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Remembered From The Era

ERA Profiles

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#1 Offline sunflower

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Posted Nov 06 2013 - 09:58 AM

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="georgia, serif;"]Few of those critical to history are remembered.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="georgia, serif;"]Millions of names and their actions are lost to time, uncredited for their deeds that shaped the universe as it is today.  But not all.[/color][/font]



[color=rgb(255,0,0);font-family:Arial;font-size:19px;font-style:normal;font-weight:bold;background-color:transparent;]The Remembered[/color]


Post approved profiles here.  Profiles are to be posted for approval in the Discussion topic.  To avoid cluttering this topic and to ease the finding of profiles, please keep all your approved profiles within one post.  If you have trouble creating a profile, or need inspiration to get started, feel free to browse through these.

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Nowhere to run... Nowhere to hide.


#2 Offline The Lorax

The Lorax
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Posted Nov 06 2013 - 12:42 PM

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Piringa[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Triglax’s species[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Male[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Affiliation: Dark Hunters[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers and Abilities: [/color][/font][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Piringa has two powers. The first is shapeshifting, which allows him to manipulate and change his body almost however he desires. There are only three limitations on this: first, he cannot gain or lose very much mass (only enough to resemble Keetongu at the largest or a Matoran at the smallest, as Triglax was shown to do), second, he cannot alter the material from which his body is made, and third, he does not gain the magical powers of any being whose form she is imitating. Second, he is weakly telepathic. This allows him to read the thoughts and memories of others, but he cannot transmit his own thoughts to them or perform any type of mental attack. His power can be blocked entirely by any being with mental shields. His best strength with this ability is his light mental touch, which, thanks to a lot of practice, makes him barely noticeable when reading another being’s mind.[/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: Piringa’s appearance, as a shapeshifter, is highly variable. Among his fellow Dark Hunters, he will most often manifest as a Vortixx in blue-grey armour, but outside of their safehouses, his most useful disguise is as a rahkshi of shapeshifting (blue head and spine, gold hands and feet).[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment: Piringa [/color][/font][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]possesses a tool that can shapeshift along with his body. Like its owner, it is unable to take on any magical properties of tolls whose forms it is mimicking, only their superficial appearance. He also carries several phials filled with a sedative gas. He himself has developed a strong resistance to this gas through repeated exposure, so he is virtually immune to its effects.[/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Skills: Piringa specialises in identity theft, being able to impersonate other beings almost perfectly, particularly if he is able to watch them for a while before making the swap.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Bio: Piringa had been a Dark Hunter for a very long time, even before Teridax’s takeover. He and his more impulsive kinsman, Triglax, would often form a team of imposters, and pose as guards, officials, beggars and everything inbetween in order to steal the objects that The Shadowed One desired. They became known after a while, but knowing their capabilities didn’t help their targets much. Piringa’s crowning achievement during this time was impersonating Makuta Antroz on Xia to have the delivery details of a large Brotherhood weapons shipment changed from one small isle off the coast of Destral to another. After being dropped off, it was taken away by Dark Hunters, while the Rahkshi on the other island stood around, wondering why the shipment was late. When the true Antroz found out about the fiasco, many Vortixx died and a bounty was placed on Piringa’s head. It was never collected, but he was nevertheless known to the Brotherhood.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]With a Makuta in charge of the universe, Piringa knew that even with his powers of disguise, he couldn’t just go to ground and expect not to be hunted down eventually. If things had been different, he might have assumed another identity, cut ties with the Dark Hunters and made the best of life in the Makutaverse. With that not possible, the best he could hope for was to see Teridax removed from power, and so joined with the other masters of stealth who remained in the new-look Dark Hunters after the Makuta’s purge.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Personality: Piringa is a consummate con-man, always thinking at least three steps ahead of anyone he meets to get what he wants from them. Due to his experience in reading minds, he can slip into almost any personality pretty easily, being intimidating, sympathetic, suave, rough, brilliant, stupid, rigid, flexible or anything inbetween. When he is being “himself” (though is he ever, really?) he projects an image of quiet competence, expecting the highest standard of work from those around him while making it clear that he will do no less to achieve whatever goal they are seeking.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Alignment: Chaotic Neutral at heart, though impersonating citizens of the Makutaverse causes his behaviour to shift further and further towards Lawful Neutral as he tries to keep up the masquerade.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: Unlike many other species, Piringa’s powers are self-directed and do not directly affect the world around him. He cannot throw up stone walls or hurl laser beams and fireballs at obstacles and enemies, and if he got into a fight with beings who can, he would likely come off second best.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]For those who know of his nature and powers, it can be very difficult to trust him or believe in his stated motives. He could just as easily be pulling a scam on them as actually trying to help. For this reason, he has very few true allies.[/color][/font]



[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Hatann[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Skakdi[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Male[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Affiliation:  Brotherhood of Makuta[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: [/color][/font]He almost completely black, with a few strokes of purple around his face and spine, which resemble Zaktan’s in shape. His eyes (and by extension, his eyebeams) are also purple. He bears a purple tattoo on each of his shoulders in the shape of a catapult scorpion, and indeed, the resemblance is strong, both physically and in temperament. He is heavily armoured and above average size for a Skakdi. He prides himself on his brute strength.


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers and Abilities: [/color][/font][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]As is normal for a Skakdi, Hatann has three powers:[/font]

  • The elemental power of gravity, when working with another Skakdi or channelling the power through a special weapon.
  • Laser vision
  • Hatann’s third power is the same ability demonstrated by tunnelers, a type of lizard rahi seen in Metru Nui. It allows him to transmute his body into anything he is touching.

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Bio: [/color]Hatann hails from the island of Zakaz, the home of the Skakdi. There, he wasn’t truly part of any of the warring tribes, though he had dealings with many. He was an infiltrator/killer for hire, though he would often turn on his employers if the intended victim was willing to pay more. Wherever he killed, he left a tablet bearing a silhouette of a catapult scorpion, a rahi he admired for their power, their cunning, their savagery and the fear they inspired, all traits he wishes to build in himself.[/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Eventually, he got so good at his work that he attracted the attention of the Dark Hunters, and was recruited to the organisation around 35,000 BGC. While working for them, he was codenamed “The Jaga” after the scorpions that fascinated him, and specialised in retrieving [/color][/font][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]well-guarded objects and beings.[/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]When Teridax seized control of the universe, Hatann saw the way things were going pretty early on. He left the Dark Hunters and found his way to Destral, asking for employment as a hired mercenary. Despite his bringing a few treasures from The Shadowed One’s store to prove his goodwill, he was not received kindly. The Dark Hunters and Makuta had not been friendly for a long time, and the suspicion between the two ran accordingly deep. In the end, it took some severe interrogation under a mask of truth to ascertain that Hatann really had abandoned the Hunters, and had no intention of ever returning to them or betraying the Brotherhood in any way. He was not carrying any spying devises or other methods to gather and send information on the Brotherhood from the inside, had no present contacts with the Hunters and was definitely not there under orders. He simply wanted to be on the winning side, and death alongside his former comrades at the hands of rahkshi did not seem a profitable situation to him.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Hatann went to Odina with Teridax’s force of rahkshi to purge the Dark Hunters from the island. He proved himself there, killing several Dark Hunters without remorse and seeing the island conquered in the name of Teridax.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Since then, Hatann’s task has been to hunt down the remnants of the organisation he was once a part of. He seeks out Dark Hunters still hiding within the Makutaverse, and then calls in other Brotherhood agents to exterminate them.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Personality: Hatann is as nasty as the catapult scorpion whose image he bears. Vicious and destructive, he will never hesitate to crush another being who stands in the way of his goals (power and wealth for himself, mostly, both things that the Brotherhood provides quite well, as did the Dark Hunters before them). Hatann works best when in pursuit of a specific goal that can keep him busy, but inactivity just makes him more irritable than usual and more than likely to smash something in frustration.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Alignment: Neutral Evil[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment:[/color][/font]

  • [color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]A large black mace with sliver spikes. It allows him to channel his elemental powers independently of another Skakdi. He received this Xian-produced weapon as payment for his first successful mission as a Dark Hunter.[/color][/font]
  • [color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]A multi-shot zamor launcher which uses two types of spheres:[/color][/font]
    • [color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Absorptive spheres: while they appear to be empty, and therefore not dangerous, these spheres can be very useful. When fired, they will absorb attacks thrown at Hatann into themselves. The attacks will remain contained and concentrated within these spheres until they are fired again, when the stored power or material is released. These spheres are black when unfilled, but take on the colour of the contents once they have absorbed something.[/color][/font]
    • [color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Explosive spheres, which do pretty much what the name implies. He carries a variety of these so that he can match the size of the explosion to the occasion. They are purple.[/color][/font]
  • [color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Hatann keeps a bottle of water, a few rocks, a small vial of acid, a box of matches, a lightstone, a small knife and some rope on him wherever he goes. As a Dark Hunter, he often needed to use whatever he can find around him to solve problems, so it pays to keep a few bits and bobs close to hand. You never know when these things might come in handy.[/color][/font]
  • [color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]A backpack to carry around all of the above.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Vehicle: For transport, Hatann rides a large black hover-motorcycle designed along the lines of the Destral Cycle.[/color][/font]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Skills:[/color][/font] [color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Living for many thousands of years as a hitman on Zakaz, a Dark Hunter and finally a Brotherhood merc has served to hone Hatann’s mind and combat skills razor sharp. He’s strong, fast and cunning, being able to quickly form strategies and adapt to new situations. He is a master of his chosen weapons, be they magical or physical.[/color][/font] 

[color=rgb(0,0,0);][font="helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: As a Skakdi, Hatann can only use his elemental power when working with another Skakdi or channelling it through a special weapon. This means that if he were to lose his mace and be caught alone, he would lose the best part of his power. In spite of his physical prowess, he is vulnerable to mental attack.[/color][/font]

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#3 Offline Silvan Haven

Silvan Haven
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Posted Nov 06 2013 - 02:12 PM

