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  1. Hey, BZPower. It's been a while since I've browsed your tabs. So, what exactly have I been doing? Well...it's a bit complicated. Currently I'm working on my own music projects which I have entered on a music site that lets me enter contests to see what I am capable of. I've improved a lot in just a few years if I say so myself. I've done a mix of metal with Psytrance (if it can be considered psytrance that is. Maybe more Trance than anything), Lo-fi, and even House surprisingly. I just crafted my own remix of a song called, "Black Space" by The Anix, and as far as I know I'm the only person who has purchased a remix license, and uploaded on YouTube and Soundcloud. So hooray!

    I hope to still be on site for a good while since I'm not working for a good while. Here's to new horizons!

    (There is a typo on the name when I uploaded the song)



  2. -Windrider-
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    Life's been a whirlwind of some kind of magnitude, but I've been up in Canada successfully working toward my PhD. Poutine is amazing.

    Even more amazing than mashed potatoes in french fry form is that after having started a relationship and working toward a life together, Aanchir (Skye) proposed on Valentine's Day! It's been an incredible feeling - warm, peaceful, and also how I end up just beaming like a dork when I get to say "my fiancée" in conversation at school and everywhere, really.

    We don't have a specific time fixed for the wedding yet, since Skye's going to get everything in place to move up here permanently in place first, but consider: LEGOLAND wedding.




  3. Visited the flea market on Sunday, managed to find a couple cool little retired pieces, including a couple Star Wars polys I needed for my collection! Overall, spend $65 Canadian; I think I did pretty well!

  4. Serpent of Fire
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    This is my sort of annual visit to BZP to see how things are. This site was one of my main stomping grounds when I was in my teens. Man the time has flown by. I'm freaking 30 years old now! It's pretty cool to see that this place is still going.


    Well, until next time! 


  5. blogs_blog_73

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    Hey everyone!

    Made this account 16 years ago. Crazy how time flies. In that time, I finished elementary school, high school, my bachelor's degree and my masters. Now I live in Germany. Who would have thought.

    When I get home, i think I'll display my 6 OG Toa. Man those were the best.

  6. Kothra
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    This still exists, doesn't it.

    I certainly still do as well.

    Probably not here any more than the last few years but still around.


  7. Well, this isn't a blog post I'd suspected I'd be making, even up to just a year ago. But, It's time for me to face the facts: I'm actually gynesexual. In case some of you don't know what that means: well, the definition seems to vary a bit, but in my case, it means I'm attracted to "femininity" and the "feminine" form, but I'm not picky when it comes to people's sex, sexual organs, or gender identity. 

    A bunch of LGBTQ+ friends have told me this officially means I'm under that banner as well. So, uh, hi everyone. I hope you'll all give me a kind welcome. I'm really excited about this, but understandably also quite terrified. Cause I live in semi-rural Tennessee. People around here are not gonna take it well if/when I make this public. In fact, I really can't at the moment - not if I wanna keep my job. And this is while I'm currently still single. 

    I'm sure ya'll can help me figure this out along the way, though. People from this site already have helped so many other people come to terms with their non hetero-normative sexualities. It's good to know I'm not alone. Anyway, that's all for now. Peace out, ya'll!

    Image result for gynesexual flag"


  8. So, I bought Pokemon Sword.  Due to having some open time in my schedule and the game ultimately being a bit short, I’ve already beaten the main story and the postgame episode.  I actually had a lot of fun.  The game may be riddled with problems, not the least of which being the cut of National Dex, but what it gets right it gets so right—heck, some of what it gets wrong manages to feel right, which appeals to my shounen battle anime heart.  I’m not here to spoil, just want to say I’d recommend giving SwSh a try if you’re on the fence.  Also, while I may not have Switch Online or an SD card to transfer screen shots, I fell in love with League Card customization and desperately wanted to share mine in some capacity, so:



    Pupil of Gym Leader Bea and new Champion of the Galar Region, Liam! (You can’t see it but I’m wearing the Champion shirt, plus my hair looks much cooler in-game I dunno why it looks weird here.)


