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As of September 2014, we are switching from the contest format of past years to a judging system, as seen in OTC.  If you would like to start a TBRPG, please read the information below and then post it here.


Important things to know before submitting:

  • Your RPG must be posted in the RPG feedback topic before submission.
    • If you receive feedback, we would like to see you address it, either by publicly responding to the person who gave the feedback or by adjusting your RPG.
    • Please allow at least seventy-two hours between posting your RPG there and submitting it to the judges.
    • Please don't post incomplete RPG ideas here; the feedback topic's great for fleshing out ideas!
  • We expect GMs to make an effort to keep their games active.
    • If your game becomes very inactive, we reserve the right to close it so that other RPGs can run.
    • If you are contacted by staff about your game's activity, please take it seriously and take the initiative to reach out to your players.
  • If four active RPGs are in progress, you may submit one for approval, but it may not run immediately if approved.
    • If there are no inactive or long-running games, but the judges like your RPG, it'll be placed in a queue to run once a spot opens up.
  • If the judges reject your RPG, you must make changes as recommended by them and open it up for public feedback again.
    • Once you've done this, the judges can take another look, but there's no guarantee of being accepted then.
  • If an RPG has run for one consecutive year and many RPG submissions are queued, we may ask the creator to temporarily close it.
    • This is not a hard-and-fast rule, and things like activity and player satisfaction will be taken into account.
    • After a period of time, you may resubmit to be reopened.
  • If the creator or members of a winning RPG break the RPG forum rules, that RPG will be closed.
    • A queued, approved RPG will take its place.  The creator may not resubmit the RPG in the near future, and any resubmissions will be subject to extra scrutiny.
...I realize that all that might sound pretty scary, but the point is we're trying to keep things active and high-quality.  As changes in the forum happen, expect us to tweak some of the rules here or the limit on TBRPGs.


Our current set of judges is:

Ninth Krayzikk

Parks and Rekt


I Am Ultron Six



If all five approve, you're good to go; if four approve, the Forum Leader (GSR at present) will need to give final approval; if three or fewer do, you'll be asked to work on the idea before resubmitting.


Current RPG hosts: for the moment, you've got some breathing room; the current games will continue through the end of the month, per the original contest.  However, if we get an immediate influx of RPGs, we'll likely be reaching out to you and asking you to re-apply after that period.  Judges will take activity into account when deciding what to keep around.

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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

Useful Topics: The Q&A Compendium | The Official RPG Planning Topic
Stories: Fractures | An Aftermath | Three Stories | LSO 2012 Epics: Team Three | The Shadow and the Sea | The Days They Were Needed | Glitches | Transformations | Echoes | The Kaita and the Storyteller | Nui

BZPRPG: Komae · Soraya · Bohrei

Blog: Defendant Lobby no. 42

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  • 2 weeks later...



The World moves once again. So much has happened that we were forced to leave our home, taking our savior and protector with us...


...But where others failed and vanished from our sight, we arrived safely at our new home. We called it Gaia Magna. Once we arrived upon Gaia, we found that our creators had left it to us, in case that we wrecked the home we were built on. Even better, they left us “gifts”, twenty-two artifacts to ensure that we would never again know the war and violence we faced. We even got the chance to name them. The Major Arcana. Greater Mysteries.


Years passed. Cities rose and fell. We ignored the teachings of our ancestors and creators, and we paid dearly for it. We lost the Major Arcana. We fought, died, and knew pain once more. Now Gaia is painted in the blood of other’s enemies, and the long-lost Major Arcana now finally show their true nature. Not tools to keep the peace like we had once believed.


But instead, weapons to wage nothing short of extinction against those who run afoul of the wielders. Prepare yourself, those-who-come-after, this story is not one of heroes. It is to warn you of the dangers that come from power, greed, and desire. It is to show you the consequences of your actions, and above all, it is to warn you of the twenty-two weapons that now lay buried on The World.




Welcome. This is Luminary. By no means will this be a tale of the caliber that my peers and seniors have written. This story shall not begin like other stories. It will begin, and it will end. The object of this story is simple. By making a character, you are now in direct competition with everyone else in this game. The object of this story, or as some would call it “a game”, is simple. There are twenty-two artifacts known as the Major Arcana. All of them give you powers beyond that of any character. In them, you will be able to control and manipulate the story in ways beyond most are comfortable with. The trick is not wielding them, but first finding them in the ruins, puzzles and traps they were hidden in. Then you must hold onto them, all while searching for the Ultimate Prize. I offer you nothing short of absolute power, so long as you are capable of accomplishing these two tricks. Good hunting.




On Gaia Magna;


Gaia Magna is a world created by the Great Beings in the image of Spherus Magna. For this particular tale, the section of Bara Magna that was most habitable by those-who-came-before shall be used. The exceptions that the six villages that would have been most familiar to those who knew of them are now gone, replaced by tents and shantytowns, temporary respites for killers, murderers and fanatics. What was once “Atero” upon the homeworld, is now a set of ruins made in Atero’s image. Other than this, there are few inconsistencies.


On Organizations;

  • The Justicars:

    • On the homeworld, The Justicars were the primary peacekeepers, originally organized out of Glatorian, they later came to include Toa, Agori, Matoran, and other beings with desire to uphold the law. They were the ones who tried to organize the exodus from the homeworld after the wars broke out. As the player, you could create a member of the Justicars, or a captain, etc. The choice, is yours!

      • The Commander of The Justicars is a Glatorian called , her company of Justicars is centered in the city of Tesera. While the number of Justicars is around a hundred, it’s been routinely proven that there simply are not enough Justicars to patrol all the “civilized” land on Gaia. Other Justicar captains exist in the other settlements, but they commonly lack the manpower or resources as their Tesera counterparts.

  • Bandits:

    • Various groups of bandits not only prowl the wilderness, but many often are centered in the various shanty towns across Gaia. Say, you like looting and pillaging right? How about creating your own bandit gang and all that awesomely fun stuff, yea?

      • The Aterian Vandals.

      • The Vandals are a group of Bandits lead by the infamous Mae Huna. The Vandals themselves seek to collect the Major Arcana so that they could set up an empire across Gaia.


On Species:

A wide variety of species are available for you to play! Inspired by not only the brainstorming sessions that have taken place within recent months for the BZPRPG, but by other recent creative endeavors! While there are the “core” list here, there’s still room for more. If you have a custom species, or would like to suggest one, feel free to shoot the  GM’s a  PM with a detailed outline of what your species is, it’s powers, and a bit of background. Here’s the list of species that are playable at the start of the game:

  • The Matoran Species. Here is the list of approved elements:

    • Air

    • Earth

    • Fire

    • Gravity

    • Ice

    • Iron

    • Jungle/the Green

    • Lightning

    • Magnetism

    • Plasma

    • Psionics (Psionics itself cannot be used in it’s fullness… Since the unifications of the Matoran and Dasaka societies, Psionic Toa have become much more common, following the Daska disciplines shown below.)

      • Sighteye

      • Willhammer

      • Soulsword

      • Mindarm

        • All Psionic Toa have access to the Ideatalk discipline.

    • Sand

    • Sonics

    • Stone/Rock

    • Water

  • Agori

  • Glatorian

  • Vortixx

  • Skakdi (Skakdi have access to the following vision powers:)

    • Heat Vision

    • Impact Vision

    • Infrared Vision

    • Laser Vision

    • Thermal Imaging

    • Telescopic Vision

    • X-Ray Vision

  • Vekhatu [ve-peki-atu] (Credit goes to Demi for creating the Vekhatu)

    • - Place of origin: Artidax.

    • - Social structure: Consists of beings that identify themselves as females. Matriarchy. Very protective of their race and very war-like. Some of them are nomads, and travel in small group or alone around the world. Such nomads aren’t shunned as outcasts or exiles.

    • - Architecture: Jagged dark crystals that serve as entrances to ant-like crystal tunnels underground.

    • - Can imbue weapons/tools with confusing/stunning/demoralizing effects.

    • - Can reconstitute lost body parts with wide range of crystals or dead  members of their own species (considered utterly dishonoring for both dead and alive members).

    • - Weaknesses: Highly susceptible to stunning/demoralizing/mental effects, it ruins mental links between their crystals, leading to losing control over their own bodies. Highly susceptible to effects that can prevent them from regaining standard form, leading to weakening of mental links and eventual death. Can also die from enduring too much damage to their structure and shattering to pieces. Highly susceptible to blunt weapons that can crack crystals, making them not suitable for their forms.

    • -Appearance: Vekhatu share a good deal of their appearance to Vortixx, although made entirely out of crystals.

  • Brutaka’s Species:

    • No formal name

    • Great strength and intelligence

    • Four arms, two of them “retractable”

    • Emits raw energy

    • Resistance to poisons, venoms, mutagen and antidermis

    • Can absorb antidermis for more strength and powers.


On Rules:

  • The GMs include the following people: Hatty Hattington.

  • God-Modding, Meta-Gaming, Bunnying, Auto-hitting, and other things similar to those things are not allowed without express permission from the owner’s character.

  • Use IC and OOC tags to separate your posts.

  • No OOC-only posts.

  • All character profiles must accurately represent the strengths and weaknesses of the character.

  • Killing or injuring a character you do not control without permission is not allowed.

  • The GMs have full control over the world. The fact that possess a Major Arcana means that through skill (and some luck), you have come to possess an in-game item that allows you to influence the world to a greater degree than normal. However, the GMs have the final say over what happens. Do not push your luck.

  • As this is a competitive environment, you are all asked to be polite and courteous to others in all situations. If your character has been defeated, be a good sport about the situation. If any unsportsmanlike actions are taking place in the discussion thread, in the game, or anywhere else, the good news is that those who are performing said actions will still be able to continue on. The bad news is that all participants will be removed from the game. Be polite and courteous, this will be your only warning.

  • If a Major Arcana is used upon your character, the GMs ask that you respectably follow the Major Arcana’s effects. As the Major Arcana are GM devices, they should be treated with the same level of respect as the GMs. Their effects are not questionable in any way.

  • The following Kanohi are banned:

    • Komau

    • Elda

    • Garai

    • Mohtrek

    • The Mask of Emulation

    • Avohkii

    • Kraahkan

    • The Mask of Light and Shadow

    • Rua

    • Aki

    • The Mask of Mutation

    • The Mask of Possibilities

    • Rode

    • Olmak

    • The Mask of Elemental Energy

    • The Mask of Clairivoiancy

    • Olisi
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Alright! First time around the block in the new job. Let's see how this goes. :P




The very first things I noted as I went through are matters of comprehensibility, rather than issues with the game itself. These should be fairly easy to clear up, but for reasons you'll probably see, it's important that they are.


The Commander of The Justicars is a Glatorian called , her company



No name listed for said Commander.



As this is a competitive environment, you are all asked to be polite and courteous to others in all situations. If your character has been defeated, be a good sport about the situation. If any unsportsmanlike actions are taking place in the discussion thread, in the game, or anywhere else, the good news is that those who are performing said actions will still be able to continue on. The bad news is that all participants will be removed from the game. Be polite and courteous, this will be your only warning.



I'm not entirely sure what this rule means. I understand it as far, roughly, as the start of the third sentence, but it's that sentence that I don't really understand. I would recommend rewording to make it a little easier to grasp, especially as it's a rule dealing with the ramifications of bad behavior. 


Now, on to the game itself.


First and foremost, it's a concept we haven't seen the like of in a while. At this phase, that's a good thing; we haven't seen that it doesn't work. That said, there's a drawback as well. We don't really understand what might go wrong with it until it does. This isn't meant to be a deterrent; it's meant to note that, while I can offer up what I see might be an issue, my analysis is by no means comprehensive. You'll need to be prepared to deal with what problems might arise.


Now, the most glaring thing to me is conspicuous by its absence; there is no Locations section. On places like Metru Nui or Mata Nui, you might be able to get away with having a bare-bones outline, but Bara Magna is, largely, an unknown. I strongly urge that you put together at least a brief descriptor of all of the regions, even if there aren't any notable locations within them. For example, you mentioned Tesara, but also said that civilization is mostly shantytowns and the like; I remember Tesara as a city, which would bring these facts into conflict. A Locations section, even a brief one, would do wonders to clear that up.


Secondly, the reliance on things borrowed from BZPRPG canon. Most notably, the Dasaka 'species'. There are contest players who have never set foot in the BZPRPG, and as a result, won't really have any idea what you're talking about here. The idea of borrowing from the BZPRPG to begin with doesn't exactly thrill me, but the Dasaka are a very complicated matter, with many specific explanations and rulings attached that are compiled for use by that game. Luminary lacks, at the very minimum, links to those reference posts. Personally, I wouldn't recommending borrowing from the BZPRPG. It complicates things, and concepts like the Dasaka are very alien to everything that isn't the BZPRPG.


Lastly, the game overall.


