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  1. I would have preferred them to human if they had to be some existing species. They could have made a whole "humans/kids are master builders, YOU are a master builder" kind of thing they did in the Lego movie.
  2. To be fair, they were making fun of the fact that parents couldn't remember the names of any of the characters.
  3. The cursed Great Being's curse was pretty cool; everything around him becomes alive. It drove him insane though because he could hear all their thoughts. My favourite part about it is that the Ignika thought it was being kind by sharing its power with him, or that's at least what I remember. Immortality while still ageing could be a neat curse for humans, but most characters in Bionicle don't seem to age (over the 100,000 years or however long it is since the MU was created), so it might not be so applicable in the story.
  4. If I'd seen this kind of art before I would have been a lot more interested in gen 2.
  5. Perhaps Destral's actual location was fixed in the MU, but the sea-gates that were connected to it were portals which could change where they connected to, giving the illusion of teleportation.
  6. I don't think it makes much sense that Kalmah is from near Odina. It is known that he was a warlord in the Northwest of the League of Six Kingdoms, when Odina is known to be in the left arm of the MU.
  7. Why is Matoro not included in the Toa Mahri? You're right, but muscle ≠ Toa power.
  8. With Bionicle's history of significant plot twists towards the end of the story, I would not be surprised if they manage to do this.
  9. Yeah, the Makuta probably didn't make as many helpful rahi as they were meant to. Something also makes me think that the Great Beings did it out of curiosity. It may have been amusing to see what creations their creations create.
  10. So I was day-dreaming as usual, and stumbled across a fight between Takanuva and SCP-173. For those of you who don't know, SCP-173 is basically a monster which can only move when not seen, like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Naturally, this prompted the question of whether Bionicles need to blink or not? My head-canon behind Bionicle eyes is that they look like the sets, and are basically made of glass covering some biological eye stuff and a coloured light. This design makes me think they do not need to blink. However, I have feeling there might be evidence of characters blinking or winking, suggesting that they do have some sort of eyelid. Does anyone have any evidence to solve this problem of cataclysmic importance?
  11. Bionicle is not a particularly dark, grim, gritty line, as you would expect from a story about colourful plastic robots who use the power of "unity" which can almost be summarised as "friendship". However, G1 WAS darker, grimmer, and grittier than G2. It's nowhere near franchises such as Warhammer 40K, but the death of multiple protagonists, insane beings, the bad guys appearing to win, and that edgy Inika trailer make it stand out. Back on topic, I must confess that the aforementioned grittiness being missing from G2 made me lose interest in it. I probably would have loved just as much as G1 if I was 10 years old, but the lack of grit makes it difficult for my older self to enjoy G2. More connections to G1, more complicated sets, and better animations are other things which would have improved my opinion of G2 considerably.
  12. Did they really look that different...? Half of them were Inika builds. Some of them were pretty good I'll admit, like Strakk's bent over Inika build was relatively original. It was mostly the lack of masks, and those ... *shudders* ... hands which actually looked like hands which put me off. I may be exaggerating when I say I doubted that they were part of the same line as Bionicle, but the significant changes in "traditional" pieces like hands and heads was enough to discourage my stubborn self from paying close attention to the Barra Magna arc.
  13. That's why I loved the ending of the ignition story arc. It took me ages to take interest in the barra magna stuff because the models looked so different (were they even still bionicle?), so I was convinced the story ended there for some time.
  14. Close all the unfinished plot-threads on Spherus Magna. Reveal more about the Great Beings when Velika finally gets stopped by some band of Toa/Matoran/Agori/Glatorians/Miserix/Vezon/whoever etc. revealing some sobering plot twist about why the rest of the Great Being's species are nowhere to be seen. Incorporate the word "Bionicle" into the story with some plot significance.
  15. Like everyone else here has said, it's a fail-safe. It was particularly important that the matoran had a huge weakness because they were to become the most populous species in the MU. It's my headcanon that masks act as power sources for matoran, which is why they shortly pass out after losing their mask. Toa also draw upon the power source of a mask (as well as gaining access to mask powers), but also have their own internal power sources, which is why they can function at reduced power without a mask.
