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  1. [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea (Talli)] Talli frowned at the matoran. “Where have you been that you can just ask anybody on the street if they’ve seen someone that looks like any normal person?” She once would have known the pubs and houses and marketplaces that the corporal mentioned, would have frequented then. But most of her nights now were filled with ill-conceived attempts at getting to sleep early. She’d tried copious amounts of alcohol, but they only made the mornings worse.
  2. I think this is always a good thing to bring up. @The Forge of Artakha A lot of us enjoy playing with Zyrgak--he's a fun villain to fight, and we appreciate the enthusiasm you're bringing to the table with him. However, his extra powers essentially boil down to be really strong, so he doesn't have the vast flexibility of the Toa or other beings that are going to be set against him. It's okay if he doesn't notice this--it's one of his character flaws, after all--but you should realize that Ta-koro is filled with people that can teleport, see through walls, summon fireballs, and a vast number of hobbits which will immediately go for the knees. And they don't just have knives.
  3. [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea (Lucira/Talli)] After the toa had finished his testimony, Talli turned her iStone towards him. “I need you to sign here for records.” She tried not to glance sideways at the Ta-matoran, who was rearranging her luggage between bites of burger. She had apparently found the sheith to her knife and was emptying a bag of what appeared to be soap. “Okay, who’s next!” she said, looking around before the other guardswoman caught her stare.
  4. [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea (Lucira/Talli)] “Start with your purpose for coming into the restaurant and go from--are you just going to leave that there?” Lucira shrugged, gesturing towards the bloody knife on the counter. “I figured you might want it for evidence. I was going to get the sheath to keep it from-” “I’ll get it,” Talli was already rooting around in the Ta-matoran’s bag for anything sheath-shaped. Her hands closed around an object of about the right shape and size, and she pulled it out. It was not a knife sheath. Talli shoved the now glowing object back in the pack as if it was burning hot and nearly leaped back into her chair. “Sorry...that’s your stuff. I don’t know what I was thinking?” “Oh,” said Lucira, smiling gently over the beer she had managed to acquire. “I rather think that was yours, Private Anach.” Talli turned back to Cipher, considerably more subdued than she had been previously. She fiddled with her iStone for a considerable amount of time before she got the recording device to work. “Like I said before...just start with how you got here and this will take care of it.” She paused for a moment. “Uh...please.” She had no idea who she was saying that too.
  5. [Sado, Nobles’ Quarter (Morie)] “That will be more than acceptable, First Daughter, should it also be acceptable to your elder ” said the Plangori Torushu. She made no pretense of looking at the floor; her eyes bored straight into Askha. “In fact, should you wish, I can direct you to ships of suitable quality. I can also provide you with an escort. It would not do for the last free members of clan Mashtet to meet with marauders.” She paused and took a delicate sip of her tea. “And I do not take offense to your comment, although I do wonder how you can be so sure.” Her eyes went back to the miniature tree, tracing barely visible patterns in the branches. “Everyone knows the Fursics are doing something on Kozu, yet no one knows what; the Mashtet have vanished, yet no one knows why; the Empress was murdered, yet no one knows by who; and the Crown Princess is missing, yet no one knows where to.” Morie let the pause hang for a little while longer. “Tell me, Mashtet Askha, did you learn in your training, the importance of negative space in a work of art?” The steel in her voice matched that in her eyes.
  6. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli/NPC)] “Fine,” said Talli, nearly dropping her iStone as she gesticulated back at the restaurant. “I’ll interview you all in there. Bring your stuff and your friend.”
  7. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli/NPC)] “What?” said Talli. “That won’t be necessary.” The lilypad beneath Zyrgak sudden grew thick, green vines that wrapped around his legs arms and shoulders. A turquoise toa stepped into the middle of the strange gaggle of spectators, his arms crossed. The emblem of the Ga-koro Marines shone plainly on his chest. “We’ll handle this from here. Private Anach, take testimony from all these people. And next time--” he raised an eyebrow “--wait for backup.”
  8. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli)] Talli wanted nothing more than to take out her knife and show the skakdi how very much she didn’t care about guard protocols, but it didn’t seem rokking fair, with everybody else here and the fight basically over. The yawning sense of insignificance opened further. Instead, she brought her radio up to her face from its previous position recording the conversation. “This is private Anach--have the ugliest skakdi on Mata-Nui’s blue sea currently restrained after he broke into a restaurant and assaulted one of the employees. Requesting backup to take him to guard headquarters.” She squinted at the creature. “Requesting that any backup brings a gag.” [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Lucira)] Lucira kept a good hand on her knife and a wary eye on the skakdi. He was clearly the type that didn’t give up easily. Or ever, perhaps.
