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Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse -- Rules and Character Creation

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@BULiK: that's a ... large airship profile... you got there. Kahu is approved. For the Taku, please make a clear weakness for the lightstone/heatstone Machine Guns. Once that is clearly defined, Taku is approved

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's bigger than I expected it to be, that's for sure. I went all out to make this the boss battle for anyone planning on attacking butt-koro the matoran village at kini-nui. Went way overboard on the technical detail, but it's worth it for giving everyone a cheat sheet on the half dozen or so ways to weaken and eventually sink this behemoth. The gauntlet has officially been thrown, 'evil'-doers ;)

Anyways, yeah, I made the weaknesses of the lightstone machine guns more apparent, let me know what you think.

Edited by BULiK

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Minion Characters now. They might be a little bit too overpowered, especially Gnabol with his Manas friend, but we'll see what you think.


'The Heat Ray'

Name: Achro

Breed: Mutant Toa of Fire

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: A crimson Toa with reddish-orange eyes, covered in fungal growths and charred armour.

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Hatred. Achro is one of the few survivors of the Skakdi takeover of Zakaz. As such, he has a seething, borderline-genocidal loathing of them, or at least 'Irnakk’s Prized'. He’s willing to give the ones who fell from the sky a pass. For now. In any case, he will take any opportunity to murder any Skakdi he can take, regardless of how little sense it makes to do so.

Powers: He’s a Toa of Fire, so, you know, elemental fire. Also, his mutation allows him to secrete a poisonous gas from his fungal growths that he calls 'the Red Smoke'. The Smoke is only harmful when breathed in, and requires prolonged exposure to be fatal. He’s also rather resistant to fire, with a habit of setting himself ablaze to intimidate enemies.

Equipment: Achro has sold his homemade gun to Niidak in exchange for a Kanohi Miru. He also has two fire blades that can catch fire when he does.


'The Spirit of Man'

Name: Navu

Breed: Matoran of Sonics

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Navu’s armour is multi-coloured - if you consider shades of grey to be colours. The only part of her that isn’t grey are her orange eyes. 

Role: Crew (The Taku)

Flaws: Sonic sensitivity. Navu is a De-Matoran, and thus is an eavesdropper extraordinaire. This is both a blessing, and a curse, as loud noises disorientate her, and she is incredibly vulnerable to sonic attacks and the sound of explosions.

Powers: Though Navu is only a Matoran, and thus her elemental sonic power isn’t accessible, she does have advanced hearing, as mentioned above. She has been Desecrated by the Aspect Whisper, with a Stage 3 Kraata of Limited Invulnerability implanted in her right arm, made from one of the Infected Kraata.

Equipment: Navu wears a Kanohi Arthron - Powerless Mask of Sonar, and carries around an old farming scythe for self-defense, as well as various tools to help her in her new job aboard the Taku. There is also the Kraata of Limited Invulnerability implanted in her arm.


'Thunder Child'

Name: Enra

Breed: Skakdi of Lightning

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Stocky and heavily-built, with light blue armour and yellow eyes.

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Wrath. It does not take a lot to set Enra off. Cruelty, oppression, torture, fat jokes, etcetera.

Powers: The innate lightning powers of a Vo-Skakdi, as well as telescopic vision, which allows her sight to 'zoom-in' on things far away, letting her see much further away than the Skakdi eye ordinarily can.

Equipment: Two glove-based weapons called Shock Gauntlets, that allow her to tap into her innate elemental powers without another Skakdi’s help. Unfortunately, she didn’t build them, and has very little idea how they work, and they’re prone to malfunctioning when overused.


'Life Begins Again'

Name: Gnabol

Breed: Mutant Zyglak of Psionics

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Tall and lanky, with yellow blotchy armour and blue eyes.

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Untrained. Gnabol does not fully know quite how his powers work.

Powers: In his attempts to become less 'Zyglaky' and be accepted by Matoran, Gnabol used a mutagen that gave him psionic powers, but they took away many of the traditional Zyglak traits - strength, elemental immunity, amphibiousness. Recently, however, he’s been feeling stronger. Not as strong as he used to be, mind you. But he’s also feeling a little dehydrated. Is the mutagen only temporary? He doesn’t feel like his new powers are going away...

Equipment: A new sword to replace the old, rusty one. Nothing special, just a sword. Oh, and he now has a pet Manas he calls 'Padley'.


'Forever Autumn'

Name: Klawne

Breed: Turaga of Earth

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Taller than the average Turaga, with black armour and dark purple eyes.

Role: Quest Giver

Flaws: Advanced age. Klawne is old. Very old. And unlike Achro, she can’t draw energy from her elemental powers as well as she could.

Powers: Limited elemental earth powers, as well as the use of a Kanohi Huna - Noble Mask of Concealment.

Equipment: The aforementioned Huna, and a metal spear that serves as a Badge of Office.



Name: Reckless / NU-8021S

Breed: Nullifier Vahki

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with red highlights and optics.

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Recklessness. Reckless has little to no regard for his own personal safety, and fights accordingly.

Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target.

Equipment: This unit is armed with Staffs of Erasing, and a Level 3 Weaken Kanoka Disk of Ta-Metru make. It must be retrieved manually, as the retrieval system had to be removed to make space for the null core.


'The Will of One'

Name: Lawful / NU-8022S

Breed: Nullifier Vahki

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with purple highlights and optics.

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Doubt. Lawful preferred it when he thought he was just a mindless automaton. Now he is self-aware, and hates it. He no longer fully trusts his own judgement, nor the judgement of others, since it is his judgement telling him to accept their judgement.

Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target.

Equipment: This unit is armed with Staffs of Command, and a Level 3 Regeneration Kanoka Disk of Onu-Metru make. It must be retrieved manually, as the retrieval system had to be removed to make space for the null core.


'This City Made Us'

Name: Obedient / NU-8023S

Breed: Nullifier Vahki

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with orange highlights and optics.

Role: Crew (Vahki Transport)

Flaws: Blind obedience. Obedient, as befitting the moniker, takes and follows orders unquestionably from NU-8020S, and no one else. Which means convincing him to do anything without her input is difficult, to say the least.

Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target.

Equipment: This unit is armed with Staffs of Loyalty, and a Level 3 Remove Poison Kanoka Disk of Po-Metru make. It must be retrieved manually, as the retrieval system had to be removed to make space for the null core.


'Light up the Night'

Name: Impressionable / NU-8024S

Breed: Nullifier Vahki

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with green highlights and optics.

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Naivety. Impressionable was given his label for a reason. He often mimics the behaviour of organics he observes, for better or for worse, and has difficulty identifying deceit from the truth.

Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target.

Equipment: This unit is armed with Staffs of Suggestion, and a Level 3 Enlarge Kanoka Disk of Le-Metru make. It must be retrieved manually, as the retrieval system had to be removed to make space for the null core.


'The Hounds'

Name: Wayward / NU-8026S

Breed: Nullifier Vahki

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Standard Nullifier Vahki, silver with grey highlights and white optics.

Role: Fighter

Flaws: Defiance. Wayward does not like taking orders. The only reason he does so is because he needs to be consistently recharged at regular intervals. Even so, he deliberately misinterprets or aggressively questions instructions as a form of rebellion.

Powers: Standard-issue nullification core allows this unit to nullify one active power from a target.

Equipment: This unit is armed with Staffs of Loyalty, and a Level 3 Shrink Kanoka Disk of Ko-Metru make. It must be retrieved manually, as the retrieval system had to be removed to make space for the null core.

Edited by Toru Nui
Added power levels for Navu's Kraata and the Vahki's Kanoka, and added a description for Enra's telescopic vision. Fixed the error where it said that Navu's mask was also Desecrated. For real this time. Added Miru to Achro's profile and removed gun.
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Hope this is okay, I was not sure if this would push the limits of a Matoran minion. I think think this fits all existing rules though, though the elemental detail I am unsure of. Thought I should try as the village could use more existing guards, don’t want a repeat of last game where a hundred PCs were made to protect Po-Koro as a reaction into it being invaded. Just for reference, this is not a priority character that needs quick approval, just figured I would have their profile ready to go just in case. 

  • Name: Avka
  • Breed: Desecrate Av-Matoran
  • Faction: Whisper, Tobduk-Koro
  • Brief Description: color changing Matoran with a discolored rusted olive green Noble Mask of Speed, whose color they cannot change. They wear a muted brown hood to hide their mask when they are being stealthy. 
  • Role: Fighter
  • Flaw: a bit arrogant towards other Matoran since as an Av-Matoran they naturally have abilities closer to a Toa than other breed of Matoran. Their new powers from their desecration has only fed into this. They often dismiss the contributes other Matoran can make in a fight, only considering desecrated Matoran and Av-Matoran useful.
  • Powers: As Avka’s mask is Desecrated by a Stage two Kraata of Laser Vision, their eyes can brightly glow, and they can focus the light of their eyes to temporarily blind foes. They also have limited power over elemental Light, letting them fire bolts of Light energy. Additionally their desecration has blended their elemental Light bolts with a secondary element of Fire, letting them singe whatever they hit with their bolts, as well as start fires.
  • Breed quirk: As an Av-Matoran, Avka can bend the light around their body in order to make their armor appear to be different colors. They can use this instinctually, and use it mostly as a simple camouflage to stealthily guard Tobduk-Koro.  
  • Equipment: Avka has two knives carved from the hooked horns of a Mahi. They also possess a level one disk of Weakening, but no disk launcher.

"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged"-Jaller(Jala) :smilejala: 
"We're on our own here-like we've always been-and we'll stand or fall on our own"-Tanma
"He may seem slow and strange to you, but his simple words often carry a hidden wisdom"-Turaga Vakama on Kapura

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Character: Skorm

  • Name: Skorm
  • Breed: Toa of Twilight (half-drained Toa of Light)
  • Faction: Refugees (Nominally)
  • Brief Description: Skorm is a slightly shorter than average toa of medium build. His armor primarily ranges consists of shades of gray, with an almost bone-white mask. He wears ragged robes consisting of a split, hooded scapular. When split into Sko and Orm, his armor and robes change coloring; Sko bears a pure white mask as well as gold and gray armor components, and Orm's mask is a dark gray, much of his armor being black, red, or gray.
  • Background/Occupation: Skorm was an assassin and enforcer for Barraki Takadox for most of his remembered life; he knows very little of what came previously, other than he was likely an av-matoran that had been kidnapped and subjected to experiments and conditioning. Upon the head of Mata Nui crashing onto Zakaz, Skorm sought to remake his life and discover who is. So far he has befriended a former adversary, Tekmo, as well as fallen for his former comrade Irna and the troubled Av-Toa Keitara. Now he seeks to help them, as well as discover his own past - or come to terms with it.
  • Flaws: Skorm's psyche has been ravaged by both the indoctrination of his 'creation' and time spent in the thrall of Takadox, and his mind remains vulnerable to mental attacks and manipulation (mental weakness)Skorm's dual elements also impose several physical weakness; namely, that either his light or shadow powers are diminished depending on the time of day, and it forces him to blow through his elemental reserves rather quickly. (Physical Weakness)
  • Powers: Uniquely, Skorm possesses the element of Twilight: he can control both the elements of Light and Shadow, but neither to the full extent of what a full toa could use. His command of Light elemental energy allows Skorm to both bend, refract, absorb and generate visible light, enabling Skorm to create blasts of Light energy or lasers, create illusions, or turn himself or others invisible. His command of Shadow elemental energy allows him to create blasts of shadow energy, turn into an ethereal shadow form and travel through darkness as well as create and manipulate darkness and shadows ('Primary' Element) Skorm is experienced with both elements and possesses excellent visual acuity, and with effort he can 'see' things by either sensing their presence in darkness or light, regardless of if he actually directly witnesses them; unless his elemental connection is severed, it is nearly impossible to blind Skorm. (Breed Quirk) Skorm also possesses a unique Kanohi called the Occan; although it is unknown how it would function on another toa, Skorm can use it to split into two toa-like entities of Light (Sko) and Darkness (Orm). These entities are similar to Skorm except they have more focused personalities corresponding to their element and can only use their element. They tire twice as quickly as a normal Toa and must touch each other to re-merge; they can sense the direction of the other, and when they re-merge, Skorm inherits their fatigue as well as any injuries they had accrued. (Secondary Power)
  • Equipment: Skorm uses retractable wristblades and is very skilled in their use in close-quarters. He also possesses a Nynrah-made lightstone scattergun: a short, pump-action weapon that fires fragments of lightstone. It can fire six shots before having to reload a lightstone into it.

Vehicle: Muaka V-5 Transport

  • Name of Vehicle: Muaka V5 Transport
  • Vehicle’s Homebase: Metru-Koro
  • Owner of Vehicle: Skorm(/Kei/Irna)
  • Physical Description: The Muaka is an extensively converted Skakdi-made vehicle. In the hands of Skorm, Irna, Tekmo, and most importantly Kei, it has been upgraded and retooled from a small scouting vehicle into a larger, more well-armored personnel carrier. Its struts have been upsized and reinforced to fit larger wheels, which in turn carry a larger carriage with more coverage.
  • Onboard Systems: The Muaka V5 possesses little in the way of manned systems, mostly being dedicated to self-sufficiency and dragging what speed is possible out of the upscaled system. The Muaka can convert to a walker mode by locking the wheels and extending the articulated struts; while slower than wheeled mode, this walker mode is even more adept at traversing rough terrain than its predecessor. Keitara has also upgraded the solar paneling and batteries; the solar paneling can be retracted to reduce damage during combat, and the batteries can both be directly charged by lightstones as well as returning their charge.

Minion Character:IV

  • Name: IV
  • Breed: Fohrok-Va
  • Faction: Refugees (Skorm & company)
  • Brief Description: IV is a silver and orange fohrok-va, a bipedal insectoid helper bot about half the size of a small matoran. It possesses a pair of wings capable of lifting itself and tools approximately its own size.
  • Role: Crew
  • Flaw: Beyond having little physical strength, IV has limited programming that limits his autonomy; if its 'owner' perishes, IV will simply bond to the next being that comes along.
  • Powers: IV, as a Nynrah helper drone, is immensely skilled in technical repair, being very suited for maintenance and assisting others. IV can also unfold wings and fly.
  • Breed quirk: As an automaton, IV has no need to eat, breathe, or sleep. IV also speaks in a condensed mechanical format, though with time a good understanding can be learned enough to understand the fohrok-va.
  • Background: IV was a helper drone built by the Nynrah Ghosts who was salvaged by Skorm during his time in the Six Kingdoms. It bonded with Skorm and has helped him since then, and has similarly bonded with Irna and especially Keitara.
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The times, they are a-changing...



