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Name: AthosSpecies: ToaElement: CrystalAlignment: Lawful GoodPower(s): As a Toa of sonics, Athos has control over crystals.Mask: Kanohi KualsiWeapon(s): Athos has a single blade. The blade is curved upwardsAppearance: Athos is shorter than the average Toa. He wears armor that covers his uper legs, upper arms and shoulders and chest. On the backs of his arms are two protrusions that give the impression of short wings. He is normally a dull silver color, with some gold, white and black details.Personality: Athos is very active and friendly, often acting eccentric or silly at times, but can come to a conclusion in a crisis. He often acts dramatically when something bad happens to him. He can come up with a single word, or words, to describe a situation that he's in. He seems to get along with female Matoran, Toa and other creatures than male.Bio: Athos was once a Matoran, washed up in a pod on the Ga-Wahi shore, clutching a Toa Stone, and uncnscious. Before he could be nursed back to health. The Toa Stone transformed the Matoran into a Toa of Crystal, waking him up. He spent some time in Ga-Wahi, before leaving to travel Mata Nui. Weakness(es): Athos is physically weak, and can be hurt easily.

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madrihk_sprite.pngName: Madrihk (MAD-rikk)Species: ToaGender: MaleElemental power: Ice, with all the abilities that bringsKanohi: Kakama (Mask of Speed)Other equipment: Jagged blade, wrist-mounted poison spikeAppearance:(Image here)A regular Toa, slightly taller than average, but also a bit thinner. Madrihk's body is predominantly white, but his armor strongly contrasts this, as it is pitch black. Madrihk prefers to be mobile, and thus his armor is not very thick or bulky. His face often bears a menacing smirk, and his eyes are blue like most Ice Toa's. While Madrihk isn't all that different from other Toa of Ice, he can be easily recognized by his more enthusiastic mannerisms, as well as a few cracks running around his mask's left eye hole. They are the result of a hit from a Nui-Rama's stinger some time in the past. Though the actual damage has been mended by a skilled forger, the seams are still visible. On his right hand, all fingers except the thumb are purely mechanical, after the originals was lost to a Rahkshi. The replacements work decently, but Madrihk doesn't really trust them yet given his inexperience with them.Alignment: Lawful EvilHome: Ko-Koro, though he has been driven out and is not viewed kindly by the people living there.Personality and traits:Madrihk cares mostly for his own goals and purposes, but will cooperate with others as long as it gains him. He will not hesitate to use a dirty trick or two, but he can be counted on to honor a promise if he ever makes one.His mannerisms are not as stiff and unfriendly as many Ko-Matoran may appear to be, but this is a front meant to lull enemies into a false sense of security. Madrihk does not care for others, and is reluctant to make allies unless he is the one in control.Madrihk's greatest ambition in life is to rule as a competent "evil overlord", though his success so far has been minor. Though he almost managed to insert himself as leader of a small region after conflict had left it empty and ripe for the picking, things turned for the worse when a sudden Rahi invasion knocked him down a few notches. He is currently wandering the land and building a new settlement, looking for recruits for an army so that he can conquer a domain by force or influence... whichever comes first.Skills:Madrihk is relatively skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but he prefers to avoid a straight fight if possible. For this reason, he wears a Kakama, so that he can either get close to or behind his opponent in a flash and strike quickly. Attached to his left wrist was a simple metal spike. It had been laced with poison, taken from a dead Lehrak Madrihk was lucky enough to stumble over. Every time it was used the spike needed to be dipped in poison again, however, and eventually Madrihk got the spike replaced with a retractable blade that fulfills much of the same purpose.Weaknesses:Madrihk cannot hold his own in combat for long against more than one enemy at a time. He is a good tactical thinker and a skilled duelist when it comes to close range combat, but he doesn't have the sheer strength and stamina needed to stay in combat for extended period of time. In a fight, he will therefore be looking for a single target to take down quickly.Unlike most aspiring overlords, Madrihk's greatest character flaw is not his pride or greed or arrogance, but his natural Ko-Matoran instinct of solitude. He is reluctant to make friends or allies unless he gets to be in charge, which means that he might pass up an otherwise good deal if forced into a lower rank on the chain of command. Still, he realizes that he needs an army if he's ever to become a powerful leader. This leaves him conflicted, and confused of how to handle everyone when he actually has allies. In stressful moments he has a tendency to become easily agitated.History:See the wiki for details.Current status:- Organizing the construction of "Pala-Koro" by Lake Pala in Le-Wahi.- Planning a trip to Xa-Koro to expand ILS influence.- In Ko-Wahi, negotiating the release of Matoran in a hostage situation.-----mevi_sprite.pngName: Mevi (MEVV-ih)Species: MatoranGender: FemaleElemental power: FireKanohi: AkakuOther equipment: Spear, Ta-Koronan shieldAppearance:(Image here)A red and orange Matoran wearing an Akaku. Her eyes and scope lenses shine yellow. Mevi's weapon originally looked like a spear/axe hybrid, though the axe blade was rather small. The weapon was meant more for stabbing than slashing. During the assault on the Nui-Rama hive in Le-Wahi, Mevi lost her halberd but had it replaced by a spear handed to her by the Ko-Matoran Trakuda.Alignment: Neutral GoodHome: Ta-KoroPersonality and traits: Mevi is a good-natured Matoran, valuing teamwork and friendship rather than war and conflict. Even so, she is not afraid to take to arms against hostile forces such as Makuta's Rahi. She also detests truly evil beings and will do her best to capture or kill them.Skills: Mevi is a member of the Ta-Koro guard, with her position being scout. As such she's decent in combat, but prefers to stay out of fights if possible. If forced to battle, Mevi will use her long weapon to keep enemies away from her. Though her Akaku is powerless, the attached scope can still be used for magnification. Mevi is also good at diplomatic solutions, but is always prepared to take a stab if needed.Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, Mevi is weak alone. She has no elemental powers and her short stature means she's easy prey for taller beings such as Toa, Skakdi, Rahkshi, Muaka and Tarakava. Her spear/axe helps her keep them at bay, but in general she will be better of running.History:See the wiki for details.Current status:Pala-Koro, fending off attackers.-----naru_sprite.pngName: Naru (NAH-rue)Species: ToaGender: FemaleElemental power: PlasmaKanohi: FaxonOther equipment: Knives. Lots and lots of knives.Appearance: Metru-styled Toa body with orange armor, secondary color white. Green eyes. Naru also wears two shoulder straps in an X across her chest. These are used to hold her knives in addition to two belts around her waist.Alignment: Chaotic NeutralHome: UnknownPersonality and traits: Naru loves combat, and will often be the one to initiate it. She is obsessed with sharp, pointy objects and gets a kick out of action and explosions. She also likes seeing cool stunts, but as she is a bit weighed down with all the knives she carries she can't go jumping around herself. She feels at home in Ta-Koro due to the heat, but has been wandering around Po-Koro for a while, where she practices her Plasma skills in the desert. She has a certain fascination with technology, particularly foreign stuff such as that of Xia.Skills: Until she can get her hands on a Calix, Naru is the "big guns" in any given fight, either melting any obstance to slag or turning her opponent into a pincushion with expertly thrown daggers. She uses her mask to smooth out her own weaknesses by lending powers from other creatures, though she can naturally only use one at a time. She likes to heat her daggers before use, both to cut through armor and because it simply makes them look cool and glowing.Weaknesses: Naru can be reckless at times and has a tendency to be overly confident. Naru is a bit slow on the move, but tries to make up for it with sheer power and ranged weaponry. She also wastes a lot of energy when she carelessly sprays her element around instead of focusing it more.History:See the wiki for details.Current status:In Po-Koro along with Zauk, trying to find a Toa of Stone.-----ferrin_sprite_dead.pngName: Ferrin (FER-inn)Species: ToaGender: MaleElemental power: IronKanohi: HauOther equipment: Spiked maceAppearance: A muscular Toa in pitch-black armor, with just a few hints of metallic gray here and there. His eyes are orange, setting him slightly apart from most Toa of Earth and the rumored Toa of Shadows. The arms and knees of his armor are lined with spikes, which Ferrin uses to cause extra damage with melee strikes. Ferrin also wields a wicked, spiky mace that he uses along with his elemental power to crush those who oppose him.Alignment: Neutral Evil.Home: Onu-Koro, though he relocated permanently to the Kumu Islets after starting his business.Personality and traits: Ferrin is a ruthless crime lord, operating from a base somewhere near the lawless and terribly dangerous Kumu Islets. He and his gang are some of the few beings that dare venture into the swamps, where mutated Rahi dwell. At this point it is mostly the Rahi who fear Ferrin, however, given their past experiences with him. Ferrin's main business consists of selling various illegal goods, though he's not afraid to engage in direct theft, piracy and hired murders. Those who cross him or his gang usually ends up dead, often at Ferrin's own hands. When settling business, he usually works alone, and only brings in his gang when he needs cargo to be hauled or some dirty work done that he doesn't feel like doing himself.Skills: Extremely strong and burly, Ferrin is capable of wrestling his way through several foes at once. His preferred method of attack is to use his iron powers to open the battle, then finish his opponent off with a blow of his mace. If needed, he can trigger his Kanohi Hau to protect himself against attacks.Weaknesses: Ferrin relies on close-range attacks to do the most damage, meaning that he can be held off at range. His mask is meant to counter this weakness, but it is not perfect, as he still can't protect himself from elemental attacks from behind, and Ferrin's not too good at focusing mask powers. He prefers to let brute force do the job.History:- After Madrihk and co. attacked his trade business, Ferrin went to Le-Koro to search for them.- In Le-Koro he met up with Solia, Onyx and a few other Toa. The captured D, a former employee of his, lead Ferrin and co. to Lake Pala.- After a brutal fight with the Island Liberation Squad, Ferrin was killed. His smuggling business in Xa-Koro continued on its own, though lacking a true leader its influence shrunk.Current status:Dead. Executed by Onyx after trying to fight Madrihk, Alfon, Vompran, Lezuu, Onyx and Kethrye all at once near Lake Pala.-----mita_sprite.pngName: Mita (MII-tah)Species: ToaGender: FemaleElemental power: SonicsKanohi: MahikiOther equipment: (Greatly) reinforced steel guitarAppearance: A slender Toa in silver and black armor, with yellow eyes. Her Mahiki has been modifed to include headset cups, making the earpieces more spherical than flat.Alignment: Neutral GoodHome: Le-KoroPersonality and traits: Mita is a traveling entertainer that isn't all that invested in the whole good-vs-evil thing going on. She generally stays within the villages and avoids conflict, prefering to spend her time brighting the day of others. Her Toa Tool is a standard acoustic guitar made of metallic protodermis, which means that it can take a lot of abuse before breaking as well as being able to channel Mita's sonic powers. She uses this to great effect when performing, naturally amplifying her own music. Mita loves her work, and may sometimes be a bit pushy when it comes to singing at inappropriate times. The few times she has been in combat, she has always just stood back and provided "morale boosts" in the form of music, keeping her pacifist nature while still not being entirely useless.Skills: Mita has great musical talent and much experience with manipulating sound. Her usually happy mood can help with cheering other people up. Being a Toa of Sonics, Mita also has very enhanced hearing.Weaknesses: Unlike most Toa of Sonics, Mita hasn't overcome her Matoran over-sensitivity to sound, which is why she wears a headset while performing to dampen the effect. The downside to this is that her hearing is then reduced at all times, meaning it might be a bit hard for her to quite catch all that is said to her. Mita also has zero combat experience, as she has never attacked another living being. In a pinch she can bash someone over the head with her guitar, though you would be hard-pressed to see this.HistorySee the wiki for details.Current status:- Searching for a Sand Tarakava's nest in the Motara Desert; along with LoJak and "Hunter". Edited by Katuko
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Name: PurponSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElemental Power: Ice Kanohi: Volitak (Mask of Stealth)Equipment: Ice Sword, Ice Boomerang Appearance: Slightly taller than most, with white and electric blue (color, not actually electric) armor, he has a decent amount of armor covering his arms, legs, and chest. He has a black burn mark running across one palm from a long-ago clash. Alignment: NeutralHome: Ko-Koro Personality: Sneaky, but always hoping for some good allies, Purpon is willing to help anyone-if they save his life, are completely desperate, or pay him. Skills: Truly skilled with stealth, somewhat thanks to his Kanohi, but also a natural talent of his. He also is fairly good at lockpicking, though doesn't always get it right. Not that agile, but good with a blade, and decent enough with his Boomerang. Weaknesses: Not very fast, needs a distraction or unorthodox way of escape. Also not very good at all with climbing, and has a lack of social skills to an extent, causing him not to be a very fast talker at all.

"The moral of the story is, I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. I'll never make that mistake again. No more half measures Walter."

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Name: DeceDece.pngSpecies: Fe-MatoranGender: MalePowers: Visions, higher enduranceWeapons/Tools/Equipment: Nothing at first

Takea Fang Spear and Ussal Crab

Mask: RuruAlignment: Neutral GoodPersonality: None yet, though he has a need to tinker and buildWeakness: His visions are hard to understand, not to mention that he has no control over when they occur. This can put him at a major disadvantage during a fight. His lack of memories also hurt him, and he has limited knowledge about interacting with others.Description: Dece's first memories involve waking up on the shores of Ga-Wahi, right now. He has no clue as to wha his past was, and has no knowledge of the situation on Mata-Nui. He does have a firm grasp of the Matoran tongue and some knowledge of fighting, but anything past eating is unknown to him. Odd among Matoran he has a glitch in his AI, much like Vakama of the main Matoran Universe. Like the famous Fire-spitter, Dece can see visions of events in motion or about to begin. He lacks control over this ability, and with his lack of knowledge he has no clue what some visons mean or if they are important.---------------------Name: VanboiVanboi.pngSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: FireWeapons: swordMask: KakamaAlignment: Lawful GoodPersonality: idealist, hopeful, obsessiveWeakness: He can be blinded by his obsession with the Toa Mata, he also has limited skill because he wasn’t trained to become a Toa or adventured much after the Toa Mata vanished.Description: Vanboi was a Ta-Matoran at the time of the Toa Mata, and considered them to be the greatest heroes to ever live. He stalked them all to a degree, and often fantasied about aiding them in the battle against the Makuta.When the six Toa vanished he fell first into denial, and then crushing depression. He remained this way for ages, until he discovered an odd looking stone. As he touched it he was transformed into a Toa, just like his heroes. Vanboi considered this to be a sign that the Toa Mata had appointed him their successor, to defeat Makuta and save the island. And with that he cast off his gloom and looked to the future.Vanboi believes that the Makuta can be destroyed, but he believes the best way to fulfill that destiny is through unity. Over time he has realized jumping down people’s throats about the Toa Mata’s second coming and unity makes more enemies than friends, though his reignited hope still lingers. He knows the island can defeat Makuta, just like he knows that the glorious Toa Mata can’t be dead, no matter what those fools say.------------------OOC: Not sure if I will use the next two yet, but I might.Name: Makuta(Xadiret)Xadiret.pngSpecies: Onu-MatoranGender: MalePowers: night visionWeapons: walking staff with pop out bladesMask: Noble Hau, modified to resemble a KraahkanAlignment: Lawful EvilPersonality: overconfident, proud, manipulativeWeakness: As a Matoran almost anyone can beat him up, though in his eyes it is all part of the “plan.” He also is weak to bright lightsDescription: Thirty years ago a chaotic evil Toa of Iron found an amnesic Onu-Matoran missing his mask. Having an idea to prompt evil, the mad Toa used his powers to mold a spare Hau into the shape of the mythical mask of shadows. He then awoke the Matoran, and using illusions he convinced the Matoran that he was the Makuta. The Matoran began to believe the story, and began to “remember” his plans. The Onu-Matoran sent out to sow darkness among the Matoran, and bring them towards evil. The Toa was later killed by a group of thugs he had robbed, leaving “Makuta” the only entity left alive who knew his true nature. The Makuta pretends to be an average Matoran by the name of Xadiret, so that he may infect the Matoran with rumors of traitors and turn brother against brother. Since few have even heard of the mask of shadows, no one suspects him of being the Makuta. He avoids the Turaga though, as he feels them might know his mask. Overall the Makuta is a regular Matoran, and is lucky that he has not been discovered. At the moment he is in denial that he has no powers, and since no one knows of his “true nature” it need not be tested. But should he be forced to attack, the illusion will shatter.-----------------Name: KozyaKozya.pngAppearance: female white and blue Toa. For proportions think Gali in MoL compared to Tahu.Species: ToaGender: MalePowers: electricityWeapons: Sword forged in the image of a lightning boltMask: KadinAlignment: Neutral NeutralPersonality: Cold, externally uncaringWeakness: Mentioning his current form can cause him to snap. Rahkshi and the Makuta are an obsession with him as well.Description: Kozya was a Toa of Ice on one of the early Toa Teams following the Toa Mata’s defeat. The Team, known as the Toa Ka, eventually made their way to Kini-Nui. There Makuta ambushed them, sending two Rahkshi against the heroes. All six of them were slaughtered. However Kozya survived, thanks to his Iden. He had often used the mask to meditate and survey the entire island, it had never been used in combat. Just as his body was destroyed his mind escaped, narrowly saving his consciousness. But without his body, his spirit would fade. Eventually he found the body of a Toa of Lightning, her spirit stolen by unknown causes. After some time of debating it over, Kozya possessed her body and has remained there ever since. However because of how long he spent without a body, his spirit was kind of faded. This made his Toa powers adapted to the host's natural state, though this might also be connected with the unknown way the Toa of Lightning died. That was over ninety years ago, and Kozya has never adjusted to the body of a Toa of electricity. He has pretty much mastered the powers and abilities, but he can never look in the mirror at the face that isn’t his. He blames Makuta for his form, and dreams often of killing the Makuta, or trapping him in the form of a Ussal Crab. Because of his team’s failure and his Ko-Matoran nature, he dislikes working in a group, especially since many would assume that he is female. It gets awkward with his feminine form interacting with others, so he mostly hides away. The few times he does interact with others he finds Toa that severely overestimate their abilities, driving him away with disgust. He knows too well that Toa are not invincible…

Edited by Tanma

"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged"-Jaller(Jala) :smilejala: 
"We're on our own here-like we've always been-and we'll stand or fall on our own"-Tanma
"He may seem slow and strange to you, but his simple words often carry a hidden wisdom"-Turaga Vakama on Kapura

Kanohi: Stories of a Matoran Vigilante The Impact of a Rebirth: a Kanohi Fanfic The Willing Exiles: a Kanohi Fanfic SKA PC Profiles: Kanohi, Collector, Mahrika Kardaka BZPRPG Profiles Avatar by @Harvali 

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  • [*]appearance: Metru Nui matoran body build, with a noble mask of night vision.[*]colors: Bronze kanohi and body, silver arms and legs[*]weakness: He is afraid of water.[*]Name: Kranuka[*]Species: Fe-Matoran (Iron)[*]Gender:male[*]Powers: none[*]Weapons:He has crafted himself a crude dagger with a dull edge. It was later upgraded by the Toa of Iron Fehron while he was in Ta-Wahi. The blade was sharp enough that it cut it's own sheath. He also has many other small weapons in his backpack.[*]Alignment: good[*]Personality: Kranuka is very adventurous, and hates to sit still. He sometimes forgets to think things through.He greatly admires toa and wishes he could be one. He tends to get jealous when toa get glory, and he doesn't. Particularly when he feels he helped out with the situation just as much as they did.[*]history:Kranuka used to live at xia, but got tired of all of the industry. He looked for a good reason to leave, and detemined to buy all of his friend's weapons to sell on the island of mata nui. He hired a Vortix to take him to Mata nui, and he forgot all about xia. Now he wanders Mata nui trying to sell and trade weapons such as swords, spears, sheilds, and daggers to whoever he might find. He hired a toa Ardoku as a body guard in Ko-koro, and met Fehron in Ta-wahi. After Ardoku had escorted Kranuka to Po-Wahi, they went their seperate ways. He and Fehron wandered the island and met up with Botan, and Dymiun, members of Fehron's old toa team. Now they wander the island fighting off attacking rahi. They were able to defeat a Kraawa with an infected kanohi near Le-koro, and word spread a little about them. He joined Kotahk's team and helped hunt down Zenex, and retrieve an energy crystal. He and the others proved to be successful and took him to Chantis to be imprisoned. Chantis' laboratory was found to be ruined by Raika. The group tracked her, were attacked by toa Palako, and toa Butra, but realized that the two were actually on their side. The toa and matoran tracked her to Ta-wahi where they met Raika's boss, Xacax. [*]Occupation:traveling weapon trader, adventurer[*]Skills:He is a talented blacksmith, and knows how to use almost any weapons he can get his hands on. He is a bit more durable than your average matoran[*]Inventory: A huge backpack for carrying random weapons and his map. And a Mahi named Pakari for carrying around his weapons, the mahi currently resides at his friend Kromast's hut in Onu-Koro.

Character 2:

  • [*]Name:Vompran[*]appearance: See here:
http://www.brickshel...cle/vompran.png a toa mata body build. His Primary color is blue and his secondary color is green. He formerly wore a backpack. It was torn to pieces by Kuhrin along with his right arm and knee down of his left leg.[*]Kanohi: Great Matatu in the shape of a noble[*]Species: Toa of plant-life[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers: controlling, absorbing, manipulating, or changing the form of plantlife.[*]Weapons: Jungle Scythe, and a bladed hook he usually attaches to one of his vines as a grappling hook.[*]Alignment: good/neutral[*]Personality: originally Vompran was Happy-go-lucky, and naive. After experiencing a time in the ILS, he has changed to a more serious person with a thirst for justice. He believes he must do everything in his power to avenge Mata Nui, and end Makuta. He has also sworn to himself that he will make an exception to toa code and kill Heunai if he ever gets the chance. He was mentally shattered after losing a battle with Kuhrin.[*]history:He has dwelled all of his life in Le-Koro believing he was a Le-Matoran, until he found a toa-stone hidden in a box when he was cleaning his hut, and became a toa. He was shocked when he discovered that instead of having air powers, he had plant powers. He now works with the Island Liberation Squad to try to free the island of Makuta, and avenge Mata Nui. He was promoted to Deputy of the ILS and helped destroy the Nui Rama hive. In a battle with Kuhrin, Vompran lost his leg down to the knee, and one of his arms.[*]Strength:Light, Water, Plantlife, close hand combat, jungle combat.[*]Weakness: fire, shadow, plasma, desert combat, sonics

Character 3: (approved by Nuju Metru BZPRPG forum assistant)

  • [*]Name: Tradoris[*]Appearance: A Skakdi with the form of a "Bionicle Stars Piraka" with a face similar to Hakaan's. He has a Disk Launcher and a "grenade belt" of sharpened bamboo disks that he throws.[*]Species Skakdi[*]Element: Magnetism[*]Gender: male[*]Powers: Chameleon, Telescopic/X-ray vision[*]Weapons: A sword that looks like toa mata Kopaka's and a weapon native to Zakaz which is a small force-field generator, which creates a small magnetic shield around him for a few minutes. After it's usage, the Magnetic shield generator must recharge.[*]Alignment: Evil[*]Personality: Very Intelligent, and has dreamed of being a gang leader.[*]History: Tradoris used to work for a Skakdi warlord and quit the job because he wanted to be in charge of his own team instead of being bossed around. He left Zakaz and moved to Mata Nui. He is not a follower of Makuta, but hates toa.[*]Weakness: Lacks Physical Endurance and strength

Character 4

  • [*]Name: Ussalaius (Use-ul-ay-us)[*]Kanohi: Calix[*]A detailed description of his or her appearance: Ussalaius is a red and black toa of fire who wears a black cloak and a hood. He has a rather large scar over his arm, and wears a Kanohi Calix.[*]Species: Toa[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: Ussalaius has long claws on each hand that can be removed. He also carries a bow and arrows, and throwing stars. He has elemental fire, and uses his Kanohi Calix to increase his Ninja abilities.[*]Alignment: good[*]Personality and history: Ussalaius is an older warrior and a master of martial arts. He carrys much wisdom and is willing to help newer warriors learn and train them. He can be a little grumpy on occasion though.[*]Weakness(es) Water extinguishes his fires. His back is getting old and his back is his vulnerable spot.[*]Current position: Ta-Koro hospital

Character 5

  • [*]Name: Vulcanon[*]Species: Skakdi[*]A detailed description of his or her appearance: Vulcanon is a giant thug of a Skakdi. He is Dark red, and extremely tough. His face resembles Hakaan's. [*]Weakness(es): Vulcanon has an extreme lack of inteligence.[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: Vulcanon posesses a giant spiked war club, and a zamor launcher. He fills the Zamor spheres with a paralyzing substance, unlike the Piraka who use mind controlling antidermis. Vulcanon's powers include extreme strength, extreme toughness, and heat vision.[*]Alignment: Evil[*]Personality: Vulcanon is a large brute with a lack of intelegence. He is very stubborn and selfish, but is very easy to fool.[*]history: Tradoris grew up on Zakaz with his older brother Tradoris. He and Tradoris don't ever get along, but Tradoris manipulates him frequently. Vulcanon and Tradoris moved to Mata Nui because Tradoris hated getting bossed around by his warlord. Vulcanon simply followed. When Tradoris and Vulcanon arrived on Mata Nui, they got in an argument and went their seperate ways.[*]Current Location: Onu-Koro: free for interaction

Characters 6 & 7. Takana & TamakaSpecies. Po and Ta matoranKanohi. Akaku & KaukauAppearance. Takana is Brown and orange. Tanaka is red and orange. They are both very bruised and ruffed up most of the time.Personalities. Like to make wise cracks, witty, they do whatever benefits themselves most.History. They grew up together as homeless street matoran.Alignment. NeutralWeakness. They do only what benefits themselvesGenders. Both maleChar 8: Zenex MagnaSpecies: VortixWeapons: A swordAppearance: Tall and black. Very sly-looking.Personality: Not always strait forward. Manipulative. Inteligent, but not to the level of Tradoris.History: He worked as a laboratory assistant in Ko-koro, until he was fired for stealing a crystal. He was wanted by the laboratory, and is now imprisoned. He harbors a grudge against the toa responsible for his capture.Alignment: NeutralWeakness: Only does what he sees will benefit himself. He can't block melee attacks very wellGender: MaleChar 9: KotahkSpecies:ToaAlignment: good/neutralKanohi: Pakari (It has the form of a Pakari Nuva, but the power of a normal one)Element: IceAppearance: His armor is a fine line between too bulky and too thin. He is just as tall as any other toa, and his armor is white with tiel being his secondary color. His icy stare makes him seem dominent in most situations. Weapons: SwordPersonality: Mostly aloof, enforces justice, he always knows exactly what to do.Gender: MaleWeakness: Fire and plasma based attacks. He prefers to work alone.

Edited by Elemental Ussal


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Name: ZakarSpecies: Toa of FireAlignment: Lawful NeutralGender: MaleAppearance: Red and black with silver armor. Weapon(s):Dual ScythesMask: Mask of X-Ray Vision with telescopic enhancementsPowers: FireTraits: Natural charisma makes him an effective leader. Can be a deadly fighter but often chooses pacifism over conflict.Biography: Years of battling Makuta's forces has left him unwilling to fight unless absolutley necessary. He leads well due to his years of experience and natural charisma, and looks out for those who follow his leadership.Weakness(es): While a superb fighter, he dislikes it and often tries to resolve conflict in a pacifistic manner until there is no other choice. He also has no talent for ranged weaponry or fighting, so in the rare cases of conflict, he has to risk getting close in order to do any damage.- :z:

Edited by Zaveno
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I rewrote the profiles. They're not very detailed, but I might update them later. More likely, I'll just leave it as is so that I can focus on fleshing out these characters in posts.


Name: Optimus PrimeSpecies: ToaAlignment: Good, but kills enemies when they go too far.Gender: MaleKanohi: KadinPowers and Weapons: He can create, control, and shoot fire. He has great expertise in controlling his element, and was born with great strength. He wields a Flame Sword, Flame Axe, Spiked Knuckle Attachments, and a Triple Barrel Blast Rod for attack. His main defensive tool is his shield. His weapons are frequenly re-forged by Leadfoot, and as such, he is rather careless as to their condition.He can create strands of his element and shape them into a sphere, and position the strands so that the sphere is once formed, self-sustaining. The sphere can grind into things and cause damage. He can also create many small spheres, holding elemental needles, and shaped into a giant shuriken. This can cut into things and grind them at the same time, leaving a huge gash. (learned from Dervian, enhanced with fire)Appearance: This. Hand-drawn, scanned, and heavily GIMP'd on. Head is not as big as the pic suggests. I am aware the drawing is terrible, please don't shoot me. I've made better drawings than this recently, but not of this character.

