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I'm unaware of many things, as I can't find my old entry to this. I hope it has been erased, for I have a new entry.Name: KurikSpecies: ToaGender: maleAffiliations: Neutral GoodWeapons: two slightly damaged daggers and a jagged-edged swordMask: a powerless Hau shaped like Toa Lihkan'sElement: was plasma, but got drained of any element.Description: His primary color is gunmetal gray, and his secondary color is orange. He is slightly taller than most toa. His eyes are yellowish-green.Bio: He doesn't seem to have a past or anything, it's like he just popped out of nowhere... One thing is for sure, and that's he hates ducks.Weaknesses: Doesn't like to kill. If he can win a fight without killing, he'll do whatever he can to make sure nobody dies. Seems to be a bit paranoid, and has a slight insomnia issue. Doesn't have any elemental powers, but he can absorb plasma as he used to be a toa of plasma. Not good with acrobatics. Not very good with talking to people.Skills: Has a lengthy knowledge of the natural plants on Mata-Nui, as in which ones to eat or which ones to apply to wounds. His fighting style is more of a slashing and cutting technique with a sword, and stabs/throws daggers. He's decent with ranged weapons. Knows alot about technical engineering, as to the point where if he finds a scrap heap with enough resources in it he could make a vehicle or a mechanism.

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6597598359_628e908a85_m.jpgAppearance: Gray and red color scheme,with one foot being black and pearl silver,has green eyes,and 2 weapons.Weaknesses: Very big Rahi,any element that is not fire,giants,Rahkshi.Name: Matu.Species: Matoran.Gender: Male.Powers: None.Weapons: Kanoka disk,Kanoka disk launcher,blade.Alignment: Good.Personality and history: Matu was a Rahi hunter,but a strong feeling made him want to explore the island of Mata-nui.He lived in the Matoran village of Ta-Koro,located in Ta-Wahi,until he became a chronicler,now he temporarily lives in other villages.He has been hunting Rahi since he was 84 years old.Now,he has started a quest for knowledge as Matu the chronicler!Age: 575.Guild: Rahi hunter(formerly),chronicler.Element: Fire.Status: Alive.6744607443_e8cd026f07_m.jpgAppearance: Red on one side,black on other. Has lots of blood on him from past battles.Weakness: Shadows; cannot survive in complete darkness.Name: Ecanax.Species: Toa.Gender: Male.Powers: Shoot walls of fire from one hand and boulders from the other.Weapons: Claws,6-foot-long spear,sword.Alignment: Good.Personality and history: Exanax was once two Toa: Arjamak and Karagu. They were both legendary Toa from an unknown island,but both washed up in Toa canisters on Mata-nui and met each other at an ancient temple in Le-Wahi,only to get struck down by lightning,and fall into a pool of plasma,fusing them together,creating Ecanax,the Toa of fusion.Age: 526,729.Guild: Vahrkanian,Order of Mata-nui,League of Titans(Arjamak-formerly),Stone crusher(Karagu-formerly).Element: Plasma.Status: Alive.Mask: Kanohi Calix,the mask of fate.Appearance: A purple Toa in the style of a Toa-Mata.Weakness: Not being on the ground. Will get headaches when he is not on the ground.Name: Rufik.Species: Toa.Gender: Male.Powers: Massive kicking power, blasting rocks to bits by his blaster hands.Weapons: Feet additions, Toa Mata blaster hands (because they didn't have a name in the story).Allignment: Good.Personality and history: Rufik comes from an unknown place. He washed up on a beach in Le-Wahi, and didn't remember anything, except his name, which was scratched into the canister that he was in. :r: :u: :f: :i: :k: He is trying to find his way to Onu-Wahi. His favorite activity is blasting rocks to bits.Age: 4,782.Guild: Earth Toa.Elemental power: Earth.Status: Alive.Mask: A purple Kanohi Pakari. Edited by Parazan

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Note: Profiles are probably outdated and such. They'll be updated come next season.

rpg01-2.pngName: JothamSpecies: Toa of StoneGender: MaleMask: KakamaAlignment: GoodAppearance: Mainly tan in color, with black armor and mask. About average height for a male Toa. Well-built; neither thin nor bulky. (MOC possibly coming if and when I get more tan pieces).Weapons: A black sword inlaid with gold patterns. Two daggers with similar patterns. Each of these has a small amount of stone concealed within the hilt, allowing him to summon the weapon to his hand if it is knocked away. Can fight with other weapons as well, but only travels with these. Not skilled in unarmed or long-ranged combat.Powers: As a Toa of Stone, he has power over stone and possesses great strength.Bio: Jotham arrived on Mata Nui shortly after the disappearance of the Toa Mata. During that time, he took a number of jobs, first fighting off Rahi in Po-Wahi and later traveling to other regions in search of more exciting work. For the past few years he has lived in a small hut on the outskirts of Po-Koro, but recent events on the island have prompted him to leave and again travel Mata Nui, wanting to find out for himself what exactly is going on.Personality: Jotham is extremely honorable. He is loyal to those he considers his friends and always strives to keep any promises he makes. He is highly reluctant to kill anyone, even hated enemies. He is highly intelligent and often has his own ideas of what should be done in any given situation, but prefers to follow rather than to lead. For the most part, Jotham only speaks if he feels there is something important to be said. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge; a desire to learn more about recent events was what prompted him to begin his journey in the first place.Weaknesses:-Physical: Unarmed and long-ranged combat. Water.-Mental: His sense of honor easily leads to dangerous situations as the result of unnecessary risk-taking, such as entering a fight in which he is badly outmatched in order to protect his friends. His curiosity may also cause him to take risks to find out more information.Current Location: Inactive character-----rpg03spr.pngName: LekuaSpecies: Le-MatoranGender: MaleMask: Miru (dormant)Alignment: Good / Stannis' Companions, Gukko ForceAppearance: Mata green with white armor. Green mask. Green eyes. (MOC link)Weapons: A pair of curved white blades attached to wooden shafts, enabling them to serve as either swords or spears/staves. Also a good shot with a disc, whether launched or thrown. Recently acquired a small dagger with a white blade, and is unfamiliar with how to use it effectively.Powers: As a Le-Matoran, he is highly athletic and agile.Bio: Lekua has lived on Mata Nui for as long as he can remember. He was a member of the Gukko Force since a few years after its founding, participating in major battles such as the freeing of Le-Koro from the Nui Rama. Eventually, he became restless in his position, wanting to have a more direct impact on the struggle against Makuta. For a while, he remained loyal to the Gukko Force, knowing that he was defending his people. Recently, he received from Turaga Matau to temporarily abandon his duties to assist Stannis' Companions in their search for the remaining members of the Chronicler's Company.Personality: Like most Le-Matoran, Lekua is carefree and a bit of a show-off, though he is not as arrogant as many of his fellow Matoran of Air. He enjoys making jokes, which are often sarcastic. Lekua can be rather impulsive and quickly becomes impatient when things don't get done quickly or efficiently, and he is quick to share his opinion.Weaknesses:-Physical: As a Matoran, he is shorter in stature and far weaker than most opponents. He is also highly afraid of water, not even flying over it unless it is absolutely necessary.-Mental: His carefree attitude often leads to recklessness.Current Location: Inactive characterMount (Kahu)

  • [*]
Name: Cyclone[*]Gender: Male[*]Appearance: Black, with teal armor. Red eyes. Yellow talons and beak.[*]Can be summoned from nearly anywhere on Mata Nui using a peculiar wooden flute that Lekua keeps with him at all times.

-----rpg04spr.pngName: Iraanus (eer-RAWN-uhs)Species: Skakdi of WaterGender: MaleVision Power: ImpactAlignment: Good / Skakdi HordeAppearance: Pearl gold with mata blue armor and pearl gold spine. (MOC link)Weapons: Golden spear with a blue tip. Can be bent into a hook by a simple mechanism contained within the weapon’s shaft. A golden Zamor launcher along with two types of zamors. (Approved by Nuju). The staff of a Rahkshi, taken from the body of a Rahkshi of Shapeshifting after helping to kill it. The staff is similar in appearance to the staff of a Turahk, and Iraanus currently is untrained in its use - while he can use it to some degree as a spear, he does not understand the intricacies of a double-bladed weapon. Also reasonably skilled in hand-to-hand combat.Zamor Types:

  • [*]
Acid: Contains an acidic green liquid that corrodes and dissolves metallic substances on contact.[*]Chain: Contains a silvery liquid that binds the target to the nearest living being with an energy chain.

Powers: As a Skakdi of Water, Iraanus has power over water when in close proximity to another Skakdi. He is also able to send beings and objects flying with his impact vision. Extremely skilled with his weapons, he is both a fast and powerful fighter over any distance.Bio: Unknown. He woke up on the beach of Ta-Wahi knowing little of his past. He knows he came from somewhere other than Mata Nui, but he cannot remember the place at all.Personality: Iraanus has good intentions, but he will often use questionable methods to achieve his goals. He doesn’t mind killing a dangerous and/or hated enemy. Like most Skakdi, he’s rather up-front in his methods, preferring to storm an enemy fortress rather than attempt to sneak in. He is up-front in his speech, too; he says what he thinks and don’t care how others respond. However, as a warrior, he is skilled at noticing the details of his surroundings and using that information to his advantage.Weaknesses:-Mental: Up-front and direct approach to problems quickly turns into recklessness.-Physical: Unable to use elemental power without the presence of another Skakdi.Current Location: Nokama's funeral, Ga-Koro

Wiki Entry: Iraanus-----

Many thanks to the other Daedra members for selecting my submission.Name: BarukSpecies: Toa of GravityGender: MaleMask: PakariAlignment: Neutral Evil / DaedraAppearance: Grayish-black with dull purplish-blue armor and mask. Extremely fat. (MOC unlikely due to lack of purple pieces)Weapons: Ornate broadsword with jeweled hilt and carvings on the blade. He also obtained a seismic pickaxe from a Skakdi whom he defeated in combat. The weapon sports a pickaxe on one end and a jackhammer on the other and it is capable of firing destructive energy bolts.Powers: As a Toa of Gravity, he has the ability to manipulate gravity. This allows him to move rather quickly for someone of his girth. In addition, his mask grants him great strength despite his appearance.Bio: Baruk arrived on the island nearly a century ago a few months after the disappearance of the Toa Mata. He served his duty as a Toa for less than a year before a close call with a Rahkshi caused him to question his own occupation. Why should he put himself in danger to protect these villagers? They’d never done anything for him. One day, when he was in Ta-Koro, the village came under attack from a pair of Kane-Ra. He was in the middle of breakfast at the time, and the food was rather good. He didn’t particularly want to stop eating, so he simply didn’t. Four Matoran were killed. He was sent out of Ta-Koro in disgrace for refusing to help, but he didn’t really mind. After this incident, he remembered the food he had eaten during the attack. Food became a symbol of his new lifestyle and freedom. He began traveling throughout the island living the “good life,” partying and doing whatever the Karz he wanted. Before long, he developed an incredible liking for good food and is always ready for a meal.Personality: Baruk is a very selfish and lazy being, only doing anything productive if it involves personal gain. For this reason, he is not truly evil, he simply believes that there is far more to gain from Makuta than from Mata Nui. He is also obsessed with eating and food, believing himself to be a food critic and taking a liking to anyone who can cook a good, filling meal.Weaknesses:-Mental: Highly distrustful and lazy.-Physical: His great girth prevents agility of any sort, even with the help of his powers. Though they do allow him to move quickly, this happens only at the cost of elemental power. Relies mainly on momentum in battle.Current Location: Somewhere under a bunch of dirt in Ga-Wahi.barukdead.png

-----rpg02spr.pngName: DemasSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleMask: AkakuAlignment: Evil / MakutaAppearance: Black with gunmetal armor. Black mask. Tall and well-built.Weapons: Broadsword with a gunmetal-colored blade. Crossbow (used mainly for assassinations). Highly skilled in the use of both.Powers: As a Toa of Magnetism, he has the ability to manipulate and control magnetic fields.Bio: Demas’ history is largely a mystery, even to himself to a certain extent. He has served Makuta for as long as he or anyone else can remember.Personality: Extremely confident and arrogant, he has a tendency to underestimate the abilities of both opponents and allies. However, backs this up by being highly skilled with both his weapons and his elemental powers. He is also highly ambitious.Weaknesses:-Mental: Arrogance (see personality).-Physical: Low endurance.Current Location: Unused character-----rpg07spr.pngName:Unknown. Goes by "Invictus," which is inscribed on his sword.Species:Toa of FireGender:MaleMask: Zatth forged in the shape of a Miru (inaccessible due to Mark)Alignment:Chaotic NeutralAppearance:Black with metru red armor, which is shaped into sharp angles and spikes at certain points while still maintaining a cohesive, sleek appearance. About average height and build. Has blue eyes and bears the Mark of Caring, on his right forearm. (MOC link).Weapon: A sword with a straight black blade and no crossguard. "Invictus" is inscribed on the blade in Matoran lettering, presumably the name of the sword.Powers:As a Toa of Fire, Invictus is able to create, control, and absorb fire. He is able to create fire with greater ease than most Ta-Toa, though it is quite difficult for him to control it. He does not have access to his mask power due to the effects of his Mark. The Mark is fed by feelings of caring and strengthens Invictus greatly when he is exposed to such feelings, causing his eyes and Mark to grow bright orange. The Mark is counteracted by anger and weakens Invictus when he is exposed to feelings of rage.Bio:Though Invictus knows of his past, he is highly reluctant to talk about it. Long ago, he was a great hero, though that is not the case anymore - at some point, he encountered a highly traumatic event of unknown nature, which severely unsettled him. Today he is a homeless wanderer, scarcely able to control his own element, taking whatever work he can find.Personality: Invictus can be described as...unstable. Though he still clings to sanity, he is prone to violent outbursts and the like. When he is in a good mood, he's a decent guy once you get to know him, which most don't for obvious reasons. Otherwise, he's gruff, rather off-putting, and otherwise antisocial. Though he does recognize that working in groups may be necessary on occasion, that doesn't mean he has to like it.Weaknesses:-Mental:See personality.-Physical: Limited control over element, lack of access to Kanohi, feelings of rage.Current Location: Le-Koro

Wiki Entry: Invictus-----rpg09spr.pngName: DemetriusSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleKanohi: HauAppearance: Black with brilliant silver armor. Well-muscled and slightly shorter than average. Mask is silver and shaped like its Nuva counterpart. Reddish-orange eyes.Alignment: Neutral Good / Island Liberation SquadWeapons: Primarily uses a massive warhammer, which is jet-black with silver patterns on its head. Skilled in forming weapons with his element, though the process is far from instantaneous.Personality: Arrogant and condescending, he treats nearly everyone as though they were children - that is, when it serves his purposes to do so, as he can be highly manipulative.Bio: Due to his ability to form precious metals with his elemental power, Demetrius is fairly wealthy. He spends most of his time travelling the island, though he has homes in both Po- and Onu-Koro. As a hobby of sorts, he crafts weapons and other metal implements, selling them, keeping them, or giving them away - whatever suits his purposes. Just what these purposes are remains to be seen...Weaknesses: Arrogance, overconfidence.

Current Location: Pala-KoroAll sprites made with Rayg Sprite Kit 2.5.

