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  1. IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] Pradhai’s already significantly wrinkled brow grew more wrinkled. “I can take that first one. We come from the Kentoku Archipelago—it lies many weeks to the east of here. It was not as verdant or large as your own island, but it was our home, until we were driven from it by an invasion of rakshi.” “As to how we discovered your existance…” she looked at Mako. Funny, she’d think other questions would be more urgent, but she wasn’t a reporter. “I believe you were closer to that tragedy, weren’t you Mako?” OOC: @Geardirector @Toatapio Nuva @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  2.  [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)] “My clan’s whole sheebang is a touchy feely ‘subtle willhammering’,” I replied, looking at Daijuno. “That and catching Vildas. Probably could ask around, find out if some distant cousin doesn’t have too much of a stick up her rear to do a job on the side for uh…” I looked at Rhow…hopefully the whole “resemblance to the chaotic six” wasn’t a huge sticking point “an acquaintance.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Void Emissary
  3. [Hanaloi, Near Old Kaazi Compound (Fanai/NPC)] Dastana Mari’s eyebrows slowly grew more creased as she observed Hambra and Askha’s conversation. She had lead this expedition to secure lumber, not to solve mysteries. Still, this could be a breakthrough in understanding the creatures. “I’m not going to tell you how to run your clan, nor ask you to risk your scouts—but if you could bring us to this observatory and make sure no true demons jump us I would feel a lot more comfortable.” Fanai nodded, and spoke out loud for the first time since they had encountered the Kaazi. “I can recognize the difference between your minds and the rakshi, so there is no chance that we should come into conflict by accident again. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  4. [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie continued to walk, slowly yielding the leadership of their trek towards the two toa. He had thought about what they would do once they got there, but even with all the planning ahead the islands response was still an unknown. “It seems that even with the fighting force back on Kentoku, it would take a miracle to rid ourselves of those creatures…and my clan are not seafarers. I was hoping I could petition your akiri to allow us to establish a settlement somewhere in the more verdant, forested part of your island." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Palm
  5. [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Agni’s questions, brusk and to the point, reminded Yukie of a book series he had been entranced with as a child—the tale of a legendary unprecedented second son of a rora who had refused a cushy political marriage and become the royal executioner instead. There was no way anyone in the Imperial court would have had been able to spent that much time in disguise rooting out the true evils behind random violence, but Yukie had always appreciated the idea of a justice that worked for everyone. Nostalgia and routine, both things that helped handle the looming horror that nipped at their heals, and that had been ever since that fateful day. “Thank you,” he said to Tuara, real gratitude at her empathy making his voice waver a little. “But I think I can answer your questions at least—to tell the truth I think many of us might benefit from someone to voice our loss to.” The journey had been one of silence, healing at first but steadily growing stifling as they ran out of ways to avoid thinking about the wreckage they were leaving behind. “At any rate, I can answer your questions,” he continued, looking back at Agni. “My clan fled to the capital almost as soon as we caught wind of the creatures. We couldn’t escape all of them, and although we were able to slay the ones that followed us it wasn’t without loss.” Yukie adjusted his coat buttons, a habit that he’d learned to use to conceal signs of anxiety around his older sister. It helped him calm down, think of something besides how close he’d come to loosing Shuuan. “They were far cleverer than any rahi, even a single encounter could tell us that. But when they began to besiege our capital, that is when we learned the true extent of their power. You see, one of the physic disciplines we practice is mental entry. But we quickly found out that any attempt to mentally control the creatures resulted in—“ his mouth set in a grim line “—retaliation. From those that survived, we learned that they were being directed by an incomprehensibly strong and malevolent intelligence.” He cocked his head. “Does that answer your inquiry?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Palm
  6. IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] Laka was beginning to unwind itself from around the table, and Pradhai put a hand on her companions scales, a little comfort in a strange land. “And what questions would those be, young lady?” OOC: @Toatapio Nuva @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Geardirector
  7. IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie had spent too much time in political circles not to notice the careful neutrality that Tuara approached him with. It was almost comforting, that sense that people really were the same everywhere, even if they didn’t offer their clans in greeting. If toa could be cautious…then perhaps Dasaka could be vulnerable. “Plangori Yukie, but Yukie by itself is acceptable.” He thought about extending a hand—that was how people greeted each other, one of the matoran had said, but given their cautious distance he opted for a slight bown instead. “We came here fleeing an invasion,” he said, looking between both of them but keeping his gaze steady and serious. “It was an invasion of demons—I believe you call them rakshi.” OOC: @Palm @Vezok's Friend