Personality: Tahuva is mostly silent, but still kind. He has compassion and fights for the weak when they cannot fight for themselves. Kind and compassionate to friends, silent and calculating to strangers, and ruthlessly cold to enemies.. Strong sense of honor and duty to help those in need.Weakness: His strength has gone to his head sometimes, and he isn't skilled at any particular trade aside from the use of his powers and weapons. His size also makes him easy to hit when he is not using his mask or shield.Name: DervianSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleKanohi: Miru.Powers and Weapons: He has the elemental power of Air. He wields twin Air Katanas (similar to Lewa's but can be spring-launched off the handles at the push of a button) and a disk launcher. With a slash of his swords, he can "split the wind" and send two blades of wind (sharp enough to cut metal) from each side of the sword. He is best at making shapes out of his wind, such as rotating spiked spheres or tornadoes. Body is average.He can create strands of his element and shape them into a sphere, and position the strands so that the sphere is once formed, self-sustaining. The sphere can grind into things and cause damage. He can also create many small spheres, holding elemental needles, and shaped into a giant shuriken. This can cut into things and grind them at the same time, leaving a huge gash.Personality: Usually calm, but youthfully outgoing. He is rarely formal and is afraid of nearly nothing...until it hits him in the face.Weakness: He has trouble creating broad gusts of wind and vacuums.Name: BarricadeSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodKanohi: Hau (with a more narrow chin)Powers and Weapons: He has the element of Earth, but little skill in using it, creating large but rather blunt instruments. The best he can do is a hand. His main tactic is defense, sometimes jumping in front of a teammate and activating his mask, or jumping into a narrow passage and activating his mask to prevent people from passing. He wields a disk launcher that can transform into a triple claw blade, and a short whip ending in a spiked wheel.Personality: Barricade was once renowned for being a strict disciplinarian within the Phantoms, but a hypocrite. Now, his hypocrisy has ended, as he no longer bosses others around, but he is generally rude and breaks the rules. Deep down, however, he wishes to atone for his past ways and so helps people when he can. His skillset mainly revolves around combat, however, and so he tries to beat up criminals and kill servants of Makuta, instead of perform acts of community service.Background: He started out joining the Order of Phantoms, an organization of beings dedicated to gaining power and influence through force and terrorism. On Mata Nui, the group was small, but still went around attacking people, seeking power and profit. After a terribly roleplayed assault on Ta-Koro, he was captured by Argentum and Ril, and slowly moved from evil to neutral. He's still extremely rude and proud though. After a long series of events, he became good and slightly less rude. He joined Tahuva's Toa Team, the Toa Xanthium.Weakness: He never lets anyone retreat or escape, and if he holds a grudge against them, he can be easily baited into a trap. Name: RatchetSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleKanohi: Mask of HealingPowers and Weapons: He is a Toa of Gravity, and wields a buzzsaw. He also carries medical tools with him at all times. More medical tools than weapons. He's addicted to saving people, and if he runs out of friends to save he saves enemies. However, he kills enemies anyway when in direct combat. His focus is, like most doctors and medics, so great that he is rude to just about everyone while performing operations.Weakness: He saves enemies sometimes, and they usually try to kill him when he does that.Name: DinoSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleKanohi: VolitakPowers and Weapons: He is a Toa of Lightning and has two (way too big for his arms to ever look normal, yet not dense and therefore light) huge wrist swords.Weakness: He is WAY too confident. Sometimes gets his (censored) handed to him in a fight as a result.Subgroup: The Wreckers:Name: RoadbusterGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: KakamaElement: CrystalPowers and Weapons: As a Toa of Crystal, he can create, control, and shape crystals. His favorite tactic is to make a very large or very sharp weapon of crystal, and use his Kakama to rapidly hit his opponent with it, causing devastation. He is heavily armed, with...1. Twin disk launchers on his shoulders, made from very hardcrystal, giving him the ability to control them despite their position. He makes disks of crystal, sometimes bladed, to make these weak Matoran weapons deadlier than the common Toa weapons.2. Twin daggers.3. Rapid-fire needle wrist launchers, shooting poisoned needles. If he runs out of poisoned needles, he can switch to sharper but less deadly crystal needles of his own making.4. Crystal Armor, allowing him to somewhat manipulate his armor to defend better and re-position his weapons. It comes with the cost of great weight.Bio: Roadbuster is the leader of a small squad of wreckers, his real name unknown. He got his nickname by causing excessive collateral damage in battle. As such, the Xanthium are reluctant to call him in unless the circumstances are exceptional. He's rude, annoying, and destructive, but his heart's in the right place.Weakness: With all those weapons he carries around, he needs his Kakama on at all times just to run at normal speed. When it is fully active, he's still incredibly fast, but not as fast as the average Kakama-user.Name: TopspinSpecies: ToaGender: MaleKanohi: Sanok


Element: PlasmaPowers and Weapons: Topspin is a Toa of Plasma, and as such can create and shoot plasma. His control isn't that great, though. He is also heavily armed, with...1. Twin Shoulder Mounted Plasma Blast Rods. They're huge, and allow him to easily fire his plasma, but once fired, the plasma tends to fly straight forward with amazing speed. This can be good, but can also be bad if his aim is off. 2. Hand Claws. He has crane-type claws, with two parts, that he holds in his hands. The tighter he squeezes the handles, the tighter the claws shut. 3. Wrist Katanas4. Heat Panel Alloy Armor, allowing him to heat his armor enough to burn anyone he touches without melting his armor.Bio: Topspin pushes himself way too hard. He's a hothead hotter than his plasma, and is always looking for a fight. Weakness: He can't control his plasma, only create and shoot it. He can't change its direction or shape it in any sophisticated way. He is also rather unintelligent, and is not skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His physical weapons serve more defensive roles, but he is easily overpowered physically by an average Toa.

Vendelin: Unlike most masks, Topspin's is alive and fully sentient. It goes by the name of Vendelin, and projects itself in Topspin's mind as a male Toa, in formal, ornate armor. He speaks with a light accent, vaguely French, and tends to be calm. He is highly reasonable, and as such is disgusted by many of Topspin's antics. He tends to refuse to work at times, if he deems Topspin's intended use of his accuracy unworthy of his power. However, he does deeply care for Topspin, and sometimes tries to teach him things, from proper behavior to controlling his plasma in a manner other than shooting things.


Secretly, he wants to meet more people, and so tries to get Topspin to speak for him, and wants Topspin to be able to make a plasma hologram of his body for others to see.


His reflexes can be a bit slow, so if Topspin wishes to "quickscope" anyone, that can go wrong. This is why Topspin, in turn, wants to teach him to be a true 'soldier's mask.' Naturally, with such conflicting personalities, they are at odds much of the time.

Name: LeadfootSpecies: ToaGender: MaleKanohi: ArthronElement: IronPowers and Weapons: Leadfoot is incredibly skilled at making weapons. His Arthron both protects him from all surprise attacks and helps him detect flaws in metals or things he builds with them at any moment. Like any Wrecker in Optimus's personal division, he is heavily armed, with...1. Stomach-Mounted Protosteel Shield. A strange place, but he likes it there, and it's pretty good. It's saved his life a few times.2. Repeater Barrels, empty, wrist-mounted projectile launchers. They fire rapidly, and are empty because the shape of their ammo is determined by his whim and the situation, Leadfoot being a Toa of Iron.3. A large set of natural magnets hidden under his armor in various places, to disrupt magnetic fields, a weakness he has as a Toa of Iron. To control all of these with Magnetic powers would would be impossible without confusion for those who attempt it.Weakness: He is physically slowest and weakest of the Wreckers. Name: SinezhSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral, himselfDescription: Sinezh is an introvert, though not shy. He'll speak to just about anyone who speaks to him. He looks out only for himself and will make deals if it benefits him. He's also quite the backstabber if he gets bored or keeping his word becomes inconvenient.Powers and Weapons: Being a Vortixx, he has no powers. However, he does have three weapons. Foreign tech is in red.First is a magnetic sword. It can attract things to its blade when it is switched on and pointed. A rather simple tool, no fancy controlling of the magnetism, and no repulsion. It's also quite sharp, which is useful.Second is a Zamor Launcher, Inika-style, and no, the Zamors don't fall out the top constantly. The Zamors are filled with acid, causing internal burns and damage.Third is a simple chain with a handle, which he is quite proficient in swinging around and using to whip, smash, and swing people around.Weakness: His skill is only in assassination and relatively quick, 20-minute battles. A long, hard battle, a war, or a situation in which he must use a heavy, smashing weapon, can easily render him useless. Name: SorapakSpecies: ToaGender: MaleKanohi: CalixElement: PlantlifeAlignment: NeutralPowers and Weapons: A simple sword. Good with his element, but no master at it. Description: Captain Sorapak is an eccentric pirate. He is prone to odd gestures, speaks with a funny slur, and is always a bit drunk and awkward. He is generally good-natured, and prefers not to fight. Thinks of ridiculous strategies with very little regard for his own safety, but frequently seems to get out on top. Most attribute it to his Calix, he insists it's the rum, a bottle of which he keeps strapped to his waist at all times. Traditionally, he's out for simple profit and a bit of fun. He is partnered with Bahokosar, who he frequently argues with over who is the captain. Easily one of the kindest pirates around, but he still might try to double-cross you--twice. Weakness: His ridiculousness can sometimes be his downfall, he is cocky, and he has a bad habit of failing to properly keep watch on any ship he comes into possession of.Name: BahokosarSpecies: ToaGender: MaleKanohi: PakariElement: IronAlignment: NeutralPowers and Weapons: A sword, similar to Sorapak's, but a bit bigger. Good with his element, but no master at it.Description: Bahokosar is a pirate, but much less eccentric than his partner. He has a sarcastic edge and a slight enjoyment of fighting. A focused, cunning individual, he is knocked unconscious a lot less frequently than his partner, be it on account of rum or external...influences. While his luck is nowhere near as great as Sorapak's, his skill makes up for it and very often lands them on equal footing. A bit more cruel than his partner, but he tends to be fairly merciful outside of combat unless under great pressure. (Unless he's bored, in which case he may scare someone in a highly painful and cruel manner for a laugh.)Weakness: Cocky, a bit prideful, and is a bit greedier than Sorapak when it comes to loot.Name: OuroborasSpecies: ParakukaAppearance: Standard Parakuka, relatively unarmored due to young age. Orange and teal.Biography: Ouroboras was rather recently created by Makuta, and has been wandering the island. 'He' mostly stayed in Le-Wahi, having had one host previously. This host was a Toa of Lightning, and Ouroboras is now eccentric in that he has a taste for Toa of that element. Personality: Young and untrained, Ouroboras loves lightning. He feels around for that specific elemental power. Only in desperation will he choose a host of another type. Morality-wise, he is still fairly malleable, but has enough evil in him from his undisturbed latching onto his previous host that it would be very conflicting should he choose a host who happens to be good...Weakness: Whatever a Parakuka weakness is.Name: SuliaxSpecies: Ba-MatoranGender: MaleKanohi: KakamaAlignment: Neutral Good. Pacifistic.Weapons: None, on account of his pacifistic nature.Description: Suliax was a Ba-Matoran migrating from another island. His home was entirely destroyed by war, leading him to hate all violence and shun it. To him, good Toa are destroyers, as are all their opponents. He's come across his fair share of evil Toa as well, causing him to be slightly racist in favor of Matoran, and outright rude to anyone who fights. He seeks to find like-minded beings, because the world shuns him in the same manner. Overall, he is intelligent enough to think and solve problems, though clearly does not have his philosophy on right. When under attack, he will attempt to flee, refusing to defend himself, and yet boiling with anger at whoever has attacked him. He takes great pride in his pacifism.Weakness: He is generally unlikeable except by those who think as he does, and both cannot and will not fight, thus making him helpless when under attack.

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Name: ZorkSpecies: MatoranGender: MalePower: None, other than innate dormant powersAge: UnknownElement: IronAlignment: NeutralMask: Mask of IllusionWeakness: Little to no powers, no physically strongAppearance: Regular height of all Matoran, he is gray coloredPersonality: Zork is sure of himself and confident, since he knows he's one of the best supplier of lightstones on the islandBio: He once lived in Onu-Koro. After deciding he was different, (unknowingly an Iron Matoran), he left, unable to stand being underground all the time. He left with a pack of food, an ussal crab he named Kook, a spear, and a couple pieces of mining equipment. He eventually wound up in the Charred Forest, where he found a cave to live in. Unsure of what to do, he decided he would use it for shelter. Eventually, he found another cave hidden within the knarled roots of a tree. He crawled in and found a huge mine, filled with lightstones. He dug a few up, and sold them in Ta-Koro. Learning they were popluar, he covered the entrance with leaves. He now mines lightstones and sells them to the rest of Mata-Nui, in return for supplies. He also owns a wagon and owns The Rocky Motel and Tavern in Po-Koro.Name: KazanSpecies: ToaGender: MalePower: LightningAge: UnknownElement: LightningMask: Mask of IllusionAlignment: SecretWeakness: Unable to face gravity. Personality: Shares a lot in common with X as they are both secretive and mysterious, with their own motives. They are both enemies though, and have clashed multiple times.Appearance: He wears all black armor, and has shining red eyes. His has a clear booming voice, and is mesmerizing.Bio: Kazan is the recruiter for an organization on Mata-Nui known as the League of Shadows led by a figure known only as Tyrant. They act as assassins and have secret plans for the island

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  • [*]A detailed description: Tall, lean Fire Toa. Pakari. His armor is a mix of all shades of red with dark predominate. Extremely piercing green eyes.[*]Weakness(es) (this is ALSO required): Ice and cold, of course. Extremely adverse to water, but he can stand it for a while.[*]Name: Salmek[*]Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, et cetera): Toa Mata[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: Standard fire powers, and Pakari.[*]Alignment (good, evil, neutral, et cetera): Lawful neutral[*]Personality and history: Very quiet and calculating, but straitforward when he does speak. Speaks with a bit of a middle-class British accent using old English often (doth, ye, etc.)

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Name: VadeSpecies: Onu-MatoranGender: MaleDescription: Typical black-and-grey '01 build Onu-Matoran. Wears a powerless grey Noble Kanohi Huna.Alignment: Good.Personality: Fairly friendly, although he does not like to be disturbed while working on something.Bio: Vade works for the Onu-Koro Mining Guild. He worked his way up from being a miner, and now he is a middle-ranking prospector for the guild. One of the responsibilities of his job is to visit new areas where the guild is hoping to expand into. He is a firm believer in the Principle of Prosperity, and does all he can to achieve it.Weakneses: Like most matoran, Vade is not physically strong. Also, he is not that brave if he comes face-to-face with one of the wild Rahi that populate the tunnels.

And kudos IO. You're a pretty sharp kid to understand all that at 9.

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Name: SoranSpecies: Toa of IceAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: A typical Toa of Ice, colored in silver and white; his Mask of Healing is shaped like the Great Mask of Possibilities, but color-coded in white and silver. He is thin and tall. However, he lacks physical prowess. Weapon(s): Ice StaffSoran, desperately needing a weapon to protect himself from the evil of Makuta, hired a Vortixx to aid him in constructing an Ice Staff. With the aid of the Vortixx, and immense amounts of Elemental Energy, he was able to fashion his Staff, which is just like any other Toa tool, with one added feature. Mask: Mask of Healing Powers: As a Toa of Ice, Soran can manipulate and create Ice via his Elemental Power of Ice. However, he prefers to use this power to aid and amplify his healing abilities, and so he usually uses his Elemental Energy to help in quick battle-healing situations.Also, Soran’s Ice Staff can channel his Elemental Energy so finely he can create a small ice storm around an opponent’s head, taking away their sight. However, this technique takes all of Soran’s energy and he can only hold the storm for a short time before it dissipates and he is left almost defenseless. Traits: Soran is kind and compassionate, and has dedicated himself to helping others, which he usually does by healing their injuries. He has studied and observed as much as he can when it comes to wounds or diseases, and has become a fairly skilled healer.However, Soran’s desire to help makes him gullible, and he can often fall into traps. Thin and not muscular, he’s an easy target on the battlefield, but when his wrath is kindled, he can become a dangerous enemy. Because Solan is a pacifist by nature and has taken an oath to aid others, this rarely happens. Biography: Soran doesn’t truly live in any of the Koros, instead rushing from place to place to help the warriors fending off the Makuta. While he can usually handle his quick trips from place to place, he occasionally is overwhelmed and is forced to hide until the danger passes. Out of the Koros, Soran enjoys Ko-Koro the best.Some of the less experienced warriors on Mata Nui are familiar with Soran because he focuses on aiding the ‘newbies’ the most. He sometimes helps more prominent figures. Weakness(es): Soran isn’t very battle-savvy, nor can he navigate treacherous areas without aid. His passion to help others makes him gullible, and his weak physical prowess makes him an easy target. Soran has learned to endure heat, but hates being near lava or large fires.


Unity. . . Got it covered


Duty . . . Well, still working on it.


DESTINY . . . Meh.


2 out of 3. =D

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-The Firestorm King-
Name: Araedrex Tenebras / The Firestorm King
Species: Toa of Fire
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing at 2.4 meters, Araedrex is a tall, slim Toa, with a appearance best described as wiry. With a physique more sinewy than gangling, and sinuous, yet unextravagant muscles, covering his lean, slight frame, Araedrex Tenebras looks the part of a primal hunter, or a roman gladiator, ready for blood, more than a excessive bodybuilder or strapping action film star. This primal physique is strewn with long, cruelly sharp spikes, on each of his elbows, on his knees, and branching off of his shoulders, as well as visible on his hands, whose supple fingers are tipped with razor-sharp talons, and, like all of these spikes, of the same construction and material as his armour. His skin and armour is crimson, highlighted with burgundy and scarlet, The Firestorm King’s appearance reveals the reason for his element-themed name, with his body seemingly bursting into flame and his skin seeming to leak waves of heat, even while stationary. His crimson and ruby armour, mentioned above, is undoubtedly the most interesting component of his appearance, for it is crystal, resembling ruby in, texture, hardness, and appearance, in place of a metallic material. Araedrex has spent years undergoing excruciating procedures at the hands of Fe-Toa and Toa of Crystal, as they removed his metallic mechanical armour and many of his internal metallic components, and replaced them with crystal versions. A very large percent of his metallic mass has been converted to crystal, and, while certainly a significant amount remains, the loss of metallic mass has greatly lessened his vulnerability to magnetism, at the cost of giving advantage to any Toa of Crystal he happens to face. His eyes, lacking pupils or any such details, seem to be made of fire, red-orange in color and extremely luminous, are frightening to behold, especially when combined with his emotionless and otherworldly speech. These eyes glow behind his Kanohi Kakama, reshaped to appear as a hybrid Kanohi, a mix of a Jutlin and a Noble Huna, with the almost gas-mask like chin/mouth component of the Huna, and the slim, face-fitting upper part of the Jutlin (Everything above the mouth), all of it colored to match the rest of his body. This Kanohi is covered with the same crystalline, ruby-esque mineral that functions as his armour, and, most importantly, it is surgically attached to his face and head, the crystal covering so carefully attached to his countenance that removing his Kanohi, a feat that would require immense perhaps even Pakari-level, strength, would prove to be most certainly fatal. He wears a simple suit of boiled leather armour over his crystalline body, his real defense. On top of this utilitarian boiled leather armour, he wears a 1940s Military greatcoat. Around his greatcoat’s sleeves, his weapons’ chains are wrapped, reaching up to his elbows, coiled around his hidden boiled leather vambraces.
Powers: Possessing a grand, almost authoritative control of his Element, Araedrex Tenebras is an extraordinary elementalist, able to create, control, and absorb his element as well as, if not better than, any other being on the island. He uses his elemental powers almost constantly, and he utilizes them so expertly, one could say his element is part of him, literally as familiar to him as the back of his hand. Due to his elemental training, Araedrex has incredible resistance to his element, as great as possible for an unmodified Ta-Toa. Besides his immense elemental powers, his only other power is the one granted through his Kanohi, moving, thinking, and reacting at great speeds, which he is considerably skilled in the use of.
Skills: Araedrex Tenebras is a skilled melee combatant, utilizing his weapons with impressive skill. However, when it comes to elemental combat and ranged combat, he is truly daunting, if not utterly fearsome, able to utilize flames and heat at almost mind-boggling speeds and levels of skills. He is able to superheat a iron blade to a melting state in a second, able to reduce any defense a Toa of Plantlife could generate to piles of ash in mere moments, or, if he wishes, to boil a being inside their own armor. Utilizing his Kanohi, Araedrex has taught himself to catch his opponents weapons, thrown and melee, and to strike them down with them, among other things. Often, he activates his Kanohi simply to react to his current situation and understand his environment at insane speeds.
Weapons: Araedrex’s weapons of choice are rather unique; A length of crystalline chain, around 4 meters long, tipped on one end with a .3 meter long blade, resembling the head of a Yari in design, utilized for both slashing and stabbing. The most interesting aspect of the weapon is where the chain connects to the blade head; The connection point is constructed of crystal as well, and extends a few centimeters up the blade, thus making the weapon’s blade head, when viewed from upside-down, resemble an uppercase T. The reason for this strange design is that the weapon is, for the most part, wrapped around his arm, until a few inches away from the bladed head, where the connector piece is grasped by Araedrex in a push dagger-esque fashion, so that his hand forms a fist at the base of the blade, and he can stab and slash as if he was wielding a Katara. The other way of using these weapons (Yes, he has two, one wrapped around each arm) is letting around a meter or so of chain loosen, so that they can be used in a chain-whip fashion(Or rope-dart fashion, if you loosen more chain), with the bladed head scything and slicing viciously. Picture of the weapon’s bladed head, if you’re having trouble visualizing it. As well as these chain-based weapons, he carries an assortment of knives and daggers across his person, attached to his boiled leather armour.
Other Equipment: A massive tank of extremely flammable oil is held on Araedrex’s back, attached on the center of the two bandoleers that wrap around his torso. These bandoleers are also lined with jars of this special oil, and thus, Araedrex possesses a very large quantity of this flammable liquid. Great Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed.
Voice: Without accent and utterly otherworldly, Araedrex’s voice is a merciless and unfeeling sound, tainting the minds of those who hear it with a sense of psychological intrusion and mental dissection.
Weakness: Ice/Cold. Water, to some extent. While his crystal construction extremely weakens the powers of Magnetic and Iron Toa when they face him, Crystal Toa have an extremely one-sided advantage against him.
Personality: Taciturn and calculating, Araedrex Tenebras is cruel and manipulative at worst, quiet and reserved at best, and always willing to engage in a game of wits. The Ta-Toa is surprisingly florid in speech and philosophical in mind, often having a philosophical discussion with whoever he‘s fighting.
Alignment: True Neutral (Possess his own goals, and he will use any means necessary to reach them)
Biography: Araedrex Tenebras, or, as he is more commonly known, The Firestorm King, several decades ago began to explore the island of Mata-Nui, starting a journey of elemental perfection, to become one with his element. As he explored the island, visiting every catacomb and every mountaintop, from the depths, to the heights, and everywhere in between, he began to take an interest in philosophy and sociology, spending days visiting the most prestigious scholars, discussing with them the meaning of civilization and the will and nature of beings, and asking such bizarre, belief-shaking questions, that he was often either forcibly removed or asked to teach the scholar. He continued to do this for a rather large length of time, before disappearing. In truth, this disappearance was nothing more than a series of meetings with Toa of Iron and Toa of Crystal, to remove and modify his mechanical components, something he had shown interest in for a length of time, displaying fascination at the idea of becoming something unique, removed from the masses. After these procedures, he began to train himself physically, for reasons yet revealed, finally reappearing in public to discuss with one of his favorite philosophers, a Turaga that was truthful and unbiased, frank and unwilling to sugarcoat even the harshest facts. What occurred during this meeting has never been revealed, but Araedrex left his residence silent and cold in demeanor, and the Turaga was found thoughtful, mulling over the secret information given to him. Now, Araedrex has begun to take an interest in the island as a whole, and is considering becoming part of current events, for reasons that only The Firestorm King, Master Elementalist and Philosopher/Sociologist extraordinaire is aware of.
Theme(s): “On Thin Ice” & “Born In Darkness”, Hans Zimmer
-The Torturous Interrogator-
Name: Noxra Immiti
Species: Denuian
Gender: Female
Appearance: Standing at three meters in height, Noxra Immiti is an dauntingly tall being. Her physique, lean, sinewy, and, above all, powerful, is equally formidable, any beauty in it overshadowed by the sheer primal appearance, like that of a natural predator. With wiry muscles tightly covering her frame, Noxra is more slender than shapely, exercised to corporeal perfection, rather than buxom voluptuousness. Her skin is shadowy, colorless black, and covered with designs (almost circuit-board like), indigo in color. Noxra’s eyes are strangely lupine in appearance, but the same color as the designs covering her body. She wears a suit of utilitarian, dark grey leather armour, hidden under a black, hooded cloak when in public.
Powers: Denuians are perhaps the most physically powerful species on the island possessing strength, speed, and reflexes that are powerful enough that they can match a Pakari user in strength, and a Kakama user in movement velocity and reflex speed. They normally have only the level of speed and strength that a being of their size would have, until they focus and activate their true potential. Like Kanohi, there is a limited amount of time a Denuian can operate at this advanced level.
Skills: Noxra Immiti is an utterly exceptional combatant, heartless and never merciful, utilizing her terrifying physical prowess with equally horrifying expertise. A professional Interrogator, Noxra is naturally an incredibly proficient torturer, knowing exactly where to cause pain, and how to do it, a skill she uses when in combat. As well as all of this, she has shown signs of being an exceedingly perceptive person, able to scrutinize every movement and observe every quirk, thus gaining a psychological advantage over most.
Weapons: At all times, Noxra carries Kunai, Shuriken, and Bo-Shuriken, hidden across her person. For melee combat, she carries a pair of Shuko, for parrying, restraining, and attacking. At her residence, she has several dozen other weapons, ranging from rope-darts to hook-swords.
Other Equipment: In her office, Noxra has an extensive kit of torturing and interrogative tools and devices.
Voice: Surprisingly, Noxra’s voice does not reflect her flat and dispassionate nature. That’s not to say it’s emphatic and extroverted; No, not at all. Noxra Immiti’s voice is quiet, deep, and slightly amused. Entrancing and darkly alluring, slightly accented, and smooth and soft, it is bizarrely contradictory to her personality.
Weakness: All Denuians are unable to use Kanohi, and lack elemental abilities. The Denuian species is less robotic (And therefore more organic) than the Toa or Matoran, and thus, attacks such as flames, blasts of cold, and the sort are more effective to such beings (such Elemental attacks that hit a Denuian deal 150% damage). However, Noxra is utterly aware of this weakness, and one has to be extremely skilled or extremely lucky to actual have one of their elemental offensives make contact with Noxra.
Personality: Pitiless, beyond all measurements. While not “I don’t care if you have children, I’m going to stab you repeatedly, because I’m evil and it’s fun”, Noxra is terribly dispassionate in manner and impassive in appearance. Her motive is unknown, but whatever it is, she’s more than willing to bypass any moral standard to achieve it.
Alignment: True Neutral
Biography: Little to nothing is known of the Denuian species, for less than half a dozen beings have been seen on the island, among them the retired warrior known as Hound, and none of them speak of their past, or the rest of their species. Noxra Immiti is, bizarrely, both the most secretive and the most infamous of Denuians, for her work as a professional Interrogator is widely known, yet facts about her are unavailable, no matter how hard one searches. Currently, she works for Onu-Koro’s police force, interrogating any criminals that prove difficult.
Theme(s): “Vadavarot” & “Rachel's Song”, Vangelis
-The Iron Tempest-
Name: Dominus Ferrum
Species: Toa of Iron
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing just shy of 2.5 meters tall, Dominus is a tall, well proportioned Toa, darkly and enigmatically attractive, strikingly armored. Broad shouldered, and muscled in a characteristic, supple fashion, Dominus Ferrum resembles a statue of a dark, primal god more than an actual being of flesh. His skin is shadowy black, fading into dark and charcoal grey at places, macabre, yet sinisterly pleasing to the eye. His eyes are truly uncanny, orbs of bright, enraged red, simultaneously terrifying and alluring, burning with unfathomable fierceness from behind the otherwise black eyeholes of his Kanohi. His Kanohi is a slightly modified Arthron, designed to appear similar to the rest of his armour, in texture, material, and appearance, giving it a look reminiscent of a metallic helm in coloring and texture, due to the coat of Protosteel covering it. As well as possessing this unique modification, the Kanohi‘s trademark feature, it‘s massive brow/forehead, has been modified to almost look as if it is a horned helm from the medieval period on earth, with pointed edges, larger than normal. The most fascinating and unique part of Dominus’s appearance, however, is his “armour”. Over the years, Dominus has exerted untold amounts of elemental energy to crafting his own mechanical components, building off of them, constructing a suit of gunmetal-colored protosteel armor that covers his entire body. It appears, and functions, identical to a suit of Gothic Plate armor, with the large, distinctive bevor, the steel plates designed with flutings, curves, and ridges, and generally formidable appearance. Most noticeable, the torso, breast, and upper leg armor is closer-fitting, while the pauldrons and arm armor, as well as the greaves and knee, are larger than normal, leading to a more stylized appearance for The Iron Tempest.
Powers: Elemental Control of Iron (Elemental Master, able to create, control, and absorb with the utmost skill), Kindred through Kanohi Faxon.
Skills: Dominus is a very, very talented fighter, utilizing every advantage he possesses at once, making himself a terrifying a berserker, a nigh-unstoppable tank, or an acrobatic martial artist, or whatever else is apt for the combat required. Training and living in his armour, unbearably heavy to most, has made him stronger and more endurable than almost any unenhanced member of his species, and thanks to spending decades in the protosteel plate, he moves as if unhindered. The protosteel, of course, is incredibly damage-resistant (But not invincible, for one will feel the blow of a war hammer, no matter if their helm cracks or not), and gives him advantage against any weapons with no emphasis on impact, as well as most elements (Ice, Plasma, Lightning, Sonics, and (especially)Magnetism are the most effective against his protection). However, while Dominus is very agile and in possession of excellent reflexes, covering large distances by foot is tiring, as is to be expected while wearing such armor, having trained in it or not. His intense skill with his element is only rivaled by his skill with his Mask of Power, the Kanohi Faxon, whose uses he has perfected. Along with all of these intimidating combat skills, he is a experienced fighter with every known type of blade weapon, and many blunt ones.
Weapons: Dominus carries a protosteel Schiavona sword of his own making, around 1.5 meters from pommel to thrusting tip. The sword’s pommel, handguard and hilt is constructed from black-colored protosteel. The sword is kept in a lacquered wooden scabbard, positioned on his back. He also carries a Pugio dagger on his belt, and a bladeless hilt, for creating custom tools. All of his weapons are of his own creation. His armor is easily converted to simple weapons, and his left forearm’s armor is much thicker and denser than the other one, for the creation of shields.
Other Equipment: The inside of Dominus‘s cloak is covered with pockets, which contain things such as his widgets, medical supplies, and etcetera. Kanohi Faxon, Mask of Kindred.
Voice: A dramatic baritone, Dominus’s voice rolls over the listener in waves of intimidating sound. Darkly attractive and daunting, Dominus’s voice is slightly metallic, very powerful, and unbelievably harsh and dark, the sound of a dark angel or Nephilim, perhaps the sound of a Makuta, in the body of a Toa.
Weakness: Dominus’s main weakness is vulnerability to quite a few energy-based elements (Ice, Plasma, Lightning, Sonics, and (especially)Magnetism are the most effective against his protection), whose damages range from hindering to devastating to him and his armour. Besides this, he, while remarkably agile and in possession of excellent reflexes, can not cover a wide area quickly. While his armor isn’t troublesome when quickly sidestepping or such, when running for several hundred meters, it is quite exhausting.
Personality: Dominus’s life style of Fallen Hero reflects his personality perfectly. Now philosophical, pessimistic, and narcissistic, Dominus’s current attitude is a stark contrast to his humorous and kind chivalry of old, a honorable personality that still, on occasion, is noticeable. He is on a quest of dark justice, and his personality and mannerisms reflect this very well.
Alignment: Neutral (Leaning towards Good Chaotic)
Biography: The first record of Dominus Ferrum’s existence was his name on a list of new Ta-Koro Guard members. According to his trainer’s journal, he was a ferocious, temperamental fighter, unable to handle defeat and utterly without mercy or kindness. However, it was also noted that he was in possession of a fiery chauvinism for Ta-Koro, a yearning to hunt and destroy all who broke the laws he believed so strongly in. As soon as he began duty, he earned the fear (And therefore the respect) of all his fellow guardsmen, and in a few years, rose higher and higher in the ranks. Dominus Ferrum was only a few promotions away from becoming equal with Jaller himself when his wife died. Everyone knew how temperamental and darkly emotional he was, and gave him a few weeks off, having no doubt he would return, newly determined. But the only time Dominus returned to the headquarters was to wish them farewell, stunning even the most dispassionate members of the Guard. After that, he remained in Ta-Koro, for many years silent and apparently settled into a life of monotonous routine. Until the first bodies were found. Criminals, some of them among the list of most wanted, hacked to pieces and left in a pile on the HQ steps. The Guard were perplexed, unable to deal with the murders of criminals all over the city. Many of them suspected the once-Guard member Dominus, but were afraid to blame such a great hero in the eyes of the public, and said nothing. Currently, Dominus wanders Ta-Wahi, seeking something, silently questing for the unknown.
Theme: “Warrior Concerto”, The Glitch Mob
Name: Brutarum
Species: Crystal Climber
Gender: Male
Appearance: Crystal Climbers are bizarre creatures, comparable to, in earth terms, a Eurasian Wolf mixed with a robotic Komodo Dragon. Possessing the lengthy axial skeleton (IE: Elongated neck and torso) of a Komodo, but with the muscle structure (Pronounced shoulders, powerful, lithe leg and torso muscles), facial features, and grey-black fur of the Eurasian Wolf. However, patches of black and silver scales are noticeable on the bottom of the Rahi’s torso, from neck to the underside of the tail. There are also several features not identifiable with any Earth animal, like its razor-sharp claws and ability to almost always find sure footing. Glowing red eyes, set in the wolf-like face of primal elegance, are shockingly bright, and serve the creature so that it may see well in the blizzards of Ko-Wahi. Brutarum, Dominus’s steed, is a normal Crystal Climber, the only thing telling him apart from the others of his kind is his plate armor. Protosteel plates of relative thinness cover his shoulders, upper limbs, torso, and the top of his tail, as well as a helm-like head covering. On his back is a large leather saddle, as wells as a birdle, a bit, stirrups, and all the other required components for a steed.
Faxon Power List:
Temporarily paralyzing venom (Dagger Spider), Consume inorganic Protodermis (Devourer), Resistance to poisons (Doom Viper), Able to consume metal (Dust Darter), Webbing (Fikou), Long leap (Kirikori Nui), Immunity to stasis (Muaka), Poisonous shell (Fire Mahi), Increase skin temperature to extreme heat when agitated (Lava Eel), Completely lava-resistant shell (Lava Hawk), Sand burrowing (Sand Tarakava), Inflation via water inhalation (Cave Fish), Sense weather (Dermis Turtle), Bright body glow (Lightfish), Acid spit (Air Serpent), Slippery skin (Lohrak), Absorb liquid protodermis (Nui-Rama), Frenzy (Brakas Monkey), Temporarily-blinding venom (Nui-Jaga), Absorb heat from other beings (Frost Leech).
-The Roaring Gauntlet-
Name: Invitus Abtreten
Species: De-Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and regal in appearance, Invitus stands at 2.6 meters tall, broad-shouldered, well-musculed, with every inch of his physique screaming discipline. His face is emotionless, with visible cheek bones, and vividly colored, yet utterly dull emotionally blue eyes, contrasting sharply with his gray and gunmetal color scheme. His armour is large, well engineered protosteel plate, with vambraces, pauldrons, and all the important pieces. On the topic of protosteel, his mask is coated with a layer of the stuff, so that shattering it is no easy task. Speaking of his Kanohi, it is in the shape of a Kanohi Iden, but much more face-fitting, so as to punctuate every line in his harsh, sharp features. Over his protosteel armour, he wears a leather bandoleer, and over it, a large, hooded overcoat, dark green in color.
Powers: Elemental Control over Sonics (Very, very skilled, possibly above master level), Strength through Kanohi.
Skills: Besides being a master of his element, Invitus is very skilled in the use of his Kanohi. Hand-to-hand combat is his specialty, with ranged combat being slightly hard for him to excel in. Skilled in lip-reading and reading body language, as well as communicating in sign language.
-Gauntlets; Technically armour, Invitus’s huge, plated, carefully and expertly constructed gauntlets function as his main weapon in combat, mostly for vicious bludgeoning and tearing. Hinged and segmented for articulate movement, they are truly formidable, both in appearance and in combat.
-Kunai; Invitus’s secondary weapons are his dozen Kunai, all of which are kept on his bandoleer.
Other Equipment: Bandoleer. Kanohi Pakari, Mask of Strength.
Voice: As harsh and unyielding as his features, Invitus' voice, much like his physique, screams of discipline and order. Flat and unemotional, it is a bass monotone, deep in tone, and never changing or faltering.
Weakness: Loud noise while unprotected by field of silence, of course. His armour, of course, means he isn’t the most skilled swimmer in world.
Personality: See voice and description. Harsh, disciplined, orderly, unyielding, etcetera.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (The Inquisition)
Biography: Unmarried, unemotional, and uncaring, Invitus has spent most of, if not all of his life, being the guy in the streets, staring coldly at the flamboyant, healthy youth, and approvingly at the feeble, yet wise Turaga, wishing to create a utopia that combined the best of both, from the moment of birth to the moment of death. All of his life, Invitus has wished for an orderly, disciplined empire to rule the miserable, otiose island of Mata-Nui. As soon as he heard of The Inquisition, he joined, and now is working as one of its most loyal members.
Theme(s): “Lust at the Abbey” & “Knives and Bullets (And Cannons Too)”, Dario Marianelli
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Name: Iluki• Species: Toa• Gender: Male• Appearance: Iluki stands about 6 feet tall, just shot from other Toa. He is heavily armoured, yet missing the whole right arm..• Element: Earth• Mask Power: Kanohi Garai, The Mask of Gravity• Weapons: Huge war hammer.• Alignment: Neutral• Personality and History: Iluki’s personality changes from time to time. You’ll see him talking and laughing, the next he’ll be angry, wanting to destroy you. His history is unknown to everyone, even him. Last thing he recalls is waking up in a small hut on the Island of Mata-Nui.• Weakness: Iluki only uses his Hammer. So he won’t be able to hit you if you’re out of his swing. He also never uses his elemental power, so that to could be a major weakness Let's Play! z_signoff.png