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-The Hulk- Name: OnuzekSpecies: Toa of GravityGender: MaleAppearance: Onuzek is gigantic, put simply. Taller then most beings, he stands at about two and a half meters, with his great bulk increasing this image of height. His chest is broad and powerful, to the point where one could fit a Skakdi inside with room to spare, while his back is hunched over like that of a Toa of Earth. His arms are massive, with huge muscles bulging out from under his armor. His hands are equally large, and look like he could put a hole in a few walls without much effort. His hulking form is increased even more by the thick armor he wears. Bulky and covered with short spikes, it provides amazing protection against most attacks, and is scarred from countless battles. The guantlets are especially thick, where he can almost use his arms as shields to block attacks, or as massive melee weapons to smash opponents with. These massive armor pieces also have gigantic pincers built in, making them even more deadly. His armor is mainly purple, as with all Toa of Gravity, but the color is fading along the edges of the plates, leaving matte black in its place. His natural armor is dark black, but has hints of dark, teal-blue in it. His purple Kanohi is shaped like that of a Pakari Nuva, while retaining the vents of a normal Pakari.Voice: Deep and low, seems to make the ground rumble. He speaks in third person, "Onuzek Speak".Dominant Hand: None.Powers/Abilities: Onuzek's main ability is his enormous strength, which is clearly obvious given his hulking form, surpassing even that of a Toa of Stone in terms of sheer physical power. His Pakari grants him even more raw power, pushing his physical limits to the max and allowing him to land tremendous blows.However, his elemental control is far below that of an average Toa. He can still use it to some degree, but has a much harder time bringing his power to bear and controling it specifically. Simple tasks that other Ba-Toa would be able to complete without much problem, such as altering the weight of a target, are much harder for him to accomplish. When he does manage to use it, it normally involves just increasing the weight of those around him. He can limitedly fly with the use of his element, but still isn't skilled in the ability. When Infected, the gigantic Toa can only affect himself or things in direct contact with himself with his elemental power.Equipment: (2) Gravity Gauntlets- Two massive peices of armor with gigantic, crushing, pincers built into them. These huge claws are comprized of protosteel, and can easily be used as shields, as well as destructive melee weapons. They are very weighty, and are actually parts of his arms/hands, thus, they cannnot be removed. They seem to take on a purplish glow when his elemental power is channeled through them.(1) Broadsword- A giant sword that's easily as long as a normal Toa. Its about a three handspans wide, and stays this width up along the entire blade. Additionally, the blade ends squared off, and does not come to a point. It is a weapon one would cleave, not slice with.(1) Carbine Rifle- A piece of techonology he recently "aquired" from a Vortixx, it is a semi-automatic sniper rifle-like weapon that has a shortened barrel and silencer device attached. Each clip holds about 25 bullets. The weapons itself is compact, and also has a scope attached.Fighting Style: Unsurprizingly, Onuzek's fighting style mainly relies on brute strength to overpower and crush opponents. His heavilty armored arms can be used as blunt weapons themselves, and with the addition of his gauntlet's claws, almost nothing can withstand a direct assult from them. Mainly relying on melee-range combat, his Pakari adds even more strength to his already powerful blows. When his Pakari active, and directly channeling his elemental power through his fists, he becomes almost unmatched when it comes to strength related combat. However, he has almost no technique whatsoever, and just smashes whatever's in his way.This also applies for when he is using weapons, such as his sword. Bringing the weapon around in Pakari-enhanced arcs is almost all he does.Fighting ranged, elemental combat is not his strong points, but when he is able to use his power, it usually just involves forcing beings to ground under their own weight. When Infected, he has almost no ranged elemental attacks.Weakness: Onuzek's great strength comes with a price. His main weakness is the fact that he's the exact opposite of agile, and his heavy armor only serves to slow his body down more. Any being with moderate speed would easily be able to run in circles around him, as long as they stayed out of his massive arm's reach. His thick armor isn't perfect, and beings with keen eyes could spot weak points in it. Additionally, he is incredibly dumb. He doesn't realise that things could actually be dangerous, and thus can get himself into some dangerous situations. Some elemental attacks also bypass his thick armor, such as heat, sonics, and lightning; leaving him vunerable to them. His weakness with his elemental powers also puts him at a great disadvantage when it comes to ranged fights of elemental energy. When wearing an infected Kanohi, he is restricted to just melee range elemental attacks.Widgets: 14Other Possessions: Various plushies of his friends, such as Skyra and Tillian.Home: NoneAffiliation: Villiages of Mata Nui, his friends.Alignment: His friends is the only alignment he understands.Personality: Onuzek is almost child-like in his personality. Stupid, more then a bit slow, and friendly are all good ways to describe him. Despite his appearance, the Toa of Gravity is extremely friendly. In fact, he wants to be your character's friend. He wants to be your friend. He wants to be friends with your friends. His entire life seems to revolve around his friends. Almost always in a good mood, it takes an awful lot just to take the smile off his Kanohi. However, if any of his friends are hurt, then he turns into a giant mass of muscle and gravity powers running after whoever made his friends upset.Additional Notes: Onuzek has a strange reaction to wearing infected Kanohi. He looses the ability to use his elemental powers at range, but a sort of "mental barrier" is lifted, giving him intelligence as any normal being would have. In this state, he is cold, cunning, and ruthless, and will not hesitate to kill. With this change in personality, he takes on a technique edge in combat, where his moves become calculated and planned. (Approved by Nuju Metru)-The Wrath- Name: ZaukSpecies: Toa of LightningGender: MaleAppearance: Zauk stands a few inches taller then a normal Toa, just enough for it to be noticable. The Toa of Lightning is very lean, muscular, and athletic looking as the result of extensive training. Two dark grey plates cover his shoulders, while dark grey, spiked gauntlets cover his lower arms and hands. A set of ridges rests on the knuckles of the gauntlets, allowing him to punch without worry of injury. A segmented piece of dark grey armor covers his back and spine, and a chest piece covers his upper torso. He wears thick hiking boots, and the occasional long, collared coat when out hunting in the drifts. His natural armor under all of this is teal, while his Kanohi is also teal. His Matatu greatly differs from the norm, with the long scope replaced with one more akin to the compact one of an Akaku. The eye hole has been enlarged, and the mouthpiece is similar to that of an Arthron. His eyes, the lenses on the scope of his Kanohi, and his heartlight are all colored bright orange. A grin is ever-present on his mouth. His whip is curled at his hip, with his ax, quiver, and bow all strapped to his back. A pack is slung over his shoulder.Voice: Talks with a noticable Ko-Koroan (British) accent.Dominant Hand: Left (In a pinch, can use both)Powers/Abilities: Zauk is highly skilled in the use of his Matau, using it as another being would their arm or leg. This is shown when he uses his mask opens doors, picks up objects; pretty much using it as an extra limb(s) without meaning to. The Toa of Lightning has gotten so used to this, he barely notices if he's using his hands or his mask in order to do something. Toa that acheive this level of control normally do so with their element, but almost never with their mask power.Becauseof his beyond-average control over his mask, it only makes sense that his control over his element is also great. Although not quite as skilled with as his mask power, Zauk has better control over his elemental power then most, allowing him to control it through thought alone. Although, this isn't as accurate as if he channels it through his hands or tools, it is enough to slightly surpass other Toa. Not a master at his element, he can use it like his Matau to some degree.Equipment: (1) Double-bladed ax-A double-bladed ax, with one edge slightly lower then the other. The protosteel blades are lined with wicked spikes, each about an inch long. The weapon has a very "Bionicle" feel to it: pistons, gears, joints, etc. The two ax heads a detachable, allowing the weapon to become two rather large daggers and a staff.(1) Clawed whip-A long metal whip-like weapon that serves for medium range attacks. Unlike other whips, this one is not a cord of material. Instead is segmented, with each protosteel segment about an inch and a half long. In the center of each segment is small spike, allowing the whip to latch onto enemies. At the end is cluster of these small spikes.(2) Daggers-Two simple daggers that he has inside his pack. Nothing really special about them, besides their protosteel edges.(1) Recurve Bow-A powerful bow of average size, this bow was custom made for the Toa of Lightning. Its components are reenforced to allow for considerable pull-back, giving the bow amazing power. However, it is mainly built for power, and not range. The body of this weapon is black, and the tips of the bow crackle with electrical energy as he fires an elemental arrow.(25) Metal Arrows-These bolts are able to be charged with his elemental energy, and release the built-up electrical power upon contact with a target. They are built for penatrating thick armor, but not so much for range. They leave a ghostly blue trail through the air when fired elementally charged.Fighting Style: Zauk's main fighting style relies on the use of his Matau, hands, weapons, and element at once. An example of doing this is using his Matau to accuratly control the movements of his whip, while sending a strong electrical current through it to shock whoever it hits. Hand-to-hand, if it can even be called "hand-to-hand" with his Matau, is another one of his strong points. Using his Matau to deliver telekinetic punchs just as he would his own hands. He mainly relies on joint-locks, throws, roundhouse and sweep kicks, and punches. As a result of extensive training, both in the wild while hunting and under the guidence of a teacher, Zauk is very fluid with all of his movements; generally going with or around enemy attacks rather then against them.His physical skills have been honed over the decades of training. At peak physical condition, the Toa of Lightning is both physically strong and fast. His reflexes are quick, a skill he's gained from hunting.He is also skilled in the use of his weapons, although his whip is the one he's most effective with. Using his Matau along with his general skill at manipulating it, the weapon can be used like an extension of his arm. A huge advatage about it it's metallic composition, allowing him to charge it with his electrical power. The spikes on the weapon also allow it to tightly grip object and people.Weakness: Zauk's main weakness is brute strength. Although he is quite strong himself, his armor isn't designed to take hits with immense strength behind them. Because he relies on his Matatu for many attacks, knocking his mask off is highly effective.Widgets: 250Other Possessions: (20+) Knives-Stored in his hut, Zauk has many knives of all shapes and sizes.Painting supplies-Zauk, suprisingly is a painter, a fairly good one at that. He keeps these supplies at his hut and in his bag.Home: Hut in Ko-KoroAffiliation: Ko-KoroAlignment: Chaotic Good (Doing whatever he pleases)Personality: Zauk, in almost exact opposite of the other Ko-Koroans he lives with, is generally outgoing, talkative, and loud. Although, only around people he knows. He speaks his mind and lets those around him know his opinion. Also a bit hot-headed and arrogant, he has a short temper, but rarely shows it. Noticably, however, he gets exremely uncomfortable around females. Competitive and stubborn to the point of never backing down from a challenge or fight. Easy enough guy to get along with once you know him.Bio: Zauk grew up in Ko-Koro with his "brother" Tehlin. The two were quite different then the Ko-Koroans that they lived with, being out going and generally loud. While Tehlin joined the Guard, Zauk decided not to, and instead traveled around the island for a time, training in whatever forms of fighting he could find. The Toa of Lightning returned to Ko-Wahi about ten years ago, and spent most, if not all, of the last ten years in the drifts alone; training and hunting. This may explain his relative awkwardness around females.Theme Song: When All Lights Go Out, Erik Ekholm -The Gentleman- Name: Dehkaz KyhrilikSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleAppearance: Dehkaz is tall and muscular for a Toa, standing a few inches above normal. His arms are well muscled and chorded, while his fingers are long and dexterous. His armor is smooth and segmented, allowing for great range of motion as well as exceptional protection. The shoulder guards are rounded and spherical, and there is only minimal armor covering his upper arms and lower back. His guantlets cut off at his fingers, but still cover his hand, allowing unobstructed movement when using his weapons. Two leather belts form an X across the Toa of Magnetism's body, holding his many throwing knives, while a belt around his waist holds most of his crossbow bolts. A pair of handcuffs, as well as a small pack, it also attached to this belt. Additionally, his gauntlets have knife sheaths on their undersides that allow him to drop a weapon into his hand with a flick of the wrist. His guantlets and shoulder armor have slots that allow him to store bolts for his crossbow. His armor is mainly gunmetal dark grey, with a secondary color of red-orange; this color scheme is also shared with his Kanohi. His natural armor is black and silver, as with most Toa of Magnetism, and seems to absorb light rather then reflect it. This makes it extremely stealthy, as well as quite handy. His body style is similar in some respects to the Inika, but his armor is obviously differently shaped.Quite a noble and handsome being, his Kanohi has a strong jaw and brow, and is in the shape of an Arthron, but is slightly stylized to match his segmented armor somewhat. Facially, his is somewhat gaunt in appearance, with an unnaturally grim disposition. The Po-Koro Guard symbol is crafted into his right shoulder armor, as well as his current rank of Major. A large scare runs across his left shoulder, starting just at the top of his shoulder and ending on his back near his shoulder blade, while a smaller scar runs along his jawline of the same side. His eyes are dark, grim, and hard, the violet orbs seeming to know exactly what you're thinking at any given moment, piercing through whatever secrets your mind may be hiding. His heartlight shares this deep violet color, as well as the various lights on his armor. Occasionally wears a stylish black fedora which obscures his facial features when he does not wish to be identified. An air of forboding surrounds his brooding figure, filling the area he occupies with it's oppressive weight.Voice: Deep, noble, and refined with a hint of a Ko-Koroan accent.Dominant Hand: Right (Although is skillful enough with both)Kanohi: The Great Mask of Laser Vision- Its power is pretty much what the title of the mask says: It allows the wearer to shoot variable-sizing (from very thin to as thick as one's eye) lasers from their eyes. Unlike the Avohkii, it does not provide further light manipulation than that, and a wearer of the Mask of Laser Vision cannot make the lasers any wider than their eyes without help or a lense. However, the lasers can be used many more times than regular light powers and can be shot from the pupil of an eye, meaning a wearer only has to turn their eyes, not their head, to fry things with their ocular weapon. (Created by Norman Efiks, approved by Friar Tuck)Powers/Abilities: Dehkaz, as a Toa of Magnetism, has all the powers and abilities that come with that. He can shape, create, and absorbmagnetic fields. This includes magnetizing an enemy's armor, flying by pulling his own armor through the air, firing magnetic pulses, and various other applications and uses. Dehkaz can also indirectly manipulate metal, plasma, and even lightning with his element, and has gained some skill with this. He has a very fine control over his elemental power, as a result of extensive use when in combat. He's not an elementalist, but could possibly top a normal Toa when it came to elemental control. He commonly channels his element through his crossbow, as well as using his hands. In addition to this, his elemental power grants him the abiliity to sense magnetic fields, gicing him a great sense of direction. Very handy when out on the high seas. His Kanohi grants him the ability to fire lasers from his eyes, which he is still learning how to use correctly.Equipment: (25) Throwing Knives- Simple knives specially designed to be thrown with impressive accuracy. They are light, strong, and easily replaced. He has about 15 normal throwing knives, 5 double-bladed ones with a blade on each end to be used with elemental manipulation, and 5 weighter ones with a inward curving hook-blade. Most are coated with a protosteel alloy covering, making them very hard to damage. Unfortunately, it raises the price somewhat.(1) Repeating Crossbow- A standard-issue Onu-Koroan Ussalry Type-8 "Kane-Ra" Heavy Repeating Crossbow, modified for longer range with heaver components that make use of his Toa-strength. It is further customized with metal bars running lengthwise along the chamber that allow him to magnetically launch the metal bolts without having to pull back the mechanism. Doing this allows him to fire "silent" shots for stealth. It is exceptionally accurate in the hands of the Toa of Magnetism, and can also be used as a means to channel his elemental power. It has a variable load, and can be loaded with up to four separate bolts at once if the side-loading repeating mechanism is removed.(40+) Crossbow Bolts- These bolts are made for range, power, and slicing through armor; accuracy isn't as needed when he can magnetically guide them to a target. Most of them are smooth, solid metal, allowing him to fire them magnetically as well as control their flight. A few have wicked barbs, causing them to stay in rather well to whoever he hits. These are stored on his belt, gauntlets, shoulder armor, and on the crossbow itself.Fighting Style: Dehkaz's fighting style focuses almost entirely on ranged combat. He mainly uses his crossbow at long range, filling beings with armor piercing bolts before they have a chance to counterattack. If they manage to get closer, the Toa of Magnetism switches to his throwing knives, which he directs towards a target with deadly accuracy. He also uses his elemental power to prevent them from getting any closer, making use of it to block their advance with metal objects.In elemental fighting he makes use of magnetic pulses that force beings back, as well as magnetize their armor, or magnetic fields to pin enemies or crush their armor. Occasionlly uses his powers to fly during battle, but not all the time. Is skilled enough to disarm enemies quickly, ending fighting before it can begin. Launching metallic objects in the area at a target is another one of his favorites, and frequenly uses the tactic. He is althetic enough to dodge most ranged attacks sent at him, but he is in no way perfect, nor does he have a Calix.Weakness: Dehkaz's biggests weakness is close-range melee fighting, where he can't do much more than try and redirect his enemy's weapons with magnetics. Brute strength is another weakness of his, because his armor can't take many hits with great strength behind them. (He is trying to get rid of his lack in melee fighting ability through training.)Widgets: 2,500 (Personal) Has a certain amount of widgets given to him from the Guard depending on the mission he is on.Other Possessions: (2) Guard-issue Disks- Made of metal instead of bamboo, to allow him to control then via his element, Dehkaz mainly keeps them in his cabin. Is experimenting with using his element to remotely controlthem. They have a lot more mass and are much more weighter than average disks.(1) Pack of Metal Shards- Various shards of metal he keeps in a small pack on his side, Dehkaz uses them as a last-ditch effort to cut, confuse, and blind enemies. Especially dangerous when controled by his element, they can slice through armor if propelled fast enough.(1) Roll of Wire- A few meters of lightweight, but strong wire that can be twisted into a rope.(1) Pair of Handcuffs- Standard Guard-issue handcuffs, he took to keeping these on his person after joining the guard. They are made of a protosteel alloy, and even a Skakdi would have trouble breaking out of them with sheer strength alone.(1) Spyglass- As every ship captain must have one.Various maps, papers, books, and tablets in his cabin.Home: FowadiAffiliation: Po-Koro Guard (Rank of Major)Alignment: Lawful GoodPersonality: Calm, collected, not one to anger easily, like militay officer should be. Not blunt, though he rarely adds any extraineous information when military matters are being discussed. He is generally in a good mood, cracking a joke here and there. Prefers to work alone, but is not antisocial. Is a sticker to the rules, following ever procedure and regulation provided by the Guard. However, in times of need, he will do what is necissary to protect those around him. Unfortunately, recent events have taken a turn for the worse for the major. He's become more withdrawn, grim, and quick to threats in his calm, I'll-throw-you-to-Karz-and-back-if-you-look-at-anything-funny way. It seems as if life has finally decided to come and drop down onto his shoulders, causing his overall demeanor to become much more dark and brooding. Dehkaz has an amazing analytical and tactical mind, methodically going through information as he recieves it. A brillient stratagist, his, at times unorthadox, plans look like random orders until he pulls it all together in the end. Not one for dramatic flair, his stratagies do still leave some of his enemies wondering what just happened. Thanks to a network of contacts he didn't quite get rid of after throwing away his life as sa bouty hunter, Dehkaz knows quite a lot about the going ons of the island.Theme Song: Radioactive, Imagine Dragons -The Fallen-Name: EmbokSpecies: Toa of PlasmaGender: MalePowers: Elemental Power over Plasma, reanimation of dead bodies through his Kanohi. Embok is an elementalist, and he has very refined control over his power, surpassing most Toa when it comes to elemental battles. He can easily shape, create, and absorb plasma as well as heat. His mental focus allows him to manipulate his element without the use of his hand, but it isn't as accurate as if he were channeling it straight through. He can also absorb all the heat in the area to encase the target in ice, however, he rarely does this because of the effect the sudden drop in temperature has on him. Furthermore, it takes time to absorb the heat, and so isn't an instant attack. He can also create a similar effect of freezing by forcing all of the heat from the area, but doing this doesn't regenerate his elemental energy.Kanohi: NoneSkills: Embok is more of a dualist, with a melee fighting style and swordsmanship abilities that focus on fighting one opponent at once. As such, if up against anything more than two enemies, he would struggle to hold his own in melee battles. His attacks are refined and calculated, often hiding a larger plan.Weapons: Two Crystal Spikes, a heat resistant longsword. His longsword can be heated to extreme temperatures with his element without a loss in strength.Description: Image: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Gravity/Sketches/embok.jpgAlignment: Good (Ga-Koro)Personality and Traits: Distant, quite. The shell of a powerful man, tossed aside without thought. He cannot speakWeaknesses: Cold effects him a lot more then other beings, because of his connection with his elemental power. Also, if he runs out of EP, fighting becomes a lot harder for him. Fighting anything more than two enemies in melee range would prove fatal to him. He isn't the strongest Toa, but his extensive knowladge of technique makes up for it somewhat.Theme Song: Fallen, CryoshellName: MirehuSpecies: Toa of CrystalGender: FemalePowers: Mirehu has standard powers over crystal, allowing her to create, control, and absorb crystal. Her Kanohi grants her the ability to levetate.Kanohi: A Great Miru.Weapons: A single small, protosteel edged knife, as well as whatever she can create with her elemental power.Description: Mirehu is small for a Toa, barely coming up to most being's chins. The Toa's armor is very light, but still offers a fair amount of protection, and it seems like it is one size too big for her. Mirehu's Miru is shaped similar to an (unmutated) Mohtrek. Her armor itself is a dark blue color that fades to a bronze. Her Kanohi shares these colors. Her natural armor looks like it used to be white, but has turned black overtime. Two wild looking, light blue eyes shine out from under her Mohtrek shaped Miru.Alignment: Herself.Personality and Traits: Mirehu is generally shy, cowardly, and not one to draw attention to herself. However, she is also very manipulative, always trying to get something from someone. Despite her size, Mirehu is surprizingly strong. Growing up in Xa-Koro has forced her to become a thief, something that she is very good at, and she seems to actually enjoy stealing from other beings. Sometimes, she does it just to see if she can get away with it. Once you get to know her though, she is easy to talk to and agreeable, just be sure to keep one hand on your widgets and the other on a knife when around her.Weaknesses: She isn't actually that good of a fighter, as she's always running away from people she steals from.Character Gifted by Katuko:Name: Naru (NAH-rue)Species: ToaGender: FemaleElemental power: PlasmaKanohi: FaxonOther equipment: Knives. Lots and lots of knives.Appearance: Metru-styled Toa body with orange armor, secondary color white. Greeneyes. Naru also wears two shoulder straps in an X across her chest. These are used to hold her knives in addition to two belts around her waist.Alignment: Chaotic NeutralHome: UnknownPersonality and traits: Naru loves combat, and will often be the one to initiate it. She is obsessed with sharp, pointy objects and gets a kick out of action and explosions. She also likes seeing cool stunts, but as she is a bit weighed down with all the knives she carries she can't go jumping around herself. She feels at home in Ta-Koro due to the heat, but has been wandering around Po-Koro for a while, where she practices her Plasma skills in the desert. She has a certain fascination with technology, particularly foreign stuff such as that of Xia.Skills: Until she can get her hands on a Calix, Naru is the "big guns" in any given fight, either melting any obstance to slag or turning her opponent into a pincushion with expertly thrown daggers. She uses her mask to smooth out her own weaknesses by lending powers from other creatures, though she can naturally only use one at a time. She likes to heat her daggers before use, both to cut through armor and because it simply makes them look cool and glowing.Weaknesses: Naru can be reckless at times and has a tendency to be overly confident. Naru is a bit slow on the move, but tries to make up for it with sheer power and ranged weaponry. She also wastes a lot of energy when she carelessly sprays her element around instead of focusing it more.History:See the wiki for details.Current status:Name: Leli (lell-ee)Species: MatoranGender: FemaleAppearance: Leli is around average height for a Matoran, if a few inches smaller. She wears a single vambrace on her left arm, has minimal shoulder armor, and light torso armor. This allows her great freedom of movement and allows her to move quickly, at the cost of protection. Like most of the Matoran in her village, Leli's armor is different variations of green. Her shoulder armor, hands, and feet are a green-teal color; while her torso, arms, and legs are Mata-green mottled with lime and dark green accents. This gives her armor a camoflauged ("Commando") look, allowing her to blend in quite well with the trees. Her Kanohi is also this camofluaged color, and is shaped like a Great Huna stylized for a Matoran with a more femine quality to it. She is athleticly built, which shows her agility and speed. Leli's heartlight and eyes are a greenish-yellow color, as with most Matoran in her village. Commonly has a light backpack around her shoulders, as well as a hunting knife strapped to her thigh. Her vambrace has straps that carry darts coated with dagger spider venom, and she has recently taken to wearing a few gukko feathers near her Kanohi (for "flair"). Her shoulder armor is painted with white markings showing her as one of the Gukko Force, as well as her current rank. A length of rope is wrapped around her body, from her left shoudler to her right hip. A pair of black, aviator-like goggles sit on her forehead, and a grin is ever present on her face. A necklace of wooden beads sits around her neck, which she frequently fiddles with when nervous.Voice: Light and bubbly, with an almost musical quality to it. The tree-speak common to her village sometimes slips in.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers/Abilities: Leli, as a Matoran, has no powers of her own. However, she is extremely quick and nimble, her light armor and natural skill giving her an agility that surpasses even the Le-Matoran in her village. Her smaller size allows her to move quite quickly through the trees without problem. She is incredibly acrobatic, and is actually quite strong for her size. She can be quite stealthy, something she uses to her advantage.She is trained in various forms of martial arts, something that her opponents learn quite quickly. Is quite good at using her opponent's size against them.Equipment: (1) Blow Dart Launcher- A fairly simple bamboo tube that she uses to shoot her darts, this is quite accurate. Curiously enough, it can also be used as a flute of sorts.(5) Darts- Coated in dagger spider venom that causes temprory paralysis in the target, she is quite accurate with the darts both when thrown and when shot out of her blow dart launcher. These darts are carried on her vambrace.(1) Knife- A fairly average survival knife. The blade is made of a protosteel alloy, and so is very strong. The blade curves a bit near the tip, and is serrated on one side about two thirds of the way up. This is strapped to her thigh for easy access.(1) Rope- A length of light, but strong rope. It has a grapple-like hook on one end, and can also be attached to her vambrace.(1) Collapsable Blade- A hilt about two feet long she wears across her back, when a button is depressed, a simple mechanism inside extends two blades from each end, before locking them into place. Similar to the extendable blade used by the Ta-Koro Guard.Weakness: Leli does not have any powers, and so despite her quick reflexes and agility, she will be at a disadvantage against those with powers. Her light armor, while still effective, isn't as strong as normal armor.Widgets: 300Other Possessions: (1) Spyglass- Something that comes in handy during her job as a scout. This is stored in her backpack.(1) Map- A map of Le-Wahi, which she uses when out on her Adventures. Also kept in her backpack.(1) First Aid Kit- Because one never knows what's going to happen out in the jungle.(1) Notebook- A journal of sorts she keeps in her pack.Home: Le-KoroAffiliation: Le-Koro Gukko Force, works as a scout. (Likes to think of herself as a commando).Alignment: Lawful GoodPersonality: Bubbly, sly, and always-in-a-good-mood. Leli is extremely adventurous, wanting to see as much as she can in as little time as possible. She is friendly, energetic, and seems to almost never slow down. She is quite loud and talkative, even for a Le-Koroan, and is almost never shy. She absolutely loves to travel and see new places, recording it all in a small notebook she carries. Leli likes meeting new people and making friends, and is always willing to help anyone, or anything, in need. She can be possessive and overbearing, getting defensive of her friends. Extremely stubborn and competative, she will never, ever, give up. Gets a kick out of crazy stunts that are always dangerous, which has gotten her into trouble more than once. She is an adrenaline junky in every possible way. Has a thing for dramatic flair and is more than a bit of a show off. Eccentric is another nice word to use to describe her.Name: Puroruk- the Carver (per-OR-ook)Species: Matoran of Stone (Po-Matoran)Gender: MaleAppearance: Porouk, put simply, is large in every way for a Matoran. His size comes from both muscle and... not so muscle. His arms are thick and burly, and end in large, but surprisingly dexterous fingers. He has a bit of a paunch, showing his rather enthusiastic eating habbits, but is not overly fat. His flab is kept down by a regular calisthenic and training routine, which he prefoms daily. Despite this, his is mostly muscular, which betrays the great strength granted to him from his element. His brown armor is ornately decorated with a bronze finish along the ridges and edges of the polished metal. His hands and feetare a dark grey color. He wears a Kanohi in the shape of a Garai, which shares the bronze/brown color scheme of his armor. He is quite handsome, but ruggedly so. He seems like a stereotypical uncle figure. His eyes, heartlight, and the various lights on his armor are a yellow-orange color. He will occasionally wears a tan fedora in they style popular in his home Koro. When working, his armor tends to get rather dirty, but he otherwise keeps it shining.Voice: Gravelly, with a Po-Koroan accent that isn't very heavy, but still quite noticable.Dominant Hand: BothPowers/Abilities: Puroruk,being a Matoran, has no elemental powers of his own. However, he is granted the immense physical strength that benefits most Po-Matoran. He is incredibly dexterous with his hands, with a level of refined control that would normally be impossible for his thick fingers. He moves his hands with a precision and deftness brought on by an equally sharp and artistic mind. He has very acute senses, especially in terms of his sense of touch and sight, as well as having an amazing spatial sense. He is quite athletic, despite his apparent bulk.Equipment: Stone Hammer- A simple enough tool that is commonly seen throughout Po-Koro, however, Puroruk's is of much higher quality and specifically designed to his personal specifiactions. This includes hammer weight, the size of the shaft, the curvature of the head, etc. All are made for enhancing accuracy and controlability of each swing.Stone Chisels and Tools- The Po-Matoran rarely goes anywhere without his carving tools, while he keeps in a leather bag. He always seems to have some sort of intricately designed object in his hands at all times, which he also keeps int he bag.Fighting Style: Puroruk rarely fights, however, it doesn't stop the Po-Matoran from training in combat. He generally uses his hammer and great strength to his advantage, and his artistic deftness serves him well when forced to fight. He is very good at using his opponent's own strength against them. Although, he will at times resort to just bashing enemies with his hammer, something that is surprisingly effective.Weakness: In the end, Puroruk is still just a Matoran, and so any being with powers or otherwise would have an atvantage over him.Other Possessions: Various trickets and gadets that he uses in his sculptures.Heatstone- A high-powered heatstone able to weld metal given enough time. He uses this to create his complex works.Home: Fairly isolated hut in Po-Koro. The building is large, but its space is maily occupied by the courtyard in the center of the structure. This open area is where he creates some of his smaller works. (Larger works are done int he various sculpture fields.)Affiliation: Po-Koro (To an extent).Personality: Puroruk seems to be friendly and quite jolly on the outside, even if he does keep to himself most of the time. An easy enough being to get along with, he's happy to help... As long as something he gets something out of it. He isn't greedy by most standards, and really only wants better tools to make better work with. However, when angered, the Po-Matoran is not someone you want to be around. He isn't overly trusting, and really only believes in what he can feel with his hands or hit with his hammer. Still, he is loyal and solid like a rock in his allegiances. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get something done, as long as the results are good.Bio: Puroruk is a skillful carver. He's lived in Po-Koro most of his life, and while his sculptures aren't as grand as those created by others, his works are much more artistic and hold a hidden complexity that appeal to some beings. He is most known for his eleborate kinetic sculptures, pieces of art that move entirely under their own power. He doesn't just limit his work to stone, either, and uses a variety of different materials from wood to iron. This sets him apart from other carvers, and has made him popular with those who wish for something other than a stone carving. As a result, he has gained quite a bit of wealth, but continues to live a relatively simple life. Besides his armor, that is, which he keeps in excellent condition. He isn't that famous, but anyone on the island has seen his work atleast once.Name: Liikyra M'TrahkSpecies: Toa of EarthGender: FemaleAppearance: Liikyra is around the everage height for a Toa, if slightly taller, and has the general build of a Toa Metru. She is very muscular, but more lean and not overly large. Her appearance betrays her skill in melee range combat. Her armor is completely smooth, having no sharp angles, and is segmented to allow for maximum protection and movement. It is around average thickness, but is comprised of an alloy that is much lighter then standard armor. Despite this lightness, it provides amazing protection from most forms of bladed weaponry, as the smooth surface makes most blows glance off. Twin long blades are attached to her gauntlets, allowing her to keep her hands free while fighting. Her armor is primarily a dark grey color, fading to a lighter, silvery shade near the edges of the plates. Her natural armor is a dark black, and seems to almost absorb light that hits it. Her dark grey Kanohi is uniquly shaped. It has the general shape of a Faxon, while having a mouth piece similar to a Huna, and vents like that of a Pakari. Her eyes, heartlight, and the various lights on her armor are all a bright yellow. She generally covers her form in a thick, black cloak.Voice: Switches between completely featureless and a light, almost musical tone.Dominant Hand: BothKanohi: Mask of Sensory AptitudePowers/Abilities: Liikyra. having the elemental power of Earth, has the ability to shape, control, absorb, and create earth. She also gains the ability to control seismic energies, which allows her to sense vibrations within the ground and create earthquakes. The Toa of Earth is lacking somewhat in her ability to actually create her element, and mainly relies on earth already present in the area to attack. However, she makes up for this with her fine-tuned control over seismic energies. Commonly using it to knock her opponent off-balance with a powerful pulse running through the ground, or as a means to locate being walking nearby.As a Toa of Earth, she has physical strength above that of an average Toa, but not on the level of a Toa of Stone. Additionally, she is very fit and athletic, with intense training honing her relfexes to what she can physically manage. She is very skilled in moving around unnoticed, even without Masks such as the Huna and Volitak. Having a high tolerance for pain, she can ignore most injuries that are not immeadiately life-threatening.Her Kanohi allows her to enhance her senses to a high degree, and she has gained quite some skill in using this to her advantage during a fight.Equipment: (1) Longsword- An elegent weapon, the blade is comprised entirely of protosteel, giving it a silvery-bronze color. The hilt is stylized with a bronze metal, waith the head of a Tarakava shaped into the guard, with the blade extending out from the "mouth". The hilt is a hand and a half long, allowing for both one and two hand blows. A series of 45* notches run along the first third of the blade, with the notches being bigger near the hilt before completely disappearing closer to the tip.(2) Longknives- Twin weapons with thick, black, wickedly curving blades that serve for closer range fighting. The grips have small metal rings attached, allowing for better grip on the weapons.(2) Bladed Gauntlets- The only weapons that can't be knocked out of her hands during a fight, these blades extend past her elbow, and allow for both slashing and blocking.Fighting Style: Liikyra's fighting style is comprised almost entirely of close-range melee combat. She mainly keeps her opponents off balance with repeated seismic pulses, while increasing her own sense of balance with her Kanohi. This combined with the lightning-fast slashes she delivers with her knives and gauntlet blades makes for a devastating attack. She has moderate skill with her sword, but prefers to use her close-range weapons more. She could hold her own against a skilled sword wielder, but wouldn't be able to gain an upper hand without the use of her powers.While noticably lacking in range co -The Demon Hunter-Name: Tehlin MarrikhSpecies: Toa of PlantlifeGender: MaleAppearance: Tehlin is incredibly athletic, his limber form packed with lean muscle. Broad shouldered, but not bulky or overly burly, the Toa of Plantlife is around average height. His arms are corded and muscled. His legs are equally powerful, and built like a runner's. His body is toned from long hunting trips out in the Drifts, the Motara Desert, the Fau Swamp. If there's Rahi there, Tehlin has probably hunted there. His otherwise pleasant facial features are broken up by a white scar across his left eye. His armor is smooth and ridged, like the carapace of some giant insect. He wears only minimal armor on his chest, lower arms, back, and legs. Two large, plant-like spikes adorn his shoulders, while the ridges on the backside of his gauntlets are almost serrated. A band is tied around his right upper arm, holding three paralyzing darts, and another around his left hand. His Kanohi is similar in shape to a Miru, but much more rounded in design, with ridges similar to a Miru Nuva. His armor is mainly a greyed, Mata-green color, with the various ridges and spikes a bright orange. His secondary color is a pale lime-green. The Sanctum Guard's emblem is painted onto his left gauntlet, and in the upper left hand corner of his chest armor. His eyes and heartlight are bright orange, and a grin is constantly on his face.Kanohi: KadinVoice: Definite Ko-Koroan accent, with hints of Le-Koroan.Dominant Hand: RightPowers/Abilities: Tehlin, as a Toa of Plantlife has the ability to create, control, transform, and absorb plants. This power extends to wood, seeds, and pretty much anything else that's part of a plant. After his encounter with the Valkyr Anthyn, his power was reduced considerably, but has since returned to normal levels. After the event, Tehlin made a point to train with the elemental power he never quite mastered before. As a result, he has very fine control over his power, able to control the plants around him with great precision. He's gotten quite apt at changing plants from one form to another, but still needs to work on the whole absorbing thing. His Kanohi allow him to soar through the air under his own power.Equipment: (2) Axes- Double-bladed axes with sharpened protosteel edges. They have a shortened handles that allow him to wield both at once. The hilts seem to be grown from tree limbs, doubtless the result of his elemental power.(9) Darts- Wooden darts coated with a variety of different venoms from rahi across the island, Tehlin can use his elemental power to control these darts in mid-flight.(1) Staff- Standard for the Sanctum Guard, Tehlin's Toa-sized staff is normally strapped to his back.Fighting Style: Tehlin's fighting style really has no clear style. He isn't masterful at any certain range, but can hold his own in each. He generally tries to outlast his opponent, taking minor hits while letting them tire themselves out. Trained in hand-to-hand combat by his brother, and melee combat within the Sanctum Guard, he improvises to make up for his lack of serious skill in those fields. His toned physique in no way puts him at a disadvantage at close range, and the limber Toa can generally leap out of way of most attacks. When it comes to elemental fighting, Tehlin is much more apt at it than he was before, and generally uses it in subtle ways, rather than straight out attacks.Weakness: His main weakness is plasma and fire elements, as they can easily counter his own powers. Additionally, his lack of skill in any specific field of fighting can leave him at a disadvantage to those who specialize.Widgets: 3,400Other Possessions: (1) Sanctum Guard BadgeHome: Ko-KoroAffiliation: Sanctum Guard (Lieutenant)Alignment: Chaotic Good/Lawful Good.Personality: Easy-going, wise-cracking, ladies man are all very good ways to describe his personality. Growing up in Ko-Koro caused him to be even louder than normal, and he would frequently get into more trouble than it seemed physically possible. He'll be your friend almost instantly. Perhaps a bit too trusting for his own good. His mood has recently taken a grim outlook, and it's caused him to become reckless and less concerned about his own well-being. Not insane... But close enough.Theme Song: Go It Alone, Beck Through the various establishments in the village of ice, one can get a glimpse of life in the frozen village in the peaks. After a few drinks to loosen the lips, tales of the Drifts spew from hunters' mouths. One such tale is that of a beast living in the caves of the glaciers...You shake your head, dismissing it as myths created by those sitting near a fire, freezing in the drifts. But, the lingering feeling of some truth stays...Name: The Frostic Wind of The Mountains, Clan Leader of the East, The Frost Dragon, The Blade of Burning IceSpecies: Rithorak of Ice (Custom species approved)Gender: MaleAppearance: Large, even for his own species, he is slightly bigger than your average Vortixx. His is overall very muscular and burly, creating an imposing presence anywhere. Being of the six-limbed variety, he has four powerful legs that end in razor-sharp serrated claws the size of small daggers. Two large, bat-like wings sit just behind his shoulders, each of the finges tipped with a small claw. His maw isn't as pointed as most of his species, being wider and more blunt. It is filled irregularly with numerous serrated teeth built to rip through armor and flesh. A frill of icicle-like spikes sweeps back from his head, while a large, double pointed horn slants forward. Spikes running along his lower jaw and chin create an almost "icicle beard". A row of icicle-like spikes runs down the length of his back, being the longest at his shoulders and ending in a split-spike at the tip of his tail. His armored hide is covered in jagged, overlapping scales, which gleam brilliantly in the light. His armor is mainly white, while his scales are a silvery ice-blue color. The tips of the spikes along his body are blue. His slanted eyes look like clear orbs of molten blue ice. A powerless, light teal Kanohi sits atop his head, shaped similarly to a Pakari.Voice: Deep and rumbling, like an avalanche just held at bay.Powers/Abilities: He has no powers of his own, elemental or otherwise. However, he is much more durable than your average being, able to take much more punishment thanks to his scaled armor. This combined with his sheer size and power makes up for it somewhat. He has a enhanced sense of hearing and smell, but almost no sense of touch as a result of his thick armor. Because of his element, he is resistant to ice and cold. His huge wings allow him to fly, but his acrobatics are limited because of his bulk.Weakness: His main weakness is his lack of powers. As such any being with them would already have an advantage over him in battle. Gravitic and Magnetic attacks also are effective, as they prevent him from flying.Widgets: NoneOther Possessions: Various crystals, jewels, and other such objects. Stashed in a cave somewhere in Ko-Wahi.Home: Ko-WahiAffiliation: NoneAlignment: Chaotic NeutralPersonality: -will be written as character is played more-Custom Species: RithorakRithorak are a large, reptilian species who are almost mythical creatures to most beings. Known to lurk in the outer edges of tales told by Turaga, they are anything but a simple myth.Rithorak are large and muscular, somewhat resembling a small Tahtorak in terms of their scaly armor and head frills. Most have six limbs, four powerful, muscular fore and hind legs that end in clawed feet; as well as two bat-like wings that attach just behind their first set of legs. Although this is the norm, it is not unknown to see a Rithorak with just wings and hind legs. (This trait is not seen as much as the six-limbed variety, and they are in no other way different from others of their kind). These wings are covered in scales, and are actually quite durable. A row of short, sharp spikes run along their back, ending at the tip of a long tail. A frilled head sits atop a long, corded neck, while sharp teeth fill a large maw. Their armor is scaled, and reflects light, giving it a metallic look. Rithorak have a powerless Kanohi mask mounted on the top of their head, similar to some Rahi.While young Rithorak start out around the size of a Matoran, adults grow to the size of a Vortixx. Their large, bat-like wings allow to fly, however, the larger ones have more trouble getting their bulk off the ground, and prefer to glide to save energy.The have no elemental (or other) powers of their own, but to display different elemental traits similar to Matoran. (A Rithorak of Stone would be physically stronger, and Rithorak of Air more agile in the air.) Although they can wear Kanohi, they lack the mental discipline to activate and use the masks.Because they have a connection to elemental powers, Rithorak display elemental variations, like many other species within the Matoran universe. The most obvious feature is their armor color, which is that of the normal colors associated with an element. However, the primary color is more metallic looking then normal, because of their reflective scales. Furthermore, the shape of the spikes running down their backs also reflect their element.As a species, they have a acute sense of smell and hearing, but a very limited sense of touch as a result of their scaly armor. They are quite durable, able to take many more hits than an average being.As a whole, they are a notably more primal race then others, although, this does not apply to all. They are quite intelligent, but behave more like Rahi then actual sentient beings. Not much is known about their culture, but it has been observed that they live in clan-based groups, with a single clan leader in control. This position of leadership is usually held by the oldest (and therefor usually the wisest) of the clan. Honor, both personal and clan honor, seems to be a very important concept to them, and those who break that honor are exiled from the society. They prefer the company of others of their kind, but can learn to tolerate those of other species. They have their own language, a combination of musical whistles and deep growls, and may be an offshoot of the Language of the Fliers that Turaga Nuju speaks. A normal being can learn this language, and most Rithorak can also speak Matoran.Their biggest weakness is their size, as moving around on the ground can sometimes be more than a bit awkward for the larger ones. This also applies for when flying, as their bulk prevents them from any sort of acrobatic maneuvers. They have a distinct disadvantage against being with powers, as they lack any sort of their own. If their Kanohi is removed, the suffer from effects similar to a Toa; weakness, dizziness, etc.They may be somewhat related to the Mystix species, as they share several physical characteristics such as large, bat-like wings. However, they don't seem to be as developed mentally as their more humanoid cousins.Name: KytheraSpecies: VortixxGender: FemaleAbilities: Like all Vortixx, Kythera is far faster and much more agile than your average Toa. She can easily dodge away from attacks, or land lightning-fast blows within seconds.Kanohi: NoneWeapons: Two daggers concealed on her back armor, a blade that extends from her wrist armor when her wrist is flicked. She also carries a small shortsword when needed. Her pistols are holstered on his hips.Tech: Two laser pistols that fire precision beams that impart most of their power as kinetic energy, rather than heat. As such, they can punch through heavy armor without difficulty, while still be extremely accurate. These have to cool-down for about 20 seconds after being fired two times rapidly, to prevent damage from the powerful blasts.Description: Tall, lithe, and quite a striking figure. Kythera is clad in smooth, lightweight gray-silver armor that serves to give her maximum range of movement, at the cost of some protection. Her lower back, right shoulder, and left gauntlets show signs of recently being replaced, after being melted by a Skakdi's heat vision.Alignment: HerselfWeaknesses: Elemental powers such as Gravity or Magnetism that hinder her movement.Name: Ackune StrongironSpecies: Toa of FireGender: MaleAppearance: A burly Toa of around average height, the smith is clad in scarred yellow-highlighted maroon armor. His left arm is completely mechanical, evident by it's iron-grey color and visible workings. His reinforced armor is of around average thickness, able to stop most bladed weapons. His blind eyes are stark-white, while his heartlight retains it's orange glow.Kanohi: Arthron, which he uses to "see" his surroundings.Weapons: An impressively sized warhammer, as well as rectangular shield. He has a multitude of other weapons, though uses these currently.Equipment: Smithing tools.Weaknesses: His is blind, and thus any able to work around his Arthron would have a huge advantage. Edited by Floridian Citrus



