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  1. IC: [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)] I couldn’t contain a little chuckle as Dastana Daijuno absolutely eviscerated the Empress’s confidant. I couldn’t have managed half the venom in her voice if I’d plucked little Feenie’s worst prejudices and fears out of her head myself. If this was the way Mata-Nui changed people, than maybe I finally had something to look forward to, once I figured out a way to be more than a parasite. (Look, I’m being honest here, unlike some people.) I had joked about heads rolling tonight, but it seemed like a little bit of violence might be going to depending on how the handy-maiden reacted. I straightened a little in my seat. Dastana Daijuno was awesome, and for the first time in my life I felt that urge to protect the populace or whatever that Yukie always went on about. OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa @Void Emissary
  2. [Ga-koro, East Fishery District(Talli)] Talli didn’t take long to find the pier—it was an old fisherman’s haunt that Nahlu used to brood around, back when he was in his brooding stage. She spread out the leaf with the other food and took a seat at the edge of the pier, legs dangling over. She finally took a bite of her stew—speaking to Timak through a mouthful. “You really howfu no ida about where you came from? — mmmph” OOC: @Rahisaurus @Onaku
  3. IC: [South of Spineless Bay, Fort Garsi (Ipsudir)] "Warmongering," Ipsudir muttered, as she watched old man disappear into the distance. He reminded her of her father--so complacent in the idea that demanding space was a death sentence, playing with toys all his life. "Bless his heart, now where is that Grolasch? I have a...proposal for him." OOC: @Geardirector @Wotz
  4. (Misgendering of a character in the post below) [North of Odaiba, At Sea (Fanai)] Fanai’s eyebrows drew in close at the mention of the creatures. She had hoped not to have to tangle with them, but they had most likely been drawn to the place by the presence of the Taajar, who could be another opportunity. “There was a Taajar that came to Sado from Odaiba during the siege—on the back of a heard of Soko, quite the sight. She seemed to believe that the rest of her tribe had sailed North of Odaiba—they could be the Taajar that you saw.” “Did you see any indication of those things' powers?” The Dastana mindarm said, arms crossed and concern written across her Arthron. “We’re at a disadvantage if we don’t know what we’re dealing with, even if we have the jump on them. If we have the jump on them.” Fanai nodded, she was not the tactician on the ship. She did notice, however, that Askha looked a little sick. She should prepare some ginger tea for later. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  5. IC: [Ga-koro, East Fishery District(Talli)] Talli took a rolled up leaf, filled with warm yucca bread and fried plantains from the Ga-matoran at the stall. “Uh…” she looked at the Skakdi and the Toa, eating on the ground in the middle of the lily pad. “We can go to like, an empty pier or something. You don’t have to worry about busy people running into you. Or these clowns.” She jabbed a thumb in the direction of the stall. OOC: @Rahisaurus @Onaku
  6. IC: [Ga-koro, Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] Pradhai watched Cephala intently—she was experienced enough both as a willhammer and as a person to know there was something the stone Datsue wasn’t saying. “Do you have similar religious ? I’ve heard your great spirit shares the name of this island, do you believe he dwells beneath it?” OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Geardirector IC: [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)] Mr. Dragon Chew-toy was giving me the silent treatment, so I was reduced to peeking at the mess going on next to me. I snorted at Zafinee’s little sanctimonious rant but kept quiet. For now. OOC: @Void Emissary @Umbraline Yumiwa
  7. IC: [Ga-koro, East Fishery District(Talli)] The town was teaming with new arrivals, matoran in odd crystal armor and toa in strange clothing, but Talli, even now that she was a bit of a recluse, had never been uneasy with crowds of people. Lots of people meant safety—it was empty streets that rang in her head. Eventually, the crowds gave way to the familiar blue armor of the people she knew, shrimp trawlers hauling their catches, greenhouse workers returning home from a long day of work. She had the toa and the skadi wait while she dropped her catch off at the fertilizer manufacturers and washed the slime off her hands. The seaweed shack she lead them had no name that her companions could read, only a lantern filled with red glowfish to designate it. A few fishermatoran stood at the chairless counter, consuming bowls of fragrant fish stew and chatting to themselves. All eyes turned towards the trio, including that of the older ga-matoran behind the counter. “Talli!” He greeted her, deep turquoise eyes twinkling. “What’s this? Finally got yerself a boyfriend again?” Talli rolled her eyes at his chortling. “Can it, uncle. They’re new—I’m showing them around the real part of town—you got any empanadas?” He scratched his neck. “”Fraid not, lassie. Tall, dark, an’ handsome over there wasn’t the only newcomer around these parts today. Bunch o’ glittering ladies speakin’ all official like—they liked the empanadas though. Everyone likes empanadas.” “So what have you got then?” she replied flatly. Normally, she would have liked to listen to some of the local gossip but with her entourage in two she wanted to eat and get them to a place where she could listen to them. “I can rustle yeh up some fried plantains to go with the soup, and there’s a bit o' yucca bread.” “That’s fine.” Talli took the wide metal cups of fish stew, handing one each to Timak and Zandred. Chunks of fish and cassava mingled in a herb broth, topped with sharp-smelling picked onions. OOC: @Onaku @Rahisaurus