I rather like the concept for the game. It's been quite some time since there was a game centered around finding certain items, through solving puzzles and riddles. I think it can be pulled off well, but there are some issues I foresee. Most worryingly, the number, and power, of the artifacts to find. They outnumber even how many players games have had as of late, and each one of them has the potential to be gamebreakingly powerful. I understand that the latter aspect is a large part of the point, but for me, it sets off alarm bells. The aspect of direct competition with other players, too, has the potential to cause problems. That said, again, I understand some of this is part of the point of the game. As such, what I would suggest here is seeing if you can cut down on the number of artifacts to find, without violating the theme. Fewer artifacts to find will keep players grouped together, be it working together or fighting, as they search for the same items, rather than spreading too thin searching for all of them.


So what I want to see, before I approve Luminary;


-Correction of the minor technical issues

-Location Section

-Adjustment to BZPRPG-borrowed portions (Link, at least)

-An explanation of your thoughts on the concerns I raise, if you don't modify anything.


So, for the moment, Luminary is still pending approval. 



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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I'll steer clear of repeating some of the same issues Kray mentioned, but that sentence confuses me too. People will be allowed to continue but will be removed from the game? How does that work? Anyway, enough rehashing...


If the whole idea behind the RPG is to find these Major Arcana...how do we do that exactly? You only say they're in trap filled ruins, and the only ruins you mention are the remains of Atero, so are all of them there? Or are there other ruins scattered amongst the world that we don't know about because your locations section is a bit bare bones? 

Also, and I'm aware you've answered this in the planning topic, but you are going to need to explain what the Arcana are and what they do in your opening somewhere. I'd suggest maybe just listing a handful rather than the full twenty-two, say they're the ones people have the best suspicions about where they are and offer a few clues. Because otherwise people who want to focus on picking up all the Arcana have no way to go about it other than wandering around waiting for you to say "getting warmer!" A locations section, like Krayzikk suggests, would be a good idea. 


Your list of species is a tad unwieldy. You have a tendency to go into detail where you might just provide a link (Brutaka's species and the Vekhatu for example) but then don't provide detail when I have no idea what you mean. What are those disciplines Psionics Toa can do? I barely even know what a Dasaka is other than "those guys Ghosthands created", I got no clue what their disciplines are. And I really doubt I'm the only one. 


Some of your choices for disallowed masks make me raise an eyebrow. The Rode, really? Were you trying to avoid taking focus away from the Arcana Judgement which does exactly the same thing? And you're allowing the element of gravity, why ban the mask of it? I'm not demanding you conform to what my specific criteria of approved masks should be, but an explanation behind some of those choices would be nice.


Oh, and one final thought...where's the standard profile? I'm guessing we do in fact have to fill one out for our characters given rule five specifically mentions profiles, but there doesn't seem to be one to write up. 



I think you could do with giving the RPG another read through to correct the various minor typing mistakes and see where you could provide information that would allow players to do more than stumble blindly around, so its a Pending Approval from me too I'm afraid


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A public notice - Parugi has taken over Basilisk's slot on the judging panel.  Thanks again to everyone who expressed interest!

Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

Useful Topics: The Q&A Compendium | The Official RPG Planning Topic
Stories: Fractures | An Aftermath | Three Stories | LSO 2012 Epics: Team Three | The Shadow and the Sea | The Days They Were Needed | Glitches | Transformations | Echoes | The Kaita and the Storyteller | Nui

BZPRPG: Komae · Soraya · Bohrei

Blog: Defendant Lobby no. 42

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This post is an application for a little extra time to complete City in the Dark. The climax is still going on, and is unlikely to wrap up before the end of the month. I estimate that a couple of weeks would do it, depending on how things go.


It has been in the planning topic for a little over a year, and received feedback in the last contest. Activity has been maintained over the full time the game has been running and does not look to be stopping any time soon, as we are in the climax.


Thank you for your consideration.


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Having experienced my own game being closed in the middle of its climax in the past, I can sympathize with your plight. Request approved x3.




Regarding Luminary--IAUS and Krayzikk covered pretty much everything I can think of, but I do have one question: Considering that the Dasaka are just Toa of Psionics, why is it necessary to even refer to them as anything other than the latter, or as having their own separate society? It seems a tad extraneous to me, given that this line:




Since the unifications of the Matoran and Dasaka societies, Psionic Toa have become much more common, following the Daska disciplines shown below


... implies that the other elemental variants were already part of a singular group. What makes Psionics so special, outside of the BZPRPG's treatment of it, that they need to be separated from the rest?

Follow me on YouTube!





~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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I'll approve City. x5.


Question about Luminary: I can live with Tesara being devolved into a shantytown, the Garai being banned while Gravity isn't (if a Garai gets allowed, it allows for a degree of dual elemental control; learned it the hard way in Techna) and some of the other stuff, because it's easy to add a throwaway line saying "there's ruins across all the planet's surface," but it's the apparent merging of BZPRPG culture into an unrelated RPG that gets me. Honestly, I do like the idea of Psionics Toa being nerfed, but why call them Dasaka if they were widespread in the MU? Orde was reasonably well-known, Norik knew Varian, Helryx had worked with Ce-Matoran for mental shields...why not just use a couple sentences to describe each Psionic discipline, some drawbacks, and call it a day? It saves the hassle of people trying to dig into the BZPRPG for lore - which, as a staff member, I know can get hairy.





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Along the same lines as Lorax, I'd like to request A Journey of Sand, Stars, and Spirit to be able to remain open in order to complete its plotline as well. While it hasn't done as well as City, it does have a fair player-base that have all expressed wishes to continue the story out to completion. As a final note, I expect said story to finish by December and so the slot will become open around New Year's. :)



They call me Zakaro. You should too.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, its been in the Planning topic for nearly a week now, I think I've answered or addressed everyone's problems. And for the sake of fairness I'll only give it my approval if three or more of my fellow judges give it theirs first









All around you is the dark. It is all you have ever known. A liquid gloom that swaddles you better than any blanket, that keeps you safe from the burning gaze of the sun. The only light you need-the only light you want-is the dim green glow that oozes from the crystalline confine that is your entire world. Oh there’s definitely something beyond the glassy walls that cocoon you, but they are dim shadows, patches of deeper blackness within the blackness, beyond your concern and ability to care. You have your world of green gloaming. And it is good.

Then suddenly, pressure. Pulling you and pushing you all at once. Squeezing your boneless body through pipes and tubes you hadn’t known ever existed and now desperately wish didn’t exist at all. You are forced, squirming every inch of the way, further from your old home and towards-Ah! Towards pain! You are pressed into something unyielding and cold, so cold! The ooze that held you before was merely cool, this dread chill is new, sharp and biting like you are caught in the maw of some icy beast. 

Your next new experience is gravity, as you tumble freely until the ground rises to meet you in a cacophonous clang. You begin to realise from the cold, the noise, the inflexibility of the prison you find yourself in that you have gone from a womb of slime to a womb of steel. The metal may close around you tightly, but you are aware that it stretches out far beyond the normal reach of the strip of meat that is your body. Stretches out into gangly limbs, all four naught but metal but…you can feel through them? You’d question how that works but you’re flooded by fresh sensations. Your eyes see better now, freed from the murk of viridescent crystal, and the dark holds no secrets from them as you take in every detail of the cave you find yourself in. You can feel the slight breeze that wafts through the air, bringing with it a smell of musty dampness. You’ve never smelt anything before. It’s…weird. 

But none of this, not the sight, not the smell, not the sensations, none of it compares to the raw power you can feel flowing through the new you-all of the new you, flesh and metal. 

You start getting these new limbs in order. Two end in broad feet that are seeking purchase even before you plant them firmly beneath you. Two others end in a tangle of fingers, each one tapering to a wedge-like claw that score shallow gouges into the rock as you push yourself upwards. Standing for the first time is hard. You hadn’t understood how complicated legs were before, there’s so many minute differences in weight and balance that threaten to topple you right back down again. You fight the urge to hold your arms aloft like wings, letting your joints learn how to compensate. 

Once you’ve mastered standing up, all you want is to run. To chase. To hunt. You want to scale every height of a mountain, to tear down every tree in a forest. Boundless energy bursting through you, its fantastic! Before, when you were tiny and blind, you just felt safe because you were comfortable. Now you feel safe because you’re strong! You could take on the world and win! 

You need to do something to stamp your place in this new world, something to tell anyone who can hear that you are here now and aren’t going to leave any time soon. The armour plates around your head respond to your subconscious will, pulling back to expose the stub of raw flesh that is your head as you open your mouthparts and scream. It is a scream of defiance backed by the staccato rattling of the spines on our back, a scream to put fear in the hearts of anyone who would see you killed or thrown back to that half-life you now realise you led before. You are here to stay! You…are Rahkshi!


Over in the furthest reach of the birthing chamber, hidden behind illusory weaves of shadow that even your eyes could not see through, the Makuta who has been watching the whole scene smiles. For it is good.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Rahkshi. They have always been our stalwart servants. Our eyes, our ears and, if needed, our iron fist. The production of kraata and the design of their armour has been perfected over the many millennia we have been using them so that they are now a shining example of what the biological and the mechanical are capable of when working in unison. 

Which is why it is somewhat perturbing that they seem to be changing.

The “fault”, as I shall call it for now, is a development in their cognitive abilities, allowing them both a range of thought greater than their usual bestial processes and a better capacity to express these thoughts. Put succinctly, they’re getting smarter. Kraata which should be little better than mindless animals seeking to spread corruption purely on instinct are reasoning, imagining and even philosophising. I wouldn’t expect these traits, certainly not to this level, from anything short of a full blown Shadow Kraata yet we now have new-spawns displaying them left, right and centre. It is truly fascinating. 

At first we were unsure of what to do with this new breed. Study them? Train them? Destroy them? There were a number of voices in favour of that latter option but fortunately saner heads prevailed. After all, who knew what kind of use these smarter Rahkshi could have. Imagine a squad of them with teamwork and co-ordination to rival that of Toa teams. Imagine being able to produce strategic geniuses by the handful instead of waiting for likely to generals to rise through the ranks. Imagine Rahkshi who could be expert spies or assassins instead of simply living wrecking balls. With this ridiculous extended skirmish the Dark Hunters have declared on us entering its tenth year some more advanced troops in the field would help enormously with keeping the regions we possess pacified and under control. Though personally I find myself more intrigued by the scientific possibilities of what this might mean for my fellows and I. Evolution in the kraata could mean another step of evolution for we Makuta, and I wish to be ready if we undergo any more radical changes. 

The answer to our curiosity and wariness towards the new breed was to re-use our leader’s solution to the Matoran Civil War: stick everything in a box and wait to see the results. And so the Corpus Rahkshi academy was born. A place to properly keep them. A place to properly train them. A place to properly keep an eye on them…


Ah Rahkshi. We all know they’re pretty awesome, and this RPG is all about them. Basic summary is that, for whatever reason, the Brotherhood of Makuta’s Rahkshi have started getting smarter. An increasing number of them are no longer behaving like feral creatures but have begun developing personalities and increased intelligence. The Makuta decided they’d keep these Rahkshi around rather than atomise them so created a big old school to teach them and, if need be, contain them.

You play as one of the new Rahkshi. Sorry, no exceptions. You’ll be joining the student body, and get to undergo the daily life of a walking weapon being trained by a (quite literally) shadowy organisation. What could possibly go wrong?






~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

I was deemed to most suitable to oversee the Corpus Rahkshi project. I am one of the Brotherhood’s chief scientific minds, and the one least likely to simply give them more teeth and let them loose on an innocent population. Yes Chirox, I know you’re reading this. 

In addition I control the island of Nynrah, giving me access not just to some of the most industrious and ingenious craftsmen the world has to offer but to the resources and infrastructure those same craftsmen use to ship raw materials and finished products. The perfect place to ensure a small army of Rahkshi are properly housed and maintained and enable any damage they cause to be rapidly fixed. There’s no other way of saying it, I was the perfect choice. 

The academy was constructed using a pet project of Mutran’s; that odd growing rock he is inordinately fond of. Given an energy supply to prevent it consuming the students and proper constraints to mould it into appropriate shape, it allowed us to quickly develop and construct an adaptable and self-repairing building to hold the Rahkshi. Most useful.


The RPG takes place in the eponymous Corpus Rahkshi Academy, a castle-like building on its own island just off the south coast of Nynrah. The centre comprises of four blocks of accommodation enveloping a square courtyard, with longer wings on its east and west flanks. Built out of the same stuff the Mountain on Xia is made of, it can fix itself up in case of…incidents and be reconfigured if a room needs to be repurposed. And speaking of rooms, here’s a few of the more important areas within the school grounds.



The Gymnasium


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Physical training is of course a must. If we intend to put these Rahkshi into the field as soldiers then they’ll need to be in peak condition, and versed in all forms of combat and warfare.


The Gym is a huge hall, large enough that its almost its own separate building tacked on to the east side of the academy. In its base state it is a big, empty, upturned bowl but it is the most malleable of the all the school facilities. Want a duel? It can manifest an arena. Want a naval battle? It can simulate water. It has been specifically created to provide any imaginable threat to keep the Rahkshi on their toes.