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Name: Toa JalokimSpecies: Toa of IceGender: maleappearance: a toa with a bodie build of that of toa mata mata Gali, minus the elogated hips.He has the colors of white and black, with a few specs of grey.Kanohi mask: mask of illusionelemental powers: Jalokim is a toa of ice, which means he can shoot ice darts, start or stop blizzards, freeze with just a touch or control the ice beneath his feet.traits: jalokim is unususally talkative bettween people he trusts, but can become really quiet when around someone he dosen't knowweaknesses: since he is really quiet around people he dosent know, he will not inform them if something has happened

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Name: DaliaSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleElemental Power: WaterWeapons: NoneMask: Powerless Noble RauAlignment: HerselfPersonality: Dalia has changed since her Mark was removed. She still wears a powerless Rau, and has no training in combat or survival. She's still haunted by her near-death experience when Yuru crashed Tillian's wedding, and might have lost her grasp on sanity. She's caring to those who are close to her, and is afraid of those who've harmed her. She is somewhat moody, and isn't very emotionally stable.History: Orginally from another island, Dalia remembers living on her home island, where all beings there were Toa. One day, she simply remembered walking home from her job, and then waking up in the middle of Le-WahiWeaknesses: Pain, fire, dehydration, electricity, large amounts of heat.Codename: SidewaysName: PlagiosSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleAppearance: Plagios appears as a plain Toa, despite his Black/Orange color scheme.Kanohi: Mahiki, the mask of illusions, however, it appears as a unknown Kanohi.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: Magnetisim Elemental, Illusions.Abilities: Plagios is very fast, and is a master of a combination between normal combat, and some form of ninjitsu. He also is a master con-artist, and a expert manipulator.Weapons/Equipment: (20) Ninja Stars(1) Kite Shield with blades protruding at the edges(2) Swords that can connect at the hilt.Fighting Style: Some combination between normal combat, and ninjitsuWeaknesses: Plagios has a large concern for his own life, and he has the bad habit to insult others nearly constantly.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: NoneHome: X-Nui "Formerly", AnywhereAffiliation: Order of Phantoms/Toabots/Dark Force/Shadow HapakaAlignment: Neutral (Dark Evil)Bio:Sideways is from a different island known as "X-Nui". Sideways claims that this island was destroyed through some conflict. Other than that, he claims that he joined the Toabots when they heard of their pursuit of the OOP, which held several members from X-Nui. However, he truly work for a much darker force...Personality: Sideways is the consummate con-artist. He is misleading and deceitful in everything he does, portraying himself as the ninja-like warrior or the aloof drifter, and he lives for the look of shock and betrayal on his victims' faces when they realize he's played them for fools. Sideways started to show a laidback, jokey and sarcastic personality, doing things like singing to himself when flying away from fights, dancing to tunes when bored, and dissing others. The thought of the lost X-Nui, and the need to avenge it, would be something that would make this jokester turn grim and serious.Other: He has some sort of a relationship with soundwave, but the true nature of it is unknown. While he plays both sides, he actually works for a darker force...Theme Music: "Almost Dead", by Powerman 5000Name: Aurel KeahiSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: A Blue Toa of Fire, standing a bit taller than average, she wears chainmail of sorts that goes over her shoulder but cuts off at her midriff. She wears metal armor on her upper and lower body, and wears thigh armor and forearm armor as well. She also carries a satchel to hold items such as charcoal, parchment, and other trinkets she may come across. She currently is wearing borrowed robes from Iegasa. They don't really fit her well, since they were made to fit Noira.Kanohi: Great Faxon, Mask of KindredDominant Hand: RightPowers: Fire ElementalFaxon list:

  • [*]None

Abilities: A master elementalist, Aurel isn't bad at normal combat either, and is unrivaled among her family.Weapons/Equipment: A single sword, which can be wielded with both one, or two hands.Fighting Style: Her fighting style is flexible, and often unpredictable. Having no reason or rhyme why she would do something other than to confuse her opponent.Weaknesses: Water, snow, ice, the cold (can slow her down a bit, not as much as her brother), her brother, good-looking male Toa, trusting people too much, her uncontrolled anger.Widgets: 0Other Possessions: Stachel, Charcoal (x3), Parchment (x10), A partially completed map of the island (map of part of Po-Wahi, and Naho Bay), notes on Rahkshi from Mussiki, a light blue dress with lily-pad designs on it.Home: ???Affiliation: NoneAlignment: Chaotic NeutralBio: The Keahi line is not numerous, but it has spawned a large number of interesting individuals. Aurel is proof of this, and was considered to be superior to her brother. While originally, they lived on the same island, Aurel left early on, leading the life of a wanderer. How she became a Toa is unknown. She has arrived on Mata Nui as another place to traverse before moving on.Island Bio: Aurel arrived in Po-Wahi, where she met Verak and Corex. They then joined up with Tooroko, Zacax, Duesei, and Ambera. They all traveled on the Silver Keras for a short period of time, before they all seperated, and Aurel traveled with Zacax and his friends, developing feelings for him. Eventually, they landed in Ko-Wahi, where Aurel was almost kidnapped by Sideswipe. After heading to Le-Wahi, Aurel went off on her own, and met Madrihk, telling the ILS/ILF about the explosion in Ko-Koro. The ILS and Aurel traveled to Ko-Koro, where Aurel was kidnapped by the Shadow Hapaka and ransomed back to the ILS and Ko-Koro. Afterwards, Aurel stayed in Ko-Koro, until she was kidnapped by Suminaxe, a former member of the SH, and a follower of Makuta. There she was brought to the Makuta Shrine, where she was given to Iegasa. He put her under the control of Noira, and are currently on the way to the Tea Convention.Personality: While Aurel is smart on her own, she's often stubborn, and refuses to listen to others. She enjoys drink, wandering, and good-looking males, probably too much. She has a bit of a joking additude most of the time, and has a fierce rivalry with her brother. She warms up to people quickly, maybe too quickly for her sake. Also like her brother, she is a bit quick to anger, which sometimes effects her control over her mask/element.Other: Her brother is Auron Keahi.Theme Music: Juicebox, by The Strokes.Name: NorathedSpecies: Mystix (fire)Gender: MaleAppearance: A silver Mystix with a Dragon-like appearance. As he's younger, he is about the size of a Matoran.Kanohi: NoneDominant Hand: NonePowers: Fire ElementalAbilities: Has some sonic ability, like all mystix.Weapons/Equipment: NoneFighting Style: ???Weaknesses: Doesn't use weapons, weak for precious metals.Widgets: NoneOther Possessions: NoneHome: ???Affiliation: NoneAlignment: NeutralBio: Hatched elsewhere from the Mystix. The True origin of Nosohoth may never be known. He's survived the past ten years by living in the trees of Le-Wahi. Stirred up by recent events, Nosohoth seeks out others of his kind.Personality: Nosohoth is a firm believer in "adapt and overcome". He seeks to learn more, and is a eager student. Impatient and often fiery in temper, Nosohoth is always anxious to be on the move, and can't stand still for long.Other: He is of similar appearance to Acularg, just silver, and younger.Theme Music: ???Name: NoiraSpecies: Toa (Air)Gender: FemaleAppearance: A Green Toa of air, she wears what used to have been robes, now rags.Kanohi: MiruDominant Hand: AmbidextrousPowers: Air elemental, LevitationAbilities: She's not very strong, and years of servitude have made it difficult for her to act on her own. Weapons/Equipment: NoneFighting Style: NoneWeaknesses: Everything?Widgets: 0Other Possessions: NoneHome: Wherever she is.Affiliation: Her Master?Alignment: ???Bio: For most of her life she'd been sold from master to master. She eventually ended up in the Makuta shrine, where she somehow became a Toa.Personality: Long ago she lost faith that she'd ever been freed. She's often pessimistic, and has become little more than a empty shell doing what her master tells her.Other: ???Theme Music: ???Name: Auron/KaipaoeSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: This particular Toa wears standard body armor, which is shaped in a soft-edged triangle, with a A (without the mid-cross in it) upon it. He wears blue/silver thigh armor, strange pointed leg armor, and spiked shoulder-pads. What armor that is not silver, is a dark blue. Upon his shoulders is what could be blue crystals growing from his shoulder, but they can't be removed, or broken. The true nature of these are unknown. He also wears a grey cape, which he often takes off and hangs on the nearest object to prevent it from getting damaged. Image here.Kanohi: Great Huna, mask of concealment. Appears as a variant Faxon.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: Fire ElementalAbilities: Auvon is a master elementalist, and he knows many uses for his elemental powers, not all of him for combat. He has pracitced the control of his element to the extent where he can control heat as well as harnessing the minuscule traces of heat that all things generate.Weapons/Equipment: A single sword, double-edged, and long enough to be wielded with one, or two hands. At the hilt of the sword, there is a blue gem, possibly a diamond embedded into it.Fighting Style: His fighting style is flexible, and often unpredictable. Having no reason or rhyme why he would do something other than to confuse his opponent.Weaknesses: Water, snow, ice, the cold.Widgets: 1000Other Possessions: A bag of (49) coins. They appear to have special attributes, and grow heavy when near to each other. On one side is a green ruki fish, the other is a blue takea shark. A small pouch full of white jade leaves for tea.Home: Evrax Nui(?)Affiliation: NoneAlignment: Chaotic GoodBio: Auron is a wanderer, always has, always will. He never really enjoyed working with others. When he was younger, other Matoran didn't like to be around him. Even when he became a Toa, and joined up with a team of Toa, the other didn't like to be around him. Eventually, when on a mission fighting with another Toa of Fire to liberate an island from a Skakdi warlord, he almost killed his team when he lost his temper and unleashed a powerful blast of fire elemental energy. Afterwards, he was exiled from the team, and took wandering up. Again. Eventually, he ended up on Mata Nui, after traveling by boat across the ocean.Personality: Often highly calm, Auron has learned to keep his inner-anger at check, containing it so he wouldn't loose control like he did years back. Despite this, he has a highly care-free personality, and cares little what hapeens in the end. However, when confronted by strangers or is alone and bored, his happy carefree personality dissapears, replaced by a grim pessimistic version of himself. In the end, he reconizes that the world is cold, and doesn't care, he can't change the way people act. He is also random, saying things that may or may not make sense, and may come off as insane as others.Other: His carefree nature seems to get him in trouble, a bunch. He also likes tea, a lot.Theme Music: Tundra/Desert by Modest MouseName: VelanSpecies: Toa of WaterGender: FemalePowers: Various water based powersMask: Faxon shaped Huna, the mask of concealmentWeapons: Spiked flail, Two katanas, and a large knife.Description: A slightly smaller then average Toa of Water with pitch black armor. He arms and legs are blue though. Most male toa would describe her as 'hot'.Alignment: Chaotic EvilPersonality and Traits: Completely Evil, she lives to kill. Acting as a bounty hunter she has had a fairly successful career. Fights dirty using every and all her advantages in a fight.Weaknesses: All the weaknesses that go along with toa of water, in addition, she can be easily defeated by brute strength.Name: Deyr/RyedSpecies: Le-MatoranGender: MalePowers: NoneMask: A powerless Lime KuakuaWeapons: NoneDescription: A Normal Le-Matoran with a solid build. His arms and legs are teal, while his hands, feet, mask, and body are lime. (Thinks of himself as handsome.)Alignment: Good (Ryed is Evil)Personality: A fun loving Le-Matoran who loves everything and everyone. Is borderline insane, and refuses to see any bad in people. Never sad or 'blue', its said he can talk the head off Makuta Ryed on the other hand is a evil trickster. He loves to cause trouble and chaos.Weaknesses: Can't fight or swim. He loves the water though.Name: KarkhalmSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleWeapons: Double bladed sword, Fusion CannonTech: A small device on his back that repair his armor, akin to the regeneration disks of Metru Nui. This device increases the durability of the metals. It can also burst repaire his armor, repairing it all at once. After the burst repair, the device has to recharge. A Fusion Cannon that replaced his left arm. It fires large blasts of highly energetic particles at a target. Requires recharging after 7 shots.Description: A tall vortixx with sliver armor, his left arm has been replaced with his fusion cannon. Image:http://farm8.staticf..._6e06dd4773.jpgPersonality and Traits: A no-nonsense kind of person, Karkhalm is one of Mata Nui's baddest cops. Going to great lengths to that criminals are brought to justice. He has no problem killing anything or anyone who he deems as a criminal.Weaknesses: Is a stick in the mud and doesn't like change. This may cause him to not do things that might save himself or someone.Name: Cikren (Also goes by the name 'Blue')Species: Toa of IceGender: FemalePowers: Various ice abilities, although she had trouble absorbing cold.Kanohi: Calix, the Mask of FateWeapons: A curved sword along with a spear.Description: Cikren is a blue and white armored Ko-Toa. She is slightly taller than normal, and her Calix is custom shaped. ImageAlignment: HerselfPersonality and Traits: Cikren is aloof and dislikes being interacted with. Some say she is as cold as her element. A bit 'bossy' and sometimes rude. She always works alone.Weaknesses: She get exremely uncomfortable around heat. Cikren also doesn't work well with others. She also has trouble with absorbing cold from the area she is in.Name: HalnosSpecies: Mystix of Gravity (See here for species description)Gender: MalePowers: Toa-Level control over Gravity, natural echolocation ability.Kanohi: NoneWeapons: NoneDescription: A black armored Mystix with portions of dark purple. He is larger then your avarage Mystix, and bulkier.Alignment: Mystix (So, pretty much evil)Personality and Traits: Halnos is ruthless, caring for nothing and no one besides himself. The Mystix of Gravity is very secritive, and trusts almost no one. He is a master at controling his elemental power, besting even the most skilled Toa. If he focuses enough he can force the gravitic energy to become an almost a physical thing. Using this to his advantage, Halnos can create instant shields and barriers. Although somewhat stronger physically then other Mystix, he rarely fights hand-to-hand.Weaknesses: His back is lightly armored, and he is a somewhat slower flier because of his larger size.neisprite.pngName: NeiSpecies: Ga-MatoranGender: FemalePowers: None, although, one could argue her extreme cuteness.Kanohi: A powerless blue Miru.Weapons: None.Description: Nei is a Mctoran style Matoran, her mask and legs are blue while her body and arms are turquoise. As she is only 85, she isn't all that tall.Alignment: GoodPersonality and Traits: Nei acts her age, and that sometimes gets her into trouble. Although, she usually gets out of it because of her age or cuteness. Surprisingly, she is trained in martial arts.Weaknesses: Elemental powers, just about everything.Name: ThrakSpecies: Toa of PlantlifeGender: MalePowers: Very advanced control over plantlife, limited Gravity powers through his Kanohi.Kanohi: A Garai shaped like Lihkan's Hau.Description: Thrak is a fairly good looking Toa with a misleading trusting smile on his face. His armor is reddish while his skin is brown hued. He wears a leather jacket, boots, and a brown fedora. His left arm has been cut-off, but has been replaced by one made out of various plants.Weapons: Whatever he can make with his powers, a rapier with a plant-like handguard.Traits: Thrak has very advanced control over his elemental power, beyond what most Toa can handle. Proof of this is his plant-limb, which he controls entirely with his elemental power.Alignment: SlaverWeaknesses: His main weakness is fire or ice powers.Name: SehriiSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: FemalePowers: Elemental control over magnetism.Kanohi: Kaukau shaped Pakari, the Mask of StrengthWeapons: A fast-loading compact crossbow with metal bolts, a dual-bladed staff, and two swords.Desription: Sehrii is a somewhat good-looking Toa. Her smooth silvery metallic armor is worn over her natural lime armor. Her crossbow and staff are strapped across her back while her swords are belted at her waist. She keeps her weapons in a noticably better state then her armor.Alignment: HerselfPersonality and Traits: Sehrii has a strong "do-it-yourself" attitude, and can be stubborn at times. The Toa of Magnetism is partly trained in hand-to-hand combat, but prefers to use her weapons and elemental power instead. Her Pakari grants her super-strength, making up for her lack of it.Weaknesses: She sometimes rushes into situations without planning or preparation, and is competative to the point of picking fights with people she can't beat.Name: BeyniSpecies: De-MatoranGender: FemalePowers: None (However, has super-sensitive hearing)Kanohi: Powerless Faxon shaped like a Great KakamaWeapons: Compact bow with 20 metal tipped-wooden arrows. A small hunting knife.Description: Beyni's armor, mask, and hands is blue-grey, while her arms and legs are black. She has a MNOLGII style build.Personality and Traits: Beyni is generally quiet, even for a De-Matoran. Although, this is only to protect her sensitive hearing, and she is actually a very outgoing person. Although, she can be shy at times, especially when meeting new people.Weaknesses: Elemental powers, loud sounds.Name: "Leo" (Phyrrex Akrata)Species: Ta-ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A Gold/Red Toa of Fire.Kanohi: Great Mask ofDominant Hand: AmbidextrousPowers: Fire elementalAbilities: Born Leader, knows how to command, and how to gain and control power. Knowledgeable in most basic forms of combat.Weapons/Equipment: Sword, twin claws, battle-ax.Fighting Style: Varies between whichever weapons he wants to use. Has several different fighting styles per weapon.Weaknesses: Personal Pride, inability to accept lesser status, water, ice, the cold, arrogance, personal anger, his own hastiness, jealousy, personal greed, lust for power, want of luxury, lust, emotional indulgence.Widgets: N/AOther Possessions: UnknownHome: UnknownAffiliation: Toa ZodiacAlignment: ???Bio: ???Personality: Phyrrex is the most diverse of the Zodiac. He is ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong-willed, positive, independent, "No such thing as doubt in MY vocabulary", and self-controlled. He excels when in control, his personal magnetism and innate courtesy of mind bringing out the best of loyalty from those who work with, or under him. He knows exactly what he wants, and spends a large amount of energy trying to get what he wants as well. He thinks and acts bigger than what many would even try, or think possible. On his "good" moods, he is humane, idealistic, and beneficiant. However, at his worst, he is one of the most vile beings ever known. In the latter state, his arrogance, pride haughtiness, and temper work against him. If rivals appear, he uses lies and trickery to get rid of them. His self-centeredness, greed, pomposity, and overbearing intolerant disdain for underlings sometimes has him at odds at the other Toa. Add a pasion for luxury, lust for power, a unlimited lust for love, and emotional indulgence, and few wish to be around him. Despite these flaws, he often stands for the good of others. Sometimes.Other: UnknownTheme Music: ???


