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Name: Korato

Species: Matoran

Gender: Male

Alignment: Nuetral

Element: Ice

Mask: Non-powered Faxon

Appearance: Resembling a Metru-Nui matoran build, Korato is of average height, relatively slender, and left handed. His Faxon, chest, legs, and arms are white as snow, with his shoulders, hands, and feet being light blue. He has blue eyes, darker then the deepest glacier.

Tools: Five wooden javelins. Though easy to carry, they are not very well made and are easy to break. He also carries a stone knife.

Personality: Cold. If asked a question, Korato would answer quickly, but leave even faster. In truth, he enjoys working with other people, but pretends to be annoyed when confronted.

History: Ever since he can remember, Korato was a hunter. He always wakes up early, tries to catch some rahi, and returns to his home that doubles as a butchery to sell what he catches. Every day is the same, and he likes it like that.

Weakness: Fire and heat. Also, even though he's been using his javelins for years, he does not know how to fight a sentient being, and hopes he never has to.

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  • [*]Name:Ceannteidil[*]Species:Matoran/Toa (He is a fusion of 2 matoran and 1 toa)[*]Gender:Male[*]Powers and/or weapons:Club, flame sword,super-strength,[*]Alignment: Good or evil, depending on what his two other heads say[*]Personality and history: He was once three who challenged Makuta. His staff of fusion made them one. He ran to the caves, to hide from himself. He was in a trance-like state until something woke him up.He is generally in a foul mood, and also is pessimistic, but curious.[*]Description:
https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/105545390919710857997/albums/5850776077481452017/5850776073228072178?authkey=CLCTvLyJ-Yizcw[*]Weakness:He is indecisive as he is multiheaded. He cannot swim and is slow due to his size and weaponry. He also is weak against air, which can unbalance him


  • [*]Name: Deadmerc[*]Species: Toa of fire[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers: regeneration of lost body parts, has a multitude of daggers, two twin protodermis katanas, and a midak skyblaster, adapted for more storage, and can tell past of people he meets, and fire-related powers[*]Alignment: Good, but sometimes unintentionally.[*]Personality and History: He is cracks wisecracks at his foes and taunts them most of the time due to mental disorders caused by experimentation done on him by the Dark Hunters for stealing some money to but medicine for his brother. During this he gained his regeneration ability,but also many mental problems, as they tried to give him telepathy and foresight which backfired, only giving him the ability to tell the past, or what he calls "hindsight.[*]Description: He wears a red helmet with black around the eyes, and has that color scheme all over his body.He has the Jaller ignika body peice, with black on the sides, as well as black. He has black shoulder pads and red arms, as well as black feet on red legs with black upper armor. [*]Weaknesses: Beheading and insulting him better than he insulted you.

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Name: Ninjyu

Species: Matoran

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Element: Stone

Mask: Non-powered Kakama

Appearance: His body build is similar to that of the 2003 rebuilt Matoran, but with arms designed for disk-throwing like the original. He is primarily orange with yellow-ish tan (Brick Yellow in LEGO colors) highlights. He looks very patched up and customized, with a crack towards the upper left of his mask.

Tools: Small dagger with a stone blade and a carving that reads "Always Adapt" in Matoran lettering on the handle, along with some rough wooden disks.

Personality: Ninjyu is a somber Po-Matoran who believes that to survive in the rough land the Makuta has brought upon us, one must be prepared to survive in any area. However, this somber and cold look on life is just on the exterior- once you get to know him, he's a very fun-loving Matoran who simply wants to survive long enough to learn the mysteries of life.

History: Ninjyu has lived in Po-Koro for as long as he can remember. His main motivation for being so adaptable and knowledgeable is the fear of nearby Rahi, having gone through various encounters with some weaker ones. He isn't known much around the village, due to his loner nature.

Weakness: Water, like most Po-Matoran, and he is also rather easy to knock around by Rahi.


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Name: Terilis

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Tryna, Mask of Reanimation

Abilities: Possesses the element of Electricity. Terilis's Electricity powers are fairly standard, though the lightning is a bright green. This is unsettling to most, but soon get over it. Also owns a Katana, his preferred fighting style is by angling the katana up the length of his arm, and slashing with its full length.

Alignment: Chaotic good

Appearance: Dark blue, several bright-green lights litter his body. Has sleek, black shoulder guards, and small shin guards. whenever he is agitated, the lights on his body begin to glow brighter.

Personality: Somewhat shy, though he can be very energetic and outgoing at times. Thinks little of his own powers and abilities and undermines them, when in reality he his quite adapt in his skills with electricity and his katana.