    -Spike the Coalossal

    -Steg the Rillaboom

    -Murun the Runerigus

    -Beat the Corviknight

    -The Smogington Brothers the Galarian Weezing (character limit made it Smogingtons but)

    -Zacian (in the post-game…)

    Between this and my recent replays I think I want to revise my old region ranking.  Stay tuned for that!

  9. Tarn
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    so now that faber's gone radio silent on it for a bit...what was up with that whole thing? is he trying to pitch the concept to lego to do a second bionicle reboot, or was he supposedly hinting at an already in-progress one? or was it tied to rebel nature and just a means of bringing attention to his original work? the logo he showed obviously spelled out 'bionicle' and the artwork sure *looked* like bionicle

    i guess we'll find out in 2020, i'm expecting disappointment

  10. Hey BZP. It's been a while. Glad to see you're still around.

    You know, it's been 13 years since I registered here when I was just a kid and wow, how life has changed.

    I guess the biggest change would be how about 8 or so months ago I came out of the closet and decided to live life true to myself as a woman. It's been great and everyone in my life has been supportive. Not really the reason I'm writing this though, not sure I really have a reason for writing this.

    October is almost over, and that means my birth month and favorite time of year is coming to a close, but every October I end up thinking about this place and what it meant, and still means to me.

    I just wanted to thank all the admins, mods, and awesome users over the years for creating a wonderful community and more than that, keeping it around for so long past the expiration of the franchise it was based on. I know BZP isn't what it used to be, and I'm okay with that, things change, as I've learned through life.


    And at the end of the day? Change ain't so bad.


    Thanks for listening to my stream of consciousness throw words at a blog post for a while.




  12. I have been receiving emails of late indicating new blog entries from a number of old friends here on BZP.  Apparently the blogging system just returned after a lengthy hiatus?  It has been years since I've visited the forums, but I've never forgotten all the fun I had as a part of this community.  I am still alive, and I would enjoy reconnecting with anyone who remembers me from quite literally a decade ago!  My absence over the last 10 years can largely be explained by school.  I began my freshman year of college in 2010, and in the years since, I have completed an AA (2012), two BAs (2014), a BS major-equivalency (2015), and an MA (2019).  I have been a college student for 7 years of this decade, taught at a high school for 2 years between my BAs and MA, and was hired this fall as an adjunct professor at a local college.  Needless to say, it's been a long journey that's kept me very busy!  Reading my old blog after this long feels like looking back in time, and it sounds like at least a few others are having similar experiences as they return to BZP.

    So let's talk!  What's been going on in everyone's lives since 2009?  If you remember me, let's catch up!  If not, introduce yourself!

  13. Brickeens
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    What did they do to the blogs this time?

  14. I'm Me

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    They are my pride and joy.





    See you later

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    I posted this assuming I could delete it.  Apparantly I can't 

  15. Portalfig
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    This was supposed to say:

    IT’S OCTOBER ALREADY :bah-sign:

  16. BS01's Unnamed Species List has a ridiculous number of sapient species in the MU. Many of them were first mentioned in the bios of the Barraki, OoMN, and DH and simply waved off as their own unique species. But for several years, it's been my fascination to condense this list into as few species as possible based on similar physical traits, powers, or histories. Many of the inconsistencies are easily explained by mutations or technology, or simply interspecies variations. Just as Matoran and Skakdi have elemental subspecies, many of these other species could be divided up in new ways. But before you go critiquing my decisions, please give the FAQs a read, as they address many of the common concerns.

    This blog entry is the product of three different revisions of this list, primarily my research but also that of others noted below. With the rearranging of the forums, I wanted to make sure to post it somewhere safe for mine and other's reference. Also I'm using Spoiler tags for ease of reading without really being sure that's okay, so let me know if it's not...