The Library


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Since the students have been blessed with advanced minds, let them make use of them. Intelligence in one’s underlings is like a flower; for it to properly bloom it must be given the right ground to take root in and sustenance to feed on. And, if needs be, a bit of pruning from time to time…


The Library, located in the Academy’s west wing, is full of a surprisingly diverse range of subjects. There are the obvious books on martial arts and tactics, but they share the building with tomes on anatomy, zoology, engineering, chemistry, architecture, with encyclopaedias, and a seemingly endless catalogue of historical archives. Sure the warfare section is noticeably closer to the entry as a subtle hint, and the histories have been edited and worded with a Makuta-favourable bias but hey, its the thought that counts right?



The Refectory


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Its a necessity that the Rahkshi be fed, but I see no reason to go to any extensive expense or strife to do so. They are here to learn, not to feast.


In the Academy’s eastern wing, conveniently close to the Gym, is the Refectory. It is fairly uninteresting architecturally, being little more than an enclosed box lined with long dining tables. But as the place where all those growing kraata go to eat it’s a focal point of interaction and communication. Shame the only food they serve is a kind of thick gruel, high on nutrition but low on taste.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Some say we have been a little overly optimistic in how many dormitories we have, since the entire south block is, at present, entirely unused. I say that is an unimaginative viewpoint. There’s always a use for an empty room or fifty.


Along with the courtyard that they surround the dorms form the central hub of Corpus Rahkshi. Each room houses a single Rahkshi and are not particularly spacious, containing just one bed and a boxy cupboard for storage. The idea being that such spartan living will encourage the Rahkshi to go out and fill their days with activity rather than laze around listlessly. And for the cleaning and maintenance of their armour suits, each floor has its own washroom, communal arrangements complete with cold and colder running water.



Chirox Causeway


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Technically the students are not permitted to visit the mainland, however in practice there is nothing really that can be done to stop them short of keeping them in chains every second of every day. And thats really only a last resort solution. So I have endeavoured to make the journey, if not exactly perilous, then at least…entertaining. Rather than have a bridge connecting the Academy’s island with mainland Nynrah I had placed a series of irregularly positioned hexagonal pillars, the idea being that the students gain some small manner of exercise from jumping across or flying through them. The name comes from the causeway’s likeness to a set of teeth rising from the sea, and we all know how our esteemed colleague prefers his monsters toothy. Still reading, Chirox?


If you want to go from the Academy to the mainland by foot then you must use the Chirox Causeway, a network of pillars all at varying distances and heights. The students, being Rahkshi, can of course just fly over but some like the challenge of trying to navigate the Causeway’s twists and turns.




Off Campus Locations


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

The island of Nynrah -my island of Nynrah- is the ideal place for an assortment of unknown quantities like the evolved Rahkshi. It is out of the way of any random passers by, has a nearby harbour to ship in supplies and, potentially the most useful of all, is home to the famed Nynrah Ghosts, craftsman without equal. At first we tried forbidding the students from visiting the mainland…and every single one of them ignored the order. So until we can train or breed this disobedient streak out of them we have compromised and requested they keep their excursions restricted to night hours.


The Academy is not the only location in the game. Nynrah plays host to it and there are areas where the student body likes to frequent. The Ghosts are perfectly happy to sell their wares to the students, who usually pay by doing odd jobs or helping out in small ways. And while it is generally frowned upon to visit them during daylight, its not really going to get you any serious repercussions if you do. Just…try not to get caught.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

The Ghosts are an illusive kin. It is how they earned the name after all. So I only feel confident saying that Phantom-on-the-Water is the only village entirely comprised of the craftsmen if I am permitted to affix the addendum “that we know of”. Spanning either side of the River Eidolon it is a mess of smoking chimneys and glowing furnaces, with dying embers and the sound of hammers filling the air. Nothing is ever still, nothing is ever quiet. I suppose it would appeal to a certain sort of person but I personally prefer peace and solitude in which to contemplate important matters. For their part the Ghosts seem unexpectedly happy at having the Academy nearby, possibly as having a building full of Rahkshi just next door discourages any snoops seeking them out.


To most of the outside world Phantom-on-the-Water is just another village full of Fe-Matoran and the industry they love. It churns out well-made but none too special weaponry, maybe a few more ornate trinkets from time to time, but is otherwise indistinguishable from the other settlements on the island. But what the Brotherhood, and by extension you the players, are aware of is that is it headquarters for the ingenious Nynrah Ghosts, a group of Matoran who have always been a bit…looser with their morals than others. Either through avarice or sheer love of their craft they’re generally quite happy to make anything if offered the right price…



The Cauldron


After running through Phantom-on-the-Water the River Eidolon ends at a series of steep cliffs known as Blacksmith’s Bluffs. Where the course of the river stays truest it has managed to wear these cliffs down into a sandy beach the Ghosts use as a harbour for shipping. But the river splits off into a delta of many little streams and tributaries, most of which aren’t strong enough to erode the cliffs down and instead wind up spilling over the edge as a number of waterfalls. And the largest and most powerful of these falls has wound up carving away at the base of the cliffs, where the hammering of waves already weakened it. The combined might of all that water has opened up a fairly sizeable cave that, due to the turbulent curtain of spray that conceals it, has become referred to by the Ghosts as the Cauldron. They use it for smuggling as, so far at least, the Brotherhood is unaware of its presence. The Rahkshi students, on the other hand, know full well it exists and have adopted it for a similar purpose; smuggling and storing items otherwise considered contraband, be they specialised weaponry or just food nicer than the slop served in the Refectory.



On the subject of Rahkshi


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Anyone with the clearance to read these notes is already well aware of what Rahkshi are capable of. I see no point in compiling a list of what everyone already knows and don’t appreciate having my time wasted on such pointless tasks.


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

…I have been informed that for the sake of completeness I need to make a short reference piece on what Rahkshi can do in case the students demonstrate greater prowess. Very well then. 

In terms of sheer physical strength Rahkshi are blessed with greater power than their somewhat gangly frame would suggest. They’re much stronger than Toa, and could even give one of the Skakdi a decent challenge in an arm wrestle or other such test of brawn. With this strength comes a good deal of durability; extensive testing has concluded that a Rahkshi could be thrown or driven through a solid stone wall without any permanent damage. However that is not to say they could shrug it off, their armour does feel pain. It was necessary to give them tactile senses so they could feel temperature changes, know if they were attacked from behind, pick things up without applying pressure enough to crush them, etc. We were at least able to make it so a Rahkshi armour keeps the kraata inside relatively safe from exposure to light, which even the new breed remain depressingly vulnerable to if bright enough. Their metal casings stop sunlight from burning their skin but do little to stop it affecting their sight; Rahkshi are like Onu-Matoran, their vision is near-perfect in the dark but tends to blur or fade the brighter the light gets. The fault in the new breed that gives them their intelligence also allows them to fight down the instinctive fear and dislike of sunlight but it still tends to disorientate and confuse them, a weakness which should leave them once they mature enough. All the more reason for the academy to exist, to train them up to a level they are high enough to shrug off these detrimental effects altogether. 

From strength to speed but alas, this is nothing too special. It was impossible to engineer the armour to be any faster than normal without it also wearing through its joints at an alarming rate. Their reaction speed, on the other hand, is suberb. A Rahkshi would have no trouble snatching a thrown knife or Kanoka right out of the air, though launched projectiles (a cordak or zamor sphere, for example) would give them a bit more trouble. Rahkshi on the whole, though, are better built for cross-country, their durability giving them excellent stamina, their long limbs giving them a decent stride and broad feet providing excellent traction. Assuming they stick to land rather than simply taking to the air a Rahkshi could keep running for days on end.

These estimations are, of course, barring the use of any powers the Rahkshi have. And speaking of powers, those seem to be developing as normal in the new breed. Whatever fault they have that has changed their mentality has not changed that much, at least to the limited degree they have developed so far. And, for anyone voicing their doubts on the significance of the change in our Rahkshi, or questioning what military use this study of them has, I remind those voices that we never expected even the original Rahkshi to able to form Kaita. Yet look how useful a trait that was and continues to be. And yes, for the record, the new breed have demonstrated the capability to form Kaita, which only leads me to question what is going through three of these more advanced minds when they're all crammed into one body. 

Which finally leads me to the newfound intelligence of the Rahkshi. It differs a little between each individual, as it does with any sapient species, but the new breed seem to have brainpower in the same range as your average Matoran. Which is interesting as, so far, they're still all at a fairly early stage in their development. Will their intelligence continue to grow as they level up? And if so, how smart would a new breed be at the sixth stage? Or as a Shadow Kraata? Perhaps we already have level six Rahkshi with the same fault and they're smart enough to conceal it. Its certainly easy to overlook or miss even in the confirmed cases. I know many of my fellows believe that their inability to speak Matoran means the new breed are still little better than rahi, but this is purely a physical limitation. They understand Matoran, and often many other languages, perfectly fine but their mouths are just not built right for the job of speaking it...so they've developed their own language. Its spread through the school like wildfire, all the students have mastered it. And I recently discovered a few of the Ghosts had picked it up as well, I suspect in anticipation of what constant customers the students may become. With this in mind we may need to curtail visits to the mainland a little more...


Playing as a Rahkshi means you get a few advantages, what with being encased in solid metal and all. You’re stronger and tougher than you would be as, say, a Toa. You’re nowhere near invincible but you’re packing enough brute power to give anything that isn’t Krekka level brawny a really bad day. Oh, but since kraata are mentally linked with the armour they inhabit (since thats how they move it and all) you’re going to feel any damage that gets inflicted upon it. Basically you can’t pull a Black Knight and claim losing an arm ’tis but a scratch is what I’m saying. 

You start as a fairly newborn kraata, which would normally put you at level one but thanks the boost from being made Rahkshi and the few months you’ve spent training at the academy your powers are currently at the second level. This would be so you have powers that might be of some actual use, though you’re not quite at the point where you could level cities so a bit of creativity and imagination in how you use them is going to go a long way. This would also make them, in human terms, something akin to teenagers.

You can also fly, a standard Rahkshi ability, an action which takes about as much energy to maintain as a light jog. You also need to be able to get into the ‘reclined’ position, but thats only going to be a problem if you’ve got a trapped foot or something.

Kaita are also possible, though there are a few restrictions on forming them. First, they can only be formed by characters from three players, no roping in a couple of NPCs to make yourself suddenly bigger and stronger. And each specific combination requires a profile be filled out and approved beforehand of what the Kaita would look like and what additional power it gets upon formation. Finally, in a slight change from how Rahkshi Kaita usually work, the minds of all three participants are present and have the potential to control the one body, but they have to be working together to maintain the fusion. You can't simply have one player performing one action while another makes an entirely different and separate attack and the third trying to retreat because that loss of unity will result in the Kaita simply dissolving back into three Rahkshi. You need to all be working together to the one goal, co-ordinating your efforts as a team for the Kaita to actually work. 



The Staff

You guys and your Rahkshi aren’t the only ones at the school, naturally. It has a small contingent of staff in place to act as anything from teachers to janitors. Growing Rahkshi need a lot of looking after you see. Here’s a bit more detail on the characters who’ll be doing their best to keep you in line.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

I feel it would be no exaggeration to say I was really the only possible choice for the position of Corpus Rahkshi’s headmaster. In addition to the many advantages my rank and position gives me I am one of the few Makuta who takes a very serious scientific interest in kraata and their development. While lesser minds are content to simply create monster after monster, I find my interests leaning towards understanding and improving those creatures that are, after all, a part of ourselves.


The Makuta of Nynrah, put in charge of Corpus Rahkshi possibly because he kept telling people he was the best man for the job more than because he actually was. He doesn’t really consider the Rahkshi to be people or individuals, but tools. Weapons. Things he can study and examine, like an entomologist pinning butterflies. Fortunately his other duties with the Brotherhood keep him relatively busy and he tends to leave the day to day running of the school to his subordinates Suvak and Palma.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Suvak is a Skakdi, a veteran captain from the wars of Zakaz who was forced into, shall we say, early retirement when a particularly nasty battle took the arm, leg and most his face off the right side of his body. Cybernetic replacements for these were the payment that lured him into being Corpus Rahkshi’s Drillmaster. If I were to describe him in a few words it would be ’solid’ or perhaps ‘dependable’. His tactics in Zakaz were all tried and true, tested through use in repeated battles, which won him a few victories but ultimately got him outwitted by one of the more imaginative warlords who preferred to invent their own strategies. Still, we need no battles won, we need someone who knows how to handle and train very dangerous individuals, and I feel confident leaving our students in his somewhat predictable hands.


