybe your magic would’ve saved you, but you decided to flee. So I decided to follow.”


“I was more curious as to how your dagger pierced my defenses,” Unit said, summoning bolt lighting. “But I’ll just ask your reanimated corpse instead!”


Lightning bolts streaked from the magical fog surrounding Unit, but the Vampire Hunter nimbly dodged all of them. “My daggers are designed to resist your magic,” he said, throwing another one. “Your protective spells won’t save you.”


“I have more spells than that!” Unit roared. He summoned a fire ball, which shot through the air towards the Vampire Hunter. It hit, causing sand to blast into the air and cloud Unit’s vision. But surely he had hit his advisory.


“You missed,” a voice said into Unit’s ear. Before he could turn, one of the daggers was stabbed through the back of his neck and into his throat. “And now your dark magic will cease forever.”


The magical fog dispersed, even as the Vampire Hunter withdrew his dagger and wiped it clean. He left Unit’s lifeless body lying on the sand and made his way back toward the camp, satisfied with another successful kill.


But the commotion had caught the attention of the reanimated corpses, who exited the cave as the sun dipped beneath the horizon. Toa Smoke Monster fell to his knees as he sighted Unit’s body. “Master is dead,” he said simply.


“Yep, dead as a doornail,” Lucina agreed. He took notice of the dagger wounds, and added, “Looks like the Vampire Hunter got to him. Shame; I was really looking forward to hanging around a bit more as a corpse.”


“How much longer will the master’s magic keep us intact?” Toa Smoke Monster asked.


“Only a day, maybe less,” Lucina estimated. “But without his energies feeding us, we will cease to exist by next moonlight. Still, that gives us time to do one last thing.”


“What do you propose?” Toa Smoke Monster asked.


“I think we should make one last kill,” Lucina said, narrowing his undead eyes. “And then we shall avenge the Master!”





Toru Nui – The Meticulous One – Lynched

Unit#phntk#1 – Necromancer – Lynched


Roles, please PM me your actions for Night 4.



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It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder clouds rolled over the small island, pelting it with rain while lightning streaked across the sky and the thunder boomed. Any sane sole would be seeking shelter from such a storm, but not the Maniac, who was frolicking in the darkness.


“I’m killing in the rain,” he sang. “Just killing in the rain! What a glorious feeling, I’m crazy again!”


He made his way towards the other tents. After all, the Head Honcho had given him approval to kill two members again this night. And the Maniac couldn’t wait to get to work. But even without his bloodlust, there would be many killings tonight. Three of the other members were preparing to make moves of their own. And it wasn’t just the living with killer intentions; three among the undead were also seeking out flesh.



Azalea huddled under the blankets of his cot. Unbeknownst to him, he was the last surviving Grave Digger left in the company. But all the sounds of the night frightened him, and he knew there were dangers out there in the night, even with the storm blowing over.


Over the howling wind, he heard something that made his blood chill. Footsteps were approaching his tent. He lay as still as possible underneath his sheets, hoping that whoever was outside would just pass him by. But the footsteps stopped at the entrance of his tent, and he heard the member shuffling through some sort of bag. Then they casually tossed something inside Azalea’s tent and sprinted away.


Confused, Azalea peaked out from under his covers, but what he saw made his blood freeze. There was a bundle of dynamite lying on the floor of his tent, with its wick already lit.


The Maniac came to a stop a few hundred meters away from Azalea’s tent, and turned around just in time to watch it explode. “One down!” he said with a grin.



The Head Honcho relaxed in his tent. There had been some rough patched, but his plans had been progressing slowly. There had been a few setbacks. Unit had evaded them the first night, and now the Head Honcho realized that his presence must’ve been masked by a dark magic energy that even Toru Nui couldn’t break through. But the Necromancer was dead, and the same could be said of all the other Grave Diggers, who were just as likely to be lynched as they were murdered in the middle of the night. Losing Toru had been a disappointment, but now the endgame was in his sights, and the Head Honcho knew that he would soon have control of the island.


Or that was the plan, anyway.


