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your first set and beyond (do as much as you like)


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Nostaligc question i know.


Tell me your first set, and tell me the sets you got that year and the sets in following years. Dont go all the way Because memory thing and you donnt want to.


Just do as much as you like one set, your first 5 sets, your first 15, etc do however many you want,i just feel loney in only doing this with myself.

I am the question asker. Just thought i'd do mine and also set a template.


My brother was also into bionicles, and he is olde than me, so he started it out. I consider our collection to be together. He was born1996, so he was about 7 here. i as about 2.i was born 2000 so just go with the year for my actual year. yeah im 18 now unforatenly

My brother got Bohrok Va blue one in 2002. I played with it and messed it up and he got mad. 1st set


My brother (possibly, dont really know. 2 set


My brother got ToaMetru Matau in 2004. 3rd set


My brother got Green visorak in 2005. 4th set


My brother got Toa Iruini in 2005. 5th set


My brother got Piraka Zaktan in his birthday (December 11) in 2005. 6th set


I got Piraka Hakann. Probably my first set (how cute) in 2006. 7th set


My brother got Toa Inika Nuparu, Kongu, Hahli, Matoro, Jaller and theOther one i forget, in a "I dont know" order.

green, blue, white, red, black, brown


My brother got Kalmah in late 2006 or early2007.


My brother gotPridak and I gotEhlek.


Think his missing some parts so we just used them to build my Ehlek. My dad made him do that. I kinda felt bad for him, but hey, I got my Ehlek.


My brother allegedly got Toa Mahri Nuparu, hewkii and I got hahli but her parts broke .


I got Maxilos and Spianx for my birthday.


We got PhantokaPohatu,Lewa,Antroz and Vamprah for us on Easter 2008. (love you mom)

Chrox cam shortly after.

We got Strakk and I tried to build him but couldn't, so my brother just built him. I was only 8 guys.


2 WeGot Malumand Gresh on Easter 2009, Because I complained that we didn't get any bionicles that year, so later that day they were like "the easter bunny came and these guys were hiding" or some funny thing like that. 


We got Tarix later. Well, my brother did. I had nothing to do with him being built.


We got Berix andRaanu I think.


We got Glatorian Legends Mata Nui, Ackar, Vastus, Stronius (2x bcuz our friend gave his oursBcuz he couldn build him),

I got Tuma, Axalarah T9, Rockoh T-3, baranus v7 for my bday.


My brother got Mistika Tahu, Onua, and i gotKrika. we didnt get any more misitka,but I wish we got the other.

We got all the bionicle stars. 

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Ooh, I used to keep really good track of this.


I know my first Bionicle set ever was the original Gali, followed shortly by Lewa and Kopaka. After that, it was the Gahlok Va, Lehvak Va, and Kohrak Va (bought at the same time, built in that order), and they were followed by Pohatu Nuva. Somewhere in here, my dad got me the Tarakava as a reward for beating him and my uncles to the top of Mt St Helens. After that, it was the Gahlok Kal, followed by Lewa Nuva, Tahu Nuva, Gali Nuva (I might have bought Macku somewhere around the same time as GN), Kopaka Nuva, and Onua Nuva was the last of those. Between Gali and Kopaka Nuva, I got the Pahrak Kal, and after Onua, I got Lehvak Kal and Kohrak Kal. After that, we start getting into stuff I got for my birthday in 2003, which included Guurahk and Takanuva. Possibly the Vohrak, though I may have bought that with my birthday money later on.

I don't remember too much else after that. I have my canister sets in order of when I purchased them, but I'm not at home right now, so can't do that. Titans and small sets I'd have to do from memory.



Erm... This isn't where you'd put this. This should be in Bionicle Discussion, since this is more for questions about the forums. I would recommend reposting it there.

Or ask one of the Staffers to move it.  :notsure:

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Okay, let's see if I can remember this. My memory might be a little hazy, but I can more or less remember when and where I got the sets I've obtained.