History: When Terilis was a Matoran, he lived in a small village near Ga-Koro. He was something of a loner, as his blue armor gave everyone the assumption that he was female when first seen. It didn't help his voice was a little high-pitched. He never has specified why he left the village, or how he became a Toa, but whenever he is asked he simply shakes his head, and hangs it with a pained expression.

Weaknesses: Earth/Stone, either one grounds his electricity and can leave him powerless, in conditions such as a sandstorm or being covered in mud. Being buried is also effective. Terilis also has a fear of heights, and has an irrational fear of losing control of his own abilities and frying himself.

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Name: RyzenSpecies: Toa of IceGender: MaleMask: KualsiAlignment: Neutral, more to the good sideAppearance: Tall, with a white Kualsi. Always wears white armor with a black cloak. Has light blue shoulder armor, thigh armor, and hands. Has a long spear usually strapped to his back.Weapons: A long silver-tipped spear around his height, and a small hidden dagger.Powers: Has control over the element of Ice, and can create, manipulate, control, and a word cold and ice. Is an excellent spear fighter.Personality: A stereotypical Toa of Ice, he rarely talks or pays attention to anyone. He can be respectful, and is quick to lose temper and patience. He can be helpful, but rarely shows it. He does not trust others easily.Weakness: Fire. As a Toa of ice, he knows that fire will melt ice and he doesn't stand a chance against it.Bio: Little is known about his past. He lived in Ko-Koro as a Matoran, and he discovered a Toa Stone sometime, and turned into a Toa. He has stopped fighting for the "good" after a near defeat by an unknown insane Toa, but he will if he has to.


Name: Veritas "Veri"Species: Fe-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: A Matoran of average height, with a gray powerless Miru. Is grey with bronze streaks. Has strap on back for pickaxe.Weapons/Equipment: Powerless Great Miru. A pickaxe strapped to his back.Powers/Skills: Inactive iron powers, and is quick and agile.Personality: Is cheerful and friendly to most. Likes to take occasional risks.Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, he has no powers. An injury to one leg in the past could cause pain to him once in a while. Sometimes does not hinm before doing.Bio: Veritas lived in Onu-Koro most of his life and works as a miner in the Great Mine. Wanders out of Onu-Wahi often. Edited by Takua Dragonstar7
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Name: Otokax

Species: Ta-Matoran

Gender: Male

Weaknesses: He can be distracted very easily. He is perhaps too loyal; he can be loyal to the wrong people without realizing it. He has a weak left hand.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Very loyal, but someone too keep your eye on. He can be rather crazy at times. He is usually quite friendly.

Weapons: He carries a short dagger that he fashioned from the teeth of a dead rahi he found once.

Description: Average height for a matoran, he has a deep maroon body and a bright orange mask. His legs are slightly longer in proportion to his arms.


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Name: Inruka

Element: Crystal

Species: Toa

Mask: Organic mask of Biomechanics shaped like Kualsi

Alignment: Resisting Makuta but othersise Nuetral

Bio: Metru Nui

Appearance: He is about the same size as Kopaka Phantoka, his body is dark blue and black, his chestplate is silver, he wears a morphed mask of growth that looks like a Kualsi. His armor is white on his legs. He doesn't have armor on his arms.

Tools/Weapons: None

Powers: Controls crystal

Personality: Inruka is always trying to get someone to laugh, and he's usually succesful. He sees being a toa is serious, but he is always energetic. He can be annoying to other toa and matoran sometimes. He likes working together. He was made only for defeating Makuta, which is why he has been known to ally with the barraki and dark hunters sometimes.

Biography: Toa Inruka was created by schoalers in Ko-Metru and would awaken in case Makuta ever came at large. He was awakened when he did.

Inruka remains in Metru Nui, occasionally journeying upward to run "errands" to Mata Nui.

Weakness(es): He has always hated the cold. He does not function well in Ko areas. His eye sight is weak and he often does not think before acting.

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Name: Xirdneh


Species: Toa of the nature


Gender: Female


Sex: Female


Mask: Kanohi Faxon, the mask of kindred


Appearance: Xirdneh is a lithe, muscular Toa. Having spent most of her time in the wilds fighting to survive, there is not much fat on her body. Her colors are green and brown. She can often be seen with her quarter staff which doubles as her toa tool and also a walking stick.


Personality: For Xirdneh there is nothing else but the task of survival. Having spent most of her life in the wild, she has seen the true nature of things. The riches of the world will fade away. The trappings of society will mean nothing. Only the strong will remain, and the survival of the fittest will transcend all. Everything boils down to this one simple fact with her, and she has devoted her life to this principle.


Xirdneh has no love for society. To her it just breeds weaklings, those who are most unsuited to the harshness of reality. They hide behind their walls of sticks and stone, not wanting to face the world as it is. One day the truth will come to them, and when it does she will not shed a single tear. It is simply the nature of things, and to question it would be foolhardy.