Despite the fact that he is technically only in charge of the students’ physical training, making him a glorified PE teacher, Suvak is generally the one who handles most of the academy’s daily business and is directly under Tridax in the hierarchy. His right arm and leg are entirely mechanical, the silver and grey stark against his natural green and gold colouring, as is the metal plate covering the missing half of his face. But don’t think that makes his eyesight, or his laser vision, any less accurate.

He is not quite as harsh a taskmaster as Tridax seems to think he though, as he is a decent enough commander to understand that down-time is not just important but pretty much necessary. You can’t keep your troops constantly wound up or they’ll snap, so he is perfectly happy to let the students do what they like with their time off regardless of how little military potential Tridax may see in it.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Someone was needed to make sure the students were kept hale and hearty, and given how likely, or rather certain it was that the students would injure themselves or others that someone needed to be very very good at their job. I selected Palma for this task, a Rahkshi that has been in my service for many years now. Its knowledge of medical matters is unrivalled by any, and I would say outclasses even some of my fellow Makuta. In addition I feel that, as a loyal and well-trained Rahkshi, it makes an excellent example of what the students should be aspiring to.


Palma is a Rahkshi of Quick Healing, and while not one of the new breed has intelligence enough from being a full-blown Shadow Kraata that she can match wits with them. Oh yes, thats right, Palma identifies as female, something she has only started to do in recent months. Seems the personalities of the students might be a little catching.

Normally a bog standard brown and black, the colours of her kind, she’s adopted the practise of colouring the armour plates of her shoulders white with crossing red bands running across them, signifying her more supportive medical role. Though school nurse is not the limit of her role, she also acts as unofficial teacher of biological and anatomical matters that the students ask after, a fair number wishing to become healers themselves.



The Porters


~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

The Porters are a batch of what I understand have been named ‘Fohrok’ by some of the underlings within the Brotherhood. Admittedly the last time we commissioned an army of these machines it did not turn out so well, but after promising not to exact any more vengeance on the Ghosts once we had eliminated those responsible for that fiasco we managed to broker another deal. We have a small platoon of them to carry out maintenance and fix things the living building cannot fix itself. And, for reasons I cannot explain, they have a bizarre fixation on the flower beds around the dormitory courtyard. Curious.


Carrying out most of the more menial tasks are the Porters, funny little things that can often be seen rolling about the school heading to whatever needs fixing. They’re harmless really, and quite polite in a passive and completely silent way. If you get in their way they’ll just stand stock still, chittering slightly, until you move. Still enough of them in one place, with their yellow and black colours and unblinking glowing eyes, and they bear an unsettling resemblance to a swarm of large land-bound wasps. Their unusual fascination with tending the small garden in the dormitory area is a little gift from the Nynrah Ghosts, this time being a bit more subtle in their efforts to prevent the Fohrok being used as an army.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Most of the time I am happy to let the Rahkshi simply develop as they will. Why force a natural strategist to haul weights, why teach a keen healer to break bones rather than set them, why cage a skilled martial warrior within a prison of books? The students each have different talents, often depending on their personalities rather than powers, and any talent can have a purpose to someone with enough reason to see its use. 

There a few occasions where I feel a little more…direction is needed. Just to give the students a push along the right path. These assignments will usually be long term projects for the students to complete but I understand Suvak is planning a few that are a little more instant in their gratification.


This RPG is, in general, a sandbox that simply lets you play around with the fact that you’re in a high school made for and filled with Rahkshi. But if the inevitable craziness that will ensue from that premise doesn’t sate your role-playing needs then the Corpus Rahkshi staff will be giving your characters various projects or missions. Think of them as mid-terms. The first of these projects will be started as soon as the game gets off the ground. 

These assignments are not mandatory, but taking part and completing them will give you a decent boost to your experience and boost how fast you level up. 




To join up you’ll need to write up a profile and get it approved (with this rule and profile also applying to any Kaita you wish to form). I’ll go a bit more in depth into what each one is about but if you think you’ve got the hang of it then here’s the basic form for you to copy and fill in. There is currently no limit on how many characters you can create.











And with that here’s a little more information that should help answer any questions you might have, thought if you still have any feel free to just ask.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

As representations of their individuality, most of the students have picked out names of their own choosing. Some have taken a word they find particularly meaningful or identifiable. Others have just mashed a random series of syllables together. I know of at few who have simply named themselves after the first thing they saw with Rahkshi eyes. I’m sure they consider it most poetic but having a dozen students all called Floor makes it very difficult to tell them apart.


A fairly self-explanatory section, simply give your character a name. And since your characters are going round just making up their own names you’ve got pretty much free rein over what you pick. Heck I’ll even allow real world names if they’re not glaringly obvious. Just be warned, if you choose to name your character something like SuperShadoSlug616 then, while it won’t be automatically disallowed, you can expect your character to be mocked at every turn for every waking second of every day for naming themselves something so ridiculous. 





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

The fault that causes the enhanced mental capacity of the students does not seem to be limited to any particular genus of kraata. Each of the forty-two different sub-species of known and catalogued kraata has at least one representative within the student body.


Another fairly simple one, what are you a Rahkshi of? You have forty-two flavours to pick from ranging from Ice Resistance to Plasma, bound to be one that takes your fancy.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

So far all the new breed of kraata are, well, new. All of them are recently created, there’s none older than a year. In a way I quite like seeing them so fresh and raw, it means I have greater opportunity to study their development.


As mentioned previously all characters will start off at level 2, which I’d hoped would be a decent compromise between giving you some actually effective abilities while not making them so powerful you can just blast your way through problems without thinking. Levelling your character up will be decided by the staff on a case by case basis. If you’ve been posting very frequently, having your character train a lot and interact a lot then of course you’re going to level up, its just common sense. But if perhaps you don’t have as much free time and don’t post as much but make sure each of your posts is a well crafted thing of beauty, then thats going to earn you credit just the same.

Also worth noting is that, despite the Brotherhood’s best efforts to focus Corpus Rahkshi on more military aspects of life, you do get experience for other activities since, with your characters being so young, everything is a new experience for them. Go learn smithing from the Nynrah Ghosts, form a band with some friends, both just as valid a method for levelling up as regular sessions at the Gym. There are many roads to be becoming a Shadow Kraata and they’re all as valid as each other.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Hmm. No, even my superior mind has trouble with this particular concept. I never thought of Rahkshi as either male or female in any aspect of my works or life before and frankly care little about it now. I suppose that if we’re going to call them Sons of Makuta it makes sense to let some choose to be our Daughters instead.


You might think this one is fairly simple, but I’ve done things a little differently. See, I figure since Rahkshi are just slugs in armour any gender they have is entirely their up to own choice and preference, so why stick with just the binary male/female option. If you want feel free to, for example, be both. Or neither. Or alternate between them depending what day it is. The Rahkshi are getting a completely free choice in the matter, I don’t see why you players shouldn’t as well.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

We were a little reluctant to give the students authentic Rahkshi staves right off the mark given how untested they were. Who knew what kind of boosting or accelerating effect it would have on them? So instead they were given access to the academy’s small armoury where they could pick out simple weaponry for day to day use. However we have started to notice this weaponry getting a lot less simple, and the students starting to carry more intricate gadgets. I strongly suspect the Ghosts’ involvement but, as yet, do not know how or where they are getting this equipment into the school.


This would be for what your character carries around with them. Owning some form of weaponry is about as close to a uniform as the school gets, and you needn’t feel restricted to the long staffs that are the Rahkshi’s trademark. 

This would also be the place to list more personal items. Maybe you have some trinket or gewgaw, maybe you carry some tools, maybe you’ve got yourself an instrument, that sort of thing. Though with these and the weapons don’t overdo it with how amazing or powerful they are. You may have the Nynrah Ghosts making you stuff but they still want paying and you’re limited by what you can practically afford. Favours can only get you so far. 





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

The differences between the regular Rahkshi and the newly developed variety is purely mental, there’s no obvious physical differences between the two species. Well, not until the new breed start expressing themselves again. They’ve developed a taste for body modifications, adding designs or piercings to themselves to distinguish themselves from each other. Its unusual but ultimately harmless.


Yes you’re going to look like a Rahkshi, that much is obvious, but have you made any changes or additions to yourself? Perhaps your character has picked up some tattoos or armour decals. Perhaps you’ve changed your colours up to confuse your enemies. Or maybe you’re just naturally a little different from other Rahkshi, a bit burlier or a bit shorter and such. Just let the creative juices flow.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

A consequence of the increased brainpower the students is that they’re exhibiting much more developed identities and personalities than normal. Rahkshi usually have certain traits that define their particular variation -a Guurahk will carefully study its prey,  a Kurahk is always be swift to anger and so on- but what the new breed are demonstrating is much more advanced and often not even related to those traits. Which makes so little sense it offends me.


I know there’s a decent sized chunk of players who don’t like these sections, and prefer to let their characters personality show through their writing, but I figured since the entire point of the RPG is that the Rahkshi are developing personalities of their own then a section in the profile was probably needed. Doesn’t need to be an essay, maybe just a brief description of the basic traits of your character.





~From the Notes and Observations of Makuta Tridax, Master of the Isle of Nynrah~

Most of the students are new to this world so haven’t had a chance to build up much of a career or reputation. However I’m sure that within the groups and cliques that are forming within the student body there are many that would consider themselves important.


As a freshly created beings your bios aren’t going to be too long, most of your entire existence so far consists of the months you’ve sent at the school. But thats still plenty of time to have accomplished things. Leant some new skills, made something you’re proud of, made some choices about your life, lots to be done. And feel free to talk with your friends, arrange for your characters to also be friends (or indeed enemies) in-game, you’ve had the time to build relationships like that.





  • BZP rules do, of course, apply. Should go without saying but I’m going to anyway
  • No god-modding thank you. This includes pulling new powers out of nowhere, defeating hundreds of enemies without breaking a sweat, shrugging off any attack that hits you and so forth.
  • By similar token don’t go controlling other people’s characters too much without their permission. Having them do something minor or speak a few words isn’t too much of a quibble but keep anything too big for your own characters.
  • Don’t be too silly with your RPing. I know this is a game about teenage Rahkshi in a high school but thats no excuse to go around with a custard pie gun shooting everyone in the face. Unless you have a perfectly legitimate reason for it at least.
  • Playing the game is really simple. You simple use the acronym IC (In Character) to denote what it is your character is doing or saying, and OOC (Out Of Character) for anything that is you as a person. For example:


IC: Floor waited in line at the Refectory, wondering if today would be the greyish sludge with mysterious lumps or the mysterious sludge with greyish lumps


OOC: Available for interaction if anyone wants to be next in line


  • Since people will be reading your posts to know whats going on please try to keep them as legible and understandable as possible. Grammar is your friend.
  • Try not to take things too personally. If one player’s character is attacking or insulting one of your characters it is not an attack on you by proxy. I’ve seen even veteran RPers forget this on occasion so just bear it in mind. 



Well thats all the boring stuff out the way, lets get this started and have fun!

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Apologies for the delay, but I can now render my thoughts on Corpus Rahkshi.


I don't see any issues from the technical side, though a few elements make me raise my eyebrows (outside of the basic premise :P) simply due to their unusual nature. That said, I don't see any reason to bar approval.


Approved x2



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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I know I'm not a judge... but I approve of Corpus Rahkshi and will be playing.

That should be expressed in its topics, or the Planning one. :P This topic is only for submissions and Judge responses.

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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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  • 2 months later...

In this world, is Destiny controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God, hovering above?

At least it is true that we have no control; not even over our own will.


In ages long past, the brother deities of light and shadow grew tired of and abandoned our world. In the absence of darkness and light, the world faded to a drear grey. Shrouded in fog, cold stony deserts and dense primordial forests stretched across the land. Knowledge, history and culture rusted away. The matoran hid away in sparse settlements. Furtive and cautious.


Then they came from the inky darkness between worlds, a new pantheon of gods. Reclaiming the mantles of light and shadow, they acted as prisms, splitting the dualistic concepts into a rainbow of color. They led the matoran to reclaim the land, building great empires in the western lands and taming the east, extracting great riches from the fields, the sea and the deep mines.


Peace and prosperity was not to last. As had the brothers before them, the gods began to bicker and fight amongst themselves. Great armies met on the western plains, unleashing powers they could not control. The number of dead was countless, and the west was left desolate and barren. Possessing only fractions of the brother's powers, many of the gods fell. Those that lived fled to the east and went to sleep in great tombs. Set to slumber for the long years it would take to recover.


As the years past, the gods were forgotten. They still slept in their great stone tombs and the world progressed without them. The great eastern cities of Seize and Vingt grew into nations. When resources became scarce, wars were fought once more. Lacking the weaponry and power of the old world, these skirmishes ended in pyrrhic victories or draws. Open conflict cooled into a slow and steady build up of weapons, resources and technology. Both sides wary of committing to a fight without a clear advantage.