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Name: JalkaiGender: MaleSpecies: Kale RohoDescription: 8'4. He wears slick dark green armor, and looks similar to a Toa. He has three glowing orange eyes, his upper left eye is blind, and no nose. He is not very muscular. He sometimes wears a black robe, the sleeves are torn off at shoulder and every thing below the waist is torn off. He wears black pants that are torn off from the knees down. Dim gray, that's what text color calls it, smoke comes out of his mouth, hands, and feet.Alignment: Against MakutaMask: He does not wear one.Weapons: Two PataPowers: He is faster and stronger then an average Toa. Like the rest of his species, he can float slightly over land and water for short distances, but can only float above water when in constant motion, or he will begin to sink.Personality: Jalkai hates the Kale Roho society and all the rules it had. He enjoys the thought that he is the last Kale Roho, which misguidedly he believes. He isn't the friendliest person, especially if you bug him about being a Kale Roho. He wishes to kill Makuta as a way to destroy the legends of his ancestors, and bury his memories of the other Kale Roho. He doesn't hold grudges often, unless it's about something serious. He has a slightly positive attitude, especially about being the last Kale Roho.Weaknesses: He can't hide with all the smoke he makes and the burnt smell it makes. His species can't use masks or elemental powers, and can't smell. He has a blind upper left eye.Biography: His hate for other Kale Roho started from being banished and grew over time. Ever since than he has been striving to kill the legacy of the Kale Roho. Now that he thinks he is the last of his kind, he plans to try and finish off the legends that remain.Name: TethrahGender: MaleSpecies: ToaDescription: Tethrah has Black arm and leg armor, and Kanohi. His mask has brown streaks going along it. He has brown hands and feet, and a brown body. Over his normal armor, he wears a silver chest plate, a silver pauldron on his right arm, and silver shin-guards on his legs.Alignment: GoodMask: The Mask of Growth in the shape of Kakama NuvaWeapon: KanabōPowers: Elemental power of StonePersonality: He is friendly, though serious and sometimes cold. He isn't the most positive person, and won't go out of his way to make a friend. Not overly trusting. In battle, the Toa remains calm, keeping his cool. It takes a lot to phase him.Weaknesses: He will hold grudges until he feels they have been repaid. He dislikes the cold. He is not overly fast.Biography: Working on it.

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Name: XeveGender: MaleSpecies: RegrianAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Anthropomorphic reptile, tall and thin. Clad in emerald and black armor, with silver highlights, standing somewhere between eight and nine feet tall. Tail measures thirteen feet long with a Mahri Blade like tip. Digitigrade legs, ending in taloned, three toed feet. Taloned hands have four digits; two fingers, and a thumb on either side of his palm. Has three eight inch long spikes pointing up out of each shoulder. A single row of spines run down his back, from the base of his neck to the tip of his tail. This row of spines supports a sapphire blue membrane, forming a sail. Head is a mixture of lupine and draconic features, with a pairs of horns coming out of the back of his skull. In addition, Xeve also has a pair of wolf-like ears, below his horns. Mouth is filled with serrated fangs. Eyes are ocean blue with slit pupils.Weapons: Xeve often uses his powers to harden and mold his bones into various weapons. He has been known to make spines that can be fired, wrist blades, shields, and increase the strength of his jaws. Also carries a leather backpack for carrying items.Powers: Xeve possesses a regeneration/shapeshifting power, and able to heal and/or modify his form at will. However, it takes energy to heal a wound, and even more to actually change a part of his anatomy. It isn’t quick and pretty, no glowing and boom, cut healed; Flesh bubbles, bones are forced back together. And shapeshifting, that HURTS. Xeve is actually reconfiguring his anatomy. Bones are changing, growing, even disappearing. In addition, Xeve can’t give himself special powers. He can make wings, blades, insectoid limbs, tentacles, and all that good stuff, but thats it. He can get incredibly creative, but no laser vision, Elements, or such. He could give himself gills, and allow himself to breath underwater, but he’s tried that, and the energy it takes is enormous, nearly enough to leave him unconscious... and it should go without saying that completely remaking his respiratory system is excruciating pain. And he can’t turn into another being completely, defiantly not another species, not all at once, anyways, and even then only in appearance. Changing back isn’t to pleasant either. If he uses to much energy, he could actually kill himself... but that would require some very serious, nonstop shapeshifting. Xeve has quite a bit in him, so he can keep it up for a while before he needs to start worrying. Also, changing back is not as painful, and much easier, than making the initial change. Innate Traits: Strong tracking senses. Very quick, though slightly weaker physically than a Toa in his basic form. When focused, he can be quite the effective hunter. Weaknesses: As already stated, his Shapeshifting is a risky power. Extended use also leaves him in desperate need of sustenance. Personality: Given the deep roots in biology his powers have, Xeve loves examining how a creature is put together, something that sometimes translates over to people he meets, resulting in awkward comments. Xeve is a curious individual, eager to learn. This ultimately stems from a predatory nature, and a habit of stalking prey over long periods of time. In social situations, he is not very serious most of the time.Bio: Xeve is a wanderer, moving between Wahi, selling anything he finds along the way. The Regrian, so far as he is concerned, has always been on Mata Nui, despite the fact that there does not seem to be any other members of his species on Mata Nui. Finding new creatures and anatomical traits he is unfamiliar with fascinates him, as it is one more change he can make to himself.Name: ExodysGender: MaleSpecies: RegrianAlignment: Lawful Evil (Supporting Makuta)Appearance: Exodys is monolith of muscle and armor. Standing at ten feet tall, and covered in golden armor. His flesh is obsidian black, while his talons and eyes are crimson. Draconic skull, with three horns. The first horn protrudes from the end of his snout, a long, jagged blade. His other two horns are as black as his flesh, and come out of the back of his head, curving down and forward. He a crowned by several spikes. In Exodys’s maw are long, needlelike teeth, translucent and interlocking, protruding from black gums. Strangely, his mouth does not move when he speaks. The Regrian’s eyes are small crimson orbs.On his shoulders are unusual structures, resembling his skull. His left shoulder has what looks like the left side of his head on it, while the right shoulder has the right side of his face. These shoulder plates are complete with horns and small glowing orbs. Along his back runs a crimson sail, supported by a row of sharp spines which goes from the back of his skull to the end of his tail.His legs are digitigrade, and incredibly thick and muscular, as are his arms. His hands are tetradactyl, with two fingers and thumbs, each ending in Talons. Taloned, three toed feet. His tail is long and thick, ending in a “brush” of spines.Weapons: Fangs and talons. Massive war hammer.Powers: Can fire bolts of Lightning from his hands and mouth, which is accompanied by a thunderclap. Prior to his lightning attacks, electricity arcs across his body, and the air will reek of ozone. Exodys can also draw electricity and redirect it from his body, repelling the planet’s magnetic field, allowing him to float a few feet off the surface. This requires a continuous supply of electricity, however. Innate Traits: Massive strength, durability, and endurance, at the cost of agility and speed. Weaknesses: Electricity must be drawn from the air around him to use his powers before it can be released. Should his concentration be broken during this charge time, he will be unable to fire properly, causing the electricity to be harmlessly released back into the atmosphere. The dramatic charging of attacks makes it easy to prepare for his lightning. Also, should a opponent use his or her own electricity element to draw energy away from Exodys before he can harness it, rendering him mostly powerless. While he is not using his own electricity, like say a Toa of Lightning, it still takes about the same amount of energy to harness the electricity. While floating, his lightning attacks are sharply reduced in power.Incredibly slow physically, and very heavy. Very difficult to stay afloat.Personality: Exodys is unyielding in his beliefs. He honestly believes that he is doing good for the Matoran by oppressing them. Anybody who gets in his way is an opponent and heretic.Bio: The world is not black and white. There is no good or evil. Light or dark. Everyone is just as messed up as the next person, if not more. Everyone has one desire in life... Power. What they see power as varies, but it is always a desire to be more than everyone else. To control everyone else. Live on in history, long after the insects have made a feast out of you.Exodys wandered the Matoran universe without purpose, killing along the way, until he stumbled recently upon Mata Nui. Taken in by Makuta, be was brainwashed into believing every word of the Master of Shadow’s. Exodys requires no Infected Mask to serve the Makuta. He is completely devote, believing him to be a God, and Exodys himself as an angel of that God.

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They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.


The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you. 


Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.


Come Tenno, you must join the war.

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Name: General Aryll Vudigg

Species: Toa of Lightning

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Occupation: Wanderer

Weapons/Equipment: Protosteel gauntlets, with strange blue gemstones embedded in their palms. The gauntlets help him channel his powers more effectively. He wears a belt with a canteen and a pouch of tobacco. He has a pouch for his Briar pipe and matches, as well.

Powers: Lightning and sonar location.

Appearance: Aryll is a skinny, but athletic Toa of medium height. He has teal and midnight blue armor, pitted and scarred after years of battle. Over this he wears hooded, dark blue robes, black cavalry boots and brown belt. His face is heavily scarred and disfigured from combat during the ILS' downfall.

Element: Lightning.

Kanohi: Arthron, shaped like a teal Ruru, albeit one torn and scarred almost beyond recognition.

Personality: Aryll, most of the time in public, is a polite, calm and slightly mysterious Toa, who gives a subtle aura of charisma. His notable flaws in this charade are a bit of impatience, an oftentimes dangerous amount of curiosity and being easily annoyed. In actuality, Aryll is a ruthless, power-hungy and brutally businesslike. He has a deep-seated superiority complex, seeing himself a master of his element, and superior to the 'savages' of Mata Nui. He aspires to rule the isle as King, after defeating the Makuta. In battle, he is arrogant and overconfident, and can be prone to risk taking. He also has a habit of underestimating his 'savage' opponents.

Skills: Aryll is a master of his element, one of the most skilled Lighning Toa on the isle. Examples of his abilities include:

-Absorbing and redirecting enemy lighning bolts, with extreme ease.

-Sending nearly silent bolt of electricity through raindrops, to hit a distant target. This requires a great deal of concentration.

-Flooding the air around opponents with electrical energy, to create a seemingly harmless feeling of static. But when does this, he is able to shoot lighning bolts from anywhere where he has concentrated the energy.

-Summoning the electricity from nearby stormclouds to come down upon his target.

-Making electrical shields.

-Turning his gauntlets into individual electromagnets.

Biography: Aryll was born on an island in the greater MU, to a family of nobles. Like many males of his family, he was sent to his nation's highest military academy. He excelled in elemental training and tactics. Three decades after he graduated, tensions grew between the two nations that controlled Aryll's island. Being leader of one nation's military, he lead his men when war eventually broke out. But even after the other nation was defeated militarily, he wouldn't relent. Spearheading a campaign of genocide, he and his armies killed thousands. But in a matter of months, nearby nations invaded and stopped him. Aryll was captured and declared a war criminal.

In route to an enemy nation's courts, the ship he was on was sunk in a storm. Clinging on to a mattress, he drifted in the ocean for a day before passing out from dehydration. Waking up on the shores of Mata Nui, he assumed he had washed up on a backwards isle in the far, uncharted south. Taking his new chance at life for all it was worth, he established himself as a hero. To keep up his heroic facade, he joined the Island Liberation Squad, and fought with them as a mid-level member. He was scarred and wounded at Pala-Koro's destruction, and has been a borderline member of the group since then.

Weaknesses: Aryll can be very over-confident, and underestimates his enemies. He holds his opinions above others, even if others are obviously right. He is utterly useless in melee, ranged and hand-to-hand combat,


Remake of a Character from Last Year:


Name: Tarcvor

Species: Toa

Alignment: Lawful good

Occupation: Wanderer

Weapons/Equipment: Tarcvor is armed with a Metal-studded Kanabo. He also has a haversack containing a lightstone, heatstone, map of Mata Nui, canteen and some hardtack.

Element/Powers: Stone and extreme strength.

Appearance: Tarcvor is a tall, muscular Toa with a stocky and heavyweight build. His armor is Coffee-brown, with khaki as a secondary color. It looks bright, shiny and new and because of Tarc's short time as a Toa. He also wears a pair of hobnailed leather boots, that rise just above the ankle.

Kanohi: Great Mask of Strength. It is shaped like a Mahiki in the same shade of his armor.

Personality: Tarcvor is a rather naive, good natured fellow. He has, for most of his time as a Toa, been a staunch believer in the Toa code, and living up to the responsibilities of being a Toa. Thus, he helps those in need as an almost chronic habit, whether it is helping a Turaga across a street or fighting a pesky swarm of Rama. However, he is beginning to question the code's realistic benefits in fighting evil, especially the no-killing part (Which he has already disregarded for Rahi and Rahkshi). Mentally, he is strong, intelligent and sane. He also has an inquisitive side to him, that causes him to try and find out why things are happening, and how things work. He is a staunch believer in teamwork, but is a rather decent fighter alone.

Tarc is rather green in regards of being a Toa, having primarily known the above-average exploits of the Toa Mata as examples. He tries to maintain an image as a serious, stoic guardian of the Matoran, in his mind the ideal Toa-Hero. He is having trouble living up to this image.

Skills: Tarc, having spent most of years wandering the island, has developed the skills to survive. He can build basic shelters, forage for food, find water sources and identify medicinal herbs. He is also able to defend himself quite well with his sword, as well as fight decently unarmed,

Biography: Raised in Po-Koro, Tarcvor left the life of a carver to the rough and tumble existance of a wanderer. For over a decade, he has wandered the island, doing jobs such as hunting and tracking, and serving as a guide to travelers. One of his most notable experiences during his Matoran days was a time when he found a group of Makuta servants in the Jungles of Le-Wahi. The servants didn't attack Tarcvor, they asked him to join them. They promised him power and riches. Tarc was tempted, but rejected the offer. While escaping, he stumbled into a cave and was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he was a Toa. Now, a year on, he wanders the isle, helping people as he goes.

Weaknesses: Tarc is very headstrong in battle, which puts him at a disadvantage against his enemies. He is also inexperienced and nearly useless with his element.

Name: TarotrixSpecies: Ta-MatoranAlignment: Chaotic good.Occupation: 1st Lieutenant of the Ta-Koro GuardWeapons/Equipment: Spear, circular black shield (Inscribed with the guard symbol in red), and a gladius. Tarotrix wears light, black leather armor over his lower legs, shoulders, knees and elbows, with a black leather chestplate. He also wears a blackened, metal Illyrian helmet. He has a bag with a lightstone, heatstone, his badge, a canteen of water and a map of Mata Nui.Powers: Stronger than the average matoran.Appearance: Tarotrix is a taller-than-average in height, and stocky and muscular in build. He has dark, Metru-red armor, with burnt orange undertones. He has light grey eyes, that are slightly deep in their sockets. He is almost always in his armor, but in the times he is off-duty he wears a plain black tunic and brown loafers.Element: FireKanohi: Burnt orange noble Rau.Personality: Tarotrix has a rather reactionary, but kind personality. He is a brash, jingoistic and vain, with borderline glory hound tendencies. He has a rather ambitious side to him, ruthless ambition that he has recently tried to supress. And despite a fairly serious demeanor he tries to maintain, he can be light hearted and fun when around those he considers friends. In certain circumstances, he can act very selflessly to help others. In battle he is extremely brave, but often reckless. If his glory-hound side is subdued, he can be quite a kind officer to his men.


Taro holds rather extreme and bigoted views towards many. For instance, he sees Toa as soft beings with superiority complexes. He believes that they have undue influence among his fellow guardsmen, and that their tradition jobs can be done just as well, if not better by Matoran. He holds subtly racist and xenophobic views about Vortixx and Skakdi, seeing them as illegal arms dealers and criminalistic miscreants, respectively. He is very loyal to Ta-Koro, and loves the city and its people with all his heart. Among the things that would cause him to leave guard duty are going to fight Makuta (like he did with the ILS) and helping other guards across Mata Nui, as a military attache.

Skills: An excellent warrior, a good leader, and well versed with tactics. He is also known for improvisation and ingenuity during battle.Biography: Born and raised in Ta-Koro, Tarotrix left the city in his youth to travel the island. For over a decade he wandered, doing odd jobs and getting into bar fights. It was a fun, adventurous experience. But a part of Tarotrix wanted to settle down somewhere and make an actual living. So he returned to Ta-Koro and joined the guard, to help the city he called home. In a matter of years, young Tarotrix became known as a reckless, but brave guardsman with an arrogant streak. He managed to slowly gain respect in the guard for his gallantry. Eventually he rose to the rank of Major, just as Makuta's forces were getting bolder.


Tarotrix fought an infected Toa in a battle which resulted in him being eaten and almost killed. With his friend, Ardron, he tried to take a vacation in Po-Koro. However, he was caught up in a Rahkshi raid, in which he was wounded again. After recovering in Ga-Koro, Tarotrix returned to the Guard and was caught up in Hiemalis' attack on the Ta-Koran hospital. He fought with the ILS in the hive battle, and was begrudingly promoted to a 1st Lieutenant in the Guard. He is one of the newer members of his rank, as of now.

Weakness: Due to his overconfidence and aggressive style of battle, he tries to pick fights with those stronger then him, winding up oftentimes in trouble.Shelved Characters:

Pre-approved by Friar Tuck:Name: AzSpecies: UnknownAlignment: Chaotic Evil (Servant of Makuta)Occupation: Serial killer, explosives maker, poisoner and resident terrorist.Powers: The unholy ability to breath fire (Medium range). He is also faster then most Toa.Skills: Az is an expert with making Madu-fruit into potent explosives, has a wide knowledge of poisons (And antidotes), is a mildly good assasssin, and an expert at infiltration. He has some knowledge of trapping.Weapons/Equipment: Az has a blowgun (With poison darts), a wooden nightstick, and a blackened dagger (Coated with poison). He carries a haversack with a lightstone, heatstone, vials of poison, a small spoon, a canteen, matches, widgets, and usually three jars of concentrated madu powder (With fuzes of several sizes). He has a black leather belt to carry his weapons.Appearance: Tall, slender, and rather weak looking. Az is pale white, and has a maskless, Voldemort-like face. He wears black robes, brown leather boots, and a hooded black cloak. He wears a pair of thin gloves to hide his fingerprints.Personality: Sadistic, crazed and obsessed with bringing Mata Nui to chaos, Az is devoted to his 'benefactor', Makuta, and will do whatever he wishes. He prefers to go at his campaign of terror alone, only collaborating with his fellows when he's out of options.Bio: After washing up on Mata Nui several years ago, the malevolent entitiy known as 'Az' has terrorized the villages. Masquerading as a Toa, he has murdered over a dozen Matoran, bombed multiple huts, and poisoned even more.His base/bomb making lab is in Xa-Koro.Weaknesses: Az is weak in combat, and can easily be beaten by even the most inexperienced Toa. His lack of mask/true elemental powers put him at a serious disadvantage when faced with such enemies. Due to his sneaky methods, he is horrible at single combat, and will choose to run instead of fighting. Az also is unable to swim, the reason why he avoids Ga-Wahi entirely.


Pre-Approved By Nuju MetruName: NherasSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralOccupation: Engineer, Inventor, Blacksmith and MercenaryWeapons:-Xian MK-44 Machine Gun. The MK-44, firing 303. Caliber Protosteel Projectiles (Bullets), is the only one of its kind on Mata Nui. Nheras must manually create the bullets out of protosteel and brass and fill them with dried Madu powder. It is overall a messy and highly expensive process.It looks like a futuristic, heavy long gun with of black and beige color. It is fitted with a folding bipod.-Xian Model 28 Kukri: Mass produced for use in jungles, the M28 looks like a usual Kukri with wooden furniture. It is treated to resist rust.-Tools: In a haversack, Nheras carries a variety of tools. These range from a small bowl and Mata-Nui Cow Horn (To grind down Madu Powder) to a crude heatstone blowtorch to goggles.Appearance: Nheras is a short, stocky Vortixx with Metru green and tan armor. He wears a brown jumpsuit, grey boots and multiple belts of ammunition.Personality: Curious, intelligent and driven. Nheras is usually focused on his inventions first and people later. He is also quite trustworthy and helps those who help him.Knowing that he needs to survive, Nheras has turned to Mercenary work to survive.Weakness: Nheras's curiosity could be the death of him. As he, filled with wonder, can venture into places and try to uncover secrets not ment to be known.Being powerless, he is at a disadvantage against such beings as Toa. He also rather reliant upon his machine gun to ward off enemies, and is weak in hand to hand combat.Bio: UnknownName: DurzanSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic EvilOccupation: Thug and banditPowers: Gravity and Quick TravelMask: Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel. Shaped like a Zatth (Infected)Skills: A brutal, tank-like fighter, Durzan is proficient and ruthless with his weapons. Durzan has also mastered his mask power.Weapons/Equipment: A steel zweihander and a small dagger. Durzan wears ancient-looking iron and rahi hide armor, which covers his boots, upper legs, shoulders, and chest. He has a horned iron helmet, leather equipment belt, brown boots and hide fingerless gloves. He also has a haversack with a lightstone, heatstone, medical kit, canteen and jerky.Personality: Impulsive, gluttonous and dedicated to Makuta,. Durzan is an insane, heartless psychopath. He is devoted to his Malfactor because he wishes to have a village of Skakdi/Vortixx he can eat at his leisure.Appearance: Durzan is a very tall, stocky and extremely muscular Toa with dark purple and white armor. He has red eyes.Bio: A former soldier in a distant land, Durzan washed up on Mata Nui one day and quickly made a name for himself as a thug. Within a year, him aligned himself with Makuta and secured so-so employment with Haitol Kytorikk as a guard. When not on guard duty, he roams the islands, killing and robbing beings along the trails of Mata Nui. He also habitually eats any Skakdi or Vortixx he finds, as he considers them a delicacy. He also has a connection with Aryll.Misc: His base a concealed hut in the charred forest of Ta-Wahi, near a little-used path. It has a barbeque/smoke house, which he uses to cook or turn into jerky skakdi/vortixx meat. Update: His property is being converted into Blackwood, a supposed hunting preserve which is actually a base for servants of Makuta.Weaknesses: Durzan isn't skilled with tactics and ranged weapons. His armor is also noisy. He is useless with his element. Durzan is also incredibly dumb, and reliant upon others to order him around.Name: Haitol KytorikkSpecies: Onu-ToaAlignment: Lawful EvilOccupation: Businessman and an arms dealer and manfacturer. Haitol is also a servant and spy of Makuta.Weapons/Equipment: A Pugio. Haitol also wears black boots and a belted beige tunic. He sometimes wears a black cloak for concealment. He also has a Calabash Pipe and a pouch of tobacco, which he keeps on him at all times. A box of matches is kept in a pocket in his tunic.Powers: Astral Projection and EarthAppearance: A tall, thin Toa with grey and black armor. He has green eyes.Mask: Iden, in the shape of a grey noble Rau. (Infected but painted over.)Personality: To the average Po-Matoran, Haitol is a kind, civilized gentle-Toa, a rich benefactor known for enjoying Kohi and donating large amounts of widgets. This, in fact, is a cover.He is actually a cold, calculating Toa with a legendary lust for widgets. He serves Makuta out of greed and malice. Hating most other Matoran, he sees a chance to enslave them after his master wins.Skills: An excellent hand-to-hand and knife fighter. Haitol is also an amazing businessman. Haitol also has some knowledge of tactics and warfare. He is also a decent artist.BIo: Formerly an infamous bandit who terrorized Onu-Wahi, Haitol was captured by the Ussalry and imprisoned for over five years. Supposedly reformed, he left to Po-Koro, where he opened a small stall specializing in weapons.Building a reputation for cheap, quality weapons, Haitol soon had enough widgets to buy a two story former inn. The new store was immensely popular, becoming a go-to place for travelers and natives alike. Now a millionaire, he began to give back to Po-Koro, helping to fund the Kohi team and build huts for newcomers. He also has secured large contracts with the Po-Koro Guard, selling large boxes of weapons and food for discounted prices. This has earned him supporters in the higher levels of government. Thus, he has virtual immunity in criminal matters.This, however, is a cover. Haitol is actually a high-level spy for the Makuta, and is active among Po-Koro's underworld. His greatest desire is to gather the servants of Makuta together into an army.Weakness: Haitol is useless with element and with ranged weaponry.Misc: Haitol owns a two story shop. The first floor is for general goods and supplies, the top floor is a blacksmith's workshop and office, while the basement is for storage. The outside consists of ussal stalls to the left, an open-air bazaar to the right, and a loading dock to the back.