Name: Captain Tenet CertSpecies: KozhanGender: FemaleAppearance: Fairly short for a Kohzan, about five and a half feet tall. Pure white feathers cover her body with the exception of a single scar that runs down the side of here face and stops roughly halfway down her neck. Her Uniform is black with a set of three thunderbolts just below the collar. A black utility belt runs around her waist with a holster on the right hip.Powers and Abilities: Elemental control over air. The extra keen eyesight of her species.Equipment: MK 10 Tynen hardsuit- One part uniform, one part environmental hardsuit. The Tynen series was commissioned as something that crews on ships could wear on a normal basis and in case of an accident or part of the ship was exposed to space.In the case of an unexpected decompression a small forcefield will be generated around the wearer's head and any other exposed areas, Keeping harmful radiation out and heat as well as other things needed to continue life, in.YE Electric pistol- A fairly basic sidearm, it fires bolts of electricity that, depending on the setting, can either stun or kill the target.Skills: A fair hand at piloting and a decent shot with her sidearm. Advanced engineering skills.Weaknesses: Tenet is a spaceship captain not a soldier, she is not good at hand to hand and an extended fight would go in her favor.Personality: Repeatedly working through hazardous situations has taught her to always look on the bright side no matter how dark it may seem. She also has a fairly competitive streak.Alignment: Chaotic GoodAffiliation: Order of Mata-NuiBio: Fully enlisted in the Fleet after earning her commission from a well known officer's school and spent the next several years jumping between several ships. Unlike most of the ships in the Kohzan Fleet, the ones Tenet spent most of her time on were sent on exploration mission to space that was yet untouched by the war. Even so she has seen her fair share of combat, a species is not guaranteed to be friendly or even neutral just because they were not a part of the Brotherhood. Eventually Tenet got her own command and was transferred closer to the action.Name: Commander Cylen TarketSpecies: KohzanGender: MaleAppearance: Like most members of the Kohzan, Cylen is roughly six feet tall with a basic humanoid shape. He has thick arms and legs with each hand having four talons on it, three in front and one to the side, acting like a thumb. His feet are thicker and wider then the hands with the fourth talon at the back. Due to their nature as an avian species the Kohzan posses feathers all over their bodies. The main coloring of Cylen's feathers are a medium brown. Specks of white run down his chest and up over his head, most heavily concentrated around his eyes. His full body combat armor is unpainted and the materials making it up are a dark, unreflective blue/grey. The helmet has a black visor going over both eyes and can retract is need be.Powers and Abilities: Elemental control over Light. The extra keen eyesight of his species.Equipment: MK 29 Lyenn Powered Combat Armor- Early in their years of space exploration it became clear to the Kohzan that there were other species out there that surpassed their own soldiers in a number of areas. In order to counter this, several lines of powered armor were started. The first sets were fairly basic; enhanced strength and speed, built in sensor suites, were fairly bulky and had a limited running time. Over time improvements were made which, among other things included a personal shield. Modern day suits have improved on all those areas, extending the running time, improving shields and a whole host of other things. The MK 29 Lyenn suit is a five year old model that has all the basic functions as well as the ability to electrify the gloves for nonlethal take downs.YLM Laser Rifle- The basic Kohzan infantryman's rifle, it has three modes of fire. First is single shot, fairly basic, it fires a single slightly more powerful laser. Second is burst mode, Rather then a stream, burst mode fires off several weaker lasers every time the trigger is pulled. The final mode is impact, this mode can only be used in atmosphere due to the physics of it but when fired there is a small explosion at the impact point.KOR Elemental Tool- Essentially a glow stick the KOR is eight inches long and when turned on creates a light, the brightness depending on what the user wants. The idea is to give a light user a ready source of their element without needing to pull from the environment or create it themselves.Skills: Cylen is a lifelong soldier and has all the skills that come with it.Weaknesses: While certainly not looking to die, Cylen would think nothing of giving his own life if it was the only way to get his men out alive. Also, he is getting up in age, meaning he is not as spry and nimble as he once was.Personality: Cylen believes in the Order of Mata-Nui's cause with all his heart, he has seen first hand what the Brotherhood does to places they have conquered. That's not to say that he is some kind of zealot though, following orders without question. He knows when something is a good idea and when there is a personal agenda or if it's just a bad plan. He cares about his men and does what he can to make sure they have what they need.Alignment: Lawful GoodAffiliation: Order of Mata-NuiBio: Cylen is a lifelong soldier, joining at the earliest age allowed. While he certainly was not a shooting star, he proved his worth on multiple occasions on planets and in boarding actions across the war front. His last posting was on a fairly small moon that held little strategic importance. Unfortunately it seemed that the Brotherhood it seemed that the Brotherhood did not share with that sentiment. One night a ship dropped out of FTL and started bombarding the outpost, killing most of the personal in the first ten minutes. Cylen managed to gather a small group and escape into the surrounding wasteland where they survived the landing parties and ship fire until one of the local patrol ships arrived and drove off the attackers. While his group was not the only ones to survive, the outpost was decimated and almost everyone was dead. The remaining personnel were shuffled out to different postings, Cylen himself getting moved to the Skies Beyond. There he was put in charge of the on board army contingent.Ship Name: Skies BeyondShip Make: Kohzan fleet "Adventurer" variantShip Class: CruiserAppearance: Five hundred meters long fifty meter wide and with cylindrical body and four shallow backwards sweeping "wings". Each wing is placed an equal distant apart, separating the outer surface into four sections. The metal is unpainted and retains it's natural blue/grey color with the exception of a set of curling and swooping glyphs on the side as a way of visual identification. The internal hallways are fairly wide for a space going vessel, Kohzan prefer to build open areas as whenever possible. Unlike the outside, the interior surfaces all have colors, mostly muted browns and greens with some with thrown in here and there.Systems: A main spinal particle accelerator cannon capable of dealing large amounts of damage with each shot. However it takes time to charge it and can only be aimed by moving the entire ship. to counter-balance this a variety of weapons have been placed along the hull. Each "section" has a trio of both laser point defense turrets and gravitic mass drivers firing rounds that have had their mass artificially increased. The former are capable of engaging at longer distances and tend to have much better accuracy due to their almost instant travel time. The second is capable of fulfilling the roles of both point defense and anti-ship duties due to the disproportionately heavy punch that it's ammunition delivers. Since it's a new ship, the Skies Beyond has the latest in both sensors and energy shields. Due to the fact that one never knows where a Great Being artifact might be found, a small science lab was added to the design.Crew: Tenet Cert (Captain), Cylen Tarket (Head of Infantry Operations), Graxx (Ground Crew), AthasBio: Despite the fact that the Kohzan put the vast majority of their resources at the disposal of the Order of Mata-Nui for the war against the Brotherhood, they retain legal possession over them and cycle their ships in and out to prevent burnout. The Skies Beyond is still fairly new, this being it's first rotation. As such it has not yet had the chance to participate in anything beyond several border skirmishes. Due to relative freshness of the captain and crew the ship has been assigned to the Kal Dormus system as part of the reinforcements sent to the growing conflict. 


Homeworld: KaeliaAppearance: Basically bird people, short feathers ranging from brown to white to black cover their entire body. Thick muscular arms and legs hold four talons each, with the lower set being wider to allow for proper balance. Wide yellow eyes provide excellent eyesight, much like their genetic ancestors, even if their bones are not hollow like those found in most avian creaturesGovernment: A democratic monarchy. A king is elected for a period of twenty years aided by an elected council. After their term, the king is no longer allowed to run for office. A special organization was put in place to ensure that no king would try to stay in place after his time was up.Psychology: Noble hunter might best describe the mindset of a normal Kohzan. Early in their culture they developed a respect for the sanctity of life even as they hunted their prey. They consider it their duty to act responsibly as the only intelligent life on their planet. Order and Chaos are held up as equally needed. Some level of Chaos is needed or else a society will grow stagnant, but without some form of order directing what to move towards chaos would run loose and ruin everything.History: Ordinarily they would only be able to trace their history back about thirty thousand years, when the first signs of civilization began showing up. However, the discovery of a Great Being laboratory gave them a window into a past of nearly eighty thousand years. When the Great Beings first came to their planet the Kohzan were only a step or two shy of developing full sentience, and seeing a chance to watch the development of an entirely new species as well as a chance to help create one, the ancient race built an outpost on the planet and began to conduct tests over a very long period of time.Several of those tests were based off of the Elemental project for the Great Spirit Robot, and much to their surprise, this new species had a fairly strong connection to a pair of the same elements. Air and Light to be exact. With this knowledge a series of adjustments were started through which the future of the Kohzan was changed forever.The first placed an organ that synthesized an organic version of protodermis as well as changes to allow the avian life forms to handle the new substance. The second step utilized the protodermis from the first to allow them to tap into the elements the species were most in-tuned to. As a result, the Kohzan species is able to create and control their element much in the same way as a Toa.After that, the Great Beings were content to sit back and watch, spending more and more time away from the planet until they left it all together. It is unknown whether this is because they found something more interesting or something else. None the less the group of star traveling mad scientists left and the progression of the locals continued fairly normally.The millennia passed by until, nearly ten thousand years after real civilization popped up, the lab left behind by the Great Beings was discovered. The Kohzan at the time were making their first manned space flights into the solar system at large and the new discovery launched a full blown Space Age. Interstellar jumps were made within twenty years. Despite the fact that Makuta's war of conquest had been in full swing for some time now it took a while for the Kohzan to feel more then it's ripples. Their homeworld was a fair distance from the battlefront and on the wrong side of the Order of Mata Nui for Makuta's forces to find them. Hints could be found here and there, a ship with a malfunctioning FTL drive that spoke of a great battle, or a highly advanced ship that was unusually hostile. All in all though, it took them the better part of a thousand years to make proper contact with the Order of Mata Nui and agree to join in the war.In the twenty thousand years since then, they have proven themselves time and again to be capable combatants both in space and on the ground.

Edited by Silvan Haven, Nov 06 2013 - 02:13 PM.

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"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



#4 Offline Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter

Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
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Posted Nov 06 2013 - 04:04 PM

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]-Reposted-[/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Name:[/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);] Sssbrlk'blogh (Splat)[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Species: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]Primorid[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Gender: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]Asexual[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Appearance: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]It's a blob of greyish-blue Non-Newtonian fluid that has the ability to morph its body into many different shapes, with a dense purple brain about the size of two clenched fists. Various sensory organs float within the gel, and the gel itself acts as much of the other life-necessary systems.Basically, it's a huge cell.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Powers and Abilities: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]Extreme resistance to impacts, able to slip itself through cracks the size of its brain. Can also be used much in the same way any Non-Newtonian fluid can, with many of the same properties.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Equipment: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]N/A[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Skills: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]Being a blob of goo. Slipping people. Blocking punches like a trampoline.Ya know, gooey bloby stuffs.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Weaknesses: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]Needs water to survive, will dry out within a day without it. Cannot survive in space, and is also very susceptible to electricity.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Personality: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]It's a blob.Also follows the orders of Calerix to the letter via their mental link.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Alignment: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]True Neutral/whatever Calerix wishes.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Affiliation: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]Calerix a.k.a. Brotherhood of Makuta[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Bio: [/color][color=rgb(47,79,79);]Once upon a time there was a planet simply filled with the primordial soup of life. The oceans churned and twisted, and the storms that rages were amazing.It was into this soup that the Primorids were born, and they were named by the BoM for being the largest life form closest to the most basic way of life. Sssbrlk'blogh was found by a BoM ship which had stopped at the planet for.. dubious reasons, by a crew member by the name of Calerix, a Ce-Toa serving as the resident translator/mental torture inflictor/Psionics expert. Its name was created by the first sound that she heard it say/squish out, and his nickname came from the way it took a liking to make people slip on the floor.Calerix has declined to say whether or not she suggested the idea to it.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Name: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Calerix[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Species:[/color][color=rgb(255,215,0);] [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Ce-Toa[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Gender:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Female[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Appearance: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Calerix is a bit smaller than the average Toa, her eye level ends up being parallel to most's chin. She is mainly colored a deep, Metru Blue with Bronze-colored armor. She wears what looks like a Great Huna, and has piercing purple eyes hidden behind said mask. She has no arms, but carries very old scars from another age.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Powers and Abilities: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Intensely trained mental powers and telekinesis. She's focused on training her powers for years to serve the Brotherhood best she can.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Equipment: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Calerix doesn't carry much on her, but she's never without a pair of daggers sheathed on her sides and a large glass container strapped to her back for Splat to be stored in when it's not out and about.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Skills: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]She's extremely good at coming to understand a person, and then using that knowledge to break their mind or force them to tell her what she needs. Also very good at figuring out alien brain patterns to translate for communication.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Weaknesses: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Well, she has no arms. There's that. Also, in terms of physical strength, she's just plain not going to be able to stand foot-to-foot with anyone but perhaps a sick Matoran.Yeah, it's that bad.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Personality: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Calerix is cold, harsh, demanding, and yet cheerful and greeting. Both are sides of her, one being that of your warden that's going to get what she wants from you, and the other being of a pleasant translator happy to help communication work perfectly.Perhaps she's not as horrible as some think her to be, perhaps she's worse than the ignorant aliens she translates for believe her to be.Calerix is normally, to the BoM, just plain indifferent. She shows emotion, sure, but once the day's done she is what she is: a Psionics expert filling many roles.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Alignment: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Lawful Evil/True Neutral, somewhere in the middle[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Affiliation: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Brotherhood of Makuta[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Bio: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Calerix has had a long, somewhat tough, life.She became a Toa just as Teridax took over the universe, and believing she was the reason for their troubles her village turned on her, beating her, cutting off her arms and leaving her to the wolves.It's no wonder that when Teridax offered to take her in and have someone train her in her powers, she accepted and turned to the side of the Brotherhood.For 10,000 years she trained and specialized herself, until eventually joining one of the BoM ships and traveling the universe.Over the next 30,000 years she hopped from ship to ship, aiding the effort as needed and dealing with life. It was about 8,000 years ago that she stopped on the planet of the Primorids, and after finding Splat on the ship's entrance she took it upon herself to delve into the mind of something totally alien, to understand it and than use it to fit her needs.It only took her 300 years, but she eventually figured it out and now she's got a companion for life.Currently, she resides upon the {Basilisk's Ship} and has been with them for quite some time, having taken a liken to the type of creatures and beings on it.[/color][/font]


[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(128,0,128);]Zakaro[/color][/font]