  8. [Le-koro, Bright Star Inn (Ferellis)] Ferellis gave her drink one last swirl before downing the entire thing, savoring the sweetness as it went down her throat. “I don’t think everything was ever all right. I think it was all wrong to start with and maybe it became kind of all right for a spell—but now it’s gone back.” She stood up, putting one hand against the bar to steady herself. “I should head out. Going to have a Karz of a headache, come morning.” OOC: @BBBBalta
  9. IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] “Some people say it was Zataka herself, come to make the islands hers…but I don’t know.” Pradhai set her glass down, drumming on the table thoughtfully. “I made brief contact with that intelligence—it was massive and malevolent, nothing about it was concerned with the balance Zataka is supposed to keep with Zuto Nui.” “Frankly, I don’t know. You have any experience with demons like that?” OOC: @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) IC: [Ga-koro, Outer Village(Talli)] “Talli. I fish.” Well, I do now. “And don’t call me miss.” OOC: @Rahisaurus @Onaku
  10. [Hanaloi, Old Dock (Ilykaed)] It would be another day or so, Ilykaed estimated, before they could head to Sado without fear of loosing any boats. At least the amount of lumber here was more than sufficient for stabilizing the fishing canoes for sea travel. It had taken nearly two weeks, on the other hand, for the weather to clear up enough for the glue proofing the larger boats to cure. The Kuychar kept an uneasy truce with the sea, but they had never been seafarers. Still, they needed to get off this place—a trio of the nightmare creatures had flown by the island a few days ago and they’d manage to drop one before the other two fled. There would be more coming, Ilykaed had no doubt, and soon. Arrows were the best way to deal with the creatures while preventing casualties, and they were running dangerously low—they had managed to scavenge some crystal from the old clansights, but when Sedskar had almost been seriously injured by one of the old traps around the island she’d ordered a fallback. Hardwood could be repurposed into arrowheads, but the difference in weight was something hard for even the more experienced archers to compensate for. Right now, the best warrior they had was undoubtedly the Sokomaster, with her mindarm-assisted dead eye and a kanohi akaku that could pierce the veil of trees—and even she was reduced in capability without her beloved Soko. Ilykaed really hoped Hatchi had survived and somehow guided the horses to safety. They still had the husi, at least—the birds were fast and better at navigating the densely forested landscape than Soko would be. The koshi zrupgar had taken on much of the scouting missions so far and so far had been successful. Ilykaed wondered how much longer their luck would last. She didn’t have to wonder long. Saemti, riding Hatchi’s husi, nearly skidded to a stop as she dismounted in one fluid motion—she was part of the same generation as their missing caravan leader and had as finely honed battle instincts as any full zrupgar. “Sokomaster caught sight of more of those creatures far inland. She says they might be less than two hours away, by her reckoning.” Ilykaed sighed heavily. “Get all the fisherwoman and crafters into the boats and keep a watch on those things. Don’t shoot at them unless the break the treeline. We might have to make a break for Sado early.” For the second time that season, the Kuychar hovered on the brink. [North of Odaiba, At Sea (Fanai)] Fanai kept her sparring light, careful not to use any significant energy. When her muscles felt limber again, she mediated in the way the Daikura had taught her—embracing the universe and allowing herself to fall into its rhythm, loosing her mind to drift among the waves unseen. Soon after, she caught sight of the spirit of Mashtet Askha descending back towards the ship. They would find out what was coming up soon, but for the this moment, she allowed herself to hover in the present. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  11. IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] “Almost was the sight to end your life, for us,” Pradhai said. “I do hope not all of them fell under the sway of that demon.” ::I was never fond of Relisai either.:: She replied to Mako. ::The castle seemed…different, when she ascended. But I can only hope she’s as good at handling those things as she thinks she is.:: OOC: @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) IC: [Ga-koro, Outer Village(Talli)] Nodding to the toa and the Skakdi, Talli began walking towards the fisherwoman’s district. They’d probably turn heads where she was going, but at least the Skakdi was a small one. OOC: @Rahisaurus @Onaku
  12. IC: [Le-koro, Brightstar Inn (Ferellis)] Ferellis swirled the remains of her drink, watching the sparkles swirl. Even with the heavy veil the drink was drawing over her perception, she could tell that the toa wasn’t really into her whole deal. “It isn’t quiet about belief, Miss Vaíl—or even those rumors. You see, when I washed up this here shore I had very little recollection of who I was or where I came from. I knew what I was good at, I knew how to conduct myself, but the rest? A complete fog—now though…” She lost the thread for a few seconds staring at the wood grain—she wasn’t supposed to think about this—this was the entire reason she was drinking.