Dead Characters:

Name: MetackSpecies: Fe-ToaAlignment: Chaotic EvilOccupation: Hermit and scavenger.Kanohi: Sanok, shaped like an infected Miru.Powers: Iron and Accuracy.Skills: A skilled huntsman and assassin, Metack is also incredibly stealthy. Metack is a master guerilla, and can easily set booby traps.Weapons/Equipment: Metack is armed with a longbow and a steel dagger. In a wooden quiver, he has protosteel-tipped bodkin arrows, barbed steel arrows, poisoned steel arrows, and iron fire arrows.He wears a brown Rahi-hide shirt and trousers, and black leather boots. He also has a heavy, hooded green cloak. He has a large messenger bag with a canteen of water, food, a lightstone, a heatstone, map of Mata nui, a medical kit and matches.Personality: Quiet, sadistic and ruthless. Metack is introverted, rarely speaks and avoids society. He also despises all not aligned with Makuta.Appearance: Medium sized and slightly hunched, Metack is of average weight. He has gunmetal grey and ebony armor. His eyes are red.Bio: Mysterious and feared across the island, Metack strikes fear into the hearts of travelers. From his cave-base in Ko-Koro, Metack wanders the island, killed and maiming all who come in his way. Striking from a distance, most never see him, leading to rumors of a ghost archer who haunts the paths of Mata Nui.Metack is one of the most efficient killers under Makuta's service, and has been killing more and more recently.Weakness: Horrible at hand-to-hand and melee combat. Metack also is hard to work with, and rarely cooperates with other servants of Makuta.Status: Recovering from ILS battle in Durzan's hut.



Shelved Location:



Location: (Pre approved by Nuju Metru)Name: BlackwoodSize: Small compound.Location: The Charred Forest, Ta-Wahi. Blackwood is located off a little-used courier route.Owner(s): Durzan, otherwise known as Groundskeeper Lutrez.Purpose: Base of operations and safehouse for minions of Makuta.Suppliers: 'Letax' (Haitol Kytorikk)Description: Blackwood is made up of the following:-Durzan's hut: A small, one room home owned by Durzan. To be used as a guest house, if such a need arises. It is located directly right of the meeting hall.-Meeting Hall: A larger hut in the center of the compound. The Meeting Hall consists of a large meeting room, with benches, a board of which to post bounties/enemies of Makuta, and a raised platform in the middle. There is also a pantry for food storage and a tiny side room with a cot and medical chest.-Smokehouse: Located near the gate, the smokehouse is where killed Rahi meat is preserved for storage in the pantry.-Weapons Shed: A small wooden shed to the left of the Meeting room. It is used to store a variety of armaments. These weapons range from daggers to longbows.-Barracks: Consisting a large rahi-hide tent behind the meeting hall, the Barracks are where Makuta-servants can rest on one of about a dozen sleeping bags.-The Fence: Made of charred Punji stakes, a wooden fence surrounds the compound. It is high enough to obscure it from the view of most Toa.-Gate: A wooden gate that slides to the right.


Edited by Mr. House
I occasionally return to BZP for a nostalgic trip back. Hit me up on discord if you need anything. 
BZPRPG Characters that I will possibly revive, Mons-Shajs-Tarotrix-Aryll Vudigg-Jorruk Yokin-Senavysh Angavur






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May be some small problems in weaponry on this one, but I dunno. This is my first.

  • [*]Appearance: Tall, black and silver, with medium armour. Wears a big black cloak covering most of his body a lot of the time. He has silvery-white eyes, five-digit hands (one thumb, four fingers)[*]Weakness(es): His average armouring means he cannot resist heavy blows very well. Not completely suited to combat with multiple foes - He is an assassin, and only really used to one-on-one.[*]Name: Dermius[*]Species: Miscellaneous/unknown. Generally looks like a Toa, but taller, and without the moral code. Was once a Matoran of magnetism.[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: A dagger, a longsword and shortsword, along with a crossbow-like weapon (slightly stronger than a bow - nothing overpowered here). Uses a Kanohi Shelek/Mask of Silence, half black, half silver. (like Chirox) Athletic and stealthy. Good with a sword.[*]Alignment: Neutral. Works for the Order of Mata Nui at times.[*]Personality and history: Originally a solitary Matoran, but a chance encounter with energized protodermis turned him into a tall, Toa-like being, retaining his intelligence and personality and increasing his physical ability. He is generally a quiet, solitary person, and has no qualms with killing. He works as a skilled assassin-for-hire, often taking jobs from the OOMN. He came to the island in search of adventure, and possible jobs.[*]Other: Not entirely sure whether he'd be allowed the crossbow, but it's not exactly technologically advanced or all that powerful.

"The sun is a wondrous body, like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!"


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I hadn't even known it was posted until much later... Oops.



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The more things change. The more they stay the same. XDName: KalamaAppearance: Green Miru with a red cloth tied around the top of it, Gold eyes, Onu-Matoran body, Ga-Matoran legs.Species: MatoranGender: MaleWeapons: Two mysterious faceplate shields of unknown origin, Self carved survivalist knife, Natural Onu-Matoran strength with his own bare fists, a cunning survivalist mindset.Alignment: Ga-KoroPersonality: Typically good natured and helpful, Out to prove that you don't have to be a Toa to fight something bigger than you are... and win.History: LITERALLY came into being a few days after the Founding of Ga-Koro after the Great Rescue, he could be considered the youngest Matoran to walk Mata-Nui. Shortly after he was discovered, Turaga Nokama took him in as her adopted son. There he was raised among the Ga-Matoran. He vanished during the Second Great Tarakava Raid in which over 26 Tarakava raided Ga-Koro driven by the Madness of Makuta's Infection. He was never seen again, thought to be taken prisoner by the Makuta until days after Gali had arrived in Ga-Koro. Recounting events he claimed to have been dragged underwater by a Tarakava who was preparing to kill the Matoran when suddenly out of nowhere what appeared to be a Nui-Jaga's stinger struck the Tarakava. Blinded by the sudden release of poison he swam about helplessly before something gently gripped his arm in a mouth and dragged him onto land. To this day he swears it was a Nui-Jaga but this has been laughed off and the islanders believe another Tarakava attacked the first knocking out Kalama who floated away while the two were fighting.Regardless of how he got away, he ended up on the near inaccessible Northern Peninsula of Po-Wahi. Forced to survive or die he became a skilled Wayfinder and Rahi Hunter. He traveled the island bitten by wanderlust curious as by what it took to survive the harshest the island had to offer along with what it took to bring down the greatest Rahi threats to the island. During this time he became obsessed with Nui-Jaga probably due to how he thinks he was rescued and studied them extensively. He can even communicate with them in their own language having once successfully persuaded one of the beasts to go after what it thought was a rival in a pool of water while the Matoran escaped. He desires to capture and tame one for a companion. Recently he discovered and tracked a Nui-Jaga across the coast of the island. This "Sea-Jaga", he calls it, rarely travels inland preferring to stick to the water, is what he believes to be the same Jaga that saved him from the Tarakava. He is determined to make this Jaga his companion, as soon as he can actually find it...As a self taught survivalist he can survive in even the most desolate hostile environments and can jury-rig a number of useful survival tools from odds and ends. While exploring caves along the Northern Peninsula he came across a pair of what appeared to be large face plates from an unknown creature with some kind of symbol on them. Whatever they came from they quickly make an excellent pair of large heavy shields as well as adhoc throwing discs. Combined with his Onu-matoran strength he has found little need for other weaponry besides his survival knife and his bare hands. A number of hard earned lessons were learned in the wilderness in which he barely escaped with his life making him a skilled fighter and Rahi Hunter. This eventually gave him the confidence that even Matoran could stand up to something many times their size making his personal motto: "The Bigger they are, the Harder they fall." He's rumored to have even taken on a pair of Manas and won but no evidence has been found to support this claim.While in the desert he started hearing whispers in his head that only he can hear. He thought it was delusion brought on by dehydration of the harsh desert but the voice stuck with him whispering of a greater destiny. The voice doesn't seem malevolent so he believes it's not the Makuta. After the Toa descended into the Mangaia he started having dreams about a Silver Miru, something called a "Black Box," and a large robotic being crashing down on a lush forested planet as if being shut down and just collapsing there. The Matoran laugh at these dreams while the Turaga believe they are prophetic involving some great event in the future Kalama must play a part in.He typically stays in Ga-Koro for longer periods of time presumably because it's his home Koro. Often he'll head out just to check on how the other Koros are doing, pit his wits against the wilderness, or follow up on a lead involving the "Sea-Jaga."Weakness(es): As a Matoran he can get easily knocked around by bigger and stronger beings. His confidence and need to prove himself in the eyes of larger beings can sometimes get him into situations "over his head" ( ../forum/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif ). This need to prove himself can result in a refusal to back down even when he's outclassed or badly beaten meaning he's slow on the retreat resulting in the serious risk of his own life. He is very protective of Ga-Koro and eager to take care of business when he believes the Koro and it's inhabitants are threatened regardless of who it is ("I don't care who started it! I'll FINISH IT!"). Gets distracted by Nui-Jaga. Dislikes Tarakava.And yet... I find myself in awe of the smell of fresh plywood and paint...Kalama's Raiders (NPC Marines):Lei: Navigator, Ruru, can read the winds better than any Le-Koroan, speaks tree-speak too.Rank: Corporal“Greetings sir! Lei the Navigator and Tree-speaker at your service!”Lei is a very playful Ga-Koroan much to the chagrin of the other Marines. It’s joked she’s actually a blue female Le-Koroan. Still she’s a capable fighter and her upbeat attitude is quite infectious making her a very welcome and lively addition to any group. She’s very agile and acrobatic making it difficult to hit her. Her preferred method of fighting involves jumping around the battlefield making it hard to hit her while she lashes out with a chain she carries as a whip. She’s very talented with her weapon of choice and can do more than just whip her opponents. Lei was cross-trained by the Le-Koro Gukko Air Force in flying Kahu, Gukko, and Nui-Kopen. She slips into tree-speak when nervous or frightened. Lei has a thing for Le-Koroans and strictly dates the Air Matoran alone.Hotu: Deck hand, Pakari, not an Onu-matoran but strong as a Kane-Ra. Also an excellent shot with a cannon.Rank: Lance Corporal, Corporal“So you’re the Pirate Nokama is up in arms about! Hehe. I’ll have fun keeping you in line.”Hotu is the youngest of three children and the daughter of Master Chief Petty Officer Lanora “The Merciless.” Lei and her were best friends during ‘Marina’ or Marine Basic Training. They continue their friendship to this day. Hotu can often get smart mouthed with her superiors which gives her a reputation of being a troublemaker. Her sister Thessa is the Commanding Officer of Rockwall while her brother Dren is an Elite Guardsman in the Ta-Koro Guard. Hotu, like Thessa, is bigger than the average Ga-Koroan making her naturally stronger. Hotu likes to brawl with her bare fists but isn’t a bad shot with ranged weaponry ether. Hotu is a Natural Born Strength Augmented Marine meaning her Strength Augmentation is of Master Level while the rest of her talents are only Mid. Hotu isn’t very agile so she relies on her mass to shrug off attacks that would normally crush the average Marine.Juno: Helmswoman, Rau, Saltier then the ocean itself, sailed through more typhoons then you are old.Rank: Chief Petty Officer*spits on the deck before moving to her station*Juno is one of the oldest Marines and is very quiet unless she feels the need to speak. She spent most of her assignments in Ko-Koro and is one of the few Marines that can actually stand to work with the Ko-Koro Arctic Watch. Her father was a Ko-Koroan which may explain why Juno seems to fit in so well with the silent Ice Matoran. Juno was cross-trained by the Arctic Watch making her more prepared to deal with the icy Ko-Wahi wastes. Juno is a solid well rounded Marine with enough experience to make her one of the more dangerous threats to her adversaries. She typically oversees the lower enlisted during combat freeing up the Officers to do their job. In her off time, Juno likes to make clay sculptures and dioramas of battles she’s fought.Nuraka: Shipwright, Komau, no one more familiar then ships and their workings or so I’ve been told.Rank: Chief Midshipwoman 3rd Class“You call this a SHIP? I call this a SHIPWRECK! This won’t do at all! She’s getting a major overhaul right this second!”Nuraka is a very proud Shipwright and doesn’t really trust the work of any shipwright other than herself. She is however one of the premiere shipwrights in Ga-Koro and she knows it. Don’t ever argue with her because she’s usually right. Nuraka has a bit of a chip on her shoulder about Makuta and anything having to deal with him which can sometimes make her an unbearable hothead. Secretly she terrified of returning to that awful place enmeshed in the Makuta’s mind, completely aware of herself and everything around her but unable to control her actions. When she was captured during the Third Great Tarakava raid and forced to wear an infected mask she still remembers the horrible deeds her body committed until she was freed by the Original Marines. She never wants to live through that again and can freak out if she thinks she’s going back which causes her to attack anything and anyone she thinks is too close to her. Nuraka’s tools often double as her weapons. She favors a welding laser and a drill.Kalienthia “Kali”: First mate, Miru, Nothing gets past this Ga-Koroan unless she wishes it.Rank: Helm Major“Greetings sir. Kalama tells me you are the captain for this voyage. Just say what needs to be done and consider it that.”Kali as she’s known by is one of the Seven Original Marines. Her mother, Solanis, disappeared during the Second Great Tarakava Raid and was not found. Solanis was the only one who called Kali by her actual name of Kalienthia. Upon formal graduation of Officer’s Academy her grandparents gifted her with a protosteel blade they got from a friend who owed them a favor. She treasures this blade with a reverence reserved as if it were for her lost mother and guards it jealously. Kali was one of the first Ga-Koroans born on Mata-Nui and grew up with Kalama as his oldest childhood friend. Kali has a deep crush on Kalama. Though she denies it when confronted, she gets very jealous when other females show interest in him. Despite all this, Kalama remains aloof and oblivious to any advances (probably due to growing up in an all female village) which both relieves and frustrates Kali to no end. Though she denies her feelings to others, Kali is determined to get Kalama to notice her as a member of the opposite gender. As “The Slicer” of the 7 Original Marines, Kali is a Master Level Marine Class and specializes in swordplay. Swords, knives, daggers, rapiers, kitchenware, if it’s considered a blade she cannot be beaten in a straight fight while wielding it. Once she took on Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa all at the same time and beat all three. After that they used their elemental powers to win against her. She fights using her Protosteel blade and a normal steel katana. Kali is often serious while performing her Marine duties but off duty she can be a relaxed easy going Ga-Koroan everyone is familiar with and enjoys reading while sunbathing.Nala: Night watch, Hau, WAKE UP NALA! “FOUR AM AND ALL IS WELL FIRST MATE!!!” Nocturnal, not even the Makuta himself can frighten her in the dark.Rank: Honorary*yawn* “Hullo captain… where’s the bunks? I’ll see you at sundown…”Nala is a ShadowWalker, the BIONICLE equivalent of a ninja. Nala is also one of the oldest of the group and is a very lovely looking Matoran. She’s aware of this and isn’t afraid of using her charm to get her way while performing her ShadowWalker duties. Nala is often asleep during the day using the cover of night to perform her secretive acts of the mysterious ShadowWalker Order. Nala has a set of protosteel trenchknives (combat knives with spiked knucklers on the handle that flip down keeping the knives in her hands while she uses them) she was given during her time in the Matoran Civil War before the Time Skip that precluded the Great Cataclysm. ShadowWalkers are not easily separated from their weapons which is why Nala still has her prized trenchknives despite undergoing two memory wipes. Both times her memory of the ShadowWalkers were erased but like all of them she found her way back to it. As a ShadowWalker Nala is not an official Marine but holds the title of Honorary so she can accompany the Marines and is considered ranked below Private. Nala loves to play mind games and loves to tease and poke others just so she can watch their reaction. Nala has a deep affection for paintings and can get somewhat sidetracked to appreciate them and doesn’t like it when paintings are hidden away where they cannot be enjoyed by everyone. She herself is a painter when not being a mild Night Watch or performing daring stunts as a ShadowWalker and is only too thrilled to be asked to paint something for display.Maya: Fisherwoman and Doctor, Kakama, swears by Ruki-oil but that’s not the only thing in her arsenal of medicine. Mean shot with a spear or a harpoon too.Rank: Head Chief Midshipwoman“Hello sir! Do you know how many aliments that the wondrous Ruki can cure?”Maya is one of the Original Marines. Maya is usually even tempered and often the voice of reason for the group. She enjoys her work as a Doctor often fussing over her patients like they were her own children and nothing makes her happier than seeing a smiling patient on the way to recovery. Maya fights using spears and her disc. She often kicks things (usually wooden objects) breaking them off into makeshift javelins if she’s thrown her spear or harpoon. She hates seeing her fellow Marines wounded and may be reluctant to assist a known adversary. As an Original Marine Maya “The Mystic” is credited with the discovery of ‘Aura’ and is a Master Level Aura User. Maya is the only Aura User capable of Regeneration meaning she can heal wounds without cleaning and preparation without ill effects to the injured party or reattach missing limbs. She cannot regrow missing organs or limbs and she cannot bring back those who died. Short of disembowelment and decapitation, Maya is known to heal just about anything. Worried that her skills would make her a target she disguises these miracles by feeding her patients Ruki Oil claiming it’s a miraculous substance responsible for the miracles only she can perform with Aura other Aura Users can’t. It’s bitter taste helps dismiss all but the most desperate of cases. Maya was gifted with a Protosteel tipped scalpel she needed to save the life of a smither’s grandson. The smith let her keep it as a gift for saving his grandson’s life. Maya fondly calls this tool “Mama’s little helper.”Yuni: Mess cook, Matatu, you name it she can make it, providing she has the vittles, watch out for the frying pan and the rolling pin, she’s an excellent hit.Rank: Gunnery Sergeant“DOUF Yer a skinny lad! Tat woon’t due at all! Ah kin see Ah’ve gut me wurk cut oot fer me! Take me too yer larder’s at woonce laddie and be quik aboot it!”Yuni is a very strange Ga-Koroan as her accent can make her somewhat hard to understand but she’s friendly when she’s not lording over the kitchen like a Great Being or assaulting ‘Heretics’ that speak ill of Mata-Nui in her presence. Yuni loves cooking and trying out new dishes on her fellow Marines which can get mixed results. Any unit that has Yuni never goes hungry as she has the ability to stretch food supplies until they scream. They also come across as well fed, brawny, and courageous making them often a feared opponent of raiders and pirates who are quick to turn and flee if they get wind the cook is aboard a vessel coming at them. Yuni herself can be a handful to deal with as she uses her own kitchenware as a devastating arsenal and is a match for most swords with her frying pan. The strangest thing she’s ever done was swordfight some raider’s mount that was trained to wield a sword using her frying pan. To this day the other Marines still think it’s a tall tale embellished for entertainment but it actually happened causing Yuni to favor her (surprisingly effective) frying pan over a blade. Yuni is a Mata-Nui Fanatic who holds Mata-Nui in the highest regard and violently attacks anyone who doesn’t share that view. This causes her to get left behind on some diplomatic missions.Of course to those who know. Our little group isn't complete without our shy Toa of Water.Tanuka, Toa of Water, Kaukau, spear and shield, a young shy Toa who idolizes Nokama and Gali and has lived a somewhat sheltered life inside of Ga-Koro. She overheard me talking to Kali and decided that she wanted to accompany her idol’s son on her first big adventure. She’s a little nervous and somewhat inexperienced so be nice.Rank: None*bows her head looking at her feet rocking back and forth with her hands behind her back* “Hi… Kalama said I could come if… if that was okay… with everyone…”Tanuka was once a shy timid Matoran scholar of no real significance who was happy with her safe orderly life. One day however something called out to her from an undersea cave. Unable to resist she went inside amazed at the history written on the walls of another land entirely. However when she went further in she triggered some kind of trap that sealed her in the rear most part of the cave where it was dark and the rocks inside twinkled like stars almost as if she was trapped in the night sky. In a terrified panic she raced around trying to find a way out when she stepped of an edge but instead of falling down she flew sideways and floated around now FEELING trapped in space with no solid ground beneath her feet unable to tell which way she was falling. The rather peaceful nightmare was too much for the poor Matoran and she blacked out. She woke up to the feeling of something tugging at her finding Kalama pestering her as she was sprawled on the Ga-Koro beach. To her surprise and fear she’d been changed by her experience somehow into a Toa. Like all Toa transformations where the Toa’s appearance matches what the Matoran considers a Toa to look like, she became the splitting image of Gali. The only difference is instead of Gali’s Sea Hooks she had a spear and a Scutum type shield. The fearful Toa barricaded herself inside her old hut for weeks. The entire village managed to coax her out of hiding showing her that while her appearance may have changed she was still the same Tanuka. She took up her old scholarly duties and resumed her normal life only now as a Toa of Water. However her new Toa nature caused her to be unhappy at this simple scholarly life calling to her to become a much needed heroine in a dark time. Still uncertain of her abilities she overheard Kalama talking to Kali and thought she would be much safer learning how to be a hero under the protection of a group of much more established veteran warriors. Much to her surprise and joy, Kalama agreed to let her come along. Tanuka is a little unsure of herself but she draws on the confidence of having experienced allies to assist her as she learns what it means to be a Toa. Maya helps her with training in her given weapons and she quickly proved to be a natural with her elemental powers giving her a measure of confidence in her abilities. Even though she’s a Toa, Tanuka is still a scholar at heart and is quickly learning to love adventuring out, experiencing and learning new things she’s never known before.4th Gukko Irregular's Squad: A squad of non-Le-Matoran who serve in the Civil Defence side of the Gukko Force, The Gukko Irregulars. They're used like cheap cannon fodder. However this squad has survived all odds due to superb skill and unwavering loyalty to each other. They view non squad members with suspicion.A detailed description of her or her appearance: Standard Blue Ga-Matoran with KakamaWeakness(es): As a Matoran, is smaller and weaker than almost everything around her, fondness for fudge,Name: KylinaSpecies: Ga-MatoranGender: FemalePowers and/or weapons: Dual DaggersAlignment: GoodPersonality: Intelligent, Sassy, and pretty much calls the shots due to unwavering loyalty from the other three members. Loyal to her Squadmates having been through thick and thin with them throught the Rahi wars.History: Joined the Irregulars because she liked the feeling of flying and there was supposedly less chance of dying as opposed to the Marines.Anything else deemed necessary: Excellent trick shot with discs. Good at scavanging things. Second of Tawk and "Sporky".A detailed description of her or her appearance: Standard Ta-Matoran red with HunaWeakness(es): As a Matoran is smaller and weaker than everything else, gets flustered when girls other than Kylina talk to him,Name: XavierSpecies: MatoranGender: MalePowers and/or weapons: Throwing knifesAlignment: GoodPersonality: Good natured, soft spoken, and doesn't lose his temper easily.History: Joined the Irregulars because he didn’t like the stiff serious attitude of Ta-Koro.Anything else deemed necessary: Resident Handyman of the 4th Irregulars. Helps the maintain the birds' equipment. Second to Mawl and "Scruffy". Dead eye with discs.A detailed description of her or her appearance: Black legs and purple body and arms with a black Ruru.Weakness(es): As a Matoran, is smaller and weaker than everything else, likes to sleep in.Name: TawkSpecies: MatoranGender: MalePowers and/or weapons: PickaxeAlignment: GoodPersonality: Pranskster like his twin brother Mawl, teases Kylina by pretending to serve her every whim, like to drink "Blustery Cyclone" at the Leaky DrumHistory: Joined the Irregulars because he doesn’t like mining and his brother joined.Anything else deemed necessary: Handles outfitting of the birds. Pilots "Sporky" with exceptional skill. Can play the bongos.A detailed description of her or her appearance: Black legs and purple body like his brother except he wears a black KauKau.Weakness(es): As a Matoran, is smaller and weaker than everything else, dislikes most authority.Name: MawlSpecies: MatoranGender: MalePowers and/or weapons: SpadeAlignment: GoodPersonality: Prankster like his twin brother Tawk, teases Kylina by pretending to serve her every whim, enjoys playing his cymbols.History: Joined the Irregulars to ‘stick it to Whenua’ and his brother also joined.Anything else deemed necessary: Pilots "Scruffy" with superb skill. Serves as the Irregulars alarm clock as he is an early riser and loves to use his cymbols to wake people up.

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Name: SumikiSpecies: Toa Gender: Male Age: Unknown Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Appearance: As an Iron Toa, Sumiki has burnt-orange flesh and rusty gunmetal armor that has been patched with small bits of silver Protosteel following battles or other damages to his armor. As such, his armor is asymmetrical. Here is a link to a full-body shot of Sumiki, and another angle of Sumiki holding one of his weapons.. (Both pictures are monochrome and do not reflect real color. Both were drawn by Brickeens.)Powers/Abilities: Sumiki naturally wields the elemental power of Iron, but the system for regenerating elemental power from the outside world was somehow damaged. As such, he only has a specific amount of generative (creating from thin air) elemental power, and tries to use it as little as possible. (Absorbing iron into his body doesn't work as an elemental power restorer.) He does, however, still retain the power of controlling already-created iron. He also practices the art of breath control, allowing him to stay conscious in places that would starve others of oxygen. Kanohi: The Mask of Healing. Weapons: His weapons are twin disks which sit behind his shoulders when not in use, and when activated take position at his hands. They spin/levitate when in use, so he doesn't actually hold them. They just stay right at his hands and follow their movement. Personality/History: Sumiki has no set home; he wanders the island. He has never had a job, preferring to live by his wits, which he gets a thrill out of. Weakness: Sumiki has a weak and injured left leg, and as such cannot run or do any strenuous activities involving it without searing pain. It's also a 'weak spot' on his body that, if hit, can incapacitate him.