2001: Onua, first ever set at K Mart (now closed). Followed by Gali and Lewa, then Tahu, then Pohatu, and then Kopaka because he was always sold out. Got the 6 Turaga later.


2002: I think it was Lehvak or Korahk. Maybe Lerak. K Mart for both. Then Tahnok. Nuhvok, Gahlok, and Pahrak I got together. Got the Bohrok Va off ebay. Got the Nuva as a birthday gift off ebay. Built Lewa first. Got the Boxor from K Mart. Got the Bahrag on clearance from Wal Mart, but closer to 2003.


2003: I bought all the Bohrok Kal at once, but I don't remember who I built first since at that point I was burned out from building the same model twelve times. Wal-Mart for them. Panrahk, Guurahk, and Kurahk from K Mart, Vorahk, Turahk, and Lerahk from Wal Mart...? Got Takanuva, then Jaller/Gukko, Takua/Pewku. All from K Mart. Got Makuta December 26 at K Mart. And he was literally the only toy on the shelf on that day, not joking. Then the 2004 Matoran (see below). Eventually got Takutanuva, but in 2005 off ebay.


2004: Toa Vakama or Ahkmou. Got him Christmas 2003, so don't know if I should count him, but he's for sure meant to be a 2004 set. Wal Mart for both. Following Ahkmou, Vhisola, Nuhrii. Then Orkahm, Tehutti, and Ehrye. Don't remember where. Then Whenua (K Mart), then Nokama, Matau, Onewa, and Nuju (Wal Mart). Zadakh was my first Vahki, K Mart. Followed by Rorzakh, Bordakh, Nuurakh... "green Vahki" because I can't remember right now. K Mart and Wal Mart. Nidhiki from K Mart, Dume/Nivawk and Krekka from Wal Mart. Then Keerakh at K Mart. Got Ultimate Dume off ebay in 2005.


2005: Vakama Hordika or  Rahaga Gaaki. I got her December 2004, don't know if she counts like with Ahkmou. Ebay for Vakama, Wal Mart for Gaaki. The Rahaga I got from Wal Mart at different times. Then the rest of the Hordika at Wal Mart after. Now here's where my memory gets real bad. I think I Got Boggarak, Keelerak, and Vohtarak off Lego Shop. Got the last 3 Visorak from K Mart. Got Roodaka, Sidorak, and Keetongu at TRU. Got Voporak at Target. Got Iruini at K Mart. Then got the Hagah 2-Pack at Wal Mart (I was fine with 2 Iruini's).


2006: Reidak or  5/6 the Matoran since I got them all for Christmas the previous year like with Gaaki. Got Dalu later. No idea who I built first from them. K Mart for Reidak, TRU for the Matoran, K Mart for Dalu. With Reidak, Vezok and Avak from K Mart. Hakann at K Mart. Thok from K Mart. Zaktann from Wal Mart. Irnakk at Wal Mart. Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, Matoro, Vezon/Fenrakk, and Brutaka at TRU. Axonn off Lego Shop. Hewkii and Nuparu at K Mart. Vezon/Kardas at Target.


2007: All 4 small sets (Defilak first) from Lego Shop. And I forget which Barakki I got first. Nocturn at Wal Mart. And then literally all the main summer sets at Wal Mart at once. Built Hahli first. Then Karzahni at TRU, then Lesovikk from Wal Mart.


2008: Pohatu from K Mart. Antroz and Radiak from Wal Mart. Vamprah and Chirox at K Mart. Kopaka at Wal Mart (eventually) I forget when I got the other Matoran. Mutran/Vican from Wal Mart. Icarax from TRU. Onua, Gorast, and Takanuva off Lego Shop. Everyone else at Wal Mart, including Mazeka. Rockoh K Mart, Axalara TRU, Jetrax (Blue) Target.