  16. It's an interesting idea, and I can't see any issues with it other than why the Brotherhood didn't attempt to overthrow Mata Nui sooner? In the original canon, it was the Barrakis' attempt which made Teridax realise that it was possible, while surely Teridax would have considered it as soon as Mata Nui took control. The way you imagine the difference between Tren Krom's and Mata Nui's reigns is interesting as well. It feels as if it ties into Velika's awakening of the matoran.
  17. I think they knew it all along. I can't remember any surprise for the toa when the idea that multiple makuta exist was revealed.
  18. I always thought that the Toa Mata never achieved their destiny because they are "artificial" toa created by Artakha as a fail-safe, unable to follow the matoran-toa-turaga cycle. This is wrong as they do become turaga upon Mata Nui's death in an alternate universe. Their destiny of saving Mata Nui can never really be fulfilled because by saving him, he lives, and can be put in danger again. Thus explaining why the toa never become turaga in the main universe. Having to re-attempt to achieve their destiny in G2 therefore seems a little unfeasible to me.
  19. The Great Beings don't actually have magical powers, their technology is simply advanced enough to appear magical to Agori and Glatorians. They could still be considered God-like though. Mata Nui definitely. After-all, he is referred to as the Great Spirit, has islands named after him, and has control over the universe as matoran know it. I'm pretty sure many matoran forgot or didn't know that he is only so powerful because of his control over the robot. I disagree with Makuta being called Gods. At the very best, they would be considered angels and later on, fallen angels, by the matoran. What about rare but powerful rahi like Keetongu, the Kanohi Dragon, Tahtorak, or a 300 foot long venom eel? Perhaps they would not be considered Gods, but creatures spoken of in matoran legends at least.
  20. I cleave you in three with two swords. My mask.
  21. But what about the difference in toa powers? I guess it could just be personal preference, e.g. Onua prefers causing tremors while Pohatu prefers making fists of rock erupt from the ground. Maybe they don't know there isn't actually a difference, so they continue using their powers the only way they know how to. I'm still going by the rule of stone = hard, discrete, rigid, and earth = softer, continuous, malleable.
  22. I would imagine that she can absorb water vapour if it's dense enough and release it as liquid water.
  23. If I may add my own research to this conspiricy, according to Google Trends, Kopaka has been most searched in Indonesia. What's interesting about Indonesia is that Elvis Presley met with their first president, Kusno Soekarno. Now, I am hesitant to jump to conclusions, as kopaka may just be a word or a place in Indonesia. However, Soekarno had just begun adopting a more left wing approach to president-ing, supporting the Indonesia Communist Party when meeting Elvis in 1961. American propaganda in the 1940s, only 20 years before, taught people that communists were anti-capitalist and had no concept of western cultural icons. If Elvis's only knowledge of Indonesia was this, he would have thought it was the perfect place to dissapear to because no one would recognise him. Consider this extract from a book on Indonesian culture. It turns out that there were people who recognised Elvis, and loved him in fact. Elvis therefore had to go to his last resort plan, taking on a new identity. He met Lewa, (which must be the one we all know because if you type Lewa in google images, you only get pictures of him), who was in Indonesia at the time as stated in the extract. Upon deciding to become a partialy organic robot, he adopted a new name, Kopaka. However, the Indonesian Elvis maniacs got wind of this, searching google for information on their idol, explaining the google trends data. Additionally, Elvis attempted to mislead people in choosing the name Kopaka. However, we Bzptorans are not fooled. Kopaka is clearly an acronym for "King Of Pop Also Known As", which appears to attempt to suggest that Kopaka is actually Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop, not Elvis Presley, the King of Rock. In fact, Kopaka's "I didn't slip" scene appears to show him moonwalking, the signature dance move of Micheal Jackson. However, as Azon proves, the white, blue, and gold armour and song reference give him away.
  24. Spider-ninja-robot-police are definitely better than mechs made from corpses.
  25. I drop a dried tub of wax with a body inside on top of you. No idea where it came from. The wax cracks instead of your skull, and the dead body falls out. You run away in a necrophobic fit, only to trip and fall into a tub of boiling wax. My mask.
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