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The Solaris ConflictName: Sir Solaris Ryken (Codename: Mage)Species: ToaGender: MalePowers: Mask is a Kanohi Calix, Mask of Fate. He is a Toa of Lightning, allowing him to control electricity and such. He is also able to preform several magic tricks including small optical illusions, minor healing, and the ability to make small objects invisible.Weapons: A coppery longsword that he keeps sheathed at left hip and a small dagger sheathed right above it.Alignment: Generally good, but tends to ignore all laws and codes.Personality: Solaris is quiet and brooding. He seems so focused on the past, but that is only because he has nothing better to do. He is lonely and sad, but optimistic. He feels that he's lucky to see the next day. Aside from all that, he is friendly and loyal, and so extremely intelligent, it borders on pretentious and pedantic.Appearance: Solaris is of average height, covered in nice, shiny, gold armor and his eyes are a piercing blue. The armor, of course is only colored gold and shiny and is just as strong as any Toa's armor. However, it is often dull from lack of upkeep, and tends to have blood spatters on it.Weaknesses: Solaris is overconfident and competitive, causing him to often strain himself beyond his limits to win at anything. He also talks a lot when he is excited which tends to distract him and/or annoy his opponent.History: Solaris was a happy Matoran on Mata Nui for years. He owned a pub in Ta-Koro and made good friends with customers, including an irregular-looking regular named Tahu. But one day Tahu was gone. Disappeared into the Makuta's lair. The Rahis' attacks intensified. Solaris's bar was destroyed in one particularly angry rush. All the customers inside were killed. Solaris was the only one who survived. For his "bravery and strength in the face of evil," he was knighted, but for years he lived alone, poor and unwanted. One day, he saw a roster. "Come all Matoran who want to defend your island! Toa Stones, just 50 widgets apiece." Solaris stole a Toa stone and used it. He was a very learned Matoran, and reasoned that if he became a Toa in an unlawful way, it wouldn't matter how lawful he would be as a Toa. He disobeyed many laws and the Toa code, but was never caught. Now he lives in a modest hut hidden in the Charred Forest in Ta-Wahi. He goes out every once in a while for an adventure, but tends to keep to his hut.Name: Bofor Cennen (Codename: Howitzer)Species: VortixxGender: MaleWeapons: A powerless Nynrah ghost blaster that only fires metal projectiles (scoped) and a broad shortsword.Alignment: EvilPersonality: Bofor is often quiet, but can be very loud when the time calls for it. He is extremely aggressive and gruff, and has an uncontrollable urge to hurt anyone who gets into his arm's reach.Appearance: Bofor is tall and thin, but heavily armored. His armor is black with a grey-green trim and his eyes are a blazing red.Weaknesses: His armor is purely decorative, and is only meant to intimidate and not block attacks as much. His rages also cause him to be rather distracted in battle. History: Bofor had a relatively depressing childhood on his home island of Xia. His father died in some useless war against Mata Nui knows who, and his mother, the leader of the family, was away at many town councils, finding some way to crush whoever it was they wanted to crush. For years he was raised around death. It was no surprise, in fact, it brought pride to the family that he went into the business of death. He apprenticed for years as an assassin until he became the best undetected killer on the island. So he branched out to other islands. He particularly liked the island of Mata Nui. Plenty of angry people with lots of money. He quickly grew a fortune and a reputation. But there was one thief that got away from him. Some pesky pickpocket he knew only as Mage. And no one ever gets away from Bofor and lives to tell the tale...Name: Mitenal Hed (Nickname: Mite)Species: ToaGender: MalePowers: Mask is a Kanohi Rau, Mask of Translation. He is a Toa of Fire, so can conjure flames, heat up areas, and so on.Weapons: A small hunting spear that can be thrown or used as a melee blade. Alignment: Lawful Good.Personality: Mite is timid, but friendly to anyone who isn't about to pick him up by the feet and hold him upside down. He tends to keep to himself, but always smiles whenever he isn't scared, and he scares easily.Appearance: Mite is short for a Toa, only about a head taller than a Matoran, and wears a light amount of red and orange armor. His Kanohi has a bit of a soft look set on to it and his eyes are a soothing yellow-orange.Weaknesses: Mite is not at all a good fighter to begin with. He is a coward and tends to run away, but ends up getting caught most of the time because of his short legs.History: He grew up in Ta-Koro, but never really understood the way of the warrior. So he turned to study. He hopped in a cable-car up to Ko-Koro and took up the life of a scholar. For many years he was happy with this simple lifestyle. But the Ta-Matoran in him wanted adventure. Recently, he was sent up to the Charred Forest in his home Wahi to study the various markings people often use to mark their way through the forest.Name: Alia Sevalis (Codename: Mist)Species: ToaGender: FemalePowers: Mask is a Mask of Sensory Aptitude. She is a Toa of Water, allowing her to control currents, call jets of water, and all that.Weapons: She carries a bow and arrows through which she often channels her elemental power.Alignment: Unlawful Good.Personality: Alia is rather flirty and talkative, but does settle down to listen when she can. She is rather friendly to those she cares about, but can be cold and distant to any enemies. Appearance: By most standards, she is very pretty. She wears light armor, a deep, shiny blue, that clings to her slim frame. The plates are laced with silver and her eyes are a deep sea green.Weaknesses: She is used to getting by on her looks and charm, and is not all too experienced with close quarters combat or getting her hands dirty at all.History: Alia never felt she belonged as a Matoran. So she became a Toa when the team of heroes disappeared. But something just didn't feel right, still. She dabbled in shady business and heroic deeds. Neither suited her needs, but being shady seemed more comfortable to her. So she became a recovery agent for a black market dealer in the Kumu Islets.Tools of CombatName: Captain Yerith PriceSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: He is a Toa of Iron, allowing him to manipulate the element of Iron and has a Mask of Accuracy.Weapons: He has a disk launcher that he loads with iron disks made from his elemental energy and a combat knife. Alignment: Good, but with unorthodox methods.Personality: Yerith is quiet when he isn't on the battlefield, but when he is on it, he says what he has to to keep his team alive. He is cold to those who have earned his respect which is not an easy feat, but friendly and caring to those who have.Appearance: Yerith is of average height and lean for his age, and usually wears black armor. His mask has a crest right above and around the mouth that somewhat resembles a handlebar mustache.Weaknesses: Yerith tends to want to defend his team, even at the risk of his own life and will put his life before those of anyone he trusts.History: Yerith was raised in a military family. His grandfather was a Toa in a special forces team and his father was one of the best Ta-Koro guards, so he continued in the tradition, donning his grandfather's mask and joining a special forces Toa team known as Team Winged Dagger. He soon realized that he was in a dirty business. His team was given the go-ahead to disregard the Toa Code and was set up to bring down anyone who threatened the Matoran (within reason, of course). His skills were tested 15 years ago when he headed out on a particularly challenging mission in the Charred Forest with the team leader. Once they had gotten through the outer defenses of their target, Yerith fired his long-range disk launcher, removing the arm of their target. They ran, thinking he was dead, only to meet more resistance. On the way out, the team leader's leg was damaged, meaning he would not be able to fight for the rest of his life. So Yerith was promoted to Captain and took the place of Team Leader. Even though he is not allowed to be promoted because of his rather shady methods, he is the most celebrated member of the team.Name: Captain Pordal "Soap" MacTavishSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: Pordal is a Toa of Fire, allowing him to control flames and has a Mask of Stealth.Weapons: Pordal has a disk launcher, a bandoleer of disks and a combat knife.Alignment: Licensed unlawful good.Personality: Pordal is extremely quiet, hardly saying a word unless when he is on a mission, but he is willing to help a team member in need, and can be very loud and friendly when he is off duty and in a pub.Appearance: Pordal also usually wears black armor, but he is a little more muscled than Yerith. His Mask has an unusual raised spot on the top resembling a mohawk.Weaknesses: He relies on Yerith for ammunition, so with him gone, he can't use his disk launcher. His silence on the battlefield also discourages him from calling for help, often leaving him in sticky situations alone.History: Pordal was always looking to prove that he was the best at anything he set his mind to, so he joined whatever he could to become the strongest, fastest, smartest Toa on Mata Nui. He was accepted into the Toa Team Winged Dagger, culminating all he had learned into one training program. He passed with flying colors, but earned the embarrassing nickname, "Soap" in the process, causing the team leader, Yerith, to doubt him, even though Pordal worked hard to get where he was.Name: Lieutenant Gaz WesleySpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: Gaz is a Toa of Earth and his mask is a Mask of Sonar.Weapons: Gaz has a disk launcher like the rest of the team, only with disks made of his own elemental power.Alignment: Licensed unlawful good.Personality: He is very sarcastic and cheeky, always having a witty response, but respectful of his team leader. He is altogether friendly to those not trying to kill him, and can make a quick acquaintance out of those people.Appearance: Gaz wears a baseball cap on top of his mask and his armor is black like the rest of the team. His mask is a normal Arthron.Weaknesses: Gaz isn't a strong fighter and will tend to cower in back while the superior firepower takes care of the job, making him vulnerable to an attack on the sides.History: Gaz wasn't a strong fighter from birth, but was very good with technology. So he took those skills to become a technology officer for Captain Yerith's Team Winged Dagger and succeeded. However, Yerith found his strengths in combat and sent him to train new recruits when they came. He has a wife and children waiting for him at home.Status: KIAName: Lieutenant Rolned VasquezSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: He is a Toa of Iron with a Mask of X-Ray Vision.Weapons: He has a disk launcher that launches Iron disks he makes from his elemental energy.Alignment: Good.Personality: Rolned is rather quiet for a squad leader, but makes up for that in being an aggressive fighter.Appearance: Rolned wears sand-colored armor to camouflage into the Po-Koro landscape. His mask is also broader than most and wears an excessive amount of armor.Weaknesses: His lack of communication and headstrong actions often get himself into more trouble than he can handle.History: Rolned was recently put into command of one of the Mata Nui Marine Corps field combat forces. He has worked hard to get to this position and he is not letting it go that easily. His squad's mission is to go to Po-Wahi and eliminate a revolutionary force before it gets out of hand.Status: KIAName: Staff Sergeant Cedil GriggsSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: He is a Toa of Stone with a Mask of Strength.Weapons: A disk launcher supplied by his elemental energy of Stone.Alignment: Good.Personality: Cedil is very loud, but friendly. Like Gaz, he is cheeky but respectful. He is also a bit dimwitted and uses his strength instead of his head sometimes.Appearance: Cedil, like Rolned, wears sand-colored armor, only a much lighter amount and has a dark brown mask.Weaknesses: Because he is loud, people can find and target him easily. He is also rather slow and can't run away all that quickly.History: People have always looked down on Cedil for being the strong but dull one, but once he joined the MNMC, all that was used to his advantage. He grew a reputation as a strong fighter and was easily chosen by Rolned to be a part of his squad.Status: KIAName: Sergeant Mord JacksonSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: He is a Toa of Fire with a Mask of Accuracy.Weapons: A disk launcher supplied by Rolned's elemental energy of Iron.Alignment: Good.Personality: He is extremely silent, never saying a word, but is a very helpful person nonetheless.Appearance: Mord wears a moderate amount of sand-colored armor and a dark brown mask like Cedil.Weaknesses: He doesn't communicate with his squadmates and is very headstrong, getting himself into sticky situations he often can't get himself out of.History: Not much is known about Mord as he never talks, but what is known is that he has a wife and daughter waiting for him when the conflict in Po-Wahi is over. He is also a very tactically versatile Marine, knowing how to operate various weapon configurations.Status: KIAName: Lieutenant Sirron "Ghost" RileySpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: He is a Toa of Earth with a Mask of Sonar.Weapons: A disk launcher fueled by his elemental energy.Alignment: Licensed unlawful good.Personality: Sirron is generally quiet by nature, but in the heat of battle can get loud, but never forgets a friend.Appearance: Sirron wears dark blue-grey armor, is a bit shorter than average, and no one in his unit has ever seen his mask. He wears a skull hood over it.Weaknesses: He is hot-headed and often charges into trouble unprepared.History: Sirron had a tortured past. He was assigned to infiltrate and destroy a gang in Po-Koro, but was captured, tortured, and very nearly killed. He managed to escape with his team, but couldn't forget what had happened. Everywhere he looked, he saw skulls. He left his team and some time later, ran back into them. They were different. He found out that they had been tainted by the gang in Po-Koro, so he was forced to kill them. Now he had to settle this once and for all. He went down to Po-Koro and waged a one-man war against the gang. He eventually killed the gang leader and was commended for it. This impressed Altal, causing him to join the Task Force. Because of the skulls he sees on people's faces, he wears a skull hood on his face.Name: Gren "Roach" SandersonSpecies: ToaGender: MalePowers: He is a Toa of Iron and he has a Mask of Stealth.Weapons: A disk launcher fed by his elemental powers and a combat knife.Alignment: Licensed unlawful good.Personality: Gren is quiet, almost too quiet. He never says full words, but is obviously intelligent, but can be good help in a fix.Appearance: Gren wears dark blue-grey armor and is of average height.Weaknesses: He never seems to communicate with his teammates and tends to follow Sirron's example of charging first, shooting later.History: Gren's history isn't exactly clear. No one know where he comes from or who he is, but Altal chose him for the team, so he must be a good soldier.Name: Lieutenant General Altal ShepherdSpecies: TuragaGender: MalePowers: Weak Fire powers and wears a Noble Mask of Regeneration.Weapons: A charge-loaded firestaff.Alignment: Good on the outside, but with an evil agenda.Personality: Altal is kindly to those who are working with him, but aggressive for an old man to anyone opposing him.Appearance: Altal wears grey-green armor and is about a head taller than most Turaga.Weaknesses: He is not a combat fighter and cannot participate in large-scale power battles.History: Altal was once a commander of the Mata Nui Marine Corps, heading the offensive to destroy Tirzan Al-Asad. When 30000 of his men were killed, he went mad. Eventually, he got it all back together and formed a new team for himself once Ozi Mekrof rose to power: the 141st Task Force. He hand-picked his team from the best of the best on the island. But he obsesses over Ozi, willing to do anything to take him down.Name: Ozi MekrofSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleWeapons: A Xian rifle and pistol.Alignment: Evil.Personality: Ozi is cruel-hearted and crazy. He wants nothing but what Quoren once wanted, and will do more than he ever did to get it.Appearance: Ozi wears black armor all over and is slightly shorter than an average Vortixx.Weaknesses: He has not fought in a proper battle for years and can't quite seem to get back on the horse.History: Ozi was one of Quoren Zakhaev's most trusted associates. When Quoren's arm was shot off by Yerith, Ozi was there with an Ussal to usher him off the scene with a friend. They took him to a hospital where the both of them helped nursed him back to health. As a reward, they were given power. Ozi himself was the one who knocked the posts out from under the MNMC and killed 30000 of them, furthering his fame in the Patriarch's society. Now that Quoren is dead, he has struggled to the top and is using his new power to restart a war between him and the those who were responsible for his boss's death.Name: Tirzan Al-AsadSpecies: SkakdiGender: MalePowers: Tirzan is a Skakdi of Gravity with Impact Vision eyebeams.Weapons: A Zamor launcher with Impact Spheres.Alignment: Evil.Personality: Tirzan acts rough and tough, but on the inside is a coward. He cannot bring himself to face battle and always hides behind trickery to command his dirty deeds.Appearance: Tirzan wears brownish-black armor and has a red Spine Slug.Weaknesses: He is a coward who does not know how to fight and cannot bring himself to, either.History: For years, Tirzan has been unhappy with Po-Koro, so he started a revolution in the deserts of Po-Wahi, building up his forces for years. He just didn't have the guts or the tools to actually rise up, but now a mysterious benefactor has given him what he needs to fight and fight dirty at that.Status: KIAName: Quoren ZakhaevSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleWeapons: One Xian pistol.Alignment: Evil.Personality: Quoren is cold, quiet, and emotionless, doing what he has to without remorse, but seems bitter.Appearance: Quoren wears grey armor. His left arm was blown off 15 years ago, his upper arm plating hanging there as a reminder of what he fights for.Weaknesses: Having no left arm hinders him from fighting, on top of being very old.History: Quoren was raised under the influence of the Patriarchal Party of Xia, but once it was overthrown, he wanted it back. So, he gathered many other patriots of the Patriarchs to rebel against female rule. He dealt with crooked people on islands, hoping to win their support. One day, while trying to sell illegal energy capsules, he was shot, his left arm blown off from the force of the disk launched by one Lieutenant Yerith Price. They thought he was dead when he went underground, saved by two of his closest associates. Now he is back and furnishing Tirzan Al-Asad's conquest of Po-Koro, with a mind for revenge on Yerith as well.Status: KIAName: Wal-El ZakhaevSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleWeapons: An old Xian rifle and a newer Xian machine pistol.Alignment: Evil.Personality: Wal-El shares his father's traits of quietness and emotionlessness, although is a bit more of a fighter, but a better coward.Appearance: Wal-El is a bit shorter than his father and wears blue armor.Weaknesses: He is a better runner than a fighter and puts the former skill to use. He also take drastic measures to keep his father's secrets safe.History: Wal-El was raised by his father to always believe in the ways of Xia's Patriarchal Party. When he came of age, he was given the position of leader of the Party's field forces, although he had always been a track star when he was young. Now he and his father are on their way to conquest and revenge, and he will do anything to make sure his pop succeeds.Status: KIA

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Name: Alfon

Species: Toa of Electricity

Gender: Male

Age: Equivalent of 20

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Kanohi: Calix, Mask of Fate

Appearance: Taller than the average Toa, Alfon’s a fairly good-looking young man with an everlasting cheery, goofy demeanour His athletic build is chorded with lean muscle yet he remains a rather sleek figure, built for agility. Additional pieces of silver light armour protect his upper body, while a small, milky white cloak hangs at his back, coupled with a matching scarf draped around his neck and lower face, covering his mouth. Beneath his outfit, a shade of dark marine blue colours his natural armour and his energetic eyes glow stark white. His Kanohi is shaped like an Iden.

Abilities and Powers: For a clown, the Toa of electricity is surprisingly adept at combat. The most remarkable and vital part of his fighting style is his raw speed which he combines with quick bursts of strength. Suffice to say, his Calix plays a major role in this, granting him enhanced reflexes and permitting Alfon to perform at the very peak of his physical capabilities. That said, he relies more on his blade and body than his control over electricity, the latter skill considered more to be a bonus perk in his opinion. Nonetheless, he’s trained with his element so a fight against your average elementalist would weigh in his favour. The result of all of this? A very aggressive warrior.

Equipment: As his primary weapon of choice, Alfon wields a one-handed sword in his right hand which sits in a scabbard at his waist, along with a dagger. Apart from this, his satchel contains a thick roll of conducting wire, firecrackers and few medical supplies.

Personality: Goofy, to say in the least, with a knack for bad jokes, clown-like antics and the ability to grind someone’s nerves through sheer annoyance. The youth may be silly most of the time but you can count on him to take you seriously so not everything he says has to be taken with a grain of salt. Sociable, Alfon’s a pretty down to earth kind of guy with a kind heart who’s quick to make friends (or enemies). The Toa’s proved to be a very dependable and loyal companion throughout his life, just as most people should be. Unfortunately, he’s just a bit of a hothead with a big mouth though rarely is he ever the type to completely lose his cool.

History: For a time, Alfon was a curious wanderer whose travels took him all over Mata-Nui, going wherever the wind took him. Eventually, his career took a turn upon meeting Madrihk, a Ko-Toa assembling a team to confront Makuta and liberate the island from his dark influence. Thus they were named the Island Liberation Squad. The group began small, accumulating few members but their little squad truly began to blossom when the construction of Pala-Koro began, soon evolving to a front instead. The organization prospered until followers of Makuta assaulted their village, destroying it and scattering the ILF in the process.

Weakness: Alfon lacks in the general area of consistent brute strength and a skilled elementalist can outmatch his elemental powers.

Name: Onyx (Inactive)Species: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: Island Liberation FrontMask: Pakari, Mask of Strength in the shape of an ArthronAppearance: Onyx is tall, possessing a heavily muscled physique as a result of several years' physical labour yet he doesn't come off as too bulky. His eyes shine an emerald green behind his Kanohi, shaped like an Arthron and coloured a sleek, jet black like most of his body, excluding a few traits of grey here and there. The Fe-Toa adorns an imposing set of silver armour, offering him decent protection without compromising his mobility. Despite being young, his demeanour is very mature and quite serious, making him appear older than he really is. A diagonal scar runs along the bridge of his nose, marring his stony, otherwise handsome face.Equipment: Quite skilled with various forms of weaponry through experimentation of his element, Onyx's arsenal can vary quite differently from time to time in order to adapt to different situations but his preference lies in blunt weapons. Currently, he carries a circular shield and a spiked mace at his waist, a trophy won over Ferrin shortly after beheading the crime lord.Abilities and Traits: To say in the least, Onyx is very versatile in combat, his elemental power allowing him to conjure several forms of weaponry and other metal objects at his will. He lacks any real training in hand to hand combat but on the same token, the raw strength of his Pakari compensates for that. Contrary to his somewhat passive fighting style, he's very aggressive in his attacks and quite brutal in technique, relentlessly pushing forward until he emerges victorious or goes down in flames.Personality: At first glance, he may appear intimidating but truthfully, he's a nice person if you get to know him. Onyx doesn't speak much due to his quiet nature, interested in productive work over social matters. However by no means is he antisocial. Whilst talking to him, he'll put on a friendly face and do his best to engage in the conversation at hand. Just don't expect to get a few good laughs out of him, humour's not his thing. With that cleared up, it's not hard to guess that he's pretty polite until you significantly boil his temper or cross the line. While he may not show it openly, he's very caring and protective of his friends, putting them before himself.History: After all three brothers set off on their own paths individually, Onyx used his time in his travels to improve his fighting skills and mastery over his element. He may not exactly be popular but he has a relatively clean history and word of his good deeds travel here and there. Eventually, the Fe-Toa encountered Ferrin, a crime lord from Xa-Koro who had it in for the ILS, a group which had gained yet to gain popularity at the time but held his younger brother Alfon in their ranks. He joined Ferrin with the secret intention to betray him, killing him in fact when their battle ensued. Reunited with his brother, Onyx took the decision to stick around the ILS and work for the group.Weakness: Onyx often waits for his opponents to make the first move or until he can find an opening to strike in one on one combat. Enemies can prove overwhelming if they attack with extreme aggressiveness. Even if injured, he'll attempt to continue fighting.Name: Volin Species: Toa of PlasmaGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodMask: Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis Appearance: Even though he may be tall, Volin's a bit more on the lanky side of things but he's no toothpick. His dark grey and burgundy skin blend seamlessly with his light armour, complete with a bolt-filled quiver slung across his shoulder along with a crossbow. His face, shaped like a Matatu with yellow eyes, portrays the image of a cocky young man coupled with a bit of bad attitude, his straight lips usually pulled into a faint smirk. Unfortunately, his good looks only serve to boost his ego.Equipment: A crossbow serves as his primary weapon, his secondary consisting of a small dagger clipped to his belt. Adding to this is a small pouch, meant to hold his widgets but also a small box, outfitted to contain eight vials. Each of them are filled with whatever assortment of poisons or medecine Volin can come by in his travels.Abilities and Traits: A quick glance can easily predict that Volin's not best suited for direct, physical combat. Instead, he's trained himself over the years as an elementalist, mastering his power over plasma and telekinesis so he can dish out some damage from a distance. The crossbow's a relatively new weapon to him and his dagger is only meant to be used as last resorts or for a silent kill.Personality: Volin is quite fiery and ill-tempered, shamelessly putting on a good show by openly expressing himself. To say in the least, he's rude and full of himself, a prick to sum it up. Surprisingly, he's not all that bad once you get to know him, turning out to be a loyal friend, albeit one with a big mouth spewing sarcasm left and right. However, he won't go out of his way to spite other people unless they've done something to spark a grudge inside of him. History: Volin's a wanderer, loosely affiliated with the ILF. He does very little with his life now, apart from wasting time in bars, travelling or even picking fights. Profit's always been a big win, thus attracting him to jobs involving big money. (More to come, maybe)Weakness: Volin’s temper may get him into trouble, he can come off as a mean prick sometimes and in combat, he’s not very comfortable with close-quarters fighting.Name: VilozSpecies: Skakdi of ElectricityGender: MaleAge: Equivalent of 35

Alignment: Chaotic NeutralVision Power: Laser VisionAppearance: Dark blue body, orange predatory eyes and polished silver armour. Viloz could be considered just a tad taller than the average Toa, possessing a body chorded with muscle, a set of broad shoulders and a slight hunch in his back. Sharp claws protrude from his finger tips, a line of crude spine spikes run along his back and his mouth is constantly pulled into a faint smile, exposing menacing rows of teeth. Generally, Skakdi are viewed as an ugly species, in which case Viloz differs; while not overall good-looking, the man's handsome in his own right, coupled with his own unique charm.Equipment: On Viloz's back rests a menacing gladius with a gleaming silver edge, a white hilt and a blue grip. The Skakdi's pride and joy however is his zamor sphere launcher with an extended magazine, firing two types of spheres.- Vertigo Sphere: upon impact, the target will suffer from a severe whirling sensation and loss of balance for up to two minutes. This is employed to compromise moblity. Victim is susceptible to side effects such as nausea, dizziness and other things of the like.- Contact Sphere: the target's sense of touch will significantly deter but will not be entirely nullified to the point where he can't feel a thing. Pain is muffled so this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Bodily confusion can occur.Abilities and Traits: For one thing, Viloz is ambidextrous capable of using both arms and hands with equal skill, coming in quite handy at times. Secondly, the Skakdi is very agile and powerful, moving around quickly and attacking with great strength. His hand to hand combat isn't perfect but it's good enough, mostly comprising of the use of his fists, floating around the area parrying and dodging, waiting for the right time to strike with precision and power or when his opponent's lost his breath. A natural marksman, he can make effective use of his laser vision and launcher while keeping his sword handy, his fighting style compromising of mostly medium to close combat. If paired together with another Skakdi, he can access his elemental powers of electricity.Personality: Viloz is nowhere near as aggressive or violent as the rest of his brethren, being quite the opposite in fact. He's the kind of guy you have a hard time not liking so long as you're not a sour person. The Skakdi is best described as a charismatic, laid-back with a knack to make people laugh with his dry humour and the habit to poke fun. Life's been kind to him so he desires very little, easily settling for some peace and quiet or a simple game of cards with friends. Contrary to his love for the thrill of battle, he's not one to instigate conflict. Usually a patient and tolerant man, it's unwise to tick him off or push his buttons for too long because he's not afraid to return the favour in extra. And that involves a lot of pain.History: Back on Zakaz, Viloz was a hardened warrior and part-time mercenary, going about his everyday business doing whatever he wanted. One day, he and his friends were ambushed, everyone slaughtered save him who managed to escape in very poor condition, on the verge of death. After what seemed to be an eternal sleep filled with pain, he woke up in a Le-Koro clinic with no recollection of his memories whatsoever, completely healed. It took him a while to adapt to the sudden change but excitement filled him: this offered him a fresh new start with many possibilities, wanting to explore the new land he would be living on from here on out. Unfortunately, all Viloz ending up doing was stick around the village, gaining infamy for emptying people's pockets in a game of cards.Weakness: Naturally, his temper and cockiness can be used against him and he can be often baited into traps. Other than that, he isn't really immune to the usual stuff, being a regular fighter like anyone else.Note: Spheres approved by Nuju Metru.

Name: Maioro

Species: Toa of Earth

Gender: Male

Age Equivalent: 27

Alignment: True Neutral

Kanohi: Volitak, Mask of Stealth

Appearance: Maioro is of average height for a Toa, built with a lean, deceptively muscular physique and broad shoulders. A warm, sandy brown pigments his upper body, with the exception of his hands and mask, both coloured black like his lower half. His entire right arm and breast are wrapped in tight bandages, concealing the sight of hideously burnt flesh while a set of leather armour shields the rest of his body. Considered attractive by some, his youthful face adorns brilliant yellow eyes and however faint, an ever-present smile. His Kanohi is shaped like a Komau.

Voice: Smooth, inquiring, light-hearted and bored.

Equipment: Maioro wields two protosteel axes, both capable of being used as thrown weapons. A crossbow rests on his back and its ammunition in a pouch at his waist.

Skills: Maioro is very proficient in close combat, just as he is in the art of stealth. For such a pleasant-looking young man, the Onu-Toa is awfully brutal; he strikes hard and fast without relent, unafraid of taking dangerous risks or playing dirty. Swift footwork and his Volitak allow him to navigate the battleground with ease or stalk prey unheard and unseen. Effective as he is in battle, Maioro’s preference lies in guerrilla tactics to eliminate his foes without much of a fuss, at least getting the drop on them first if he isn’t fully successful in his attempts. Concerning his aptitude as an elementalist, he surpasses most Toa in this field though he is no master. Due to his element, he possesses enhanced strength and night vision.

Personality: Maioro is best described as laid-back, maybe a little too much. Always calm, seemingly uninterested and impassive, contradictory to the perpetual smile on his face. Idle chit-chat isn’t his thing, instead adopting a quieter demeanor where he usually observes in silence before making any notions or remarks. Although if prompted, he’ll keep a conversation going, laugh at jokes and whatnot yet there’s something off about him. Morally ambiguous, he’s proved to be a bit of a wildcard due to his unexpected actions. Sometimes it feels like a simple matter of whether he feels like doing something or not. It’s in Maioro’s nature to be a lone wolf, shying away from large groups, positions of leadership or being the centre of attention.

History: Surprisingly, Maioro originated from the slums of Xa-Koro, leaving it behind for the life of an assassin on the mainland of Mata-Nui. That worked out well for a while, until he’d been locked up and thrown into jail for several years. That gave him a lot of time to think and a lot of time to grow as a person. Little by little, the Onu-Toa evolved from a crook to the calm man he is today but there was one thing that never left him: anger. All that time spent in absolute solitude grounded that into his very bones until it became an undeniable part of him. It was unbearable, to become so bitter and angry with the world, not knowing where to direct his feelings. Death was a welcoming thought on occasion but Maioro pushed onward when he was released, determined to find purpose in his miserable life. All the way up to the present events of Mata-Nui.

Weakness: Water, can exhaust himself after extended periods of combat, lightly armoured and other destructive elements.

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Name: Conteriam (Con-ter-AM)Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaAppearance: Brickshelf fileKanohi: Kaukau, The Mask of Water BreathingElement: GravityWeapon(s): Channeling StaffChanneling Staff: Conteriam’s Channeling Staff does as it implies... it channel’s his element (Gravity). The top end is the “positive” end, and the bottom the “negative”. When he touches, jabs, or hits anything with the positive end, it becomes heavier. The opposite happens with the negative end, it becomes lighter. Another use would be to touch someone with the negative end and then touch a tree with the positive end. The person touched would find himself falling or put into orbit around the tree, because the tree would now be what his gravitational base is. This can either be reversed by Conteriam or worn off after some time.Alignment: A Justice bringing good. Is out to “fix” the world.Personality: Although he's raither old, he's very young in spirit. His new journey to "fix" everything has given him a second wind, and he'll go out of his way to fix conflict. History: Conteriam, the Toa of Gravity, was in a Toa team of four; A Water Toa, an Electric Toa, and a Toa of the Green. He is the last standing member of this team.Long before the migration to Mata Nui, he led his team to find a Ta-matoran that apparently was stealing scrap protodermis. To get to his house, the team needed to approach in secret. So they decided to swim from upstream and get out of the water right outside where they needed to be. In order to do this the team of four needed to don Kaukaus to breathe. When they found him, they discovered he was building weapons.When they tried to put him into custody, he bolted down into a room underneath his house. When the team went to follow, at the base of the stairs was a container of molten prodermis set above in the rafters. The matoran pulled a rope and spilled it on Conteriam, melting his mask and fusing it to him. His team followed and then chased the matoran further, only to find another more deadly trap.Conteriam was the only one of his team to exit the house. The Ta-Matoran had gotten away. Ashamed and distraught, he went into hiding and wasn’t seen or heard of again until after the migration.With his new “home” in Xa-Koro, one day he suddenly realized that there was a world of evil, and other teams of Toa that he was doing no good by sitting still. It was that day that he set out to fix everything.Weakness(es): Conteriam’s right side is practically armor-less. His Channeling Staff is a powerful weapon, but also weighs him down heavily. If it got into someone else’s hands, then the other user and everyone else in the area would be in danger. He has to be extra careful not to part with it.Notes:The Midak Skyblaster on his shoulder is now obselete. Pretend it's not there. The mask is a “melted” Kaukau. No this doesn’t mean I put my Kaukau in a fire :P Name: Purore (Pur-ORE)Gender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiiAppearance: Brickshelf File: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=487680Vision Power: Heat VisionElement: FireWeapon(s): Pyro Blaster, Dual Medium SwordsAlignment: Insane Personality: Purore would burn down the entire Island if he had the chance. He’s a crazed killer, and will torch things just for fun. If you’re a Toa and you’re flammable, then you’re a target. If you’re a friend and you’re flammable, then don’t get on his bad side.History: Purore was found in Ta-Koro by some Matoran. No one knew what he was or where he came from, and neither did he. He stayed in Ta-Koro for quite some time, until everyone realized that he was a heavily armed threat. They then banished him to Mangai, where he slowly went insane in the caverns. After awhile, he realized that he had power in his weaponry. When he did, he went and found a small Matoran settlement and razed the huts. Finding joy in burning things with the same fire he’s been around for so long, Purore is now on a warped crusade to burn…. Everything.Weakness(es):Purore has an extreme mental pathological fear of water. If you’re a Toa of water (unless you’re flammable) he’s out of there. Ga-Wahi and Ko-Wahi are rarely visited by him.Notes: The Midak Skyblaster isn’t really a Midak Skyblaster. It’s just the best piece that can depict the Pryo Blaster.