Far in the west, one god had survived the catastrophic wars. A trickster biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to act. They wanted to see war resume again, eager to pursue his sinister plans. With great secrecy he entered the tombs of the sleep gods, stealing weapons, Kanohi and sources of knowledge. He returned to the west, hiding the seven items away before taking on the guise of a simple matoran, traveling merchant, politician, priest and more. Walking among the matoran, he spread rumors of great power hidden in the west, power from the old world.


These rumors soon reached those in positions of power. The lure of these treasures was irresistible. Turning their sights from their neighbors, they readied themselves to travel into the west. Past the frozen mountains and eery green glass plains into the very heart of mystery.


Table of Contents

1.0 - Prologue

2.0 - Current Events

2.1 - Technology

2.2 - Armor

3.0 - Civilized Lands

3.1 - Seize

3.2 - Vingt

3.3 - Neuf

3.4 - Treize

4.0 - Nomansland

4.1 - Ertrunken

4.2 - Motara

4.3 - Inselstein

4.4 - Ihu Mountain Range

5.0 - Characters

5.1 - NPCs

5.2 - Player Characters

5.3 - Player Armor


6.0 - Rules



Current Events

In some places it came as map, others received coordinates or spoken word, the unlucky were given riddles or cryptic stories. All told the same tale; Power from the old world! Treasures buried beneath the western wastes! Whoever could brave the frozen mountains and paved deserts, the haunted green-glass plains or the drowned caverns, those brave few would find riches, power and knowledge beyond their wildest dreams!

Tales of this sort were not uncommon. Every old merchant or mercenary out of Neuf or Treize had stories to tell from living on the western border of civilization. What let this particular retelling gain a foothold in the collective consciousness was the internal consistency, the maps matched up well with the few that were kept of Nomansland, the coordinates lined up and the stories and riddles had physical evidence to back them up. Chunks of metal-alloy with strange properties, green-glass shards still warm to the touch and chunks of bone that must've belonged to fantastic creatures. People were able to feel and hold and see what had only existed as hearsay.

It was not long before word reached those in positions of power. The regions of Vingt and Seize had maintained an uneasy peace for several hundred years. They had gone to war over resources, perceived slights and clashes of culture in the past, but they had proved to be evenly matched. The only victories were pyrrhic and hard fought. The possibility of trump cards proved irresistible to the military and political minds that ruled.

Both nations began to prepare expeditions into Nomansland, large and well equipped, ready to fight through the harsh terrain where others had failed. Great roads were cut through the northern and southern ends of the Ihu Mountain range. Small paths and roads had always been interspersed throughout, these were veritable highways. Made to carry vast armored divisions safely through the mountains and to allow the ferrying back of whatever treasures or resources they found.




Several important pieces of technology exist, including forms of transport, ranged weaponry, trade and crafted related tools and items of luxury. Small single-user technology includes;


  • Electronic smart-tablets; They come programmed with map, note taking and basic mathematical functions. Opening their smooth metal casings is a sure way to destroy the delicate inner workings. For these reason, the secrets of their manufacture has stayed with Treize.

  • Fine metal and glass tools; Scissors, staplers, handheld watches, measures, rulers and basic magnification devices and lenses.

  • Elemental Energy Enabling Devices (or "Edd's" as they are known for short); A small device worn by matoran, it grants them access to their innate elemental powers, giving them low level control over their element. Commonly made to be worn around the wrist or neck, they resemble a wristwatch in outside appearance.

  • Radio; Both handheld and larger variants built into Armor or buildings.

  • Greypowder ; A volatile explosive made from ground heatstone, lightstone and a filler such as ash or fine sand. Sharp impacts and fire will set it off. Handheld weaponry must be muzzleloaded. Some Armor is equipped with breechloading main guns. Muzzleloaders pack a punch, but their range is short and their accuracy sketchy.
  • Native Technology ; Unless otherwise noted, items such as Volo Lutu launchers, wooden, metal (very rarely powered) disk launchers and other technology from canon Mata-Nui is available.



The island of Mata-Nui measures 357 kio from west to east and 178 kio from north to south, long distance travel on foot is impractical. Large rahi that once served as mounts have gone extinct, become wild or are bred solely as food sources. Most travel is done with Armor, colloquially referred to as tanks or exosuits. Three category of Armor exist; tread based, leg based and single user exoskeletal Armor.

Smaller vehicles are powered entirely by Great or Noble Kanohi, matoran and skakdi are unable to harness their powers directly, but when used as a battery of sorts, their powers can manifest at a weak level in the vehicle they are powering. Larger vehicles rely on both a Kanohi and either a conventional battery or liquid fuel processed from tar pits or sands.

  • Exosuits

  • Single-User

  • Average of 1.6 Bio tall, stature comparable to a Skakdi

Similar to the Boxers or Exo-Toa of the past, these suits are designed for a single matoran to use. The pilot seated in the torso/head of the vehicle with the Kanohi serving as a face/head protection as well as battery. Most are designed for industrial usage or travel through rough terrain and therefor lack conventional weapons, though the strength, speed and low level Kanohi powers can make them dangerous.

Exosuits are equipped with either simple grasping mechanisms or industrial tools like drills, saws, welding torches or piledrivers as hands.

  • Light Armor

  • Multiple-User (Gunner/Loader, Driver/Navigator, shared Radio operation duties)

  • Average length of 7 bio, width of 2.5 bio and height of 2.5 bio

An Armor variant designed for rapid movement, primarily employed in the reconnaissance role, or in support of expeditionary forces where the larger battle armor cannot be made available. Early light armor was little more than armored carts, the wheels eventually replaced with armored treads to brave rough terrain and survive fire from increasing powerful weaponry.

Light Armor, as the name implies, lacks heavy armor to withstand direct hits from high power weaponry. They are designed for defense through mobility, stealth and adaptability. Typically powered by a Kadin or Miru, they can achieve limited flight with their use, allowing them to cross deep rivers or small ravines that would otherwise necessitate the use of field engineers to cross.

Standard weaponry is a greypowder cannon, fixed to the swiveling top section of the vehicle, unlike handheld graypowder weaponry it's ammunition does not require packing, the gunner/loader position merely places a pre-made greypowder shell into the loading port and manually triggers the firing mechanism. Additional weapons can be added but do not come standard because of weight issues.

  • Medium Armor

  • Multiple-User (Gunner/Loader, Driver, Radio Operator/Navigator)

  • Average length of 9 bio, width of 3.5 bio and height of 3-4 bio

Medium Armor, as the name suggests, represents a compromise between the reconnaissance and mobility oriented light armor and the armor and armament oriented heavy armor. They are the most widely produced and cost effective armor class, comprising the bulk of both Seize and Vingt's armor divisions.

Equipped with a Kanohi and petrol engine or electric battery, medium armor has the necessary power to carry heavier armor and weaponry than light armor while retaining enough speed to be useful in the field. Their armor can withstand several direct hits from light armor weaponry and from one to three hits from heavy armor weaponry, depending on angle of impact, distance and location. If powered by a Kadin or Miru they can achieve short "jumps" of up to ten bio with a ramp and enough room for acceleration. They are more commonly equipped with a Hau or Kaukau to provide additional protection or allow for the crossing of deeper bodies of water.

Standard weaponry is a larger version of a grey powder cannon found on light armor. Additional weapons include either a heavy disk launcher affixed to the navigator's port or a co-axial elemental gun affixed to the main cannon, that can fire concentrated elemental blasts when manned by a matoran with an Edd.

  • Heavy Armor

  • Multiple-User (Gunner, Loader, Driver, Radio Operator/Navigator)

  • Average length of 12 bio, width of 4.5 bio and height of 4-5 bio

The heaviest and largest class of armor, providing increased firepower and defense at the cost of mobility, maneuverability and, particularly, expense. During past open wars heavy armor was designed to break through enemy lines and fortifications, in practice they have seen more use in a defensive role. Usually remaining stationed in the capital or smaller cities as a short-range mobile anti-armor weapon. Very few seen field use.

Equipped with a Kanohi and petrol engine for movement, their electric batteries are devoted to increased radio range and firepower. The few heavy armor that is used in the field is often used as mobile bases for the long range radio. Traveling several bio behind the light armor scouts while still maintaining some distance ahead of the foot soldiers and bulk of the forces. An officer can use the radio to relay messages from the scouts back to the main force. They cannot achieve any flight when equipped with a Miru or Kadin, the extra shielding provided by a Hau is unnecessary, so Heavy Armor sees a wide variety of masks with more subtle effects.

Standard weaponry is a large electromagnetic coil gun, powered by huge batteries kept onboard. It fires the same shells as light armor at much higher speeds, giving it increased range, penetration and accuracy. Heavy disk launchers are affixed to both the navigator's port and co-axially to the main gun. Elemental weaponry can be substituted for the co-axial disk launcher.

  • Fikou

  • Multiple-User (Gunner/Loader, Driver/Navigator, shared Radio operation duties)

  • Average length of 5-6 bio, width of 2.5 bio. Chassis is held 1.5 bio above the ground with legs in a default position

The Fikou class of armor was designed in Treize, they are composed of a light armor chassis fitted with six legs instead of treads, allowing for far more mobility than light armor at the cost of a slight reduction in speed, increased chance of complications and the fact that the legs are a prime target for enemies. Because of these issues they are typically only deployed for scouting missions where the terrain will be too difficult for even Kadin equipped light armor. Weaponry and power systems are identical to light armor.



Civilized Lands



The eastern half of the island is divided into four regions; Seize, Vingt, Neuf and Treize. Far larger than their neighbors, Seize and Vingt are undoubtedly the most powerful. The remaining two maintain their independence through smaller but highly skilled and advanced military and naturally defensible terrain.



"A grand city bathed in twilight, the volcanic dust and ash that gives the region it's fertile soil also clouds the atmosphere around the central crater, dimming the sunlight and producing a melancholy orange hue, even at high noon."

Near the northern coast lays the city of Seize, for which the region is named. The city is built around an extinct volcano, the inner city sitting within the natural walls created by the crater and the outer city extending for several kio around it. Within the walls the architecture is grand, the governmental center is housed in a grand cathedral, the tall towers of which can be seen even beyond the walls. High ranking military officers, politicians, merchants and priests populate the central city. Under the cathedral is a holy area, inaccessible to all but the highest priests. The tombs of numerous gods are located there.

As one moves out from the center the wealth stretches thin and the architecture grows simple. Two large barracks housing the majority of the military's soldiers, munitions and armor are located on the southeastern and southwestern borders of the city. The remaining outer city is fairly nondescript. Streets and open markets dot the landscape before thinning to agricultural zones and ranches, the largest and most productive are located to the west in the grassy flatlands between Seize and Neuf.

The northern coastal area is somewhat of a criminal underground, far away from the military bases and power centers, a collection of pirates, smugglers, general lowlifes and more petty criminals have congregated. The more dangerous parts of it are well hidden from the outside, the more clever among them working hard to keep their small home as inconspicuous as possible.

Seize's government is publicly exhibited as an autocracy, leadership coming in the form of decrees, published speeches and announcements from the Emperor, a title given to the eldest male of the Lhii family, an old house claiming to be descendents of an legendary hero that ruled the old world cities Seize is built upon. In actuality, a large senate made up of the aristocrat merchants, military officers and priests that own and control much of central city controls the nation, leaving the Emperor in place as a figurehead.

The populace has a large degree of personal freedom but are kept under as close a watch as the senate and military can maintain. Their eye being strongest in the central city and near the two military barracks. As mentioned earlier, their control over the northern coast and the farm lands is much looser. Military service and training is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged and they receive many recruits. On paper, this gives Seize an advantage in numbers over their neighbors, but their production of Armor and technology is close to that of Vingt, so many of the military personal serve as civil engineers, glorified farmers, public workers and in other non-combatant roles.


Locations of importance include;

  • Grand Cathedral, located in the center of the city. Above ground entrance permitted with reason, below ground entrance strictly prohibited.
  • Market Street, nickname for the main southern road. It passes between the two military barracks and features a wide variety of shops, stalls, inns and taverns. The shopping district is located here.
  • Southwestern Barrack, overseen by Sgt Wilheim, the majority of non combatant personal make their home here.
  • Southeastern Barrack, overseen by Sgt Magbaredge, populated by active duty soldiers, medics and engineers.
  • Northrun, collective name for the small interconnecting roads of the northern coast. It features all the stalls and peddlers you wouldn't find on Market Street, including the ones you don't want to be found visiting.



"Where Seize is grand, noble and golden, Vingt is utilitarian and nondescript. Dense rainforests hide the capital, built over top of an ancient temple and it's catacombs. It is a wonder they managed to field an army, construct and pilot Armor in such a blasted region."

Near the southern coast sits the city of Vingt, the southern region it leads is named after it. The capital city is built over a temple and it's underground labyrinth from the old times called "Mangaia", whatever purpose it served or beings it houses have long since been forgotten. The buildings are low and sprawling, forming a rough triangle with the temple at it's center. The temple has been greatly expanded and serves as it's governmental center.