Name: "#133/Sheoldred" (Actual name, Unknown)

Species: Toa, Ice

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Ruru

Appearance: A mostly black Toa with white and silver highlights. His armor is mostly featureless, and his mask is in the shape of Rode.

Powers: Ice Elemental, Night Vision.

Strengths: Stalker, Marksman, has the uncanny ability to track his prey.

Weapons: Crossbow, two small swords.

Weaknesses: Better in ranged combat, rambles.

Alignment: DARK

Personality: "Sheoldred" speaks little. In fact, he's rarely focuses on what is going on around him. He prefers following a saying called, "Turn on, tune in, and drop out." He immediately becomes more focused when his name is spoken, and often follows any orders to the letter. A model DARK agent, "Sheoldred" is a cold-blood killer, more than willing to gun down any in his way. The true reason why "Sheoldred" speaks little is from a old wound, which forces him to speak in a whisper. He holds a grudge against , and will do anything to find her, and kill her.

History: "Sheoldred," or "133" as he was more commonly known, was one of DARK's earlier, and finer agents they employed. It is unknown of his previous life before DARK, as "Sheoldred" rarely speaks of it. On one of the last missions, "61" revealed the agent's plan to escape, and during the mission, "Sheoldred" attempted to kill as well as his targets. The resulting battle between "166" and "Sheoldred" result in "Sheoldred's" current wound. During the time of the agent's escape, he was unable to speak to his superiors to tell them the agent's plan. "Sheoldred" survived the explosion that destroyed the DARK base, and continued to work for DARK as an assassin.


Name: "#61" (Real name, Unknown)

Species: Toa, Plasma

Gender: Female

Kanohi: Kanohi Matatu

Appearance: A Toa with simplistic, unordained armor. Her armor color is Blue and Light Blue, and her Matatu is in the shape of a blue Akaku.

Powers: Plasma Elemental,

Strengths: Melee fighter, strong tactician, climber, decent marksman, is able to blend with large crowds easily, expert of disguise, excellent with most weapons given to her, elemental powers.

Weapons: None Currently, uses most weapons she can find.

Weaknesses: The Cold, Water, can have lapses in moral judgement, can be caught off-guard if a plan/disguise fails.

Alignment: None

Personality: "61" can be defined as strong-willed, serious, and could be considered cold and detached. "106" is determined to make something better of her life, but is unused to the world around her. At times she could be timid, or secretive, but this is due to her entire life spent being trained as an assassin, not a talker.

History: "61" was born for DARK. Since birth, she has been trained to be an operative for the organization of assassins, and approximately after five cycles, she was inducted as an field agent of the organization, becoming a Toa at the same time. When "Sheoldred" first joined DARK, it was "61" who started to trained him. When "Sheoldred" became a field agent, he was paired with "61". Eventually, "61" had enough of DARK. She formulated her own escape plan at the same time the other agents made theirs. When she attempted to convince "Sheoldred" to join her in escaping DARK, the two of them battled, and it was "61" who gave him the injury that forces him to speak in a whisper. She was able to escape at the same time as the other agents, and journeyed to Mata Nui, hoping to change her life, and put the past behind her.

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name: lonespecies: toagender: maleelemental power: electrictiy weapons: hand-held arc wielderalignment: neturalpersonality: lone is just like is name implies, he's a loner. he rarely works with others on anything. he is also very quiet.bio: lone really didnt change much when he became a toa. he was a very quiet matoran, for a matoran of elecitricty anyways. now he works more or less like a mecr, doing an odd job here and there.weakness: is very weak against water-based attacks. is also weak against some types of fire-based attacksappearance: has white armor with gold steaks along his sholders and near the bottom of his legs, yet oddly, he wears a blue mask of healing

War...war never changes.

We crawl, on our knees for you,
under, a sky no longer blue,
we sweat, all day long for you.

But we sow, seeds to see us though,
cause sometimes dreams just don't come true,
we wait, to reap what we are due.

-Rise Against, Re-Education (through Labor)




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Powers & Tools:


Theme Song:


The Fisherman

“It is my time to help the people.”

Name: Virin


Species: Toa of Water


Gender: Male


Allegiance: Ga-Koro


Goals: Prove himself worthy to Ga-Koro.


Appearance: Handsome and heroic looking, Virin is tall and muscular. He stands at the height of 7’6 with a powerful form. His muscles are like that of a swimmer, being lean and tightly compact, not explosive and bulky. His armor is a combination of three colors, gold, blue, and green. His chest plates, shoulder-pads, and leg armor are all golden. His arms and legs are blue while his feet and hands are green, along with the rest of his torso. To complete this appearance, he wears a blue Faxon that is shaped like a Kaukau.


Powers & Tools:

-Element: Water

-Kanohi: Faxon (Mask of Kindred)

-Natural swimmer.

-His Toa tool is a trident – not just an ordinary fishing trident either; an ancient-looking golden trident with an ancient, unknown language inscribed on the sides.


Personality: Noble and kind are the words that have been used to describe Virin. He’s not much of a pacifist, but he’s mostly a peaceful guy who likes to be alone. One could say that he’s ‘shy’, not really liking the company of others and having difficulty understanding other people. Still, he’s a good man who will always stand up for the little guy even if he wouldn’t have a conversation with him. Normally calm and in control of himself, there is another side to Virin. If enraged enough, he’ll turn violent and become filled with rage and hate. It’s hard to push him over the edge, but once that side emerges it’s incredibly hard to get him to calm down. This is why Virin always to keep himself together so that he doesn’t unleash his full wrath on anyone…


History: Virin was born and raised in Ga-Koro. His father was a fisherman and his mother was a village teacher. It was because of that reason that Virin experienced a lot when he was young. His mother made sure he had an education. She taught him all about the world and Virin was wise because of it. It was his father who made him the Toa he would later become, though. He taught Virin how to fish from an early age so that he could carry on the family business once he was dead. He also learned the values of hard-work and faith in the common man. He also was the one who gave him his trident. The trident was a reward to him, a reward for his hard work.


Years later, Virin would be fishing at the docks when he discovered a glittering rock in the ocean. He believed to be a diamond or some other precious mineral, Virin planned to sell it. However, once he touched the stone, Virin became transformed by its mysterious power. He became a Toa.


When his parents discovered this, they were incredibly proud of their son. Now that the Toa Mata had disappeared, any Toa that could be found were revered. They were thankful to the Great Spirit for choosing their son. However, the joy was not to last... Tragedy would soon strike.


While learning to master his powers and become a true hero, Virin’s father had been forced to pick up Virin’s work as a fisherman. However, fishermen were starting to become afraid of fishing on the coast. In the dark times that had struck the island, pirates had started to take advantage of the chaos and attack more regularly. Virin’s father refused to leave the shores, though. Despite his bravery, there was an attack on Ga-Koro that night by a crew of pirates. The result was Virin’s father and mother being slain by these pirates.

Once this was discovered by Virin, he lashed out with his powers and murdered the pirate crew who had attacked the bay. He had protected Ga-Koro, but he had also broken the Toa Code. He realized this and just as he was about to stab the captain, he so the fear in that man’s eyes. He saw that he was no longer a hero, but now a monster. For that, Virin spared his life and allowed him to flee. Solemnly, he buried his parents on the beach.


The people of Ga-Koro had seen what he’d done; they did not want him as a champion. Virin was exiled from the village and retired to one of the abandoned lighthouses that surrounded the island. It was there that Virin trained to master his powers and his anger. One day, he’d return to Ga-Koro and save them from darkness…



-The main weakness that his enemies tend to notice is that when not near a body of water, Virin is a lot less dangerous. He can still fight, but having water around him to attack with is one of his greater advantages.

-His emotions can also be exploited if someone knows how to make him tick.

The Soldier

“Wars are not won by the biggest guns; they’re won by the people with the most heart.”

Name: Firion


Species: Ga-Matoran


Gender: Male


Allegiance: Ga-Koro


Goals: Serve Ga-Koro and to one day, assist in defeating the Makuta.


Appearance: Not very handsome or charming, he’s very short and stocky, his muscles making him appear to be rather bulky. His armor is mostly colored blue with some accents of black. It is also themed for the water, with fins being on the sides of his arm guards and shin protectors. He wears a blue powerless Pakari over his face. Strapped to his back is his katana.


Powers & Tools:

-Incredible amount of physical ability for a Matoran. He has a great amount of speed and agility, owing most of it to his size and training.

-Natural swimmer.

-Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has been taught to use all manners of weapons like bows and spears.

-His greatest asset is his intelligence. He’s somewhat of a genius when it comes to battle tactics and is also incredibly quick on his feet. He is capable of improvising strategies on the spot when forced to do so, although he prefers to properly plan out his confrontations.

-A light katana that he keeps strapped to his back at all times.


Personality: A soldier, Firion has a love for combat. He’s spent most of his life being trained to fight and he honestly can’t imagine a different kind of life. Even as a soldier though, Firion has lines that he will not cross. He’s somewhat idealistic and hopeful, mostly because of how young he is. He still believes that people can do and that the good guys can win. It was this reasoning that he decided to join the Ga-Koro Navy and protect the village, which he believes is a great honor. Honor is another thing that he holds very high. A man without honor doesn’t deserve to be called a man that is his personal motto for life and everything else.


History: When he was but a child, his parents were murdered by a pirate raid on the village. Perhaps if this hadn’t happened, he would have lived an entirely different life. However, this was not the case. The manner in which parents were killed led him to believe that the village needed to be protected. He started training to become the perfect soldier, a man who could defeat the evils that threatened the village. By the time the Ga-Koro navy was reorganizing, he was ready. Firion joined the organization and was instantly one of its greater recruits although he faced adversity due to the fact that he didn’t always listen to the words of his superiors. For that, he’s been kept at grunt level for the time being, something that Firion is perfectly fine with, as long as he gets to due his duty.



-He lacks physical power like strength and durability. The little guy is quick, but he can’t exactly too many powerful hits.


Theme Song: Live to Rise – Soundgarden




The Rookie

“Tahu, Kopaka? Names of the past! It’s time for a new era and I’m one of its stars!”

Name: Amellus

Species: Toa

Gender: Male


Allegiance: Ta-Koro Guard


Goals: Become the greatest hero that the island has ever seen.


Appearance: A muscular Toa of average height with a stupid, cocky grin always plastered on his face that is Amellus. He’s rather handsome and is aware of this, so he constantly flaunts it by wearing tight clothing and flashing his pearly whites at everyone who will bear it. He wears a beautiful set of armor that is orange and red. He’s more then just another pretty face though, having an athletic and lean body to go along with it. His mask is shaped like a red Tryna and he has sharp blue eyes.


Powers & Tools:

-Element: Plasma

-Kanohi: Mask of Rebounding

-Wields a Morningstar which he uses to channel his elemental powers through.

-He also has a customized lava board that doubles as a shield to protect him from his enemy’s attacks. It’s ridiculously durable since it can survive lava so most attacks can’t really harm it.

Personality: Not the best example of a hero, Amellus is an arrogant Toa who desires fame and glory before anything else. He tries his best to be the hero that he wants to be but most of the time he’s just off-putting. He himself is a womanizer, using grand stories of his supposed exploits to rope them in. Although he won’t ever admit it, Amellus would love to meet someone who isn’t so easily fooled, but for the time being, he’s content with his little flings. Rude and headstrong, he’s disrespectful of pretty much everyone even the accomplished veterans of the island the heroes of the past. The reasoning behind this is that Amellus believes that one day he will surpass them. He is very eager and ready to become the great hero he so desperately wants to be. He still means well though and he does try his best to protect the Matoran, but he sometimes forgets what being a hero is truly about.


History: As a young kid who lived on the streets of Ta-Koro, Amellus grew up idolizing the heroes of the island, the Toa Mata. He wanted to desperately be like them. He wanted to be a Toa; a hero. So when he came of age, the young Matoran of Plasma joined the Ta-Koro Guard and became one of its youngest members. He never really got to go on any heroic quests though. Instead, he was regulated to guarding the wall which he found was incredibly boring. Eventually something happened, though. The Toa Mata disappeared from the island and where nowhere to be found. Amellus saw this as his opportunity. He left this position at the guard to go an adventure and rescue the Toa Mata from the clutches of the Makuta. Due to his stupidity and ignorance, Amellus nearly died. He ended up in Po-Koro, nearly crushed underneath a rock and he surely would’ve been dead if not by sheer luck he discovered a Toa stone. Transformed into one of the might heroes that he idolized, Amellus returned home to what he expected would be a crowd of fans and the respect that he deserved. However, he was sent right back to the wall where he remains to this day dreaming of his time to shine.


-He’s a newcomer to the Toa game and is still trying to learn how to control the incredible powers given to him.

-Arrogance causes him to underestimate most of his enemies.


Theme Song: Number One – Hazel Fernandez


The Broken

“I’m a failure!” “Death is the only happiness.”

Name: Anshiel/Anath the Reaper

Species: Valkyr (Tuck-approved species)

Gender: Female


Allegiance: Neutral


Goals: Eat apples.


Appearance: A wonderful sight to behold, Anshiel is a short baby blue Toa-looking creature. She would actually be identical to a Toa if it weren’t for her beautiful white wings that spread out from behind her back. They’re very long, thrice her height actually. She normally folds them though when not in flight or else it’d be difficult too move around. Somewhat petite and small, she creates the appearance of being weak and defenseless, hiding the darker side to her true nature. Huge, bright green eyes poke out from her Noble Ruru shaped mask and they’re constantly moving around, observing everything near her. The most threatening thing about her is the sharp nails on her fingers which are almost like claws.


Powers & Tools:

-Kanohi: Mask of Healing

-Her wings aren’t just for show; Anshiel is capable of achieving great heights by flying. While they are mostly used for flight purposes, Ashiel’s wings are incredibly tough. They can survive most elemental barrages without getting a single scar.

-Like the rest of her kind, she possesses great strength and agility. Despite her small frame, Anshiel is easily capable of ripping apart a full-sized Toa with her bare hands. It is something that surprises most of the people who go against her and they’re normally unprepared for the burst of speed and the staggering amount of strength behind it.

-Ridiculously sharp claws which can shred metal and armor if given the chance.

Personality: A bumbling and nervous Valkyr, Anshiel is not like most of her kind. She is somewhat hypercritical and under confident in her own abilities. She constantly doubts herself and will burst into tears at the slightest insult. Not exactly a stone-blooded killer, she is also very accident prone. She can hardly move around without breaking something near her and she’s very hazardous to the people around her. Despite all of this, Anshiel means well. She is eager to make friends, perhaps a little too eager though, for she trusts nearly everyone that she encounters, even when it is obvious that they’re dangerous.


A darker side exists, though. Beneath the surface, there bubbles another personality, her true inner self. Anath, it calls itself. Dark and merciless, Anath seeks to end all suffering and she sees herself as a messiah. She is a murderous one, though, and the personality isn’t exactly sane. She is an avatar of death and believes that the only way for people to be truly happy is by extinguishing their lives so they can taste sweet death. Crazed and uncontrollable, the personality has a way with words and is constantly trying to corrupt sweet Anshiel when she is control of their body.


History: She awoke on the shores of Ga-Wahi, covered in blood and screaming. A group of fishermen discovered her there and took her back to their cabin, trying to calm her and clean her up. They were able to learn only a few details and they were vague at best. She was from another land, but she didn’t remember which. Her name was apparently Anshiel as well. When she discovered that they were going to tell the Turaga about her, she suddenly changed. She murdered all of the fisherman and left the cabin, heading for the jungles of Le-Wahi, where she has not been heard from since.


-As Anshiel, she is not exactly that great of a fighter. She is more likely to run away from a fight then actually go heads up against someone.

-Her main weakness as Anath is that she’s susceptible to elemental attacks. The Valkyr lacks elemental power so she cannot use them herself and she is forced to rely on her physical abilities more so than anything.


Theme Song: What You Don’t Know – Jonatha Brooke


The Pirate


“Deep down in all of your precious little hearts, you all know that you desire revenge as much as I do.”


Name: Mavero


Species: Toa of Iron


Gender: Male


Allegiance: Himself


Goal: Get revenge on Virin for taking his hand and destroying his crew.


Theme Song: Blackbeard – Hans Zimmer


Appearance: The first thing that most people notice about Mavero is that he is incredibly tall. He stands at an impressive eight feet tall and many have compared him to a tree due to its slender body. He’s not bony though, his body has a fine cut to it and muscles ripple through his body. Possessing a charming face, Mavero is considered by many to be strangely attractive for his dark and roguish features. He wears a black Kanohi Akaku and has glowering red eyes underneath his brow. The armor that he wears is colored black and gunmetal grey. Tight fitting, the armor gives him a wolfish vibe and he has an aura of danger around him. For added intimidation, he has spiked shoulder pads, the spikes are silver. Perhaps the most interesting thing about him is that where his left hand should be located, there is a silver hook. Gleaming brightly, he normally keeps it tucked away in his black pirate coat.


Powers & Tools:

-Element: Iron

-Kanohi: Zatth (Great Mask of Summoning)

-Skilled navigator

-Natural swimmer

-His main weapon is the shiny silver hook in the place where his right hand is supposed to be located. A prosthetic, it can be removed if he has too. Ridiculously sharp, it is piercing like a sword; his hook can match even the strongest of blades.


Personality: A true madman, there seems to be little logic to anything that Mavero does and he is often random. Controlled by only himself and his desires, Mavero is incredibly dangerous for that reason. Selfish, the lives of others matter nothing to him and he has no problem with taking a life, even if it is for a petty reason. Showing a complete lack of fear or even care of his own well-being, Mavero often appears to be suicidal. Truly unstoppable, he will not rest until he kills Virin, even at the price of his own life. Any hints of the formerly sane man have been completely eliminated.


While he is indeed insane, Mavero is also incredibly charismatic, which is how he manipulates people despite his apparent insanity. He lures in people with his wild, magnetic (pun) personality. Even if he is crazy, Mavero is smart. He knows how to pull people’s strings and control their emotions. A fan of mind games, Mavero takes a personal pleasure in breaking others and molding them into killers. He has a ridiculous and stunning understanding of other people despite being a monster. Because of this, it is easier for him to enthrall them with his flirty way of speaking.


A man who has become consumed with revenge, Mavero is no longer an ordinary Toa; he is a vessel for his own rage. He has become obsessed with his pay back. His determination is ridiculous and he is ruthless in his quest for vengeance. He doesn’t care about who he hurts to get it, including himself. Seemingly unstoppable, even if one manages to get him down, he’ll just get right back up and continue on which is his greatest strength.


History: Once Mavero was just an ordinary Matoran who sailed the high seas. He was merely a nuisance, not a danger to anyone. Banished from his home island by the local Turaga for his greed and selfishness, Mavero found his place on a pirate ship in Mata-Nui. He started off as merely infantry for the crew, the first to be sent into battle and to die. However, Mavero survived these battles and this wasn’t overlooked. He climbed the ranks of the ship quickly, eventually becoming the captain’s trusted first mate. It didn’t last long, however. One day, the crew became shipwrecked on an island and he and the captain were lost in caves off the shore. When it became clear that he might not survive on their rations, Mavero murdered his captain and kept everything to himself. When he was finally rescued by the crew, they found their captain dead and Mavero promoted to the position.


Now in command of the crew, Mavero ruthlessly led swift attacks on the shores of Ga-Koro, attacking fishermen and simply taking their belongings. The authorities couldn’t hope to capture them because of how quickly they attacked and then retreated; out to the caves where no one would dare follow them. However, Mavero and his crew’s little rampage soon ended because of one Toa. Mavero launched an attack a fishing settlement and he proceeded to murder most of the inhabitants. He would have never thought that any of the fishermen would be related to a Toa. A Toa by the name of Virin arrived on the scene and after seeing the butchered bodies of his parents, he did that same to Mavero’s crew. Every man in his crew was dead and bodies littered the shores, but Mavero fought on against Virin. The battle was heated, but he couldn’t defeat the man. His hand was cut off by this Toa and he stared into the man’s eyes with pure hate and fear. Perhaps that was why the Toa spared him, he’d never understand why. He simply understood the chance he had to escape and he slithered away into the sea, seemingly disappearing and never appearing again. The horror of the pirate Mavero was over.


Or was it?


He would’ve drowned that night if it weren’t for the fact that while sinking to the bottom of the ocean, he chanced upon a stone. Touching this stone, he was transformed into a Toa and managed to crawl to an island. He didn’t understand why he had been chosen or particularly care. He could now get his revenge on the Toa who had defeated him. Using a hook from his ship, he crafted himself a new hand. He then started to plot a century-long scheme of vengeance, waiting for the day that he’d get the opportunity to return to Ga-Koro.



-His hook can be manipulated by a Toa of Iron with a proficient amount of skill.


Cabal of Cruelty


The Master

“Someone needs to teach the people of this island a little something about respect.”

Name: Laird Destro Malkai Species: Po-ToaGender: Male

Allegiance: The Cabal

Goals: Take control of Po-Koro and eventually the entire island.