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Name:Jakronius Age:4000 Appearance:tall and lean He is lime green and has a few gold streaks on his arms. Species:Toa of air Personality: He is a drifter and dislikes teams. He can be a cunning strategist and is very smart. He does however grow fond of people that treat him nicely and has a strong sense of justice. Alignment:good Weakness: He is over aggressive and can mistrust people. He also loses control when mad Tools: two air swords and Kanohi Tyrna Bio: He once was on a famous Toa team, but they were corrupted and betrayed him. They also killed his only friend in life. He now is a semi-inventor and a freelancer who wanders the island looking for a job.Name:Makhera Species: Toa of Ice Alignment: Morally Evil Biography: He was one of the most noble and just Toa around. That was before the encounter with Makuta. Makuta somehow corrupted him into becoming evil. Makhera then systematically hunted down and corrupted/killed all of his team members until one remained: Jakronius. He now has an obsession over Jakronius and hopes to either kill or capture him alive so he can torture him forever. Personality: Makhera hates all good. He hopes for an ideal world where nobody is good and he is in charge. However, his former personage sometimes surfaces and hinders him from evil.His number one wish is to get Jakronius so his"revenge" will be complete, Tools: Warhammer Weakness; Jakronius wounded him in such a way Makhera's power seeps out and alerts enemies to his presence. He also is not that powerful to begin with elementally.

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Characters-The Dapper Duelist-


Name: Dorian Shaddix

Species: ToaGender: MalePowers: IronKanohi: Calix.Dominant Hand: AmbidextrousAppearance: Man, oh, man.


Dorian’s a beauty. That’s not meant to sound arrogant, to suggest that he’s much better looking than you, because it’s straight up factoid. His face is sharp and angelic, with a jawbone like a convergent fault line, cheekbones like mountain crests, and a thin mouth that’s almost perpetually curled upwards into the cutest smirk you ever did see. Two big, flirty deep azure eyes shine out like lighthouse beacons at you, staring right past you and into your soul so he can dissect what’s inside there on his own time for fun.


His body is lean, muscles deceptively hiding just underneath the surface of smooth, flawless skin. He has the physique of a three-sport athlete, looking as though he could run a marathon before warming up with the Ta-Koro Kolhii team and then BASE jumping off the Tren Krom Break. A careful exercise regimen performed before the crack of dawn every morning and just after the onset of dusk at night helps keep this physical perfection intact: Dorian trains about as well and as hard as any athlete, if not moreso.


His fashion tastes may be decried as effeminate, or hipster, but he has his own reasons for adoring each and every little article of clothing that he wears, none of which he’ll share with you, and each piece combines to create an end sum that is both functional in a fight and attractive at a party. Dor’s general clothing is a black silk v-neck that fits his muscled form somewhat snugly, though not nearly skintight, a pair of black slim or skinny fit pants, denim or leather depending on the occasion, and a black or gold cashmere scarf. Yes, a scarf. He has his reasons.


Okay, yeah, fine, he’s kind of an effeminate dandy. But he doesn’t care; it’s part of the magic that he’s created for himself.Weapons: Whatever he creates with his elemental energy.Alignment: Himself (Depends on his mood, but definitely something Chaotic)Personality: Be careful around Dorian.


Ask anyone from any of the respective village Guards – Hi, Tuara! – and they’ll tell you that he’s a Grade A psychopath, a murderer with little conscience and a taste for only two lives: his life and the good life. Ask any criminal or contract killer in the island’s underground, and you’ll get hushed whispers of the gorgeous youth who’s gone up against the devil himself in games of chance and walked away with both his life and a victory each and every time, of a young man who will steal your fortune at the start of the night, buy everyone in the bar a couple shots of small batch bourbon, neat, spend a night on the town, and by the time dawn rolls around, will be caught lying in bed holding your daughter in a semi-conscious cuddle before jumping out the window and disappearing into the horizon.


Ask Dorian himself, and you’ll get a very different story, laden with half-truths, a series of philosophical and downright creepy metaphors, and a dark new insight into both his soul and your own. The truth is, yes, he has stolen many a fortune and cuddled many a daughter, but he’s a fascinating psychological case that goes beyond the textbook narcissism and kleptomania – and yes, he does suffer from both of those – and transcends regular psychology textbooks. Dorian is a mental force that truly cannot be interpreted in one sitdown with him, or ten, or even a hundred, unless you’re lucky. Witty, artistic, and charming at his best, Dorian can blow your mind with wordplay, a pencil sketch, a canvas painting, or a musical composition just as easily as he could kill you ten ways from Tuesday in a room that has actually nothing in it save a feather quill and a cup of grape juice.


But hey. A lot of things can be charming as all Karz. Like a florist’s shop that happens to be pumped chock full of carbon monoxide. And who took the time to pump all the carbon monoxide and arrange the flowers according to color scheme so they looked presentable? You guessed it. Dorian. With as much an eye for a creative death scene as an eye for beauty in art, Dorian is an enthralling man through and through, a gen-yoo-ine sadist with a knack for rhyme scheme. What makes him tick is anyone’s guess.


He, himself, thinks it’s the loneliness: from early childhood to the present day, all he’s been bred to do is assassinate, become the perfect killing machine in every way possible, but all he’s sought after is a normal life. Roadblocks and obstacles keep popping up like cobblestones throughout Dorian’s young life, and the assassin has encountered enough adversity at this point that his desire for normality, to just take things easy for a lifetime or two, has actually heightened his unstable tendencies. He’s bipolar to the extreme, desperate for a family and friends even though the ones that he doesn’t like keep disappearing randomly, and through it all, he somehow manages to convince himself that his serial womanizing ways will help him find the right one. In short, not even Dorian fully understands Dorian, and what’s worse, not even Dorian can really control Dorian.


And that’s dangerous.

Bio: Life is pain. Not temporary pain, either, we’re talking thumb in a bullet wound consistent kind of pain. Picture a thumb in an open hole in your shoulder for 220 years, give or take.


That’s Dorian Shaddix’s life. Not that he’d admit that to you: if you’re having bio problems, he feels bad for you, son, he’s got 99 backstories, but the truth ain’t one.


Truth is, he used to be a prime example of Incorruptible Pure Pureness: he was an upper middle class kid with a mom who loved him a lot and a dad who kind of tolerated him, but didn’t tolerate him enough to pay for his son’s life and the life of his son’s girlfriend when slavers got a hold of them late one night on a stroll through town. Kynaera, the girlfriend, got away: Dor, however, was tricked by said girlfriend into holding the fort for her while she escaped, and when she told him that she had an escape plan for him, too, well, that was a load of it.


Dor was punished doubly hard for Kynaera’s escape and ended up through the physical, mental, and emotional ringer quite a few times, to the point where his psyche never quite recovered and he became easily susceptible to the kind of mental conditioning necessary to make a nice, loyal contract killer. What the slavers didn’t realize was that they had brewed up one of the island’s all-time most deadly psychopaths, and after a string of highly successful – and creative – murders, Dorian struck out on his own, leaving his letter of resignation in the form of every single slaver that had ever laid a finger on him, dead, with all their fingers cut off and thrown into a separate pile.


Dor’s a bit of a poet.


Forty years into the future, and Dor was the best, riding high, making bank…and then the Mark. An iridescent blue glowing tat that fed off the anger of others around him and gave him an adrenaline boost. Dorian became one of the most feared Mark Bearers in all of Whoville and eventually hooked up with Bad Company, an outfit run by his one-time mentor Brykon.


Dor had always wanted a father that would actually, you know, PAY A RANSOM FOR HIM, and Brykon represented what the young assassin had always dreamed of in a paternal figure, so the young Toa of Iron was steadfastly loyal to the Brutal Bard through thick and thin, whether he was being publicly beat down as a message to the rest of the team, left behind to die in a methane-fueled tunnel, made fun of for wearing a scarf, or being pitted against other team members or even his employers, the Four Peers, in a show of loyalty.


Until the Kumu Islets sank, and the Turaga were ordered to be executed.


Brykon deliberately assigned Dorian the job of murdering Turaga Vakama in Ta-Koro, in the hopes that the Toa of Iron wouldn’t return, would go in search of the normal life he’d always dreamed of after the job. He did so, moving to Ga-Koro and settling back down in his old beach house, where he plans on staying and trying to live out what he believes to be the last days of his life as chill as possible.


Of course, if the Guard really wants to take him, they’ll have to put up a fight.

Weaknesses: Though he’s in perfect physical shape, Dorian doesn’t bulge with muscle as his mentor Brykon does, nor does he sport the physique of a bodybuilder: in that respect, he can be overpowered, though he makes up for his seeming lack of strength in speed, creativity, and attentiveness to detail in battle, making him a vivacious underdog. Widgets: 315,000Voice: Smooth silken voice with a bit of a musical air, as if his voice is trapped inside a sort of vibrato-based singing at intervals. He can also mimic a variety of regional accents with the perfection of a master actor.Theme Music: "DLZ" - TV on the Radio


-The Somnambulist-


Name: Anyanka Lys'Fagas

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Powers: Plasma elemental energy. Anyanka is also a born free runner, able to slip through even the thinnest of crevices like a drop of rain. She’s extremely difficult to catch even without her Kakama, having spent centuries running and hiding; at this point, evading capture has become like an art form to her. With her active personality comes an increased Spidey-Sense of sorts, and she’s an excellent judge of both character and liars.

Kanohi: Kakama

Appearance: Anyanka is at about an inch smaller than the average height for a Toa, but slimmer, almost as though it looks like she’s been deprived of a hot meal for longer than necessary. Though her face is beautiful, with an oval shape and a full pair of lips frozen in a permanent half-smirk, her main feature is her dark brown, almost smoky looking eyes; when intrigued, they dance with shadows and seem to expand, reading into the soul of anything in front of her, animate, inanimate or otherwise. Her face seems to be twisted in some variation of thoughtful at all times, whether she’s contemplating something, negotiating with someone, or just simply trying to rest and failing.


The rest of her body is just as trim and well-kept; her arms and legs are toned and athletic, built for moving around, and she carries with her the frame and poise of a gymnast. Her movements are classy, dignified, but laced with a form of dark excitement that makes it almost impossible not to feel slightly on edge around her. This ease of motion is allowed to her by her lack of most heavy armor; Anyanka deigns to wear simple black and dark grey armor, with orange highlights here and there to denote her as a Pa-Toa, a Toa of Plasma.


Weapons: Anyanka’s travels light when it comes to weapons, usually carrying with her a simple double-edged butterfly knife, serrated on one side and sharpened every hour, on the hour. For longer range combat, she uses a Roman gladius, which she wields with deadly precision. Her element is one that she can use long-range, so she doesn’t carry any weapons that can do damage from a distance, preferring to use her own abilities for that.

Alignment: Mercenary (Chaotic Neutral)

Personality: Active, active, active. Anyanka very rarely shuts up; she’s sharp, always prepared to repay a barb or witticism in turn, and has no problems talking to other people, whether they’re targets or allies. Her penchant for never staying in one location for too long has left her with a taste of a lot of different cultures, so she seems dignified, carrying with her a sort of exotic aura that wraps its tendrils around you and draws you in, and often she’ll reminisce on these places, even if she has no one to talk to but herself. She has an old soul; she’s a fan of the finer things in life whenever she does get a rare moment of downtime, be it spending time at an art museum with a nice cup of coffee, tanning on the beach, or simply just sitting on a rooftop tracing shapes out of stars.


Anyanka's unstable, though, too, so there's that: she is fanatically loyal to her subconscious, which she believes is a pipeline to another realm of existence. She believes herself a servant of the divine, enacting their will through her dreams and giving no quarter to those who either question this servitude or who believe her to be just another crackpot on an island full of them.

Bio: On the surface, Anyanka remembers nothing of her old life.

She doesn’t remember being born on an island far to the south of Mata Nui into a dirt poor family in a ghetto that was so grimy, so completely and utterly crushing to the soul, that calling it a ghetto was really an insult to the impoverished. She doesn’t remember growing up and immediately starting to run, using those long, graceful legs of hers to sprint like a gazelle through her childhood and adolescence as a Matoran, stealing and robbing others to provide for her family. She doesn’t remember that one day, she stole something very valuable from a very rich, very dangerous nobleman who not only razed the entire plot of land her family lived on, but went out of his way to destroy every memento of her family’s existence – including her family itself.She doesn’t remember WHY she started spreading from island to island, like a plague, slowly moving away whenever the nobleman followed her and started to dismantle her life there. She doesn’t remember building a small, makeshift raft and sailing north desperately in the midst of a hurricane and getting tossed around like a rubber duck in a child’s bath, or hitting her head on the mast and washing away from her course. All she remembers is that she was supposed to stop running and build an adequate life here, and that’s what she started to do, hundreds of years ago.Of course, the reason she doesn't remember these things is because they never happened. At least, not in real life.Anyanka is a somnambulist of the darkest kind. In her dreams, she sees events, people, and places that can only be created by those who have seen them before, and the dreams strike with such clarity that when she awakes, she's sure that she's an oracle, a woman blessed by some sort of precognitive gift, and those beliefs are only reinforced when the events actually happen. This, too, is her fault; between dreams, she will often rise up, completely unaware of what she's doing and often compelled only by her subconscious, and act out the dreams, murdering, robbing, and assaulting innocent bystanders, targets, or even people she's worked with and befriended for years all for the sake of making sure her dreams come to life. So set is she in her delusions that she has actually invented a whole backstory for herself inside her subconscious, and over time, she merely came to accept it as fact.Of course, unknowing of this, Anyanka decided to try and settle down in Ga-Koro, and for a while, it kind of worked. Murder rates around her residential area were erratic, spiking some months and lowering to record lows on others, but she was never brought in for questioning or even suspected.But then, in an almost perfect parallel of her "life" pre-Mata Nui, she dreamed about the wrong guy and paid a steep price for it, causing her to retaliate by hiring several other mercs to help her take down the man who was gunning for her. The other mercenaries died during the attempt, whether by her hand or that of her target's; though successful, and though she was now at peace once again, Anyanka found the life of a mercenary - especially one with knowledge of her targets beforehand - too compelling. Now, she roams Mata Nui at large, playing her hand close to her chest and keeping her plans to herself.


That is, if she has any. Who knows?

Weaknesses: Anyanka isn't built for consistently heavy damage, though she can easily outperform even most opponents larger than her. In addition, she is so fervently convinced that her dreams are reality that she will fly into a rage if anyone continues to question them - and, by extension, her.


-The Chosen One-

Name: Reordin Saporta

Species: Toa of Ice

Gender: MalePowers: Due to using Kopaka’s Essence Stone, Reordin has immensely honed control over the element of Ice and can resist some of the coldest temperatures on Mata Nui for extended periods of time.Kanohi: Reordin wears a Kanohi Tauhaka, a Mask of Alchemy. The Kahoni Tauhaka allows its user to change the material or element(s) of one object into another. For example,Reordin could turn a tree from wood to stone, or a metal door to glass, the transmuted object gaining all the new strengths and weaknesses of the new material. The Tauhaka cannot create or destroy new things; it can only alter already-created items. The rate of change is determined on the size of the object – the larger the object, the more time is required exponentially to transmute its substance. Against living beings, the Tauhaka is far less effective.Weapons: For weapons, Reordin wields two ice axes (what most people would call ice picks) with serrated inner edges; the weapons are versatile for both combat or for maneuvers which may require him to grab onto something such as the top of a building or the crevice of a canyon. For long-range use, he wields a KH54 given to him by Sulov: the weapon currently has about a hundred bullets.Appearance: Tall and noble looking, with the poise of a leader, Reordin has the lean, athletic physique of an athlete and a soldier. His old, custom-designed black and white armor has transformed now that he’s a Toa, becoming a smooth, seamless blend of whites, with accents of grey and black across his entire frame lending a less conformed look to his attractive body shape. The Toa of Ice is built for free running, and spikes on his feet allow him to climb up a variety of surfaces, such as mountains or canyons.


Reordin’s face is handsome, with defined cheeks, a strong jaw, and a thin mouth that seems to be continually smirking. Most notable are his eyes: two big, steel blue orbs shrouded in mystery that seem to focus like those of falcons gazing at prey when he’s examining something or coming up with a plan; his gaze can either pierce your soul or warm it, depending on his feelings towards you.Alignment: Wanderer's Company (Neutral Good)

Abilities: Extremely diverse knowledge of parkour, or free running; his body is adjusted for the toughest physical conditions, and he has borderline Calix-level power over his body movements. He's also versed in several different hand-to-hand and sword-fighting styles. Reordin has the natural poise and tactical brilliance of a leader, and has a good feel for the emotions of his men and how to assuage them.Personality: As a lifelong soldier and cop, Reordin has always made his living off of what he believe: namely, the subtle facial tells of a suspect's face, the evidence someone leaves behind at a murder or robbery scene, or the tactical layout of the place where a perp is hiding out. Destiny is not high on his list of favorite things, nor is the concept of fate; as someone who has deliberately plotted out his own life path ahead of time, the Toa of Ice is a very quick thinker, always planning on the move, even sometimes switching up his entire battle strategy in the middle of engagement if only to confuse his enemy and give him the upper hand.


During his time with the Wanderer's Company and his tenure as Stannis' presumptive deputy, however, Reordin has developed an appreciation for deep thinking as well as quick thinking, often trying for the sake of the rest of his team members to create a hybrid of the two that both fits his leadership style and the purpose the team was assembled for. The personality imbibed into him by Kopaka's Essence Stone has only furthered this begrudging appreciation for the philosophical. Though he may occasionally be the butt of jokes for this, Reordin is not a man who suffers fools gladly, and will pay back a jibe or a gag in turn down the road, and much more sharply. That said, he is a man who not only appreciates the value of teamwork, he appreciates the value of family, and the bond he shares with those he works with for a long period of time is unbreakable by even the Great Spirit.


Or Makuta.

Biography: Reordin started out his days as a simple Matoran - a bright eyed idealist, in fact - with a sense of duty to Mata Nui and to his people. The moment that he reached the age of eligibility, he signed up for the Sanctum Guard and quickly became one of Ko-Koro's most well-known beat cops; criminals and Guards alike both feared and respected him for his growing willingness to go outside the boundaries of what a normal cop would do, and only by the skin of his teeth and his brilliant capture record did he escape administrative action. However, while leading a platoon of Sanctum Guard troops for the Island Liberation Squad in the Battle of the Hive, Reordin's lieutenant, Darrick Bane, as well as the majority of his men, were killed in combat; the two other survivors died en route to Ko-Koro to spread the news.With no one to corroborate his actions, Reordin - along with, unknowingly, his Ussalry counterpart and bromance partner Sulov Koskium - were placed on administrative leave; while Sulov was discharged, Ko-Koro was attacked by terrorists before Reordin's case could be reviewed, and the lieutenant immediately led a group of ILS forces to the village to see what he could do. He is currently assisting his home in any way he can, all whilst bearing in mind the ominous visit of a strange Ta-Matoran the morning after the Battle of the Hive, during which Reordin was told to watch for the Wanderer, who would change his life forever.


So he watched. And watched. And watched. And…Stannis.


Instantly, he and the Pa-Matoran butted heads, arguing over strategy, the Essence Stones, what the fate of the Chosen may be, and, at the crux of each debate, the faith of the saint vs. the logic of the soldier. Throughout their journey, however (and with the help of a certain Le-Matoran flygirl turned Chosen One) Reordin managed to develop a budding appreciation for the Wanderer’s style of leadership. When Stannis and Oreius, another Matoran from the team, were separated from the rest of the Company, Reordin took charge and collected two of the remaining stones while Stannis’ half of the team collected Pohatu’s.


When the team linked back up together, Stannis and Reordin (kind of) buried the hatchet, and the team used the Essence Stones to transform into Toa. Now Reordin is a Toa of Ice in the vein of Kopaka, and is learning to use the power of the First Toa whilst not completely surrendering himself over to the personality of his predecessor.Weaknesses: As a Toa of Ice, Reordin isn’t big on fire or intense heat, and his penchant for cockiness in the face of an enemy hasn’t exactly dulled much, either.


-The Male Buffy-

Name: Angelus "Angel" RadkeSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Angel is a tall, wiry Toa with muscles jutting from his slightly starved looking chest and light blue eyes that shine out at you like stars from underneath his sun-kissed face. His body bears a slight tanned color to it, given by years and years spent underneath the lush, warm jungles, and despite his slightly anemic appearance, he keeps both his body and his abilities in tip-top shape. Cut into his chest, with jagged, light red scars, is an artistic interpretation of the Mark of Lust, carved inside permanently by the Mark's first Bearer, Succubus. His sense of clothing, once primitive and carefree, has gradually begun to take shape, often expressing itself in the form of a short-sleeved, buttoned up sport shirt and tight-fitting denim.Kanohi: HauPowers: FireWeapons: Angelus' primary weapon is a pure Protosteel longsword, perfectly balanced so that he can wield it in one hand. The weapon is as beautiful as it is dangerous, with calligraphic runes drawn in elaborate squiggles up and down the blade. The blade is special not for its looks but also for its powers; when Angelus deflects or blocks elemental energy - or even takes a hit - a small rune will light up on the blade, and when a physical blow is landed the opposite of the element fused into the blade will hit the opponent. Angelus cannot wield the element inside the blade, nor can he absorb the element through anything less than direct physical contact. Nevertheless, the blade is a powerful weapon and tool in delivering justice and vengeance to those who deserve it most.


He also wears a rigged gauntlet with a primitive switch feature that allows him to fire off up to three long, wooden stakes: this device fits firmly around his right wrist and can act as a projectile weapon for long-range combat.Dominant Hand: RightAlignment: Ta-Koro Guard (Chaotic Good)Personality: Angel is a good guy, at heart. A sweet, empathetic, loving, innocent guy who happened to sign up for a cause he wasn't ready for and paid the price for it. He's slightly more bitter, now, with his good humor fading into a melancholy silence when he starts to think of Tuara or the Mark Bearers, but otherwise, he remains largely the same - indifferent to the larger conflicts going on in the world, always ready with a kind word and exuberant gratitude, and as peaceful and pacifistic as someone can be.Biography: Angelus is a younger Toa, having come into existence only weeks before the Great Cataclysm. He spent the next thousand years debating what kind of Great Spirit could allow a world to turn to such vicious means, and he recently came to Mata Nui looking for a paradise. All he found was an island tortured by Makuta, and he swore that one way or another, he would save the innocent Matoran of Mata Nui from Makuta. He recently explored an fold temple in Le-Wahi and managed to escape with a vast fortune in the billions of widgets, which he quickly deposited in his house on the outskirts of Le-Koro. In the temple, though, he was injured, and he recently ended up in Ta-Koro seeking treatment. Now he's stuck as one of the richest men on Mata Nui and has a distinct lack of caring about it. Of course, he could get some upgrades to his treehouse...But he couldn't.Almost immediately, Angel was roped in by a beautiful, driven Toa of Fire named Tuara, who was hunting after a group of tattooed, powerful beings named Mark Bearers. Angelus quickly became Tuara's partner and confidante throughout their journey until a fateful trip into the head of a deranged alternate personality named Iris, who hijacked Tuara's head and sadistically toyed with Angel's emotions, leaving him broken and despondent. Tuara regained control just once in the time since her possession, enough time for the two partners to share their first kiss before Angelus was driven away by Tuara, thoughts plagued by both failure to properly contain the Mark Bearers and the loss of his newfound girlfriend.Angel waged a guerilla warfare campaign against the Mark Bearers until the wedding of Tillian Juturna on the Ga-Wahi beach, where he fatefully tried to kill Tuara. Driven almost mad in guilt, indecision, and heartache, Angel fled back to Le-Wahi, where he remains to this day, building up his body, elemental powers and swordplay techniques for the moment where the Mark Bearers make one final push...with or without Tuara.Widgets: Hella.Voice: Quiet, with what could be a slight Northeastern United States twang.Weakness: Gets cocky in battle once he has his opponent on the ropes.Theme Music: "Wanderlust" - Every Time I Die


-The Brazen Bowman-Name: Esao MandalaSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Extremely handsome and well-toned, Esao wears light red armor with black streaks throughout. His main choice of armor is studded, hardened black leather, which he wears in the form of a top which cuts off at his elbows, giving it the appearance of a skintight studded T-shirt, and tight black leather pants. He has a Cupid's bow mouth which is often curved into a knowing smirk, and his amethyst color eyes are bright and challenging.Kanohi: VolitakPowers: FireWeapons: Phoenix Bow. This bow looks like a regular recurve bow, but has six hollowed-out lightstones attached to it that are filled with oil. When he uses his element, the lightstones fill with arrows made of pure fire, which he can fire off all at once or in bursts. The weapon's main weakness, though, is its need for fuel; without oil, the bow cannot always muster up the strength for a perfect killshot. He also has a kukri of his own design, coated in a thin layer of Protosteel. The handle is long and curved (akin to Count Dooku's lightsaber) and ends in a large amethyst that matches the color of his eyes, cutting short a leather handgrip that gives the weapon a comfortable and balanced grip. When used in close-quarters combat, this weapon acts as an extension of his own arm. He also wields two flyssa swords that were previously owned by his friend, Flyssa, who was recently killed in a terrorist attack on Ko-Koro.Dominant Hand: AmbidextrousAlignment: Chaotic GoodPersonality: Esao is eccentric, dark, and spiritually and physically lonely. His guilt over the death of his uncle, who substituted as his legal guardian, has led to a misanthropic and depressed view of society. Saying he has suicidal thoughts is a bit of an understatement, and the only reason he's talked himself out of it is so others don't suffer the same losses as him. He flipflops between Type III and Type IV antihero quite a bit.Biography: Esao is the heir to a vast fortune made in the Bula juice business, collected by his grandfather and his uncle, who often schemed together to make even more obscene amounts of cash. His uncle was viciously murdered by a hired gun (Dorian, although Esao doesn't know this) and his grandfather died broken and alone. After separating the cash into banks spread across all six Koro, Esao crafted a bow and sword of his own design, bought some armor, and decided to spend his life helping the helpless. By any mean's necessary.Weakness: Refuses to get close to any living soul.Theme Music: "The Undertaker's Thirst For Revenge Is Unquenchable" - Chiodos

-The Green-Eyed Monster-Name: Venedico "Dico" VerdeSpecies: Toa (Plant Life)Gender: MaleAlignment: Toa Daedra (Chaotic Neutral)Mask: MahikiPowers: Plant Life, shapeshifting, illusionWeapons: Short sword, two knives, spiked whip that he often uses in conjunction with his element.Description: Venedico isn't exactly muscular, but his tall, limber frame is extremely agile, allowing him to perform feats and move at speeds that aren't Calix-level, but are above those that most Toa are able to perform. He doesn’t keep much weaponry on him, often preferring to just carry a couple knives in thigh holsters, a whip at his side, and a short sword slung across his back. Though he’s not a bad looking man by any stretch, he often tries to take care of his appearance to amplify it, assuming that even though he looks good, somebody else around him is always going to look better.Dominant Hand: LeftPersonality: Dico loves to chase after forbidden fruit: he has most of the things that a man could want in his life, be it money or a house or any kind of material item, but he always wants something new. He hates settling for something second-rate; if he buys an item new, then sees someone with a higher-class version of the same item, he will hunt it to the ends of the earth to have it. Materialistic is an understatement when it comes to describing him, as is narcissistic. Despite his slight inferiority complex when it comes to owning things or appearances, however, he does consider himself the best in one crucial (to him) area: the arts. Whether through poetry, painting, acting or music, Venedico is a master at expressing himself through any form of art.Weaknesses: His quest for all things brand new can often lead him to make rushed or foolish decisions, and when it comes to fighting, he is often the underdog due to his lack of heavy weaponry and muscle. Therefore, he often sticks to the sides and fights, often acting in a support capacity instead of being one of the heavy hitters or main combatants.Biography: Venedico made his living as a bard, running away from his Po-Koro home as soon as he was able to and joining a music group that toured across all six Koro. Dico grew to love the life of a musician, but over time, he grew paranoid and thought his bandmates were garnering all the attention and money for themselves. After several years of this, he quit the band and went solo; this was the best time of Venedico’s life, as he finally felt important and adored. One night, however, he celebrated a tad bit too much before he came to Le-Koro, and the resulting mishap still goes down as one of the worst musical performances of the century. Dico never played music publicly again, and his personality began to darken and wither to the point where any sense of fun or enjoyment he took in garnering people’s love was gone. He sought to replace people in his life by garnering money or cool new gadgets or toys, which he still does to this day. As of late, however, he’s begun to miss the attention that he got from people, and he seeks to reclaim it. After seeing the reaction that servants of evil get from the people of Mata Nui, he's began to seek a new brand of infamy, and is willing to team up with almost anyone to receive it.Recently, he met up with a Toa of Air who called himself Greed, and together with several other Toa, he formed a team named the Daedra, who would conquer the island on Makuta's behalf. Venedico is currently tossing around new ideas for a name, contemplating which sin he should bear for the rest of his life as Makuta's right hand...Widgets: 1,000Voice: Cold, bitter drawl with hints of a West Coast US inflection.Theme Music: "People You Know" - Dance Gavin Dance Name: Cysero SinclairSpecies: Le-MatoranGender: MalePowers: NoneKanohi: Powerless PakariWeapons: Kohlii Staff, Bamboo DisksAlignment: Le-Koro Kolhii Team (Lawful Good)

Dominant Hand: LeftAppearance: Cysero is tall and strapping, with the build of an athlete. Muscled, toned and in near-perfect physical shape even after months of downtime, he looks like he could play a double header game of Kolhii before running a marathon, such is the energy and charisma that rolls off his appearance. The kind of Matoran your kid puts a poster up of in his room.Abilities: He's extremely agile, fast, and the life of the party, a master of persuasion and cajoling others. He's very athletic, having been a longtime mainstay of the Le-Koro Kohlii Team, and his veins pump almost as much charisma and adrenaline as they do blood, keeping him in top physical shape at all times.Personality: Carefree and fun, one of the best friends you could ask for. He's loyal, funny, friendly, and a pretty good looking guy, which has led to a slightly inflated ego. An extrovert with a capital extrovert, the only thing larger than Cysero's personality is his heart, so despite his ego, he's got an endearing, charmed quality about him that makes him a budding friend from the get go.Biography: Cysero's had a pretty good life, having made his living doing what he loved most: playing Kohlii and socializing with others. In between Kohlii seasons, he explores the island, looking to meet new people and have fun. Devoid of responsibility throughout the early fourth of his life, the Le-Matoran recently took a breather from consistent Kolhii training in Ta-Koro.