Somebody approached the tent, and the Head Honcho was surprised when they walked inside it. “Pahrak, there you are,” said Rahkshi Guurahk. “I was wondering if I’d find you here tonight.”


“RG!” Pahrak #0579 said. “What brings you in here tonight? Trying to get out of the rain.” He paused. “I noticed that you didn’t stick around for the voting earlier. Don’t worry, the person you were trying to vote out did die, in a double hanging no less.”


“I heard,” Rahkshi Guurahk said. “I also heard that you seemingly cast a deciding vote... or two. And I wondered, who would have that kind of influence. The Head Honcho would, I presumed.”


“Oh, so you think you’ve got me figured out?” Pahrak #0579 asked, subtly drawing a dagger behind his back. “And you thought you could get a confession out of me if you made your accusation?”


“I have something else in mind,” Rahkshi Guurahk said, his eyes flashing. “You see, you’ve killed off a few of my friends. We all used to be Grave Diggers together, but they’re not around anymore. You could say that I’m out for blood.”


“Sorry to disappoint,” Pahrak #0579 said, throwing his dagger straight into Rahkshi Guurahk’s heart. “But you see, I can make a kill too, and today you’re just an extra target.”


Rahkshi Guurahk looked down at the dagger in his chest nonchalantly and pulled it out. There was no blood in his wound. Pahrak #0579 blinked. “You’re not a Grave Digger, are you?”


“No, I’m not,” Rahkshi Guurahk confirmed. “I used to be, but I’ve since changed, thanks to a little bite from Lucina.” He bared his vampire fangs. “And you know what, I’m awful thirsty tonight.”


The Head Honcho grabbed more weapons to throw at Rahkshi Guurahk, but they weren’t as effective on the Vampire compared to those used by the Vampire Hunter, and Rahkshi Guurahk casually knocked aside Pahrak #0579’s attacks. Realizing he was outclassed, Pahrak #0579 tried to flee, but Rahkshi Guurahk caught him and pinned him to the floor.


“I’m still learning a lot about being a vampire,” Rahkshi Guurahk said casually, even as Pahrak #0579 struggled to break free. “You see, when Lucina bit me, he was careful to not drain me enough to kill me, so that I would be turned a night later. But I don’t have that kind of experience, and I may just drain you of all your blood before I can satisfy my hunger.” Before the Grave Robber could respond, Rahkshi Guurahk sank his teeth into his neck and started feasting.


Ten minutes later, the Vampire retreated back into the darkness, leaving behind the dried husk that used to be the Grave Robber mastermind known as the Head Honcho.



Taka Nuvia knelt down next to the remains of Azalea’s tent. She had been hoping to investigate him and determine if he was the Head Honcho. But she was too late, and all that remained was the wreckage of a tent. Either the Head Honcho had been careless with some explosives, or Azalea had been another target of the Grave Robbers.


Frustrated, Taka Nuvia pulled her jacket closer and walked out in the rain. She was the Survivor; her once peaceful village had been overrun by the mafia, led by the Head Honcho, and everybody else had perished. She joined this expedition to find the Head Honcho herself so that she could kill him and get revenge. Instead, she just watched the same events play out again. The Grave Robbers killed at night, and then manipulated the votes during the day to turn the Grave Diggers on each other. So much innocent blood had been spilt that it made Taka Nuvia sick.


An unnatural fog began to form around her. Taka Nuvia stopped in her tracks, her keen eyes scanning her surroundings. Something unearthly was happening, but the Necromancer was long gone, so this was not his dark magic. It was something else... and she sensed a vengeance in the air similar to her own.


“Taka...” the winds whispered. “You kiiiiiilled me...”


Taka Nuvia suddenly knew who it was. “Kuan,” she said into the winds. “You are a vengeful spirit, trying to seek out your murderer, so that you may pass.”


The fogs shifted, forming an outline of Kuan. “I know not who my true killer waaaaas,” he said, his voice otherworldly. “But I will seek them out and destroy them...”


“I understand, and since I was one of the primary suspects, you think it might have been me,” Taka Nuvia confirmed.


“But it wasn’t,” Kuan’s spirit said, slightly disappointed with this realization. “But it is too laaaaate... the fogs of death have already been summoned.”