Appearance: A Toa of the Stone tribe, Destro has a very dignified appearance. He is rather tall and has broad shoulders to match his frame. He towers over most people, staring down at them. He has very defined and fine features for a male, but he’s not considered handsome. He is also old and thus his mask is starting to show signs of weathering on his mask. His piercing blue eyes are still focused and acute though. He also wears a brown mask, crafted in the shape of an Elda. His armor is of brown and golden shades and is a very elegant style. Finally, he wears a golden cape that drags behind him when he walks.

Powers & Tools:

-Element: Stone

-Kanohi: Mahiki(Mask of Illusion)

-He possesses a massive amount of wealth and resources in which he has devoted entirely to the suffering of others. His name also commands a certain amount of respect in Po-Koro and the Matoran of the village are well acquainted with him.

-His greatest asset is actually not his intellect. No, it is his mind. Sharp and intelligent, Destro is a true criminal mastermind. He spends most of his time in his castle plotting so he has plenty of schemes to unleash on the people.

-Wields a magnificent looking broadsword, with a golden hilt and a shiny silver blade. He has lopped off many heads with it before and he wields it with relative ease.

Personality: Quite possibly the most arrogant man one will ever meet, Destro looks down on everyone. In his cold eyes, they are all beneath him. His cold and passionless nature towards other beings means that he has a casual disregard for a life. To him, taking a life is almost as difficult as breathing. He doesn’t murder without reason though. He’s a careful planner and when he does something, it is merely a step in the plan. Intelligent and calculating, Destro is a schemer who profits on the misery of others. Sometimes, his ego gets in the way of his ambition, especially since he believes that he’s a bigger threat then even he actually is. A textbook narcissist, it can be said that the only thing that Destro worships is actually himself.

History: The proud owner of Casterly Rock (a decent-sized manor on the outskirts of Po-Koro), Destro had his beginnings in a foreign land. He was poor and starving on his home island, but he had ambition. He dreamed of one day being rich and standing above the nobles who laughed at him and spited him. So he left his home to achieve his dream and eventually, he discovered Mata-Nui. On this island, he had the opportunity to start over and he would not let it slip through his fingers. A merchant baker, Destro managed funds for several bankers and investors for many years. Over this years, he was also collecting a small amount of fortune which slowly built up into a massive amount of coin that his name was attached too. Destro soon became incredibly wealthy and successful within the village. He still desired more, though, for outside of Po-Koro, no one knew of his name. Even winning the land that would become Casterly Rock wasn’t enough to sate his hunger. No, he needed more. When he discovered a Toa stone in his estate, he was surprisingly transformed into a Toa. Destro saw this as the brilliant chance it was. He now power and he intended to use it. He has devoted his life to evil and power, which is why he has founded the Cabal, inside of Po-Koro for his own schemes.Weaknesses:

-His ego.

Theme Song: Taxman – The Beatles

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Name: RatuSpecies:Toa of StoneGender:MaleMask: KakamaDescription: An averaged sized toa. Has mata feet with metru legs. Has a inika body with a nuparu chestplate in brown. Inka arms and a mata head witha kakama. He is colored brown with accents of yellow. Powers and abilities: Being a toa of stone he is imbued with immense strength. The kakama also grants him super speed and with his mastery the power to go through walls. He has a special bond with reptiles and has been known to talk to them and even persuade them to help him in his causes. He can often be seen talking to them and off even exploring with them much to everyones confusion. He carries dual short swords that are imbued with the power of stone. He also carries vials of venom and anti venom he gets from venomous reptiles.Past history: Ratu started out as a matoran until one day he was out exploring and interacting with some reptiles. He was transformed all of the sudden with a great light. He now wanders as a nomad using his kakama helping matoran and others in need searching for his destiny as a toa. Weakness: Ratu's weakness is his inability to withstand cold temperatures. You will not often see him in ko-wahi due to this reason. The cold saps him of his energy and makes it hard for him to perform very basic actions such as running and fighting.Alignment: good

Do you want to have a theme revolving around mythical beasts? If you do please support my Dragon Slayers project on CUUSOO link: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/7694

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My latest MOC! http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=9379

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Name: TangruaDesigneation: goodSpecies: Po-MatoranMask: Noble Mahiki, not accessable due to being a matoran.Gender: MaleDescription: Po-Matoran with Mata nui style body, only with better legs and a prosthetic arm.Picture at workbench:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1061.jpgWorkbench without prosthetic:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1062.jpgWith blades equiped:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1078.jpgHistory:A Po-Matoran inventor who lost his arm in an accident. He has learned to cope, and still continues to invent in a small shop in Po-Metru.Powers/Abilities: Smart and good at talking.Weaknesses: Prosthetic lowers manerverability, has to position it manually, but has shoulder articulation.Name: CretailianPictures:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1077.jpgSpecies: Karosiv Crab, A distant relative of the Visorak and Ussal Crab.Powers and abilities: weak venom that can paralyze rahi for a few minutes, but not strong enough to harm a Matoran or Toa.History: A small rahi that Tangrua found while scavenging and befrended him.Weakneses: boots, bigger things, things requiring posable thumbs, things requiring higher intelligence, etc...Name: TegamSpecies: Toa of MagnetismPictures:Double blade sword:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1081.jpgSplit handed sword:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1082.jpgPowers: MagnetismMask: Mask of healingHistory: He doesn't know much about his past, but after comming to Mata-Nui the first person he met was Tangrua. Continues to work with him at his small shop and joins him on scavenging expeditions.Weapons: Large blade that can split in half, one for each hand. It is coated in iorn filings to give him some ranged attacks, and he can shape them to his will. Has medical experience.Weaknesses: Other magnetic interference, electicity, and fire. Water makes it hard to use iorn filings, but is o.k. otherwise.Name: AmakavMask: Hunu, Mask of concealmentPicture:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1084.jpgWeapons: Shield made out of Vizorak body (simply decorative), Fire staffElement: FireHistory: Friend of Tegam, meet Tangrua when Tegam introduced them, works for Tangrua in shop, basically doing soldering and welding.Personality: Fun loving and generous, also quite smart an good at math.Weakness: Water in large doses (only weakens element, he actually likes it), Short temper, fear of heightsName: NogowSpecies: UnknownPicture:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1065.jpgWhile pulling cart:http://www.brickshel...PG/100_1056.jpgAbilities: Big teeth, strongHistory: Tangrua bought him from a merchant and uses him to pull his wagonName: NingSpecies: Toa of LightningPictures: Comming soon, Toa mata body with light blue legs, White body, and Blue shoulders.Mask: Mask of levitationWeapons: Two Electric Swords that are taller then she is.History: Tegam's cousin and childhood friend. Collects weapons, which she has custom made by said cousin at Tangrua's shop.Personality: Teenage girl (Need I say more?)Weakness: Overexitable, doesn't know her own strength, irritable.

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Name: KaiSpecies: Toa of SonicsAlignment: Mercenary, so pretty much in between good and evilGender: MaleAppearance: Very Bulky and Strong, Arms look like Axon's, Inika-like buildWeapons: Sonic StaffUtilizes vibrations from everywhere to create a powerful sonic blast, also good for sparring.Mask: The Kanohi Kadin, Mask of FlightSkills: He is a master at the art of Sword and Shield combat, utilizing whatever is near as a shield. Very good at detecting stealthy movements.Weaknesses: Very Overconfident, need I further explain?Personality: Besides being overconfident, Kai is very humble. He definately likes a clean kill, prefering to kill fast than to make his target suffer. He is very good at changing his appearance and body language at times when he is hired.Bio: Little is known about Kai, the only thing taht he knows is that he washed up on the shore, with a short note saying, your destiny shall be realized and his name. He then makes his way into a remote area, for a long time and practices his powers. He then moves into the islands, ready to take on the world and realize his destiny.If there are any problems with this, please PM me, but please if you do delete this, please copy it into the PM.(He is not the person on my proflie pic that is a deifferent MOC)

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Name: KetanSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Toa DaedraMask: Kualsi (Quick Travel)Powers: AirWeapons: Vacuum Scythe, knives, firework revolver (looted from Jianzha).Description: A dark green and gray Toa with silver armour and a black cloak. Carries a large scythe on his back, and several knives belted at his waist. Ketan has a gift with words, able to twist others to his side with honeyed tones and smooth talk.Personality: Ketan usually appears kind and wise, looking out for others rather than himself, but his true personality is much darker in nature. He cares for no one but himself, and his only interests are his own. He speaks calmly, but his words seem to have a life of their own, twisting themselves to do whatever he wants. His words seem to be able to incite some while pacifying others. Ketan often tends toward the dramatic, but usually manages to portray himself as humble in order to maintain a good image.Weaknesses: Ketan is always looking out for himself, and will usually try to avoid a fight if possible, using his smooth words to calm tempers and soothe anger. If he is incited to a fight, he will always be on the defensive, trying to keep himself safe. Biography: Ketan was once a Le-Matoran living on Mata-Nui. Unlike most of the villagers, Ketan was not happy-go-lucky or generous. He was always scheming; always making sure things would work out in his favour. He was greedy, and only cared about one person: himself.The other Le-Matoran didn't know this, though. Ketan was always careful to keep his true emotions secret, and nobody ever suspected his selfish nature. Because his ultimate motive was to keep himself safe and happy, Ketan stayed on everyone's good side, always running errands and helping others. On the surface these activities may have seemed selfless, but Ketan's ulterior motive was to keep everyone in his debt, and to cultivate favours and trust.One day, on an expedition to the shores of Le-Wahi, Ketan found a half-drowned Toa of Ice washed up on the sand, carrying several Toa Stones. Greed didn't bother to learn the Toa's name or why he was there; instead, he slit the Toa's throat and took the stones, using one to transform into a Toa. He changed his name, and left his life as a Matoran behind.Ketan has lived on Mata Nui for years, moving from place to place. Many know him as a brave, kind Toa, soft in countenance yet powerful in speech and action.In-Game History: After witnessing the massive destruction that resulted from a Rahkshi fight in Le-Koro, Ketan resolved to abandon any ties he might once have held to Mata Nui and become loyal to the Makuta. Shortly thereafter, he met a Toa of Gravity who shared the same sentiments as he: namely, that one should protect one's own interests and life above all else, which meant siding with the dominant power on the island: Makuta. Travelling the island, Ketan recruited five more beings to his cause, and ended up in Ga-Koro. The seven Toa quickly established a reputation as a team of brave heroes, peacefully ending multiple conflicts, repairing damage done to the village, and ensuring justice was carried out against criminals. Having gained the trust of the villagers and the Marines, the seven Toa are now regarded as Ga-Koro's "official" Toa team.Name: Kyara AvyaGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodMask: HauElement/Powers: PlasmaWeapons: NoneAppearance: An attractive white Toa with faded golden armour and a brighter gold mask. Picture.Personality: Kyara is action-oriented, preferring to act instead of think or talk. She dislikes liars and cheats, and has a strong sense of justice. She has a tendency to be blunt.Weaknesses: Kyara cannot use her elemental powers or mask power, and doesn't like to cheat or lie.Biography: Kyara washed up on the shores of Mata Nui with only one haunting memory: trying to defend a village of Matoran from a Rahkshi, she lost control of her powers and incinerated everyone. She can remember nothing else of her past, but this one memory is enough to stop her from using her elemental powers, no matter the purpose. Kyara is currently using the alias Avya, as she cannot remember her real name.In-Game History: After awakening to find herself on the shores of an unknown island, Kyara met a group of Toa who took her under their wing. She was given the name Avya, as she did not remember her name. The group made their way to Ta-Koro, where Avya helped evacuate the demolished hospital. Afterward, she and her mentor, Nikaron, attempted to follow Hiemalis, the Toa responsible for the hospital's destruction, but were unable to apprehend him.A while after, Avya left Ta-Koro and joined the Island Liberation Squad in Le-Wahi. Name: OreiusSpecies: Toa of FireGender: MaleAlignment: Toa Maru; Lawful GoodMask: Kanohi Auporo, Mask of Weaknesses (approved by Nuju Metru)

The Kahoni Auporo allows the user to instinctively sense the weakness or weaknesses of other beings. An Auporo user is constantly aware, in and out of combat, of where and in which way in which to strike their opponents for optimum damage. They can sense the best way to defeat an enemy, the quickest way; conversely, they can also sense the areas in which their enemies are strongest.

Powers/Abilities: Having trained for years in combat, Oreius is a worthy opponent with or without his elemental abilities. He used Tahu's Essence Stone to transform into a Toa, and thus controls the elemental power of Fire to a greater degree than any other Toa alive.Sharing his body with Inu, a Parakuka, Oreius has the ability to “activate,” giving him roughly ten minutes of super strength, speed, and agility at the cost of his elemental and mask powers.Weapons: Two short swordsAppearance: A strong, wide-shouldered Toa, Oreius wears red and orange armour with black highlights, and a red Hau with a scar running over his left eye. Inu's form is a sleek, segmented mass against his upper back, giving the Toa a slight hunch. His form -which is not particularly physically imposing- belies his strength and speed.Personality: Oreius can often appear serious and grim, but he is kind and honest at heart. He hates injustice and cruelty, and enjoys a good joke. He is always determined to give his all in the pursuit of his goals, and will never give up, even in the face of extraordinary odds. He often seems withdrawn and aloof due to Inu's presence in his mind.Weaknesses: Activating Inu temporarily robs Oreius of his elemental and mask powers, and activating for longer than ten minutes will burn out his body, eventually resulting in death. His determination to fight to the end, no matter the odds, can -and has- put him in danger.Biography: Oreius was born and raised in Ta-Koro, and lived there all his life. Strong and brave, he served with the Ta-Koro Guard for several years, helping defend the village from Rahi attacks and other threats. Famous for his strength and speed in combat, he was also known for his kind heart and easy laughter.After learning of a Rahkshi attack in Le-Wahi, Oreius, with Vakama's permission, left the Ta-Koro Guard to bring warning and aid to Nokama in Ga-Koro, hoping to do something more against Makuta than simply guard his village.In Ga-Koro, Oreius was approached by a mysterious Matoran who told him that he had a part to play in the second Great Prophecy Turaga Vakama had told him of. Instructed to wait for 'the Wanderer,' Oreius stayed in Ga-Koro for several weeks before being located by Stannis, the Wanderer. Oreius joined Stannis' group and, after locating the rest of the Chosen Matoran, they embarked on a journey across the island to collect the six Essence Stones, relics that would grant them the power of the First Toa.Upon collecting the six Stones, the Wanderer's Company assembled at the Suva Nui, where they were transformed into Toa. Immediately upon their transformation, they were set upon by six Rahkshi, whom they defeated with the help of their new powers. Name: CaelGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodMask: Mask of HealingElement/Powers: WaterWeapons: WaterAppearance: A slim, lithe Toa of Water with golden eyes, Cael's body is a deep cobalt, and she wears light armour of midnight blue. She wears a cloak of the same colour, and a full waterskin always hangs at her side, along with a satchel carrying various herbs and medicines.Personality: Cael is gentle and kind-hearted, but shes not soft. She wont mince words, especially in a tight situation, and she will fight for those she cares about. Her first impression often belies her cheerful nature, as she often appears quiet and serious at first.Weaknesses: An elemental adept, Cael has little experience with weapons, and is quickly outmatched in hand-to-hand combat. Biography: When she was quite young, Cael entered the training of a Water Toa who had mastered the arts of healing. Under this Toas tutelage, Cael gradually learned both how to precisely manipulate her element and how to use a mask of healing to its maximum potential. Her teacher taught her how to use water, the healing element, to soothe injuries and speed healing, and as this required a high level of elemental mastery, it was a given that Cael would eventually become extremely skillful in the controlling of her element. She emerged from her studies both a capable healer and an elemental adept, able to manipulate water in many subtle ways.Setting up shop in Ga-Koro, Cael quickly gained a reputation as a marvelous healer. She has served the Ga-Matoran for many years, but lately has wondered if her services might be of better use elsewhere on the island, especially with the Makuta's shadow looming darker than ever.In-Game History: After a Matoran named Joske was nearly killed fending off a Rahi attack on Ga-Koro, Cael put her prodigious skills as a healer to use by bringing the Ta-Matoran back from the brink of death. Joske later came into possession of a Toa Stone and became a Toa. Unused to his new powers and finding it difficult to control himself, Joske remained under Cael's care. She eventually managed to teach him control over his emotions and his element. Name: JinGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxAlignment: HerselfMask: NoneElement/Powers: NoneWeapons: Two green metal fans, beautifully crafted and razor-sharp, though they look harmless. Several small knives.Foreign Tech: Two small, circular, electrical emitters that attach to Jins palms. When activated, they can deliver an electrical shock to whatever they are touching. The power of the shock is dependant on how much stored energy she chooses to emit. Draining the battery in one go will emit a large, paralyzing burst of electricity, but the same amount of power can be spread out over a greater number of shocks that will do less damage, usually only causing distraction and temporary numbness or pain.Once the battery has been drained, it will take a day or so to recharge. The emitters can be used while recharging, but the amount of electricity they can emit is solely dependant on the amount of power left in the battery. (approved by Nuju Metru)Appearance: Tall and lean, Jin dresses in tight black and green clothes that dont hinder her movement. She wears metal gauntlets and greaves to protect her hands, arms, and shins, but otherwise wears no armour. Her eyes are dark green, and her claws are razor-sharp.Personality: Jin is confident, always assured of her place in life, and sometimes seems to enjoy looking down on others. She can be overbearing and brash sometimes, but shes a good person to have on your side. She doesnt pull punches, and can be blunt.Strengths: Jin is a practitioner of an unknown form of martial arts. Her body is her weapon; she fights with little else, her fists and feet usually dealing enough damage by themselves. However, she can also fight with two fans, which look beautiful and delicate but are actually razor-sharp and deadly. Extensive training has lent her excellent coordination and extremely swift reflexes.Weaknesses: Jin has no mask or elemental powers. She takes pride in the strength of her body and her claws; her overconfidence is her greatest weakness.Biography: Jin washed up on the shores of Mata Nui with little save the clothes on her back and the knives at her belt. It is unknown where she came from or who she was, but Jin hasnt lost any time in becoming who she is now. That is, a mercenary and a scrapper who wont back down from any fight. Shes also a petty thief, and is responsible for multiple injuries, deaths, and destructions of property.In-Game History: After carrying out a mission in Po-Wahi, Jin returned to Ga-Koro and attempted to drink herself into a stupor. Instead, she met Dorian, a fellow assassin who offered her a job in the Bad Company, a group in Xa-Koro. The pair travelled to Xa, where Jin met Grokk, Dorian's friend and colleague. After Dorian was nearly killed fighting Heuani, Jin rescued him and saved his life by carrying him to safety.Name: BartanSpecies: SkakdiElement: SonicsGender: MaleAlignment: HimselfPowers/Abilities: Impact VisionWeapons: A zamor launcher with a collection of spheres. These spheres can be filled with anything Bartan desires; several of them contain an unknown solution that explodes violently, rivalling a Madu Cabolo.He also carries a large, spiked mace.Appearance: Bartan is a physically imposing specimen of a Skakdi, even among other Skakdi. He stands head and shoulders above most other beings, and that's not including his light gray spines, which add another sharp and pointy ten inches to his height. His body is dark gray, and he is clad in ramshackle silver armour; bits and pieces of metal are strapped to his body, giving him a little extra protection. His broad, sneering smile is pearly white, save for one prominently displayed gold tooth.Traits: The best word to describe Bartan is "crazy". He's not technically insane, but he acts like it, taking extreme risks and doing whatever he likes, whenever he likes, however he likes to do it. He's a sucker for a good fight, and will often jump into a brawl simply for the fun of throwing a few punches, taking pleasure in wanton destruction and overall mayhem. He's not exactly the smartest guy on the block, but he's quite original when coming up with loud insults and foul language to throw at an opponent.Strengths: Tall, broad, and incredibly strong, Bartan is the definition of a physical fighter. He can both take and deal a great amount of damage, often simply battering at an opponent's defenses until they give way. He is skilled in combat, having done little else with his life, and, though not particularly clever, is as unpredictable as they come.Weaknesses: As previously said, he's not particularly clever, and has little appreciation for anything resembling subtlety.Biography: After washing up on the shores of Mata Nui, Bartan quickly got started causing as much chaos as possible. Nobody knows where he came from or what he did there, though it's hard to imagine him doing anything different than what he does now. He'll readily talk about his past, but the story changes each time, so no one's really sure exactly who he is.Name: KaiapoSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodMask: The Mask of GrowthPowers: Elemental Control of EarthWeapons: Twin black iron caestus (battle gloves); a longsword made of an unknown black metalDescription: An enormous Toa, Kaiapo is built tall and broad, standing at least a head taller than most Toa. He wears simple black armour with steel-gray underarmour. He wears his caestus most of the time, only taking them off to clean them. A long black sword is sheathed on his back, though he rarely, if ever, uses it.Personality: Though belied by his size, Kaiapo is quiet and thoughtful. His hulking physique hides a sharp mind, though he doesn't often open his mouth to reveal it. When he does speak, he is short and to the point, but his words are kind. A gentle giant of sorts, Kaiapo is always aware of the needs of those around him, and he does his best to meet them, giving of himself and what he has in order to make others' lives easier.Weaknesses: Kaiapo will look out for others before himself, putting their safety and wellbeing before his.Biography: No one knows where Kaiapo came from. No one knows if he grew up on the island, but if he didn't, his arrival was so quiet and unpronounced that no one noticed it. It seems as though he's always been here, as though he grew from the roots of the island, but no one's ever asked him for the real story. He has been a steady presence in Onu-Koro for as long as anyone can remember, helping and protecting those in need. Name: Caerus Species: Ba-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: HimselfMask: Powerless black RauPowers/Abilities: NoneWeapons: NoneAppearance: At first appearance, though handsome, most would label Caerus eccentric. The predominantly black Ba-Matoran is always reading or writing, and often refuses to acknowledge people standing right in front of him. Though he usually wears a handsome dark gray suit jacket and a polished black Rau, his clothes are often unkempt and his face unshaven. [picture pending]Personality: Though he appears eccentric and harmless on the surface, Caerus is truly a manipulative and power-hungry creature. He is only concerned for his own welfare, and will con, scheme, and manipulate his way to the top. His chief interest is in knowledge, the more obscure the better, and its use in his advancement of power.Weaknesses: Caerus has never been strong or particularly skilled in anything, save the spoken and written word. He is physically weak even compared to other Matoran.Biography: Caerus, from the beginning, was always a master of language. His chief work was in composing letters and speeches and papers for use by richer or more powerful people, but he also worked as a simple scribe, transcribing documents and reports. While much of it was tedious, it allowed him the opportunity to come into possession of many secrets that he would otherwise not know. People brought him information and had him write a speech; merchants gave him numbers and facts and had him write reports and letters that helped them make a profit.In addition to his legitimate business, Caerus also found that the right information was worth a good deal to the right person and the right time. Always careful to keep himself hidden -and, thus, safe- he sold secrets back and forth between rival businessmen, politicians, and organizations. He was always cautious in the selling, making sure to deal through different people and under different aliases to keep his identity hidden, and he gradually grew rich off the sale of knowledge.But knowledge, rather than money and power, gradually became Caerus' chief goal. As his business expanded, he was able to employ others to keep him informed as to the goings-on around the island; he was able to hire others to buy and sell information, keeping himself safe while still taking a cut. He spent his time piecing all the knowledge he had gathered together, unravelling plots and mysteries, and always searching for ever more elusive secrets that he could use when the time came. Knowledge itself became his obsession, and while his empire grew, he himself was largely unconcerned with it. He devoured texts of any shape and size, seeking knowledge above all else, becoming an expert on history and the Matoran culture itself as he sought to understand the world around him to its fullest extent.Now, Caerus finds value only in information. The greater the secret, the more valuable it is, and the more likely the Matoran is to listen, and to pay. He is still a master wordsmith, and writes all the time, forging his knowledge into weapons, but he is ever hungry for more, and the power that comes with it. :e:

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Name: SilvonSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Silvon is taller than an average Toa and has an average build. He wears smooth, silver armor and carries a shield on his back.Mask: Mask of ReboundingPowers/weapons: Being a Toa of Iron, Silvon has the power to create, control, and absorb any kind of metallic Protodermis. His weapon of choice is a metal boomerang, though he can create other rough weapons with his power at any time. Combining throwing accuracy with his mask power, Silvon fares best in long-range combat.The other tool he uses is a large silver shield constructed of metal. It is usually thin and lightweight, but he can reinforce it with his elemental powers if need be.Personality: Silvon is a lighthearted adventurer who helps people run errands around the island. His home is in Ko-Koro, where he enjoys the peace and open landscape. He is kind and honest, which helps him stay out of trouble. He does not mind excitement, but he tries to avoid fights. However, he will engage should a threat become large enough.Weaknesses: Silvon is poor at close range combat. He is also reluctant to fight, which can result in him backing down during a battle.Name: ApaluSpecies: Fe-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral goodAppearance: Apalu looks like an average Matoran. Though he is quite strong, he is lean. He wears burnt orange armor and a powerless Kanohi Pakari. He has green eyes.Powers/weapons: Being a Matoran of Iron, Apalu has no powers, but he has more physical endurance than other types of Matoran. He is armed with a Volo Lutu Launcher, which is similar to a grappling hook, and a pocketknife.Personality: Apalu is a fruit stand keeper in the village of Le-Koro. He frequently picks fresh Madu fruit to sell, using his Volu Lutu Launcher to pluck the fruit from the treetops. He is a kind, honest worker, and you can rely on him to help out those in need. Weaknesses: The tools Apalu carries are not very useful in combat, and he has little skill or experience in fighting.