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@Sparticus147: Bronk and Twesh are approved. The disks Vulimai uses for her shield/launcher should be included under Equipment, unless she doesn't have any. Once this is done, Vulimai is approved. 

@Nato the Traveler: Whisper is approved.

@The UltimoScorp: I need clarification for Drokk's vision power and secondary power. Vision: what do you mean by "energy pathways"? Secondary: does this power work on breed quirks? Does it work on equipment? What happens if Drokk is knocked out or killed—does that immediately unseal the power? How far is "far enough away"?

@EmperorWhenua: Leklo approved.

@Burnmad: The Chimera is approved. I like how each power has a distinct drawback. It feels powerful, but fair.

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@Toru Nui: Achro approved, Navu needs the stage of the kraata listed (and then she's approved), Enra approved (though provide a description or link for Telescopic vision for easy reading), Gnabol is approved (and his mount Padley), Klawne approved, and all your vahki fighters need to have a power level for the disk mentioned (and then they are approved). As they are minions, I feel a power level of 3 is fair to start. Nothing stopping from them getting better ones later. You have reached the character limit with 5 PCs and 10 MCs.

@Harvali: Avka approved. You now have 3 PCs and 2 MCs.


@Keeper of Kraata: Skorm, his vic, and his droid are all approved.

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Happy chat.


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Energy pathways refers to whatever internal mechanisms allow a being to channel a power, like a Toa's elemental powers. Kind of similar to chakra pathways in things like Naruto or Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Regarding her tertiary, it only works on powers the user channels through themselves, and does not work on equipment. It could work on a Kanohi power. If knocked out or killed, the power would be unsealed immediately.

The distance required to break the seal is not far, no more than around 20 meters or so.



                                                                                           The Unofficial Guide to TBRPG Combat!

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@The UltimoScorp: Due to the "Bonkle Theorem," I'm not sure how useful this vision power would be, as people write their characters along a vast spectrum between "99% human" and "99% robot." However, I'll approve it under the condition that this doesn't allow Drokk to do any "chi blocking." 

Kanohi are generally considered equipment (they provide powers), so I'll say that the nullifying ability would not affect them. If you edit in the addendums (the power must be an 'innate' power as opposed to an 'equipped' one; knocking out or killing Drokk immediately unseals the powers; the distance required to break the seal is 20 meters), then Drokk is approved.

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No chi blocking? I'm hurt! :P

Sounds good, I'll make the necessary edits to the profile ASAP.



                                                                                           The Unofficial Guide to TBRPG Combat!

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Wandering Flame

Name: Oreius

Species: Toa of Fire

Faction: Refugees

Description: Oreius’s body is orange and black, and he stands a little shorter than the average height for a Toa. He would be taller if not for the odd hunch he carries over his right shoulder blade, which causes his neck and head to jut forward. This lends him a perpetually hunched appearance, and does nothing to improve the glower that rarely leaves his face. Usually, his golden eyes are knitted in a frown and his jaw is set, betraying little emotion and less friendliness.

He wears a set of silver-gray experimental armour. When the armour is actively being used (i.e. when kinetic force is activating the Kanoka), the power lines and the attached armour will glow gold due to the energy moving through them. This glow fades when the armour is not actively being used. (see Equipment)

Background/Occupation: Oreius’s history is about as penetrable as his perpetual scowl. He has served for centuries as a protector of various islands in the Silver Sea, moving from place to place as need calls. His original homeland is lost to history, but some say it was destroyed by an ancient calamity, and he has spent his life on endless combat as a way of atoning for his failure to defend it.

In truth, Oreius's homeland was indeed lost in a catastrophic battle. He arrived too late to save his people, including Inu, whom he had loved when he was a Matoran. Driven mad by grief, Oreius allowed himself to be desecrated by his companion, Stannis, who bound Inu's heartlight to Oreius in the form of a kraata. In exchange, Oreius was compelled to serve Stannis and guard the secret of his true nature as an Aspect of Makuta. Oreius departed from Stannis, and abandoned his old life to wander the universe. He only stayed in one place long enough to defeat whatever threat it faced before moving on, refusing any thanks beyond provisions to get him to his next destination.

Eventually, he joined Metru Nui's forces and served Turaga Dume as a military leader on the front lines of the war against the League of Six Kingdoms. After the end of the universe, he remained in Metru Nui and waged a one-man geurilla war against the occupying Barraki forces. He aided in the assassination of Barraki Pridak, and brought the news to the refugees in Metru-Koro. He has since returned to his old ways as a wanderer, flying his airship—the Iapyx— here and there across Zakaz and helping the refugees however he can.

Powers/Abilities: As a Toa of Fire, Oreius can control fire and heat in all its forms, from heating or cooling an area to creating powerful blasts and beams. He can absorb or release fire at will, and can detect sources of heat. He is also resistant to high temperatures.

Having spent his life in battle, Oreius is a consummate warrior. His body is a weapon that he wields with brutal grace, honing in on enemies’ weak points and finding cracks in their defences. His martial skill is formidable, as is his knowledge of tactics and strategy.

Millennia ago, Oreius was desecrated by the Aspect Stannis and received a kraata of limited invulnerability. As Stannis grows in power, so does he. Currently, the kraata is stage 5, granting him protection from almost any physical harm, as well as immunity to environmental extremes. He is now strong enough to resist the elemental powers of a Toa Nuva.

Equipment: Oreius wears the Mask of Pain, a rare Kanohi that allows him to detect flaws and weaknesses. The mask is always on at a low level, informing him of the most effective way to incapacitate anyone around him. He can mentally focus to receive more detailed information, but otherwise, the mask will simply inform him of the most efficient way to inflict debilitating injury.

Oreius carries a single short sword, which he straps to his back when not in use. This blade is utilitarian in appearance, bearing more resemblance to a butcher’s knife than the ornate weapons that other Toa often carry. The sword is one of a pair, but he lost the other while capturing an island from the League.

To make up for his lost sword, Oreius donned an experimental suit of light armour. This armour is built to accommodate four Kanoka disks in four sockets. From these sockets run four cables, one to each of his limbs, where they attach to two gauntlets and two plates on the top of his feet. When one of these pieces of armour is subjected to sufficient kinetic energy (through a punch or a kick, for example), the attached Kanoka is activated and transmits its energy to whatever object was punched or kicked. The disks are permanently installed in the armour, giving Oreius the following powers: Freeze, Weaken, Regeneration, and Reconstitute at Random

Oreius pilots a simple airship, the Iapyx (see below).

Flaws: Oreius does not deal in subtleties or shades of gray. He sees the world in black and white, good and evil, and has made it his life’s purpose to root out any threat to his people. Therefore, he will never stand down against anything he perceives as evil. In his mind, compromise is failure. He will fight until his last breath, never allowing thoughts of surrender or retreat.

His armour can be disabled by severing or crushing the power lines that run from each Kanoka. If a connection is broken, Oreius can no longer activate that power until it is repaired.




Airship: The Iapyx 

Owner: Oreius

Description: Small and swift, this airship was designed to be little more than a scouting vessel. It uses the old-school pulley system to manipulate levitation and weight increase disks, causing them to strike the ship’s framework to rapidly ascend or descend. Its main propulsion engine is mounted at the rear. Although it has been outfitted with some basic weaponry and extra plating on vulnerable areas, the Iapyx was never designed to fight in battle. Its design emphasizes speed and maneuverability; actually taking up arms against a threat is clearly a last resort.

The Iapyx is faster and more agile than most larger vessels. It features a basic radio system, allowing its crew to communicate with other vessels or with people on the ground. The vessel isn’t configured with large crews in mind: there are only three separate compartments, with the crew quarters doubling as the cargo bay. The ship was designed to be crewed by two people on long scouting missions, so even adding a few extra people starts to make it feel cramped.

Storage/Crew Quarters: The ship’s only access point is via a sliding door on the side, which opens into the middle section of the ship. Two bunks are installed on the other wall. This space doubles as crew quarters and storage space.

Engine Section: The rear third of the ship houses the disk mechanisms which control the ship's flight. This is also where an engineer can access the rear propulsion engine and replace the tanks of pressurized protodermis as necessary.

Bridge: The front third of the ship is the bridge, which features a large viewport, the pulley and engine controls, and the bulk of the radio equipment. As the ship was designed for lonely scouting missions, it has sophisticated navigational instruments for measuring windspeed and direction.

Weaponry: The Iapyx carries little weaponry. A turret on the top of the ship can be accessed via a ladder in the crew quarters. This weapon shoots basic energy projectiles, or can be loaded with Kanoka disks.

Crew: A Vahki brain housed in the bridge acts as a second crew member. It can assume autopilot duties, engine maintenance, or weapons operations as necessary, but lacks the processing power to perform more than one role at once.



Fallen Star-Child

Name: Taja

Species: Toa of Shadow

Faction: Refugees

Description: Taja stands at average height for a Toa, with a slender, wine-red body and black armour that seems to absorb any light that falls upon it. Her blue eyes shine from behind a black Huna, and she carries a Kanoka launcher strapped to her back.

Background/Occupation: Taja used to live in Ko-Metru, whose quiet streets and even quieter inhabitants suited her well, being sensitive to loud noise as all De-Matoran are. She worked as a scholar in the Knowledge Towers, where she studied the stars and translated the work of other scholars. However, unlike many scholars, she enjoyed more lighthearted pursuits in her spare time, such as disk surfing.

When the Krom Sphere changed the skies, Taja travelled to Ga-Metru to consult with the Astrologist, Nixie. She met Okuo and Kohara, and they joined forces to recover Ga-Metru's Great Disk. Upon successfully obtaining the disk and returning it to Turaga Dume, Taja was transformed into a Toa, and she joined the battle for Metru Nui.

After crash-landing on Zakaz, Taja joined the crew of the Taku in the aid of Po-Koro. She encountered the Aspect Whisper in the aftermath and accepted her offer of desecration, which unwittingly transformed her into a Toa of Shadow. Although she struggled to accept her new form, Taja gradually came to accept and even enjoy her new powers. She journeyed with Whisper across Zakaz in search of powers to defend her people, and found what she sought in the Grand Temple Ruins of the Fau Swamp. She returned to Metru-Koro and aided in its relocation to the Kini-Nui.

Powers/Abilities: As a Toa of Shadow, Taja can create, control, and absorb darkness in all its forms, from casting an area into utter darkness to travelling through shadows to unleashing powerful blasts and beams. She can manipulate shadows to interact physically with the world, doing whatever she commands of them. Although she is still an inexperienced Toa, consistent practice has helped her become more or less competent with her new powers.

Taja was desecrated by the Aspect Whisper and received a kraata of adaptation. As Whisper grows in power, so does she. Currently, the kraata is stage 3, granting her the limited ability to alter her own physical properties to fit new situations and the ability to adapt quickly to environmental extremes such as heat or cold; and making her impossible to capture/defeat the same way twice.

Having been touched by the void (see Void Sickness), Taja can use, discover, and research taboo rites.

She's a fair shot with a Kanoka, often preferring it over using her powers. As a Matoran, she learned to surf at high speed through the chutes and canals of Metru Nui. 

Equipment: Taja wears a great Huna, Mask of Concealment. This mask has been modified to include silencers over her ears, which can be manually adjusted to allow more or less sound through. Her Huna also sports a custom lens over one eye that she can activate to enhance her vision, which aided in her work studying the stars. She carries a protosteel Kanoka launcher strapped to her back, as well as a small collection of various Kanoka disks.

Taja also carries a set of great Kanohi masks on a leather cord strapped to her back. These masks were looted from the Grand Temple Ruins, and can be swapped with her current mask at any time. These are a great Hau, Mask of Shielding and a great Komau, Mask of Mind Control.

Flaws: Like all Kra-Toa, Taja is sensitive to light. Sunlight is merely an irritant, but light-based powers can easily do her great harm. Also, as a result of her unorthodox desecration, she suffers from void sickness (see below). Symptoms include clouded thoughts, distraction, and an inability to discern what is real. 

She's slow to trust others, preferring to keep her own counsel. Being a new Toa, she is still unfamiliar with her new powers and doesn't yet have full control over them. She struggles with imposter syndrome and often feels unworthy of the power she's been given, which can drive her to make rash decisions.

Void Sickness (Physical Flaw):

Taja may use, discover, and research taboo rites. Also, her sense of morality has begun to shift. Whereas she used to believe that destiny guided everyone on their proper path, she has lately begun to doubt that destiny exists at all. And, absent the presence of a divine moral standard, she is beginning to see shades of gray in the world that she didn't see before. This makes her less convinced of the veracity of her own moral compass, and more prone to doubting her own good intentions. Although she still follows the Toa Code, her confidence in it is wavering.

Each time Taja enters the Far Shore, a percentage die will be rolled. On a result of 10 or lower, Taja trapped in the Far Shore. If rescued, she returns from the Far Shore as an Aspect of Makuta beginning her Grand Wish.



Aspect of Grief

Name: Tuakana (derived from the Matoran word for “old one” or “eldest”)

Species: Aspect of Makuta

Faction: Aspects of Makuta

Description: Like all Aspects, Tuakana exists naturally in a green, gaseous form, unable to interact with the physical world without a suit of armour or a willing host to inhabit. They are old. Even for an Aspect, they are old. Their mind moves more slowly than other Aspects, and no one has the patience to explain concepts like genders or names to them, so they have no gender and are called Tuakana, derived from the Matoran word for “eldest” or “old one.” Although cunning in their own way, they do not understand the manipulative power games the other Aspects play, always vying for power. They prefer to pursue their goal of a seventh stage kraata on their own terms, only loosely affiliated with the other Aspects out of a sense of loyalty to their shared species. Although generally inquisitive and endlessly patient, they find the harried, fast-paced lives of younger species to be pointless and often incomprehensible.

Their current host is Axxon, of the Order of Mata Nui:

Once a tall, proud Titan clad in silver armour, Axxon underwent a horrific mutation through contact with the mutagenic waters of the silver lake. He emerged even larger than before, and now stands at roughly twice the height of a Toa. His body, though huge and strong, now twists and bulges grotesquely. His hands are his defining feature: they are large and powerful, big enough to crush a Matoran in their grip. His silver armour melted in the water and burned itself into his body. Tortured yellow eyes stare out from behind his mask, which has been fused to his face (see Axxon's profile for more detailed information).