“Then I’ll be dead soon,” Taka Nuvia said, accepting the grim truth. “In that case, I welcome death with opened arms. Then maybe I will walk with my deceased companions again. A life of unfulfilled vengeance is hardly worth living. But before I leave, I believe I have some details to help you on your quest...”


The fogs swirled around Taka Nuvia, obscuring her from the view of anybody who happened to be watching from a distance. When they finally dispersed, Taka Nuvia was gone. She had passed on. But the Vengeful Spirit still persisted.



The Maniac walked along the beach, annoyed. He had not been able to find his second target in their tent, indicating that they were also out wandering through the night. But in the rain he saw somebody approaching him on the beach.


“I am the Vampire Hunter,” the figure said. “I am here to smite...”


“Ah, Finch, there you are!” the Maniac said gleefully. “I’ve been looking for you.”


Finch drew back her hood, revealing her orange Kakama mask (although she insisted it was a Kaukau). “How did you know it was me?” she questioned.


“The Head Honcho made sure I knew who I was looking for,” the Maniac said.


Finch narrowed her eyes. “So you are one of the Grave Robbers who’ve been killing off the other diggers. But you are not one of the undead, so I have no interest in you.”


“Oh, but I have an interest in you!” the Maniac said, throwing a dagger with startling speed. Finch drew her own blade to parry the attack just in time.


“Why do you attack me?” she snapped. “I already said that I don’t care about your greedy ways. We could even be allies, in that we’d stay out of each other’s way. Why press the attack?”


“I don’t care about alliances and such,” the Maniac said, charging forward. “I just need to kill!”


Finch dodged to the side even as the Maniac drew throwing stars and started launching them towards her. She had spent her life training to fight the undead, but her new opponent used very different tactics than she was used to. Still, while her daggers were most effective against Vampires, they could still slice the throat of an ordinary Grave Robber. She dashed forward, swinging her blade.


The Maniac parried her, and the two exchanged blows, as their daggers clashed again and again. Finch was skilled, but the Maniac was able to hold his own. Thunder roared in the skies above them as they clashed. Finally, Finch got a strike in, slicing at the Maniac’s arm. With a kick, she sent him sprawling back into the sand. But as he pushed himself to his feet, he was laughing.


“Do you find your death so funny?” Finch asked, readying herself for the final strike.


“Tell me, before you go,” the Maniac said. “Do you like my present?”


“Present?” Finch repeated. She looked down and realized that the Maniac had stuffed something in the hood of her cloak just before she struck him. She caught one glimpse of the bundle of dynamite before the blasting cap ignited.


The resulting explosion rocked the beach, but the Maniac managed to drag himself back to the camp. The Vampire Hunter, however, was not so lucky.



Azalea crawled through the dark forest, mud splattering on his crisped clothing. He had just barely managed to survive the Maniac’s explosion, but now he was greatly weakened, and he needed to find help. But who else on the island could he trust? The Mafia were still at large, and who knows how many undead were still left out there.


A streak of lightning lit up the sky for a moment, and Azalea caught sight of two figures approaching. “Help me!” he shouted, his voice raspy. “I’ve been attacked by the Mafia. I need…” The words died in his throat as he got a better look at the two figures approaching him. Their limbs were disjointed and rotting, and dead eyes looked out from behind their masks. They were the Reanimated Corpses.


“Azalea,” Lucina said brightly. “We were just looking for you. You certainly don’t look so tough, especially compared to the last time I came face to face with you.”


“I... what are you talking about?” Azalea asked. “We’ve never met before.”


“You killed our Master,” Toa Smoke Monster said. “We’ve come to return the favor.”


“But... I’ve never killed anybody!” Azalea stammered. “I mean, I voted for a few people during the lynching, but...”


“Don’t try to hide it,” Lucina said. “We know you’re the Vampire Hunter. I recognize your Kakama mask.”


“No, it must’ve been one of the other Kakama users,” Azalea insisted. “In fact, it’s probably Finch...”