Voice: High, slightly effeminate, turns into an odd sort of crowing yell when he gets excited. Sort of like someone in late adolescence.

Widgets: 475Weaknesses: He's a Matoran, which means he has many of the weaknesses of that species. He also falls easily for a pretty face.Theme Music: "You've Seen the Butcher" - Deftones-Teezy

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Name: VenzaSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAlignment: Good (Wants to stop evil so he can be safe.)Appearance: He's Grey and white, missing a hand because the mountain ate it when he was nearing the end of his climb.Weapons: Sword made of iron, with cracks filled with lightstone, very hard due to the addition of solid protodermis. Claws to replace his lost hand.Personality: Not a coward, he figures if he runs away, he'll die anyway. He's very calculating, would rather plan out the entire battle before even thinkig about going in.History: Lost a hand while climbing the mountain, used his sword to climb the rest of the way; he left Xia for Mata Nui several years later, after having his claws and sword forged.Weaknesses: He's clumsy with the claws replacing his other hand, and he's not very physically strong either.

Give me attention!


Mwahaha. I'm back, and I've changed my attitude. I'm sure you all missed me.

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Name: Jade

Race: ToaElement: ElectricityGender: FemaleKanohi: Mask of ShieldingAppearance:Jade wears a tanktop the color of jade, a pair of dark grey short shorts, and a pair of flip-flops. On her left hip, she has a decorative rapier sheathed; mroe for show then for fighting.Personality:The Toa of Electricity enjoys flirting with male Toa (mainly to get inside of their heads more than anything), but she is mainly serious and to the point. She doesn't like to mess around too much, unless the mood demands it. Jade tends to be a bit ruthless and cruel at times, but that's just to cover up a more delicate and sensitive side that's still inside of her.Weapon(s): Decorative RapierFighting Style:Jade's fighting style is very suave and elegant as she moves back and forth or left and right with her rapier in hand. She tends to focus more on defense; blocking and parrying attacks instead of going into a full fledged assault on her target. This shows that a strong offense could overtake her easily.Bio:Jade (age twenty) was born in Ga-Koro to a Toa of Air and a Ga-Matoran. She was to be raised as a scholar and learn the history of Mata-Nui (the island and being) as well as other philosophical studies. But, a weird twist of fate took place in the young Matoran's life: she was kidnapped.A small group of Toa came and took the child away from her parents in the middle of the night. They took the girl to some of the islands near the Papa Nihu Reef and began training her to fight.Eighteen years later, the twenty year old Toa Jade kills the group that had controlled her for so long after hearing about how she had been kidnapped. Demanding answers, she soon found out who her parents were. With the group of Toa dead and knowledge of her parents now with her, the Toa of Electricity sets out for Ga-Koro.

Name: Ga'maleia Auldron

Race: MatoranElement: WaterGender: FemaleMask: Powerless Kanohi (like Matoran Hahli's)Appearance:Ga'maleia Auldron's features are very pretty, but not as beautiful as some of the Toa of Water that frequent Ga-Koro. The Matoran of Water's face is usually covered with make-up (not too much, mind you) and is always over her confident smile.Personality:Ga'maleia Auldron is known for being bold, strong, and independent. Whether running her business or simply how she walks down the street, Ga'maleia Auldron is no coward when it comes to life. She is known for sticking up for what she believes in and for defending the weak. The Matoran usually never gets emberrased or nervous and isn't shy or scared at all around any kind of being.Weapon(s): Small pocket-knifeFighting Style:Ga'maleia was taught some simple self-defense from her father as well as how to wield her pocket knife successfully and professionally. Ga'maleia can easily stand up to another Matoran, but can easily be overpowered by a larger being.Bio:Born into a family of a handful of Ga-Matoran, Gamelia Auldron (now age eighteen) grew up as the third youngest sister. As she grew up and went to school, she knew that she wanted to own a shop and not be apart of the dreary life of school.At the age of sixteen, she opened up her own shop near Naho Bay along the lily pad streets of Ga-Koro. It was soon a success and she began making a nice living off of the shop.Gamelia usually frequents different concerts around Le-Koro since she enjoys music so much herself. She is currently seeing a concert with a performer named Tarkis. Maybe she can learn some new lines for her own singing or perhaps some licks for her ukelele playing...

Name: Mef

Race: MatoranElement: EarthGender: MaleKanohi: Powerless Kanohi (shaped like Toa Onua's Kanohi)Appearance:Mef's appearance is overall rugged and worn looking. His skin looks worn and almost wind blown as if he never took care of himself in his life. The Matoran's face isn't handsome by any means-the only thing attractive about Mef is his muscled features. Mef is also missing his right arm; a long, wooden peg replacing his arm.Mef usually wears a black, torn overcoat which lies on top of a dark brown tunic and dark brown pants. He also wears a pair of black boots and dark brown gloves. All of his apparrel are greatly worn and in need of replacement.Personality:The Matoran of earth is usually quiet and in the shadows than right up front and being loud. Mef is known to sit back and let the world and it's people run their course while he runs his own course. Mef is known to be a swindler and a thief, but he isn't an overall evil being.Weapon(s): A small saber (sheathed at the Matoran's right hip), a crossbow (strapped to the left side of his wooden arm), a quiver that holds up to eight arrows (strung across his right shoulder), and a machete (strapped to the left side of his right boot).On the left side of Mef's leg, Mef has sevaral attachments that fit the end of his wooden arm. Among these, are a spiked ball and chain, spear tip, and a torch.On the Matoran's belt are three throwing knives, a bottle of paralyzing venom (taken from a certain type of serpent found in the Le-Wahi jungles), a bolas, and four caltrops (which drop up to twenty-five razor sharp spikes).Fighting Style:Mef's fighting style is much like that of a gladitorial warrior; brutal, strong, and mainly on the offense. But, the Matoran does provide a healthy dose of defense into his diet of fighting. The Matoran of earth is known for charging straight at his target (big or small) and trying to take it out with his first strike. Mef can, however, still fight after hours of dueling. Because Mef is missing an arm, his right side is weaker which may leave him prone to larger attacks.Biography:Mef (age forty-four) was born in Onu-Koro to an Onu-Matoran and a Ga-Matoran. The Matoran of earth was raised in a family of wealth and prosperity. He had the best teachers, the best house, the best toys, the best Rahi, the best everything. It pleased Mef greatly, but not all were happy about his family's wealth.A group of Skakdi didn't like the idea of simple Matoran having so much wealth. At first, simple threats of an attack came from a local group of Skakdi and Toa, but it was more talk than anything. But, soon, windows were being broken, carts were being overturned, and (soon) one of the sheds that held their merchandise was on fire.The "small threats" turned into powerful actions.Mef and his family weren't going to stand by idlely, though.Brandishing sword and spear, Mef, his father, and co-workers all set out with members of the Onu-Koro guard to find the Skakdi. And they did find them, along with an army's worth of warriors.The group of Matoran didn't stand a chance. All were slaughtered, but Mef was able to get away-but at a price. The Matoran of earth lost his right arm in the process. Mef was able to make it to a nearby island where he simply passed out due to the loss of blood.Four years later (at the age of twenty-two) Mef finally wakes up. He was in Po-Koro in a hospital of some sort. His arm was replaced and his health was back. When the Matoran woke up from his coma, one word was one his mind: revenge. Mef would seek after this for the rest of his life.Now, Mef has lost the trail of the Skakdi that murdered his friends and family and has settled for working odd jobs around the island. He is now currently in Ta-Koro, looking for work.

Name: Tairel

Race: ToaElement: FireGender: MaleKanohi: Mask of HealingAppearance:Tairel's overall features are strikingly handsome. He's no Le-Toa hotshot, but he still looks decent enough. His overall frame is somewhat muscled, but not nearly enough. The Toa's face is usually in a serious expression; a side effect of his past.As for the doctor's clothes, he tends to wear a dark brown tunic with matching pants and boots. When working, he usually has a white apron and gloves on as well. He also has a sheath which stretches from his left hip down to behind his right kneecap.Personality:Tairel used to be a fun loving, happy Toa of Fire. But, recently, the Toa has changed into an angry and somewhat bitter being. He easily snaps at other beings and always appears to be upset. Tairel tends to hold grudges against others and is always in a grumpy state of mind.Weapon(s): Decorative sword sheathed at his left hip.Fighting Style:Tairel is a bit out of practice when it comes to fighting, so he can be overpowered easily. But, the Toa is all about defense. He would rather entice the enemy to him where he can hit the being with many of his homemade traps. Because of this, a being that can get past his traps and elemental powers can easily over take the Toa of fire.Biography:Tairel (age twenty-five) was born in Ta-Koro. The Toa of fire grew up as a disobedient and rebellious being-quickly running away from home and joining a group of friends that were leaving for Le-Wahi. The band of Toa became a gang of fighters that stopped and robbed those who crossed their paths. Soon, the group was more then petty thieves and more like trained assasins and murderers.Tairel was a bit hesitant when it came to this life, but he joined the group in their escapades of death and violence. But, after years of this, Tairel had enough violence and enough killing. He swore off killing and left for Ga-Koro where he soon met a Turaga; a doctor there. He taught Tairel how to heal others and be more helpful when it came to being with other beings.Soon, Tairel was as good of a healer as most of the doctors around Ga-Koro. The Toa of fire set out for Ta-Koro, leaving the Turaga and taking a beautiful sword that the elder had given him.The Ta-Toa soon had a job at a local hospital where he experienced life and death of friends and strangers. He was able to heal many, but the hospital was soon destroyed along with most of his friends.Tairel is now rebuilding the hospital, the idea of revenge often on his mind...

Name: Ledzel

Race: ToaElement: StoneAppearance:Ledzel wears a brown trench coat with a brown cape over the back of the coat. He wears a brown hat with a blue Gukko bird feather sticking out of the top of it. He also wears white pants with armor covering most of the material as well as armor over his chest and back. This armor is hidden underneath the large coat. The Toa of Stone also wears grey armor over his arms and shoulders.Personality:Ledzel is known for his caring behavior toward his allies. He'd gladly give his life if it means saving one of his friends. Ledzel is also known for being very wise for someone of such young age. The Toa of Stone is, as well, a very happy being (even during battle), but he does not have an energetic type of attittude. Instead, it is more of a wiser sense of joy. He tries to hide the pain of losing his parents and the anger he feels toward the Skakdi.Mask: Mask of Water BreathingFighting Style:Ledzel uses a type of slow but powerful attacks, but mainly counters attacks. He searches for a weak point in his opponent then attacks it slowly but powerful enough to down him or her. The problem with this is that his opponnent can simply over power him before the Toa of Stone can know where to attack.Weapon(s):Cutlas (sheathed at his left hip), Kanoka disk launcher (hung on his back next to a pouch of four Kanoka disks), and two throwing knives (on belt concealed by coat)Biography:Ledzel is a twenty-four year old Toa of Stone. He was born in a boat in Naho Bay. Ever since then, he was raised on the waters.When he was the age of fourteen, he knew all about boats; how to sail, how to pilot one, and other much needed information.When he turned sixteen his parents were killed in a ship wreck. Although the evidence showed it was merely an accident; Ledzel believes it to be a murder by his families long time enemies: The Skakdi clan Gavan.Since then, Ledzel has lived on the Kumu Islets saving his trinkets to buy a ship and hire a crew. He hopes to become a captain and gain much needed experience on the waves before confronting the clan Gavan. He has considered pillaging the followers of Makuta's ships and towns, but has not yet decided what he will do for sure.Before Ledzel could buy his own boat, he found a Matoran being robbed as well as a Toa being forced to give up his things. The Toa did, but used his electrical energies to shock the Skakdi robber and scare him off. Soon, Ledzel became friends with the two and was offered to help onboard their own ship. Ledzel accepted and they were on their way.Soon, the Toa of Stone arrived at the ship that would take the new beings and others to Le-Wahi to start their own village. Ledzel decided to join them; thinking maybe he could get some practice on the seas.But, they were soon on land again, and Ledzel created a large boulder covering for their ship. This greatly drained his elemental poewrs; making him weak.After a short trek into the jungle, the group encountered a large horde of spiders; each one intent on killing them. Ledzel, again, created a large hollow boulder to shield him and a few of the others. This, pretty much, drained the Toa completely; causing him to be very weak. The battle was soon won (with Ledzel out of two Kanoka disks). The group inspected the corpses to find out that thye were Rahi tainted by Makuta.The group continues to walk on until they find a good place to rest. Ledzel simply passes out on the jungle floor; board carried by the leader of the squad. But, he was soon awoken by the Toa of Electricity; who was using his powers to wake up another one of the beings in the squad after he fell into a deep sleep.Alfon was the name of the Toa of Electricity. Ledzel and him became great friends; joking back and forth during most of their "conversations." The two soon set out for the shore for Ledzel to absorb more stones, but Mahdrik (the leader of the group) called them back.After Alfon gave him a small pebble to absorb, and finding a large rock, Ledzel began crafting a temporary two story building. It was successful, but made the Toa to not be able to use his elemental energies for a while as they charged toward their normal state. Ledzel and the other beings stayed the night inside this house and later left the next day after having breakfast from a Rahi that was killed in the electric wires that Alfon had set up.Soon, the group were attacked by more Rahi and the leader of the group was infected by Makuta. During a skirmish, Ledzel was hit in the side by one of his companion's ice shards and his elemental energies were now completely drained. The skirmish ended with the Mask being removed off of Mahdrik and Ledzel being given a Volo Sphere.The group continued on to Lake Pala where they came across a small castle. The caretaker of the house attacked them after Alfon kicked down the doors, but they later decided to have peace with each other.

Name: Alissita

Race: MatoranElement: ElectricityGender: FemaleKanohi: Powerless Kanohi (like Toa Nokama's)Appearance:Alissita's overall appearance is very cute and attractive (more in the sense of a cute school girl than a woman). Her eyes are somewhat large which gives her a cute look and her mouth is always in a smile. The rest of her body is fairly small, showing she's still a bit of a kid.Alissita usually wears a pair of black high heels (which she may take off due to the lily pad streets), black transparent leggings (that go up to a bit above the knee), a dark blue skirt (that reaches halfway up her thigh), a dark blue,short-sleeved shirt that sticks close to her body (the sleeves go to just below her armpit), a small, black tie around her neck, and a small ribbon in the back of her hair.Personality:Alissita is known for being extremely nice and caring for those around her. If there's a Takea shark that is sick, she'll gladly nurse it back to health. Alissita also likes to work and do a great job at her work. She loves to excel in what she does and she loves working hard for and toward her goals.Weapon(s):None. Alissita doesn't believe in fighting.Fighting Style:None, which would allow her to easily be overtaken. Alissita won't even dodge attacks if she is attacked.Biography:Alissita (age 16) was born to a Ga-Matoran and Po-Matoran who lived in Ga-Koro. The two raised Alissita in a decent household (not exactly a poor family, but not rich by any means). The two taught Alissita that fighting is one of the cruelest things anyone could do, and that it is better to help others than to fight. Because of this, the young girl formed a natural tendency to be kind and caring.One day, Alissita's parents became ill with a strange disease that did not affect Alissita. The two were admitted into the nearby hospital and (at the age of thirteen) Alissita began working to pay for the two's bills. She began helping out at the hospital and at other odd jobs finding a great love for nursing and secretarial work.Now, at the age of sixteen, Alissita still works, waiting for the day her parents will wake from their comas and return to her.

Name: De-zevrie Ayevarie

Race: ToaElement: FireGender: FemaleKanohi: Kanohi Sanok: the Mask of AccuracyAppearance:De-zevrie's overall body appearance is known to be extremely attractive; her face being the peak of her body. Although usually in a mischievous grin, beauty can easily be detected in the T oa's face (if not even more-so due to the expression). On either side of De-zevrie's head, she has two, red pigtails that display her mask greatly. The rest of her hair is a light blonde color that reaches down to the base of her neck.As for De-zevrie's clothing, the Toa of fire usually wears the following outfit: Dark green, heeled boots (these reach up to just under her knee; the material there being durable enough to protect her legs, but also to allow bending), a silve colored (on each piece, the drawing of a red flame surrounded by a green background has been painted. On the inside of both pieces of armor is written "if found return to de-zevrie") armor on either thigh (these simply rest directly on the skin, the main armor facing toward the right side of the right thigh and vice versa; a buckle that keeps the armor in place is all that protects the opposite side of her thigh), dark red, short shorts, and dark green gloves (these reach up to just before her elbow; like the boots, the material allows smooth movement when she bends her arms. The colors on the fingers are dark red where as the hand area and forearm are dark green). De-zevrie's dark red torso piece is much like a corset, but that straps over each clavicles (just over her under wear). The Toa's abdominal area is exposed in a ^ shape as the corset comes down and reaches her shorts on either side of her abdominal area. At her chest area, part of her underwear (dark red as well) is exposed here as well as a good portion of her chest, giving her more of a bar maiden appearance or attractive clown than a fighter.Personality:Much like her element, De-zevrie is known to have a very fiery personality whereas she tends to act very energetic as well as sarcastic and flirty at all times (no matter who she is talking to or what she is doing). The Toa isn't your hero to save the day by any means, but more like a trained thief, fighter, and gymnast. Playing the hero has never sounded attractive to the Toa of fire.Also, due to her background at circuses and entertaining others, the Toa is known to have a very fan service attitude whether it go hand in hand with her fiery personality, or whether it be how she talks, acts, or dresses. Sometimes her tone and accent may change depending on who she is talking to or where she is.Weapon(s):One, large sledge hammer (this is strapped to the back of the corset, two hooks being sown into the corset to hold the hammer. The hammer itself is made up of a wooden handle that is one yard lengthwise and one inch thick. The head (which is one foot and one half long and six inches tall. It is also four inches thick) is composed of stone covered in iron. The iron has plenty of spikes on either end (arranged in a bulls-eye effect with the center spikes being longer than the outer spikes) as well as one large spike on the top; perfect for stabbing and swinging).Fighting Style:De-zevrie's fighting style is composed of fast and offensive attacks using gymnastics and acrobatic feats. The Toa usually dodges most attacks using flips or other manuevers with her body. When she attacks, it is swift and precise (especially since she is using a Mask of Accuracy). The Toa will either strike with her hammer or use bursts of fire to hit her mark. The weakness to this, is that after a while of fighting, she can easily tire and become weak; leaving her open to attack.Biography:De-zevrie (age twenty-one) was born to a Le-Toa and Ta-Toa. Unlike most Toa, these two had the strange livelihood as acrobats and gymnastics; running a large circus around the island of Mata-Nui. It was here that the young girl learned gymnastics and other impressive feats alongisde her other syblings.At the age of four, De-zevrie walked the tight-rope perfectly for the first time, at age five she was backflipping through rings of fire, at the age of seven she could succesfully backflip off of a high-dive, throw a knife at a target forty-eight feet away, hit the target, and smoothly dive into a body of water. These feats only stacked more and more as she grew older.The appearance of the young Toa slowly grew more and more like a type of female clown, but still retaining a decent dose of normality. The Toa dyed the ends of her hair red, wore tight fitting corsets and other odd clothes as a fashion, and tended to be very fast and energetic. The crowd loved everything about her.But, the Toa desired more than the affection of her fans. She wanted the thrill of doing something that the average person couldn't do (aside from gymnastics). De-zevrie began escaping the large "circus" at night and stealing bula berries from nearby orchards; succesfully getting past different fences and guards. Stealing was a way that she could think. As she began to steal, the targets began to get larger and larger. Soon, the Toa was stealing weapons, jewels, and other valuable items. One time, she even stole the mask off of a Turaga while he slept. As she did these things, she knew she had found her calling.Now, at the age of twenty-one, De-zevrie still performs in her family's circus, enjoying the thrill of stunts and the affection of the crowd, but she still goes out at night to pillage as much as possible. The hunger for stealing has yet to be satisfied, but the question is this: will her stomach (which is the desire to steal) ever become full?

Name: Tahvek Ayevarie

Race: ToaElement: FireGender: MaleKanohi: Kanohi Matatu: the Mask of TelekinesisAppearance:Tahvek's appearance usually consists of the following outfit: black boots that rise up to just under his knee, a pair of dark red pants that are tucked into the boots (on the pants are different designs woven in such as the initials of his children, a red flame with a dark green outline, and other designs), black gloves (with the design of the red flame surrounded by a dark green outline). For the clothing worn on his torso, Tahvek wears a sort of dark red over-coat over a sleeveless vest. On the back of the over coat is stitched "Ayevarie Circus" in dark green letters. Also on the coat are several pockets that hold different items for pranks, pouches for widgets, and even areas for weapons. The Toa's dark brown vest holds a small sundial that hangs from one of the open pockets. Tahvek also wears a dark red top hat on his head; his Kanohi fitting right under it perfectly. He also has dark red hair with dark green ends hanging out from the back of his head.As for the Toa's facial appearance, the Toa has a handsome face, but stress shows on his face with small wrinkles budding up here and there. A smile is usually on his face while performing, but behind the scenes a more worried look is sometimes on his face; quickly replaced by a fake smile.Personality:He is always smiling as he puts on shows and at home; always trying to make strangers and his family laugh. But, on the inside, he's always worried about something, which makes him unhappy as he tries to make others happy. He tries his best to hide this alter-ego from others, but his wife has always known about this "other self."Weapon(s):Just in case, the Toa of fire keeps a dagger stashed away inside of his coat. It is decpetively hidden among his other pranks and toys.Fighting Style:The Toa's fighting style is somewhat refined into a precise and sharp striker. He's all about defense; looking for the perfect oppurtunity to strike as he tries to wear his opponent out. Due to this, a fast and swift offense can take him down easily.Biography:Tahvek Ayevarie (age thirty-nine) was born into a mysterious family of Toa. Not much is known about the family, other than their formation of a Toa team, then their sudden disappearance. And, the odd thing about the team, is that they formed it with their own sons and daughters.One of the members was Tahvek. He acted as second in-command of the group, fighting Makuta alongside his comrades. But, as the group progressed, they were told to fight more beings than just servants of Makuta.Innocents and their blood was demanded by the mysterious Toa. The members had to oblige or face certain death. Hundreds were killed by the members, pleasing their peers, but dissatisfying themselves.When Tahvek was twenty, the leader of the group decided enough was enough and faced the mysterious Toa. The Toa and leader were never seen again.Now free of the bonds of the Toa, Tahvek left the group and married his comrade Qwui'lynn. The two soon began to start a family and also began trying to find work.During this time, Tahvek's mental diseases began to begin.Feelings of worry, doubt, and fear swept over the Toa in one violent attack; years of murdering had driven the Toa of fire to this state. Through healing methods and help from his wife, though, he was able to get almost completely better, but not entirely.In one last effort to try to combat the disease, the family decided to start something that would make them and others happy: a circus. The two were trained acrobats in their own way and could easily start a circus (except Qwui'lynnm, she was pregnant with De-zevarie at this time). But, either way, the circus was made.Now at the age of thirty-nine, Tahvek continues the circus with his family, acting mainly as a commentator for the crowd.

Name: Khijow

Race: ToaElement: CrystalGender: MaleKanohi: Kanohi Zatth: the Mask of SummoningAppearance:Kihjow is known for wearing very expensive and attractive clothes. Usually, the Toa wears black dress boots, black dress pants (a dark grey line running down the side of each pant leg), a white dress shirt (one chest pocket which usually holds a sundial or other object), a red tie that reaches down to the end of his sternum, and a black suit that goes over the dress shirt.The Toa's overall appearance is fairly average size with no muscles or signs of stress on his body. Kihjow's facial appearance is fairly ugly for a being his age (his nose being extremely long, his eyes being too close together, and many other details that make him look down-right ugly).Personality:Kihjow is a very selfish and greedy being. Widgets, fun times, and girls are all that the Toa is worried about. And looks. The Toa believes himself to be one of the best looking Toa around (even when he is one of the worst looking ones). He is always trying to take care of his body, but is hesitant to take care of others. The Toa isn't completely cruel, though. At times, he is known to be very generous and nice to certain beings. Pride actually takes a smaller step forward in his life than in most other beings's lives.Weapon(s):None.Fighting Style:Kihjow has no clue how to fight. He can easily be defeated.Biography:Kihjow (age thirty-one) was born to a poor Ta-Matoran and a Matoran of crystal. Kihjow was raised on the Matoran's farm where he learned how to work hard and make a living. But, one day, the Matoran was kidnapped and brought away over night. The next morning, the Matoran returned, but as a Toa of Crystal. Not even Kihjow knew what happened to him, but he didn't care much at this point.Quickly, the Toa made use of his new powers and began selling crystalline formations he would create for top dollar. Soon, he was rolling in widgets. But, this newfound power was more than the Toa could handle.His parents wanted a small portion of the widgets, but they were soon denied. Kihjow left the two Matoran to die as he made his way to Ga-Koro. He erected a mansion in his own honor and began to live there. He never looked back to his past after this situation.Now, Toa Kihjow is still living in Ga-Koro, and he's ready to expand his business in whatever way he can.

Name: Amalod

Race: ToaElement: WaterGender: FemaleMask: Kanohi Zatth, Mask of SummoningAppearance:Amalod's normal appearance is a blue and white dress that goes from just below her neck and over her shoulders down to a little bit above her knees. The sleeves are also a few inches above the elbow. With this dress she also wears black high heels with transparent black leggings.When she's in places such as Ko-Wahi, she dresses in a dark grey parka and dark grey pants. She also wears dark tan boots that go four inches above her ankle. The Toa also wears dark tan gloves over her hands.As for her face, she is a pretty Toa. Not the most beautiful one on the island, but she has a quality that just makes her a pretty Toa to look at and be with. Her eyes are a light blue and her smiles always brighten up any occassion.Personality:Amalod is quick to be embarrased and is fascinated with the small things in life as well as the big things. She is always excited about new things and people and is happy to help. The Toa is a bit shy, but she quickly breaks out of this shell.Weapon(s): NoneFighting Style: Amalod doesn't know how to fight, so her fighting style would be random slaps or punches. An easy opponent to take out.Bio:Amalod awoke on a raft off of the coast of Mata-Nui. All she had were the clothes on her back and a telescope. She was eager to put these things to good use once she landed on the island, seeking out a Matoran scholar and his "friend." She journeyed with them from Ga-Wahi to Ko-Wahi where she joined the academy that was there.But, now no one is there but her and she journeys away; sad and depressed. As she walks she bumps into Esao. A small conversation follows their meeting.

Name: Gahree

Race: MatoranElement: WaterGender: MaleKanohi: NoneAppearance:Gahree's overall appearance is very weak and small-there is no fat or muscles on the surface of the Matoran's body. His face has a pushed in aspect, giving him an odd look. He wears a pair of large, round glasses in front of his eyes (he doesn't wear a mask over his face). The Matoran also has a bowl-cut of brown hair with the bangs being just above his eyebrows. His skin is also very pale from living in the cold climate of Ko-Koro.As for the Matoran's clothing apparel, he usually wears simple suits and dress clothes, but he is currently wearing dark tan boots (which reach up to just above his ankle), dark tan shorts, a white undershirt, dark tan gloves (these go up to his wrist), and a tall, rounded hat that blocks the sun from his eyes.Personality:Gahree is very quiet and doesn't say much. He is known for being one of the best business-beings on the island and his words are known for bringing great profit to most people. The Matoran is insanely shy around all people, but will always speak his mind around business partners or rivals. The Matoran also has a very kind side to him, but (because of his shyness) he doesn't express it often.Weapon(s):A machete (strapped to his right ankle)Fighting Style:Gahree's fighting style is usually a few random hacks and stabs. The Matoran doesn't know how to fight that well, but he can wield his machete somewhat.Biography:Gahree (age twenty-three) was born in Ga-Koro to a male and female Ga-Matoran. The two were involved in a freak accident and passed away when the Matoran was about two years old. The Matoran was put in a nearby orphanage and spent the next fifteen years there.As a young adult, the Matoran was adopted to a rich family from Ko-Koro and brought back to the village of ice to live in their rich life-style.In Ga-Koro, the Matoran had learned many business techniques and different types of mathematics. Now in a rich family, his studies continued. He began learning how run a business and soon had his own business of making and selling crystals.Now at the age of twenty-three, Gahree seeks to expand his business to other aspects of work in the stone village of Po-Koro.