Background/Occupation: Tuakana spent untold millennia observing the island of Zakaz, slowly growing stronger as they moved almost unnoticeably through the shadows of the swamps and dunes, unmindful of the various Skakdi squabbles that seemed to end almost before they began. If they had schemes beyond pursuing a seventh stage kraata, they moved too slowly to be recognized. But when the skull of the GSR fell from the heavens, Tuakana sensed that it was time to act more decisively. They desecrated a new follower and plumbed the depths of the Temple of Fire in search of Taboos. Then, happening upon a battle by the silver sea, they saved the life of the titanic Axxon in exchange for possession of his body. Axxon's memories drove them to the Nightmare Pits in Irnakk's Tooth, where they discovered the terrible secret of Great Disk forging.

Having possessed Axxon of the Order of Mata Nui, Tuakana now seeks to aid the titan in his quest to recover six Great Disks—the salvation of his people in the distant past.

Powers/Abilities: As an aspect of Makuta, Tuakana controls the element of Shadow in all its forms, allowing them to create, control, and absorb shadows and darkness; their powers include casting an area into utter darkness, travelling through shadows, and unleashing powerful blasts and beams. They can manipulate shadows to interact physically with the world, doing whatever they command.

Tuakana’s secondary power is Slow. Their power is linked to their Grand Wish, and grows as they progress. Currently, having achieved three of their milestones, they possess the power of a 4th stage kraata, making them extremely slow but difficult to dislodge, and highly resistant to physical harm. Should they make physical contact with another creature, they can temporarily slow it down, or anchor themself to the creature and rob it of all speed. They also possess the ability to slow down all movement in a small area.

Should a willing being offer up a heartlight, Tuakana can perform the Rites of Desecration.

Through exploring the Ruins of Fire, Tuakana has learned the taboo of Star Swallowing, allowing them to pluck a star from the heavens and bring life back to the dead—but at the cost of another life, chosen at random.

Descending into the fires of Irnakk's Tooth, Tuakana learned the taboo of Heartlight Forging from their fellow Aspect, Whira. This taboo allows them to receive a freely-given heartlight and forge it into an artifact of power equivalent to a Great Disk.

Equipment: Anything Axxon carries.

Flaws: Like all Aspects of Makuta, Tuakana requires a suit of armour or a willing host in order to interact with the physical world. Destroying their armour would render them impotent unless they could find a willing host. Their slow nature makes them mostly useless in combat—they are highly resistant to physical harm, but they never move quickly, so any attacks they manage to make are easy to see coming.

Tuakana is a very slow and patient being, rarely acting quickly, even when in danger. They perceive time differently than others, and as such have difficulty perceiving the significance of rapidly occurring events. They are ever mindful of death.

Grand Wish: Having wandered Zakaz for centuries, Tuakana has had the opportunity to observe the rise and fall of many younger species. Above all, they see that death is everywhere, and it comes far too quickly. Thus, perceiving most life as beginning and ending in the blink of an eye, Tuakana's grand wish is to become the master of time. They wish to do this in order to defeat entropy and, by extension, death.

Ascension Milestones:

  1. Desecrate a follower.
  2. Acquire a Taboo from an ancient temple
  3. Learn the ancient secrets of Great Disk forging.
  4. unknown
  5. unknown
  6. unknown
  7. unknown


Grinning Tentacled Abomination

Name: Dar Poroka Toden Kakoda Gan

Species: formerly Nocturnal (Nocturne’s species); now transformed

Faction: Himself

Description: Dar Poroka is a tall, multi-armed being with two bulging red eyes, a large, fanged mouth, and razor-sharp claws. His armour is primarily blue with streaks of yellow, and a series of sharp spines runs down his back. Like all members of his species, he is amphibious, and his wide, flat feet serve as excellent flippers should he find himself in the water. The streaks of yellow in his armour are bioluminescent—they glow in dim light, and can change colour.

After coming into contact with energized protodermis, Dar Poroka was transformed. Because he was transformed while under the effects of an Enlarge Kanoka, his new body is over twice as big as his old one, standing at roughly thirty feet tall. The transformation fused his torso with the corpses of two dead Matoran; their bodies seem half-imprisoned in his chest, their faces frozen in horror. He still has the two normal arms and two tentacles he had previously, but now has several additional tentacles that bring his total limb count to ten. Two of these limbs are vast tentacled wings, each as big as his entire body, allowing him to take flight.

Altogether, he is a gigantic, hulking monster. Close inspection of his skin reveals the presence of thousands of tiny hair-like tentacles: it's like his entire massive body is woven of them. Even his facial expressions are no longer controlled by muscles, but by the flexing or relaxing of the interwoven tentacles that now make up his face.

Background/Occupation: Dar Poroka submitted to the League when they conquered his island, acknowledging them as the superior hunters. He served in Ehlek’s army, where his brawn was useful enough to make up for his lack of brains. He joined his League comrades in the assault on Metru-Koro, but was rebuffed. His ship was destroyed in the ensuing retreat, and he plunged beneath the waters of the Silver Sea and was transformed.

Although he disappeared after his transformation, he answered Zaliyah's call to take up arms against Aurax, the usurper king. He arrived too late to contribute to the battle, but managed to help most of his allies escape—with the exception of Zaliyah, who sacrificed herself to buy them time to get away. He now wanders the island of Zakaz, searching for things to fight.

Powers/Abilities: Dar Poroka possesses incredible strength that increases when he gets angry (primary power). He also possesses the ability to regrow lost limbs, although this process takes time and energy (secondary power). He is immune to most poisons, even powerful ones like the Pit mutagen of the old universe (breed quirk).

As a result of his transformation, Dar Poroka now has the ability to fly.

Also as a result of his transformation, he is no longer dependent on physical food for nourishment. Instead, by coming into contact with another being, he is able to feed off of their memories. Although this activity is not comfortable for the victim, it causes no permanent damage: the victim's memories do not disappear after Poroka feeds on them. His bioluminescence instinctively changes colour according to the emotions in the memories he eats.

Finally, Dar Poroka may now share his powers with another being while they are within his immediate vicinity. The recipient must voluntarily accept this sharing of powers. However, after five minutes of sharing powers, they lose all memory of whatever transpired during those five minutes.

Equipment: Dar Poroka currently has no weapons or equipment. But his fangs and claws serve him well, and his tentacles are lined with minuscule barbs that allow him to latch on to objects or other beings.

Flaws: Blessed with brawn but not with brains, Dar Poroka is not very bright. He has difficulty following complex plans, and when he gets confused he tends to get angry. His short temper usually results in him destroying whatever irritates him. Unless given orders, he tends to act on instinct: eating when hungry, sleeping when tired, and killing when bored.

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Airship and crew for Xaril, as he's been asked to carry out a scouting mission. 



Name of Vehicle: The Crimson Galleon

Faction/Homebase: Barraki/Metru Nui

Owner: Xaril

Physical Description: Sleek and angular, this vessel was formerly the airship equivalent of a luxury yacht, belonging to a Matoran mining magnate. Since being recovered by the League, it has been steadily repurposed it to be better suited for reconnaissance and combat. A mess of mismatched metals have been welded haphazardly to its hull, with the occasional window sporadically spaced between them, weighing it down but allowing it to take more punishment.

Rather than a single chute engine for propulsion, the Galleon has four smaller ones, making it harder for the vessel to be disabled, and allowing it to manoeuvre more effectively. It has three decks, connected by ladders, with the lowest level having the boarding ramp at the front, and the rest of its space being used for the storage of food, equipment, and other cargo.

The middle level is the most spacious, with an observation deck out the front, windows to view the outside, the captain’s cabin, and couches and hammocks for crew and passengers. At the back of the middle deck is access to the propulsion engines and storage of extra pressurised protodermis tanks. The upper deck houses the cockpit, as well as charging stations for the mechanical crew, and a basic network to allow the on-board Vahki to continue to function normally despite being away from the Hives. Controls include the standard airship pulley system, long-range communications equipment, and instrumentation for measuring altitude and wind direction.

Weapons/Defenses: The Galleon has been equipped with three on-board weapons systems.

Broadside cannons – three powerful Hagah plasma cannons are installed on each side of the ship, each trio wired together to fire as one. These are controlled by the co-pilot, but their aim cannot be adjusted in any way, meaning the Galleon must be aligned and level with the target.

Devastator torpedoes – mounted on the front of the ship, on the lower deck, are two torpedo tubes which use compressed gas to launch harpoons based on the Skakdi Devastator. The explosive heads do not arm until fired, meaning they’re safe to store and handle, and detonate on impact with a target. Like the cannons, the torpedo tubes are fired by the co-pilot, and cannot have their aim adjusted, and must therefore be lined up with the target. However, the tubes must also be manually reloaded by someone on the lower deck. In addition, the ship only has six of the harpoons on board, though their regenerative qualities mean they can be retrieved from the wreckage of a target.

Heavy disk launcher – mounted on the front deck is a launcher armed with upsized Kanoka disks, of the mid-level freeze variety. The disks are of Ko-Metruan make, allowing them to evade obstacles between them and their target. The launcher must be manually reloaded after each shot. Due to its position on the front deck, the directions the launcher can be aimed in are limited.




Name: Keerahk (x3 on the ship)

Breed: Vahki

Faction: Barraki

Brief Description: Standard white/grey.

Role: Crew (pilots, engineers, etc.)

Flaw: Like all Vahki, these Keerahk have complex clockwork brains that can be disrupted by blows to the head. As machines, they’re vulnerable to the effects of powerful electricity or magnetism, and will lose cohesion if the ship’s network is shut down.

Powers: Whether due to advanced predictive intelligence, or some kind of supernatural pre-cognisance, Keerahk have an uncanny ability to anticipate exactly what their targets or opponents intend to do, before they do it.

Breed quirks: being wholly mechanical, Vahki do not feel pain or fatigue, and will doggedly pursue their orders. The units operate on a hive mind, allowing them to rapidly share knowledge, process information, and coordinate.

Equipment: Keerahk wield Staffs of Confusion, which fire blasts that disrupt a victim’s sense of time and place. Ordinarily, Vahki can also summon and fire Kanoka from their jaws, but there are no suitable Kanoka or teleportation equipment on board the airship.


BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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 - Character Profile - 


Name: Zak-Yak
Breed: Av-Mesi
Faction: Aspect of Makuta (Providence)

Brief Description: Zak-Yak, like most Mesi, is inordinately pale and sickly-looking in coloration, with his back being covered in a matted patch of moss and fungi, although he still retains some use of his eyes, though they are constantly squinted and are generally poor. In addition, when light is shone upon his skin, at certain angles, golden flecks can be spotted amongst his pale white complexion, especially when in sunlight. Zak-Yak is also smaller than the average skakdi or Mesi, being less than two-thirds the size; this added with his hunched and coiled posture and his weak jawline and small frills, has given him a small, unassuming, and timid presence amongst others of his kind. Confounding his meek form, Zak-Yak’s right arm is gimped, leaving his near-useless for any form of extraneous activity. But thankfully, Zak-Yak has since been able to compensate for this deformity by strapping on the mechanical appendage of an ACR, the size and weight of it though forcing him to shamble around on the knuckles of the claw. Along with the ACR arm, Zak-Yak also wears the shredded fragments of a cloak he once stole, now equally infested with moss and fungus as his own backside. 

Personality: Zak-Yak is delusional at best and erratic at worst. Zak-Yak’s mind is...Shattered, split into many voices, each one competing to be the dominant one. These three voices have been split into three distinct minds; one meek, cowardly, desperately clinging to any form of kindness, one cruel, spiteful, and filled with grudges, and one more, solemn, saddened, and simply trying to protect the other voices from each other and the world around them. 
Originally, when Zak-Yak first struck out on his own, he sought to claim the favor of an Aspect, for within his eyes, they were seen as god-like beings, capable of offering great power. But now having explored the wastes and having been desecrated by Providence, Zak-Yak’s sole allegiance is now to them alone.

Background: Since his birth, Zak-Yak has been beaten, bullied, and abused by both his siblings and his fellow kin. This life of abuse continued on, when he was claimed as the personal slave of a Mesi-Xa chieftain. It was here in his formative years of abuse and service to the chieftain that Zak-Yak psyche initially fractured, as well as his original reverence for the Aspects and their Kraata children. For decades Zak-Yak lived like this, suffering abuse, just managing to avoid being sacrificed himself; until during a raid against another warskak of Mesi, that the head of Mata-Nui crashed landed upon the island of Zakaz. As the head crashed into the island, tremors and cave-ins began to occur all across the underground network of tunnels, leading to the death of Zak-Yak's master and most of his former tribe. Awakening amongst the rubble, Zak-Yak found his former master dead, and taking his revenge, claimed the arm of his master’s ACR for himself before scurrying off into the tunnels, free.

Powers - 
Vision Power of Phantom Sight: Zak-Yak's has the vision power of phantom sight. This allows Zak-Yak to see objects or creatures that would be considered ethereal or invisible, their form being seen as a ghostly visage. In addition, Zak-Yak can fire two faint-white beams out of his squinted eyes, with whatever they strike, whether an object or a creature, being made ethereal. The duration and effectiveness of the effect being dependent upon the size of the object or creature and the amount of concentration Zak-Yak focuses into the beams when he fires them. Zak-Yak can also end the effect of his own eye beams by striking the same object or creature again with his beams.

Phantom Step: Zak-Yak is capable of, on an instinctual level, to turn ethereal. Zak-Yak’s innate ability takes but only a few seconds to trigger fully, as well as only a few seconds to cease, with him also being capable of “phasing” between the two states, allowing him to potentially attack others while also being able to avoid attacks himself. Unfortunately, this aspect of his innate ability is inconsistent at best, being primarily tied to his emotions or personalities, as he has yet to fully master this trait. In addition, Zak-Yak can’t trigger his innate ability when in physical contact with another creature, though he can take objects with him, the object no longer being ethereal once he let’s go of it. Whenever Zak-Yak becomes ethereal, he gains the following traits.

  • He is intangible, being unable to interact or be interacted with physically, though he still feels more subtle effects; such as gravity, temperature, and pressure, though such effects are significantly reduced in their effect. In addition, if Zak-Yak does attempt to interact with someone or someone attempts to interact with him, they will only feel a light pressure and a cold spot.
  • He is visually undetectable by traditional means, as he is invisible to the normal sight of most beings. Though, other senses, such as infrared can detect him. In addition, he can be heard, though any sound he makes is muffled, with normal talking volume being heard as a whisper.

Elemental Power of Light: Zak-Yak, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of light. Zak-Yak is only able to access his elemental power when in physical content with another Skakdi. In addition, Zak-Yak’s element actually leaves him surprisingly acclimated to the light and heat of the sun.