2009: Gresh from K Mart. Most everyone from K Mart. In fact, I think all the winter wave except Strakk, got him from Wal Mart. Kiina, Vastus, Ackar from TRU. Gelu K Mart. Stronius K Mart. Mata Nui K Mart. The Vehicles came from K Mart and TRU, don't remember too well. Mata Nui titan from TRU.


2010: Takanuva or Gresh, can't remember. I might've got them from Wal Mart. The rest of the Stars from TRU. Tahu was the last one


2015: I got Tahu and Kopaka together, but I built Tahu first, I think. From Lego Shop


2016: I got Gali, Pohatu, and Akida the same time. I think I built Akida first. All from Wal Mart.



And that's all I wrote because I don't remember too well anymore.

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I got Pohatu Mata back in 2001 the first day the local toy store got Bionicle sets on the shelves, and I remember getting Kopaka Mata as my second when we went on a family vacation. Funny how it later turned out that they became friends in the storyline. Don't remember the order in which I got the rest. 



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Pohatu...probably either Toys R Us or Target. Actually, I got Maku maybe an hour later the same day at McDonald’s (so it was probably September).


I’m leaning towards Tahnok for 2002, probably Toys R Us.


2003 was definitely Pahrak-Kal, I think it was a gift.


2004 was definitely Matau, also a gift.


2005 was in my Easter basket, and I think it was Bomonga.


2006 was when I started going all out and getting every set, as well as duplicates for combiner models. I really don’t remember, but it might have been one of the Matoran.


2007 was Pridak, I believe, for Christmas 2006 (because they always showed up earlier than they were supposed to).


2008 may have been Antroz, again early for Christmas.


2009...not sure. Probably another case of early for Christmas.


2010: Skrall. I got him late for Christmas this time, by approximately 6 years.


2015: Pohatu, as a throwback to my first ever set. Walmart.


2016: Terak, I think, but not sure how or where.

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See, now, THIS is the sort of thing where my memory for miscellaneous trivia really comes in handy... I can remember the order of most of the sets I got, honestly.


Long post incoming.



My very first was Onua Mata, back in January '01. Lego World Club magazine had presented me with not only a full double-page-spread of all six Toa but also a separate comic starring Kopaka. Between the fact that they looked kinda like Slizers, who I had become a fan of not long before, and the intriguing story and designs, I was hooked. Although, I will admit, there was one reason and one reason only why I chose Onua as my first Toa over any of the others: because, from his main picture, I could not figure out quite how his anatomy worked and I wanted to resolve that puzzle. I got him from out (now long-gone) local toy and model shop, after school the following day.


Continuing into '01; my second was Turaga Vakama, I don't remember the context in which I got him. Third and fourth, come closer to summer, were Pohatu and Tahu, in that order, who I both got on a trip to Torquay - Pohatu at a service station on the way, Tahu from Woolworths once we got there. A whole load of my Bionicle sets came from various Woolworths' stores for that matter... that chain is still missed. In any case, I later in the year got Kopaka for my birthday; then Gali in the after-Christmas sales.


For 2002... I didn't, initially, intend to buy any of the Bohrok, they didn't particularly interest me; however, my local Woolworths (any bets for how many times I'm gonna mention that chain in this post? xD) had Bionicle sets on a Buy-One-Get-One offer; so when I grabbed Lewa to complete my Mata collection, I took advantage of the offer to pick up Tahnok too. '02 didn't see me buy many other Bionicle sets; only the Boxor, with money I got for my birthday when October rolled around, and Kopaka Nuva from that year's Legoland trip. Over the course of the following year, I would pick up the rest of the Nuva too.


