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Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules

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Name: Tuakana (derived from the Matoran word for “old one” or “eldest”)

Species: Aspect of Makuta

Faction: Aspects of Makuta

Description: Like all Aspects, Tuakana exists naturally in a green, gaseous form, unable to interact with the physical world without a suit of armour or a willing host to inhabit. Tuakana’s armour stands about the same height as a Toa, but the similarities end there. They are technically bipedal, but they stand hunched over, with short legs, an elongated torso, and arms that are long enough to reach the ground, allowing Tuakana to travel in a swinging, ape-like fashion. Their fingers are long and slender, ending in sharp points. The armour is composed of a brittle-looking black metal, worn and scarred by age. They are draped head to toe in green and brown lichens and mosses. Ropes of plant life hang from their scalp, obscuring their face.

Tuakana is old. Even for an Aspect, they are old. Their mind moves more slowly than other Aspects, and no one has the patience to explain concepts like genders or names to them, so they have no gender and are called Tuakana, derived from the Matoran word for “eldest” or “old one.” Although cunning in their own way, they do not understand the manipulative power games the other Aspects play, always vying for power. They prefer to pursue their goal of a seventh stage kraata on their own terms, only loosely affiliated with the other Aspects out of a sense of loyalty to their shared species. Although generally inquisitive and endlessly patient, they find the harried, fast-paced lives of younger species to be pointless and often incomprehensible.

Background/Occupation: They have spent untold years observing the island of Zakaz and slowly growing stronger, moving almost unnoticeably through the shadows of the swamps and dunes, unmindful of the various Skakdi squabbles that seem to end almost before they begin. If they have schemes beyond pursuing a seventh stage kraata, they move too slowly to be recognized.

Powers/Abilities: As an aspect of Makuta, Tuakana controls the element of Shadow in all its forms, allowing them to create, control, and absorb shadows and darkness.

Tuakana’s secondary power is Slow, making them extremely slow but difficult to dislodge, and highly resistant to physical harm. Should they make physical contact with another creature, they can anchor themself to the creature and rob it of speed.

Should a willing being offer up a heartlight, Tuakana can perform the rite of desecration.

Equipment: A suit of armour to possess.

Flaws: Like all Aspects of Makuta, Tuakana requires a suit of armour or a willing host in order to interact with the physical world. Destroying their armour would render them impotent unless they could find a willing host.

Tuakana is also a very slow and patient being, rarely acting quickly, even when in danger. They perceive time differently than others, and as such have difficulty perceiving the significance of rapidly occurring events.

Grand Wish: Having wandered Zakaz for centuries, Tuakana has had the opportunity to observe the rise and fall of many younger species. Above all, they see that death is everywhere, and it comes far too quickly. Thus, perceiving most life as beginning and ending in the blink of an eye, Tuakana's grand wish is to become the master of time. They wish to do this in order to defeat entropy and, by extension, death.

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Saybo Profile updated 5-6-20

Name: Saybo

Breed: Toa

Faction: Aurax, Toa of Plasma (Formerly Barraki)

Brief Description: Saybo is Teal colored, with his secondary coloring being Aqua. His eyes are a bright yellow. He stands at an average Toa height and wears very bland looking Toa armor. He generally keeps his mask off, keeping it secure around his neck with a chain for quick use.

Strapped around his chest and upper waist are several small canisters clipped onto his armor. Three canisters segments form top, middle, and bottom increments for a total of 8 groupings, 24 canisters. They wrap around his entire torso. There are three canisters for each cardinal direction and three smaller canisters for each in between areas. These canisters are shaped like additions to the armor. Their real purpose is to hold a small amount of water.

There is a pistol holstered at his right hip.

Saybo holds himself in an air of relaxed confidence and nonchalance. When uncomfortable, he will stand straighter and avoid eye contact.


Background/Occupation: Saybo hails from some long forgotten island in the south. He was happy there, content with doing what needed to be done. His sense of duty to follow Mata Nui was unbreakable.

However, he ended up on a Toa quest for something larger than his island and had his Light almost completely drained. The Shadowed One snatched him up from the wreckage of the quest and had him subjected to some light mental rearranging. After losing most of his Light and being messed with, Saybo lost all empathy for the value of life. In fact, he has a hard time feeling any emotions.

Due to this, Saybo has created a persona that seems more normal to deceive others into thinking he is like everyone else so he may easier accomplish his goals. This persona is a nonchalant gabber who quips instead of letting his feelings known. Deep inside, Saybo is always thinking, just never feeling.