One might question her choice of comapnion, a Toa of Sound named Siouxie. Loud, brash, and obnoxious Siouxie seems to be the antithesis of Xirdneh. For someone who so enjoys the calm babbling of a brook, the power cords belted out from Siouxie's instrument seems crash, almost vulgar. Indeed Xirdneh is often angry with her friend, but in the end she toleartes her for reasons that only she knows.


Weakness: Just as at one moment a stream may be calm and quiet and in the next it can be a raging ravine, so too are the moods of Xirdneh. It is often wondered what can set her off into such a rage, and mostly it is the incompetence of others. As a believer of survival of the fittest, Xirdneh has no time for weakness. Whether it be in herself or others, she will not tolerate any deficiency. Some would say this makes her hyper critical, abrasive, and otherwise unpleasant to be around. To her it is a strength that allows her to make it to the next day.


She also does not do well in groups or society. To her tranquility is highly valued, and if she cannot hear herself think or deal with the bumbling ineptitude of others she will quickly make a rash decision.

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Name: SiouxieSpecies: ToaSex: FemaleGender: FemaleElement: Iron

Appearance: Riot Grrrl. Pink and black. Usually sports a jacket of black kane-ra leather and more chains than you can keep track of. Carries an instrument that, I'm gonna be honest with you, is definitely just a Bionicle electric guitarPersonality: Siouxie is a toa of iron, which is to say she is TOTALLY METAL. She's less into the "heroic soldier" scene and more into the "ROCK OUT EVERY DAY, ALL DAY" scene. She won't take your lip but is more than happy to dish some out. Of course, fast living can make one pretty tired and Siouxie's been known to expend all her energy a little too quickly and then tucker out.....or just get distracted by the music in her punk soul. She's rarely seen without the company of an exasperated Xirdneh, but the urban Siouxie is a different kind of wild from her jungle-borne partner. Hailing from the city of Ta-Koro and standing tall in the hardcore underground movement there, Siouxie fights the system with the power of music. Stand up! Let your voice be heard! Throw off the chains of Turaga's patriarchal society! Let no rules bind you! Sing!

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Name: Diotrua (Dee-oh-troo-ah) [Dio derives from a variation of the ancient language simply meaning“He” and trua is a slight distorted form of the word “True” in the common dialect. So his name literally means “He is True”.] (This character has been approved by Friar Tuck)


Gender: Male


Element: Plasma


Species: Matoran


Alignment: Priamarly Good, but his sword Nil is a passive evil and does to a small extent influences him through their many conversations to do evil.


Appearance: Despite being a Matoran of Plasma (who are usually orange and white), some of Diotrua’s Armor is made of bits of Protosteel and appears in shades of “Protodermic” green and light purple-grey. He wears a brown cloak and a helmet that hides his inorganic Kanohi Calix, the mask of Fate, which is black in color. He is the size of an average Matoran, only slightly taller. His great sword Nil is gray that sparks of purple energy absorbed from negative emotions. Nil also has a secret form that is purely organic form which the color is dark red and sparks black lighting, but only works under vital circumstances and can only stay in that form temporarily. Here is a picture of Diotrua with Nil, (regular protosteel form).


Biography: Diotrua was once a slave to the Brotherhood of Makuta , but during the chaos caused by the Toa Hahaga raid he stole a prototype armor, a sword, and a helmet. Soon afterward stealing the prototype armor, He found a dead Makuta who was defending an ancient damaged sword. Diotura took the Makuta’s great Kanohi Calix, the mask of Fate to hide his identity. He then took the ancient blade. The ancient sword at first glance, was a pitted and damaged blade. However, when Diotrua touched the blade, it awakened out of its state of sleep and restored it’s steel form. It was then discovered that once it was reawakened it revealed itself to be sentient and powerful. The sword of turmoil had taken the name “Nil” (Neel), which means “nothing” in the old tongue and for some reason is bound to serve only Diotrua, until "he is no longer amusing to it", or so it claims. After escaping, Diotrua vowed to rescue his friend, a Matoran of Lightning, named Avuris, that was taken from him for unknown reasons a week before Diotrua escaped the Brotherhood of Makuta. Diotrua only allies with someone if they might be of some help him in finding Avuris, otherwise his only partner is Nil.