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Name: ZakaroSpecies: Toa Gender:MaleAlignment: Good/NeutralAppearence: HereBio: Zakaro was a Toa of Gravity living on the Northern Continent when he was kiddnapped by a Makuta and brought to a lab on the Kumu Islets. The only thing that he remembers is a black armored hand injecting him with a glowing purple liquid, which turned him into a Toa of Malstorm. Powers: Malstorm, this allows him to shoot small bursts of chaotic energy from his wrists, as well as disassemble mechanical objests.Weakness: He has very limited control over his elemental powers, as he is not used to using this type of energy. Also, every time he uses his power to dissassemble something, it greatly weakens him, and will take at least an hour to recharge, longer for bigger or more complex things. He is now very prone to fits of anger, due to his chaotic side, which is trying to take over his body. Mask: Calix, Mask of Fate.I'll wait for approval.Zakaro

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Name: Tadris.Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: He assumes it's fire, as he woke up in Ta-Koro able to do cool stuff with fire.Alignment: GoodPowers: He can generate and control fire to a certain degree. He's not sure what the limit is, but he can't juggle fireballs. That was a mess.Detailed Appearance description: His armor is blue, with red accents on the arms and legs. He wears what appears to be a blue Hau, but it's really a Kakama. He's pretty much your standard toa.Mask: Kakama shaped like a Hau. Haukakama.Bio: Tadris has no idea where he came from, or who he is, besides the fact that he's a Toa and can use fire powers and his name is Tadris. One day he just woke up on the outskirts of Ta-Koro, and a friendly Matoran helped him out and filled him in on what was going on. When he was well enough to do fight well, he went out looking for other Toa to help him find the best place he could be to help.Personality: Tadris always wants to help, but he's a bit rash. He'll jump into situations before he knows the full situation. As a result, he is now extremely good at using his Haukakama to get out of danger. He's always got a bright and perky attitude, even in the face of extreme danger or even death. He's the type of guy who if his right arm was cut off, would focus on the fact that he always wanted to get better at doing things with his left.Weaknesses: He's impulsive for one thing, he dislikes going slow. Being in a vacuum isn't fun either. Cold really puts a kink in his style.

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  • [*]A detailed description of her or her appearance: Tall as 2 Mata Nui Matoran, tan armor with blue body, kind of chubby, red feet, wears a blue and tan Kakama.[*]Weakness(es): Fears oceans, rivers, anything with water. Can't swim. Can't run fast in water.[*]Name: "Soundspeed" (?)[*]Species: Toa[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: None[*]Alignment: Good[*]Biography: Was born in a carnival night. Likes to spend time nearby green hills on Mata Nui. Has a rather non-serious attitude and jokes about everything, but he can get serious when he wishes.

Do not trust corrupted memories.

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Name: CarraigSpecies: ToaElement: StoneKanohi: HauHistory/Weaknesses: At an unknown point in his life, an enemy infected Carraig with a lethal disease. The disease failed to kill him, but caused him incapacitating fatigue and pain for nearly two years. Eventually, he discovered a way to counter the effects of the disease, and gradually restored most of his health to normal. However, he has poor stamina, and experiences random headaches, which are weakening and interfere with his vision.Ever since his recovery, Carraig has had a much stronger sense of duty, and feels he should live to prevent others from suffering at the hands of evil.Personality: Carraig is morally against both killing and causing pain, but often finds that there is no other way to stop enemies. He often questions his methods, believing they are hypocritical.Appearance: Picture, drawn by VampireBohrok.Carraig is primarily black, and is thus often mistaken for a Toa of Earth. An unusual feature of his shell is an armor-collar.Weapons: Carraig wears scalloped gauntlets, and carries a black, double sided sword, fashioned after Kopaka Mata's.Fighting Tactics: Due to his physical disadvantages, Carraig usually fights using very defensive methods, in order to frustrate or wear his opponent out. The scallops on his gauntlets are very effective for catching and damaging the melee weapons of opponents.

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Name: Enigma RithiusSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralElemental Power: Iron, the limits go up to reshaping small amounts of iron and throwing them.Mask Power: Speed.Appearance: Enigma is a grey armoured Toa wielding a white Kakama. He has thin armour and is very agile. He also wears a black cloak and has a book and quill which he uses to record riddles and poems in a small pouch that hangs from his shoulder. Enigma's legs have reinforced metal braces on the lower areas to help him withstand long falls. He is average Toa height.Personality: Mysterious and puzzling. Enigma is known to answer a question, but in doing so, raises more. He speaks using puzzles, riddles and occasionally in rhymes. He prefers not to get into fights and therefore is neither evil nor good.Fighting Tactics: Mostly defensive. Enigma uses a round shield strapped to his left arm to protect himself. If he finds an opening in defences, he will strike quickly. Enigma goes for speed rather than strength.Weapons: He wields an iron staff and has a spiked gauntlet with which he can do some damage to enemies.Weaknesses: Enigma has no desire for fighting, and therefore has little experience when it comes to studying opponent's fighting tactics. He is not very strong, as he goes for speed. He doesn't use his elemental power or mask power often and has little to no knowledge of his true powers.Biography: Enigma lived on Mata Nui for his life as a matoran. He was a poet in those days, and wrote many different poems, riddles and puzzles. Then, when he became a toa, he decided to go out and discover the world, to get inspiration for his other verbal puzzles. It was dangerous out in the wilderness, so Enigma brought a staff and shield on his journey. He encountered many beasts, plants, toa and matoran, until he finally reached the edge of Mata Nui. He made a small home on the beaches near Le-koro and lives there until he can find somewhere better to spend his time. He fashioned the Gauntlet from a few pieces of scrap metal he had found on the way.Possessions (stored in shoulder bag):-Quill with Ink-Book-60 widgets

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Name: CantaiSpecies: ToaElement: IceGender: MalePowers: Sonar(Arthron), standard Ice powers, twin-bladed staffAlignment: Lawful GoodAppearance: Concept sketchCantai wears white, smooth segmented armour. His kanohi is an Arthron.Personality: Cantai is generally polite, but although he doesn't always show it, he is also quite cynical.Weaknesses: Some amounts of skepticism can lead to Cantai making himself a hard person to cooperate with under certain circumstances.This mainly occurs when he is to be part of an action or a plan, but rarely when he provides supplies(See history section).He usually does not trust commanders and tends to do things his way, should he be able to - given that it doesn't create more risks. He can be easily defeated in close combat and relies on his asset of self-designed weaponry to keep foes on a distance.History: Cantai is an engineer and is usually occupied with building everything from construction machinery and tools toweaponry that channels and amplifies elemental powers. His inventions are mostly implemented by Toa factions, but he willoffer his services to anyone who has the money and what he considers a righteous cause.Cantai also has basic medical knowledge. He has a satchel with such supplies that he will bring whenever he's going somewhere.

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Name: TorcGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: AirAlignment: EvilKanohi: HauAppearance: Torc is of average height and medium build. His armour is mostly black, with green highlights and mask. He wears a short, earthen-coloured robe over his shoulders, and carries a large, serrated blade, slightly rusted. His armour is also pitted and damaged.Weaknesses: Torc is very old, and as such is less physically capable than most Toa.Personality: Torc carries a burning hatred for most other living things, Rahi included. He therefore can be bitter, sarcastic and extremely rude - provided he isn't trying to kill you. He is mostly sane, but some of the things he has seen have influenced his personality and to others he may appear mad.Bio: After growing up in Le-Koro, Torc left to see as much of the world as he could. After seeing the evil in it, rather than wanting to change, something twisted within him, and he has now resigned himself to fitting into the world as best he can - by matching its malice. He sees life as a struggle, a desperate competition for survival and domination, and will do almost anything to conquer others. At present, he lives alone in the jungles of Le-Wahi.

Previously known as tahakki-nuva, Zyglakky Tahakky, Dougal and Mister Brown Sauce. :P
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"I have come because I am a Prophet. Though I have no eyes, I can see the future. I can see the truth. I can see the world breaking, over and over again in my mind. I have come to save it."


Name: Klavier, the ProphetGender: MaleSpecies: ToaMask: Kanohi Pakari, Great Mask of StrengthPowers: Klavier is a Toa of Air, though he is not of Le-Koro. As such, he has control over the wind and air. However, Klavier's control over the element is a little more subtle than most. He uses his powers to overhear conversations, to bring in smells, and sometimes to be his eyes as he has none. He also uses the wind in combat as a precision tool, seemingly giving it life, a life that fights like a martial artist. Weapons: Klavier's most notable weapon is the giant sword he carries around. Easily dwarfing any Matoran, this sword is nearly taller than its owner by a span. Actually, calling it a "sword" is rather generous. It's really just a giant hunk of black iron with a sharp edge. It's pretty hard to break though. And it's sharp. And heavy. Appearance: Klavier is tall, muscular, scarred. His body is entirely black, with the exception of the criss-crossing white scars that run across his body. He keeps himself covered with rags and cloaks, dirty from travel and wear. His eyes are covered by white bandages which protect them from the elements. Biography: "My name...is the Prophet."

"I come from a land long forgotten by the sun, by light. There is only darkness and the smell of smoke. The sounds of screaming and the taste of blood. My eyes never developed because they had nothing to see. I could only hear. And touch. And smell. And taste. I was born into it and from that land, I took my strength, my fire, my will to live. I refused to die."

"My days were spent in brutal pain. They gave me a weapon and told me to fight an enemy I couldn't see. I would scream, I would cry, I would gnash my teeth until I could hear my enemy, until I could smell him, until I could take my sword and slice him through. My early days, though I had no concept of time really, were spent in this way. They were spent killing and training for something. One day, they placed a stone on the back of my head and I changed. All of a sudden, I could taste the wind on my teeth. The air was mine and all of a sudden I could see more than darkness. I could see the wind."

"But with the wind came the Vision. The Vision is the only thing I have ever seen and is the only thing I will ever see as far as I know. It is fire or so I've been told. All flashing colors and burning and death. The world, I'm told, on fire. Only I, in my wisdom, could stop it. I told them what I could see several times, in triplicate. Every day. Until they let me go. They told me to spread the word. They told me to trust in the Vision and unite the nations against the coming Fire, against my Vision."

"I have come because I am a Prophet. Though I have no eyes, I can see the future. I can see the truth. I can see the world breaking, over and over again in my mind. I have come to save it."

Weaknesses: Klavier is blind. As such, he relies on his elemental abilities to bring him sensory cues which makes even the act of being difficult without his powers. He's also blind.

Currently: Klavier found himself in a bar, an illustrious watering hole for some of Ta-Koro's finest citizens, including several members of the Ta-Koro guard. After having no money to pay for his drinks, Klavier engaged in a brief scuffle with a bouncer that nearly turned into a battle with the Ta-Koro Guard. Klavier turned himself in, but not before leaving a lasting impression with his strange tales and great power.


Klavier resided in a Ta-Koro prison after being arrested by the Ta-Koro guard until he was rescued by Huron, a Toa with his own motivations for freeing Klavier. Theme Music: "The Trio" by Ennio Morricone

"Django" by Luis Bacalov

"The Lonely Shepherd" by Zamfir

"Eunuch Provocateur" by the Mars Volta

"Dambala" by Exuma


The Path of the Allseer

The Chain of Softly Metered Memory OR the Wisdom of the Silver King(VI)




Name: GwyladinGender: FemaleSpecies: MatoranMask: Kanohi Kualsi(powerless) Powers: Gwyladin is a Matoran and as such has no elemental or mask powers. She does, however, seem to possess a strange power of prophecy and foretelling that is, according to her, uncontrollable. Weapons: Appearance:Biography: My entire life I feel like...like I've been lost, you know? Just sort of...drifting from place to place. Not so much a loner but simply one unbound. My older brother(he's not my real brother) has taken care of me since I was born, which I don't remember. I don't think I had parents. My brother might have. I don't know. We don't talk about it. We don't talk about much of anything. My brother is mostly a presence rather than a person, a thing that is rather than a thing that does, that thinks, that breathes, you know?


Currently: Theme Music: "The Ancient Dragon" by Motoi Sakuraba

"Oh Comely" by Neutral Milk Hotel

"Nameless Song" by Motoi Sakuraba

"Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore" by the Mars Volta


"I am surrogate parent, guardian. That has been my business and so shall it be for the foreseeable future. She calls me 'brother' and thus shall I be called until Mata-Nui opens his gates for us."


Name: The Brother

Gender: MaleSpecies: Vortixx Powers: Though he does not have any elemental powers due to his status as a Vortixx, the Brother is a highly trained martial artist and assassin who has whetted his blade against many opponents who actually did have elemental powers. As such, the Brother is well-versed against fighting opponents with elemental powers. He can fight with knives, blades, and staves, though he prefers the first and last. He is also a skilled doctor, which goes hand-in-hand with his role as a poisoner. After all, the only difference between a poisoner and a doctor is the size of the dose. Weapons: The Brother, unlike most assassins, relies on guile and trickery rather than open combat to kill his opponents. The Brother is well-versed in numerous poisons with effects that range from violent sudden death to a subtle failing of the internal organs over the course of a year. He is also fairly skilled at constructing improvised explosions. He also carries a large number of knives stored in various places throughout his person. He also carries a quarterstaff made up of interlinking pieces of metal that can be retracted and expanded at will that is his principle weapon when he is forced to fight. The Brother is also missing his left arm. It is replaced by a metal prosthetic which has limited functionality. Appearance: The Brother, like most Vortixx, is abnormally tall but does not possess most musculature. Instead, he is incredibly lanky, resembling a scarecrow. The metal from his prosthetic arm glimmers in bright light, but otherwise his body is a uniform black. He tends to wear fairly nondescript clothing, usually a light brown monk's robe or some sort of armor, depending on the situation. His clothing is not what you would call distinctive. Biography: "My entire life has been one, generally, one colossal mess, one infinitely repeating loop of failures. My parents were exiles from a Vortixx community I'll never see. The exact details of my birth are hidden to me and, if I'm going to be completely honest, I'm not too terribly excited about hearing about it. My parents are dead. The less that's said about that, the better. Suffice to say, the majority of my life growing up was spent on a ship with my father, who was an awful parent and I don't even care that he's dead. Not one bit."

"I ended up getting dumped off the boat and found myself free from all earthly constraints on some island in the middle of nowhere that no one had ever heard of. Luckily for me, this island while nameless turned out to be the nest of [REDACTED]. On their head, they appeared to be a group of peaceful farmers but they are actually a group of...specialists. In the art of making sure people die. Quickly or slowly, painfully or painlessly. Thus began my second childhood."

"How I found Gwy is my own business. The reasons I travel with her are my own, not anyone else's. Not her's, not my client's, not [REDACTED]. Mine. I am surrogate parent, guardian. That has been my business and so shall it be for the foreseeable future. She calls me 'brother' and thus shall I be called until Mata-Nui opens his gates for us."

Weaknesses: The Brother has no elemental powers. He also detests violence and will go out of his way to avoid a fight unless absolutely necessary. He also is missing his left arm, which limits his dexterity in combat.

Currently: Theme Music: "Untrue" by Burial

"Feel It All Around" by Washed Out

"Run Boy Run" by Woodkid

"Concierto de Aranjuez" by Miles Davis

Edited by Vismund Seraphim

"The only difference between past and present..."

"...is semantics."
"Lives, lived, will live."
"Dies, died, will die."
"If we could perceive time as it truly was..."
"What reason would grammar professors have to get out of bed?"

BZPRPG Profiles

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Name: TarikGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodMask: PakariElemental Power: StoneWeapon: A Double Sided AxeAppearance: Tarik Has A Standard Toa Mata Build, With An Orange Mask And Body, And Brown Limbs. His Pakari is same shape as Onua Mata's Pakari.Traits: Probably One Of The Younger Toa, Also Has Very Good Combat Skill.Weakness(es): as a toa of stone, he HATES water. he stays as far away from water as he can, and also hasnt quite yet mastered his Mask.

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Description: Totally silver with the exception of his dark green eyes and heartlight. A brown cloak with a variety of pockets on the inside. Most of the time the cloak is swept back or taken off altogether.

Weakness: Is better at blocking hits then taking them. If something does get through to him it takes more from him then from a normal person.</li>Name: Kale IronshaperSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: Elemental Iron powers.Weapons: A pair of wrist blades hidden in the armor of his forearm. A basic longsword and a metal tube filled with protosteel sand.</p>Alignment: Song/Po-koro GuardPersonality and history: Kael was raised in a small village on the border between Onu and Le wahi. The only child of a well off family made sure that he had a decent upbringing. His mother and father stressed ethics and manners while teaching him and told him stories of great heroes. When he left his village he saw the state that the island was in and was driven to help. After a time of wandering, he joined the Song after they helped bring down Heimalis. After a time, he went back to wandering (although still a part of the Song) and joined up with the Fowadi where he now serves as First Mate. During his travels across the island, he has learned how to take care of himself. He prefers to use his head in a fight.

Skills: Foraging, basic first aid and pinpoint accuracy with his element and mask.



Name: LenatDescription: Black primary colors with dark green secondary. His hands and arms are covered in scars from experiments gone wrong.Weakness: As a mechanic he is not all that great at combat.Species: VortixxGender: MaleWeapons: Magnetic Manipulation GlovesA pair of metallic weave gloves that create a magnetic field with a radius of about three feet. They were designed to help a mechanist in his trade and are not made able to handle large weights. Unable to be used for extended periods of time.Semiautomatic Miniature RhotukaThis small scale weapon is designed to fit in one hand and fire small wheels of corrosive energy. Each wheel is capable of melting through an in of rock. If more fire power is needed it can be charged up to fire more powerful shot. Must recharge after five shots.Equipment: A set of tools that include things such as files, saws, screwdrivers, anything one might need in his profession.Skills: As a Vortixx engineer Lenat is able to maintain and to an extent, create, pieces of technology. Although the higher tech the piece is, the harder it is for him to do anything with it.Alignment: GoodHistory: As is the case with most Vortixx, not much is known about Lenat before he showed on the beaches of Ta-wahi one day, missing his memory and everything bu the gloves on his hands. Since then he has made himself a life in Ta-koro, helping to keep the different pieces of technology that protect the town running. However, it has never felt like a home to him and he feels like he should leave soon and explore the island more.Personality: Prefers not to say anything if it is not needed, although this does not keep him from striking up a conversation, especially if he sees something that catches his interest. Likes to help people out since he sees it as a way to make contacts that might help later.



Name: LorenDescription: A fairly normal sized Toa with grey main coloration and black secondary. His eyes glow out of his Kualsi in a shade of light grey and have a hint of laughter in them. A large black, burn resistant cloak normally covers the nicks and dings that his armor has gather over the years, including a trio of jagged claw marks that run over his left shoulder and halfway down his back. His shortswords are held in brown leather sheaths on either hip. A small black bag hangs from the swordbelt with a trio of stars sewn onto it.Species: ToaGender: MalePowers: Sonic elemental powers and teleportation from his Kualsi.Weapons: A pair of high tensile strength short swords that have been tweaked to allow for easier use in combination with his element.Weakness: Can be somewhat impulsive and rush into danger to help innocents.Alignment: Good, Ta-koro GuardPersonality: Good natured, cheerful, always willing to help out a friend. His experience in the guard has made him a fairly good leader. Has an ironclad set of morals that he will not break no matter what.Biography: Loren was an adventurer for the first couple hundred years of his life, eventually joining the Ta-koro Guard after they saved his life from a pack of Kane-ra that one of his enemies had gathered and launched at him. His experience in the field helped Loren to repeatedly deal with attacks by Makuta worshipers and rahi, allowing him to steadily rise through the ranks until he reached Lieutenant. However, he has started to become discontented with the Guard lately, after watching time and again how the crook got away because procedure needed to be followed. Not that he had a problem with following rules, he just feels like the Guard could do with a few less of them.

Edited by Silvan Haven

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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VakajaSpecies: Toa of sonicsAppearance: Armor color: gray. long arms, and legs, very blue green eyes. Mask: mask of sonarGender: MalePowers and/or weapons: two mek'leths, and a disc launcherAlignment: chaotic goodPersonality: Jokes with friends, but serious in battle. also inventive. Very aware of his surroundings.History: He washed up on the shore, not knowing who he was, and met Tangrua in Po-wahiWeaknesses: Fire, not good under pressure, or underground. claustrophobic.Name: RomulusSpecies: SkakdiAppearance: Bright red-orange head, and very toughly built chest, and arms.Element: PlasmaWeapons and/or powers: Bat'leth stolen from Ning (NStephenH), Alignment: EvilPersonality: Bandit, and robber, also steals and hordes weapons from defenseless creatures/ matoranHistory: Romulus and Gemini are brothers, and stay together during fights. at night, usually find places in the trees, or on small cliff faces. Took A Bat'leth From the Toa Ning (NStephenH) And tried to slit her throat, but failed.Weaknesses: defenseless without Gemini, and is not good with waterName: GeminiSpecies: Skakdi​Appearance: Blue-white-grey head and toughly-built body, mainly legs.Element: CrystalWeapons and/or powers: Alignment: EvilPersonality: Follows Romulus and carries his stolen equipment. Finds places to camp out easily, and makes sculptures out of crystals. wanders off to leave romulus defenseless as practical jokes. Slings around with his energy whip.History: Romulus and Gemini are brothers, and stay together during fights. at night, usually find places in the trees, or on small cliff faces.Weaknesses: defenseless with out his brother, has horrible aim.Name: ValorkorSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAppearance: Orange body and carries a hammer around waistWeapons: HammerAlignment: neutralPersonality: an inventor, and crafter. makes shields, and swords. Very trained with swords, but never really uses them.History: is a seller of weapons, and has been stolen from by two Skakdi crooks on numerous occasions.Weaknesses: is afraid of water, and doesn't like to fight, and very cowardice.Name: KalmaronSpecies: Toa of AirGender: MaleAppearance: Green body and has two long swords stowed on his back, and two small knives on his arms.Weapons: Swords, and knivesPersonality: Very assassin like, and wary. he follows who ever interests him, and then tries to kill them, seeing how much skill they have. like to glide with sword attached to his back.History: a special sword, made by a specific sword maker, got stolen from him when he was sleeping by two Skakdi. ever since, has been searching for the two.

Edited by Toa Vakaja 2012

From your friendly not so neighborhood, Vakaja. that is my profile name right?


here be the link to me profile page! ARG!!!!




I make the most random creature mocs the world has ever seen. most of them have up to 12 legs!! Dont judge me! I am a pyromaniac, and proud of it.

FIRE = GOOD now you know common sense! this is also my philosophy!!!!!!!

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species: VortixxAppearance: tall, wears mostly monochromatic black armor, with some sparse purple on legs and shoulders. Purple helmet.Name: Kitane (Alias:Nanashi)Gender: maleaPowers and/or weapons: two daggers, Elemental Emulator(can emulate elemental powers that have been used against him in last 24 hours. Can overheat and takes time(1-2 posts) to clone a power.),purple helmet made of metal from the southern continent.Alignment: True Neutral(right now)Bio: He has no memory of how he got to mata nui or who he is. He has been mysteriously appearing on different islands, and is now on mata nui. Why or how this happened, not even he knows. Hie has(among other places) been to Zakaz, the Southern Continent, and a large city(metru nui).Name:AiriosApperence: A male toa of fire with heavy armor, a mask of shielding, and a custom fire swordSpecies: Toa of FireAlignment:Chaotic GoodBio:Airios has lived in ta-koro his whole life, and is an avid Kohli fan. He craves adventure, and tends to do things 'for the heck of it '. He has a selfish side, and is very stubborn.Ex-Shades------------------The Shades are an order of assassins, with there goals unknown. There leader is referred to as The Higher. However, they have taken an interest in Nanashi for unknown reasons.(Taka)VortixxTall, similar color scheme to Nanashi. Wears a long, almost invisible cloak.MaleA long sword, Collapsible blade, Art of Shadowbending(allows him to be almost invisible in a crowd or dark place).Neutral EvilBio: An assassin since a young age, he has extreme experience.(Gorugon)VortixxLight purple armor like Nanashi's, Recurve bow, razor-tipped arrows in leather quiverFemaleNeutral EvilBio: Taka's sister, grew up with him, both recived similar training. Most males are stunned apon sight of her, which is why her alias is Gorugon(Gorgon)

Edited by The Lonesome Wanderer

"Go beyond the impossible, and kick reason to the curb! That's how Team Gurren rolls!"