My first sets of 2003 were Nuhvok-Kal and Lehvak-Kal. For reasons I'm still not quite sure I can explain, the Kal appealed to me far more than the traditional Bohrok; perhaps because of their silver colour schemes, or because they were individual entities rather than just one of a swarm. I don't quite remember which order I got those two Kal in, but I know for sure that the first one I got in a buy-one-get-one offer with Tahu Nuva (Woolworths again!), while the other was an Easter present. Following on from that, I grabbed Matoro, Kopeke, Hewkii and Hafu all at once when they came around - I have always had a soft spot for the Mata Nui Matoran - and, subsequently, both Takua & Pewku and Jaller & Gukko, as quickly as I was able to save up the money to afford them. Takanuva, Macku, Hahli and Panrahk were all birthday gifts... and, aside from rounding off my Toa Nuva collection, that was it for that year. The rest of the sets would be picked up at various later dates over the following years.


2004 was the first year where it, somehow, became a goal of mine to collect every single set. My first were Toa Whenua and Ahkmou, who I bought on a Legoland trip early in the year, and in short order picked up the rest of the Metru and Matoran locally... Vhisola, I believe, being second; then Onewa; Nuju, Ehrye and Tehutti all together; Vakama and Nuhrii; then Nokama, then Orkahm. Matau was the last, and by that time I had already picked up my first Vahki, Keerakh. They would be followed, not too long after, by Turaga Dume; and then, Vahki Zadakh and Bordakh. A second Bordakh, as well as Nurakh and Rorzakh were added in short order as birthday presents from my school friends; Krekka was picked up on a trip up to the Blackpool Illuminations in the November. Toa Lhikan only appeared a few days before Christmas, and was eagerly snatched up as soon as he appeared; Vorzakh was collected in the after-Christmas sales; and Nidhiki was very much an illusive final piece, the search for him taking me around several local towns with no success before my parents let me buy him off Lego Shop@Home instead.


2005 started off with the Rahaga - five of them sold together in a lot (Pouks was absent) by Argos, a few weeks before their actual UK release date. Oonhurak and Keelerak followed along as that year's Easter gift, I think Pouks, then Keetongu, came not long after... and then I kind of fell off the Bionicle fandom for the rest of the first half of the year, as the Revenge of the Sith hype consumed all my interest. Even after the movie came out, it took my ages to return my attention to Bionicle - though I did still pick up the Visorak Battle Ram playest during that time, if memory serves - and that was only achieved when the Toa Hordika finally made it to the UK and I snagged up Matau first. Toa Iruini would follow, as would Onewa Hordika and Toa Norik; the Battle for Metru Nui playest was my birthday present that year; then came Whenua and Sidorak, together, in pre-Christmas sales; and finally Roodaka was found just before the end of the year.


For 2006, Garan and Kazi, bought together, were my first. Then Reidak, who turned up in a different Woolworths a handful of days before the Piraka's projected UK release date; Brutaka, I believe, was next, then Thok - though not sure if he was after Balta and Dalu, or before - and was followed, over the next while, by Piruk, and then Velika. This, too, was the year I discovered eBay, from where Avak was purchased as Summer approached; and Axonn was somwhere in amongst those, too, though I forget exactly where. That year's summer holiday saw me pick up Vezon and Fenrakk from my first trip to an official Lego store, and five out of six Inika were picked up over the course of the rest of the year. (In order: Nuparu, Hewkii, Jaller, Matoro and Hahli. Not intentionally the exact same order I'd got the original Mata in, but that was the way it panned out.) Hakann, Vezok and Zaktan were grabbed from eBay too, just before Christmas (at the same time as some surprisingly cheap '01 Rahi), and The Race for the Mask of Life playset, too, was scooped up in the post-Christmas sales.