Unlike in Seize, people of many different economic, military and religious castes congregate in the city, making it a hub of trade and business. Merchants frequently travel through the area bringing goods from other regions to sell or trade for goods to take with them to Treize or Seize. This makes the central market stalls one of the best places on the island to acquire technology or more unique weaponry.

North of Vingt is the great volcano that marks the center of the island, it has been dormant for several thousand years and is the primary source of ores for the southern region as it lacks the wide spread mineral deposits that Seize has. The nation's military bases are situated at the foot of the mountain because of it's central location, valuable resources and the many trade routes that converge around it.

The southern coast is long and tropical, numerous fishing and farming settlements dotting the coastal roads. Further inland and east of the capital the land is far less hospitable. Consisting of dense and untamed jungle and swamp. The only area with sizable population is the great lake Kanae. Outside of the roads cut between it and the capital, the jungles are sparsely populated and used mostly by hunters, trackers or as a suitable hiding spot for those with more devious intentions.

Vingt has had a long history of governments rising and falling due to it's spread out nature and wide variety of cultures. The current government is a democratic republic, it is rather young, naive and dangerous. Where as Seize has warred in the past for resources and land, the government of Vingt has shown an easily offended and zealous nature. Just as likely to show aggression over differences in culture or ideals as it is over resources or more material matters.

Personal freedom is prized in Vingt, military service is neither mandated nor heavily advertised. Though, political propaganda is frequent. This leaves them with a smaller military than Seize, but as noted earlier, the size difference is primarily in the non-combatant roles. The military is well trained and their Armor pilots are renowned as some of the best on the island. Inventing and popularizing many of the kanohi based tactics with Armor.


Locations of importance include;

  • Mangaia Office Complex, collective name for the governmental buildings clustered around the ancient temple Mangaia. Under increased security as of late due to political unrest. Entrance and exits of the most important buildings are under surveillance at all times and plainclothes guard patrols are frequent. The temple grounds are a public park for workers to enjoy some sunshine on their breaks. The temple proper is sealed.
  • Great Swamp, area southeast of the capital. Consists of dense jungle and swamps.
  • Trev's Bargain Goods! A famous general store in Vingt's market district. Features just about all the junk you could legally buy, usually used. Also acts as a pawn shop.
  • Vert's Pricey Goods! Directly across the street from Trev's. The owner and sole proprietor is Trev's brother, Vert. Features a lot of new and shiny things. If you're looking for shadier contacts, this is the place to ask.
  • Kanae Fishing District, small settlement on the southern shore of Lake Kanae. Popular rest stop for travel between Vingt and Seize.
  • Blackrock Military Base, primary military barrack for Vingt. Located low on the central volcano. Named for it's walls which made of dark volcanic basalt. Overseen by Commandant Ubik.



"This is Neuf, you silly fool! Neuf! Right on the doorstep of chaos! Right in the heart of everything! The seepage of evil is so great, I have a hundred wild Rahkshi to subdue every month!"

The westernmost province, Neuf is a moderately sized city built around a fortress. It sits on the eastern side of Naho Bay, close enough to see the edge of Nomansland with the naked eye. Where the larger cities are sprawling and open. Neuf is closed and fortified. Thousands of years of border skirmishes with Seize and almost daily encounters with beasts and outlaws from the west have forged a tightly knit community focused on one thing; survival.

Every building and street was fashioned by master tacticians and generals, outside it's great eastern wall the land has been razed, salted and leveled to provide no cover for potential enemies. (Not to mention, soften up any merchants coming to and fro) Cold winds blow off the central mountains and intermingle with warmer ocean currents creating frequent rain and thunderstorms.

Such a land breeds hardy people, the people of Neuf are all trained in the art of war. Everyone from young children to wizened hermits can operate and maintain greypowder weaponry or heavy disk launchers as well as receiving extensive training in melee combat and lessons on how to operate any type of Armor and any position therein. The crafts and tradesmen of Neuf are equally disciplined. Braving the icey mountains to mine for valuable ores, working the strip of fertile land on the western side of Naho Bay and sailing out onto the rough seas to catch fish, sharks and great whales. The few warriors or workers that defect are valued greatly by the other nations.

Neuf has a stable utilitarian/meritocratic system of government, a council of respected and veteran military officers and craftsmen serving limited terms of office. The many challenges they face from the land and outside aggressors have taught them that social and political stability are as valuable as any resource. Many of the island's Skakdi and Vortixx live in Neuf. Their prowess as warriors and technicians well valued and rewarded.


Locations of importance include;

  • Fort Naho, the great fortress that Neuf was built around. It serves as the center of government, prime military barrack and the province-wide "safe zone." The area to evacuate to in case of disaster. Named for it's location on Naho Bay.
  • Great Eastern Wall, the first line of defense from foreign attack. It is a wall stretching from the Ihu Mountain range to the northern coast. Heavy armor and guns are built into and line the wall every hundred bio. Soldiers and guards patrol it at all times. The middle features a huge gate, the only entrance in the wall. Merchants and travelers are searched and recorded before being allowed in.
  • Jagos, a small tower fortress near the north end of the wall.
  • Boros, a small tower fortress near the south end of the wall.
  • Port Town, collective name for the ports, docks, inns, taverns and shops that are clustered around Naho Bay and the north coast.



"Hidden up in the Ihu Mountains, that Treize is quite the mysterious place. They export a fair load o' technological type things and get rich off'a it. I doubt what we've got is half'a what they've got stashed away. A whole Armor division outta Vingt got wiped out once, soon as they got close to their mountain, since then people have well done left'em alone."

Situated high in the Ihu Mountains, Treize is a small city built around exporting technology. Armor, Edd's, smart tablets and Radio all originated here and were sold to the other nations for many years before they were able to reverse engineer them and begin their own production. As soon as this happened, Treize would roll out a newer model, always better, stronger or faster than their predecessors. It is likely that even the most advanced weaponry they sell is still several steps behind what they keep for themselves. Because of this and their well defended position in the mountains they have never been conquered, despite their small population and size. Vingt tried for many years, after several failures, including the loss of an entire division of Armor, they have given up. Defeat through trade has proved equally difficult, for their coffers are well stocked. When Vingt started a trade embargo they simply bought food and other goods from further away.

Little is known about their social or political situation. Merchants or mercenaries traveling through it have little to report about it's people. It's thought that many stay underground and use geothermal energy to provide power. The trade routes through it are controlled by them, innumerable sets of Heavy Armor dot the mountains surrounding them to deter or neutralize any threats.




The western half of the island, referred to collectively as Nomansland, it consists of Motara, Ertrunken and the Ihu Mountain Range, commonly regarded as the dividing line of the two halves. An accurate history of the great wars that led to it's creation does not exist, most theories revolve around the level of technology and weaponry being much higher in the old world, explaining the great buildings and feats of engineering, impossible to recreate in modern times.




Below ground, Ertrunken is a vast network of caverns, tunnels and mines. Many are flooded or collapsed, seawater creating great lakes beneath the ground. Access to the caves is found in numerous underground railway stations that can be found in the melted cityscape above. The railways contain maps and landmark for a ways, then the unexplored sections begin. It is unknown whether anything lives below ground.

Above ground is a cityscape, much like Motara to the north. The difference here is that many of the tall buildings are deformed or destroyed. Whole blocks have melted appearances, like great concrete candles that were lit and guttered out many ages ago. Feral rahkshi and rahi stalk the streets, a brutal environment of hunter and hunted. In the areas of more intense destruction, the ground is covered in green glass-rock and is absent of wildlife.

The coral reefs on the southern coast are a dangerous swamp like area, the water thick and foul from runoff and inhabited by nightmarish creatures.



Old texts call this region the Motara Desert, the desert suffix has fallen out of use as very little desert remains. Only a scant few kio of quarries and badlands near the Motara-Ertrunken border. The rest of the region consists of smooth, paved stone roads and perfectly squared rows of buildings. Stretching towards the sky and running off into the distance. Near the sea to the north and west, the buildings become lower in height, resembling suburbs or rural areas. These zones are harder to navigate, narrow roads and cross sections necessitating careful planning to get Armor through. Feral rahkshi and rahi are thick throughout the whole region. Equally dangerous are the ports on the northern coast, pirates and criminals finding the coast north of Seize still uncomfortably close to the law have made home here.




Very little is known about Inselstein. Until several of the maps and riddles made reference to a peninsula far to the northwest, it was completely unknown. Maps show it at the edge of the island, almost directly opposite to the islets of southeastern Vingt.


Ihu Mountain Range

The Ihu Mountains serve as the "dividing line" between the civilized lands and Nomansland and, as such, are the best explored. The highest peaks are the dormant volcano at the center of the island and a mountain directly west of it, it's zenith reaching far above the clouds. Several of the mountains still have ancient observation centers equipped with enormous telescopes and stocked with star charts and mathematics plotting the path of dozens of celestial objects.

Recently, two large paths have been cut through the southern and northern ends of the mountains, intended as highways to allow Armor to easily travel to and from the deeper areas of Nomansland. Outside these guarded highways, the mountains are extremely dangerous. The weather and large predatory rahi endangering those that veer off the paths.




Everybody's got some kind of story! This section will have short descriptions of important NPC and plot characters, as well as giving players guidelines for a profile and how to register their Armor. (should they want any IC)


It should be noted that the majority of plot characters, and all the important NPCs are going to have identical traits to player characters. My planned story and events are flexible, I don't have an unlimited number of ends or variations planned out, but player choices and actions will have a large role to play. So if you want to try to take down a nefarious pirate crime lord, lead a rogue Armor squadron on a mutiny or hire a mercenary (or be that merc) to assassinate the Lhii Emperor, then go ahead and do so! The main difference is that these people start out with a fame/infamy advantage so to say. PCs will need time to build up crime rings, pirate crews or become the leader of an Armored Division, some of the plot characters or other NPCs will have these things from the beginning. So if you want to take someone with friends down, bring some friends of your own.


This brings me to another note, a big part of this TBRPG is the tanks. Tanks require a crew to operate, this means teamwork. I included variants with low crew requirements because I know some people will want to play solo characters. But the larger tanks will require multiple players. You're not going to be able to make four characters to pilot your very own heavy armor. I don't think that is in the spirit of the game.


Another note, NPCs and plot characters will be introduced and added as the story progresses. This is not a final list, just enough to get things started for several factions.




Name: Rickert

Species: Ta-Matoran

A powerful warrior and rugged man in his youth, at present he is more the "tough grandfather" type than the bear-wrestling adventurer he once was. As General of Seize's Armored Divisions, he is the de facto military leader. Serving as one of the council that make of the government. None too interested in politics, he rarely joins the council in person, preferring to leave an aide in the capital to ferry messages and news to and fro. He is considered naive and brash in political matters, but is regarded as an excellent commander. Serving many long years in active service and several more during the present ceasefire


He is personally leading the vanguard of the expedition, to the dismay and/or delight of his underlings and detractors.


Name: Silat

Species: Bo-Matoran

Called "The Snake" by his enemies, Silat is one of the highest ranking military officers in Vingt, personally overseeing the mining and defense operations of the central volcano. He was a conspirator in the most recent coup d'etat, using his paramilitary connections to enforce several key members of the republic as they consolidated power. Any direct evidence or traces of these acts are obscured or destroyed, so he remains a man difficult to apprehend. Content to play commander in the military


He has been appointed a leading role in Vingt's expedition, though he does not prefer to ride at the front lines. He is typically with the heavy armor in the rear, comfortable and well nourished at the beginning of the supply chain.


Name: Grunbeld

Species: Po-Skakdi

Grunbeld is a veritable mountain of a skakdi, his form bringing to mind a vaguely humanoid chunk of granite. He is the Tradesmaster of Neuf, not a strictly military nor high ranking position in their government, he commands respect and power through connections and years of diligence in his post. His day-to-day role is to observe and manage trade traffic through Neuf's ports and along it's eastern border. It's not uncommon to find him down in the mess himself, brusquely bartering with merchants from Seize or escorting a capture pirate to the isolation cubes.


Name: Sonia

Species: Vortixx

Cool and calculating, Sonia is the official in charge of foreign relations for Treize. She towers over most foreign dignitaries and is apt to make subtle threats and demands. As head of foreign relations, it is her job to prepare Treize's small and independent expeditionary force. Intending to find any technology in the west long before the other larger and slower expeditions.



Player Characters

To start playing you'll need to fill out a profile and get it approved. I'll go in depth on some of the fields and what can and cannot be used.












Self explanatory.



You can play as a Matoran, (Can use an Edd for elemental powers, mass-produced and multiple-user armor is built for matoran usage) Skakdi, (Vision power + Elemental powers in conjunction with another Skakdi) or Vortixx (Big and strong, innate technical aptitude) Custom species need a lengthy description and approval.



Self Explanatory. You can stick to boy/girl or add as much extra as you want, island culture is accepting about those things.