Personality: Diotrua is cold and sarcastic. The only thing that keeps him from turning toward evil or to the shadows is the thought of is friend Avuris, she is the only good thing left in his heart and his will for her is his greatest strength. Diotrua is a somewhat of a wisecrack that uses wit and insults to distract his enemies or he manipulates his opponent into falsely believing they have the upper hand until it is too late to correct such error. His great sword Nil, the blade of havoc, has a narcissistic and sadistic personality with a tendency to complain a lot, and always enjoys the sight of beings in pain. Nil has often urged or tempts Diotrua to kill or spread pain to others as much as possible. While other times he taughts his master saying things to discourage him to give up hope of finding his friend, which usually ends up in constant arguing between them.


Tools/Weapons: He wears prototype armor, a great Kanohi Calix, the mask of Fate. He also wields a sword that is not easily broken, and a great sword named Nil, the blade of conflict.


Powers: Due to his armor, Diotrua has some additional protection than a regular matoran. Diotrua’s great sword Nil is a “magic” blade made out of protosteel. Nil, when activated, enhances it’s bearer’s strength and infuses it with negative and destructive energy, but only enough so the bear is able to use it effectively. The sword’s blade sparks energy that was converted from negative emotions, such as fear, anger, pain, distress, etc.. Nil also possesses a special ability that only it can activate by its own. Nil’s ability is to transform into its “True-form” which is an organic blade, but usually only under vital circumstances. The sword’s special effect absorbs all negative emotions emitted from nearby beings and converts it into life-force energy to heal or repair: it’s master, his armor or Nil himself, or make itself more powerful. However, it can only last for roughly 15 minutes (or longer, depending on how much energy was absorbed). However, once it is used it can't be used for an entire 24 hour period. During this transformation, the will of the blade, Nil, controls the it’s master, but it can’t force it’s master to kill if it’s master strongly wills against it. In addition, an after effect of using this (only when used to heal the master), the master is filled with all the negative emotions that were absorbed and converted into the energy and only if the master has the will to let that emotion go it will remain.


Weakness(es): His prototype armor that adds only some protection. For instance, kinetic force to his bones or inner organs can still harm him if he got attacked in such a way. He is not the strongest swimmer and is capable of drowning. Also, when he activates his great sword Nil, the hand that is holding it (usually the right) burns and glows with plasma (because that is his element, but this ), which causes a stinging pain in the nerves of his hand while Nil is active (Normal steel state), but doesn’t cause any actual damage his hand or his armor, it only heats it up.

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Profile Notes: PURPLE means any kind of update since the original profile was set up (through character development, battle, etc)


Name: Litozen (Lee-TOH-zen)

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: SonicsAlignment: Officially aligned with Makuta (Chaotic Evil)

Kanohi: Mahiki Matatu, Great mask of Telekinesis (Dark grey with black scope)

Powers and/or weapons:Litozen, being a Toa of Sonics, possesses the normal abilities for his element; controlling sound waves, creating them, and absorbing them. He has naturally heightened hearing. Regarding his weapons, he carries a sword-sized Tuning Fork which can create violent vibrations if hit with a metal object. This weapon is normally kept on his back in a similar way to how the Toa Metru carry Kanoka disks in the movies. Fortunately for him, he was given the appropriate training to master his abilities so that he would not be too vulnerable to his own powers. His Tuning Fork has been damaged.

Personality and history:

Some would call Litozen a cold individual, and they'd be right; however, he only acts cold towards those he considers to be a threat. In actuality, he is a kind individual who tries to have a life other than his duty unless called to. His love of fellow members of the Matoran species, including Turaga, means that he will happily do anything to help them. That said, he holds any other Toa to be a potential threat unless proven otherwise and usually refrains from calling them 'brothers'.He can't quite remember his origins, but he knows that he has spent many years travelling around across different lands just for the sake of meeting them. During one of his travels he heard legends of 'Makuta' and became quite enthralled with them. he has since taken a pro-Makuta stance in any social aspect. He once had a fellow Toa who betrayed him long ago, almost killing him, which is part of the reason for his coldness.

A detailed description of his appearance: As a Toa of Sonics, Litozek has a grey and black colour scheme. Standing slightly taller than most Toa, at about 7'4" as opposed to the normal 7', he seems to stand out in a crowd of his own kind. His armour consists of gunmetal grey shoulder blades and chestplates, the latter of which has his poison-green heartlight square in the middle behind a small, tansparent barrier akin to glass. His thighs are also protected with lighter-coloured padded armour. The parts of his body that are unarmored or in the very least have less armor than the rest; his lower legs, arms, neck and back - seem rather normal as far as the mechanical-to-organic-matter ratio goes. His actual torso and hands are a 'Teridax' grey while his limbs are all coloured black. His eyes, much like his heartlight, are two shades of green (see Vakama after he turns evil in the third movie if you don't understand). Interestingly, his chest armour has a 'U' shape on his torso which pokes up on either side of his body, similar to Mahri Jaller. His armour has several hairline fractures.

