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I think there was another topic like this somewhere...ah well.


So what was the first topic you ever created? Was it popular? Was it locked 4 hours afterwards? My first topic was a question in Media discussion (back when we Media Discussion still existed) asking where I could download the Bohrok defender of Mata Nui (or whatever it was called) game. It was answered and locked within a day.

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My first topic was back on the old forums in S&T, speculating on Marendar's powers and how he might kill all those very powerful Toa. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of asking people to add in their own ideas on how Marendar would operate, to "design-a-deathray". This made it a post-it-here topic and it was quickly reported and closed within the hour (by SPIRIT, if I remember correctly).


For the record, my theory was that Marendar would broadcast some kind of power-nullifying field that prevented his Toa victims from using any of their elemental or mask powers. Without these, they would make much easier prey. Since this was long before The Yesterday Quest and such a device was shown to have been created by the Great Beings, I do feel some pride that I was half-right, even if it wasn't used in the way I had predicted.

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It was an art topic, if I recall. Back when I first joined and was called "The 3rd Person." I did what I called "burn-art," which involved etching images onto wood surfaces using sunlight and a magnifying glass.

Within a week, it was #2 on the "Hot Topics" list on the front page.



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Oh god, probably my comics topic. I was a weird kid with weird imagination. My main character would throw a fire extinguisher and it might explode or something like that. I recall making one comic about the only girl character finding a giant snail and keeping it on a leash introducing it as her new pet. Oh, and there was that one time where the villian got thrown out of the comic, landing somewhere in the white void that you always see around an uploaded picture. The promotional banner had the main character falling upside down from of the Moto Hub or something like that, exclaiming "I can fly!" :confused:


I had a few guest stars too. My first guest star loved sugar. I remember one very strange joke in there that would be too much to explain.


Strangely, my stuff was pretty well received. It never got really popular, mind you, but far more popular than it probably should have been. My sister later said they were pretty funny. Well, I guess so!


Oh, and I had a "quote explanation" sheet.

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It was a topic pointing out that Axonn was derived from axe, Brutaka from brutality and Piraka from pirate. :P For some reason it was closed for being a coincidence topic, though honestly at least the former two don't sound like much of a coincidence to me. Well, I guess there really wasn't much to discuss about it anyway but then again BZPower and the staff had quite a different attitude those days.


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Gosh, that was a while back. I don't remember which one was first, but I believe it was one of these three:

  • A topic about how I had put Toa masks on the Turaga and made tiny toa... put in set discussion of all things.
  • A topic about how I liked the Throwbots / Slizers.
  • A topic about how Gali couldn't wear a Pakari cause the bottom of the mask hit the socket piece on her torso.
Except for the last one (which was put in the old masks forum) I don't think the others were posting in the right forums at all...



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If I remember correctly, I believe my first topic asked members what  was their favorite Bionicle books. Unfortunately, I didn't know that there was a Official Bionicle books topic, so mine was closed a day or two later. :P

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Probably something in Q&A ... however, I do distinctly remember one of my earliest, even if it's not the earliest: Which Set Would You Like to Have A Double Of?
Went two pages only because I was literally every other post. I was such a noob.

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I am 60% positive that it was an art topic. Either that or something very random in GA, along the lines of "what is the meaning of your avatar?" or stuff like that.


E: No wait it was something in Q&A, about changing your time zone or something. :D

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 My art collection topic - updated! (21/09/2021)

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