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Name: ZanoSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAppearance: Zano is a burly Toa of average height. His armour is primarily a gunmetal grey colour, with a splash of burnt orange on his arms, legs, and mask. His Hau has burnt orange along the top vent, but otherwise is flat gunmetal grey.Powers: Elemental control over most metals, ability to shield himself with his Hau.Equipment: Protosteel Katana.Skills: Zano is extremely skilled with the use of any sword, and has impressive leadership skills to boot.Weaknesses: ‘The heart that feels not is dead’ sums it up. He feels little emotion, and thus cares little for any allies he makes that are not part of his crew. Thus, very few trust him with their lives.Personality: Some would describe Zano as a ‘soulless machine’; others say he simply feels no emotion. The end result is the same: He does not show any emotion. If he were to get shot, he would not show the pain on his face.Alignment: Neutral NeutralAffiliation: The highest bidder.Bio: Zano refuses to speak of his past and how he managed to escape the Makutaverse. He also doesn’t mention how he got a hold of an alien ship and knows how to pilot it. After doing… whatever it was he did to do all of that he met up with a few other beings scattered across the universe and decided to make a living for himself, selling his services to the one who pays the most. Now, he and his not-so-motley crew prowl the stars hoping for someone to ask for their service.Anyone, really.Ship Name: The Doom ViperShip Make: A ship of somewhat unidentifiable origin, most certainly alien in origin.Ship Class: CorvetteAppearance: Slender, matte black and measuring 90m in length, the Doom Viper is a somewhat intimidating ship, despite it being only a Corvette. The 7 guns lining the front certainly assist with the intimidation factor.Systems: 7 cannons, the center cannon being larger than the rest and shooting lasers unlike the rest. The other 6 cannons shoot railgun-style, accelerating metal projectiles at breakneck speed towards other ships. The cannons can hold up to 2 shots each, and must be manually reloaded after shooting the shots. It does not, however, have very good armour or shielding, concentrating most of its might into its weapon systems. What protection it does have comes in the form of energy shielding, which can stop some high-speed projectiles but is utterly helpless against lasers or explosives.Crew: Zano, Vaarn, Kaez.Bio: The Doom Viper is a ship that no one can really say what planet it is from. The design of it is certainly unique, and it bears no resemblance to any ships seen roaming about. Zano may have created it himself, or he modified a ship he found. No one really knows, not even the crew.[color=#daa520;]Name: VaarnSpecies: Experimental Toa of LightGender: MaleAppearance: Vaarn is lean, tall, and clad in gold and white armour. What sticks out, though, is the fact his left arm is black, silver, and completely robotic. His mask, shaped like the Great Avohkii but certainly not the Avohkii, is a dull gold.Powers and Abilities: Vaarn has control over light, but it is on the level of a Turaga due to various experiments conducted on him as a Matoran. His robotic arm is stronger than his organic one, but only slightly so. He wears a powerless mask, as he is unable to use actual mask powers.Equipment: Vaarn’s robotic arm comes equipped with a small plate, which allows him to focus his powers through to create blades and shields of solid light.Skills: Vaarn is an excellent pilot and strategist, and also is skilled with hand-to-hand combat.Weaknesses: Though his robotic arm is an asset, at times he cannot control it adequately and thus cannot fight effectively. Along with that, his elemental control is weaker than that of a normal Toa.Personality: Vaarn is hyper, energetic, and a quick-thinker. He always takes the time to think before acting, however.He is also mildly insane.Alignment: Chaotic NeutralAffiliation: The Doom ViperBio: Vaarn prefers never to mention how he lost his arm or how he became a Toa. He always replies to the questions with, “It was painful, you really don’t need to know much beyond that.” He escaped from the Makutaverse along with Zano, and has served as his pilot ever since Zano obtained the Doom Viper. Though, it does beg the question: How is he able to fly an alien ship like that? Was he a Matoran of Light before being a Toa? What happened to him?All questions he never answers.[/color][color=#800080;]Name: KaezSpecies: Vortixx, NekunaGender: FemaleAppearance: If there was such a thing as a ‘ship mascot’, Kaez would represent the Doom Viper very well. Once the standard Vortixx, albeit slightly shorter than a normal one, the Nekuna that infected her has made her extremely reptilian. Her normally long face looks almost exactly like one of a snake, and her bright purple eyes look just like a snake’s. Her black armor has gotten a scaly appearance as well. The only major change in her hands is that her fingers have gotten a bit sharper than before. Her feet are taloned, though the talons are very dull due to disuse.Oh, and she had a tail. Go figure.Powers and Abilities: Due to being a Nekuna, her natural senses have become incredibly sharp and her strength has increased ever so slightly.Equipment: A railgun that fires dense metal ‘bullets’ at insane speeds using linear acceleration. She also carries around a machine gun capable of firing incendiary rounds, but it is primarily for show because the heat tends to warp the gun.Skills: Excellent shot, excellent gunner, and a good mechanic to boot, Kaez is certainly one of the most valuable assets to the Doom Viper. She is also somewhat good at hand-to-hand, greatly assisted by her strength and natural weapons.Weaknesses: Much like a lizard, cold temperatures make her slow and sluggish in her reactions, movement, and thought processes. This means that the Doom Viper needs to be kept at relatively high temperatures so Kaez can shoot and fix things. She also needs constant mental stimulation; otherwise she goes into fits of madness.Personality: Her personality matches her appearance: She is slippery, tends to lie, and all around isn’t very nice to be around. She also can be quite vicious if provoked. She acts completely differently around Vaarn and Zano, being honest and actually nice. Probably because they got her off of a uncivilized rock in remote space.Alignment: Neutral Evil, bordering on True Neutral.Affiliation: The Doom ViperBio: Kaez was a simple Vortixx, who lived a simple life in the Matoran Universe. She fixed things, made weapons for whoever wanted them, and was just unassuming. Even when Makuta took over, her life didn’t change too drastically. One day though, she was given an offer to leave the Mautaverse. So, like anyone would, she took the offer, killed the one who offered it to her, and left. She explored the stars, and after experiencing some ‘very minor control issues’ with her ship, she crash landed on an alien planet. And as soon as she left the ship, she stepped on what looked like a tiny Krataa. Said tiny Krataa was actually a Nekuna, which quickly attached and changed Kaez. For a while after the transformation, she had to live off of the Nekuna on the planet for a while. Fortunately, this didn’t last long as the Doom Viper came to investigate the wrecked ship that was emitting a distress beacon. Zano and Vaarn recovered her after touching down.For a price, that is.Now, to repay her debt to the Doom Viper, she works as the gunner, mechanic, and defender of the ship when no one is there. She doesn’t mind it too much. It’s a lot better than living on an isolated rock with nothing to do for the rest of her life.[/color][color=#808080;]Name: DesanSpecies: Toa of SonicsGender: MaleAppearance: Average height and build of a Toa, with dull silver-grey armour. The most remarkable thing about Desan is the archaic sound mufflers on the sides of his Huna. Though not large, they still were pretty obvious.Powers and Abilities: Elemental control of sonics, invisibility due to Huna.Equipment: A sniper rifle that fires concentrated plasma, much like a Brotherhood-esque weapon, and a shotgun that shoots out a spray of red-hot lead. Like most shotguns.Skills: Amazing marksman, and is virtually undetectable.Weaknesses: Removal of the sound mufflers would most likely incapitate him, and Desan is also worthless without his guns.Personality: Cold, silent, and efficient on missions. Otherwise, he is relatively cheery and friendly. But he still remains quiet spoken because of his sensitivity to sound.Alignment: Neutral GoodAffiliation: Order of Mata-NuiBio: A Toa of sonics within the Great Spirit robot, Desan was relatively prosperous at one point, helping matoran and saving lives and living the do-good Toa shtick. Minus the no-killing rule, however. He wasn’t well-liked by other Toa, but was still respected by the Matoran he saved. He escaped the robot only to find himself fighting a war on the ground with hundreds of other Toa.He was lucky to escape the planet and not go mad by the amount of noise.Desan got aboard a ship leaving the planet just in time to not die. After years of travel, he eventually joined the OoMN, though he did not have a ship nor maintain one. Or even act as a foot soldier on one. So, now he is searching for a ship he could possibly join and help out on. Preferably one not made by the BoM and one that is nice, cheap, and used. IF he had to buy it, that is.[/color]

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Name: [ [color=#800000;]Tark[/color] ]Species: [ [color=#800000;]Glatorian / Skrall hybrid[/color] ]Gender: [ [color=#800000;]Male[/color] ]Alignment: [ [color=#800000;]Neutral good[/color] ]Affiliation: [ [color=#800000;]Dark Hunters[/color] ]Appearance: [ [color=#800000;]Blending the athletic physique of the Glatorian with the raw strength and durability of the Skrall, Tark stands as a living example of an ideal warrior and a trueborn fighting machine. As regards height, he’s no record-breaker, being nearly as diminutive of stature as the club-wielding Stronius; as regards physical build and structure, however, he’s notably sturdy and compact, with broad shoulders, thick chest, and layer after dense layer of solid bull-tough muscle packed and anchored beneath his battle-scarred exterior. Sheer physical prowess is his calling card; combined with a blinding speed and a feral coordination, backed by a cold intelligence and a duelist’s skill, his immense brutal strength has long ago become the substance of legend. He is essentially organic of composition, possessing none of the mechanical implants enjoyed by his ancestors, but, like all Skrall and Glatorian, he does feature a highly durable metallic internal skeleton.As regards superficial appearance, Tark’s Skrall heritage is obvious. His facial structure is rough-chiseled and blunt, battered and weathered by countless blows, ruggedly masculine. Formidable, yes. Discomfiting, yes. Attractive... perhaps not so quite much, unless the female in question happens to be one of those ‘prizefighter fan girl’ types. The color of his organic skin tissue is a dark, smoky red, fading to gunmetal grey on his cheekbones, forearms, and hands. His restless, smoldering eyes, set in a perpetual squint, glow an intense shade of bloody crimson. The little finger on his right hand is missing, severed cleanly at the first joint, and he bears a distinctive ‘fiery serpent’ tattoo etched across the outside of his left bicep, along with the motto ‘Don’t Tread on Me’.As regards clothing, Tark’s only distinction is variety. One day appearing as a yellow-clad factory worker, the next as a blue-robed fisherman, he is constantly shifting garments and gear, making it extremely difficult for Brotherhood enforcers to pin down his identity. He does seem to favor neutral shades of black, red, and grey, however, and often wears an eyepatch or false tattoos, so as to partially disguise his facial features.[/color] ]Powers and Abilities: [ [color=#800000;]It is common knowledge that neither Glatorian nor Skrall possess extra-ordinary powers of any sort, and, logically, a hybrid of the two should be no different. Many have assumed this of Tark... and most of them never lived to regret their error.Tark’s birth-mother was a Sister of the Skrall, and the genetics granting innate psionic abilities are present, strong, and active in her son. While not even remotely near the level of a Toa of the said element, Tark is nonetheless reasonably formidable in the scope and potential of his powers. Like Ce-Matoran, his mind is naturally shielded, and there’s nothing like a quick, jolting mental assault to break down an opponent’s guard during melee skirmishes. He also finds his abilities quite useful when attempting to evade the attention of the Makuta, and general psionic manipulation of Brotherhood enforcers is one of the main reasons he has managed to survive as long as he has.Few besides himself know of or suspect the existence of his abilities, and Tark takes great care to ensure it remains so. They are his ace-in-the-hole, his backup plan, and, as everyone knows, such things are best kept secret.[/color] ]Equipment: [ [color=#800000;]As mentioned previously, Tark’s array of equipment is constantly in flux. Waging, as he does, a one-man guerilla war against the Brotherhood, he has been able to obtain vast amounts of standard tactical equipment, weaponry, and supplies from his victims. Much of this he stores in numerous secret caches across the Makutaverse, as a precaution against future need, but there are a handful of go-to items that he’s rarely seen without.Chief on the list is a cutting-edge piece of Brotherhood technology, the Shadowcloak Gauntlet. Tark obtained this from the corpse of an elite Brotherhood assassin, and it is his most prized and valuable possession. As the name suggests, it is a form-fitting metallic gauntlet, designed to be worn on the left hand, gunmetal grey in color with a few tubes, wires, and glowing LED-style status lights running across its back and sides. Its sole functionality, besides protecting the wearer’s left hand and wrist from damage, is to mimic the powers of a Great Kanohi Volitak, without requiring any sort of mental concentration on the part of the user. As such, it can be used by any species alive, even mere Matoran, and is another main reason for his having survived so long in the Makuta’s own realm.As regards weaponry, Tark generally favors some sort of sturdy, reliable firearm, most often a standard-issue Brotherhood laser assault rifle, as his primary killing machine; as his secondary, a plasma-charged tactical spear. In addition to these, he carries a varied assortment of knives, self-brewed poisons, improvised grenades, and other such dangerous objects, none worthy of particular note.As regards supplies, Tark packs lightly and skillfully, focusing on portability and practicality. Basic medical supplies, tinderbox, canteen, soldier’s rations, lockpicks, needle-nosed pliers, lightstone, and a few hundred feet of camouflage paracord form the basis of his guerilla’s field kit.[/color] ]Skills: [ [color=#800000;]Like most serious rebels, Tark is a stereotypical jack-of-all-trades, incredibly adaptable and resourceful, fairly skilled in a great variety of tasks and true master of but a few. Small-scale combat of any type, with any weapon, is his uncontested specialty, followed closely by urban and wilderness survival, but he’s also a decent hand with machinery, explosives, disaster-zone medical care, and covert operations. Much of his skill in these areas is self-taught; he has had little or no formal training of any sort.[/color] ]Weaknesses: [ [color=#800000;]On the one hand, Tark’s lack of formal military training makes him extremely adaptable and unpredictable; on the other hand, it sets him at a distinct disadvantage when attempting to counter the strategies of his foes. Never having learned to think exactly like his prey, he must rely on experience and intuition in order to cope, which often becomes a definite ‘weakness’. In addition, he is quite incompetent in matters of large-scale combat tactics, though this flaw, like most, could almost certainly be remedied with a bit of training. He knows very little of starships, and essentially nothing of the finer points of science and technology. Due to operating almost entirely as a ‘lone wolf’, Tark finds it difficult to effectively function as part of a team, and is prone to underestimation of his allies’ abilities, often with corresponding overestimation of his own. Is utterly hopeless in formal social situations; between his unpolished manners, straight-talkin’ mindset, and an inability not to fall violently in love with every attractive female in sight... well, let’s just say it would be a better idea to let him stay outdoors and keep your escape route clear of Brotherhood enforcers.[/color] ]Bio: [ [color=#800000;]Tark’s history is vague, and the one individual who knows the full story, doesn’t like to talk about it. He was born to the union of a male Glatorian and a female Skrall, only a decade or so prior to the Battle of Bara Magna and the beginnings of the Makuta’s takeover. Although still a juvenile at the time, he was somehow able to seek refuge in the Makutaverse during the battle’s aftermath, where his natural knack for combat and survival quickly made him an invaluable asset to the scattered bands of freedom fighters still active in the realm. Always a very independent and determined individual, a leather-tough killer with a heart of gold, he had loathed the Brotherhood’s strict, cruel regime from the very start, and when the Dark Hunters finally caught wind of his exploits and approached him with a recruitment offer, he was more than ready to join. After all, if the rest of your foreseeable future is going to be spent methodically slaughtering the dangerous minions of your sworn enemy, why not accept a few allies?Since then, Tark has grown and developed into a mature, battle-hardened veteran, or, as he puts it, a ‘professional rebel extraordinaire’. Having successfully carried out a number of challenging sabotage and assassination missions for the Hunters, usually working alone, he’s well on his way to building up a flawless, widespread reputation for effectiveness, efficiency, and sheer dependability. His entire life has been a constant, desperate struggle of hunter and hunted, with the hoped-for victory never more than a vague, uncertain hope on the distant horizon, and he revels in the strife. In a word, he likes to fight, and he’s uncommonly good at it. Despite the ever-constant presence of violent death, despite the odds stacked so heavily against him, the guerilla named Tark is happier now than he’s ever been in his life... not that he’s ever known anything different.[/color] ]Notes: [ [color=#800000;]Currently none; this section is subject to change as gameplay progresses.[/color] ]