2007's start was Kalmah, though not entirely by choice; he was the only one that Argos had in stock, and he was followed in short order by (and this may not be the exact order, but it's close) Dekar, Pridak, Defilak and Morak. Mantax and Carapar both came around Easter time (one of them was an Easter present, but I forget which); and Ehlek and Takadox, if I remember correctly, were both grabbed during a trip to visit my grandparents in Scotland, along with last year's Umbra. Again, my interest in Bionicle waned in favour of Star Wars for most of the summer, only returning with the Mahri, of whom I captured Kongu first... a choice dictated by the fact that he was the only one I (still) didn't have the Inika version of. He would be followed by, in rough order, Gadunka; Hewkii and Hydraxon; and Lessovikk. Karzahni and Thulox were both birthday gifts, and Maxilos was bought subsequently with an Amazon voucher (for literally his EXACT cost) I got for the same birthday. I had intended to leave my Mahri collection there, satisfied with just the two; but Matoro's in-character sacrifice abruptly changed my mind when the comic was posted here on BZP, and I'm pretty sure I made it my top priority to add him to my collection due to that. Jaller, too, would follow not much later.


And 2008 was entered with Pohatu Phantoka, Antroz and Icarax, all at once... I had Christmas gift money to burn, and, not expecting so see them all in one place on a trip to the Toys R' Us in Bristol, kind of splurged. I was somewhat more controlled after that, picking up Tanma, Kopaka, Vamprah, Gavla, Toa Ignika, Mutran & Vican, and finally Lewa only rather more intermittantly as the year progressed. My interests took another major shift in the summer of this year - towards, to my great surprise at the time, The Lion King of all things - but I was still determined to gather Bionicle sets all the same. Onua and Gali, together, were my first of the summer wave, followed by Takanuva; then Bitil, Tahu and Vultraz (the Woolworths chain was going out of business, and their closing down sale had all toys on buy-two-get-one-free offers, otherwise I may have been more restrained. MAY have), and later, Gorast. Mazeka was a birthday gift, the Rockoh a Christmas one, and Chirox was nabbed from BZP's own Buy-Sell-Trade forum just before the year closed... more to justify the shipping costs involved in grabbing a cheap Mctoran Kongu and a couple of other pieces we'd never got in the UK, than any other reason.


2009 was where I really started to wind down. Bara Magna didn't hook me, and while at first my intention was to give at least a few of the sets a chance... my first purchase, Fero & Skirmix, killed that intention pretty quickly. They weren't a bad set, but they were, to me, just... boring. Of the 2009 sets, all I picked up subsequently was Attakus (second-hand from a car boot sale), Click (free with The Legend Reborn DVD) and Kiina... whose unique design interested me, but didn't re-inspire me. Eventually, I would get my hands on Glatorian Mata Nui, too... many years later, by which point I was thoroughly underwhelmed by him xD


And 2010... Tahu Star. And Only Tahu Star. My interests were elsewhere, it was only the nostalgia that let me go as far as getting him at all!


And then, finally... Lewa Uniter, my only Gen 2 set, who I got just a month or two ago, as a reward for participating in last year's BZP fanfic exchange ^^



That isn't... my whole collection listed, of course. Most of the ones who I only picked up in subsequent years to their release, I don't remember exactly when they fitted in. I could tell you, for instance, the exact order I aquired the other five Bohrok from, and from where I got them, but I don't remember when their purchases actually took place, other than between 2006 and 2008. Same with many of the others I got only after their release years had passed.


But, haha, this was a memory trip, for sure! This, right here, is the kind of useless knowledge that my mind never lets go of xD

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2001's Macku must have been my first set, but I have only vague memories of acquiring it. I know I lost the throwing disc at the McDonalds the day I got it. I was a bit too young to really get into the sets then. I still have Macku though!

In 2002 my sister bought me Gali Nuva and Onua Nuva, which I still have. While I enjoyed them, I didn't really get into the theme or the story (and I didn't seek out any more sets; again, I was still too young).

My first real set was Toa Matoro in 2006, as I had seen the commercial and had specifically asked for it on my birthday. My friends and I got into Bionicle around that time (my best friend bought the '07 encyclopedia, which I bought too), but by the time 2007 rolled around in earnest I was more interested in the Harry Potter and Star Wars themes, and the only Bionicle I got was Maxilos.