Matoran get an elemental power, Skakdi get an element and vision power. You're free to choose any element/vision power from canon that isn't light or shadow, or request a custom power. Custom powers need to be balanced to be approved. Gear follows similar guidelines, basic items covered in section 2.1 are good to go, high tech items will need a detailed description and approval. Matoran can list their kanohi here. Keep in mind that kanohi given to matoran are powerless.



An image or detailed description will do.



List a couple character traits, choose an MBTI type or whatever else your heart desires.



This can be a brief history or a novel, just try to stick to the game's universe. Don't go mentioning Dark Hunters or great spirit robots.



This is described more below, what this section is is any Armor your character either owns or is a crew member on. If you want to be a pirate or sailor, you could describe a ship as well. They have similar weapons and traits as Armor.



Player Armor

What people really want to know about! The way Armor works is that each player piece must be approved, similar to a character. You'll need a short description of it's appearance, any custom weapons or tech, it's category and whatever Kanohi it may have. Unlike the masks given to PC matoran, these are powered.


Armor Name:


Armor Appearance:





Armor Name:

Because any cool vehicle needs a name.



Exo-suit, light, medium, heavy or Fikou.


Armor Appearance:

For lack of artistic skills, I haven't drawn the Armor or described them too much. Just think WW2 era aesthetics, heck, a picture of a real life tank is fine by me.



Who are the PCs that man the Armor? This can be worked out IC or OOC in the discussion thread.



Refer to section 2.2 for basic loadouts, any custom or additional weapons need detailed descriptions.



Here is the list of kanohi to pick from and their effects, some are passive and others are active. For simplicities sake, assume you press a big red button to activate the on/off type effects. As for the magnitude of effects, just play it fair, alright? Using a Hau to block one direct hit from a heavy coilgun is fine. Four simultaneous hits isn't.



Kaukau - Produces a watertight barrier

Pakari - Increased horsepower

Rau - Increased effective radio range

Calix - Increases Luck

Suletu - Crew gains telepathic links

Sanok - Secondary weapons are more accurate

Garai - Reduced gravity inside the hull

Huna - Camouflages armor based on surroundings

Volitak - Reduces noise and heat signatures



Hau - Provides a temporary energy shield

Miru - Allows limited omnidirectional hovering with light armor

Kakama - Allows a burst of acceleration and speed

Akaku - Provides temporary x-ray and thermal imaging for the gunner

Ruru - Provides temporary night vision for the gunner

Mahiki - Allows limited range holographic projections

Kadin - Allows limited forward flight for light and medium armor

Arthron - Provides temporary sonar systems

Elda- Counters the Huna and Volitak



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...but close to it

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The Asylum


written by ghidora131, revised by IcarusBen 




Day One:


Karz, it's been years. Not since I arrived here, of course. I'm talking about the fall. By now everyone knows this whole city was the brain-mind of a robot. Guess they didn't build it too well. As soon as the Dark Hunters started swarming and killing everything in sight, the Toa-heroes stood up to them and were winning, surprisingly. Then, they launched it. Oh, Karzahni, that weapon. So vile a plan, they turned every Toa-hero mad with that gas, and they couldn't fight anymore. If the brotherhood hadn't been there, the universe would be doomed. But the gas stayed around, so that anyone who became a Toa-hero got infected with it. It was a nightmare. To become a Toa-hero was to step up to insanity head first.


Then, thousands of years later, someone built a sanitarium just for the poor Toa-heroes. But by that time, the gas was gone and only the rumor remained. so many Matoran quick-hid under their beds and cowered, dreading if they ever became one. And here I am. And I'm not strange-crazy, I'm sure of it! But so many Toa-heroes... Something else is going on...



Day Four:


No, I'm not crazy. I'm sure of it. No way in Karzahni. And I did see something.

I look out of my cell window and see the energy siphon crackle and fizz, warp-morphing into different shapes... And the guards around it got killed, I think. But something spawned. Some dreaded creature. Ohh, Karz. It tore through the wall and headed to the warden's office. I hope it killed him. But what the Karz was it? I can't believe I saw it. It's unrealistic. And I'm not crazy, I tell yah!


Unfortunately, every day now I keep look-seeing things. Like a sentient chair, growing in size, heading through the hallways. Or my arm talks to me. But I won't succumb to insanity. No, I'm a Toa-hero! I'm strong enough!



Day Twenty-one:


No way in Karzahni. The monster-thing didn't kill the warden! In fact, it strode in here last night and killed a patient! B-but it used my power! And anyone else's who gets put here! It's stronger than a Makuta now! It tore-ripped through that poor water Toa like paper! Oh, the poor girl... I tried to inform one of the other students about it in the recreational area-place, but the guards overheard me and took me to solitary confinement. But now I know the secret to this place, the real plan...


In about five minutes the head doctor will be "fixing" me in the medical ward. I think they intend to make me really insane. But no, I'm a Toa-hero! I'll never falter! To the end I shall stand for Mata Nui!



Day Twenty-two:


Hehe. Oh man, I feel much better. Muchbettermuchbettermuchbettermuchbettermuchbetter. Who? Me... I'm not crazy. Noooooo, I'm a Toa-heroes, I can't succumb. Or succumb anyone. I'm as normal as a three widget bill made of mozzarella cheese. I'm as happy as a Gukko. And I know the secrets of this place, and the doctor, and the wardendenden, and the monsterositytee. Hehehe. Hi, arms. We feeling gggggooooooooodd today? yesss. Much gooder.


And I'm as sane as anyone else here, hehehe...







The Asylum. A prison where Toa are left to rot. As the latest resident of the Metru Nui Sanitarium, it's up to you to learn how to survive against the odds. Normally, this asylum would be bad enough, but something lurks the halls at night, just waiting for the opportunity to strike. No one knows where this thing came from, except perhaps those who created it. Its purpose? Unknown. Whatever it is, all you need to know is that you have to survive.


Who knows, you might even make it out of here.


The alternative is far worse.




Provided by the staff, here is a lovely little map of the asylum, complete with lovely informational bits:



For those who can't download the PDF, the staff has provided a posting of the main map onto several bulletin boards across the asylum.







This universe works slightly different than the canon one. The Makuta never rebelled, no, but the Cataclysm still happened, in no small part due to the Great Spirit being overloaded from the strain of running an entire universe. After this, the Dark Hunters invaded Metru Nui. While they were beaten back, the Hunters were able to release a toxin that turned any Toa into a crazed lunatic, ranging from the bipolar to the schizophrenic to the completely psychotic. Not only that, but it was persistent. Matoran that turned into Toa were subject to these effects, too.


While the toxin dissipated, the rumors persisted. Eventually, one particularly intelligent Toa built an asylum for these poor, crazy heroes. Of course, not everything is as it seems. A monster lurks the halls at night, waiting for it's prey. Nobody knows what it's doing here, but those who get caught are never seen again.


Enjoy your stay.





The first and most important rule is that you can only be a Toa. No exceptions whatsoever.


Secondly, the monster cannot be killed, so no post saying you defeated it.


Thirdly, any and all innate powers, elemental, mask or otherwise, get taken from patients and absorbed into the monster. This means no elemental powers, but mask powers are only severely weakened (i.e. a Kualsi transports you 5 feet, a Hau can only protect against the lightest of attacks.)


Fourthly, your character enters the asylum after character creation, meaning s/he will not have any preexisting ties to anyone inside. You'll get assigned to general or solitary depending on which one you choose in your profile.


Fifthly, only two groups of people can play Staff characters; the GMs and those who gain staff characters as a reward for good writing and RPing.


Finally, your character MUST BE APPROVED before you may post. You may have one, two or three characters at any one time.


Your character may have an item(s), but they must be approved by staff and follow these rules before your character can have the item.

  • Your item must make sense in a prison/asylum enviroment.
  • Your item cannot be a firearm.
  • You must be able to sneak your item inside the facility.
  • Your item cannot be an explosive.
  • Your item cannot be invisible.
  • Your item must be lightweight.
  • Your item cannot help you escape from a cell.
  • Your item cannot immobilize an opponent.
  • Your item must be approved by the staff before in-game usage can occur.








Patient or Staff:(Only the GMs can play staff to begin with, though you may gain a staff character as a reward)


(If patient)

General or Solitary: (The general population get to roam the facility (provided they don't try and sneak into high-clearance areas, hint hint) while solitary patients are confined to their cell)










Inventory:(Items can be anything from a shank to a pocketwatch to a small lighter, but they must be approved by staff.)




ghidora131's characters



Name: Dr. Halmos (the warden)


Element: N/A


Patient or Staff: Staff


(if staff) Position: Warden


(if patient) General or solitary: N/A


Kanohi: Kanohi Rau, Mask of Translation


Gender: Male


Personality: Halmos is a nightmare in a retained form. Always calculating, always planning, always thinking, always cool. A mastermind, he developed the energy siphon and is a lifelong friend of Nyhe. Intentional or no, his patients always seem to come out of the operating room with more mental scars than when they went in. 


Apearance: Halmos is a little bit shorter than the average Toa. Due to some attempts on his life by past colleagues, his right cheek area of his mask is left rather porous looking and hideous. He has orange hands, feet, chest and mask, with hints of dark blue in between. He always wears a white labcoat.


Inventory: a belt-mounted high-tier tazer, several shiny small throwing knives, the first key to the controls for the Siphon and a comlink to Nyhe.




Name: Abbenidium


Species: N/A


Element: An amalgemation of the powers of the Toa in the asylum.


Patient or staff: N/A


Gender: N/A


Personality: N/A


Appearance: Unknown. To be revealed later.


Inventory: N/A


Notes: The monster has the powers of every Toa in the asylum that is being siphoned. If a new Toa with a Kualsi and the element of Air gets tagged with the Siphon, then the monster gains the power of the Kualsi and the element of Air.




IcarusBen's characters



Name: Nyhe


Element: Water


Patient or Staff: Staff


(If staff) Position: Chief of Medicine and Psychiatry (Chief Doctor)


(If patient)General or Solitary: N/A


Kanohi: Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control


Gender: Female


Personality: Nyhe is cold, distant, and unsympathetic to all. She cares nothing for her patients and only cares about what she can learn from them, or perhaps how fun it can be getting them to open up.


Appearance: Nyhe is a tall & slender Toa, with Gali blue on her body and mask and silver on her rather slim but ornate armor.


Inventory: Nyhe always had an electric stun gun on her person to disable any unruly patients. She also carries around the second key to the Siphon’s controls.




Name: Jorik


Element: Air


Patient or staff: Patient


(If staff) Position: N/A


(If patient) General or solitary: solitary


Kanohi: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick-Travel


Gender: Male


Personality: Jorik is cold and distant, always thinking, always planning his escape or your death. Two years in solitary have rendered him completely insane, even more than when he entered the facility. In fact, he's one of the truly crazy people living in the asylum. Now, he's not one of the few crazies in the asylum, no, there are a lot more of those.


Appearance: Jorik is primarily black and green, with a large frame and bulky/spiky armor. His size is complemented by his spiky armor accents, like his shoulder pads and his kneecaps.


Inventory: Jorik is able to keep a small shank on him which he rarely uses, but uses with deadly efficiency.



Edited by IcarusBen
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The Valkyrie

The "Christmas Brick"


My BZPRPG Profiles


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Well... Idiot me, I suppose. Hold on a minute.


Edited. Removed all references to Skakdi and Vortixx and swapped out all references to pure evil (except in Nyhe's case, but she was designed to be flat) with simple moral ambiguity and lack of concern.

Edited by IcarusBen

LEGO Republic:

The Valkyrie

The "Christmas Brick"


My BZPRPG Profiles


Now a proud member of The Kanohi Force


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And that's Tanks approved!


That does put us at five open RPGs, so as a matter of public record: I've reached out to the runner of Ultimate City, and that game will likely be closing down soon.  Tanks should feel free to start in the next few days.

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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

Useful Topics: The Q&A Compendium | The Official RPG Planning Topic
Stories: Fractures | An Aftermath | Three Stories | LSO 2012 Epics: Team Three | The Shadow and the Sea | The Days They Were Needed | Glitches | Transformations | Echoes | The Kaita and the Storyteller | Nui

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  • If four active RPGs are in progress, you may submit one for approval, but it may not run immediately if approved.
  • If there are no inactive or long-running games, but the judges like your RPG, it'll be placed in a queue to run once a spot opens up.
We try and keep an upper limit on active RPGs to avoid spreading the player base too thin. That said, two of the currently running RPGs are older contest RPGs that were (officially or unofficially) extended, and this is our first time since the new system started that we've run into the limit, so we'll be playing this by ear a bit over the next few days/weeks. Edited by GSR
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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

Useful Topics: The Q&A Compendium | The Official RPG Planning Topic
Stories: Fractures | An Aftermath | Three Stories | LSO 2012 Epics: Team Three | The Shadow and the Sea | The Days They Were Needed | Glitches | Transformations | Echoes | The Kaita and the Storyteller | Nui

BZPRPG: Komae · Soraya · Bohrei

Blog: Defendant Lobby no. 42

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Alright - submitting a request to run Bionifight Infinite, hosted by myself, Blade and Chro.