He was cut off as Lucina grabbed him by the throat. “Looks like the Grave Robbers already took their shots at you,” he said. “But of course, they didn’t follow through. Well, me and Smoke Monster here only have a short time remaining before our spirits return to the afterlife, but that’s more than enough to make sure you join us.”


Azalea flailed and tried to escape, but it was no use, and the two Reanimated Corpses dragged him off, never to be seen again.



Sunrise was still an hour away when the storm finally abated. There was now an eerie calm across the island. All but two of the inhabitants were now truly dead.


The Maniac wandered around the tents, his injured arm hanging limply at his side, curious as to the lack of activity. He went to the Head Honcho’s tent, but found his Boss dead and drained of blood. There was a bit of sadness and anger within him, but the Maniac also recognized a new truth; he was free to do whatever he wanted now. Nobody could hold him down!


As he walked out of the tent, he saw somebody else approach. “Who goes there?” he demanded.


“So you were the Maniac Grave Robber after all,” Rahkshi Guurahk said, approaching. “I must say, I did not see that coming, Railgun. You had everybody else fooled, all the way to the very end.”


“But you’re still walking around,” Railgun said, a crazy grin forming on his face. “Maybe I can take you out now? Three kills in a night is a bit much, but I think I can pull it off.”


“You could try,” Rahkshi Guurahk said. “Pahrak tried. But it didn’t take.” He bared his fangs. “Your boss was tasty, by the way. But I’m full for tonight, so I see no need to feed on you. Maybe tomorrow night.”


“Well, you won’t survive the day,” Railgun said. “During lynches, a vampire’s votes won’t count. So I win.”


“I guess that would be true, if we waited for the final votes,” Rahkshi Guurahk conceded. “But I see no need to stick around on the island; I’ve already made preparations to cast off before sunrise, so the Benefactor won’t have a chance to stake me. Really, only the Vampire Hunter could’ve done me in, but I saw that you took care of her earlier tonight. Thanks for that.”


“So you’re saying that I shouldn’t wait for the lynching,” Railgun said, pulling out another stick of dynamite. “I should just take you down right now.”


“That would probably be your safest option,” Rahkshi Guurahk said. “Except I’ve felt a presence, being undead and all. And I know that you killed the wrong Grave Digger.”


Fog began to swirl around Railgun, who spun around in surprise. Part of the fog formed into the Kuan, who spoke. “Raiiiiiiilgun!”


“You killed a Vengeful Spirit,” Rahkshi Guurahk stated. “Sure, he’s a bit slow; sounds like he’s killed off a couple of innocents before he got to you. But your fate was inevitable in the end.”


In desperation, Railgun threw his dynamite into the fog that was Kuan, but it sailed right through him. Next, Railgun drew his daggers, but the blades did nothing against the fogs, which closed in around him. Then the ground opened up below his feet, and his screamed were drowned out as he was consumed by the earth.


“Very good, now we won’t have to dig a grave for him,” Rahkshi Guurahk said. He nodded to Kuan’s spirit. “You satisfied now, old friend?”


Kuan’s spirit nodded, and then faded away. Rahkshi Guurahk decided that it was time for him to depart to, and headed towards the coast, where he had stashed a boat for a quick escape from the forsaken island.



The Benefactor Xccj stood in the remains of the Grave Digger camp at the morning sun shined down upon him. The island was lifeless again, with the extra addition of a few more corpses from the company he had put together.


“Well, this was definitely a failed business venture,” he muttered to himself. “Next time, I’ll just program a bunch of Vahki to dig all the graves. There’ll be a whole lot less drama that way.”





Pahrak #0579 – Head Honcho – Killed by Second Vampire

Taka Nuvia – Survivor (Secret Role) – Killed by Vengeful Spirit

Finch – Vampire Hunter – Killed by the Maniac

Azalea – Grave Digger – Survived attack by the Maniac, killed by Reanimated Corpses

Railgun – Maniac – Killed by Vengeful Spirit


And that’s the game people. The last two survivors were Railgun and Rahkshi Guurahk, so I brought events to their natural close and gave the Vengeful Spirit his inevitable last kill. I hope you enjoyed my first hosting of a Mafia game. See you next time!



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Good game everyone!

I have no idea how I managed to win this. =P

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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