  13. IC: [Ga-koro, Western District(Talli)] Talli shrugged noncommittally for the umpteenth time that night. “I’m going to head home one we get back in town—if you wanna go someplace low key follow me—I’m not gonna drag you there and I couldn’t anyway.” OOC: @Rahisaurus @Onaku @Vezok's Friend @ARROW404 IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Being a Toroshu was more than a title and a retinue of warriors bowing to you—it meant a responsibility to your clan, to see them off content and healthy, to act as their representative to the world. That’s what Yukie told himself, anyway. But, despite what others might assume about him, Yukie was no fool. He knew the system propped up dozens of petty, vindictive women and ground the good people of the islands under its foot. Yet, like an old, rotting house, it was the shelter they had—to abandon it would be to throw oneself on a wild and uncertain future. He allowed himself to hope that the new Rora’s liberal mindset, and the new situation they found themselves in would mean true change for the people of Kentoku. That however, could not be guaranteed. He could only guarantee that he did not become akin to people like Relisai, jealous and squabbling over scraps, letting ego take precedence over Honor. Thus, most of his morning was busy—getting the majority of the clan through the volunteer caretakers that Ga-koro had provided—asking those who had the knowledge where the precious dye plants the clan had sequestered could be given a semi-permanent home. Yet, his duties had not taken as long as he expected, it seemed that the village had been prepared for them. It was good to see relief on the faces of all the dyers, from the leggy apprentices to the grizzled masters, but he needed a little time of his own. Time to relax, for the first time in weeks. Well, partially—this was where the game began; Akiyo was already shmoozing with the local high society. He should find his own allies—but Zataka’s fine arse he was going enjoy himself for once. He wasn’t going to to let her win. Now, where to start exactly? The Plangori regent strolled into the thoroughfare radiating a confidence he didn’t exactly feel, hoping to catch the eye of any of the contingencies of foreigners strolling buy. It seemed like he wasn’t the only one with this idea—he inclined his head respectfully to the Chōjō, catching her eye but not confronting her—if rumors were correct than these princess had spent too much time being suffocated by others, and Yukie was not inclined to add himself to that list of people. ::Good evening, your highness.:: The Ideatalk greeting was a formality, and the princess could choose to return it or not. He went back to scanning the crowd. OOC: Yukie open for interaction; in the same area as Desdemona (@Haman Karn: A Magical Girl)
  14. IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] Pradhai gave her own companion a gentle scratch behind a scale plate. Luckily it had had its weekly meal the day before, otherwise she might have spent a lot more time convincing it that no, all these various shaped things about food sized were not, in fact, food. “Well you’ve heard the beginning,” she said, leaning forward in the direction of her two companions. “I had enough knowledge of the jungle to foil most of those monsters—being a Vilda you learn to listen to all creatures around you. We could have done a lot worse for ourselves. In scattered groups we made our way to Sado, found them even more knee deep in rakshi and loosing ground every day.” “The Empress gave the order, a week or so in—for all those who could to hoist sail and make for Mata Nui. Many Toroshu came with us, as did the royal family, but some stayed. Our own general, Relisai, notably—and the Dastana Twins as well.” “We might have made it too—and with relatively little incident but…” Pradhai shook her head. “I thought that surely, however powerful this aspect of Zataka was—it could not tame the dragons. I was wrong. Yet, just as we thought all lost, I saw a miracle happen with my own eyes. A dragon made of light conjured by the Chōjō herself.” Her voice had grown hoarse with emotion, and she took another drink, letting the warm sake relax her throat. “I’m not a religious woman, but I truly did believe in Zuto Nui, that day.” OOC: @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  15. [Ga-Koro, Village Edge (Talli)] "I know of some places that are less...touristy, if that's what you'd prefer," Talli said. She'd been to The Great Takea and it was both a little expensive for her budget and tended to attract people who inevitably started something. OOC: @Rahisaurus @Onaku @Vezok's Friend @ARROW404
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