Kraata of Insect Control (Level One): Zak-Yak bears a level one Kraata of Insect Control, given to him by the Aspect Providence. Zak-Yak’s Kraata power makes it so that he is always covered in tiny, stinging insects of the native area that will protect Zak-Yak.

Equipment -
Zak-Yak's Talons: Zak-Yak's only real weapon is his salvaged ACR arm. This piece of machinery is a fierce weapon and tool, the appendage ending in a set of massive claws, similar in appearance to the talons of a Kahu. When initially salvaged, the arm was caked in dirt, mud, blood, and fungi, leaving it heavily impaired and in poor condition. But after being repaired by the Vo-Skakdi, Cravious, the arm is now more effective than ever, capable of surprising bouts of strength and tearing through most materials.

Zak-Yak's Shiv: Zak-Yak's only other “weapon” is a shiv that he always keeps hidden onto his person. Zak-Yak only ever uses his shiv out of either desperation, or when his more grudge-filled side of him has an opportunity to settle scores.

Flaws -
Stunted Frame: Zak-Yak is far weaker than the average Mesi, this makes it so that he can easily be overpowered by other characters. If it wasn’t for his ACR arm, his Kraata power, and vision power, Zak-Yak would be virtually defenseless.

Split Emotions: Zak-Yak's emotional state is incredibly fragile, as it is split between three distinct personalities, each one constantly fighting for control and holding their own opinion on any given situation.

  • “Zak-Yak” is the embodiment of Zak-Yak’s fear and desperation. This personality is incredibly timid, easily being frightened into running. Yet, it is also desperately seeking attention and positive reinforcement, as it is starved for affection, quickly forgetting past abuse when presented with kindness. This personality has the weakest vocabulary and commonly refers to itself in the third person.
  • “Us or We” is the embodiment of Zak-Yak’s anger and frustration. This personality is incredibly spiteful, easily being offended into aggression. Yet, it is also Zak-Yak’s courage and bravery, rarely running and often standing up for Zak-Yak. This personality has a moderate vocabulary and commonly refers to itself in the plural tense.
  • “I” is believed to be the original and most true conscience of Zak-Yak. This personality is usually solemn and is surprisingly aware of its mental situation. “I” is rarely seen, as according to its own words it is what is keeping “Zak-Yak” and/or “Us” from taking over completely. This personality is the most intelligent in its speech and commonly either refers to itself as Us or We, in reference to the other personalities, or as simply I.

Name: Chronicler Sala
Breed: Su-Matoran
Faction: Refugees/Aspect of Makuta (Sorilax)

Brief Description: Sala body, like most other Matoran of plasma, is orange and white. Sala's mask, a noble Komau, is orange, alongside his hands, feet, arms and shoulders, the rest of his body being white. In addition, Sala wears a pair of spectacles integrated into his mask, he also carries within himself a satchel that is filled with a variety of notes and writing implements.

Personality: Sala is a chronicler at heart, brave, curious, and oftentimes foolish. Sala tries to do the best he possibly can whenever others are in need of him. In addition, Sala has an unending desire to learn, seeking knowledge wherever it may be hidden.

Background: Sala earliest memory has him working within the forges of Ta-Metru, till one wrong turn led him into the Archives where he found a long abandoned archival chamber, where he proceeded to read and learn everything he could till he was found by the Vahki. It was that pivotal moment that led Sala down the path of the chronicler. Before the League's attacks on Metru-Nui and even before the war itself, Sala’s life as a chronicler took him to all but the most dangerous corners of the Matoran universe. It was these journeys that gave Sala countless bits of knowledge and into nearly as countless amounts of trouble. But once the League’s forces began to threaten the Matoran, outside travel was limited till Sala had to all but stop his travels and remain in Metru-Nui. But when the League made their sudden assault of Metru-Nui, Sala attempted to help the forge workers of Ta-Metru, and witnessed the horror as the entire Metru was drowned in molten Protodermis. 
Now having escaped Metru-Nui after the crash, Sala made his way amongst other refugees into the Fau Swamp, there meeting the Aspect Sorilax. Impressed and enthralled by the vast amount of knowledge that the Aspect Sorilax knew, Sala sought to ingrain himself to the Aspect’s side, having since become a constant traveling companion.

Powers -
Elemental Power of Plasma: Sala, like all Matoran, has an association with an elemental power, his being the elemental power of plasma. Sala’s association with plasma gives him an incredible resistance to heat, far more so than a Ta-Matoran, as well as the ability to strain through bright sources of light.

Kraata of Stasis Field (Level Five): Sala bears a level five Kraata of Stasis Field, given to him by the Aspect Sorilax. Sala’s Kraata power allows him to encase himself in a semi-opaque field of force that covers his entire body. While encased in this force, Sala cannot be harmed by any physical means, while also being incredibly difficult to move, this also means that Sala cannot move while encased. Sala can also encase any creature within the same field through physical contact or through eye contact that can last for several days.

Equipment -
Plasma Sword: Sala wields a plasma sword, an enhanced version of the common fire sword. The plasma sword puts off an incredible heat, capable of easily cutting through most materials, even Protosteel if subjected to the sword’s “blade” for long enough. Unfortunately, since the crash, Sala has lacked the necessary supplies to properly maintain and repair it, making it prone to failure. 

Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control: Sala wears an unpowered noble version of the Komau, as such the mask lacks any Kanohi powers.

Air Hatchet: Sala wields the Air Hatchet, a legendary weapon that was once stored within the Air Suva. The weapon is an emerald-green one-handed axe, made of solid Protosteel. In addition, the hatchet is capable of granting the wielder a limited control of the air, as it is capable of creating, manipulating, and dissipating wind.

Vial of Hordika Venom: After going through his harrowing Far Shore adventure, Sala has returned with a single vial of Hordika venom. If ingested, this venom inflicts severe mutations and mental degradation to the subject, transforming them into a wild, feral, and fierce Rahi or Rahi-like creature.

Flaws - 
First One In, First One Out: Sala is brave, very brave, foolishly so. Sala's bravery has oftentimes gotten him into trouble, as he usually jumps to the aid of another or accepts any challenge without considering the consequences. But in addition, though Sala is initially brave in most situations, he is quick to turn tail and run when in danger or collapse in on himself when overwhelmed. This secondary weakness of his can leave him in a rough situation between staying in danger or leaving those who are with him.

Hold onto Strength, and Never Let Go: Sala, having witnessed the destruction of Ta-Metru, the bombing of Metru-Koro, and becoming desecrated, has since grown a desperate need to grow stronger than he is currently and seeks to prove that he deserves it. This has most poignantly manifested in Sala rarely leaving the ACR given to him by Sorilax, Avagah. This has also affected Sala’s own sense of bravery and cowardice, as Sala can become foolishly brave while within Avagah, and becoming needlessly timid when outside of the ACR.

Devotion will be your Undoing: After going through his harrowing Far Shore adventure, Sala has returned with a new sense of purpose. He must help Sorilax achieve his grand wish. The world is doomed and there is only one thing that Sala believes can save it, and that is Sorilax, and so, Sala is now willing to do whatever his patron Aspect needs in order to help them achieve their goal. Willing to do, whatever.

Hit or Miss: From a natural disability, as well as decades of working at the Ta-Metru forges and intense sessions of constant writing and reading, Sala’s eyesight has degraded significantly, leaving him near-sighted. This leaves Sala a mild difficulty with discerning far away objects in detail, and compounded by a shoulder injury from a game of Akilini, Sala is also incredibly poor at throwing objects with any amount of accuracy.

Void Sickness: After going through his harrowing Far Shore adventure, Sala has returned and contracted Void Sickness. Having contracted the sickness, Sala is now able to learn, utilize, and research taboos and their rites. But, Sala's mental state is now sliding towards a downward spiral, with his kind and nervous self growing more cold and callous, his only goal being allowing Sorilax to achieve their wish.

Name: Apex, Aspect of the Beast

Breed: Aspect of Makuta

Faction: Aspect of Makuta/The Island

Brief Description: Apex's appearance is...Truly unique for most Aspects. The vessels that most Aspects’ bear are crafted to be either as alien-looking or as normal-looking as possible, with them usually appearing either purely mechanical or at least attempting to appear more organic than they really are. But Apex’s form could genuinely be mistaken for a natural-born Rahi...If it wasn’t for the unnatural fusion of her appearance, with seemingly organic muscle lining the Protodermis frame of her vessel. The appearance of Apex’s vessel is similar to, if not directly inspired by or the inspiration for the legendary Rahi-Nui of ancient Matoran myth.
Apex’s vessel is large and menacing, larger than even a Muaka or Manas Crab in size. The vessel is also nearly completely-black, with traces of other colors running throughout it like stretching veins or mottled stripes, the colors including; red, green, orange, yellow, blue, and purple being located throughout it. 
Apex’s lower body is supported by a wide base made up of three treads, the two side treads being heavily armored and bearing a reminiscent of Manas Crab’s, while the central tread being able to extend out forwards, allowing Apex to rear up, freeing her forelimbs. As her lower body transitions up into her upper body, midway through, jutting out of her back, is a stinger tail similar to that of a Nui-Jaga’s tail. Apex usually keeps the stinger tucked in tightly against her body, keeping it out of immediate notice.
Moving onto her upper body, its appearance is a blend between the sleek predatory grace of the Muaka with the broad shouldered mass of the Kane-Ra. In addition, extending down her back and up her neck is a series of frills and spines like those of the Tarakava, as well as an added pair of insectoid wings, their design obviously influenced by those of the Nui-Rama.
Reaching down from her broad, armored shoulders extends two, almost gangly forelimbs. A blended fusion between the lithe and lengthy limbs of the Tarakava and the bulky strength of the Muaka, each of the limbs ending in two broad, almost shovel-like claws with a single larger curved claw, a mixture between the hooves of the Kane-Ra and the curled up punching fists of the Tarakava, with a single claw akin to that of the Muaka’s. In addition, Apex has a smaller pair of limbs protruding just below her forelimbs, them resembling those of a Nui-Rama, the thin claws being capable of rough manipulation.
Supporting Apex’s mighty skull is an elongated neck that she keeps retracted back most of the time, its appearance similar to the necks of Kane-Ra’s and Muaka’s, a seemingly organic tubing wrapping its entire length. Her head itself is a fearsome affair, a blend between the visage of the Kane-Ra and of the Muaka, bearing the protruding horns and snout of the former and the ears and predatory eyes of the latter. And as for Apex’s maw, it opens up to a frightening arrangement of teeth, with the enlarged fangs of the deadly Muaka and the protruding tusks of the Kane-Ra.
After claiming the Kraata Creation Taboo, the upside-down triangle symbol of the Taboo is now branded upon the forehead of Apex's head. In addition, a shallow gash marks her chest, one not deep enough to cause her to leak out but enough for her to notice, a reminder of her duel with the Skakdi hunter, Uraborask the Hunter.

Personality: Apex, unlike the rest of her kin, cares little for the affairs of other beings as she lacks the same social finesse or the desire to manipulate as other Aspects do. Apex would rather prefer to spend her time amongst the foliage and wildlife of the island, calmly and peacefully observing all that occurs around her with a ponderous curiosity and appreciation. 
But times have changed since the Ark left, and as such, so has Apex. In the time before, Apex rarely was lured into action, as the only inhabitants at the time were the Matoran of old, who knew better than to illicit her wrath, except for the few arrogant Toa who sought to test their strength against her. But now the Matoran and Toa are gone and all that remain are the Skakdi, a fierce, cruel, and barbaric race whose actions, as well as those of their god, Irrnak, has led to the mass destruction of the island’s ecosystem.
Apex now embodies the raw fury of nature itself, being easily irritable and quickly falling into a Rahi-like rage at the presence or mention of Skakdi, as well as any blatant destruction towards the natural beauty of the island.
But when dealing with those who aren’t Skakdi and are capable of respect towards the natural world, Apex comes across as proud, matter-of-factly, and fiercely dangerous. But in reality, Apex personally has little experience interacting with people, quickly feeling out of place when normal Rahi social displays fall short with other people. This, with Apex desire to constantly put up a fierce visage and her bottling up her emotions, can quickly lead her into an awkward spiral, with usually her preferred method of dealing with it simply being running away.
Thanks to forming a close bond with the Tiokaha, Morangad, Apex has since learned to be more open with her emotions, though only with Morangad in truth.

Background: In the time before the Ark’s departure, Apex kept to herself, staying separate from the Builder’s affairs as best she could, preferring to immerse herself within the natural beauty of the island’s ecosystem. But with the arrival of Irrnak and his prized, the Skakdi, Apex was roused from her peace. With the great destruction inflicted upon the island by the Skakdi and the rite-born monsters of Irrnak, Apex rose to fight against the Skakdi with a ravenous rage and fury, continuing the fight even after the entombment of the Kaita Mechs and the departure of the Builders.
Continuing her slaughter and massacre upon the Skakdi, Apex’s one Aspect war continued till, lured in by the promise of more Skakdi to kill, was trapped by the Skakdi warchief, Nektann Sr. For centuries, she was trapped, subjected to pure void and darkness, with her more than once feeling the pull of the void, the desire to return to the Antidermis pool. But eventually, as the head of Mata-Nui crashed down upon the island, Apex was once again freed, now one of the few ancient Aspects still remaining from the time before the Ark’s departure from the island, her vengeance and grand wish burning inside her.

Powers - 
Elemental Power of Shadow: Apex, like all Aspects, has the elemental power of shadow. This allows her to create, control, and observe through shadows. But since her confinement within her prison in the Ash Barrens and being submerged in absolute darkness for such an extended period, she has since grown an intense fear of shadows. 
Apex refuses to use her own element except for, at most, observation. Although, it does instinctually manifest alongside her emotions, usually when she is filled with rage but also when she is filled with sorrow or fear.

Kraata of Rahi Control (Level Three): Apex has the power of a level three Kraata of Rahi Control. Apex’s Kraata power makes it so that Rahi are warded against attacking her, in addition, she can pacify Rahi or enrage it into a violent frenzy or lull it into sleep.

Desecration Taboo: Apex, like all Aspects, has knowledge of the Desecration Taboo and is able to bind a Kraata to a willing host from a still bearing Heartlight.
Apex currently has desecrated the following individuals.