Weakness(es) Despite receiving the necessary training, Litozen is still susceptable to his own abilities. In particular, too much noise can greatly weaken or in the least anger him. To combat this he tries using his powers to lessen the impact of sound waves around him. Obviously though, he can't do this all of the time and as such has to be careful in noisy areas, like Kohlii matches (which he tries to avoid). He also has a fear of heights brought upon by a time he fell off a Gukko Bird. While he has no other elemental-weaknesses, any form of power which creates a vacuum renders any and all of his powers useless.

UPDATES: - His original Kanohi was destroyed and replaced with a Matatu.- He has now chosen to walk a truly evil path and 'let go' of his desire to protect the Matoran above all else.


Name: Thentyle

Species: Onu-Toa

Gender: Male

Description:Thentyle has a fairly short stature owing to his smaller-than-average torso, which also makes him appear somewhat stocky. His chest has some basic gunmetal grey armour with a bright orange heartlight in the middle, while his shoulders are clad in bulky metal which has been infused with Lightvine Essence to give off a dim glow. Because he is built of mining he has large silver hands (similar to Makuta Teridax's set design) with orange organic muscle intertwined with his mechanical body. On his legs are two claw guards and his feet are elongated at the back by means of clawed heels which let him keep his ground when tunnelling. His kanohi, a Great Ruru (black), has rusted over the edges and eyes due to prolonged contact to water. Like most Onu-matoran (and consequentially toa and turaga), Thentyle has light green eyes.

Picture: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Chirthorpe/RandomFolder/thentyle_drawn.png

Kanohi: Ruru, Great Mask of Night Vision

Powers and/or weapons:As an Onu-Toa, Thentyle has excellent mining abilities, although his hands (while larger than normal) are not appropriate for digging. As such, he uses a Tunnel Spear as a mining tool. His Kanohi Ruru gives him the ability to see in even total darkness by illuminating it, although due to the gradual corrosion of his mask its powers have lessened so that he cannot use the minor x-ray abilities that normally come with it. The claws on his heels give him better footing but make running more of a challenge for him.

Alignment: Good but easily swayed.


Thentyle began his life as a Matoran in a small village where every day was a battle to survive, not to different from Mata Nui today. His life had been changed on one day when he dug up a Toa Stone which appeared to have been long-lost. Quite by accident, Thentyle had activated the stone and received Toa Power along with his new Toa form. He spent many years slowly understanding the basics of his powers while helping his friends. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances involving major flooding and mass drowning, he eventually had to flee to the island of Mata Nui. During the cataclysmic event which had forced his hand this way, his mask experienced some prolonged water exposure and developed a strange kind of rust which is slowly sapping away its abilities. Once on Mata Nui he immediately began a search to make new acquaintences and help those that needed it.PersonalityAs far as his personality goes, Thentyle could be considered generous to a fault; he is willing to help others almost without question due to his life in the village and as a result can end up helping the wrong people. While he has some fighting ability, he prefers to sort civil issues out peacefully if possible. He tends to prefer being in dark locations and dislikes intense light, although he can put up with it when he has to, such as in Po-Wahi. Unusually, he also has a liking for sports more than Onu-Matoran usually would.


He is very susceptible to bright lights and suffers from an acute form of PTSD due to the event that led him to Mata Nui which causes him to become rather emotional whenever he remembers it, leading him to bury the memories as best he can, and he has developed slight Hydrophobia. He also has a blind spot directly behind him, as his shoulders are too high up and obscure some of his peripheral vision.

Edited by Makuta Almanax

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Name: Tahmira (we can use our user names right?)Weakness: He is ironically afraid of flying and he absolutely hates being near fire and lava for his fear of being burned.Species: Toa of AirGender: Male Powers and/or weapons: As a Toa of Air he has his natural control over his element. Some of his specific abilities include the Illusionary Mist which allows him to draw water droplets up around his body using his control over wind to create small upward air currents to cover his body the water droplet then travel up the currents and reflect the light to blind the enemy. One of his favorite abilities to use is his Kanohi Mahiki or mask of Quick-travel he often uses it with a combination of his wind abilities to creat illusions. Alignment: Tahmira is currently on the side of the great spirit however ever since his Toa team's leader Vahori went over to the Makuta's side and he is now having second thoughts about where his loyalties lie. Personality:Tahmira is unusually shy for a Toa especially one of the Air Toa. He is very close to the water Toa on his team Hira and often spends time meditating with her or helping the Le-Matoran and Ga-Matoran with various tasks. He tends to stay away from Ta-Koro and Tahsun (a fire Toa)--Character is a WIP--



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Name: Anhar (this is what he calls himself; his real name is unknown to all but him and three others)


Species: Toa


Gender: Male


Alignment: Good


Element: Fire


Mask: Customized Kanohi Arthron, the Great Mask of Shielding


Appearance: Anhar’s Kanohi Arthron, chest plate, and upper leg armor are all gold. His body is mostly crimson, with some gray and black in places, and his shoulder plates and feet are silver. Due to the effects of the energized protodermis that turned him into a Toa, Anhar is surprisingly large and bulky, standing at least a head and chest taller than other Toa. An interesting customization Anhar made to his Arthron is the addition of two blue "tattoos" running down from either side of his mask from his "temple" to his "jawbone".