He then started going on Dark Hunter missions, racking up 47 kills to his name and 23 robberies. He was mentally warped into believing the Dark Hunters to be his “home island”; the Shadowed One to be his “Mata Nui”. His conviction for them was as unbreakable as his conviction for Mata Nui had been before he was drained of most of his Light.

Several hundred years before the events of SKE, Saybo was on a mission to steal an object from the Onu-Metru archives when he was discovered and promptly sealed away quietly in a stasis pod. The rearranging of Metru-Nui has only recently awakened him.


Update 1 - Since awakening, Saybo learned the Dark Hunters had disbanded and his mind changed to have Pridak as his Great Being. Pridak sent him on a mission to assassinate Stannis with Aurax, a Toa of Plasma.

In trying to figure out how to get to Metru-Koro, Saybo found the Eclipse, a small cargo airship that had been outfitted for war but abandoned in the attack on Metru-Nui. As Saybo flew the pair to Metru-Koro, Aurax used his Kanohi of Charisma to imperceptibly and slowly change Saybo’s thinking. As soon as Saybo thought of Aurax as better than Pridak, his mind changed and now Aurax was his Great Being. Pridak is now nothing to him.


Flaws: Saybo holds few and faint emotions, and sometimes has a hard time properly reading a being’s emotions and responding accordingly.

However, his old fear of any body of water he can’t see the bottom of still holds strong. He has a hard time even flying over large bodies of water. When confronted on this, he will out of persona just ignore you.

His constant compliments start to fall flat in any prolonged relationship as he eventually forgets to do normal friend tasks for others, focusing instead all of his energy and time on himself and his “home island”.

Saybo doesn’t like to fight close quarters and as such he is only passable at it, preferring to just push his opponents away to then attack them.

Saybo also has a hard time shaping his element into anything other than a sphere(s), as that is all he has needed for hundreds of years.

When maneuvering with his mask and his water canisters, Saybo is only able to focus on two active droplets at once.

Saybo tends to keep his mask off until he needs to use it. He loves the rush and surge in power he feels. His senses clear, the world becomes sharp. The first few minutes of putting back on his mask are one of the few rushes he can actually feel and experience. Due to this, he tends to keep his mask off until completely necessary.



Element - Water

Saybo primarily uses his water in spheres. His preferred method of attack is holding one small droplet of water on the first knuckle above each of his fingertips at all times. He will pull it down with his thumb and then flick it at his opponent, replenishing it instinctively through decades of practice. If it hits, he expands it and then tries to drown his opponents. As a Dark Hunter, this skill is all he really needed. When not in combat, he doesn’t expand the droplet as it hits, instead moving it to the head and then waiting for his target to be alone before expanding it.

Saybo has spent decades training, creating, and focusing on these droplets. Due to this, despite their inherent complexity, he can fire and create them quite rapidly and instinctively. However, basically now all he does with his element is create spheres.

The only other thing he uses his element for is to move the water in the canisters strapped onto his torso armor. With his Miru, he can essentially fly, pushing a canister here to dodge, pulling two canisters there to flip upside down.

The training for his levitation act is the only thing he’s spent more time on than his droplets. Just… don’t tell the Shadowed One that it’s because he never wants to take a boat anywhere again.

Mask - Miru - Levitation

Breed Quirks: Great swimmer, and can hold his breath longer than other beings.

Weapons: Saybo carries a small pistol. This pistol can channel his power much like Thok’s Ice Gun, creating a hyper concentrated bolt of water that Saybo could not achieve on his own. 

He also keeps a knife on himself, since the amount of things you can use a knife for are pretty insane.

Equipment: A backpack for whatever he needs for his missions. Mostly carries food in it. At the moment it contains an empty water bottle and a deep green Noble Ruru that has been painted gold.


Saybo's Airship: Eclipse


Vehicle Profile

Name: Eclipse

Classification: Airship

Owner: Saybo

Description: A small freighter meant for keeping specialized cargo safe from damage in travel. It is painted almost a true black. It contains a Cargo Bay, an Engine Room, a Captain’s Quarters, a First Mate’s Quarters, a Bridge, and an All Purpose Room. It is a cargo ship converted to a wartime vessel with many pockets of air designed into the armor to minimize elemental damage and maintain air pressure. This means that if damage is at a single point, the armor is weaker than normal, but if the damage is spread out, the armor will hold out for longer than others. (I assume this wouldn’t actually work in reality, but whatever, it sounds cool to me)

There is a railing running along the entire length of the top should occupants need to personally engage in combat while in flight. There are four laser turrets hidden in the armor on the bottom of the ship that rise up into their sockets to fire, making them then detectable to the eye.