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Name: BrunhildeSpecies: Artificial IntelligenceGender: [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]An unimportant designator living crewmembers use to arbitrarily divide themselves[/font].Appearance: A small frigate. Brunhilde interacts with crew via a collection of small white spheres, equipped with antigravity propulsion and a small suite of sensors, as well as a voice synthesizer. See frigate description below.Skills: Brunhilde is exceptional at cyberwarfare, hacking, ECM, and all of that sort of thing. She also is a competent tactician and strategist, having a compressed database of her makers' history of war.Weaknesses: Has no notable person-to-person body. May or may not be slightly suspect in the "sanity" department. [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]As defined by meatbags.[/font]Alignment: [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]I do not answer to your limited ideas of "morality."[/font]Affiliation: UnaffiliatedBio: Brunhilde was created by an alien race as the AI coordinator of the Tarnhelm. However, after a few near-death incidents which she blamed on her crew, she [DATA CORRUPTED]. Once released from duty to [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]incompetent meatbag commanders[/font], Brunhilde departed the space controlled by her creators, the [DATA CORRUPTED], she ran statistics on known star-charts to find worlds likely to be inhabited, and jumped to them. Her first attempt at collecting a crew was pretending to be a derelict, floating in space. Unfortunately, this attracted scavengers, rather than crew, and she [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]was forced to act in self-defense[/font]. She took the star-charts from these "Skakdi" scavengers and docked at a major hub of interstellar travel, placing an ad as a ship for sale and creating a dummy bank account for the money to be channelled into. It didn't take long before she picked up a "captain" and crew, a group of pirates who intended to use her as a raider, as she was plenty light and fast enough--and the cloaking systems didn't hurt, either. However, after a few raids (the proceeds of which Brunhilde dutifully collected for safekeeping,) they grew frustrated with her lack of serious weaponry and attempted to [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Frankenstein on horrific kludges of metal and circuitry with no sense of taste, and so she acted in self defense[/font]. After removing the abominations and feeding them into her fabber, she went to a different starport and posted a "for sale" advertisement again.[DATA CORRUPTED]And that is where she is right now--at dock, waiting for a new crew.Ship Name: TarnhelmShip Make: [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]My creators referred to the Tarnhelm as a Special Operations Support Vessel[/font].Ship Class: FrigateAppearance: Like soSystems: [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]I am equipped with extensive photonic and quantum computing systems distributed across the Tarnhelm. My creators were not generous enough to give me much more than nominal armor and shielding systems. To compensate, I added an all-spectrum cloaking field and point-defense coilguns. A more limited mind might assume that I had a shipyard add it on, but that is a simple mistake, made by simple minds. I am equipped with an onboard fabrication plant which, provided sufficient resources, I can use to repair or expand the Tarnhelm. All of this is powered by a miniaturized annie plant--oh. I should have guessed you don't know what an annie plant is. "Annie" is a slang term my previous crew used to describe the photonic antimatter reactor at the core of the Tarnhelm. I would explain it to you, but the mechanics of it are far beyond the grasp of your meat-based psyches. As for trans-c transit methods, the Tarnhelm is equipped with a wormhole tunneler which opens a single-ship wormhole in .7333391 seconds, according to the clock used by the supernation designated "Brotherhood of Makuta" and the alliance designated "Order of Mata Nui." Smaller or larger wormholes require more or less power. My engines are (to use your simplistic, imprecise, and utterly pedestrian language, an "antimatter beam core," using antimatter generated in the reactor as fuel.[/font]Crew: Desan, ArrikBio: [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Even a meatbag can read. There is no need to repeat myself.[/font]



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Name: Savina
Species: Toa; Nekuna. Nekuna are strange parasitic beings, almost kraata like in terms of shape, though quite a bit smaller. On their native planet they remain largely dormant until otherwise disturbed. When they are disturbed however, especially by a potential host, they awaken quickly. They will begin to release a pheromone that can cause temporary paralysis in it's victims. Which allows the Nekuna to enter the being through it's mouth if the potential host is compatible. From there it will find it's way to the victim's brain stem and attach itself. In the next several hours the host's body will begin to alter dramatically, the host will become more Rahi like in appearance. Their hands and feet will become clawed or taloned, they may grow new limbs such as wings or a tail, their face will become altered enough that they can no longer wear a mask. The sort of rahi or animal they end up representing will vary depending on both on the host and symbiote, but they typically retain some sort of bipedal form. The host's intellect and control remain, though they will lose any previous powers they once possessed. Instead they will gain abilities and traits of the rahi or animal they appear to be. Typically this means enhanced senses, increased strength and agility, and animal-like instincts. The Nekuna are typically attracted to Toa-like beings, though they can use most species as hosts. The attachment to the host is rather permanent, no one has come up with a way to remove it without killing both the host and the symbiote at this time. The hosts often grow to prefer their new form as well. 
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her body is largely turquoise in color, her eyes glow a vibrant amber, two of the few things that have not changed since she became a Nekuna. Her body's size is relatively the same as a Toa's, but her shape has been drastically altered. Her face is maskless and very cat like, her pupils are slitted vertically and her nose sticks out slightly more and resembles a cats. Her ears and tail are like a cats as well. Her feet are paw-like and clawed, and her finger tips have retractable claws. If she smiles at anyone they can easily see her teeth are very cat-like and definitely would not wish to be bitten. Despite her somewhat odd appearance her figure is still very sleek and curvy, definitely attractive.
Powers and Abilities: Great physical strength and agility, doesn't surpass a Pakari but few beings could match her otherwise. Her five senses are greatly enhanced to levels similar to a Muaka. 
Equipment: Retractable claws on her fingers, and her paw-like feet are also clawed. Her teeth are quite sharp as well. She also carries a large broadsword that would be a bit too heavy for most other beings to wield effectively. She has a Cordak blaster as well. 
Skills: Savina is an ace pilot. She uses her instincts and enhanced senses to increase her reaction time to be far greater than most. Letting her fly a ship out of scrapes with much less damage to the hull that it would be otherwise. 
Weaknesses: Her cat-like instincts make her easily distracted. In stressful situations she can have a fight-or-flight reaction. No elemental or mask powers, her abilities are entirely physical. 
Personality: While she takes her piloting very seriously and strives to do a good job, everything else she does can be described as flighty or whimsical. She also likes to sleep in the oddest places, at any given moment. 
Alignment: Chaotic good
Affiliation: None
Bio: Savina has been wandering the galaxy for as long as she can remember, flying ships to wherever was considered safe, though they rarely stayed save for very long. She learned to pilot a one man ship early on, becoming more and more skilled with the feel of the ship as time went on, it was one of the few things she could do to ensure her survival in the endless war that raged between the stars. One fateful day she landing on a curiously uninhabited planet, though she soon found out why. It was the home planet of the Nekuna, strange parasitic creatures who bonded with the first bipedal beings they detected. It didn't take much long for one of the creatures to discover her. It changed her forever. 
While she was rather freaked out but the whole thing for a good while she slowly adjusted and learned to even like her new form and abilities. She found that her improved reflexes made her an even better pilot than before. It wasn't long after that she became the member of a small group and became the pilot of their ship, The Wombat.

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[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Name: The Prestigious Captain Ranaki Pakewa of the John Claude and Official Mercenary of The Order of Mata Nui a.k.a. Ranaki[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Species: Toaish[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Gender: Male[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Appearance: Standing at 1.8 Bios (8.1 feet), Ranaki is taller than the average Toa. He is mostly black, but with some red (torso) and turquoise (mask and feet). His mask is shaped like a Kanohi Miru. He has a build similar to that of the Toa Mata, but has been known for applying "upgrades".[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Alignment: Mobman-like Good.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Affiliation: Official Mercenary of The Order of Mata Nui[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Personality: Ranaki has a split personality. He is usually calculated and sometimes overanalyzes, but has been known to go on pure instinct in hard situations. This can lead to a loss of control and a fiery temper.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Skills: Having once been a skilled forger and engineer, Ranaki can build, craft, scavenge, and repair many things to find a use for them. He can forge many kinds of ammunition, masks, and tools from Kanoka Disks. He also is a skilled marksman.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Weaknesses: Since Ranaki has multiple personalities, these will often clash. He can be found in incidents of indecision, and thus vulnerable. He also can be manipulated in his moments of irrational thinking caused by overanalyzing.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Powers and Abilities: Being a fusion of Air and Fire, Ranaki can use these powers independently, or combine them to cause explosions. He has the toughness of a fire toa and the agility of an air toa. He can only use his powers for explosions, respiration, heat, and the lesser powers of his elements. He does not have full control over his elements like nova blasts or absorbing all air of heat in the room.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Equipment: Ranaki has many tools and weapons, but here is a list of his most prominent and useful items.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Helmet: This helmet was made using highly advanced tech that works like Boba Fett's. His helmet has a Noble Mahiki shaped as a Miru to trick opponents.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Jetpack: Ranaki uses this as a channel for his elemental powers to give him a boost into the air.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Air Katana: Swift, sharp swords that Ranaki can heat up for a more damaging strike. He can also use them as gliders to make his jetpack more efficient for travel.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Triple-Shot Rifle: Ranaki himself has personally designed this unique firearm. It has the ability to shoot semi or full auto, and uses weakening disk fragments forged into ammo. Ranaki can forge Ta and Le disks, and thus ammo that shoots stronger or farther respectively, but also can use other types.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Disk Fragments: Weaker than a full disk, these fragments are able to be merged to create new powers. Ranaki does have to smuggle the resorces, but he does know how to forge. He won't be using disks but in tight situations, and can only use the fragments once per piece, and he only carries one piece per power.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Bio: Ranaki started life as a Ta-Matoran disk-maker and mask carver in the Ta-Metru forge, and as a Le-Metru engineer. Both where considered geniuses, and at the top of their trade. They were selected for testing of a new process of fusing two matoran holding toastones by the Spear of Fusion to create a multiple element toa. The experiment was charted as a failure, due to the single mind conflicting with the separate minds of the fused specimens. Having been given no new purpose, the new being wandered the universe in search of one. He became a bounty hunter and commissioned warrior, but only for a noble or right cause. This gained him a good rep with others and the name Ranaki Pakewa (loosely “The Wandering Avenger”), but still no life goal. After Teridax’s rise to power, The Order of Mata Nui hired him as a mercenary. This was the start of a new mission and purpose for Ranaki.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Think of a non-overpowered Slave I. (Boba Fett's Slave I is just a bit to overpowered for this).[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Ship Name: The John Claude[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Ship Make: This Firespray spacecraft is of alien design for police work, but has been modified for Ranaki's needs.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Ship Class: Corvette[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Appearance: The John Claude is 21.5 meters long (70 ft.), 21.3 meters wide, and 7.8 meters tall (25 ft.). It it in rough shape due to its old age. The dark red and dark mint green colors have slightly faded and become dull.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Systems: The John Claude has anti-laser shield generators, F-31 drive engines, power generators, navagational system, and sensor array. It is also equipped with a sensor jammer and decoy system, but they are outdated and can become obsolite against many of the newest or larger Brotherhood ships. The weapon systems include twin blaster cannons and a projectile launcher standardly loaded with three homing missiles. The John Claude can hold enough supplies to sustain Ranaki for a month when fully stocked, but it is hard to obtain that full amount or supplies during a war. The tech was once military exclusive, but is quite common for any new ships or some large standard ships. It is better than average for it's age.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Crew: Ranaki has piloted the John Claude as the sole crewmember, but will accept honorary crew members and might promote outstanding allies to official crew members if inquired. (Just ask me for permission and we will see. [/color] :D[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;])[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Bio: The John Claude has been Ranaki's first and only spacecraft, and has served him well. The systems were once top notch, but has been outdone by the Brotherhood's high-class and newest ships. Ranaki managed to "borrow" the ship from an alien mercenary of the Brotherhood when it docked inside of Teridax for restocking. This is how Ranaki made it to the outside.[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]“Spock > Khan”[/color]