Exo-Force RPG Profiles

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Name:DalagarAllignment:Chaotic GoodGender:MaleSpecies:ToaKanohi:Faxon, Mask of KindredElement:The GreenDescription:Dalagar has unique armour that displays emotions. He wears red boots, mint green legs, lime green and metru red blended torso, red Faxon, lime green forarms and mata red hands and lower arms.Weapons:Dalagar carries a scythe and a catapult. The scythe can cause mutation into a Matoran, however this only happens once every 6 months, as it produces venom very slowly.Weakness:Dalagar is very bluff and has strong emotions. They can often make him lose a battle or cloud his sight.Personality:Dalagar has mood swings. He might ally with you and then attack you the next. Because of this he has become a loner, not wanting to hurt anyone.Bio:Once a agent of The Hand Of Artakha when it dispanded he took a work in the Brotherhood labs. When the Makuta tested a new mental technology on Dalagar his mind changed. It got messed up, as the technology wasn't perfect. When Dalagar asked to be put in Stasis the Brotherhood agreed. He has just woken up in Le-Wahi

Edited by SillyCordak




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(Luy22 here, returning after a 4-5 year break)Name: LuyaSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: ElectricityWeapons: An axe.Alignment: Neutral Mask: Kanohi Pakari/StrengthDescription: An average-sized Toa. He seems to be very weary, as though he has been through lots. His body is dusty. History: He has only just crash-landedat The Drifts, and has woken up an hour later. He has forgotten everything. All he has is the axe by his side and a ruined cloak he had found in the wastes. Now he travels to explore this world that he may have forgotten.Weaknesses: Water

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Name: Schylek (SHY-leck)Species: ToaGender: MalePower: Kinetics.Weapons: Cosmic Trident, energy shield, and elbow blades.Mask: Kanohi Roallh- Great Mask of molecular density.Mask Power: allows user to become a phantom for a limited time.Alignment: goodDescription: slightly-taller-than-average Toa; silver armor with green light seeping through; dark green eyes, radiates a faint light spectrum-like glow; deep voice; and has a lead-colored mask.Personality: quiet, yet brave; kind; watchful; and protective.

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Name: TawaraSpecies: Ni-Matoran (Matoran of Lightning)Gender: FemaleAge: 17 in Matoran years.Appearance: Tawara’s armor is worn, despite her youth. Her chest, hips, lower arms and legs, mask, shoulders, and feet are a deep purple-blue, so dark it’s almost black. Her upper arms and legs, stomach, and back are white, and there are yellow markings on parts of her body. She is slightly below the average height for a Matoran. Her eyes are the pale electric blue characteristic of Ni-Matoran.Mask: A powerless Matoran mask in the shape of a noble Kanohi Ruru.Widgets: None.Wardrobe: A shabby tunic and a black, hooded cloak.Equipment: A bow and a quiver of arrows, a skinning knife, and a journal that once belonged to Gyren, a friend she killed by accident.Powers: Powerless, or perhaps a slight resistance to electrocution, if that’s what Matoran of Lightning have.Alignment: Neutral Good at heart, but can definitely wax True Neutral from time to time.History: Tawara came to Mata Nui on a boat from a distant island. She arrived battered and starving. WIth her bow, Tawara was able to hunt for food until she found a village, but has still lost several more pounds than is healthy for a Matoran. She has lost some friends in the past, and is mistrustful of strangers. Tawara comes from a village on the coast of a large island to the west called Goara Nui. Goara Nui is ruled by a tyrannical tribe of Av-Matoran who oppress the other Matoran living there. No Toa have been seen on Goara Nui for thousands of years, and the Av-Matoran tell the other tribes there that the Toa are dangerous (thinking that Toa might help the Matoran rebel against them). Tawara and her family tried to escape the island after offending the Av-Matoran, but Tawara was separated from the others while on the ocean. She saw their boats approach land, however, and presumes them to be alive.Growing up in Goara Nui has shaped Tawara's personality to be a strange mix of cynical and naive. On the one hand, the Matoran is used to being half-starved on a daily basis, and expects other people to be primarily motivated by self-interest. On the other, Tawara was raised in a land where the government had absolute control over its subjects and was very efficient at enforcing its laws. She has never experienced the chaos which pervades Mata Nui, which has very little government to speak of. On Mata Nui, criminals are allowed to run unchecked.Recent events at Ta-Koro have left Tawara shaken and paranoid. She has had multiple brushes with death in the previous two days and is constantly afraid that one of the psychopaths and murderers that Mata Nui seems to be full of will kill her, though she is not the type to show her fear easily.Tawara has recently begun to forget her past, and now all of her memories have disappeared ('cause I was dumb enough to forget the amnesia clause at the beginning).

Strengths: A good shot with a bow, good survival skills, a fast runner, mistrustful of others (the last one can be a strength or a weakness).Weaknesses: Is a Matoran in a universe of super-powered beings, obviously, hopeless at wielding very heavy weapons (can barely pick some swords off the ground), no combat experience, mistrustful of others (the last one can be a strength or a weakness).

Edited by Death of the Endless

Weaver, Seeker, and Spark

"When the first living thing existed, I was there, waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished. I'll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights and lock the universe behind me when I leave."

- Death, The Sandman

(Previously Toa Alaka)

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Name: IgnulSpecies: Ko-MatoranGender: MaleAppearance: A normal, everyday Ko-matoran. He wears a Kanohi Kalix, and is completely unremarkable in any other way. Blue eyes, white-grey body, the norm. Possessions: He has no possessions. However, he may pick some stuff up later on in life. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Good. He isn't inclined to follow the rules, but he is less inclined to do blatently evil acts. He does good deeds every so often. Personality: He is somewhat polite when questioned. He has a huge sense of loyalty, and considers anyone who helps him a debtor, and he will stand by them until his debt to them is paid. Because of this fact, he prefers to be ignored, which is where his stand-offishness comes from.Weakness: He has nothing of value, so he has to rely on the generosity of others (or he has to work for it). But, since he is a Ko-Matoran, he is standoffish and doesn't hang around many people for very long. Also, since being a matoran, he has weaker physical and elemental strength than others. Also, being a Ko-Matoran, he isn't as resient to heat as others are.

If you can read this, then you have found somehting interesting. But I wouldn't continue reading. It's boring. See? Nothing exciting is happening.

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Alright, I've recieved tons of RPing experience from... a site.Alzon:

  • [*]Name: Alzon[*]A detailed description of her or her appearance: Slim among other Toa, with shoulders that aren't very broad and thin limbs, although his legs are about average. He wears white armor with light blue highlights, comprising of a breastplate, shoulder pads, gauntlets, and greaves. The shoulder and breastplate have small light blue spikes that resemble icicles and the gauntlets also have these that extend to his knuckles. [*]Physical Weaknesses: Fire, close combat, hand-to-hand[*]Personal(Mental, emotional?) Weaknesses: Often quick to charge into what he believes is right. This will often involve stealth and sometimes unnecessary violence. [*]Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, et cetera): Toa[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: Uses the element of ice, as well as a set of five throwing knives worn at his waist and a 3 foot rapier across his back[*]Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera): Good, for the most part[*]Personality and history: He's often friendly to those he meets for the first time, but not trustworthy until he gets to know them. He is something of a wanderer, never really having a home, and he for some odd reason favors the desert of Po-Wahi.[*]Mask: Kanohi Miru, Mask of Flight[*]Combat Style: Likes to make icicles appear under his enemies to throw them off balance, or shoot small icicles at them. Doesn't care for open combat, rather preferring to find cover and use his sword if necessary. Throws his knives when wishing to use stealth.

I figure I may as well do PBZPs now. But, I have a terrible work ethic,so they may take a while.



blue=taken, red=in progress

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  • [*]Name: Krohu[*]Species: Le-Matoran[*]Gender: Male[*]Alignment: Good[*]Weapon: Disk, Kahu Bird[*]Powers: More Agile, due to the inate Air elemental powers[*]Personality and history :Once apart of the Le-matoran windriders, he left wanting to explore the island and to help others travel using his kahu bird. After a time of rich knowledge he began to make a profit (in order to sustain him) but prefers to be generous. On one of his travels to Ta-koro, he met a ta-matoran who offered a fixed disc launcher as opposed to the dual man kahu bird normally used, and he accepted. This way he had a way to defend himself at range from rahi and the like, previously stuck to the 1 disc. He is currently taking a tour around Po-Wahi looking for customers, but due to the recent dark times he isnt afraid to help out when needed.. Very brave, Very tactical but somewhat clumsy, he prefers to plan ahead[*]A detailed description of her or her appearance: A teal Kanohi Calix, as well as teal arms. Green body and feet, with yellow eyes. Seaweed discpack (from ga-koro) and a charred bamboo disc, a gift from the forger at ta-koro[*]Weakness(es): Weak against Gravity, Magnetism and Iron as they force his bird to land, aswell as water attacks when on the ground. Prefers to stay airborn and generally isnt adept at fighting ground oponents[*]Anything else deemed necessary: Not sure if a Kahu bird counts as an NPC or even a weapon, so i can edit him out of needed

axonn, trying to excape my signature


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Name: Ihrey (Ear-ay)Species: Toa of ElectricityGender: FemaleAlignment: Neutral, but whoever pays higher wins her favour.Weapon: Two daggers in pouches at her waist, for the occasions where stealth or swiftness is necessary. She prefers to hold her daggers with the blade pointed towards her elbows, but will vary depending on the situation. She keeps a large broadsword strapped to her back for melee combat against tougher enemies, which she dislikes and considers cumbersome.Powers: A Kanohi Volitak, Mask of Stealth, which she acquired as payment for a dangerous mission. She also has her typical powers of electricty. During combat, she will refrain from using them as she wishes to prove herself physically capable without having to resort to cheating. This code also extends to her Kanohi, which she will refrain from using unless she needs to make a quick getaway.Personality and history : Anyone who spends too much time around Ihrey will commonly use the words “cunning”, “ruthless” and “unpleasant” to describe her. She has poor social skills and is passively aggressive, her idea of a joke usually resulting in injury. She is insecure about her abilities and should she be offended, she will analyse the offender and attempt to pick out any anxieties, before using them to get revenge. Ihrey is an independent mercenary who is content to carry out any task for the correct wage.A detailed description of her appearance: A beryl coloured Kanohi Stealth. Her armour is a very dark shade of blue, with a few gold highlights on her upper arms and thighs. Some sections of her armour are just pure black. She has orange toned eyes. Her armour is light, which allows her to move around swiftly and silently.Weakness(es): Her arrogance and determination are her biggest weaknesses, if an opponent knows just how to make use of them correctly. Once she has her mind set on something, she will not let up on her goals. At the same time, her overconfidence in her abilities can commonly put her in dangerous situations that she may not actually be capable of getting out of. Her headstrong determination to prove herself can put her in risky positions when fighting an enemy that has no such issues.Name: Kurot (Coo-rott)Species: VortixxGender: FemaleAlignment: Neutral, but willing to join whatever side she deems most worthy.Weapon: Two serrated daggers at her side in leather sheaths, capable of firing non-elemental blasts of shadow energy, should she focus hard enough. She is capable of fighting with a variety of heavier and stronger melee weapons, but with the intention of subtlety, chooses not to.Powers: The non-elemental bolts of shadow she is capable of firing from her daggers.Personality and history: Kurot has a strong moral code of assisting the innocent. Being a mercenary for as long as she can remember, she has no qualms with theft or killing, as long as she deems it necessary. She was part of a group of thieves and murderers along with Ihrey, but decided to depart for reasons of her own. She is usually upbeat and friendly, believing pessimism to be a terribly dull way of proceeding through life. Despite her warm exterior, if threatened, she can quickly turn cold and dangerously calculating.A detailed description of her appearance: A regular sized Vortixx with deep blue eyes. She has slim, light, black armour with silver highlights underneath.Weakness(es): As a weakness, she can be too trusting. Without intending to, she can occasionally leave her back wide open, just begging to be stabbed.Name: Masirov (Mass-ih-rov)Species: Toa of GravityGender: MaleAlignment: GoodWeapon: A large and incredibly sharp scythe which he keeps strapped to his back. Should that fail, he also keeps a Kanoka disk launcher behind the scythe, which, while he is not too amazing at aiming, he considers himself capable.Powers: His control over gravity, which he is constantly manipulating in order to lighten the load he carries on his back. He has also donned a Kanohi Mask of Rebounding, which he uses on Kanoka disks fired, to ensure he never runs out.Personality and history: Masirov is an incredibly optimistic and cheerful warrior and perfectly content to work in teams. Descriptions of him note the mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he constantly thinks up news jokes and plans any pranks to think of.A detailed description of her appearance: A six foot tall Toa with dark grey, spiked armour. Underneath the grey armour is tweaks of both silver and black.Weakness(es): He is claustrophobic and fears underground locations, such as the majority of Onu-Koro. His reasoning for this is he is aware of what gravity can do and fears being on the receiving end of it.Name: Suchia (Soo-shah)Species: Toa of WaterGender: FemaleAlignment: Neutral, bordering upon evil.Weapon: Two large, ornate swords that she dual wields with. She carries a single dagger with her, but prefers not to have to use it.Powers: A strong control over water, with a habit of using it in excession, which can leave her exhausted.Personality and history: In one word, Suchia can best be described as “aggressive”, loving nothing more than hurting or being able to hurt. Upon first meeting her, she can seem pleasant and well-mannered, but after a while, that illusion breaks and she becomes her old, violent self again. She was once in a team with Kurot and several others, but left after her bloodlust resulted in her being feared and alienated from the rest of the pack.A detailed description of her appearance: Regular Toa sized being, with white and blue armour, lined with spikes along the shoulders and wrists. She wears a regular blue Calix and has deep orange eyes.Weakness(es): During combat, she loves going on the offensive. Without realising, nor caring, this can leave her wide open for any unforeseen attacks. When she uses her water powers, she usually overdoes the amount necessary, summoning an entire tidal wave when a small pool of water would be necessary, which could leave her entirely vulnerable if she wears herself out too quickly.Name: Dynra (Dinn-rah) Species: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleAlignment: Good, switched from neutral.Weapon: Dynra wears two wrist blades strapped across his arms, which he takes a strong pride in and has started referring to them with names such as “Saren” and “Reja”.Powers: Dynra wields a Kanohi Mahiki, the mask of illusions, which has been his since he was transformed from a mere Matoran. He is awfully protective of it and has at times been rumoured to have named it, along with his blades. What he named it remains unknown. As well as this, he also has his power over magnetism, which he enjoys bringing into a battle.Personality and history: Dynra is most easily described as a “smooth-talker”, or at least, he likes to believe that he is. Most of his attempts at flirting usually come across as forced and painful to be in the vicinity of. However, whether this is merely an act for the sake of humour remains to be seen, as he can be quite competent in imitating for the purpose of spying, accompanied with the help of his Mahiki. Rumours state that before he settled into a Toa team, he used to be part of another group of rag-tag mercenaries and thieves, amongst Suchia, Ihrey and several others. Reports indicate he may once have been close to Kurot, likely in just friendship.A detailed description of his appearance: Dynra dons an iron grey Mahiki to cover his face, as well as wearing sleek grey with highlights of black streaked here and there. The slimness of his armour gives him the impression of being taller than others, though he is still six feet in height, just like all Toa.Weakness(es): In general he comes across as painfully headstrong and has a habit of teasing those around him, a habit which is likely to someday earn him a dagger in the back if he isn’t careful.Name: Viroki (Vuh-roh-key)Species: Skakdi of airGender: FemaleAlignment: Evil.Weapon: Viroki carries a vicious looking pronged spear with her, which is green in colour. She is skilled in using it, but generally prefers not to have to bother with the effort of swinging it around.Powers: Being a Skakdi of air, her powers include the manipulation of air when used in conjunction with the powers of another Skakdi. Her eye power is that of heat vision.Personality and history: Purely self-centred and sadistic, Viroki is largely only interested in herself and how she can improve her own situation. She once belonged to a gang of mercenaries along with Dynra, Suchia, etc. After a while, they went their separate ways, much to Viroki’s discontent. Since then, she has determinedly been trying to find a way to get them back together and to expand her control. She is highly manipulative, having a Matoran servant named Fidelas, who she discovered mentally broken and proceeded to raise as her own, encouraging him to be loyal to none but herself. Her intentions with him are questionable, but so far she seems only to use him as an assassin. In general, while she has no qualms with combat, she would prefer to let others do the work for her.A detailed description of her appearance: She wears dark emerald armour over herself, along with a few splashes of silver, here and there. Her spine is littered with vicious looking spikes. Her eyes are a brutal red.Weakness(es): Her sheer love of manipulation can create a great deal many enemies for herself. Her headstrong stubbornness is dangerous too, as it could lead to an unpleasant end if she doesn't quite know when to give up. Compared to other Skakdi, she is also quite weak, due to her lack of practise in combat as a result of her general avoidance of it.Name: Fidelas (Fid-da-lass)Species: Matoran of fireGender: MaleAlignment: Viroki and Viroki only.Weapon: Fidelas is equipped with a bow and arrow, of which he is perfectly capable of using. His skills are more based in stealth and long range, but if the worst comes to worst, then he has a large knife strapped to his waist which he will not hesitate to use.Powers: As a Matoran, Fidelas has no mask or elemental powers. He is a fast thinker and equipped with good eyes and ears as well as a fearsome determination and stubbornness.Personality and history: Mentally, Fidelas is broken. At a young age, Fidelas was captured by a gang of Skakdi slavers who tortured and abused him for their own amusement whilst putting him to strenuous, laborious activities that they daren’t do themselves, with a collection of other slaves. Eventually, he was discovered as the last survivor by Kurot back when she was still in her gang, on a mission, but by then his mind had all but abandoned him. At first, the Vortixx elected to take him to professional help, but Viroki convinced her otherwise. Since then, Viroki shaped him to be a merciless killer and to obey her every word. In exchange, she treats him like her son. For that, Fidelas is cold and seemingly emotionless when carrying out tasks. He bears no allegiance to anyone but the one who trained him and cared for him. At times, he still wakes screaming to the memories of his enslavement.A detailed description of her appearance: Fidelas bears a Noble Garai, which is ineffectual, with him being a Matoran. He wears dark red and black armour, which gives the impression of smoke. At the best of times, his eyes look empty, despite whatever emotion he may be portraying.Weakness(es): His unending devotion to Viroki. No matter what, he obeys what she requests, as both she and Kurot were the first two to ever show him some semblance of kindness for years. Without Viroki, he is often confused and needs to be led before he can think to do anything.Name: Xavor. (Zay-vor)Species: Vortixx.Gender: Male.Alignment: NeutralWeapon: His body is literally covered in explosives. He carries small, metallic spheres which hold different effects, such as flares to blind the opponent, smoke bombs to conceal himself, strobe lights to disorientate, or straightforward bombs to cause terrible damage. They are kept on different compartments in different parts of his armour, such as shoulder or thigh. It varies, but they are always present. Along with these, he carries a serrated knife, the spikes of which vibrate in a saw like motion, for cutting through almost anything. This knife can also extend via a mechanism to the size of a full length blade, should it prove necessary.Powers: He has no powers of any real significance, at least to anyone’s knowledge. The closest he may have according to any third party’s theories could be an ability to read minds, due to his almost disturbing connection with Zhorya, and ability to prey on the weaknesses of any he talks to.Personality and history: The best advice anyone can ever give is to never, ever trust him. Nobody can ever be certain what he’s planning, but the chances are it will never work out well for anyone. He is chaotic and unpredictable, but always working with his and his partners best interests at heart. He has a habit of behaving as irritatingly as possible to those he’s talking to, for the purpose of watching their frustration grow. He seems to take pleasure in the despair and negative emotions of those around him. His past is completely unknown. Details such as how he met his partner and became who he is fluctuate wildly in each retelling, one story massively contradicting the other. As such, his history is a mystery.A detailed description of her appearance: He bears the typical armour of a male Vortixx, coloured in black and green. He has sharpened his claws to a vicious level, so they prove a constant danger to all. Xavor has deep, red eyes, and wears a constant, sinister smile on his face that has never disappeared for years.Weakness(es): His frustrating behaviour has created him dozens and dozens of enemies in the past. For his attitude, his only worldly friend is that of his partner.Name: Zhorya (Zorr-yah)Species: VortixxGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral.Weapon: His body is literally covered in explosives. He carries small, metallic spheres which hold different effects, such as flares to blind the opponent, smoke bombs to conceal himself, strobe lights to disorientate, or straightforward bombs to cause terrible damage. They are kept on different compartments in different parts of his armour, such as shoulder or thigh. It varies, but they are always present. Along with these, he carries a serrated knife, the spikes of which vibrate in a saw like motion, for cutting through almost anything. This knife can also extend via a mechanism to the size of a full length blade, should it prove necessary.

Powers: He has no powers of any real significance, at least to anyone’s knowledge. The closest he may have according to any third party’s theories could be an ability to read minds, due to his almost disturbing connection with Xavor, and ability to prey on the weaknesses of any he talks to.Personality and history: The best advice anyone can ever give is to never, ever trust him. Nobody can ever be certain what he’s planning, but the chances are it will never work out well for anyone. He is chaotic and unpredictable, but always working with his and his partner’s best interests at heart. He has a habit of behaving as irritatingly as possible to those he’s talking to, for the purpose of watching their frustration grow. He seems to take pleasure in the despair and negative emotions of those around him. His past is completely unknown. Details such as how he met his partner and became who he is fluctuate wildly in each retelling, one story massively contradicting the other. As such, his history is a mystery.A detailed description of her appearance: He bears the typical armour of a male Vortixx, coloured in black and green. He has sharpened his claws to a vicious level, so they prove a constant danger to all. Zhorya has deep, blue eyes, and wears a constant, sinister smile on his face that has never disappeared for years.Weakness(es): His frustrating behaviour has created him dozens and dozens of enemies in the past. For his attitude, his only worldly friend is that of his partner.Name: Donte (Donn-tay)Species: Ta-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral, though he believes he’s good.Weapon: One long broadsword which he calls ‘Rebellion’. Is actually fairly blunt and far too heavy for his usage.Powers: As a Ta-Matoran, very few.Personality and history: Quick to anger, Donte is a hot-headed Matoran who acts younger than he actually is. He walks with a swagger and is incredibly headstrong in what he does. He has a tendency to act on impulse and get into fights without thinking the consequences through, only considering his emotions at the time. He is also incredibly paranoid and is known to accuse random things of being demons. Nothing he’s fought has actually been a demon so far. A detailed description of his appearance: A shot, red and black armoured figure. Donte wears a red Noble Ruru, with black highlights towards the top. His armour is fairly sleek allowing him to be as agile as is possible for him. He did try to wear a cape once but stopped when he kept getting it caught in doors.Weakness(es): An incredibly unlikeable individual and he doesn’t even seem to realise it. His overconfidence may one day be his downfall as his attempts to endear himself to people will often just make them angrier.




Name: Rasinov (Rah-sin-of)Species: Skakdi of iceGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral


Weapon: For all situations, he keeps a hefty crossbow strapped to his back. He had been trained to battle with a spear but currently prefers to fight from a distance, firing bolts into all who dare stand against him.Powers: He has the power to wield ice when used in conjunction with another Skakdi. His eye vision is of the telescopic variety, a function which he delights in using to pinpoint any targets.Personality and history: None can be assured on his personality as he says too little to give it away. His silence is unlike Ihrey’s as it cannot be sourced to anti-socialness or a disliking of the company he shares. He just has a habit of refusing to speak unless spoken to. Rasinov was once part of a group of mercenaries, whose members also included Ihrey, Kurot, Suchia, Viroki, Dynra and, unofficially, Fidelas. However, the circumstances surrounding their breaking up are unclear and even asking won’t get a word from Rasinov’s lips. A detailed description of her appearance: His armour is a shining pearly white to coincide with his ability to manipulate ice. Most of the time it’s gleamingly spotless as he takes great care to clean it as often as possible. It’s easy to tell if he is having a bad day by just how dirty his armour can be.Weakness(es): He is a difficult person to get to know and so is often something of a lone ranger. His constant stoic expression and cold, calculating silence can often deter people who want to form a partnership, thus leaving him alone and friendless.

Now I just have to find a way to enter without getting in anyone's way. :P

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Name: VacirSpecies: Toa of PlasmaGender: MaleCurrent Affiliation: NoneKanohi: Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis, in the form of a Yellow KualsiWeapons: Ancient Staffprofile_pic.jpg- Powerful and wise, Vacir has been mostly inactive for centuries, and has spent that time honing his power to allow much greater control over his element. His staff is curved to catch and fire spheres, a useful trait often used in conjunction with his element of plasma. Patient in combat, Vacir prefers to fight from a distance and wait for his opponent to make a mistake, and while this method is effective, it requires great concentration, making it both a valuable tactic and a potential weakness.- Vacir must maintain his concentration in order to remain effective in combat. As such, any sudden distractions or ambushes prove especially dangerous. However, if he stays focused, he is extremely formidable. Since he has honed his powers, he is more powerful elementally than most Toa, but slightly less powerful than a Toa Nuva would be (if they existed!). As a master strategist, he makes use of unorthodox attacks, particularly utilizing his Matatu.- Of particular note is that Vacir rarely uses slang or common language. Instead, his speech is more reminiscent of the early comics and books than of slang and the like.========================================Name: VereSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleCurrent Affiliation: NoneKanohi: Dark Grey Iden, Mask of SpiritWeapons: NoneAppearance: Shorter than average, lean, orange with dark grey armor- Quick and agile, Vere avoids the traditional tactics of Iron Toa, choosing to use stealth and speed in combat. His control over his element is slightly weaker than most as a result of his reliance on his unorthodox fighting style. Vere is generally passive, though quick to action when the situation requires it. Vere prefers to work solo, but understands the advantages of being in a group, especially since using his mask power is much safer with his body under the protection of others. He has no weapon at most points, instead using his elemental power over iron to craft his own when he so desires. This takes some time, but when he does make one, it is typically of the highest quality.- Vere's main strength is as a scout or spy. His combat skills are average at best, and he is more likely to flee, or avoid combat completely. In combat, however, he relies on catching his enemy off-guard, so an alert opponent will cause many problems for him. The fact that he rarely has a weapon on hand doesn't help.