  8. [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)] I stared at the bottom of my empty glass—ah well I could never resist a little alliteration. “A forgetful fog, you might say.” IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] Pradhai looked to Mako, concern writ on her face. There were all sorts of considerations that a voyage like the one she was considering entailed, not the least of which would be convincing the other Vilda elders that Pradhai that her large and very cold-blooded companion were worth sending. ::When did you last see Soraph?:: IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie was making his way through the streets when he nearly bumped into them—both “toa” as the menti here were called, and both significantly different in color from the atmosphere around them. The people here really were the color of Jaanu birds, but these two stood out in particular, both bright and brilliant as fire flowers. This made them feel less intimidating for some illogical reason, but Yukie wasn’t going to keep second-guessing himself. “Apologies,” he said, looking up at the taller one. “I know we must have made quite the mess here—you’ll have to understand we’ve been on the sea for weeks, everyone’s eager to feel —” he looked down at the reinforced lilypad “—decently solid ground beneath our feet.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Void Emissary @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) ...yo @Palm
  9. IC: [Ga-Koro, The Great Takea(Shuuan)] I through back my beer and drained it. Good ale indeed. “Our culture is a bunch of hoity toity bullsh##. The sooner I get rid of its stranglehold on me the better.” [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] “An entire village made of snow?” Pradhai’s heart and mind were racing; all this excitement couldn’t be good for her. How did they keep an entire village livable? What creatures did they use for meat? Did they ride— Her eyes snapped to Cephala. Oh dearie she thought. Clan matters. “What do you mean ‘been through it?’” OOC: @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Void Emissary @Vezok's Friend
  10. [Hanaloi, North Shore (Fanai/NPC)] Mari gave Rina a look that said don’t even think about it. The younger soulsword was a little too devoted to the Jasix school of running your mouth. “We came here to collect materials on behalf of the Mashtet,” she said. “I understand this is your island, but more of those things are going to come from the mainland every day. You might want to think about packing up—we could use your battle prowess on the front in Odaiba.” — ::I am right here.:: Fanai’s ideatalk floated gently up into Askha’s mind. ::Your elder saw fit to hide me when the Kaazi advanced, and she has not yet unshielded me.:: OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  11. IC: [Ga-koro, The Tidalpool Inn(Pradhai)] “Of course, can’t let our entire society be advised by just your young people.” She stood up, once again using her mindarm to retrieve her cane and move her seat. “Speaking of which—“ she turned back to Mako “—where’s Soraph? Shmoozing with the young and beautiful of Ga-koro as usual?” OOC: @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  12. [South of Spineless Bay, Fort Garsi (Ipsudir)] If this was a real battle, Ipsudir would have simply broken Grolach’s neck. That was the way true bloodletting worked—efficiently—a true warrior would have slain ten foes in the time it took for a sarke match to finish. Sarke was entertainment. It needed to be drawn out. Pondering the wisdom of her instruction gave Grolasch just enough time to clip the warlord in the side as she stepped back—knocking her slightly off balance. But there were plenty of advantages to having a lower center of gravity. “Mata:nii,” she cursed, more at her self than at her student. Reorienting herself, she kicked him in the ribs—that was how sarke worked. Tit for tat, equal exchange. The most decisive matches were the most tedious. OOC: @Wotz ( @Visaru @Geardirector )
  13. [South of Spineless Bay, Fort Garsi (Ipsudir)] Ipsudir smiled up at Grolasch. “Never.” Grolasch instinctively raised his hand to block the left hand jab that Ipsudir threw at his neck, but it never connected. He had about as much time to register this before the diminutive warlords kick connected with side of his knee, bruising the ligaments and sending pain shooting up through his leg. Ipsudir brought her foot down between his legs and activated her impact vision, smacking her would-be protege just below the ribs and sending him dropping to the ground on his back like a ton of bricks. Placing a foot on his throat, she smiled down at him. “Your training starts pre-sent-ly.” OOC: @Wotz @Geardirector @Visaru
  14. [Le-koro, Bright Star Inn (Ferellis)] “Thank you,” Ferellis said, taking the vial. She might not take it—better to have a pounding headache in the morning than the bitter taste of failure—but it would be rude to refuse. “Have a good night, Miss Vaíl.” Then the Gukko Force detective walked shakily out of the bar.
  15. For anyone who wants Taajar info there's some on the wiki here. (The Chand-long and the Kazi should probably be added there too.)
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