  • Kuini-Rama, Queen of the Nui-Rama (Given Kraata power of Power Scream, used the Heartlight of a Ta-Skakdi)
  • Marrow (Given Kraata of Weather Control, used the Heartlight of a Skakdi)

Kraata Creation and Infection Taboo: Apex has gained knowledge of the Kraata Creation and Infection Taboo and is able to now create Kraata from the Heartlights of other beings by infusing them with her essence and plunging it into Energized Protodermis.
Apex currently has three Kraata worms in her possession.

  • Level three Kraata of Shattering (Made from the heartlight of Uraborask the Hunter)
  • Level one Kraata of Chain Lightning (Made from the heartlight of a Matoran from Le-Metru Nuva)
  • Level one Kraata of Stasis Field (Made from the heartlight of a Rahi)

Apex has currently infected the following with her Kraata.

  • Morangad (With the Kraata of Shattering)
  • Various Rahi within the Fau Swamp (With the Kraata of Shattering, Chain Lightning, and Stasis Field)

Equipment - 
Clumsy Flight: Through the use of the large pair of Nui-Rama wing’s on Apex’ back, she is capable of prolonged and sustained flight. But, due to her size and shape, this flight is clumsy and slow, which can leave her being outmaneuvered easily by other aerial Rahi or Protoderms. In addition, it takes Apex a few seconds to fully leave the ground, making it ineffectual for avoiding most attacks.

Lunging Jaws: Although it is usually retracted, Apex is able to swiftly extend her neck, nearly doubling her total length, and grab whatever is in front of her within her vicious jaws, the bite force of which comparable, if not exceeding, that of the Muaka’s. She can also generally extend and turn her neck so that she can reach nearly anywhere around her, though the same speed is not present.

Manipulator Arms: Protruding out of her chest, just below her upper forelimbs, are a pair of small arms similar in style to the limbs of a Nui-Rama. Although Apex can use these arms to strike out against foes, they have shorter reach and are less powerful than her forelimbs, so instead, she prefers to use these limbs when rough manipulation is needed.

Punching Claws: Supporting her upper body, these gangly yet deceptively fast and powerful limbs are Apex’s main defense when in a fight. These forelimbs, bearing the length and swiftness of a Tarakava, and the strength of a Muaka, are capable of lashing out in vicious swings or hefty punches, with the limbs themselves terminating into three digits; two broad shovel-like claws, akin to the hooves of a Kane-Ra, and a single hooked claw like a Muaka. These limbs can be devastating when making contact with a threat, but Apex is not capable of rapid propulsion without the use of these forelimbs, limiting their use in certain situations.

Sharpened Horns: Sprouting from atop her head, are a pair of horns indicative of the Kane-Ra. These horns, alongside Apex’s thick skull, can be made to use as effective goring and ramming tools. But in general, Apex prefers to use these horns for simply clearing away brush rather than actually combat.

Venomous Stinger: The last weapon in Apex repertoire, is her deadly twin-pointed stinger. Located halfway down her backside, where her upper body transitions into her lower body, the stinger usually rests tucked up against her back. But, when she needs to, she can swiftly launch the stinger forwards, the upper length of it extending forwards, piercing through whatever Apex was intending to strike.
The deadliest part of this attack isn’t the swiftness of it, but rather the deadly venom that lies within, as it can quickly kill a target over the course of a few days, crippling them all the while. The only real limitation being its incredibly narrow arc, as Apex is only capable of using the stinger against threats directly in front of herself.

Flaws -
To Slay Monsters: Although Apex’s vessel is by far one of the most physically powerful and intimidating amongst her kind, that does not mean that it doesn't holds its own weaknesses. Due to Apex’s size, any small or swift target, could theoretically avoid most of her attacks, as she is incapable of rapidly turning in place, leaving her effective arc for attacks being right in front of her or just off to the side. In addition, though most of her body is naturally armored, portions of it transition to softer, weaker, faux-organic components, this includes; her joints, particularly her underarm, her treads, the small of her back, above her tail and in between her wings, the bottom of her jaw, and her stomach, where her upper body transitions into her lower body.

A Beast Among Demons: Apex, after witnessing the destruction the Skakdi have brought and becoming confined by them, has grown an intense and beastial hatred for them, one that can cause her to fly into a murderous rage upon the sight of them and/or bring her great anger at their mention.
In addition, after living separate from other sapient Protoderms and then becoming trapped for centuries, Apex’s social skills are incredibly lacking, as she can quickly let her frustration get to her or simply grow too uncomfortable to continue any sort of conversation with others.

To Stare into The Abyss, is to Know It: After spending centuries trapped within the absolute darkness of her prison and feeling the pull of the void once before, Apex now has an incredible fear of both the darkness and of death itself. 
Apex’s fear of darkness and its associated elements most poignant manifests in her fearful refusal to use her own element of shadow, with it only ever manifesting unknowingly by her, fueled by own emotions. This usually ends up startling Apex. In addition, Apex fear of shadows and darkness can easily demoralize her in a fight, whether the setting where the fight is taking place is within a near-black environment or the individual that Apex is facing is using the element shadow themselves. This could easily lead to Apex’s own fear taking hold of her and compelling her to flee.

Grand Wish: Apex’s grand wish is to restore the island to its former, unspoiled beauty. Before the awakening of the Kaita Mechs, before the arrival of Irrnak and the Skakdi, before even the Builders. Apex seeks to restore the island to such a natural state and then implant herself as the very heart of it, so that she may have reach and influence all across it, ensuring it is never despoiled again.

  • Step One: Desecrate a loyal follower and companion. (Accomplished by infecting Morangad)
  • Step Two: Claim control of a loyal pack of followers, ones who will serve Apex’s every wish. (Accomplished by desecrating a princess of a Nui-Rama hive and implanting the princess as the new queen)
  • Step Three: ???

In addition, Apex has unlocked a set of additional abilities pertaining to her desecrated following from accomplishing her milestones. Theses include;

  • Telepathic audio communication between a single desecrated follower at a time.
  • Being able to see through the eyes of a desecrated follower.

Name: Warlord Drukarus

Breed: Ba-Skakdi (MU)

Faction: Barius’ Warskak

Brief Description: Drukarus is truly an imposing example of how big the Skakdi species can get. Standing around 9'9" in height and weighing over half a ton, Drukarus is truly a phenomenal physical specimen, with his sturdy, wide-set self. His visage is hard and grim, while most Skakdi constantly bear a sinister grin upon their faces, Drukarus maintains a stoic, tight-lipped expression, his harsh purple gaze penetrating all that he sees.
Covering his near pitch-black body, Drukarus is covered from nearly head-to-toe in purple ritualistic tattoos and markings etched into his frame and skin, each one written in the ancient, traditional Skakdi script and hand etched by many shamans and orators of his species, each one telling a great story of Drukarus’ past, marking his strength, influence, and experience. These tattoos coupled with the numerous scars, scratches, and notches within his frame translate to anyone the extensive life Drukarus has lived as a warrior and champion of his people. 
In addition, Drukarus also wears a sturdy set of armor; consisting of a large pauldron covering his right shoulder and the right-side of his chest that extends down into an armored sleeve, up to his wrist, a massive gauntlet on his left hand, it ending in a vicious set of claws, a set of greaves, an iron collar around his neck and collar bone, and tassets around his waist. He also has furs and hides of various Rahi wrapped around his neck and waist.

Personality: Stoic and prideful, Drukarus stands as a champion of his people. Unlike most other Skakdi, Drukarus is surprisingly impassioned in his expressions and tone, with his voice keeping a neutral tone whenever he speaks. The only time Drukarus freely allows his emotions to show themselves is when he is caught within the heat of battle, his roars and shouts bellowing over the clamber of blades and the roar of rockets.
Though prideful, Drukarus is also wise given his centuries of life, understanding the concept of restraint better than most Skakdi. In addition, Drukarus himself is a host of knowledge and sage words, many gleaned from either his own experiences or the experiences of others. But Drukarus will still staunchly uphold his own personal values, stubbornly standing by them. His stubborn pride can also make Drukarus seem domineering, with him desiring all but the utmost discipline amongst his fellows.

Background: Once upon the MU-version of Zakaz, Drukarus stood as one of the most well-known warlords, striving constantly to unite his people under a single banner. For centuries, Drukarus fought upon his home, till at last the League arrived upon Zakaz’s shores. Drukarus, alongside the other more notable warlords of Zakaz, initially refused the League’s offer, the fierce independent spirits of the Skakdi compelling them to deny the League their strength. But through countless battles, assaults, and sieges, one-by-one the warlords fell and they’re armies fell under League control.
Drukarus eventually stood as one of the last free Skakdi warlords of Zakaz, continuing to fight against the League; attacking supply routes, sieges fortresses, and ambushing entire armies. Drukarus continued to be a thorn in the League’s presence upon Zakaz, eventually compelling Barraki Ehlek, the Barraki overseeing Zakaz, to intervene personally. Laying a masterful plan, Ehlek lured out most of Drukarus’s forces from his main fortress while a secondary force sieged the stronghold and left with the women and children in tow.
Left with no other choice, Drukarus committed himself and his remaining, willing soldiers to commit one last desperate, suicidal charge against Ehlek’s main force, where Ehlek himself was purportedly located. The battle...Was truly a final defiant cry for the entire Skakdi race, but it was a foolish one as the only one remaining was Drukarus himself, battered, beaten, and failing in his attempt to kill the Barraki who didn’t even deign to fight amongst his own soldiers.
Captured and made into a trophy and war hound, Drukarus was unleashed by the Barraki as a tool for their war. Channeling his hatred, rage, and fury, Drukarus tore into the foes of the League, victory upon victory coming wherever he was sent. This continued till the fateful final attack on Metru-Nui, and the end of the world as they all knew it.
Drukarus has since left the League and Metru-Nui and has found the Warskak’s to the northernmost portion of TBT Zakaz. Now, Drukarus seeks to build up the current warlord, Barius, and his forces as well as laying the foundations to begin his ultimate goal.

Powers - 
Vision Power of Dominance: Drukarus' has the vision power of dominance. This allows Drukarus to impose his will upon those he plants his gaze upon, instilling within their mind a sense of inferiority compared to him; this can benefit Drukarus in asserting dominance or coercing others. In addition, if Drukarus is ever able to establish direct eye contact, then he can force them to his will, compelling them to prostrate before him. 
Those who succumb to Drukarus’ intense will remain under his sway as long as he maintains line of sight and then some time afterwards, pending on how long he maintained and focused his gaze upon them. Lastly, Drukarus is also himself resilient to effects that would manipulate his own will or emotions, such as a Kraata of Fear.

Will of Force: Resiliency and power, hallmarks of a great warrior, and both that Drukarus wields in great and equal measure. Drukarus holds the innate power to absorb kinetic energy into his own body, lessening the impact he suffers and adding it to his overall strength and size, giving him both a way to grow in power and shrug off blows. 
But, this power is a double-edged sword, for as it increases Drukarus’ strength and size, it lessens his speed and reactions. Thankfully, Drukarus can release some of this built-up energy, channeling it into his blows, inflicting the same force back upon his foes as it ripples across his own form, essentially allowing the harm he would have suffered to occur.
Lastly, Drukarus does have an upper limit to the size he can reach and the amount of energy he can store, as he can only grow in double his height, as any more force would trigger him to violently release all of the energy he has so far built up. This blast has a devastating effect and can leave Drukarus all but incapable of further reproach, at least not without suffering any further harm.

Elemental Power of Gravity: Drukarus, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of gravity. Drukarus is only able to access his elemental power when in physical content with another Skakdi. In addition, Drukarus’s element grants him resistance to the extremes of gravitational and atmospheric pressures.

Kraata of Mind Reading (Level Five): Drukarus’ Heartlight has been replaced by a level five Kraata of Mind Reading, given to him by the Aspect Caedast. Drukarus’ Kraata power is constantly active at a low level, allowing him to detect the presence of other creatures near him and can avoid easy capture. In addition, Drukarus can focus his mind, reading the thoughts of those around him, learning of their immediate thoughts and predicting their actions.

Equipment -
The Fist of Ruk: A maul, first forged by the ancient Skakdi of old, the weapon’s continued existence speaks of the care and craftsmanship that went into its construction. Named after a presumably once-mighty Skakdi warlord, though only hallmarks of his legacy remain being his name, maul, and his fortress and tomb, with all but his name Drukarus had claimed for himself as his first steps in becoming a warlord.
Supported by a threaded rod of solid Protosteel, wrapped in Tahtorak hide, the great ‘fist’ of the hammer constantly emanates elemental energy when held within the hands of a Skakdi, it constantly surging with the wielder’s innate element. The ‘fist’ itself is a massive solid slab of stone and steel, fused into one piece through elemental craft, with layers of segmented plates and hardened studs adorning it, adding to its weight and mighty profile. Along the head itself and the haft, weathered etching line it, each telling the tale of Ruk, supposedly the first warlord of Zakaz.
The maul itself is a powerful weapon, one that only a few Skakdi could wield with its sheer size and weight, both Drukarus have since mastered to his own benefit. In addition, the maul allows any Skakdi who wields it to channel their element through its head, which Drukarus has experimented with extensively and has learned many applications for. Truly Drukarus has made this weapon his own, a symbol of his indomitable will.

Tahtorak’s Maw: A massive clawed gauntlet constantly adorns the left hand of Drukarus, the faint visage of a MU Tahtorak carved into its design, memorializing one of Drukarus’ first battles. The top side of the gauntlets supports a large, roughly hexagonal buckler-style shield, notches and dents marking its extreme use and resilience. On the other side, where Drukarus’ hand would be instead extends three thick, large sharpened claws, forming the rough-equivalence of a hand.
A superior defense and terrifying weapon all in one, Drukarus bears the maw as either a shield to block or deflect attacks, or as a crushing weapon, striking out with either his back end or grasping and tearing into his foes with the claws themselves.

Flaws -
A Warrior's Greatest Enemy is...Time: Time has not been kind to the warlord, and neither have his centuries of warfare. Drukarus is truly ancient by Skakdi standards, and such age is evident across and within the warlord’s body. Drukarus has grown notably slower in age, both from the numbing of his own senses and the weathering upon his joints. This has forced Drukarus to alter his fighting style, growing far more defensive and keeping his movements to a minimum.. 
In addition, a few old injuries still remain as a constant presence; 

  • Deep scar marks line his right shoulder, where he still suffers from the effects of the injury. A dull pain is a constant within his shoulder, increasing in intensity whenever Drukarus asserts his arm, this forces Drukarus to assert himself more when wielding his maul, slowing his swing speed. Also, occasional spikes of pain course through his shoulder, potentially causing his arm to lurch or for him to even lose grip upon his maul.
  • His left hand is nearly all but lost, as the only whole fingers he still has includes his thumb and forefinger, only half of his middle and ring finger remains, and his pinkie is all but gone. In addition, the protodermic frame of his wrist has also been stripped. This has severely reduced his grip strength when not wielding the Tahtorak’s Maw.
  • Drukarus’ knees and hips have simply just naturally worn away, this makes him slower when in pursuit, as well as limits his ability to avoid attacks. He also has occasional troubles standing up unaided.