2008 (ye of broken joints) was the big year for me. Kopaka Phantoka, Krika, all 3 Toa Mistika, Takanuva, the Rockoh and Axalara were voraciously consumed alongside the 2008 recap trailer. I still remember the first Mata Nui rising video where his eyes didn't go red. The one everyone watches now came out a few hours later.

I got a few Glatorians in 2009 (3 from each wave, I think) but the only box set I got was Toa Mata Nui (as a gift. Let's hope that gold plastic Ignika  doesn't suffer from gold plastic syndrome...). The only 2010 set I got was Tahu (whose character I never much cared for, but I liked his Stars set better than all the others. I remember thinking the Takanuva one was just lazy).

And we all know what happened after that...

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First set was Tahnok-Kal at Costco in 2003. I was so happy. So full of life and potential. What happened? ...Oh, right, the BIONICLE stuff. I bought all of the Bohrok-Kal except Gahlok-Kal and Kohrak-Kal, all six Rahkshi, Takanuva, Makuta, all six Kolhii Matoran, and a Gahlok Va leftover from Walgreens. I bought most of these from Costco, or from Christmas that year from my parents. My grandma worked at that Costco. She stayed there for a long time after, serving samples of the lobster spread. She was the lobster spread lady. Whenever I went there, people would comment about how much I looked like her, which always made us laugh because I'm actually adopted, but I really do for some reason. I look more like her than either of my adoptive parents.

2004: All six Toa Metru, all six Vahki, Vhisola, Ahkmou, and Tehutti. Nidhiki, Lhikan & Kikanalo.

2005: All six Rahaga, Vakama, Matau, and Nuju. I forget how many Visorak, but I think I had most. Keetongu and Visorak Battle Ram.

2006: Everything except Nuparu Inika and the playsets, if I recall. This is where I'm getting a little hazy.

2007: Everything except Lesovikk. Good year in that department. Rejection from my first crush. Bad year in that department. Left elementary school, started middle school. ...or was that the year before?

2008: Everything except the regular-colored Jetrax T6. I remember BZPower had its won topic for fanmade levels of the Mistika game. I loved playing it on the computers in aftercare. Middle schoolers can be so mean sometimes.

2009: Everything except the giant Mata Nui.

2010: Everything, all six of them. Rejection from second crush. I listened to Cryoshell's "Falling" a lot. It was the first non-BIONICLE song of theirs I listened to, and I thought of it as my unofficial Journey's End theme.

Sorry to unload so much onto you all... I know this was just supposed to be about which sets I got and when. It's hard to remember, especially because I've bought a lot of sets secondhand in the years after (Krekka, for example). Other examples: I have all basic small- and medium-level sets now, even though I didn't when they were first released. As you can see, this includes everything I own from 2001 and 2002.

Sorry for all the personal deets as I went through the years. I'm sure it means more to me than any of you. It's just hard to go back to those times without thinking of certain things.

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I have a pretty good idea of what my first set from each wave was, but I don't usually have a precise order of each wave past that.

2001: was Kopaka, Followed by Lewa, Gali and Tahu (I'm pretty sure in that order).  I didn't get Pohatu until a couple of years later. I always consider Pohatu as my last 2001 set as in My opinion I technically never "got" Onua, but rather found the parts to build him in various random part hauls, but that's probably just me being difficult.

2002: is the only year I don't have any real idea of.  I know I got all the Bohrok, Bohrok Va, and Toa Nuva as well as the Boxor and the Bahrag, but all I know for sure of the order is that the Bahrag were last (about 4 years ago when my grandparents happened across them).

2003: Kohrak Kal (and no other Kal), followed by Kurahk, followed by the other Rahkshi besides Vorahk.  Aslo got Takanuva somewhere during that time, but I'm not sure when.