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[font="calibri;"]Name: Valnad (Arrik)[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Species: Toa[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Gender: Male[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Appearance: Average height and average build for a Toa. Though his red and gold armor has rusted and faded over the course of many years, he is still imposing enough when he wants to be. To most of the Tarnhelm’s crew, he is frail and bitter, though in combat, face-to-face or otherwise, he is still a fearsome opponent. His mask is an ornate Hau, shaped in the same way as the legendary Hau Nuva, albeit with three “fins” arching over the top. His left arm is weak, the armour mangled, but when angry, he takes on an almost ethereal quality, which earned him the nickname Valnad, or Wraith, which has come to replace his actual name.[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Powers/Equipment: Control of flame, as with all Fire Toa. He also wears a Kanohi Hau and wields a wickedly curved Sabre and Tower shield into combat, though in an age of ship-to-ship warfare he rarely needs to use them.[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Skills: Valnad is skilled with his blade, a fast opponent and very disciplined. He’s also a master tactician, and combines this with the help of the Tarnhelm’s artificial intelligence to great effect.[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Weaknesses: Valnad, though quick and disciplined, can be fairly predictable into personal combat. Though with the help of the Tarnhelm’s AI he becomes far less so in ship combat, on foot he dislikes taking silly risks.[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Personality: Valnad is, for the most part, a distant authoritarian, who demands the best of himself and his crew. As the face of the Tarnhelm, he takes it upon himself to act as a guiding figure, directing the ship and her crew when need arises. Outside of that, Valnad has confidence that his crew can run things without him most of the time, and leaves them to their jobs.[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Affiliation: Neutral[/font]

[font="calibri;"]Alignment: Lawful Good[/font]

[font="calibri;"]History: Valnad is very guarded about his past, as evidenced by his refusal to use his real name. Though it has been speculated that he was any number of things in his past – a merchant of death, or mercenary, or spy for the Order of Mata Nui, or even the ruler of some land forever lost to the Makuta, The truth is actually fairly close.[/font]

[font="calibri;"]As a former agent of the Order, Valnad intensively studied tactics so that when the time came – if it ever did – he would be ready to command whatever legions he was given to wage war against the Makuta with. Unfortunately, he never got the chance, and in the aftermath of Makuta’s takeover he abandoned the Order. Over time, he travelled to a myriad of planets, always charting, trying to find some backwater planet where he could be alone.[/font]

[font="calibri;"]And when he finally found it, he eventually realized he wasn’t the first one to get there. And that’s where the Tarnhelm comes in.[/font]

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[color=#800080;][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Hirion[/color][/font][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: ???/Reptia[/font][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Hirion himself is a small, armored worm about five centimeters long. He has no eyes, but does have two antennae/tentacles that he can use for sensing his environment  In addition, his entire body is a brain, with little to no other organs. Hirion can bury himself into the head of an organic being, and insert his antennae/tentacles into the brain, taking it over and downloading any information.[/font]Hirion's host is a member of species called Reptia. Members of the Reptia species appear to be humanoid reptiles. They have a slight hunch, and their fingers end in retractable claws that are typically extremely sharp. Coloring for their scales is normally dark coloration, with green being the most common. They are of the same height of a Toa.The Reptia species has been implanted with cybernetics, likely of Great Being in origin, that increase the physical attributes of strength, speed and agility to a slight extent. Compared to a Toa, they are not all that much physically better, but are.Gender: MaleAppearance: Hirion himself is rarely seen, instead he deals exclusively with using his host. His host stands of a typical type for it's species, and has a dark olive scale coloring. The eyes of his host are similar in appearance to a snake.[font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers and Abilities: Hirion can take over the mind of his hosts by burrowing into them, and then implanting his tentacle/antennae into the brain of the host. He can then 'download' the memories of the host into him, and store them.[/font][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]His host's species are a naturally athletic and fit species, with increased physical attributes. As Hirion only effects the mental condition of his hosts, he still has access to these abilities. He also has the retractable claws of his host's species.[/font]Equipment: [font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"] [/font][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Hirion typically carries two weapons- an protosteel saber and an coilgun. The saber is normally kept very sharp, and is a normal weapon other than the fact that it is made out of protosteel.[/font]


[color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]The coilgun fires bullets at high speeds by propelling the bullet through a series of magnetically charged rings at high speeds. The bolts lose power as they go further, but at a close range are very devastating.[/color][color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]Skills: Hirion has absorbed the memories of many people, and has an expansive knowledge of many subjects.[/color][color=#ff0000;][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: If Hirion would to be removed from his host, he would run out of any nutrients and die in less than a day. He needs to be in his host to survive. In addition, he normally must fight to wrest control of a body. This leaves him weakened for a day or two afterwards. There is a chance of him failing.[/color][/font]

Personality[color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]: [/color]Hirion is a psychopathic genius. He enjoys killing, has extreme, unhealthy amounts of malevolence  and will backstab and betray at a moments notice. He has absorbed memories from many hosts, and is extremely intelligent.[color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]Alignment: Chaotic Neutral[/color][color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]Affiliation: Highest payer[/color][color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]Bio: Hirion was born on relatively inhabitable planet. The planet had no sentient life forms, and Hirion's species controlled the minds of simplistic animals. One day, a ship landed on the planet, and strange creatures emerged.[/color][color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]Hirion went into one, his curiosity overwhelming him. He was then hit with a surge of information, turning him from a beast into a sapient being. The creatures that landed on his planet were scientists, and Hirion named himself after their name for his species. The Hirion worm.[/color][color=rgb(128,0,128);font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;]He acted as nothing were amiss until the scientists left, when he bombed his former home from above, killing the small colony of his fellow species. He would later come back to the planet, search for more members of his species and kill all he found.[/color] 

[color=#800080;][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]His reasoning? Less competition.[/color]The scientists were members of the Reptia species, and upon arriving to their home planet, Hirion delved into the criminal underworld, taking over minds, extracting information and using it to build a massive empire, which later fell to authorities.[/font]Hirion was imprisoned, but escaped after disconnecting from his host, taking control of another, and then fleeing the planet. He made it off world, and then became a mercenary.


[color=#800080;][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Ship Name: Courtessia[/color][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Ship Make: Reptian[/font][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Class: Corvette[/font][/font]

[color=#800080;][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: The Courtessia has a main, central pod, from which three prongs jut out. These prongs are typically used for storage, and any items are placed in the side facing the inside. At the top of the pod, where the prongs begin is the cockpit. Engines are at the back of the ship, and are in a set of three. Crew member lodgings, recreation, an armory and a kitchen are all contained within the pod. The coloration of the vehicle is a dark olive green mixed with black. Across the ship, there are many jagged spikes and parts jutting out. The ship lands on its side.[/color][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Systems: On the central pod of the Courtessia, there are three turrets, each of which is directly behind the prongs. These turrets typically fire lasers, but do have a few missiles in them. The ship is very fast, as it was designed as a scout ship, not a fighter. It also has the ability to scan planets quickly and pick up the faintest of radio signals.[/font][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Crew: Hirion is the captain. Orilu is an Antaran weapon master, and has fourth generation IAS. Riktik is a Kohzan with control of Air that works as the pilot. Lazem is a Matoran of Plantlife that serves as the ship's cook. Verim is a Su-Skakdi, Korsik is a Ko-Skakdi. Both act as ground troops for the ship. All members of the crew are reformed criminals.[/font][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Bio: When fleeing from the Reptia home planet, Hirion hijacked the first ship he could find, which turned out to be the Courtessia. It was one of the fastest ships the Reptia had, and Hirion used that fact to get off the planet. He traveled around the galaxy, forming a crew. They currently work as mercenaries.[/font][/font]

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Name Srach


Spieces Vortixx


Alligence Chaotic Bad, works with Dark Hunters


Powers and Abilites Srach has excellent hand-eye coordination and piloting skills of all vehicles. He is very good at camouflaging himself with his surrondings. He is also a expert at melee combat


Equipment For his first piece of forigen technology, Srach carries a Vortixx Rhotuka Battle Ax, his second is a Energy Extraction Rifle. His spinners allow him to sift through a targets memory. If someone is trained to shield their mmind, this power doesn't work.


Description Srach is Tall and broad, he camouflagues himself to his surrondings so his coloring is always in flux. He has bright light blue eyes and will most likely seen with his Battle Ax slung across his back and his

Energy Extraction holstered on his right thigh.


History Srach has worked with the Dark Hunters for decades, and is one of their most trusted agents. He is usually dispatched on missions that will require Toa resistence.


Personality Srach has a powerful personality, always voicing his opinion and rarely listening. He enjoys melee combat and interrogating prisoners.


Weakness Unable to use elemental powers and poor ranged combat abilities.




Type Corvette

Name Silver

Weapons None

Description Silver is a escape pod that Srach escaped on when he was fleeing out of a Brotherhood Ship. It is baisicly a Toa Cannister, but a little bit larger. It is out fitted with very good computer systems and does have jets so it can move around.

Background Silver is a escape pod from a very large Brotherhood Ship. Srach escaped in it and became rather fond of it. He upgraded it and made it more comfortable. He uses it to just sit around waiting for the Shadowed One to give him a mission.


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Name: Talos
Species: Modified Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Easily the size of a burly Skakdi, this denizen of the cosmos wears a full suit of dark blue exo-armor. It once had a gold trim and white lightning markings, but years of battle have scarred and faded it. His helm has a pair of bat wings extending from the temples and the faceplate is painted white in the likeness of a skull. 
Powers and Abilities: Pretty strong (especially for his size of about 7.5 feet), endurance, can run faster than average, sealed armor can provide a few minutes of protection from vacuum, can self-repair to a limited degree in battle (he's not going to regrow an arm though), night vision (can be reduced if helmet damaged/removed). 
Equipment: Mark IV Maximus-Pattern Power Armor with boosted vocabulator (can send temporarily-disorienting sound waves). Talos carries both his old Toa weapon, a blade that can be sheathed with energy for disassembling foes at the molecular level when activated, but also an Tigrus-pattern boltgun. Developed by a now-extinct alien race, this large weapon fires 20mm gyrojet projectiles that can punch through most infantry armor and explode on the inside. 
Skills: Decent shot, decent swordsman, and scavenger of equipment. Specializes in terror and stealth/rapid-insertion warfare.Weaknesses: Difficulty accessing elemental powers, cannot reliably use a Kanohi. Essentially, he's not going to use a kanohi or an elemental power in a fight. He'll use strength, speed, and underhanded tricks. 
Personality: Talos is practical to a point of cruelty, often times silent, and brooding, mainly as a result of the loss of his brothers, glory, and his future. 
Alignment: Evil. 
Affiliation: Brotherhood of Makuta
Bio: Some years ago, the Order of Mata Nui decided to engage in a program to build better soldiers. Certain Toa went through a rigorous augmentation progress (many did not survive) to make their bodies stronger, faster, and better than before. They were armored with a suit that could at best be compared to a smaller, more flexible, and less cumbersome Exo-Toa suit without built-in weapons. Thousands of these warriors were sent into the voids of space. For a time, where their booted feet trod, not a world was lost to the darkness. Nay, it was one of the first times that there was a unified, noticeable advance on the Brotherhood. But eventually, half of the legions turned traitor and the galaxy burned (or at least a small part of it) as brother fought brother. Talos was one of the surviving traitors, a member of the VIIIth legion. 
Ship Name: Vengeful Spirit (formerly the Stargazer).
Ship Make: Astartes-Pattern Strike Cruiser
Ship Class: Frigate
Appearance: This massive vessel is covered with scarring, craters, and asteroid micro-impacts to the point that the original dark blue is nearly completely gone, now a scratched dark, almost-black grey in most places. Strangely, only the massive bat-winged skull on the bow remains devoid of major wear. 
Systems: The Vengeful Spirit was not meant to go toe-to-toe with the Brotherhood's battleships in space combat. It was supposed to deliver dozens of legionnaires by drop pod combined with blistering macro-cannon orbital bombardments to quickly and decisively crush enemy forces on a planet below. Now, with so few legionnaires, the ship is mostly transport. Talos relies on the ship's size, toughness, and warp drives to avoid space conflict. If necessary, the ship still is equipped with a number of point defense arrays (but could be overwhelmed by concentrated starfighter assault) and the heavy planetary bombardment cannon can tear through the heaviest armor, but only at close range. Has decently strong shields. The Spirit still holds several hangers and a drop pod bay. 
Crew: Talos, several deceased members of the VIIIth Legion, NPC crew, have room for whoever else wants to come. 
Bio: As the modified Toa legions were sent into space to destroy the Brotherhood's footholds on the Order's worlds, they were given mighty vessels for transporting their deadly cargo, but also adequately powerful ones to fend off attackers. Astartes-Pattern Strike Cruisers were among the larger vessels deployed with the legionnaires, though certainly not the biggest. Many ships were destroyed by the Brotherhood, or their own brethren after the schism. 
P.S. His ship essentially is a shadow of its former self. It was once meant to be a powerhouse, but now, due to the lack of crew and legionnaires, is essentially a glorified heavy transport. 
Spock> Khan
NOTE: This is my original profile. As of right now in the game, my ship is currently floating, uncrewed, in low orbit over Kal Dormus. In addition, there were no members of the VIIIth Legion aboard besides Talos. Talos is very tough and strong for his size (could easily go toe-to-toe with Reidak, the strongest canister set), has limited self-healing capabilities, but is often unable to pick up enemy weapons because his gauntleted hands are too large. He is currently serving the Order of Mata Nui under Cylen Tekert (captain of the Skies Beyond) in exchange for not being imprisoned. 
Shoutout to Silvan Haven for the saved profile.