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Name: TradAppearance: Here. Hope it's okay.Species: Toa of ElectricityGender: MalePowers: The standard powers, a Kanohi HunaWeapons: A double bladed staff-sword that can store electricity, a shield that has a dual function as a boomerang, although he prefers power over defense.Alignment: Neutral GoodPersonality: Friendly, kind and benevolent, but rarely pays attention. A bit arrogant. Peace loving, but will not hesitate to use force when needed.Weaknesses: Tendency to not pay attention, arrogance, his staff sword and his rare use of shield.History: For reasons unknown to anyone else, he has a past which he prefers to keep hidden, but rumor has it that he was an infamous criminal.He is now dead.Name: IreAppearance: Grey coloured armor, with black highlights. Short for a Toa.Species: Toa of SonicsGender: FemalePowers: Standard powers, a Kanohi HauWeapons: A two stringed fiddle, her voice.Inventory: Trad's Kanohi Huna, staff sword and shield.Alignment: Lawful GoodPersonality: Friendly and innocent, but deadly. A very good friend of Trad.Weaknesses: Not much of a melee fighter, her small stature.History: Not much is known about her, but she is known to be a very fierce fighter at times, and is a very cunning person.Name: KatisAppearance: An unassuming Toa of Air. She has a tattoo on her shoulder blades.Species: Toa of Air.Gender: Female.Powers: All powers of air, and also a Mask of Accuracy. A very good marks woman.Weapons: A bow, arrows.Inventory: None.Alignment: Chaotic Good.Personality: Serious, for a Toa of Air as such, no one knows anything about her.Weakness: She is horrible at melee combat, and refuses to trust anyone fully.History: Unknown, as she is not that trusting.

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"Wer Traumt?"


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Name:Toa Ackru (A-k-roo)Species:ToaGender:MaleAge:Unknown (he forgot)Alignment:A mercenary with no boss.Element:FireMask:Kanohi TrynaDescription:Black armor and dark red "skin", has been walking around the island for a long time since he was once told "It is in the sand" by a matoran he killed when he was in the army. Not knowing what it meant or what to search, he grew angry by his non-stopping walking and left to serve as a mercenary to the highest bidder. Lately he has been in his house in Kanae Bay underground.Wepon:A sword and a small knife.Personality:Ackru is constantly angred by the false quest he went on and is meditating in night (unless sent to kill) to calm himself.Powers:minor resistance to fire and control dead bodies.Name:TharnaSpecies:SkakdiGender:MaleAge:About 800Alignment:NuteralElement:IceVision Power:X-ray vision.Description:Tharna was once a soldier in the Core War and had his entire left forearm removed and replaced with a spiky Iron sword. Later on he dedicated his life to maintain knowlage in Memory Crystals and study the working of the mind and it's affects on life. Currently he is living in an Ice cave on mt.Ihu, he is quite calm for a Skakdi. He was one of the first Skakdi to leave Zakaz before the quarantine over the island.Wepon:Iron sword for a forearm(left forearm) that has an icy shade to it and has a freezing mechanisem that activated when Tharna wished.Personality:Calm and focused, he is meditating only as a method to study better.

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Name: Rockosis/ShadeSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Himself (out for hire)Powers: Plasma, GaraiWeapons: A special Sword/Nunchuck hybrid, with a launchable blade. Several daggers, stolen from Shade.Appearance: Mix of colors: orange, red, and shades of yellow. Is short, supple, and looks more water toa than anything.Weaknesses: Is not a good fighter while weaponless, not very strong. Has also been known to lose his cool during a fight. Hates water, and would rather stay inland.Strenghs: insanely fast for any toa, is very proficient with chain weapons and element, Has perfect control of mask of intangeabilityStory: Rockosis is a joker, and constantly keeps up this facade. He does so to keep anger from rising in his heart. Knowing he could not be depended on to keep matoran safe, he hires himself to whoever will take him.

Personality: Happy and go lucky, with brief glimpses of a darker side

Name: Mantoxis(dead)Name: The Shade(dead)Name: Amerikos (deceased, read Bane's profile for info.)



Name: Bane (real name: Atox)Species: ToaAlignment: goodMask: HunaWeapons: two scottish short-swords, used in tandem.He also owns Amerikos' shield and large claymore, but for the most part keeps them on his back.Element: IronWeaknesses: is not one to kill. He is also not very fast at all. Being an iron-user is not one of his strong points. He can make stakes, uncomplicated blades, and successfully alter his swords, but asking him to elementally craft a sword is like asking him to make a delicious five-course dinner (he can't do it.)Appearance: Bane shifts his armour constantly, but in his true form, Bane wears bright gold armour. His mask has a telescopic lens, and looks like a mask of regeneration. Currently, he wears Metru green armour, interspaced with dark grey. His armour appears to be like that of the Inika, with metru armor for the shoulders and thighs.Strengths: Bane is a sword-fighter, taught personally by Amerikos. A proficient hand-to-hand fighter and martial artist, his fighting style is subtle, dirty, and very, very good. His knowledge of battle tactics is very vast, and he can plan and strategize any operation successfully.Story: Bane is an ex-matoran, one who was recruited as a side-kick for his mentor, Amerikos. They maintained a good relationship, almost to the point of brotherhood. Amerikos taught Bane all he knew, and trained him in the arts of hand-to-hand fighting and battle strategy. Unfortunately, Bane fell off an Iceberg during a battle with the shades in Ko-Wahi. He returned recently to find Amerikos dead. Angry and hurt, Bane donned Amerikos' shield and Claymore, and fights for the ILS. However, he was injured in the destruction of Pala-koro, and now has shed the image of Bane, preferring to be known as Atox.



Name: BanelessSpecies: VortixxAlignment: Neutral/evilPowers: ParakuaWeapons: a staff with a blade attached to it. the blade is removable, and can be used as a sword. also, he has many disks. The disks he uses have jagged edges, and can cut easily.Story: Baneless is a hated vortixx. A mastermind at planning assassinations, he was never trusted even before he started himself out for hire. He has never done anything deserving of really being hated (compared to other atrosities) but he would be willing to do so. He has been pushed away so many times, he is sure he cannot ever be wanted. Knowing this, he threw himself wholeheartedly into his tasks.Weaknesses: Baneless is partially possessed by a parakua, so all weakness apply there. He also is rather clumsy with anything but his favorite sword, staff, and disks, and cannot fight with anything else. He is often confused by elements he cannot see, and might end up attacking the air unless he has already encountered the element.Strengths: Baneless is strong on his own, and can jump heights higher than most other people, even without his parakua. He also has very toned muscles, and a hunter's instinct for kill points. He also has a high resistance to drugs and poison.

Name: Wheeljack(deceased)



Name: GarrenSpecies: Toa of LightningMask: Mask of TelekinesisAlignment: Neutral evilWeapons: Two blood-red katana that have a red phosphorus glow. He also has claws with a ring to attach them to his fingers. He now owns a new set of blood-red katana, with hilts that interlock and are attached to special gauntlets on his forearms.Appearance: Is average-short height, has thin shoulders, wears a battle skirt. Also wears a sort of harness that holds his katana parallel to his back. He has light, ice-blue eyes. His mask has the appearance of a skull, and looks like it is fused to his skull. His gauntlets have clips, so his swords can attach to his wrists.As a blacksmith, he keeps the mask, but wears a typical leather apron, and a hammer.Weaknesses: Is not physically strong at all, is very much a loner. His small amount of amour is light, and focused around the collar, chest, forearms, and shins.Strengths: Is a master duelist, elemental wielder, and mask user. Is also relatively fast. He is also extremely resistant to pain.Story: Garren has no story. He has only existed to kill, or be killed. At one point, he had a reason to live, and a blacksmithing job, but life took that away from him. His bloodlusty attitude only comes when he wears his costume and weapons. When the costume is on, he becomes rayyven, a serial killer who strikes with two blood-red blades. As a blacksmith, he is one of the best, able to create almost anything imaginable. He is a respected member of the community, but is also slightly feared, as he has shown his prowess with a sword and with his powers. Garren lives in Ga-Wahi, at a shop near the dock

.Name: Barth Qem'or

Species: AkranidTribe: EarthAppearance: A foot taller than the average Akranid, Barth is very thin. he wears black armour, and often paints his body, with black and maroon paint in tribal colors.Weapons: An extendable staff, with two small daggers at the end.Weaknesses: Cannot access elemental powers, is only as strong as other akranids.Strengths: Natural quick healing, Glow and speed.Story: Barth is a member of the Qem'or tribe, and is strange for a Qem. He is not a physically strong as other tribesmen. He is very fast, and a proficient fighter with his extendable staff. He works for the caravan, and is a master trapper and hunter. He seems to have a way with the animals of the island, and will not harm them unnecessarily. He is also a trained assassin, able to track prey for miles without ceasing before he he gives up the hunt. He is disciplined, except when it comes to eating. His appetite is momentous, even for his species. It has been told that he ate an entire Kohu, immediately after killing it, then went out and killed another for his personal meal.


Name: Mortes

Species: SkakdiAlignment: Neutral/goodElement: GravityVision: Laser VisionWeaknesses: Slow from age and size. Mortes also has no mind for strategy, only wisecracking, joking, and fighting.Weapons: A sidearm gun with 12 shots, this gun can be loaded with any form of element, but after the shots are used, can only be reloaded with the help of another Skakdi (approved by Nuju Metru). Mortes also carries a heavy sword, with many protruding edges and spikes, to break other weapons (Think one side of Brutaka's sword combined with Krika's leg piece)Appearance: Mortes is a thin skakdi, with a smile smaller than most other skakdi. His wiry frame hides extreme muscle, though. Mortes is black and purple, with some yellow highlights. His eyes are a bright purple. His feet are of the clawed variety.Story: Mortes is a joker. Always has been, and always will be. Almost no one who has worked with him has disliked him. The anthesis of a skakdi, Mortes would rather solve a fight by peacemaking, but could easily hold his own in a fight.Mortes is sometimes a loner, which is why he always carries his sidearm loaded. The gun has twelve shots of gravity, and when shot, cause the gravity around it to strengthen for a short time, slowing the movements of others around him. He has lived for over 100,000 years, and knows almost every aspect of his element.

Name: Bont

Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: IronMask: KakamaWeapons: Bont carries a crossbow, with poisoned arrows that induce a knockout. He also wears a sword that has been fused to his forearm. He has one metal hand, that he projects metal spikes from, or attached claws to.Appearance: Bont is tall and wiry, with smooth, metru-style amour. The only exception to this is the mechanical hands that he constantly wears, both signs of his battle-hardened-ness. He wears red and black armour, and a black kakama that looks like a hau. The left side of the hau is scarred, with a disfiguring line that runs from above the eye straight down. His eyes are silver-white. He also walks with a limp.Weaknesses: Bont is a constant cynic, causing even friends to sometimes doubt him. He also walks with a limp, which somewhat impairs him in a fight, though he had adapted his fighting style with the injury. He is not overtly strong, either.Personality: Bont is a cynic, questioning anything and everything anyone does. He has an extremely sharp mind, and hates working with imbeciles. He is flat and dull for the most part, except when he is being sarcastic, or fighting.History: Bont came to the island when he was a young matoran. He has not said much about his past, or where he came from since then. His injuries remain a well-hidden secret, although they all appear to be from the same fight.






Name: Prius (Note: pronounced with I, not E)Species: Prius is a matoran, one of the element of PlasmaGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral/good. Prius has always desired fairness, and justice among his people, and the ability to live at peace. However, the events that have destroyed much of the island have pushed him to action.Powers/Abilities: Prius is a matoran, and so he does not have the ability to use any elemental powers actively. However, as a Su-matoran, he has high resistance to plasma or lava-related heat, much like Ta-matoran. Prius also has a slight advantage over other matoran, in the fact that he is stronger than most, and has a superb sense of balance. He is a quick learner, and also a good judge of character.Village: As one of the rare Su-matoran, Prius has no traditional village. However, he tends to live in areas of high heat, like Ta-wahi and some areas of Onu-WahiMask: Prius is a matoran, and so cannot access his mask power. However, his mask is shaped like that of a Kadin, with the exception of the spikes over the top of his head, and over his audio receptors.Weapons: Though Prius is not a great fighter, he does have good choice in weapons. He owns a long-knife/short sword given to him by a member of the Ta-koronian guard, as well as a set of claws. These claws can be slipped on and locked into his vambraces, and have independent wrist movement, so as to allow him to slash with the movement of his wrist.

Equipment: Prius carries a short amount of rope with him at all times, as well as fruit of any variety for eating.Appearance: Prius is a short matoran, heavy-set, with a muscular upper body and slightly less muscular lower body. He wears a light, four piece orange breatplate, along with orange vambraces and shin guards. His mask, a Kadin with the horns cut off, is also bright orange. Underneath his armour, he wears bright white "clothes," with touches of black at his joints.Weaknesses: Prius is a quick learner, but not a natural fighter. His knowledge of fighting extends only to friendly wrestling, and not-so-friendly brawling. He is not fast by any means, and can only run in sprints. He is frequently hot-tempered, and cynical, which can occasionally drive away his friends.Story: Prius' story up to this point is very limited. He came from a group of matoran who excluded themselves from society as much as they could, and became a cult in the Le-koronian jungles. However, Prius always was a good listener, and when the screams of a dying island became too great to ignore, he left this secluded cult, and began looking for a place to serve. He is currently in Ta-Wahi, looking for a job.Personality: Prius is very hot-headed for a matoran of Plasma, matching even the fiery Ta-matoran in bursts of passion. He is a visionary, working towards an island free of the influence of Makuta, but also pragmatic, knowing that he must find an outlet in order to do so. More often than not, his passionate side shows through. If you meet him, you will find yourself almost immediately his friend or his enemy, and it takes a good bit of convincing to change his mind. When he does, though, he holds to this viewpoint, making him a valuable and trustworthy ally. He has a deceptive streak, however, and will occasionally lie to you, if he thinks it is for the good of himself and/or others.




Imported characters:From Gravity:rekyrsprite.pngName: RykerSpecies: Toa of AirGender: MalePowers: Elemental power over air, flight.Kanohi: KadinWeapons: Two shortswords, a small blowdart shooter with darts coated with poison. The poison can knock out a matoran and causes a Toa to feel tired and off balance.Description: He had matte black armor over lime green skin, he carries his two shortswords on his belt. He is very handsome, but despite his good looks, the Toa almost always wears a hooded cloakAlignment: Neutral, Crimson NovaPersonality and Traits: Ryker is an expert thief, able to crack almost any and every safe there is. He joined the Crimson Nova out of profit, and would just as easily turn against them. He is a double and triple crosser, and its hard to tell if he's on your side or not.Weaknesses: Everything a Toa of Air is weak to. His armor isn't very thick in some places.

Edited by Elrond of Rivendell

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BZRPG profiles

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Apparently this is where we post the profiles. I was unsure if we had to go through approval or anything like that-Name: Species: Gender: Alignment: Powers/Abilities: Village: Mask: Weapons: Appearance: Weaknesses: Story: Personality: Name: Aria HallmasterSpecies: Toa of FireGender: FemaleAlignment: Neutral GoodPowers/Abilities: As expected, Aria has a great amount of control over her element. She can proudly transform fire into various shapes such as beasts or weapons and then manipulate them to attack. Her physical abilities aren't below par either. She's very quick and is an excellent swordsman. Few that she has dueled with have ever actually beaten her. Village: Ta-KoroMask: Pakari (Mask of Strength)Weapons: In battle, she wields a sword and shield, with great expertise. Her sword in particular is long and thin, but very sharp. The blade is silver, made from normal metal by blacksmiths in Ta-Koro. Her shield is made from the same metal. It's shaped like an octagon, colored red entirely. On the center of the shield is her family crest; a golden phoenix. She can imbue both of her weapons with her element, turning the sword into a flaming weapon of justice and her shield into a devastating catapault that launches fireballs at her enemies. Appearance: A tall beauty and at the same time, a true warrior, Aria is a regal-looking woman who carries herself in a manner befitting. She wears gold and red armor, all of it shining and not a single scratch from any weapon. Her armor consists of plates, arranged to showcase her curves. Combined with long legs, she looks like a truly elegant person. Her Pakari is shaped like that of an Artakha Hau, for whatever reason that is. Finally, on her right breast plate, the smybol of her family has been pinned. The golden phoenix burns brightly whenever she activates her fire element.Weaknesses: She'll often finder herself overpowered by large group of foes, but her most crucial weakness is the fact that she's limited in close quarters. Her element is explosive, not meant to be confined in small spaces. This is why Aria attempts to avoid them as much as possible, along with anyone who can utilize the water element; else her flames will be useless or overpowered.Story: Aria comes from the Hallmaster family, a group who has served the Ta-Koro Guard loyally since it's foundation. They also had a habit of dying quick deaths. The line continued into Aria's father. Her father was disappointed to have a female child since only men normally served in the Ta-Koro guard. He loved his daughter nonetheless, though. This was why it was so tearful when he died after a Rahi attack on the village. Aria's mother died shortly after, dying in the dark days. Aria was left alone in the world, but she was determined to follow her father's path. She attempted to join the Ta-Koro Guard, but was swiftly turned down, not because of gender, but out of pity. No one wanted to see this girl die, like her father did. Aria never stopped trying, though. She trained for years to become an excellent swordswoman in her own right. She alone would carry the Hallmaster name, never intending to take on a husband.It was then when the Toa Mata disappeared and that Mata-Nui became thrown into chaos that Aria found herself thrust into the role of a Toa. The Toa stone that transformed her gifted her with power that no one would imagine. Aria now could protect Ta-Koro, like her father did, but in her own way. Aria acts as a vigilante, keeping criminals off the street. While this seems good, Aria is ambitious and desires to establish a 'League' for people like her, who're adamant about protecting the island. Personality: Respectful and a powerful woman, Aria is very classy. She is never truly rude or angry, instead, keeping a calm facade in action, even when everything is going to all ######. Aria isn't arrogant, though. She does her best to connect with the people she is trying to save. Aria is very kind and doesn't like being addressed as some kind of hero. She's incredibly humble, constantly reminding others that she's simply doing her job as a Toa. Loyal to Ta-Koro and its ideals, by extension, she is also loyal to Mata-Nui...Name: Sir CeragoSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodPowers/Abilities: Elemental control over iron, along with all other metals. He mostly uses his powers to create impressive structures or strengthen his weapons. By utilizing his Calix, Cerago can do seemingly the impossible. To everyone else, it appears to be a dumb fool's luck.Village: Not from any village, per say. He owns land that is in Po-Wahi, though.Mask: Calix (Mask of Fate)Weapons: Cerago uses the weaponry of a true Knight. A powerful sword and lance combination that he attacks with. Suprisingly, Cerago moves incredibly quick, even with his armor and weapons weighting him down. He then strikes with impressive speed. Appearance: Despite his wealth, Cerago is about skinny as a tooth-pick. One could see his ribs, if he had any. Combined with his tall frame, Cerago appears to be even more gaunt and thin then he actually is. To cover this up, Cerago wears a lot of armour. The result is a skinny person whose large armor, bounces and jostles every time he takes a step. Basically, he looks very goofy in his armor, which is stylized after the Knights of Matoran legend. Even his Kanohi is crafted in the shape of a helm, with a feather on the top. His eyes are a cold blue. The colors that he wears aren't bright or eye-catching, being a dull grey. Since a Knight normally requires a emblem of sorts, Cerago went and carved a rough map of the land that he owns on his chest. Weaknesses: While he is quick, Cerago is weak both physically and mentally. He can barely lift anything due to his size and some say he might have a mental disorder. It is impossible to tell since sometimes Cerago actually spouts the truth. Nonetheless, the Toa does occassionally have serious hallucinations which endanger himself and others around him.Story: A lazy slacker of a son, Cerago was born to a hard working Fe-Matoran father. His mother had died giving childbirth and the only thing he had was his father. His father worked extremely hard, wanting a good future for his son. He even acquired land eventually, although it wasn't hardly impressive in size. A small estate that Cerago would inherit when his father left the world. Not to long after that, he succumbed to death, probably due to stressing his heart. Cerago was left to take care of the estate and the few people, his father's servants and workers, who lived there. They found Cerago to be spoiled and he wasted his inheritance on childhood dreams like becoming a Toa. He allowed the estate and the land he owned to fall into disarray. Soon, only the most loyal workers remained and the estate was falling apart. Cerago didn't actually care either. He would starve, but he was so obsessed with his dream that hunger seemed to be something he could ignore. Then one day, while digging around in his land, he discovered it. A Toa stone that would give him the power to accomplish his dream. Suprisingly, upon touching it, Cerago was actually transformed into the mighty hero that he had wanted to become. Immediately, Cerago left for a quest to defeat the Makuta, leaving the estate into the hands of his only caretaker. Personality: The biggest fool on the island, Cerago is well-known for his stupidity. He often babbles on about things that make no sense to the sane ears that hear them or he dreams of the most impossible things. At the same time, Cerago is well-read and charismatic. Through determination, Cerago can seemingly convince anyone that he's actually the hero that he talks about. Name: Bael Species: Toa of StoneAlignment: True NeutralPowers/Abilities: General control over stone and rock, nothing really impressive. Notably, Bael is somewhat skilled in crafting various structures from stone due to his experience as a carver. Notably, the Toa is incredibly quick, both on his feet and with a knife. Village: Like Cerago, Bael owns a small strip of land that is located in Po-Wahi. Mask: Mask of X-Ray Vision (Akaku)Weapons: A master with knives and other small, but sharp objects, Bael normally keeps about ten knives on him, hidden in various places. One could consider him paranoid, but a man with his amount of power has to constantly be on his guard in his opinion. Gender: Male Appearance: Handsome, but not the stereotypical image of the brave, broad-shouldered Toa of legend. Instead, Bael casts off a charismatic exterior. He’s lean and wiry, with golden and brown armor to match. Over this, Bael wears a dusty sand-brown tunic. Somewhat resembles a sleazy politician, but he’s nothing like that. His Kanohi is a brown Akaku, the scope included. He wears a ring on every finger, with a expensive stone in each. Weaknesses: Bael isn’t particularly strong at all. Strength isn’t his forte and he’s not really much of a fighter, either. Instead, he simply knows how to defend himself when he is forced into the situation. Story: Originally, a poor starving Po-Matoran artist who went by an entirely different name. Bael spent years clamoring to the top, but he eventually got his break when he challenged another Matoran for land in Po-Wahi. Bael won, but only because the other man mysteriously died the day of the duel. People investigated, but they could find no dirt on Bael. Bael won over the land and he turned it into a farm. The food that the farm produced made him filthy rich and he no longer had to sell his art to make a living. Eventually, he became a Toa, after the Mata disappeared from the island. To this day, Bael still wants to become richer and richer. He will not stop chasing the goal until he is literally at the top of the world. Personality: Skilled in lying and getting away with it, Bael is a manipulative man. His words always have a different meaning to them. At the same time, he is a man of exquisite taste, something that he shows off with the manner of clothing he wears. As mentioned in his back story, Bael is very ambitious. No matter how many clothes or money he has, Bael still wants more. He’ll sacrifice anything to reach the top as well. Strangely, Bael still has one interest. He is an artist and continues to make sculptures in his spare time. Edited by AvengerForLife

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Name: Tapo.(Tah-poh)Species: Toa of FireGender: Male.Age: UnknownDescription: PhotoAlignment: NeutralMask: Kanohi HunaWeapons: Golden staff, Avohkii-shaped claw, Disk-launcher/jetpack. Due to a event he will not discuss, his staff can create glassPowers: Control over fire.Personality: Tapo has a cold, withdrawn personality and prefers to work alone. However, when irritated, he explodes into a frenzy of rage-attacking anyone in sight.Skills: Extremely agile, and able to fight well offensively.Weaknesses: Has a deeply ingrained fear of heights and water. Has a gap in the armor of his left leg.Biography: A mysterious Toa that slept for ages beneath the sand of Mata Nui. Reluctant to explain why he resembles Vakama as a Toa and why his armor is mismatched, he wanders the island, keeping to himself.

Edited by Toa Vahi: toa of time

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