  9. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli)] Bile rose in Talli’s throat. Her hand absolutely itched to put a disk right in the creature’s smug smile, but she restrained herself. “Shut up. You’re not in my custody until I have enough manpower to restrain you. If you want to try anything before then, well, that sword is right there.” She turned to the blue skakdi. “How is the rest of your staff? Did he harm anyone?”
  10. [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea (Lucira)] Lucira took the knife bloody knife and chuckled. “Thanks, Onuzek. My name is Lucira, although ‘knife-friend’ does have a certain ring to it. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli)] Talli’s nausea had returned, along with a yawning feeling of insignificance. She looked between the assembled spectators and said “Does anyone want to tell me what exactly happened here, or should I call someone who you’ll actually acknowledge as authority?”
  11. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli)] Talli, despite not feeling...all right...as of late, had at least developed good enough reflexes to leap out of the way of the huge ugly being’s lunge. Almost. She gasped as the thing caught hold of her ankle, but she didn’t feel afraid. That was odd. She should feel afraid--but there was only a sense of floating thickness, a vague notion of “not fast enough,” as her hands gripped the marine-issue knife in her belt.
  12. [Ga-koro, The Great Takea (Lucira)] Lucira sighed. "More often than I'd like. Though this is the first time I've done it on vacation."
  13. OOC: Hey buddy, as far as I know The Great Takea is situated more out to sea on a lilypad--it might be hard to find a good amount of sand there. IC: [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea (Lucira)] Lucira cursed as her knife slipped out of her hands, still lodged in the back of the skakdi’s knee. The sudden change in gravitational pull, as well as the skakdi’s extremely inaccurate insult, had thrown her off just enough that she had lost her grip. At least any movement the creature made was going to further damage his joint. Luckily, she was far enough past him that she avoided getting caught in the force that had pulled him away. She turned back to her incidental allies, unarmed and panting. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli)] Talli barely had time to think greatpilesofdiahreeafromaninbreadmahi before she was nearly clobbered by a huge ugly skadi smashing into her. She figured this counted as a reason to use force. The Ga-matoran sent her sharpened disk spinning toward the back of the ugly skakdi’s neck.
  14. [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea (Lucira)] The eyes of the bestial skakdi flicked toward the toa and the hulking newcomer. The small amount of oversight was all she was going to get, and she took advantage of it, sprinting at the skakdi. She registered a lazy sort of recognition in his eyes. He thought her small, insignificant. Well she was small, and in the cramped kitchen, that was an advantage. Lucira lunged, sliding on her knees under the skadi on the well-waxed kitchen tile. Her diagonal trajectory took her right behind the his right leg, and she snapped her arm back with all the force she could muster, aiming to plunge her knife into the vulnerable flesh behind his knee. She planned on putting all her weight forward once the knife connected. She didn't know how high the his pain tolerance was, but even that wouldn't account for severed tendons. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Talli)] "...a what..." "I don't know, something big!" Talli yelled, as she sprinted toward the sound tearing and muffled clangs. "Private Anach...you should wait for back-up." "No time, back-up should hurry the rok up!" "Wait--" Talli clicked her radio off, taking out a disk as she reached the source of the noise, a hole ripped in the back of a restaurant with a hulking figure standing in the doorway. "THIS IS THE MARINES. STAND DOWN OR I WILL USE FORCE." She gripped the disk tighter, fighting down the nausea that her serge of adrenaline seemed to have dredged up.
  15. [Ga-Koro, Tourist District (Lucira)] Lucira’s hands closed around the blade of her sheathed knife as a spot of light in the kitchen flickered out, followed in succession by several clangs and very audible, beastial snarling. “Arero, crossbow!” came the previous toa’s voice from the embattled kitchen. Lucira took one look at the onu-matoran cowering under the table and decide he probably wasn’t going to spring immediately to action. Taking her knife in hand, she stepped up onto the bar counter and dropped down to the other side, slipping into the doorway the grizzled toa had left open. She didn’t want to trip the toa up--so she stayed back as the massive hulking brute in the kitchen snarled “Like Karz I’ll let you do that!” and charged straight at the Toa.
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