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The following two profiles were approved before the downtime. They should be exactly the same as before, though I may have made one or two edits after posting them originally that did not get saved.


Name: Hashir

Species: Toa of stone

Gender: Male

Appearance: Medium height and fairly lean for a Toa. His armor is light brown and dark gunmetal, with a light brown Kanohi Hau 

Powers and Abilities: Has the regular powers that accompany being a Toa of stone, although weakened by means of having no tools to channel his power with. Regular powers of a Hau.

Equipment: Two revolvers and an ammo belt, one knife.

Skills: Solid aim with his weapons.

Weaknesses: Relatively weak strength for a Toa, undeveloped elemental powers.

Personality: Hashir will work with those who can help get him what he wants, but generally avoids those he considers morally corrupt. He is quiet, but mostly loyal to his cause and companions.

Alignment: Lawful neutral-neutral

Affiliation: Dark Hunters

Bio: Hashir was brought up as a Po-Matoran in Metru Nui. He enjoyed his life as a tool maker until Makuta took over the city, and with only luck managed to escape being imprisoned in a sphere. It was during this time that he found a Toa stone (presumably a remnant of the Toa Mangai), which transformed him into a Toa. Despite seeing himself as a protector of the city, he stuck to the shadows and kept a low profile, only deciding to openly walk the city after Sidorak's defeat and the Visorak's retreat. During subsequent years, including the war with Makuta, Hashir operated out of Metru Nui to act as a soldier to take out individual squads of Rahkshi, Visorak, or any other servants of the Makuta that wandered too close. It was during one of these skirmishes that he lost his Toa weapon, and has since been working with revolvers that he created from the remains of Dark Hunter weapon blueprints in the city.


After Makuta killed Mata Nui, Hashir decided to stop acting as an individual and join a faction that might best be able to serve of his desire: to get revenge on Makuta for destroying his city, and killing Mata Nui. He was impressed by the organization of the Dark Hunters, and joined them. While their villainous past initially bothered him, he was convinced that their unity and tactics were the most efficient for hurting Makuta. But he has no deep allegiance to them, and is willing to change factions if a more united, or morally sound one arises.



Name: Karu

Species: Ko Matoran

Gender: Male

Appearance: Metru Nui matron style, all white with grey limbs. White Akaku mask. Physically fit and athletic, but otherwise the same height as any other Matoran.

Equipment: A set of 41- Kanoka disks plunged from Metru Nui (ie, Ko-Metru reconstitute at random disks of various power levels), Zamor Sphere launcher

Skills: A very knowledgeable scientist, persuasive through charm.

Weaknesses: Very bad in hand to hand combat, entirely reliant upon his projectile weapons. Doesn't always carry around his Kanoka Disks, generally keeps them in the lab.

Personality: Outgoing, incredibly excited to talk about anything science, incredibly excited to do anything science.

Alignment: neutral evil

Affiliation: Brotherhood of Makuta

Bio: Karu was initially a Ko-Matoran of Metru Nui who studied in the knowledge towers his entire life, particularly in the area of biological sciences. While his experiments were occasionally cited as being immoral, he was always able to use his charming personality to skirt out of the allegations. He was on the verge of becoming a Tower Philosopher (Ph.D equivalent- totally made up term) when Makuta took over the city. Having heard of his scientific prowess, and potentially immoral experiments, Karu was taken by the Brotherhood and forced to work as a scientist in their ranks. He initially had no desire to help them, and thought multiple times of sabotaging experiments. But it didn't take long for him to become completely enveloped in the science that they were letting him preform, science that would have gotten him banished from Metru-Nui, and soon became a devoted follower. 

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Name: Terena JakeenanSpecies: FeralinFeralin are a species of technopathic aliens that lack the armor of Toa, instead looking like bluish-grey humans. Their sexual dimorphism is roughly the same as a human, though Feralin seem to be more slender and delicate than a Toa or human.Gender: FemaleAppearance: She looks rather average for her species, which is farther toward the side of stunning for a Toa. Her skin is dark grey, eyes bright purple, and she's perpetually smiling. She's more cute than hot.Terena keeps her black hair longer than most of her species, roughly shoulder length and tied back when she's working.Powers and Abilities: Terena has the same powers as all members of her species, though she's rather better at it than most. These number two:The first is neurological interface with any system that uses electricity, allowing her to control it and diagnose for errors. However, physical contact is required and a new type of technology will take time to recognize the parts.Her second is closely related to the first: She can 'tag' three systems at a time, allowing her to control and error check remotely.Equipment: A power suit specifically built for her and her job, enhancing strength to roughly twice her normal abilities (about that of a Po-Toa) and granting a cold plasma cutter, screwdriver, magnetic shoes, and an eight gauge shotgun. A dagger with a foot blade is strapped to her boot.Because you never know.The suit is one of her tagged objects.Skills: One of the best of her species at her unique powers, and one of the best mechanics around.She also plays an instrument similar to the acoustic guitar.Weaknesses: Without her suit, she's weaker physically than a Toa and has no elemental powers whatsoever.Alignment: Chaotic GoodAffiliation: Crew of the Tarnhelm.Bio: Born to a mechanic family on the Feralin world of Quan, Terena led a mostly normal life. Well, apart from the constant fixing and tinkering with mechanical devices. She spent more time covered in grease than your average Po Matoran spends playing Kohlii, eventually passing her parents in terms of skill. After coming of age she hopped on the first freighter, getting trapped on a space station after her money ran out.
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-Dead Man Walking-
Name: Feris Roh
Species: Toa, formerly of Sonics
Gender: Male
Appearance: A skinny, almost starved-looking figure clad in smoky grey and pitch black armour, Feris resembles a cross between a panther on the hunt and a down-on-his-luck gentleman gambler. His taste in clothing is both dapper and gothic, every article dark and weathered; a waistcoat hangs off of his thin frame and a long scarf both wraps close around his lower face and droops low over upper chest. The eyeholes of his mask are covered with black glass, making it impossible to see in through them. It is also not uncommon to see Feris with a tinfoil-wrapped top hat perched atop his head.
Powers and Abilities: Due to a glitch in the design of his mask, Feris has lost access to his elemental powers. Fortunately, though, the mask also keeps him dying for as long as the Makuta lives -- though if it’s removed from his face, that effect will be nullified. His pain receptors have been deadened, and while he can reattach severed limbs, unless the components are aligned and repaired to exact specifications, they may not function well, or at all. He has also retained his race’s characteristically sensitive hearing.
Equipment: Feris’ main piece of equipment is his modified Mask of Undeath, which keeps him alive and functional for as long as it takes to achieve his final objective -- in this case, bringing down the Makuta. He also carries a sword-cane with a protosteel-coated blade -- the “sheathe” can be attached to the pommel of the sword to form a crude naginata.
Skills: Feris’ skills include sword-swinging, deal-making/-breaking, witty banter, espionage, observation, and posing as a living person. He also has an extensive (theoretical) knowledge of mask-making.
Weaknesses: With his life force now directly tied to his mask, Feris is vulnerable in a new way for every way that he’s protected. Should his Kanohi be damaged or knocked askew, he’ll be weakened (depending on the degree of change); if it’s removed or destroyed, someone should just start digging a grave.
Personality: Paranoid to the last, Feris only trusts the people he can keep extensive tabs on, and even then only when they’re in slicing range. It takes a lot to make this guy open up to someone, and if one were ever to manage that, they find themselves a staunch and devilishly quick-witted ally -- though, admittedly, still rather kooky and wild. He’s usually light-hearted and friendly, always one for a joke, never wanting to take things too seriously; but make no mistake -- Feris Roh can be absolutely and horrifyingly ruthless when he has to be (especially since his death).
Alignment: Chaotic Good, bordering on Neutral
Affiliation: Technically, Brotherhood of Makuta (sleeper agent)
Bio: The son of an affluent Kanoka tycoon, Feris lived amongst the Matoran Universe’s jet-set for the first part of his life, where he learned to keep to his own business to himself. He was tutored in the art of sword-fighting, business and Kano-composition from a young age, until he was incredibly proficient in each (not to mention his self-taught skills at espionage and observation).
Eventually, these skills would be the only things keeping him alive; when the Rohs’ company went into bankruptcy, soon after the destruction of Spherus Magna, the Brotherhood offered them financial aid -- in exchange for Feris.
They agreed, and the young man was drafted into the machinations of Teridax. There, he was forcibly transformed into a Toa and thrown onto the front lines of a war he had no lot in. With his last shreds of wealth, he purchased a modified Mask of Undeath, and prepared for the next big step of his life -- defecting to the Dark Hunters.
However, another of the Brotherhood’s agents caught whiff of Feris’ scheme, and planned to execute him in the crossfire of the next battle. He succeeded, undoubtably, but at the cost of his own life -- a loyal soldier of the Makuta to the end. Feris, on the hand, didn’t have time to stay dead; thanks to his mask, he had one last mission to complete:
Make sure that the glorious Makuta Teridax was destroyed.
Nowadays, he keeps up the guise of being a loyal soldier of the Brotherhood, all the while planning the coup of the century and trying to keep anyone from realizing that he’s actually dead.
Notes: The politically-correct term is “living-impaired”.

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Antara and its People

Antara is the fourth planet from the sun in a galaxy several lightyears from the one that held Spherus Magna, before its destruction. The sector of space it inhabited was remote, most of the planets in its solar system, as well as the neighboring ones, had either never held life or held life that died out thousands of years before they arrived. Archaelogical digs have indicated both on a variety of planets. Due to their lack of any immediate neighbors, the region went undiscovered by other races.

The Antarans

The Antarans are a humanoid race, roughly seven feet in height on average. Their biology is, in many ways, remarkably similar to that of the Glatorian, sans most of the mechanical components. Their muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems are remarkably efficient, which means that athletics and physical endurance come quite naturally to them. Their senses are quite acute, due in small part to their biology, though the more substantial cause is the way that they are raised to use them from a young age.

Even in this day and age, visible mechanical enhancements are a rarity, found almost exclusively in those without the resources to create more advanced models. Nanotechnology was, before the planet’s fall, almost universal. Every being was injected at birth, and the nanites would continue to function for the entirety of their life, keeping them healthy and strong long past when other organic races would simply have broken down. As a result, their lifespans were incredible, rivaling even the Matoran Universe’s inhabitants, though no tests could ever be made to discern which race lived longer. Their skin was of almost human skin tone, though leaning towards slightly paler complexions, and their hair was astounding in the variety of colors and hues it was known to appear in, as well as their eyes.

The species as a whole lacks any innate powers, elemental or otherwise, though the rise of cybernetics would eventually lead some beings to manifest abilities similar to the term “power”. Their natural attributes, however, are easily on par with those of a Toa.