    1. Makuta

              Shadow Stealer
    This species was prototyped in Protodermis by the Great Beings to fill the role of peacekeepers and creators of the Rahi (proposed by Akavakaku). Different powers were tested and refined until Mata Nui perfected their design and created them in Antidermis. These were given 42 Kraata powers, Shadow, Kaita Dissolution, and the ability to wear Kanohi.

    2. Matoran

    The main inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, built to maintain Mata Nui's inner workings. Each Matoran possesses an elemental affiliation that is manifested as elemental control should they become a Toa or Turaga. They also have the ability to use Kanohi.

    3. Skakdi
    Inhabitants of Zakaz, initially peaceful and powerless until Makuta Spiriah's modifications, from which they gained elemental powers when used with another Skakdi, vision powers, and other abilities, as well as an unquenchable thirst for violence. This species is known for their claws, wide grins, and long spines.

    4. Steltan
              Upper Class
              The Steltan Upper Class are tall and vaguely Toa-like. Though they can wear Kanohi, they do not depend on their use as the Matoran do. Even among the upper class of the Steltan society, their members are divided into ranks. Platinum armor is reserved for rulers while gold is a typical middle-class color. Hydraxon was created as the template for this species and future generations were modeled on him after he joined the Hand of Artahka. This species is resistant to Pit Mutagen and grow far more powerful when exposed to Antidermis, a trait that becomes noticable only in large quantities.

              The Servants of Stelt, otherwise known as "Bruisers," are large and powerful beings, but their lack of intelligence keeps them from dominating the upper class. They are commonly used as workers or body guards. They are unable to use Kanohi.

              The Slaves of Stelt are even larger and more powerful than the Servants, and their speed and agility is unmatched by the others, but many are somehow forced into fighting for entertainment.

    5. Vortixx
    The inventive and intelligent inhabitants of Xia. They are typically tall and armored in black. Their society is dominated by the women with little opportunity for men. Conjurer stole their advanced technology and set out for a life of his own and became a ruler of a small group of Matoran. They are able to wear Kanohi.

              A subspecies of the Vortixx with the ability to shatter their bodies into crystal and reform at will.

    6. Zyglak
    An amphibious species with a hatred for Matoran. Their scaly skin is coated with an organic Protodermis destroying disease. They are immune to Pit Mutagen and virtually invulnerable to elemental attacks.



    7. Carapar
    Carapar's race was one of the first created in the Matoran Universe, as implied by Axonn's status as an ex-Hand of Artahka member. This species inhabited the Southern Isles and were dominated by warlords such as Axonn and Carapar, the latter of whom was called to be a Barraki. This species is generally large and powerful and have the ability to use Kanohi.

    8. Ehlek
    In appearance, this species closely resembles Ehlek's mutated form. They are unable to breathe air and are thus most members are confined to the oceans around Zakaz. Each member has been modified by the OoMN, giving them great strength and powerful claws to kill Makuta. They are also able to wear Kanohi.

              The amphibious brethren of Ehlek's race with great agility both on land and in the sea. Also possess enhanced vision. These species are known to work closely together, even to the point of Amphibax leading other members of Ehlek's species.