Tools/Powers: Anhar carries three weapons: a three-pronged lance, a protosteel shield, and a shoulder-mounted Cordak Blaster; he also has two powerful jet rockets mounted on either shoulderbade, allowing him limited flight. Being a Toa of Fire, Anhar can naturally control the element of fire, and has all the common powers of an ordinary Toa; however, Anhar has the unique power to turn the fire he controls bright blue so as to “dazzle his enemies”. Of course, he also has his Kanohi Arthron, which allows him to use sonar.


Personality/Traits: Although Anhar likes to quip and joke around with his friends and teammates, he will become dead serious if a friend is captured or hurt, and is very protective of all those under his command. He loves to execute missions with the upmost finesse, but, like most Toa of Fire, Anhar is naturally brash and impetuous. He is very stubborn, and does not like to be told that he’s wrong. Anhar is a perfectionist, and can’t stand not completing a mission. He takes it personally if an idea doesn’t go according to plan, and will become obsessed with stopping an enemy to get revenge. However, despite how haughty Anhar can be, he is very sensitive, and will defend all innocent beings at any cost. He hates seeing any innocent being get hurt. Anhar also likes to explore and adventure, a trait he developed as a Chronicler.

Despite these traits, Anhar is far from stupid. Trained to use his brain (and having a history as a Chronicler), Anhar is extremely intelligent. However, for an unknown reason, Anhar tends to mask his intelligence, and it is believed that something tragic happened during his life.


Skills: Anhar was an extreme athlete as a Matoran on Metru Nui and Mata Nui, and he still excels at gymnastics. He is an expert explorer, and, as a Toa, he works as a bounty hunter for the Order of Mata Nui. He sometimes will work as a hunter-hire-hire to anyone who will pay. On Mata Nui, Anhar was a Chronicler, and still loves to do so. He is an expert at riding many Rahi, and owns a Kahu bird he discovered (named Skratch). Because he was a mask-maker on Metru Nui, Anhar is still an extremely skilled forger, and loves to make new masks and weapons.


History: Anhar was an expert mask-maker on Metru Nui, a trait he still exhibits today. On Mata Nui, up until the day the Bohrok swarms attacked, Anhar worked for the Ta-Koro Guard (he became an expert Gukko bird rider). After the swarms, Anhar was noted for his bravery in defeating the swarms, and was given a new job as Chronicler. Although he did not feel the job was right for him, he came to appreciate (and love) his job, and developed many skills useful in his later adventures (he became extremely agile and intelligent).However, one day, he was kidnapped by the Dark Hunters. They locked him up in a dungeon on their island, Daxia, to use as a test subject for different experiments. However, some energized protodermis leaked through the ceiling of the dungeon, and transformed him into a powerful Toa. He broke loose, and the Shadowed one, leader of the Dark Hunters, offered him a job. He accepted, was trained in fighting, tracking, and stealth, and served the Dark Hunters(The Shadowed One deceived Anhar into believing that the Dark Hunters were not evil). For many years, he worked under the name "Mercenary". However, once he discovered how truly evil the Dark Hunters were, he abandoned them and escaped to the Southern Continent, where he worked as a Kanohi/weapon repairman and warrior/protector-for-hire. Then he disappeared again for many years. He has refused to reveal anything to anyone about his disappearance. he calls what happened his "Secret". He reappeared ten years later, and, although he acts normally, it is obvious something tragic happened. Carrying on his old jobs, Anhar later gathered a team of thirteen Toa, traveled to the core of the universe, Karda Nui, and defeated a horde of Skakdi who were threatening the Matoran there. He gained a reputation that traveled far and fast, and became known as “The Protector”. He and the team he had gathered were named by the Av-Matoran in Karda Nui the “Toa Marendar” (“Marendar” is Matoran for “salvation”), and stayed together for quite awhile. After awhile, the team disbanded, and Anhar took a job working for the Order of Mata Nui, tracking down and capturing villains for them. He is currently on a mission to capture a fugitive who has escaped to Mata Nui.