Hello there! Welcome to Bionifight!


Ah, Bionifight. Some of you will know what that word means - whether through word of mouth or via your own experiences. Some of you must wonder what exactly I am jibbering on about in this little letter. Or perhaps you are wondering why you were snatched out of your universe and reappeared inside a containment cube.


Or was it a tube? I can never remember.


So! Bionifight - it is a legendary tournament that has been hosted many times over the past several thousand years. My team and I gather those we deem to be some of the greatest fighters from a variety of universes, plunk you all down in an arena together, and have you battle each other for weeks. At the end, the winner usually earns both eternal bragging rights and whatever mysterious treasure we discover at the location.


In the past, we have summoned a wide variety of species - everything from Matoran to Muaka to Skakdi… I do believe we even had a mutated Takea Shark once. The whole idea behind Bionifight was that a Matoran could theoretically take on a Makuta and beat them. Do take care to be SMART about who you decide to duel, however.


So! While we think over our plans and figure out how we shall balance things properly in the future… we have decided to stick to our usual limits… which is to say that there are none. But please, do take care not to commit suicide through stupidity.


Once more, I say welcome! I dare say that I shall speak to most of you eventually. Take care to speak with the Queen, as she hates to be ignored - and do also take care not to do anything that might make a conversation with our Enforcer necessary.


Until the first round begins,


-The Host




Welcome to Bionifight - you have been selected for the latest iteration of a tournament that has been running for thousands of years… well, “selected” puts it lightly. You have all been ripped out of your lives without consent, signed up for this tournament against your will. For some of you, this is the first time that it has ever happened. For others… not so much.


For some of you, winning the tournament might become your top priority - after all, surely victory would end the tournament and allow for all of you to be sent home, back to your old lives?


For others, you might have no interest in winning the tournament. You would not even compete if you were not forced to - what you are interested in is everything else. Why are you here? Where is here? There must be another way back home, or some way that you can escape the facility.


For others still, you may want the best of both worlds. After all, who is to say that you cannot win the tournament and escape at the same time?



Fights are, technically, mandatory - after all, you were not summoned to Bionifight to socialize on the sidelines. Rounds shall operate on a flexible time structure; whenever a new round of battle is announced, fighters will have 24 hours until the match begins. Rounds will then last until the second Saturday after the initial announcement, unless otherwise stated. All times given are NA EST. Fighters may decide not to participate in a match, although it will cost them a life (SEE INFINITE SYSTEM BELOW).


When there is not a fighting round occurring, fighters are free to explore the facilities or do whatever they wish until the next announcement occurs.


As a tournament, there are also points to be earned in Bionifight; winning a round will gain a fighter an extra life. Fighters may be rewarded by the Organizers for their progress in the tournament or for their actions outside of the arena. These rewards could vary from receiving an extra life to even being granted control over an Infinity Gem.



In order to make sure that fighters participate the arena battles, the Organizers have developed the “Infinite System” - a failsafe device implanted into every single fighter. All fighters start out the tournament with seven “lives”; these lives can be lost by breaking the rules, or by deciding to skip a battle. Once a fighter has lost all of their lives, the Infinite System will activate and kill them instantly; the cause of death is unique to each fighter.


Likewise, fighters can also gain lives; winning a round will earn a fighter one life, and fighters may be rewarded with extra lives for other tasks as well (SEE INFINITE GEMS BELOW).



The location of every Bionifight tournament is determined based on whether there are any legendary or powerful objects in the area.


The location of this tournament was selected due to the mysterious “Infinite Gems” that are hidden within the tunnels stretching away from the facility; nobody exactly knows where or how to find them - or what obstacles one might face. Rumor has it that the Organizers have a few in their possession already.


From the few scripts in the library on the subject that have been translated into modern tongue, it is believed that there are eight Infinite Gems more powerful than any of the others; unfortunately, the translated scripts offer no hints as to what powers these more powerful Gems might bestow upon the user. However, the scripts do specifically reference weaker gems; gems that bestow upon the user complete control over elements such as fire and ice, or grant the user increased attributes such as strength and speed.


Should a fighter discover an Infinite Gem, they can bring it back to the Bionifight facility and hand it over to the Organizers - every Infinite Gem recovered shall earn the fighter five lives, allowing the fighter some breathing room.


There are also whispers of something else - something more powerful than the Infinite Gems. However, the Organizers have found nothing substantial to prove the existence of such a thing… which is not to say that the search has stopped by any means.





Where is the Bionifight tournament held? Where is the facility located? Those are good questions, ones that you shall have to answer for yourselves. All the Organizers have shared is that the entire facility is located underground.


The main portion of the facility is rather enigmatic. What is known is that it has four entrances into the rather rectangular arena, one on each wall. Between the arena and the rest of the facility, there are expansive locker rooms, including medical areas, and emergency resting areas. Directly above the arena, there is a small circular control room, where the Enforcer monitors the entire facility. Typically, they only focus on the arena; however, when needed, the Enforcer can know what is happening in the rest of the facility. The location of the offices of the Host and the Queen seem to change within the blink of an eye. Their offices can only be found if their occupants want them to be found.


There are is a single hallway that loops around the outside of the arena, connecting the whole facility together. There are four stairways up to the upper floor equally spaced in gaps between the four locker rooms. Tunnels also appear intermittently, much like the offices of the Host and Queen, spread out across the hallway. According to the Host and the Queen, it might be in these tunnels that one might locate the mystical Infinity Gems.


On the upper floor, there are a total of four sectors which surround the control room - the Knowledge Sector to the north, the Training Sector to the east, the Commercial Sector to the south, and the Comfort Sector to the west. Of these four, only the Knowledge Sector and Commercial Sector are entirely open to spectators, although they may also make use of half the Comfort Sector.


The Knowledge Sector is a massive library, providing information on previous tournaments and, although it might be difficult to find, information regarding the lore of the Infinite Gems. The Training Sector houses sparring areas for fighters to train for future fights. The Commercial Sector contains a food court, as well as various concession stands selling Bionifight merchandise. The Comfort Sector is where the fighters and spectators live; one half of the Comfort Sector is blocked off to spectators, providing fighters with private rooms to sleep, lounge, and interact; the other half is open to everyone, providing residence for the spectators for the duration of the tournament.


There are a total of four large doors in each sector; one to the hallway, two to the adjacent sectors, and one to the control room. However, the control room’s doors are seemingly perpetually locked, and the doors to the Training sector and the fighter-only half of the Comfort Sector will only react to the fighters themselves.



The arena has several possible configurations available for each round, not including its default state. As the tournament progresses, additional arena variants shall be added as the Organizers deem them necessary.


1 - Great Furnace: Based upon an expansive industrial smeltery from another dimension, the Great Furnace is a treacherous combat zone rife with jets of fire, streams of molten metal, and the occasional angry telepathic plant monster.

2 - Mount Ihu: Based upon a frigid mountain at the center of an otherwise tropical island, Mount Ihu is the antithesis of the Great Furnace. Blinding storms of snow and hail are frequent; wild Rahi and slippery slopes also pose a threat.

3 - Mahri-Nui: Based upon an underwater city contained within a giant bubble, Mahri-Nui is an ordinary city battleground… although if a fighter manages to destroy the bubble, the flood of water that follows will incapacitate every fighter for several seconds, as well as unleash any predators that might have been swimming around outside the city.

4 - Pirate Ship: Based upon a pirate ship at sea - go figure. The ship provides the only solid ground to battle upon, and predators lurk in the seas surrounding the ship.

5 - Temple of Time: Based upon the most sacred place on a mystical island, the Temple of Time holds new challenges and threats each time it is used, making it the most unpredictable of the arena variants.



There are currently four different game types available for the Bionifight tournament. As the tournament progresses, additional game types shall be added as the Organizers deem them necessary.


1 - Free For All: This is the standard brawl; every fighter is pitted against the others, and the last one standing at the end of the round wins. If more than one fighter is still in the arena at the end of the round, the one with the most knockouts shall be announced as the victor.

2 - Team Battle: This game type functions similarly to Free For All, except that the fighters are divided into even teams. An MVP shall be selected from the winning team.

3 - Tag Team: Each fighter is paired with another to work alongside for the round. The final tag team standing wins. If more than one tag team is still in the arena at the end of the round, the tag team with the most knockouts shall be announced as the victors.

4 - Horde Mode: The fighters must battle against an endless horde of mindless drones operated by the Host and the Queen. The drones will all have a specific power set determined at the start of the round. The fighter still standing at the end of the round that destroys the most drones shall win.



To join the RPG, fill out a profile for your character and have one of the staff (Voltex, Blade, or Chro) approve it. We are currently limiting players to an absolute maximum of two living characters at a time, due to the nature of the game. We are not necessarily approving all canon elements or powers… but we’re also not going to limit you to them either.


Name: [Character’s name]

Species: [Character’s species or race]

Power/Weapon 1: [A power, elemental or otherwise - or a weapon/tool]

Power/Weapon 2: [Another power or weapon/tool]

Power/Weapon 3: [Another power or weapon/tool]

Appearance: [What does your character look like?]

Bio: [Your character’s history; who are they? What did they do with their life before Bionifight?]

Personality/Other: [Gender? Is there any other information that is useful to know?]



Character Name: The Host

Power/Weapon 1: Teleportation of himself and others.

Power/Weapon 2: Telekinesis, including levitation by telekinetically lifting himself.

Power/Weapon 3: Mimicry. The Host can copy one other power at any point; in order to copy a new power, he must lose the old one.

Appearance: Physically imposing, standing above most fighters at seven feet tall, the Host is clad in regal red and gold over black. He wears a dark decorative cloak, with a hood that hides his face, but does not muffle his booming voice.

Bio: The Host is one of the final survivors of an ancient race, destroyed mysteriously eons ago. Alongside the Queen, he travelled through several universes, until at some point the pair created Bionifight. The Host decided to work as the face of the organization.

Personality/Other: The Host is externally jovial and grandiose, with a kind and accessible personality. Sometimes he strolls through the common areas outside the arena interacting warmly with the fighters. Considering his place working as the figurehead of a fighting tournament, this happiness is clearly a facade, but not one that the Host has ever let slip in the vicinity of a fighter. The Host has a deep appreciation for his cloak.


Character Name: The Queen

Power/Weapon 1: A golden trident that can be summoned back to the user.

Power/Weapon 2: Elemental Control over Psionics

Power/Weapon 3: Accuracy - this power is always active at a low level, giving the Queen slightly better accuracy than most beings; however, when focused upon, it becomes impossible for her to miss her target.

Appearance: Like the Host, the Queen stands seven feet tall. Her armor is a mixture of light blue and gold, with silver and gunmetal accents. She carries a lightweight golden trident, and her armor often shimmers, giving her the appearance of being underwater.

Bio: Along with the Host, the Queen is one of the only two surviving members of her species, of which every other member was killed in an unknown incident thousands of years ago. The Queen travelled through several universes alongside the Host, eventually creating the Bionifight tournaments.

Personality/Other: The Queen often seems either cold or withdrawn, although she has been known to be both calm and welcoming to fighters who treat her respectfully. On occasion, she has also been known to help fighters break the rules without being caught by the Host.


Character Name: The Enforcer

Power/Weapon 1: The Enforcer has a sword that can shift into a bow mechanically. The bow’s string is stored within the hilt when not in use. The middle of the blade has a hole on either side, which is used in Bow mode to feed the string through. After conversion, the blades are covered by metal up until the hole, so that the wielder can’t accidentally cut themselves.

Power/Weapon 2: Power Cancellation

Power/Weapon 3: Prison Constructs - the Enforcer can create the perfect physical prison for an opponent; these prisons will counter any powers that the opponents try to use.

Appearance: The Enforcer has a gold coloured mask that seems to change every time they appear. They have forest green armour, and a icy-white chestplate. Stands seven feet tall like the Host and the Queen, although the Enforcer is a different species. They have an intricately patterned sheath on their back, which they use to hold their sword when it’s not in use.

Bio: They were found during one of the earliest Bionifight tournaments and immediately hired; their power cancellation ability is often used to keep fighters in check.

Personality/Other: Very little is known about the Enforcer, other than their abilities and that they were once a contestant in the tournament.



1. BZP rules apply, of course

2. No god-modding (avoiding/dodging/countering all attacks, never taking damage, dealing insane hits, etc.)

3. Do not control other player characters without their permission

4. Use the tag “IC” when posting in character, and “OOC” when speaking out of character.

5. Keep things fair - it doesn’t matter what your powers are. If the Hosts believe that you are not following this, the harsh judgement of the Organizers shall upon you (with a handy explanation of what you have done wrong).

5. Have fun or you shall be fed to Xaeraz. This is always the fifth rule, even if it’s not.

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I find nothing technically wrong with Asylum, so approval +1.


Bionifight: This is much improved from its first draft, and this new system seems serviceable. Bionifight x2.

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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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