    9. Kalmah
    An ancient race inhabiting the bleak, icy land just south of Odina. The inhabitants are split into tribes led by warlords. Ancient's services once turned each tribe against one another in a great civil war that is rekindled every few thousand years. After the first war came to a close, the Shadowed One and Ancient left their island to capture the neighboring Odina after the first civil war. They will never mention their true origins, and they have been forgotten by their people, but the Dark Hunters always welcome newcomers from this island. This species is equipped with natural weapons such as claws, teeth, tusks, and often bladed tails in addition to powerful abilities unique to each tribe. Though they have the ability to wear Kanohi masks, their long, sheild-like faces with two protruding tusks make it difficult and uncomfortable, and thus few do.
              Kalmah was selected to be a Barraki after his great successes as a leader of this tribe. He was eventually replaced by Tyrant, who left his position during the Toa/Dark Hunter War to become a Dark Hunter. At once point, Lurker killed a member of his tribe and was banished. This tribe inherits the ability to absorb and expel heat in great quantities, though Lurker prefers his natural tools, and Kalmah lost this ability when he was mutated. Their armor is typically a vibrant red.
              After Ancient's departure, this tribe was betrayed by one of their own, and Guardian is the sole survivor. This tribe has the ability to make their armor as hard as stone and highly resistant to physical attacks. Their armor is typically blue with metallic coverings.
                   The Shadowed One
              It is unknown if others remain after The Shadowed One left them. They possessed powerful eyebeams that were able to disintegrate a target. Their armor is typically black.

    10. Mantax
    This tall species is known for the large horns protruding from the back of their heads, though these became tentacles when Mantax was mutated. They also are able to wear Kanohi.

    11. Pridak
    The original inhabitants of Visorak. Pridak was taken to be a Barraki long before most of the rest of his civilization was destroyed by the Visorak. This species is generally tall and powerful and typically has the ability to feed on emotion to grow stronger. While Tobduk feasts on anger, Pridak's emotion may have been pride. They are able to wear Kanohi.

    12. Takadox
    A species with the abilities to hypnotize others and wear Kanohi.



    13. Botar
         Botar's Replacement
    Another race hailing from the Southern Isles, known to be "savage," perhaps meaning more primitive or superstitious than the rest of the universe. This species towers over most others and has the ability to teleport and use Kanohi. 

    14. Krahka
    A sentient species misclassified as a Rahi due to their shapeshifting habits, though they can also take the forms of other sentient beings. Some are able to copy inherent powers of the forms they take, or merge forms together. Very few remain after near devastation by the Visorak, many of whom remain in hiding or serving under more powerful beings who can protect them.

    15. Mimic
    A species from a distant land that was destroyed in a natural disaster. At least some members of this species possess photographic reflexes.

    16. Nocturn
         Four-armed OoMN member
    A four-armed and powerful species with the ability to regrow lost limbs. They are immune to Pit Mutagen. Their home island was destroyed by Nocturn with few survivors. Sentrakh was taken before or after and heavily modified by The Shadowed One.

    17. Nynrans
    This is one of the few MU species to grow as they age, ranging from just below Toa height to towering titans. Their common traits include long, thin wings and horns atop their heads used to channel their psionic subpowers unique to each individual. They originally hailed from Nynrah and are still known to craft there, though members of their species proven to be too violent/not inventive enough were outcast.

    18. Odins
    The original inhabitants of Odina. Lariska is the only known survivor after she betrayed the rest of her people to the Dark Hunters.

    19. Primal
    These two are the last survivors of a four-legged race whose island was ravaged by Visorak, and afterwards all but Primal were killed by The Shadowed One. Seeker was recruited as a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta and escaped the destruction. They are known to be agile and strong.


    To be reclassified as Rahi

    Airwatchers' backstory seems to imply he is one of the last of his kind. Perhaps the others were hunted to extinction or killed themselves off due to their own dim-wittedness. Airwatcher possesses wings and a chest launcher, the latter may have been the result of Dark Hunter modification.

    A species nearly wiped out by Matoran as they were mistaken for unintelligent Rahi. Their poison, which is ejected from their mouths, paralyzes the victim and is lethal within half an hour, though they are not immune. They also possess stunning tails.



    1. Why are Brutaka and Hydraxon classified as Steltans?
    In the original topic, Akavakaku proposed a theory that Hydraxon, Axonn, and other members of the Hand were created about the same time as Toa Helryx and later used as templates for the rest of their species. Hydraxon likely never lived on Stelt. Brutaka's backstory mentions he was a "prominent figure" of his society before he was recruited by the Brotherhood and likely spent little time on Stelt as well.