Weaknesses: Surprisingly, Anhar does not mind snow and ice as much as other Toa of Fire do; however, prolonged exposure will dramatically weaken him. Anhar hates any kind of spider, from Fikou to Visorak, and has a fear of heights (although he puts up with it when necessary). However, one of Anhar's worst weaknesses is himself. He can't stand failing, and will push himself to the limit.

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Name: Bok

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Alignment: Bok has an innate desire to protect the innocent, but he's amnesiac, so I'll just say Neutral, leaning towards good.

Powers/Weapons: Iron, Kakama, Big Hammer

Description: a7f143a3-9418-4610-97e9-4b055a403ad0.jpg

Personality/History: Bok woke up one day lying on the ground in the desert of Po-wahi, with nothing but his armor, mask, hammer, and complete amnesia.

Weaknesses: Bok has amnesia, so he's still trying to learn how to use his powers.

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Name: Somnus

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Element: Electricity

Mask: White Kadin

Weapons: Twin Katanas which are strapped to his forearms and a short blade at his waist

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Somnus is tall, towering over other toa with a lean and lanky frame. He wears stark white armor over his electric blue body. The armor is well worn and chipped from reckless use and he has his Katanas strapped to his forearms for defense and ease of access.

Personality and history: Somnus was part of a young toa team before being booted out due to his incessant chatting and overly relaxed attitude which lead to the failure of many missions; he has learnt his lesson to the extent that he willing to intimidate and torture to achieve his goals.

Now he seeks out adventure and action as a mercenary showing no regard for morality only aiming for an adrenaline rush. His only redeeming feature is loyalty to those he perceives as allies.

Strengths: Effective use of his elemental powers, Kadin and light body give him lighting fast speed and exceptional manuverablity. His long arms allow him to reach out for devastating strikes.

Weakness: His lengthy arms prevent him from being effective in close quarter combat and his thin frame cannot hold up against brute strength. His inexperience prevents him from achieving his true potential.

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[Notes about his past, of which he is unaware, are placed within brackets.]


Name: Lepidus

Species: De-Matoran

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lepidus wears a grey powerless Matatu. His torso is black, with a large scar gouged into it; the rest of his body is grey. His eyes are deadened by the things he has seen, and he appears withdrawn and isolated. He is unusually strong for a Matoran, though not exceptionally strong, and he stands slightly taller than the average Matoran. He carries a smaller version of the Warblade.

Fighting Style: Lepidus's talent is using multiple tactics simultaneously, especially when taking on large groups. He fights with grim certainty and little care for his own safety; his primary concern is protecting his allies and destroying the enemy. [He is overconfident in battle; he learned to fight as a Toa, and he is unused to the limitations of a Matoran body.]

Personality: Lepidus is confused by his location and his lack of memory. His personality is slowly returning to him, however. [before he lost his memory, Lepidus was grim and harsh, and though he desperately wanted acceptance from others, he could not bring himself to make new friends after the loss of his brothers.]

History: Lepidus arrived on the shores of Mata Nui in a Toa canister with no memory of his past and no idea why he had traveled here. [Lepidus had once been a Toa of Sonics, and a Toa Hagah. However, at some point in his life, while he was floating at sea in a Toa canister, for unknown reasons the Red Star transformed him back into a Matoran (the reverse of what it did to the Toa Inika later) and robbed him of his memory.]

Weakness: Lepidus has a tendency to fight over confidently due to his past training; he can now no longer rely on elemental/mask powers. He also is vulnerable to loud noises as all De-Matoran are.

Edited by CaptainLepidus

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Name: Vorlik


Species: Vo-Toa


Alignment: Lawful Good


Gender: Male


Appearance: Vorlik is a tall, slender Toa. His armor is similar to most Toa of Lightning, but unlike them, he has silver armor instead of white. His armor is dark blue and  light silver. His mask is shaded blue towards the bottom, and silver around the top. He has a cut mark running over his mask below his eye.


Weapon(s): For a weapon, Vorlik wields a pike. The staff part of it is about six feet long, with a diameter of about an inch. The blade is a foot long, and is approximately three inches wide. The blade is made of protosteel and is incredibly sharp, while the actual staff is made out of cheaper metals that are lighter. At the end is a weight to balance the staff. Inscribed on the staff is Vorlik in Matoran. In addition to the pike, Vorlik also has a round shield. It has a diameter of three feet. The edge is bladed in one portion, so Vorlik can make a swipe with it to cut his opponent. Approximately 90 degrees to that, there is a groove where Vorlik can put the staff of his pike.


Mask: Pakari, Great Mask of Strength


Powers: As a Toa of Lightning, Vorlik has control over the element of Lightning. He can fire lightning blasts, make energy chains of lightning, and manipulate it in various ways. In addition to that, he has a high level of strength due to his mask. He also has slight control of electromagnetism, but he can lose control of this power.