2004: In order; Keerakh, Vakama, Onewa, Whenua, Lhikan, Ahkmou, Matau.  This is one of only two years I'm absolutely certain of the exact order I got them.  Keerakh my mom grabbed for me on a whim, and the others through Ahkmou were birthday/Chrismas gifts.  Matau I happened across at a flea-market a few year ago and grabbed.

2005: I didn't much care for the sets in 2005, so the only normal ones I ended up with were Vakama and Oohnorak.  Somehow though I ended up with all 6 Rahaga.  I happened across Roodaka (unopened!) a couple of years later at a thrift store and grabbed her as well.

2006:  Nuparu, followed by Hewkii, Kongu, and Matoro all at once, then Axonn then Kazi, then Zaktan from a parts haul last year.  This is the other year besides 2004 I know the exact order, mostly as a result of the unusual way I got the Toa sets.  Basically, when I first sat the Inika, I though Nuparu was the coolest thing I'd ever seen, and I made sure everyone I knew was aware I though so.  These people were the same people who would be buying me birthday gifts later that year and, as a result I ended up with 4 Nuparus.  Three of these  were promptly exchanged for the three other Inika mentioned.  As for the others, I remebered Kazi was the last set I got that year which leaves Axonn as the second-to-last by process of elimination, and Zaktan I got recently enough to remember when it happened.

2007: I'm not as sure as with 04 and 06, but I'm pretty sure the order is something like Ehlek, Nuparu, Jaller, Knogu, Pridak, Hydraxon, Gadunka, Lesovikk, with Lesokivv being the only one I'm sure of as I got him just a few months ago.

Form 2008 onward, I really have no idea.  I couldn't even begin to guess what order I got the 4 Phantoka (2 normal-size sets and 2 matoran) and 6 Mistaka (1 normal set, and 5 large) I have in.  For 2009, I'm pretty sure Skrall was my first Glatorian (out of 5, 3 normal, 1 small and 1 large) and Mata Nui was my firs Glatorian Legend (out of 5, all normal size), but I'm not anywhere close to 100% sure, and in 2010 Tahu was the only Stars set I ever got, so I suppose he counts as both first and last(?) for that line.

I'm sure there are several sets I've gotten I'm forgetting, and I've bought a large amount of "assorted parts" online, so I probably also have the parts to build several sets I don't even know I "Have", but this is the order to the best of my memory.

Wyrd byð swyðost

I really need to be more active

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My first set was Reidak. I found him at borders books(retro, I know) in probably february 2006 with my grandma. I had never heard of Bionicle before and had only gotten into lego about 9 months previously with the Revenge of the Sith SW sets. Anyways, I had no clue who Reidak was but he looked cool, so of course I begged my grandma to get it for me (That was easy. Back then canister sets were so cheap lol). I loved it, and a few days later my other grandma gave me Zaktan and Thok. Uhhh after that I have no idea. Started buying up the visorak and remaining piraka (last one was Avak) then over the years backtracked my collection thanks to ebay.

I like BZP so much, I named my Minecraft account Dimensioneer.

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2000 (yes, I do mean 2000): I got Tahu, Kopaka and Lewa for Christmas. Lewa was my favourite because he had a cool axe.

2001: Gali, I think? Or possibly the Nui Rama. They were definitely the first Rahi I owned, I took a while to get all 6 Toa and I didn't get the Turaga until later, so I'm not too sure!

2002: I think Lehvak was my first Bohrok, but I really have no idea. It was all a long time ago!

2003: Er...one or more of the Bohrok Kal? Possibly all 6 at once. I know, I'm being unhelpfully vague on all these early years, but since I can barely remember what happened yesterday I think I'm doing quite well!

2004: Now this one I do remember. Nuju and Whenua, because Argos were selling them in a double pack. They were the first place to have the Toa Metru in stock, and I was annoyed that the one near me still only had Nuju and Whenua when I tried to buy the rest a week later!