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Name: IamoGender: MSpecies: Ta-MatoranAlignment: Lawful GoodAppearance: Red mask and limbs with an orange body. He is about the same size as any other Matoran.Mask: Red, powerless PakariWeapon: A blade.Powers: Iamo has no elemental powers, but is skilled with a blade.Personality: Iamo is brave, but not necessarily strong. He will stubbornly go toe to toe with foes much larger than he is. He doesn’t think things through, and often has to rely on running away to get him out of tight spots that he has unintentionally put himself in.Biography: Iamo lived for years in the heat of Ta-Koro, but always wanted something more in life. He has decided recently that Ta-Koro is not the place where he can find it. He is currently trying to live in other villages hoping he can find a new home and a more interesting life.Weakness: He is stubborn and does not think all his actions through.

PSN ID: darthlego
Gamertag: SPARTAN J46
Steam name: jumpy46

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  • [*]Name: Tromos[*]Species: Toa[*]Gender: Male[*]Element: Fire[*]Description: A rather nervous Toa of Fire, Tromos is of average height and looks like most other Toa, except for the rather nasty spines that run up and down his body. His dark red and silver armour is coated with delicately painted flames, done by a Matoran he saved from the jaws of a large Rahi. His Kakama is also decorated with intricate flames and his armour is much lighter than most.[*]Abilities/Weapons: Tromos is a fast fighter, keeping people at range with his almost stupidly long spear and trying to block with his shield. As well as most normal fire-related abilities, Tromos has a strange immunity to fear attacks, but other emotions such as shame and doubt will still bother him.[*]Weaknesses: Being a fast fighter, Tromos is rather light-weight and can be thrown around easily. He struggles in small spaces and he lacks the strength to fight off large blows and numerous enemies.[*]Personality: Tromos naturally worries about everything, but finds that when something needs to be done, it's best to just go and do it. He doesn't like to mess around, as this leaves more space for error. Any mistake he makes plays on his mind. Tromos is also rather forgetful and can easily be confused.[*]Alignment: Good.[*]Bio: Tromos woke up in the middle of nowhere, lost in a desert. The heat of the sun beating down on him and having little memory of where he came from confused him, so he wandered aimlessly until he found Ta-Wahi until he found himself something to do. And that first something was to save a Matoran from a rampaging, apparently rather hungry Rahi. After spending some time with the Matoran, he was convinced that he ought to try and do some good. Or something. He wasn't sure.[*]Speaks in: Red

  • [*]Name: Teekay[*]Species: Some sort of mutated Bohrok thing that also happens to be sentient. Although he just calls himself a Vahrga.[*]Gender: Probably male. Teekay doesn't really understand genders.[*]Element: Electricity[*]Description: Standing at the height of an average Toa, Teekay resembles a cross between a Bohrok, a Toa and some sort of dinosaur. Large claws extend from where his shields attach to his wrists, and he now has real jaws with which to bit things, instead of two pointless canines sticking out of his face. He also wears heavy armour and has a long tail, which is tipped with a large spike.[*]Abilities/Weapons: Apart from speech, enhanced senses and the ability to teleport (rather) short distances, Teekay lacks many abilities. He also finds it impossible to use weapons, and every-day items confuse him. When he's angry, he can spit balls of lightning and produce basic electricity shields. Somehow, Teekay is quite good at swimming.[*]Weaknesses: Being some sort of Bohrok, Teekay doesn't understand emotion or much else to do with other beings, and is very easily confused. Telepathy is an easy way to mess with Teekay's head, as are simple paradoxes and anything magnetic.[*]Personality: Teekay lacks most emotions and is slowly building up a personality. He likes Ga-Matoran though, and he doesn't know why.[*]Alignment: Good, unless someone angers him.[*]Bio: Teekay appeared in a small, abandoned mineshaft, covered in a gooey, silvery substance. After taking a bath in a nearby pool of water, he was scared off by some mining equipment. No one saw Teekay until he appeared again several months later in Ta-Wahi, having gotten lost in the huge maze of tunnels of Onu-Wahi, but again he was scared off by various Matoran holding mining equipment. But Teekay didn't disappear for long, and has been spotted wandering around Ta-Wahi on dark nights.[*]Speaks in: Navy Blue

(I'll wait for you to approve Teekay before using him)

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Name: TapuonSpecies: Av-MatoranGender: MaleWeapons: Specialises in blades, 2 short swords and a small knife. Also carries a disk.Alignment: Self, usually good, but will do pretty much anything if it benefits him in the long run.Appearance: White armour, but with an orange Great Kanohi Pakari (powerless) and also orange armour in places. History: Tapuon has no idea he is an Av-Matoran, and wants to find where he truly belongs, long since resigned to the fact that he was no Ko-Matoran. Tapuon tends not to risk himself for others, and occasionally shows signs of guilt for others he may have left behind in dangerous situations. Tapuon was originally found frozen in the Ko-Wahi drifts, but after a short term staying in Ko-Koro, he traveled south into the jungle, and became lost.Personality: At first can come across as friendly, but has a blunt outlook on life, and often shows bitterness to people making decisions he disagrees with.

- Taipu1.


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Name: ArdokuSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: PlasmaKanohi: Kanohi HauPowers and Weapons: He posesses the ability to control plasma to an extent. He has two twin-pickaxes forweapons, and a razor-knife as a second option. He also posesses great agility and strenght.Alignment: One of the good guys.Personality and History: He barely remembers his past, but what he does know is that some one did something terrible to him, something so injust, revenge is the only option. Only problem is he can't remember what it was or who did it.He very self-certain, always believes that if someone else can do it, then so can he him self. This leads him to being reckless, and believing that no one can outsmart him or fool him. Thus, he is also gullibleAppearance: Tall, orange/white armor, His mask is white, his eyes and heartlight are light blue. He wears light armor, and his body structure is slender.Weaknesses: Gullible and too self-certain.That is how Ardoku was, the following profile is what he's become:-Name: Toa Ardoku-Species: Toa-Gender: Male-Element: Plasma-Kanohi: Kanohi Hau-Powers and Weapons: He posesses the ability to control plasma to a great extent. He has a large, durable great-sword for a weapon, two twin-pickaxes for a second option, and a razor-knife as a third. He also posesses great agility and strenght, and his skills with his sword is truly to be feared...-Alignment: Lawful-Good.-Personality and History: He barely remembers his past, but what he does know is that some one did something terrible to him, something so injust, revenge is the only option. Only problem is he can't remember what it was or who did it. But now he does._ One chance meeting at a bar turned into a key to survival for Ardoku, as later that day he would cross the desert, only to meet the "some one". He managed to keep his cool, but had a plasma-bolt ready just incase. He then decided to slowly discharge the plasma, only for it to result in a powerful explotion, wounding and throwing Ardoku high into the air. In that very moment, his life would change for ever._ Only by chance, but arguably by fate, he hit a rift in space. He traveled through that very rift, and ended up in a white bed in a white room. There, a large journey through a distant realm would begin, one that would shape this toa to become something far more than he'd ever dreamt of becoming... and now he's back. -Through this journey, he learnt to be patient, and to think situations through. He also learnt to react quickly in harsh situations. His most valuable lesson, was to never under-estimate his opponent, and he never would again. He is wiser, and his temper is hard to heat.-Appearance: Tall, orange/white armor, His mask is white, his eyes and heartlight are light blue. He wore light armor, and his body structure was slender. He's come far since, he is now more muscular, his armor still light, but stronger, and harder to pierce.-Weaknesses: Through his journeys in the other realm, he has encountered many opponents, and received many wounds. One such affected his left leg, meaning he is slower on foot than before, but not to a too great extent... He is also un-informed of recent happenings, and as such might not be aware of certain... situations.----------------------------------------------------Name: TirokkSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: IronKanohi: Kanohi KakamaPowers and Weapons: Control over the element iron. His armor is super thick, and by thick, I mean seemingly unbreakable... at least against everything the toa couldthrow at him. The armor he posesses is a result of years of concentration, gathering more and more armor, while at the same time exercising to keep up with the immense weight of it. How ever, due to the weight, he is unable to move fast, instead he moves slowly, hulking onwards.He makes up for this slowness, how ever, by wearing Kanohi Kakama, the mask of speed. This allows him to use his bulk and his speed to ram into his enemies.Alignment: One of the good guys.Personality and History: Originally a worker at ussal stalls , he soon began to explore other possibilities of life. This soon lead him to meet a group of matoran, who were seeking for mysterious crystals, rumored to possess the ability to turn matorans into toa. They found the crystals, which in turn worked. The group formed a new toa team... although now he is the only one left of themAfter the tragic event which robbed his teammates lives, he went into a short-lived isolation, to clear his thoughts. Soon after, he went back to Onu-koro to defend it from possible threats. While there, he used his time to strenghten his armor through use of his powers. After a long while, he gained the thick armor he possesses now.He is thoughtful, although the incident made him quick tempered, impatient and seemingly coldhearted. He still has the spirit of adventure within him and still possesses a good sense of humor, at times shedding his emotional shell to join his friends in jokes and other fun.Appearance: Big and bulky due to his armor. Armor is dark-metal colored. His eyes and heartlight (which is hidden by the armor) are orange.Weaknesses: Too slow reaction time when under attack. Also, without the kakama, he is nearly incapable of being on the offensive. Instead, he'll only be capable of being on the defensive, disabling him from the fight. A good strategy is thus to target his mask.--------------------------------------------------------Name: Unknown, simply called "The Shade"Species: -Unknown-Gender: -Unknown-Element: Seems to be pure darknessKanohi: He uses a strange kanohi, seemingly giving him great speed and agility.Powers and Weapons: Few have lived to tell of this beings immense power, but it seems to be capable of bending darkness in any way it needs, or wants. It also posesses a speed maching the kakama, but it is unknown weather it is because of the mask it wears or not. It also posesses great agility.Weapons in his posession are many hidden daggers, two swords and small elemental grenades (Which he rarely uses because of their rairity).Alignment: The words "Pure Evil" don't come close to describing how evil this being truly is.Personality and History: Absoluetly nothing is known about this being, where it came from, what it wants, but it's intents are clearly of great evil. This being appeared a long time ago, around the time of the Toa Mata's dissappearance into Mangaia. It terrorized everyone, destroying and killing at seemingly random, it was as if it was unstoppable. But then it disappeared. It is known this being has a connection with the death of Tirokk's team, but how is unknown. As few have ever met this being and survived, the only thing known of it's personality is clear knowledge of it's superiority.Appearance: Completely black, no signs of eye color, a slender yet strong appearance, humanoid, about one half taller than the average Toa. When not wearing his black cloak, which he always uses when in the sun, it is as if his whole body is flaming with black fire, like darkness leaking from his body.Disguises: He used to wear a gauntlet with the power of illusion, which he used to disguise him/her self like a male Toa, completely black, clad in white armor and with red eyes, wearing a white Miru, called Dackelus, or a female Toa of Fire, wearing a Great Rau, called Shadrii.Weaknesses: He is extremely vulnerable to immense light, almost never showing up when the sun is high, except when wearing his black cloak. A sound strategy, when in the sun, is to target his cloak, and somehow remove it, thus weakening him. If not in the sun... simply run.--------------------------------------------------------Name: OnakuSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: EarthKanohi: Kanohi PakariPowers and Weapons: His control over his element is as good as it could possibly get for any Toa. His weapon is a Protosteel double-blade Axe. How ever, due to him having been frozen on the top of Mount Ihu for more than a century, his systems are completely frozen, sevearly nerfing all of his abilities. He was once among the greatest of fighters, now he is little more than a frozen memory. (Note: If immense heat is bestowed upon him, his core is thawed for a small time, strengthening his abilities.)Alignment: Lawful GoodPersonality and History: He was originally lead a band of Matoran in search for strange stones rumored to have the power to transform Matorans to Toa. The rumors turned out to be true, and they were all turned into something only found in their wildest dreams. Soon after these new Toa formed a team, Onaku left them, preferring to live in solitude. He traveled the whole island, saving countless lives and bringing order to chaos. This did not last long, the Toa disappeared into the mountains of Ko-wahi, never to be heard from again. Recently, strange seismic activities caused chunks of ice to fall from the mountain, down to the wahi below. And Onaku awakens.Always preferring solitude over companionship, he has never developed good social skills, turning out to be akward around others. Another notable thing is his unbreakable sense of justice and order, wanting to right the wrongs in the merciless world around him. He has gone great length to bring rightiousness, hunting down The Shade for almost ten years, that unfortunately leading him to his frozen imprisonment.Appearance: For a toa, he is EXTREMELY tall. He posesses a big muscular structure, his armor is smooth and silver. His main bodycolor is pitch black, complimented by boltgunmetal. His eyes are bright green, he wears a black, shredded cloak, with his axe ready under it, on his back.Weaknesses: Due to him having been frozen on the top of Mount-Ihu for more than a century, his systems are almost completely frozen, leaving his skills nerfed to a dangerously low level. -----------------------------------------------------------Name: EvryaSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleElement: WaterKanohi: Kadin, mask of flightPowers and Weapons: Meager strenght, but adds up to it with exelent agility, speed and control over her element. Has a thin proto-steel longsword. Alignment: Strongly against MakutaPersonality and History: As a young matoran, she used to help her parents on the fishing market. This innocent existance ended abruptly one day when the boat her parents were on was sunk by one of the corrupted creatures of the island, as if it had been targeted by the tarakava. She has despised the "Dark Tyrant" ever since.She was fishing with a friend one day, when a strange capsule, floating adrift on the sea, hit her boat. She picked it up to see what could possibly be inside. It was a toa-stone, which she, of course, used, thus becoming a toa, and finally coming one step closer to destroying the wreched being that Makuta was. She has recently been in Po-wahi bay, dealing with a tarakava problem there. So far she has been doing a great job...When describing her personality, one must also take in account her past, as the swift removal of her parents from her life had drastic effects on her. Impulsive but good hearted, not hot-headed, wise, but sometimes doesn't listen to that wisdom...Appearance: A slender bodystructure, primary colours are Light blue while the compimentary color is sky blue. Bright-yellow eyes. Her light armor is bright-silver in color. Weaknesses: Has a regular weakness to extreme heat and drought. She is also quite impulsive, leading to dangerous moments where her life is well at stake. ------------------------------------------------------------Name: Entrix-Species: Toa-Gender: Male-Element: Air-Kanohi: Kadin, mask of flight-Powers and Weapons: Basic control over his element, very acrobatic and agile, quick in movement, strength is not great, but not weak either. He carries a bo staff made of the strongest wood available.-Alignment: Resents Makuta to an extent, but doesn't really think about it.-Personality and History: Where this toa comes from is quite a mystery, but according to him, he's been traveling the island for years in search for fortune. Not much more is known about him, but there is probably something more to him than meets the eye.- He is cheerful, but knows when to be serious... but not always, which can be a bad thing. He is not hot-headed, but very foolish at times, and sometimes shows no caution at all. He is true to his word, and will always strife to keep it. -Appearance: Tall, sleek, his armor is very light, colours are light green at base, leaf green armor and mask.-Weaknesses: Can be extremely foolish at times, doesn't always think situations through... quite gullable.

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Name: KironDescription: Slightly taller than the average Toa. Parts are similar to those of the Inika and Nuva sets. Main colours are red and black. His armour has many little scratches. He carries a scabbard designed specially for his Fire Scimitar. His mask is red. His eye-light is blue.Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of FirePowers and weapons: Control over the Element of Fire, carries a Fire Scimitar but not as curved as most scimitars, more like a curved sword. He wears the Kanohi Pehkui Mask of Diminishment. Alignment: Neutral GoodPersonality and history: Kiron has been a resident of the island of Mata Nui for as long as he can remember. He was a Lava Farmer when he was a Matoran. His weapon was obtained from a smelter from Ta-Koro. Although he is relatively new to being a Toa, he is a master of his powers. However, this may explain why he is very easy-going. He has a quick wit, loves making jokes, laughing at them, and is very cheerful. Also, his temper is very good and almost never explodes in rage. However, he can be very sensitive at insults. However, being a good helper even as a Matoran, nobody takes advantage of him. He can be a bit clueless and lost as he lives in his own world. However, he can be a bit annoying when talking too much or being extremely clueless. Owing to a dislike of physical activities, he has less stamina than most although his physique is good for sports and all.Weakness: His stamina is less than most Toa and his way of fighting requires use of his elemental power, and when blasting fire around, his aiming is only average. Being very good-natured and moralistic, he finds it difficult to deal with enemies mercilessly.Name: SulkuaDescription: Average height and build. His armour colours are primarily white and blue. The armour on his left arm looks very much in need of repair. When he started as a Toa, he had an encounter with an infected Kane-Ra, which slashed upon the armour on his left arm. Otherwise, he always keeps his armour well cleaned and maintained. His mask is light blue. His eye-light is ice-blue.Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of IcePowers and weapons: Control over the Element of Ice, carries a Blizzard Longsword. His mask is the Mask of Rahi Control.Alignment: Neutral GoodPersonality and history: Sulkua is an extremely anti-social Toa. Even when he was a Matoran Trapper, he always worked alone. Due to a lack of working with others, he has become extremely good at surviving on his own. He hates liars, but hates blusterers. He is very good at surviving in isolated places at a long time. He has little patience for liars and show-offs and has no qualms in shutting them up. Although he may seem like an " emo", he simply wants to be professional and focus on the job. He is not as anti-social as he seems as his experiences with his old Toa team has warmed his cold heart a little.Weakness: His attacks require a lot of his elemental energy and usually dodges attacks rather than parry them. He deals very accurate but less powerful than usual attacks. He does not work well in a team.Name: FeranDescription: Feran is not a local, so his body is the default Metru build, and of similar height. His armour is mostly orange, with some metallic grey areas. He is quite physically strong despite his average build. He has a small brand on his right arm, which reads "Prisoner 31415". He carries a pouch for his hammer trinket. His mask is a lighter orange than his body. His eye-light is light-green.Gender: MaleSpecies: Matoran of IronPowers and weapons: As Feran is a Matoran, he has no elemental control. He is physically hardier than most of the other Matoran. He wields a shortsword (Gladius). He recently discovered an old sword belonging to a Matoran who may know Feran's origins. His mask is the Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth, fashioned in the shape similiar to Pohatu's Kakama. As he is a Matoran, he has no control over the mask.Alignment: Neutral GoodPersonality and history: Feran is a skilled weapons maker. He came from one of the Southern Islands famed for its weapon-makers, second to only the Nynrahns. As a result of the danger posed by Iron Toa on Makuta, most were exterminated and the Fe-Matoran were put under close watch. This left the village defenceless and Dark Hunters, who were surveying the island for a long time under the BoMs instructions (this was before they were at war), raided the island for its precious metal ores and weapons of fine quality. Feran escaped, with only his mentors hammer and a Gladius Feran was working on. He bumped into a Dark Hunter in the forest outside the village, and he was knocked out.The next thing he knew was washing up on the shore of Ga-Wahi. His memories were gone, but they are still more coherent than most of the non-Mata-Nui locals. This may be a danger as he has memories of the past, and Makuta may view that as a threat. As a result his life on Mata-Nui is plagued with Rahi attacks. Piecing together his memories and speculations on how off-islanders have washed up on Mata Nui, he suspects the Makuta may have captured him, tortured and then spirited him to Mata-Nui for some unknown reason, thousands of yearslater. Now, he works in a small forge in Ta-Koro. He still keeps his hammer in a small pouch as a reminder of his life.He is a very knowledgeable Matoran, and sometimes seems more like a Turaga. He feels at ease around his equipment, and can work for days on end. He is easy-going and down-to earth, usually willing to tell the truth, whether it is hard to accept or not. He still has nightmares of his village getting destroyed, and occasional memories of torture.Weakness: Feran is a Matoran, so physically he is weaker than Toa, Vortixx or Skakdi. He is prone to thinking too much before making a move in battle.I hope this is right.

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Username: Nebula 2.0Name: GyrenSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic NeutralAppearance: Gyren has a thin physique that seems true to his lack of fighting skill or finesse. His body is teal with black on his forearms, chest, and legs. He stands at 5'7. Instead of donning armor and protective clothing, Gyren prefers to wear a long black scarf and an unbuttoned duster. He always seems to have a sly grin on his face. Gyren wears an Akaku, but has opted to remove the scope in favor of spectacles and a symmetrical mask.

However, when Gyren activates the Parakuka his appearance is dramatically changed. The young Toa becomes taller and more muscular. His body is covered head to toe in what seems to be black muscle fibers. When he moves, each one contracts or extends. A faint red light can be seen underneath this psuedo-bodysuit. The creature on his back grows larger and causes a slight hunch while small barbs erupt out of it. Gyren's limbs become slightly longer and the natural armor on his forearms and lower legs becomes smoother and streamlined. A helmet forms around Gyren's head. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a Rahkshi head, with the exception of the top half. Instead, a glass-like material seems to cover everything above his eyes. Nothing but darkness can be seen in it. This helmet can also collapse into the jawguard to reveal Gyren's face.

Powers: Parakuka .Weapons: Gyren doesn't have weapons currently.Personality: Gyren always seems to have a friendly disposition towards others. While he may oblivious to his surrondings, Gyren is incredibly intelligent. He's never seen without his notebook somewhere on his person.Biography: Gyren is a young toa who arrived on the island after the disappearance of the Toa Mata. He arrived by boat along with the waves of immigrants and settled down in Le-Koro. Despite his powers over elements, Gyren has instead devoted himself to studying organisms. He often brings parts of rahi back to his hut in Le-Koro for undisclosed reasons. However, Gyren prefers to travel around and observe the Skakdi and Vortixx that have arrived on this island.Weaknesses: Gyren is essentially defenceless without activating the Parakuka. However, even with the parasite active Gyren still can't take many hits. Due to the Parakuka, Gyren is barred from using his elemental and mask powers.

Name: RilanSpecies: Toa of PlasmaGender: MaleAlignment: True NeutralAppearance: Rilan is a tall, lanky Toa. He's dark red and black. Rilan wears a Great Huna that seems worn and old. His limbs are wrapped in old, brown bandages. Rilan is almost always seen wearing a purple robe. It appears to be made of silk and has a complex gold pattern weaved in to resemble waves.Powers: As a Ta-Toa, Rilan can create and control flames. However, he has not learned how to absorb flames.Weapons: Twin Machetes. The blades were made from large fangs and shaped to have a blunt back. The handles were made from the femurs of an Ash Bear and wrapped in leather. Small fangs dangle from straps at the end of each handle like keychains. Aside from looking cool, they work exactly like large knives should.Personality: Rilan's face always seems to be in a snarl. However, he manages to suppress most of his violent tendencies in order to deal with customers or neighbors. When talking about sewing, Rilan gets hot-blooded and passionate.Biography: Rilan served on a pirate ship after being kidnapped as a Matoran along with several others. Although the pirate captain offered to let him go at the next harbor once they had taken their valuables, Rilan stayed and served on the crew. He was particularly effective at boarding ships and torching them before escaping. His crewmates believed that he enjoyed his job a bit too much. Eventually, Rilan became bored with a life of Piracy and quit by stealing a lifeboat and setting the ship aflame. After several weeks at sea, Rilan found himself in Le-Koro. The ex-pirate set up a tailoring business there and has now dedicated his life to the art of weaving.Weakness: While Rilan is fast and strong, he lacks and long-range attacks. His flames areonly used for close-quarters combat, yet Rilan actually hates using them due to the constant risk of accidentally burning himself.Name: TekanSpecies: Parakuka-Infected Toa of Crystal.Gender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodAppearance: Tekan is primarily a light blue Toa. His armor is white but years of working in the mines have stained parts of it a light gray. He's thin from lack of nourishment and stands at the average 7 feet and 2 inches. Tekan wears a dirty, brown cloak and uses it to cover the small parasite on his back. A black eyepatch covers his right eye. Whenever he's not hiding his face under his cloak's hood Tekan seems to have a constant look of sadness on his face. He wears an inorganic Iden that has remained perfectly white. The Parakuka on his back is still rather young. It's small and pale and small traces of its exoskeleton seem to be emerging from its soft and slimy flesh. With the Parakuka activated, Tekan resembles some sort of cross between a Rahkshi and a Toa. His limbs seem to grow longer and his fingers become long and sharp. Spikes erupt from his elbows and knees and resemble crystals. The same crystalline spikes erupt out the Parakuka as well. Tekan's armor is warped and becomes smooth and streamlined. The Parakuka on his back grows long enough to reach the end of his spine. A natural helmet forms around his head, vaguely resembling a Rahkshi head. Three thin spikes flank the helmet on each side to form a crest. His pauldrons and upper chest armor become dark blue as well. Powers: As the Parakuka is attached to Tekan, he cannot use his mask or elemental powers. However, he can activate it to gain a temporary boost to his speed and strength. Weapons: Should he ever need to defend himself, Tekan wields a sword whip. It can be locked into a normal sword for storage. For longer range, the blade splits apart and reveals the whip hidden inside the core. Each blade segment on the lash resembles a arrowhead. Due to the uniqueness of this weapon, it requires a lot of maintenance and the inner mechanisms in the hilt are easy to break. Tekan also carries around a grappling claw hooked up to a spring-loaded launcher. The claw is made of three sharp blades arranged in a triangular position and attached to the launcher with chain. A small crank is attached to the side as it does not magically retract back into the launcher.Personality: Even without the Parakuka, Tekan is mistrusting of others due to past trauma. He purposefully tries to isolate himself from other for fear losing control while the Parakuka is active. However, Tekan's greatest desires are his longing for a companion. He's not ashamed to beg and seems to take slight comfort being around Rahi. Despite his attempts at isolation, Tekan is compelled to help others and falls victim to these instincts. When the Parakuka is activated, Tekan struggles to remain in control. He becomes far more aggressive and single-minded. The Parakuka is rather odd in that it seems more curious of the world and less interested in bringing death and destruction. It's comparable to a small child and seems to be unaware of its true purpose.Biography: This Toa hailed from a southern island full of natural resources. The inhabitants of this island were primarily Matoran with little to no technology. Other species eventually found this island and converted it into a port. They took advantage of the natives and eventually enslaved them. Tekan was born into slavery and sent to the mines as a small Matoran. There, he mined for crystals alongside other Matoran. Tekan knew nothing of the concept of a world above-ground and only found solace in his friend, another Matoran also born into slavery. A Turaga who had lived before the arrival of the new species raised Tekan and told him legends of the Toa who once protected the island. The miners were watched over by a sadistic Skakdi taskmaster. Just for fun, he would pit two miners against each other in a battle to the death or simply pick out a random worker and beat them to death. One faithful day, Tekan and his friend were picked to fight each other. The thought of killing his only friend kept him from fighting back and ended up costing him his right eye. Eventually, Tekan's will to live won out and he ended up killing his own friend. The taskmaster was impressed with him and had him forcibly turned into a Toa in order to harvest crystals more efficiently. Tekan used his newfound powers to murder the Skakdi and lead the miners above-ground. Some were hunted down while others such as himself stowed away on ships. Tekan was found and thrown off-board. His body eventually washed up on the shores of Ga-Wahi. A infantile Parakuka was drawn to the Toa and latched on to him. When he came to, Tekan awoke in the Charred Forest. He stood upon a pile of corpses belonging to the Ta-Koro Guard. As soon as he realized what had happened, the Toa transformed once more and entered Ta-Koro in search of help. He was attacked on sight, recognized as the creature that went on a rampage throughout the city. The infected Toa saw his own reflection and realized what he had become. Tekan fled to Le-Wahi in order to isolate himself from the world. Occasionally, however, Tekan will wander through the different regions in search of food and shelter.

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-Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns-

-Yet by the blade of Knights, mankind was given hope-

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Name:CryolithSpecies:Vortixx-Toa hybridGender:MalePower:IceWeapon:Shardgun(shotgun that fires shards of crystal)Alignment:NeutralPersonality:A charmer likes joking around (albeit his mildly dark sense of humor) however he has no recollection of his past therefore his social skills are quite poor.History:He doesn't quite have a history he only remembered what he was told. At first he was an ice toa and with his team he was about to finish off a powerful warlord, but his team failed and he sacrificed himself so his team could get away. Afterwards he was not killed but injured so he was put through some tests by said warlord. But the tests failed so he was thrown in a pool if liquid protodermis with a dead Vortixx soldier as the toa was no longer needed and the warlord wanted some amusement. But what emerged was the Vortixx alive and well, but on the inside was the toa's soul and some how he retained his abilities over ice. But he was then thrown out into the sea and beached on the Kumu Islets and awoke but with a horrible case of amnesia and forced to start againWeaknesses:Fire, plasma, and electricityAppearance:looks like teridax but without wings and red is substituted with a dark blue with blue colored eyes

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Name:KaruSpecies:MatoranMask: Red PakariColors: Red torso,feet, hands, and masks with orange legs, arms, and eyesElement:FireTools:Disc and cutting bladePersonality:Kind hearted matoran who doesnt like his village of To Wahi and wishes to move to the peaceful village Ga WahiFriends/allies:Zuli(Ga Matoran)Weakness:Since he is different than most fire matoran for knowing how to swim and thinking the beach is a more suitable home for him, other matoran in his village tease him.History: He doesnt remember his past in Metru Nui like the rest of the matoran. He doesnt like the heat and dark smoke of his village. He also was like this in Metru Nui. He wants to move to Ga Wahi. He has a friend in Ga Wahi named Zuli. He secretly likes her. Thanks to her he has learn how to swim. He has been saving up widgets/money to get supplies and transportation for Ga Wahi. He plans to make a hut there outside of the village on the peaceful beach. Strangely is is the only matoran that isnt a Ga Matoran that likes water.

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"New Era, New Assassin"-AC4:Blackflag

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(Edit: I have deleted my previous profile, though if you look hard, you may find one or two posts with him in the Ko-Koro BZPRPG. I hope this won't cause any problems.)Name: Ka'truGender: MaleSpecies: ToaMask: Iden (Mask of Spirit)Elemental Power: Electricity (I have been reminded that characters with the elemental power of electricity are usually female. But, as long as it doesn't cause any problems, I am going to keep Ka'tru male with the elemental power of electricity.)Alignment: Neutral, but tends slightly towards good.Weapon: A sword made of Proto-Steel. Very durable. He has had