Skills: He s very proficient with his pike and his sword. His fighting style can be described as jumpy, with Vorlik constantly moving so the enemy cannot hit him and he can strike from multiple places in a short amount of time.


Personality: A good, brave defender of the people. He tries to protect the people he cares about, and will ruthlessly attack those who try to kill or harm them. He is noble, and all around a good guy. If you need a hand, he will help you.


Biography: Vorlik was born into a family of Vo-Matoran that lived in one of the few villages on the surface of Onu-Wahi. They lived frugally as farmers, while Vorlik was still a Matoran. Then, Vorlik's life changed when the farm was attacked by Rahi.


Vorlik fled, running for his life. He found his was into Po-Koro, and wandered about the village. He didn't feel welcomed there, so he left it, going to some other Wahi or Koro, such as Ga-Koro. There, he hoped he could be accepted.


As he walked, he tripped over something in the desert. When he looked at it, he found a glowing stone. He picked it up, and Toa energy coursed through him. He transformed into a Toa, and vowed to always protect the innocent.


Weakness(es): His helpfulness can be exploited by those with dubious motives. He will always volunteer to help.




Name: Vhohan (Ve-oh-an)
Species: Ba-Skakdi
Alignment: Somewhat iffy. He hates all Toa indiscriminately, but hates Makuta and his followers even more. He wants to kill both groups.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Vhohan is a Skakdi of medium size. His armor is colored black and a dark shade of purple, with black being the more dominant color. He looks farily typical for a Skakdi, but he does have some significant features. One of the spines on his back is half its proper size, and his left hand is instead a crescent blade. His left leg is badly injured, and Vhohan wears a brace around it. He walks with a limp on that leg.
Weapons: Vhohan typically carries two weapons. The first is a gun. Vhohan's gun draws in air from the outside, and then unleashes it into the barrel, causing anything in the barrel to be flung forward at high speeds. Typically, ammuntion for this consists of small pebbles. He carries the ammunition for this in a small bag. The second is a crescent blade in the place of his left hand.
[This gun was approved by Emzee.]
Mask: Unlike most Skakdi, Vhohan wears a mask on special occasions. The mask is a powerless Hau that looks like the Great version, but is changed to look more threatening and evil. Vhohan wears this to make a statement and mock Toa.
Powers: In conjunction with another Skakdi, Vhohan has the element power of Gravity. Without another Skakdi, he can use a special weapon to channel his power. In addition to his basic elemental powers, he has the vision of telescopic vision, which he uses to aim his gun.
Skills: Vhohen is an incredibly good shot with his rifle, and often can kill a Toa with a mere single shot. He is also an incredibly persuasive speaker, though that is not a true combat trait.
Personality: Vhohan hates Toa extremely, and is solely driven by a mixture of hate, anger and revenge for his family. He will not stop until someone dies, himself or every Toa. He can also be incredibly persuasive when he speaks, and has a rich, elegant voice.
Biography: Vhohan used to be a family man and lived in a small village to the south of Po-Wahi. His family lived frugally, but then they were attacked, and Vhohan's life was forever changed. Whether this change was for better or worse can be argued about.
The family was attacked by an evil Toa. Vhohan was the only member of his family to survive, and he killed the evil Toa. Feeling threatened by Toa, he founded the Skakdi Liberation League, an anti-Toa group. He is kind to Matoran and many other races, and is iffy on Turaga.
The Skakdi Liberation League has one goal: Kill all Toa. They commonly go around during the night, and kill Toa. It then when Vhohan wears his mask, as do most members of his organization with theirs.
Weakness: He runs quite slowly due to his injured leg. In addition to that, his organization is quite evil, seeing as how they kill Toa.
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Blue text means a revision or change to the character.




Name: Orderin.


Species: Le-Toa


Alignment: Neutral Good


Gender: Male


Appearance: Orderin is tall and more lean than most Toa, He has mainly green armor with silver highlights.


Weapon(s): A large spear called a "Vortex Spear" and a shield, he also carries an air katana.


Mask: Kanohi Kualsi.


Powers: He has inherent air powers, such as the ability to create vortexes or high winds, he can also release an air nova but this weakens him greatly.


Personality: A bit of a loner which is one of his main faults, he is very independent and can be cold and impersonal.


Biography: After becoming a Toa he was assigned to the Toa Hagah team of a Makuta by the name of Kolidix. When the Brotherhood of Makuta rebelled all his team were killed except him. After that he wandered for many years before coming to the island of Mata Nui, where he currently resides.


Weaknesses: He is not a team player and that makes combat situations difficult. He also can be easily defeated by the power of magnetism because it stops his mobility.



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