2005: All 6 Rahaga. They were the first sets to become available, and I actually loved those little guys. The rhotuka are a lot of fun to launch...until they get lost behind a bookcase

2006: I stopped being so interested in the sets at this point (I thought the Piraka looked ridiculous), but I began to change my mind and definitely ended up with Zaktan, who I assume I bought before the summer sets hit. But I might be wrong. Otherwise it was Hewkii Inika

2007: We're getting into difficult waters again with this year. Possibly Ehlek

2008: Lewa Phantoka was at least among the first, as I may have bought multiple sets at once, so I'm going with him

2009: I believe it was the Agori. I'm actually quite fond of the Avtoran design, and I was very excited to see bright colours returning to sets

2010: Gresh. The only Stars set I had until a few years ago when I decided to acquire some more to display on top of my bookcase 

2015: Lewa Master of Jungle + Protector of Jungle. Of course I was going to buy my favourite Toa from the earliest days first

2016: Lewa Uniter of Jungle + Creature of Jungle. Lewa was the only Uniter set I really liked at the time, and is still the only one I think has a consistent colour scheme

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When my kid-ears first heard of Bionicle (G1 2001), I got my mom to buy me an Onua. I later added on Tahu and Lewa, I think. Then I got a few Rahi -- Muaka/Kane-Ra, Tarakava, and Manas. Probably bought like 20 of those old mask packs.

I got a few Bohrok, Va, an Exo-Toa, and the Boxor in 02. I became annoyed with clone sets around the time the Bohrok-Kal came out and slowed down my collecting. Got some Rahkshi, I think. The only sets I bought after that were Vakama Metru and a Metru Matoran.

Then I took a decade+ break from Bionicle. When G2 came out, I started getting back into the lore (man, I missed a lot in that department :D). At the moment, I'm trying to re-buy the 01 line (with boxes and instructions) since I sold all my old ones. So, if anyone wants to sell me some Rahi that match that criteria, let me know! Already re-bought the Toa and Turaga.

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I remember I got the original 2003 Makuta set for either Christmas or a birthday gift or something, and later got Gali Nuva. Seeing the mask of light movie and recognizing these 2 sets in said film is what started my love for the series and then I went on to get a large amount of sets through the years.

That '03 Makuta set is still legit though!


Other great bands:

Iron Maiden    Journey    Mercenary    The Unguided    Trivium

Boston    Stratovarius    Symphony X    Epica

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I used to know this really well. Lets see what we can remember....

First set was Turaga Vakama, Christmas day in the stocking 2001. Before the end of the year was out, I bought Kopaka, along with a Mask set, which, awesomely enough had a KauKau for Kopake, and a Mahiki for Vakama. And the dark green eyes. I ended up getting Tahu Next, then Pohatu and Onua, not sure which one first. I think Pohatu. A Turaga Nokama at some point, too. Never got any Rahi until later, sadly. 

First Bohrok was a Tahnok. First Toa Nuva was Gali Nuva, A Christmas present in either 2002 or 2003 from my godparents.

2004, got Vakama and Nuhrii quite early. First Vahki was the... Vorahk?…. right colour, wrong bad guy. That's the Rahkshi. This was the point I decided black was my colour.

Things are definitely getting more fuzzy. I was always in and out of Bionicle from 05 to the end, but it's a very safe bet to say the first I got from all those waves was the black dude. In my family of 7 kids, we kind of split up the 6 colours. Oldest brother took the red colours, the coolest, 2nd oldest brother took White. Older sister got blue, the girl. Youngest brother took brown, other younger brother took green. I tried to get red, but kind of got shuffled into taking black. No regrets, though.

I remember in 2009, not caring about the "soft Reboot" as I saw it of Glatorians, but then got the Skrall for my birthday. I now consider it one of my favorite Bionicle sets.

Eh, I could go further in depth if I wanted, but I don't have the energy for that.


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My Flickr. Old Bionicles on Brickshelf


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