Prideful to the End: Although Drukarus has mastered the natural rage of the Skakdi species, his own pride still stands as a constant challenge to him. This pride of his, though usually kept in check as well, can lead to Drukarus becoming easily blinded, especially when he openly allows his emotions to be expressed. This pride can often come across as arrogance, manifesting itself in disagreeing with others over certain matters or Drukarus himself not realising when he outmatched. 
Drukarus' own pride can only be overcome by himself at a great cost to himself, such as a mass loss of life of his own warriors and/or people or when Drukarus himself suffers from severe injury or humiliation.

The Cost for Knowledge...Is your Life: After offering his Heartlight to the Aspect Caedast, Drukarus has not only gained the power of a Kraata of Mind Reading, but also a curse bound to its power. Whenever using the Kraata and its powers, Drukarus can suffer from pain or even injury, such as nose bleeds, bloodshot eyes, or even worse.
Due to the passive nature of the Kraata, Drukarus constantly suffers from a minor droning pain within the back of his head, as the Kraata constantly detects the presence of other minds nearby. This constant pain has put Drukarus on edge, making him far more prone to irritation and annoyance when with numerous other beings.

 - ACR Profile - 

ACR’s Name: Avagah (Dawnguard)
ACR’s Faction: Sorilax/Refugees
Pilot of ACR: Sala (Formerly Sorilax)
Type of Heartlight Key: Rahi-Heartlight (Muaka)

Physical Description: Avagah bears a resemblance to its former owner, Sorilax, meaning that it strikes a figure similar to that of a near-black Toa, to the point where it could look like a living being. The only difference being the tubular, almost tentacle-like arms that extend just before the ankle. The ACR itself is a few heads taller than a normal Toa, capable of fitting one within itself. It also has the option to become air tight and serve as a replacement vessel should an Aspect ever need one.

Onboard Weapon Systems -
Air Hatchet: Originally, Avagah wielded a large, plain sword, one that was easily avoidable when in intimate ranges. But after visiting the Air Suva ruins, Sala has since switched out the sword for the Air Hatchet that was located within the Suva.

Shoulder Mounted Rhotuka Launcher: Built on as a retractable attachment on Avagah’s shoulder, Sala is capable of mentally using the Rhotuka Launcher, his Rhotuka power being Heat. Sala’s Rhotuka of Heat is capable of absorbing heat from its surroundings as it flies; warping flames, cooling magma, and leaving a trail of frost in the air, and then releasing all of the absorbed heat as either a concentrated beam, directed by Sala, or as a fiery explosion upon impact. Unfortunately, the power of the Rhotuka is heavily dependent upon the ambient temperature, as more temperate environments can only produce first-two second degree burns, or in colder environments, only a warm tingle.

- Minion Profile -

Name: Kuini-Rama (Queen Wasp)
Breed: Nui-Rama Queen
Faction: Aspect of Makuta (Apex)
Role: Fighter (The Nui-Rama hive at the Grand Temple Ruins and the Fau Swamp)

Brief Description: Kuini-Rama is similar in appearance to most Nui-Rama, except for a few differences. Instead of being the usual orange of a drone or the green of a hive guard, Kuini-Rama is yellow, denoting her royal status. In addition, before becoming queen, Kuini-Rama was generally larger than a standard Nui-Rama, around one and a half times the normal size, her abdomen being twice as large. But now having transitioned into a queen, Kuini-Rama is now nearly twice her original size, with her abdomen growing to be three times the size.

Powers - 
Nui-Rama Royalty: Kuini-Rama, as a queen of a Nui-Rama hive, has complete control over the actions of her hive. In addition, her hive will die to defend her, with Kuini-Rama herself keeping a close retinue of green Nui-Rama hive guards with her at all times.

Kraata of Power Scream (Level Two): Kuini-Rama bears a level two Kraata of Power Scream, given to her by the Aspect Apex. Kuini-Rama’s Kraata power makes it so that she is constantly producing a high-frequency drone from her wings, one that her own hive has grown to recognize and utilize for communication that also puts the nerves of other Protoderm’s on edge. In addition, she can emit bursts of high-pitch sound that induce crippling headaches in others.

Equipment - 
Rapid-Beating Wings: Kuini-Rama has a pair of insectoid wings that she can rapidly beat to communicate with her hive or to utilize her Kraata power. In addition, she is capable of incredible speeds and maneuvers with her wings, though not as incredible as she once could with her greater size.

Deadly Stinger: Kuini-Rama’s engorged abdomen carries with it a great stinger, that if she can stab into another creature, can quickly induce paralysis or inject them with Nui-Rama eggs that will hatch larvae who will begin to eat them from the inside-out.

Claws and Proboscis: Kuini-Rama lastly has a pair of sharp claws and a vicious proboscis, both of which she is not above using in combat; the claws being able to grab onto prey and carry even large Rahi off the ground and her proboscis being able to pierce into the thick hides.

Flaw: Even though Kuini-Rama is filled with a fierce spirit of a survivor and a seemingly unnatural sapience, she is still simply a Nui-Rama, bearing the instinctual intelligence of one. Although she will heed Apex’s commands, her top priority is her own personal survival, and as such, if she is ever directly attacked or is caught without her hive guards, she will quickly flee. In addition as a Nui-Rama, she may grow more tired and sluggish when subjected to cold temperatures, with the possibility of her no longer being able to beat her wings or utilize her Kraata power.

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@Nato the Traveler: The Crimson Galleon is approved. It certainly has a lot of firepower, but I think you've built in enough weaknesses to balance it out. Your three Keerahk MCs are also approved. Please make sure you play fairly with their "precognitive-lite" abilities. Just because they are skilled at calculating an opponent's next move doesn't mean that they can perfectly anticipate everything.

You now have 3 PCs and 7 MCs.

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14 minutes ago, Eyru said:

Please make sure you play fairly with their "precognitive-lite" abilities. Just because they are skilled at calculating an opponent's next move doesn't mean that they can perfectly anticipate everything.

Yeah, I wasn't planning to push it anywhere near the ridiculous levels they went to with it in canon. 

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BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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@Sparticus147: Zak-yak, Sala, Apex, Drukarus, the Avagah, and Kuini-Rama are approved.

Please keep in mind that, although Kuini-Rama may control an entire hive of Nui-Rama, any of these Rahi that you directly control must have profiles submitted and approved; and they will count towards your MC limit. All other Nui-Rama will be NPCs played by the GMs.

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“Destiny can be defied. Your place in the world isn’t promised. You can be whoever or whatever you want to be, and to karz with anyone who says otherwise.”


Species: Takadox’s species (Nuva)

Faction: Dark Hunter/Refugee, affiliated with Le-Metru Nuva.

Brief Description: Sidra is lithe and athletic, clad in sleek, shapely armour that seems to shift and shimmer between sheens of green, with hints of gold. Her more mundane apparel includes a satchel, belt pouches, holsters, and straps for holding weapons and equipment. A simple copper badge in the shape of a three-pointed star is hooked onto her chestplate, a symbol of her new station. She stands a head taller than the average Toa, despite the slight hunch that is characteristic of her species, with hair-like tendrils growing from the back of her head and trailing down her neck. Her skin is a dark shade of green, while her eyes and heartstone glow gold.

Background/Occupation: From the earliest days of her existence, Sidra wanted to explore the world. Buoyant and optimistic, she expected the universe beyond her home island to be idyllic and welcoming, but what she found instead was chaos and war as the League of Six Kingdoms and Order of Mata Nui waged their war. Everywhere she went Sidra found herself treated with fear and disdain, with most beings unwilling to even look her in the eyes, thanks in large part to the reputation of a particularly infamous member of her species: Takadox. 

Then, one day, Sidra crossed paths with a being who was unafraid to meet her gaze. The Dark Hunter Lariska saw the potential in the forlorn wanderer, and decided to bring her back to Odina. As they travelled, Lariska trained Sidra in hand-to-hand combat (mostly to give herself something to do on the long, boring voyage), gradually moulding Sidra towards a new purpose. By the time they reached the island, Sidra was ready to be recruited. As the years went by, her skills grew, and her naivety abated, until she had firmly established herself as a formidable member of the organisation, operating under the codename Skirmisher.

During the events on Metru Nui, Sidra was the best, or the worst, Dark Hunter in the field, depending on how one chooses to view her actions. She went after League terrorist Othorak, and he died, but not before completing his objective to crash an airship into Ta-Metru. Likewise, she assassinated Turaga Dume, but he was able to create numerous new Toa before dying of the wounds she inflicted. She tried to prevent the Great Disks being used to change the past, before allowing Tuyet to use the time machine to attempt to repair a paradox… though it may have been left too late.

Desperate to learn the truth behind the apocalypse, and the part she may or may not have played in it, Sidra ventured out across Zakaz, unlocking both the Suva and Temple in the region of ice, before eventually finding the fresh start she’d sought in the village of Le-Metru Nuva in the Fau Swamp. When her past came knocking in the form of the Grand Untethered, she was instrumental in defending the village from the abomination, and was officially accepted as one of its citizens.

She crafted a Great Disk of her own and returned to the Ruins of Ice, where she died and was reborn as Sidra Nuva, bathed in the light of Tren Krom. From there, she travelled to Kini-Nui, where she died again to gain access to the Kaita Mech stored within the temple bunker.

In the time since her return, she’s putting her newfound power to good use as the semi-official Sheriff of Le-Metru Nuva, enforcing the peace and protecting the populace.

Flaws: Sidra is plagued by a lingering sense of insecurity and a need to prove her worth, her lack of self-confidence coming hand-in-hand with an equally powerful sense of self-importance. She’s prone to impulsive, risk-taking behaviours, with her new NUVA powers making her all the more overconfident.

Following her death and rebirth, Sidra has developed an intense fear of her own demise. Her restless nights are haunted by dreams of dying at places and times she cheated or escaped death, leaving her stressed and prone to overreact or lash out when feeling threatened. She has also become more paranoid since her transformation, with many recent events leading her to believe some unknown person or power is out to get her.

Sidra’s fighting style and physique are focused towards feats of agility and dexterity, putting her at a disadvantage in tests of strength. A lingering aspect of her species trait causes her eyes to glow whenever her psionic powers are in use, making it obvious when she’s utilising these abilities. Her new NUVA armour tends to catch the light as well, making stealth more difficult.

Powers: Like all members of her species, Sidra possessed an ability to hypnotise others, which has blossomed into full mastery of the element of psionics after her NUVA transformation. Her connection to her element runs deeper than that of regular beings, allowing her to use her powers to a greater degree, including delayed-action feats. Sidra can also concentrate and fire beams of energy with the same power type as the Great Disk of Ice. She can share all of her elemental powers and breed quirks with up to two other willing beings within her line of sight (this number is reduced if she has an active delayed-action elemental ability in play).

Her former mask power of Shadow Travel is now a part of her, allowing her to step into a shadow, including her own, and emerge from another, provided she knows where it is, as well as take up to two other willing beings along with her. The power takes time to recharge, with the duration increasing based on the distance travelled and number of other beings brought along. Long journeys can be distressing, even dangerous, for the user, as they find themselves somewhere impenetrably dark and soul-chillingly cold, where unseen things seem to slither and scuttle (this realm is speculated by some to be the Field of Shadows or a similarly unpleasant pocket dimension).

Other skills in Sidra’s arsenal include a knack for acrobatics and agility, due to her training with Lariska. She’s also something of a tinkerer and amateur programmer, having cobbled together much of her equipment and gadgetry herself. In addition, she has recently been tutored in the art of forging Kanoka. As a Living Key, she’s the primary pilot for the Kaita ACR of Ice, known as Wairuha. Following her time in the Far Shore, she gained (but cannot use) the Taboo of Infectious Kraata creation, with the corresponding tattoo of an inverted triangle having manifested itself on the back of her left hand.

Equipment: Sidra wears the Mask of Biomechanics, a Kanohi that allows its user to mentally interface with machinery and control or influence them. It also gives the user a minor enhancement of their mechanical strength. The user cannot control the mechanical parts of other beings without their consent, but can slow them down. As a Nuva-level mask, this Kanohi’s abilities can be shared with up to two other willing beings. Sidra’s mask features a telescopic lens, which can also take photographs that are sent to her iStone.

Her weapon of choice is an electro chute blade, though she also carries a more mundane dagger as backup. Following a journey into the Far Shore, the electro chute blade has been augmented into an Inika Weapon, charging it with the power of lightning, which allows it to generate sparks or fling lightning bolts. An iStone and rhotuka launcher are integrated into the gauntlet of her right arm – the launcher in the palm, and the iStone on the outer wrist. Her rhotuka power alters the physical properties of the spinners, making them incredibly sharp along every outer edge.

Sidra’s constant companions are a pair of custom-made nektann drones, which operate as scouts and support during operations. These nektann are smaller than standard, folding up to be about the size of a Zamor sphere. Like most nektann, they are capable of sophisticated self-reassembly and projecting weak energy blasts, enough to singe armour or blister skin. Both drones are connected to Sidra’s iStone, allowing her to issue them commands, and view their visual and audio feeds.

She carries a satchel containing an assortment of other items, including a canteen, small tools for maintaining and cleaning her equipment, and some crude maps and notes about the Fau Swamp. Through a myriad of misadventures, she has acquired a lightstone rifle, a Midak Skyblaster, and  a vial of Hordika venom, enough to turn a single person or being into a Hordika. She also owns a Great Disk of Ice, of her own making.

Edited by Gecko Greavesy
Minor updates.
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BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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Powers: Though Navu is only a Matoran, and thus her elemental sonic power isn’t accessible, she does have advanced hearing, as mentioned above. Her Kanohi, while Powerless, has been Desecrated by the Aspect Whisper, with a Stage 3 Kraata of Limited Invulnerability implanted in her right arm, made from one of the Infected Kraata.

Equipment: Navu wears a Kanohi Arthron - Powerless Mask of Sonar, and carries around an old farming scythe for self-defense, as well as various tools to help her in her new job aboard the Taku. There is also the Kraata of Limited Invulnerability implanted in her mask.

@Toru Nui: Your profiles look good to go now, with the exception of Navu. I've quoted the problematic lines above.