    Brutaka was also known to have gained a large amount of power after being submerged in Antidermis. Though several members of this classification were known to fight Makuta, they were likely exposed to only trace amounts of Antidermis and the effects were less noticeable. But perhaps in early years the Steltans used this ability to gain dominance over the much stronger Servant and Slave classes.

    2. But why can't Hydraxon be put with Axonn and Carapar?
    My original list had this pairing, but so many people denied it, saying Hydraxon and Axonn have very few physical characteristics in common and felt like the only excuse was their similar names. So they're separated now.

    3. But why can't Hydraxon be put with Trinuma and Mantax?
    Trinuma's species is confirmed to have large and prominent horns, and these are noticeably lacking on Hydraxon. I see no reason to make allowances to dismiss Hydraxon from this canon detail when he could easily be a Steltan.

    4. But Conjurer is TSO's race now!
    This theory's been around since before this canonization, and I'm sticking with it for the purpose of my list. Personally, it makes more sense to me that Conjurer lived as an oppressed male in Vortixx society, stole some advanced tech, and set off to make his fortune more than arbitrarily grouping him based on some design details.

    5. But not all of "Kalmah's race" have tails!
    Admittedly, this is pretty much the only obstacle with that huge leap that merged several species into an interesting race. Canonically, they all come from a land ruled by warlords and locked in a civil war. Physically, most of them have claws, tusks, digitigrade legs, and some manner of tail. However, Guardian is noticeably lacking this last trait. It could be he lost his tail in the wars or as a result of Dark Hunter modification. Maybe not all members of this species have tails. Whatever it is, these characters fit too well together in my mind to ignore for one tiny detail.

    6. Why does Dweller's species have to live on Nynrah?
    Because honestly he's the only one that fits. Many of these characters are described to be the last of their species or their island destroyed or in war... Dweller (and the others categorized under him) has very little backstory and what little there is seems close enough to the known inhabitants of Nynrah.

    7. Wait, Greg said Krahka was a Rahi and Triglax wasn't! Why are they sapient species when Airwatcher and Poison are not? We still have intelligent Rahi like Keetongu!
    "Rahi" is a very relative term in Matoran. It literally means "Not Us." There is no clear line between sapient species and Rahi with the exceptions like Airwatcher and Keetongu. This puzzled me and I asked this question in my What is a "Rahi?" topic. Basically the consensus was that it was entirely Matoran-defined. They see a creature and classify it based on its behavior. Krahka commonly shapeshifts into Rahi, while Triglax mimics other sapient beings, so it would be easy to see how a Matoran might mistake Krahka for a Rahi.

    8. Where does Jerbraz fit into all of this?
    Given how little we know about Jerbraz's appearance before he turned invisible, it isn't really reasonable for me to try to figure out which one of these species he fits into. I'll leave that to another theory.


  17. :kaukau: Holy cow.  I really, really with that this guy's designs were sets that I could just buy.  They are BEAUTIFUL.  I especially like how consistent the colors are.



  18. I know I didn't go over this in the last blog entry, but I'm sure if you remember me at all for some reason, you're probably curious as to where I've been or what I've been doing. The short answer is "none of your ding-danged business."

    I will say this, however: I do have a handful of things I was working on that were meant to be seen by the BZP public. This includes PIRAKA COMICS, which I know I haven't posted in what, three years? Yikes. Anyway, I've still got plenty of ideas left for it and they're all super amazing and I'm definitely looking forward to unleashing them upon an unsuspecting BZP audience. However, at this point in my life these things unfortunately need to take lower priority.

    Yeah, sorry about this being so vague. I will say this, though: I'm still here. I've always been here. I just don't post because, well, I really don't have anything to say these days.

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    where is the box i feel old and i have (1) opinion

    everyone else put in life updates so heres mine no one asked for

    estrogen made me hot and i have a boyfriend

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    im kinda a big deal

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