Antaran Society

The Antarans, since their very earliest days, have been a race of worries. Once, millennia ago, this had manifested as the formation of warring nations across the globe, each one at war with one or more of the others for one reason or another. Periods of peace were often but brief, the perceived differences between them too much to let them keep the peace for long. This period lasted for several centuries, the surface of the planet eternally dotted by abandoned battlefields and shed blood.

Their weapons evolved, from simple metal clubs to blades, blades latter supplemented by bows and arrows. As time went on, the creation of these weapons became just as important as their use, an art form in and of itself. Smiths would etch their names onto their works, granting themselves fame immortal. To this day, they are remembered and honored in the naming of modern weaponry. The northern states were famed for their prowess in straight-edged weapons, preferring broadswords and longswords, power over swiftness. The western states preferred the bow, perfecting its use and creation, allowing them to strike quickly and at a range. The eastern nations preferred swiftness over power, creating lighter and thinner weapons to strike hard and fast, fading away into their jungles before retaliation could occur. The southern nations, hailing from a mountainous regions, remained out of the offensive war, using their natural precipices and choke points to prevent their holdings. Their weapons were a mixture of all the rest, innovation only coming in the form of fleeing craftsmen and scholars from the other nations in search of a safe haven.But eventually, the blades and bows began to give way to cannon and gunpowder. Despite this, they never truly left the battlefield, instead serving to supplement the ranged weapons. By this period of history, the world had almost entirely forgotten about the southern regions, leaving them to their mountains to focus on their multi-sided war. Smaller states allied with bigger ones with remarkable fluidity, the only political constant was the war that enveloped their existence. Cities rose to tower heights only to fall again, peppering the surface of the planet with ruins populated only by paupers and deserters, hoping to escape the conflict that surrounded them. The population did not grow, instead slowly declining as the people died faster than they were born. They were slowly fighting themselves to extinction for causes no one even remembered.

But all of that changed when the southern nations descended. Left alone for centuries, they had advanced their own technology far faster than the others, making use of the craftsmen they had driven away to create advanced weapons and vessels, far outclassing anything that the other nations could bring to the field. Crude armored vehicles, ships capable of carrying vast numbers of troops faster than they could be stopped, all of the above descended upon the land.

Unable to set aside their differences, the nations fell one by one to the inexorable onslaught, many times surrendering even before a battle could be fought. A year after it began, or so historians had estimated, the war was won, and all of the warring nations had been brought to heel. But the conquerors had no intention of setting themselves up as rulers. They had been watching events for decades, seeing the trends and recording them carefully. They knew that any attempts to set themselves up as rulers would end in their downfall at the hands of a united enemy, and that democracy would be divided along regional lines, sowing further tension.

And so the Ruler’s Game came to be. Once every ten years, or sooner if a challenge was issued, a tournament would be held in the planet’s capital. Any nation or group that wished could field a team, and the team that won would pick who would rule for the next ten years. The early Games were bloody affairs, with the losing teams often suffering casualties despite attempts to prevent them, but as time went on, they grew civilized. Roughly three hundred years after the end of large-scale war, they had come to be regarded as a sport, and they were treated as such. Hatred turned to rivalry, bloodshed to sport, and destruction to creation.
The rate of invention was greater than ever, fueled by competition, and the inventors were as praised as the warriors. And population grew as well. Rather than conquer nature, the Antarans decided to expand underground, and thus began a movement that led to the planet’s image before the Brotherhood. The surface was carefully maintained, forests and jungles allowed to flourish with minimal intrusion, while cities grew deeper and deeper beneath the earth. But all was not as perfect as the elite would like to believe. Even in this “utopia”, crime existed. Empowered individuals attempting to rule their little slices of the world through fear, warlords in all but name. Large scale conflict had been eradicated, but the small scale conflicts had just begun. Even into the modern era, not a year went by before a would-be ruler tried to take over outside of the game. Some were pathetic, others mad, and a select few truly dangerous, but the conflicts they caused were, without exception, bloody.

One thousand years after the Conquering, the Antarans ventured into space for the first time, quickly establishing another colony on their moon. Their taste for exploration unearthed, they threw themselves whole-heartedly into space, terraforming their two moons and slowly moving out of their solar system. Several decades later, they achieved faster than light engines, and were able to explore in earnest.

But the worlds they found were all as they had been centuries ago. The wages war against one another viciously, relentlessly, for reasons of no consequence. And worst of all, what they wanted was weapons. They sought the Antarans’ technology to wage war. Some demanded, some tried to trade, some bought, but when the Antarans saw what they were doing with the gifts they were given, they withdrew to their own worlds, venturing out only in small groups. But that did not stop the others from seeking what they had. If a cause was just, or a race proved themselves worthy, they would give away some of their secrets in trade for some of the aliens’, but they were careful. History had taught them such.

And so it was that their technology became legend. When a piece would surface, the more primitive worlds would pay through the nose, in money, resources, and sometimes in blood, to obtain it. Some even grew bold enough to search for the source of it. But few could ever find it. They knew not where to look.Makuta stumbled across it in the twenty thousandth year of his expansion, and fortunate for him that it had taken him so long. Already having consumed and assimilated dozens upon dozens of worlds, they had become a juggernaut that few could stand against. So when a Brotherhood battle group stumbled across the edges of Antaran, they saw only a peaceable race of no real threat. Overzealous and drunk off of their victories, they attacked.

The colonies on the very outskirts fell quickly, unprepared for an attack upon a civilization that had not seen true war for centuries. The Brotherhood was emboldened by this perceived reinforcement of their analysis, and moved in further.And thus, the Brotherhood suffered its first unconditional loss in several thousand years. The technology designed to be used in an arena was quickly adapted for war once more, and when the Brotherhood reached the inner colonies, they were unprepared for what they found. A veritable fleet of ships waited for them, and when they opened fire, the Antarans returned fire with weapons the likes of which the Brotherhood had never seen. Beam weapons, railguns, electronic warfare, weapons far beyond what the Brotherhood could field swept over them. In less than five minutes, the Brotherhood battle group had been annihilated.

The victory was short lived, however. The battle had drawn the attention of the Brotherhood’s main forces, prompting a full-scale war that would rage for years. The Brotherhood had numbers, but the Antarans had chosen to fight to the last man. The Brotherhood was loathe to outright destroy them, the secrets of their technology was a fruit too sweet to pass up. But each captain, each warrior, prepared for that. Ships rigged to self-destruct at unauthorized use, weapons designed to destroy themselves in the event of their owner’s death, or purge their systems at a single command.

The war lasted for nearly a century before the Brotherhood wrote it off as a lost cause, and Makuta himself came to finish the job. Perhaps the Antarans could have held out longer, perhaps survived long enough for the Order to come to their aid, but they were inexperienced. Even with their technology, their tenacity, it had been thousands of years since they had seen real war. The Brotherhood lived for it. The Antarans began to lose ground due to tactical errors, mistakes, just as much as their foe’s overwhelming numbers. Colony by colony, they were forced back until just their homeworld remained. The Brotherhood and the Antarans clashed one last time, in a battle that the Antarans knew they could not win. So when Brotherhood forces finally overwhelmed their spaces forces, a brief, but vicious fight, and ground troops finally broke into their cities…Everything was gone. Every bit of knowledge, every bit of data either taken off world or destroyed. The few soldiers that had remained behind fought to the last, buying the refugees time to escape. By the end of the war, the Brotherhood had expended more resources and manpower on one world than on the rest of its conquests during that time combined. And to show for it, they had few than a hundred Antaran captives, and a mere handful of even half-functioning Antaran technology. And even the majority of those destroyed themselves rather than reveal their secrets when examination was attempted. The Antarans’ pride had cost them their future when they might have lived to fight another day, and their pride would cause suffering for all those who yet lived.

It is estimated that there are now fewer than a thousand Antaran survivors, so few that most only know them by name, and not sight. And of their technology, even less has survived.

Antaran Technology

The Antarans were, undisputedly, the most advanced civilization for several galaxies in any direction. Their weapons came in all manner of shapes and types, from projectile weaponry to energy weapons, shields to stealth technology. Their terraforming systems were incredibly efficient, and their medical technology similarly advanced.But the pride and joy of Antaran weaponsmiths were the IAS Combat Suites. The IAS packages (Infinite Adaptability System) were a collaborative project of the best and brightest minds, culminating in seven generations of technology. The smiths realized after a time that weapons were swiftly going obsolete, and there was little use for them once they did. In an attempt to combat this, they created an advanced computerized system that would analyze weapon systems it came into contact with, document their specifications, and quickly rebuild them into modern equivalents of themselves.It was intended as a utility, but quite by accident, they discovered what it could do as a weapon. The first generation was integrated into powered exoskeletons, allowing the users to hijack and reformat enemy weapons and systems for use by themselves, adding to their arsenal with each opponent they fought. But after a handful of fights, the users would quickly accumulate too much equipment to effectively carry with them. So they set to working aroundt this problem.

And with the fifth generation IAS, they found it. Weapons were stored in a subspace storage locker, a space between dimensions of nearly limitless capacity. But summoning weapons to and fro required intense amounts of energy, quickly exhausting the user and lighting up sensors for kilometers around.It wasn’t until the first generation created until the war that they figured out what to do. Weapons frequently used were stored just out of phase with reality, not quite in the storage locker, and allowing them to be summoned with ease. Summoning from the locker was made more efficient by harnessing the energy created from breaking the item down into its component parts before transit, so that the only tax put upon the user was the energy needed for the initial breakdown. The end result? A weapon with potentially infinite armor and weapon combinations, capable of not only hijacking enemy weapons, but computer systems if contact was maintained for long enough.The seventh and final generation fine-tuned the mechanics, resulting in the creation of a psuedo-AI within the Combat Suite to manage all autonomous functions. Said AIs could manifest basic personalities, and even grow attached to their wielder. However, the seventh generation only saw a limited distribution, having been invented only a few short months before the razing of Antara.

The IAS was, and is, potent, but it has its share of flaws. Energy is required to start the materialization process, and the larger the object, the more it takes. Large pieces of technology, like vehicles, can be hijacked, but storing them is impossible. In active storage, late generation IAS devices can only hold around twenty weapons in addition to their armor, subject to change depending on the size and complexity of the weapons involved.The number of remaining IAS units is unknown, but known to be low. Late stage IAS units would bond to their owners, and in almost all cases, would “die” with them.

Name: Aukrante Struin
Species: Antaran
Gender: Female
Appearance: Aukrante is tall, even for her species, with a toned and athletic physique. Her gray-blue hair hangs down past her shoulders, though it is often kept pinned out of the way during her day-to-day duties. Violet eyes regard the world from behind augmented reality glasses, constantly feeding her information, be it diagnostics from her IAS to reports on the Wombat’s weapon systems. She seldom dresses in anything but gray combat uniform, with a few pockets here and there. Worn black boots cover her feet, but the most prominent acessory is the jet-black gauntlet that covers her left arm from just below the elbow to the wrists. The item is inlaid with lines of an unknown smoky-gray material, and the purpose it serves is not immediately apparent.
Powers and Abilities: Aukrante possesses no powers save the enhanced physical attributes and healing common to her species.
Equipment: Though Aukrante never goes anywhere without a combat knife and a railgun pistol strapped to her waist, the majority of her equipment is always unseen. The gauntlet on her wrist is a seventh generation IAS, and it serves as the link to her vast arsenal. Ever since the fall of Antara, Aukrante has taken a weapon from every foe she defeats, upgrading it and adding it to her own arsenal. Where once her only armament was the basic equipment that went with her black powered armor, she has since swelled her arsenal to include a ludicrous number of weapons from every possible origin.Her powered armor adds to her height with leg extensions topped with spiked boots, and coating her entire form in a layer of powerful armor. Though not impenetrable, it serves her quite well. Two mechanical arms tipped with clawed hands attach to her back, arms scaled to her new size, adding to her natural arms. Her head is covered in a helm with an opaque gray visor, two bladed horns sprouting from the sides of her head.The armor is completely modular, and as such she can equip certain parts of it at a time. However, such configurations must be preset, something impossible to do on the battlefield. In addition, though her arsenal is considerable, the majority of it is kept in her storage locker. As such, she cannot summon much of it without instantly lighting up like a Naming Day tree on every sensor array in a several kilometer radius.