You mention a kraata "implanted" in her right arm as well as in her mask. Please correct her profile to accurately describe where the kraata is located. 

Also, please note that being desecrated and having an infected mask are two different things. Please clarify whether she is desecrated or has an infected mask, or both. It's currently confusing as to what her relationship with Whisper is.

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My understanding based on previous conversations with Toru is that it should be a proper desecration, not a mask infection. Hence why Whisper's profile notes her sacrificing an infectious kraata. 

Edited by Nato the Traveler
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Wairuha, Kaita of Wisdom

“I am reborn with the setting of an age and the birthing of a new, and my purpose is before me the same as it has always been. My pilot is Sidra NUVA, one blessed in the light of Tren Krom.”


ACR Faction/Homebase: Builders/Kini-Nui

Primary Pilot: Sidra Nuva

Great Disk: Great Disk of Ice

Physical Description: Wairuha stands around 90 feet tall, sleek and sheer and shining like a citadel of silvery sleet. Its base framework is a muted grey, and large overlapping plates of angular armour hued in white protect its form. Vibrant light spills through the gaps in its armour, flickering hints of the raw power of the kaita spirit that inhabits Wairuha’s form.  

Wairuha’s head resembles that of a Toa or Matoran, but with three pairs of eyes rising up its forehead (the MOC is inaccurate in this regard). A hunch-like protrusion on the mech’s upper back houses the cockpit, which can seat up to three beings. Unlike a conventional ACR, which requires a heartlight to function, Wairuha draws power from the Great Disk merged in its pilot, Sidra NUVA.

Though the kaita spirit within the ACR rarely speaks, the primary pilot may speak and have the Kaita ACR speak what they say. While pilots can also hear with the Kaita ACR’s innate senses, the mech does not have any kind of radio or other long-range communication system.

Onboard Weapons Systems: Kaita ACRs are immensely sturdy and powerful, capable of shrugging off the blows of anything weaker than a kaita, their armour untouched by rust or the ravages of time.

Wairuha’s primary ability is Power Amplification, which allows the pilots to choose up to three powers or breed quirks (excluding equipment powers) at a time from the combined powers of all onboard pilots. Wairuha may use the chosen powers as if they were its own powers or breed quirks, and these abilities are increased in strength and power to the level of a kaita, three times the strength of a normal toa. Players may take one post to change these three chosen abilities or breed quirks.

This ability resets when all pilots fall unconscious, die, or exit the Kaita ACR. In addition, the cockpit must be fully sealed for Power Amplification to work, and unconscious or deceased pilots do not count towards the available list of powers and breed quirks.

Wairuha’s right arm is capable of transforming into a Great Disk Beam, a weapon that fires powerful mid-range blasts of the Great Disk of Ice’s Freeze power.

Suva Kaita Attunement: Wairuha can summon up to two one-handed weapons, or one two-handed weapon, from the Suva Kaita in Kini-Nui at any given time. Wairuha must be within four hexes of the Suva to access its contents, and the weapons must be returned before others can be summoned. Wairuha will lose attunement to the Kini Nui Suva Kaita if it travels to a different plane. If this happens, it must return to the appropriate range of four hexes in order to re-attune.

Physical Flaws: While they can be put into a slumber while unmanned, Kaita ACRs are living machines and cannot be turned off. If not restrained, they very well may just wake up and wander off in search of a rite-born kaiju to kill (read: GMs may start writing your mech randomly when you are not piloting it).

A Kaita ACR will refuse to start if the primary chosen pilot is not onboard, and all pilots are unable to use their powers or breed quirks to effect anywhere outside the sealed cockpit while piloting a Kaita ACR. In addition, if the Primary Pilot falls unconscious or dies while piloting a Kaita ACR, the kaita inhabiting the machine itself will take over and go on a berserk rampage until it is destroyed or the Primary Pilot is removed (again: the GMs will take over writing for the mech).

Psychological Flaws: Kaita ACRs are inhabited by the conscious spirit of a Kaita, a spirit of great power. Kaita are proud and vicious beings, and have an incredible hatred for all rite-born kaiju made by Irnakk. If given the opportunity, a Kaita will pursue the death of a rite-born kaiju without concern for any collateral damage to their surroundings. Kaita ACRs cannot condone the destruction of Builder civilization, and refuse to ally with any riteborn, even if it would be to their benefit. When berserk, Kaita ACRs treat other Kaita ACRs as riteborn monsters.

Edited by Nato the Traveler


BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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Name: Niidak

Breed: Vortixx

Character Type: Player character

Faction: Refugee

Gender: Female

Brief Description: Like other Vortixx, Niidak is tall and lanky. Most of her body is black, with some sections like her shoulder pads being coloured dark blue. Her eyes glow purple. She usually has a hunched posture, as if she is too weary to keep her body straight. The surface of her body is badly maintained, covered in scratches and soot.

Background/Occupation: There was once a time when Niidak dared to dream.

In a time which she feels was an eternity ago, she had a successful arms trading business, a mountain of wealth and even a loving companion, a rarity in Vortixx society. She reaped the profits of war by selling weapons to all sides. Life was good, but then calamity struck. She lost everything as she was on Metru Nui when it crash landed on Zakaz.

She survived, and became a refugee living in the squalor of Metru-Koro. Demoralized, she sunk to a life of petty crime, stealing everything she needed to live and often getting into fights with others. Eventually, she was caught in the act and punished. During her imprisonment, she had time to reflect on her life, and decided to start anew, despite having no optimism left for the future. After her release, she became a scavenger, looking for scraps that had washed ashore from Mata-Nui's ruined head and assembling useful items out of them, or wandering on the mainland in search of valuable artifacts. She is poor, but earns enough to live on, albeit without greater purpose.

Personality/Flaws: Niidak's life has made her cynical and dour, always expecting the worst. If the entire world were to end, she'd roll her eyes and accept her fate. Yet inside her is a remnant of her former self, too proud to simply give up entirely and always looking for a way to restore her own lost glory. She tries to avoid confrontation with others after her prison sentence, but will lash back if pushed far enough. Niidak's body is malnourised, unkempt and weak, but this doesn't dissuade her from fighting if necessary.

Powers: Default Vortixx abilities (Technomancy). However, she does not wear a mask.

Equipment: Niidak has a long spear she crafted from scrap which she uses for self-defence. It is a flexible beginner-friendly weapon that can be thrown at enemies or used in close combat. As a back-up weapon and a tool she has her trusty dagger. She often wears a hooded cape to protect herself from the elements. When travelling, she carries a satchel filled with food and healing supplies.

She has scavenged and acquired various items recently:

- A Kanohi Miru, found in the Relic Fields. Traded to Achro.

- A Kanoka disk launcher, found in the Relic Fields.

- A telescope, found in the Relic Fields and repaired by Kardaka.

- A seismic pickaxe, given by Sidra.

- An emergency kit, found in the Relic Fields.

- An iStone, found in the Felic Rields.

- A comfortable, colourful cushion, found in the Junk Fields. Utterly worthless. 

- A machine gun with armour-piercing rounds. Traded from Achro.


  • Name of Vehicle: Unnamed Hoverbike
  • Vehicle’s Faction: Refugee
  • Owner of Vehicle: Niidak
  • Physical Description: A scavenged Le-Metruan hoverbike, with a missing driver's seat and kick stand. It has some wear and tear on its surface, but functions well enough.
  • Onboard Weapons/Defenses: None
  • Status: Sunk beneath the waves of the ocean
Edited by Daniel the Finlander
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still alive somehow

BZPRPG profiles

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@Nato the TravelerTraveler, Wairuha with the current template is approved. 

@Daniel the FinlanderFinlander, Niidak is approved. Welcome to the game! Just as a heads up, between the time skip from game 2 to 3 I've learned the players abandoned their settlement Metru-Koro to a new location: Kini-Koro in the hidden valley of Kini-Nui (see map in gameplay topic). The edits to the location topic haven't happened just yet! So, lots of ruins and scrap to collect.


Happy chat.


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The Spirit of Iron

Name: Atamai Nuva (ah-TOM-eye NEW-va)

Species: Toa NUVA

Faction: Refugees

Description: Before his transformation, Atamai had already been slightly taller than the average Toa, but as a result of being exposed to the light of Tren Krom, Atamai now stands a full head over even the tallest Toa. His physical strength has also increased, and his eyes have changed from quartz blue to gold. His mask now has an organic appearance to it. The most noticeable change, however, is his armor; once silver and burnt orange, Atamai’s armor is now completely silver. Additionally, Atamai wears a cloak made out of rippling nanites, which serves not only as a disguise, but as a defense as well.

Background: Originally an Archivist from Onu-Metru, Atamai’s adventures have found him stranded on the island of Zakaz, along with many others who were in Metru Nui when the robotic head of Mata Nui was severed from its body. Upon learning that there were ancient ruins on Zakaz, he felt that they could have something inside them to help protect the refugees. He put his old Archivist skills to use, and, along with the Odd Company, sought out and found the Ruins of Stone.

After completing several puzzles, the Company found that the final room in the temple required a Great Disk to unlock. Atamai hatched a plan of forging new Great Disks from the remnants of the Disks of Time that were used to give Tuyet powers over Time. But upon returning to the grotto where the machine the Disks were used in was held, he found Tuyet herself there. After a brief conversation, she offered to take Atamai to the distant past, shortly after the Great Disks were forged. Atamai accepted the offer, and the two found themselves standing in front of a fiery temple on a past version of Zakaz.

Atamai entered the temple, and found the past version of Dume, in his Toa prime, as well as the six Great Disks. Determined to take the Disks, Atamai fought and defeated Dume, claiming the Kanoka as well as Dume’s hammer. When Atamai returned to Tuyet, they attempted to travel to the past, but an unwanted hitchhiker came with them: Axonn. Axonn wanted the Disks returned, so Atamai took him back to the ruined Skakdi fort where he and the Odd Company had spent a night, in order to show the titan what would happen to his home.

Axonn was deeply troubled by what he saw, but did not change his mind, and instead attacked Atamai. As they fought, three other Toa came to Atamai’s aid: Leklo and Korruhn, who were made Toa the same day as Atamai, and Ultan. As the three of them fought, Korruhn died in a shadowy explosion, and Atamai downed Axonn using the combined power of the Great Disks. Before parting ways with the others, Atamai gave Leklo the Great Disk of Freezing, as a way to honor Korruhn’s memory.

Atamai, ready to unlock the Nuva room, sought out the Compaions, and found them in the ruined village of Po-Koro. After helping move the inhabitants back to the Ruins of Stone, Atamai and his friends entered the Nuva room, where Atamai slid the Great Disk into place, and fell into the light of Tren Krom, emerging as Atamai Nuva.

Atamai has also released his Kaita ACR, Malhukuraia. He generally keeps this ancient machine in the Hidden Valley. In the meantime, Atamai has busied himself with helping the refugees improve and defend their villages.

Flaws: Atamai’s transformation came with a great price: he no longer feels emotion. This psychological issue is bound to cause some trouble with interacting with others. He now additionally will ignore consequences in order to accomplish what he feels is right (“the ends justify the means” sort of thing).

Atamai retains his inability to swim. While he can no longer feel fear of the ocean, he will still avoid going near large bodies of water as often as possible in order to minimize the potential for drowning.

Prior to his transformation, Atamai would hold grudges and not work well with those he held grudges against. Because he has now lost all emotion, Atamai no longer holds grudges, but he will still have difficulty working with others whose values or goals do not at least work with his.

Powers: As a Toa Nuva of Iron, Atamai’s elemental prowess is now greatly increased. He is almost like an embodiment of metal. He can also conduct effects that are delayed.

His former Kanohi Haonga, the Mask of Conjuring, is gone, its powers a part of him. In order to use them he will verbally begin an input by stating “[insert deity here], grant me…” followed by the power of choice, with at least one weakness of the selected power. If he inputs the power incorrectly, he will experience intense psychic backlash. If successful, he will hear the phrase “Prayer accepted”. He will then be able to use the selected power for 15 minutes, after which he will need to program another power.

As part of his transformation, Atamai now has access to the power of the level 9 Kanoka of Weakness.

Like all other Nuva beings, Atamai can share all of his powers with up to two beings in his line of sight and elemental range.

Equipment: Atamai now wears the Kanohi Matatu Nuva, the Nuva mask of telekinesis. Like other Nuva masks, its power can be shared with up to two beings.

During the interim period between SK:R and SK:A, Atamai was finally able to take a look at the memory crystal that Knichou had given him. In it he found a plethora of blueprints for technology designed by the Nynrah Ghosts. Atamai decided to put his expanded elemental powers to the test, and over the course of a few weeks, was able to successfully create nanites based on the blueprints he had seen. The nanites form a rippling cloak around Atamai, but unlike the nanites that make up Knichou’s armor, Atamai’s nanites do not have any fancy programming; indeed, the nanites can connect or disconnect from each other, or otherwise be manipulated, only when Atamai uses his elemental powers on them. They do not provide Atamai with any environmental information, but he may use his power to shape them into a shield, for example.

Atamai’s other equipment includes a satchel holding his personal effects, a spear (created from his baton) with an elaborate tip on one end and a small metal ball on the other, an axe-hammer, and a Kanoka hammer that once belonged to Toa Dume. The powers of this hammer are as follows:

It is an elemental weapon, similar to the weapons found in Zakaz's suvas. This hammer is an elemental weapon of fire, meaning it can do things such as ignite itself, shoot fire, and create columns of fire (which is easier in hotter environments)

When thrown, it will return to the user's hand

If the user so chooses, the hammer can bestow a level 3 Kanoka power to any object. This power is chosen at random


The Great Kaita of Courage

Name: Malhukuraia (mal-HOO-koo-rye-ah)

Faction/Homebase: Builders/Kini-Nui

Primary Pilot: Atamai

Great Disk: Great Disk of Weakness

Physical Description: A lanky, towering giant of metal, glass, and other materials, Malhukuraia stands 100 feet tall, towering over all normal ACRs. Its coloration is brown with red highlights, owing to its affiliation with the Ruins of Stone. As with the other Kaita ACRs, Malhukuraia has six eyes rising up on its forehead.

Onboard Weapons Systems: As with other Kaita ACRs, the pilot(s) of Malhukuraia can choose up to three powers or breed quirks (excluding equipment powers) at a time from the combined powers of all onboard pilots. Malhukuraia may use the chosen powers as if they were its own powers or breed quirks, and these abilities are increased in strength and power to the level of a kaita, three times the strength of a normal toa. Pilots can choose and switch to a different set of three powers or breed quirks at any point. However, players can only change one power or breed quirk per post, and cannot use an already exchanged power or breed quirk until all other powers and breed quirks have been exhausted. Alternatively, all pilots exiting the Kaita ACR will also reset this. In addition, the cockpit must be fully sealed for Power Amplification to work, and unconscious or deceased pilots do not count towards the available list of powers and breed quirks.