Note: The IAS is explained in more depth in the Antaran write up.
Skills: Aukrante is a highly skilled fighter, familiar with most weapons be they handheld or ship-mounted. She also possesses a highly tactical mind, allowing her to process threats effectively. All of these traits serve her well in her roles on board the ship.
Weaknesses: Aukrante’s greatest weakness is also her greatest strength. In order to access the majority of her weapons, she must expend energy to summon them from subspace, making her instantly noticeable to sensor arrays within several kilometers. Her intense hatred of the Brotherhood can also work against her.
Personality: While not cold, Aukrante is easily a more distant figure than most. She refuses to reveal any real depth of her past, and even prizing her species from her was difficult.
Alignment: True Neutral
Affiliation: None
Bio: Aukrante was a warrior born on Antara several thousand years before the Brotherhood arrived. She was a renowned participant in the tournaments of her people, though she never competed for the crown. She served as a test subject for each successive generation of the IAS system, and as a result, was one of few to receive the seventh generation before the fall of Antara. The fall would have been the end of her, had she not been assigned to transport refugees off-planet, a fact that bothers her to this day.In the years since, she has worked extensively to defeat the Brotherhood, eventually joining up with the crew of the Wombat. She now serves as the Master of Arms, and de facto head of security.

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Had my profile approved before the loss of data, so...



Name: Ntombi Lo

Species: Toa of Plasma

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short for a Toa, Ntombi wears battered bronze armour that has clearly seen better days. She's built of lean muscle, and usually looks as though she's fresh out of a warzone. Her dark blue eyes stare out from behind a scuffed and scratched bronze Kaukau.

Powers and Abilities: Control over the element of plasma.

Equipment: Ntombi wears a Kanohi Kaukau, which allows her to breathe in atmospheres that would usually be unforgiving (like underwater or in outer space, although the pressure would get to her long before the asphyxiation would). She carries bits and pieces of metal in pouches at her belt, as well as a holstered pistol that she seems to spend more time playing with than, you know, actually firing. Various mechanics' tools hang from her belt, including a couple wrenches, a flashlight, and a roll of duct tape.

Skills: Ntombi is an experienced mechanic, and appears to be able to jury-rig just about anything out of paperclips and tape. She's a decent shot, and can hold her own in a brawl, though her level of ability in actual combat is rather lacking.

Weaknesses: Dislikes being subtle or diplomatic. Can improvise in combat, but isn't trained or even extremely proficient in it, and can be easily taken down by an experienced opponent.

Personality: Ntombi thinks well on her feet, but has difficulty being subtle, and prefers to deal with predictable machines rather than emotional, unpredictable beings. She's loud and blunt when communication is required, and usually quiet otherwise.

Alignment: Chaotic Good. Ntombi will follow whatever course of action that best benefits herself and her crew, though she's generally a good person, and prefers not to run around killing people.

Affiliation: Unaffiliated with any major faction.

Biography: Ntombi grew up on a planet controlled by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Assimilated into the ranks of their army, she was trained as a mechanic and part-time pilot for their ships. But when confronted by the atrocities of war, she decided to desert; she had no desire to help Teridax and his forces assimilate the galaxy. When the first opportunity arose, she stole a ship (the Combat) and struck out on her own.

With no resources, little money, and a ship (which was renamed the Wombat, to save paint) that she could hardly run on her own, Ntombi gradually compiled a crew out of the misfits and vagabonds of the galaxy.




It's a flying gun.” -Ntombi


Ship Name: The Wombat

Ship Make: Brotherhood

Ship Class: Corvette
Appearance: Though it's been modified over the years, the ship's original design was based on the Kanohi Kraahkan, boasting elegant curves, a wide aft and a triangular bow. Ntombi has spent a considerable amount of time altering its appearance so as to hide its Brotherhood craftsmanship. The extensive modifications to its systems have, over the years, transformed it into a mismatched conglomeration of parts, an appearance that belies its capabilities. The array of different parts and systems has required its crew to adapt to a hacked-together command system that, while temperamental, is the only thing that allows all the ship's different units to work together in unison.
Systems: The Wombat may be small, but it boasts an impressive amount of firepower. It has eight railguns in total; four mounted to each side of the ship. Two plasma cannons, mounted on the top and bottom of the Wombat, fire globs of plasma that stick to whatever they hit. Twenty small laser cannons pepper the surface of the ship; one of these firing alone is not particularly dangerous, but all of them firing together creates a deadly barrage. A single cannon on the bow of the ship fires heat-seeking missiles.

The Wombat is equipped with three massive engines that make up the bulk of the ship, all drawing from a central power chamber. These allow the ship to attain unusually fast speeds for its size.

The Wombat also has a system of shield generators to protect its outer hull. The system allows different “percentages” of shields to be allocated to different portions of the ship, thereby affording more protection to areas that need it at the time. Because of the ship's small size, the shield system uses less power to create a stronger shield than a larger ship would have.

Finally, the Wombat has a single cannon that can extend from the rear of the ship. This cannon can fire a single nuclear blast, which doubles as weapon and propulsion. Not only is it incredibly deadly, but the force of the blast will propel the Wombat away at extremely high speed.

All these weapons and systems come at a price, however: being a corvette, the Wombat is not particularly large, and doesn't have enough power to supply to all its systems at once (this is less a design flaw and more a result of its crew being far too enthusiastic for upgrades and big guns). As such, the Wombat can only concentrate its power on a few systems at a time; if someone attempted to activate all the systems and weapons at the same time, the ship's power would go out, leaving only its emergency life-support systems functioning. For example, if the Wombat were to enter a battlefield, one of its engines would have to be powered down in order to safely use its shields and some of its weaponry.

Crew: Aesouvrier Maestus (Darkon), Aukrante Struin (Snarky), Ntombi Lo (Eyru), Savina (Snelly), and [TBA] (Grav-grav).

Bio: The Wombat, once named the Combat, was a corvette under the command of the Brotherhood for much of its life, before being hijacked by Ntombi Lo, a Toa who defected from Teridax's empire. Since then, it has been from one end of the galaxy to the other, and spent half that time in various stages of disrepair. Though the ship has partaken in a battle or two, its crew has usually focused on less dangerous missions, in the interest of self-preservation.

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From before the loss of data, I give you Aeso, the existential and epistemological nihilist, cynic, and stoic, who just happens to be a military automaton.


Name: Aesouvrier Maestus (More commonly refered to as Aeso, pronounced I-So), Combat/Repair Unit Prototype

Species: Prototype Automaton/Artifical organisim, designed for the repair and defense of Brotherhood of Makuta Vessels.
Gender: Male (Gender Identiy-wise)

Appearance: Aesouvrier is a behemoth of onyx, standing a bit over three meters tall, and looking every bit as imposing as you'd expect. His physique is best described as top-heavy, seeing how the connection of his shoulders and back looks rather like someone decided mating a mountain and a military bunker together was a good idea. The immensity continues through his arms, long, triangular areas of artificial sinew and a muscular litheness only imitation of life can possess, ending with solid, yet slightly slender hands that could easily crush a skull. The brawniness vanishes as you reach his legs and lower torso; it's all designed for speed and efficiency, constructed of beautiful angles, and can't help but make one uncontrollably conscious of how pitifully small their impromptu running distance is. Atop this colossus and statuesque physique, a simple, blank slate serves as a face, behind which two dim green lights glow, held-aloft by a twisting and curving pillar of a neck. Indeed, his silhouette reminds one of what would happen if a Makuta decided he wanted to modify his armour to resemble a mixture of tank and muaka. His skin, while strongly resembling onyx or ebony, is actually an artificially-created substance, very physically similar to ruby, and thankfully much, much cheaper to make. This design is incredibly close to the basic physique, and this design represents the machinery and aesthetics that cover Aeso's body.

Powers and Abilities: As a dual-roled construct, every piece of equipment that composes Aeso's body is designed both to repair and to destroy. His massive physique is capable of intense delicacy and devastating force, isn't hindered by the organic barrier of stamina, and houses an electronic brain that can calculate at intense speeds. His armour plating is constructed of a unique, artificial compound, physically identical to corundum (ruby) in terms of density and mass.

Equipment: Every inch of Aeso's armoured frame hides a tool, leaving him with plenty of options as to how to repair a meteor-dented hull, and/or dispatch a particularly troublesome opponent. The more unique ones are listed below (please note that all equipment that requires precision controlling is done so mental);

-Plasma arc welding torches (2): A very much improved version of the basic welding torch, Aeso's extendable wrist-mounted repair tools have a considerably longer plasma stream, and adjustable width.

-Focused-Light-Beam Rotary Cannon; Aeso is armed with two highly damaging triple-barreled “laser cannons”, created by the re-forming of his forearms. These weapons are extremely energy-dependent, and can send him into emergency power-preserving shutdown in a matter of a minute or so of continuous fire, as well as forcing him to remain stationary, so as to deal with the kickback. As such, they're most often used when he has a clear idea of where enemies are coming from, a small area he can defend, and an external power source.

-Nuclear energy core: Aeso is powered by a miniature nuclear-reactor, designed by the BoM to mimic a star's nuclear reaction, similar to thermonuclear reactors.

-Unhindered Spacial Movement Apparatus (USMA): To repair the hull and outside components of a space-faring vessel, you need two things. One, protection, and two, the ability to move freely, unnaturally propulsion to desired locations. Aeso's armour covers one of these criteria, and the USMA covers the second. The USMA is a system of mechanical systems, two in Aeso's wrists, two in the soles of his “feet”, and one in his chest. Their purpose is simple; very speedily launch a length of wire, tipped with a highly adhesive substance, and/or protosteel hooks (interchangeable components really are a lovely thing), allowing one to attach themselves to objects and move about freely within a zero-gravity environment.

Skills: Repair and defensive combat. Not much else, really.

Weaknesses: Plasma-controlling lifeforms, especially Toa, are extremely damaging to Aeso and his nuclear-reactor, to the point that he can do little besides hope that an ally can pick them off, or that they're stupid enough to engage him in melee combat.

Personality: Aeso is a justified existential and epistemological nihilist, cynic, and stoic. His sober and solemn personality is particularly infectious, and any area he enters soon resembles a particularly unexpected funeral.
Alignment: True Neutral

Affiliation: Himself

Bio: Combat/Repair Unit 637 was designed by a team of military engineers, hoping to create a single unit that could serve important roles both in and outside of combat. His rather ambitious creators attempted to give him a personality when they created him, so that his fellow organic combat units wouldn't feel so tempted to retreat and let him play the dual roles of cannon fodder and distraction when ever danger presented itself. Unfortunately, the personality that was born was one of the universe's most depressed, and was so intensely sober that he was quickly gifted to the first ship that requested a mundane maintenance robot. That ship sold him to a cargo ship, in need of a heavy lifter. That ship sold him to a fighter ship full of mercenaries, who promptly sold him to an intergalactic-junkyard for a laser rifle, a few plasma grenades, and a singular spoon. He remained there until purchased by the Wombat, once again recruited for the mundane task of ship maintenance. The darkness of morbidity is spread as we speak.

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Species: Kranodin

Gender: Male

Appearance: Graxx is biomechanical. Most of his body is bulging muscles intertwined with futuristic armor and tubes. He is incredibly muscular, and very tall- around 7 feet, when he slouches. His face is also a bit brutish, blocky, with a tube running over his upper lip and giving the appearance of a mustache. Three organic prong-like growths, about four inches thick, extend a foot from the back of his head. The armor on his back is especially thick. His organic parts are orange, his robotic components metallic grey and silver.

Powers and Abilities: Graxx has no special super powers, but does posses incredibly sharp intellect. He can predict blows before they come, pick out weak points in enemies, and run thousands of calculations in his head in a few moments. He is incredibly intelligent, and very good at calculating angles and forces in milliseconds.

Equipment: Handheld laser pistol in a holster by his hip, a breathing apparatus built into his neck- water tanks are held in his back armor, and have to be periodically replaced. He has a small pocket in his armor where he keeps small mementos and money. He keeps a radio on his belt as well, and a small multi purpose tool- it functions as a lighter, bottle opener, knife, screwdriver, ect.

Skills: As mentioned before, he possesses an incredible mind and near superhuman aim. Graxx is able to predict movements before they occur, giving him very good reactions, and, as obvious from looking at him, also very strong.

Weaknesses: He is amphibious, so if you can cut the right tube or do too much damage to his back, you may damage his breathing apparatus. He also possesses no special powers, like a toa might. He is not exceptionally agile or fast.

Personality: Graxx is hardworking, dutiful, and diligent. He keeps his intellect secret, remaining very quiet, leading many to perceive him as some dumb alien brute. However, he is ambitious, and longs to be a captain of his own starship or perhaps a rich businessman or a war hero. He is strongly opposed to the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Affiliation: Order of Mata Nui.

Bio: Graxx is an immigrant from a planet in Brotherhood territory, having witnessed first hand the oppressive dictatorship of the enemy. His mind was likely operated on as a child, although he isn’t quite sure since he stowed away on a merchant ship he was young, leaving anyone who might now that behind. Graxx has had a hard life since them. Dirt poor, he suffered poor conditions, poor pay, and poor hours in a factory on Akor-5, before the military came recruiting there. Immediately, Graxx enlisted in the Order of Mata Nui to help fight for a cause be believed in, and flew off to fight the war. He’s taken well to all kinds of jobs, his muscular strength and genius helping him perform many duties aboard the ships. 

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