Malhukuraia’s standard physical weapon is a great chakram. However, Malhukuraia is linked with the Suva Kaita, and is able to swap out this weapon for others from the structure. Up to two one-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon may be summoned at a time. Weapons must be returned in order to summon different weapons. The drawback of this ability is that the ACR must be within 4 hexes of the Suva Kaita to be able to do this. If Malhukuraia enters a different plane of existence, it loses this ability, and must re-establish its connection to the Suva Kaita by being within the 4-hex range once again.

Malhukuraia’s left arm can transform into a Great Disk Beam, which can shoot powerful mid-range blasts equivalent to the Great Disk of Weakness.

Physical Flaws:

Malhukuraia will refuse to obey pilot commands if Atamai is not onboard.

While they can be put into a slumber while unmanned, Kaita ACRs are living machines and cannot be turned off. If not restrained, they very well may just wake up and wander off in search of a rite-born kaiju to kill (read: GMs may start writing your mech randomly when you are not piloting it).

If Atamai falls unconscious or dies while piloting Malhukuraia, the kaita inhabiting the machine itself will take over and go on a berserk rampage until it is destroyed or Atamai is removed.

Kaita ACRs do not allow MCs to be pilots. They can tell that MCs are secondary characters, and not heroes in the narrative.

Psychological Flaw:

Kaita ACRs are inhabited by the conscious spirit of a Kaita, a spirit of great power. Kaita are proud and vicious beings, and have an incredible hatred for all rite-born kaiju made by Irnakk. If given the opportunity, Malhukuraia will pursue the death of a rite-born kaiju without concern for any collateral damage to its surroundings.


[That was quite a lot lol, let me know if I forgot anything]

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Name: Ardoku

Breed: Toa of Plasma

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Ardoku is a rather gangly toa, standing at average height, with white armour and an orange secondary colour. His white cracked Hau looks remarkably more battle worn and damaged than the rest of his armour which looks almost new. Behind that mask stare vibrant blue eyes with an ever uncertain look to them, yet even then, a strong resolve shines through. Looking closely, one might notice the slight green in the blue of his eyes.

Background/Occupation: Toa Ardoku woke up in the desert of Zakaz with no memory of who he is or how he got there, remembering only the name Ardoku which he figured was his own. The only things he had on him upon waking up were a white sword with a hollow fuller running up the entirety of its blade, and the strange cracked mask he wears, from which he could glean little to nothing of who he is or his current circumstances. Since then he's slowly been regaining his memories, a fragment here and there of a life he feels distant from. Sticking around in Todbuk-Koro, Ardoku has provided the village with protection using his reflexive skills as a swordsman.

Psychological Flaw: One month ago, Ardoku woke up with no memory of who he was. Since then, he's slowly been regaining snippets of his memories, though there's still many concepts he has a hard time grasping and is occasionally tripped up by things others take for granted. He is also, as a result, somewhat naïve, relatively easy to deceive and manipulate.

Physical Flaw: he consistently feels a sharp pain shoot through his right arm, powerful enough to throw him off physically, which means that although he is more skilled in wielding the sword in that hand, it is more reliable for him to wield it with the left hand which does not suffer the same surges of pain.

Powers/Equipment: Ardoku currently possesses the muscle memory of an expert swordsman, allowing him to wield his sword defensively and offensively with expertise. Though he is impeccable wielding it in his right hand, he also possesses great skill in his left, albeit not to the same extent. His only equipment is a white sword with a hollow fuller up the entire blade, and a cracked and powerless Hau that otherwise provides the benefits of a Kanohi mask.

As a Toa of Plasma, Ardoku is resistant to extremely high temperatures, and his eyes are naturally protected against bright light. He has, as of yet, been unable to utilise his element, still unable to recall how he did so before he lost his memories.

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  • Name: Exuze

  • Breed: Lesterin of Fire

  • Faction: Himself

  • Brief Description: Exuze is a tall, lean figure. His body is an ashy black, with faded red and orange armor pieces. Turquoise eyes peek out from behind the visor of his orange faxon. His left arm is a robotic prosthetic made of a shiny heat-resistant protosteel. The lesterin wears a to wearing a large brown hooded cloak made of foraged materials. It’s rugged, seeing lots of use tool belt with many pouches, which carries a sheathed utility knife. Since his injury, Exuze took in his new nomadic lifestyle.

  • Background/Occupation: Originally from the southern continent, Exuze immigrated to Metru-Nui to find work as a welder during the war. After the collapse, he worked in the Metru-Koro salvage yards for a week, eventually being recruited to the Taku’s crew by Knichou. He moved cargo, and learned the basics of being a medic from Triage by treating villagers injured in the Po-Koro attack.

    In the first battle of Metru-Koro, a plasma blast struck the Taku and vaporized his left arm. After a painful day of sulking about, Exuze found Datrox’s prosthetic left arm – a wonderful coincidence. Enlisting the help of the Taku’s medic, Triage, for the surgery, Exuze successfully was able to graft it on his body. He hasn’t fully grown used to it, but over the past month he has been able to slowly learn how to use his new limb.

  • Flaws:

    • The Phantom Pain: Exuze still sometimes feels pain where his missing arm should be. This can cause his robotic arm to malfunction and lower hand-eye coordination. This pain can also be caused by a malfunction in his prosthetic due to some kind of telekinetic manipulation (With iron/gravity/magnetism powers, or a mask of telekinesis or biomechanics) or large electric shock.

    • Grounded: Exuze has a fear of heights, flying vehicles, and being trapped in claustrophobic spaces.

  • Powers:

    • Secondary power: Exuze can wear and operate Kanohi masks. He currently wears a Kanohi Faxon

    • Breed quirks: Exuze is resistant to extreme heat and cold.

  • Equipment: Exuze travels light with just the basics stored in his many-pouched bag utility belt – knife, lightstone, heatstone, thermos, lighter, and a small bag of various bandages and pieces of medical equipment. Lacking any weapons, Exuze uses his Kanohi's powers to get out of dangerous situations, or resorts to his fists. His protosteel arm may not be as nimble as his natural arm was, but it can block or parry a strike from almost any blade, and use its motors to hit with the force of a hammer.

Edited by BULiK

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 - Minion Profile - 

Name: Gore Fury
Breed: Su-Skakdi (MU)
Faction: Warskak
Role: Quest-Giver (Fort Nektann)

Brief Description: Gore is a very heavy set Skakdi of stout proportions. His neck has a thick dewlap that, alongside his chin and scalp, is covered in a bristly mass of white frills, alongside the white exposed spine indicative of his MU origins. Gore is primarily white, with his body from the shoulders up, as well as his midsection, being orange. He is always wearing his signature black, flame-printed shirt and shades. He also usually wears across his waist a thick red sash that has a fanny pack and a "Kiss the Cook" apron over his chest whenever he’s...Well...Cooking.

Powers - 
Elemental Power of Plasma: Gore, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of plasma. Gore is only able to access his elemental power when in physical content with another Skakdi. Gore’s association with plasma gives him an incredible resistance to heat, far more so than a Ta-Skakdi, as well as the ability to strain through bright sources of light.

Vision Power of Heat: Gore has the vision power of heat vision. This allows him to fire beams of thermal energy out of his eyes to scorch or even melt through, most materials. But, through his many years of practice, he has managed to gain fine control over the intensity and size of the beams, allowing him to use it in cooking.

Adaptive Gut: Gore is capable of consuming and swallowing nearly anything substance, including poisons, toxins, and diseases, as his digestive system is like that of a boiling cauldron. In addition, Gore gains physical properties and abilities of whatever he consumes, the length of time that Gore has access to these effects being dependent on the quantity in which he consumes.

Equipment - 
Cooking Supplies: Gore always has around with him nearly an entire kitchen stock worth of cooking supplies, including pots, pans, ladles, forks, and knives, as well as whatever else you could find in a quality kitchen.
Though he is usually loath to do so, Gore is capable of using his entire stock of reinforced ladles, tempered grilling forks, and numerous sharpened knives to fight and defend himself. But only when it is absolutely necessary.

Flaw: Gore’s ultimate obsession is food, with him easily being persuaded by it. In addition, when given the opportunity, Gore will gladly overindulge himself, to the point of sending himself into a food coma.
Name: The Gadunka
Breed: De-Skakdi (Irnakk's Prized)
Faction: Riggers
Role: Quest-Giver (RNN Radio Barge)

Brief Description: The Gadunka is small by Skakdi standards, most certainly lacking the built form of a fighter. Compensating his weak form, he is, by Skakdi-standards, rather handsome looking, if a bit roguish. His body is primarily a dull light grey with hints of faded black. He also wears a pair of nose-cancelling headphones that he can control the audio levels on as well as a faded, denim-gray jacket.

Powers - 
Elemental Power of Sonics: The Gadunka, like all Skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of sonics. The Gadunka is only able to access his elemental power when in physical content with another Skakdi. The Gadunka’s association with sonics gives him an incredibly acute, yet sensitive, hearing.

Vision Power of Far Sight: The Gadunka has the vision power of far sight. This allows him to extend his sight to up to a Kio in distance without concentrating. But, when concentrating, The Gadunka, is essentially capable of detaching his sight from his body, allowing him to see over objects and view the entirety of Zakaz if he chooses too. 
The only limits to this far sight is that he is incapable of seeing through objects, so he cannot see into structures, the underground, or thick foliage. In addition, this ability to perceive is not an instantaneous effect, as he still needs to “look” for things. This power also only allows him to see, not hear, and he can be sent reeling back into his body when disturbed.

History has Its Eye on You: The Gadunka has a vague sense when things are about to happen, with the feeling usually lingering days on end. This vague feeling drives him to witness these events, whether in-person or not.
Since the crashing of the head of Mata-Nui, The Gadunka’s sense has not lightened up once, as he now holds a very bad feeling that something is going to happen.

Equipment - 
RNN Radio Barge: Everything The Gadunka owns is located upon the Riggers New Network Radio Barge, his base of operations and home since leaving the Rig. On the barge, The Gadunka has all the necessities to stay alive on the sea, including fishing equipment, water purifiers, a distillery (of course), and most important of all, a radio set-up that allows him to play music and deliver news all across Zakaz.

Flaw: The Gadunka’s extremely sensitive hearing has essentially forced him to self-isolate himself from the rest of Zakaz, as he lives completely alone upon his barge, the only contact to the outside world being through his constant radio broadcast. This sensitive hearing of his and constant isolation has made him fearful of others, as even a normal speaking volume still comes across as a tad too loud.

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Character port, that is all.


  • Name: Skyra Daring
  • Species: Toa of Air
  • Faction: Metru-Nui refugees, her wife
  • Brief Description: A young and brash Toa of Air. Skyra has a dark green body with black external armor and mask. She wears a Kanohi Calix shaped like a Hau. 
  • Background: Skyra is a Toa of air who survived the fall of Metru-Nui, was living in Metru-Koro with her wife Rose, on the island of Zakaz. They totally killed Carapar and got Tik-Tok to be nice, so that was neat. After they yeeted Pridak out of existence, they eventually moved to Kini-koro and retired! Or at least that's what we thought.
  • Flaws: Skyra can be exceptionally reckless, even for a Toa of Air. She's extremely impulsive and it can make her a bit of a headache for her friends and comrades. She's rather easy to rile up, though she often returns the favor. She's doesn't weigh much and is easier to push around than most Toa, she is an extreme lightweight, getting her drunk is easy.
  • Powers: Standard Toa of Air powers. Her Kanohi Calix lets her perform at her peak natural physical abilities. 
  • Equipment: Skyra's armor is equipped with a built in jetpack that allows her to take to the skies with ease, it uses her element to power itself. In terms of firepower Skyra is armed with a Cordak Blaster and a Midak Skyblaster. For melee weapons she's armed with two katana and an assortment of throwing knives. 
Edited by Snelly
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Karzahni, might as well explain that old plot point. Not sure if I will use her sooner than later, just giving me the option.

Name: Kardaka


Breed: Turaga of Stone

Faction: Life

Brief Description: a Yellowish-Orange and Metru Gray Turaga, her build is fairly muscular with somewhat thick armor, she has light green eyes and heartlight, she wears a Noble Kiril and has a pair of big feet, her running speed is slow and lumbering. Carved into her armor are simple words like “compassion” “peace” and “penance.” Dangling from her thigh are a few pouches filled with pebbles.

Background: A Turaga of Stone, only a few months ago she was a Toa of Stone wandering Zakaz. Haunted by a past she barely remembered, she believes her fellow Toa were slavers and abusers, whose cruelty and greed doomed the world, before the richest of her kind fled in an ark. Out of guilt she had traveled the island since then to help anyone in need, weathering sand storms and the swamp as her penance. When the Impact happened, she found many survivors suffering and wounded in the north. Taking pity on them she used her element to build them huts made of stone, used her Kiril to mend their tools, and used her Toa Power to heal their injured. In the end she used the last of her Toa Power, turning herself into a Turaga. She then left this “Po-Koro” and resumed her wandering to help others across Zakaz. Since becoming a Turaga she is weaker in many ways, and despite more than a month passing she still struggles to adjust to her current stature.

Flaws: Kardaka is pacifist to a fault, unwilling to hurt another being. To this end she relies on using her Badge of Office and her power over pebbles to herd Rahi and other enemies. She also is unused to her status as a Turaga, both in her proportions and her more limited power. She believes her people have committed horrible things, and while stoic about it, she believes she is evil and therefore must constantly make amends. She also is physically slow, as her big feet and shorter legs to not lend themselves to sprinting.

Powers: Kardaka is a Turaga of Stone, giving her limited control over the element of stone, which she mostly uses to control small pebbles and make them into loose constructs. She wears and can access the powers of a Noble Kiril, letting her repair her equipment.

Breed Quirk/s: As a Turaga of Stone she is stronger than most Turaga, letting her carry her tools and supplies more easily. 

Equipment: She carries pouches of pebbles to supply herself with her element, and has a long pinching staff for her Badge of Office that she uses to keep Rahi at bay, as well as to rescue people, artifacts, and Rahi she cannot reach. She carries a few supplies on her back like a bedroll, a Lightstone, and a canteen. 


Edited by Harvali

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