All outside doors have a double door airlock system. All inside doors have two separate doors in each doorway, but not far enough apart for any being to fit between them. The bridge has four chairs and four command consoles. In the front of the bridge is a large monitor that default shows outside acting as if it were a window instead of a monitor. All doors, corridors, chairs, etc. were designed for beings about Toa size. This means the inside of the Eclipse is a cramped space and you can barely fit two Toa side by side in the hallways.

It has no windows and from the outside one can’t figure out which side is forward except for the propulsion system. Everything on the ship is retractable behind armor. This includes but is not limited to the cargo bay floor doors that have no ramp, the ramps for either side exits, the outside viewing cameras, the propulsion system, and the four laser turrets. The top and bottom airlocks remain visible at all times.

It has no markings on the outside as a form of identification or affiliation.

NPC Crew: None

Background: It appears that this ship was apprehended by the League some time before the attack on Metru-Nui and upgraded. During the attack, it was pinned by a falling building. The occupants abandoned it to join the fight, despite it still being operational if dug out.

Since then, the building has collapsed around it and the ship merely needs to be turned on to pull itself free of the remaining debris.

Weapons: Four laser turrets on the bottom of the ship.




Name: Sorilax

Breed: Aspect of Makuta

Faction: Aspects of Makuta

Brief Description: Sorilax stands about Toa height, being ever so slightly taller. His armor is various splotches of tan and brown to camouflage himself in the desert. His arms are more tubular and like tentacles, having several dozen lesser joints instead of three major arm joints like a normal Toa. These arms hang down to just above his ankles. He does have normal hands on the end of them.

Sorilax holds himself straight and serious. He tends to pause to think before replying, often rubbing his chin.


Background/Occupation: Ever since his creation, Sorilax knew he wasn’t like most of his brethren. Instead of casting aside or ignoring what little Light they had, Sorilax grabbed onto it, clutching it desperately. He sees focusing on his Light as the morally right thing to do. And now with the arrival of the Metru-Nuians, he has a moral code to set before himself. Unity, Duty, Destiny.

He doesn’t quite know what that all means, but he seeks to follow Light no matter the cost to himself. However this hasn’t stopped his fascination with his own powers.

The call of discovery compels him almost as much as his Light. If anything, he needs to unlock the secrets of his species so he can guard them jealously from others of his kind. The Aspects aren’t exactly the best of beings to control the kind of power that comes from a seventh stage Kraata.

When it comes to Zakaz, Sorilax knows all too well that conflict is inevitable. So despite not training for battle, he has successfully saved up to purchase his own ARC to better deal with those who would interrupt his examinations while out and about the island.



Psychological Issues: Fiercely independent, valuing his earned consciousness. Manipulative and considers all other beings as possible vessels for him to assume solid form. He desires a solid body as often as possible. And despite his best efforts, he still thinks these thoughts, even if he won’t admit they still come to him unbidden.

Due to wanting to do the right thing, but it not being as natural for him as other beings, he tends to take too long to think things over. This is also a side effect of his love of studying and contemplating things.

When it comes to fighting, Sorilax has avoided it as much as he can. As such, his instincts in battle aren’t exactly the wisest or fastest, with Sorilax often overthinking his opponent’s moves. And this isn’t to say he hasn’t fought before, this is Zakaz after all.

Physical Limitation: Exists as a sentient green gas and requires either a suit of armor or a willing host to take solid form. When in a gaseous form he cannot physically interact with his environment.



Element: Shadow

As with most things he’s encountered, Sorilax has studied his element extensively, experimenting with both the limits of his power and of his gaseous body. As a result, he has a great control over mundane tasks of Shadow, often creating Toa-like arms to more easily interact with objects he is studying or even creating temporary cups and containers which he leaves out for hours. Unbeknownst to him, his level of delicate control actually outpaces quite a few of the many inhabitants of Zakaz, even if his level of raw power does not.

Kraata Power: Silence

Stage 1 - Able to move and tunnel in complete silence.

Stage 2 - Projects an aura of silence that can disorientate or terrify an enemy.

Further Stages currently locked.

Breed Quirk: Desecration Rites.

Weapons: Two large knives that he can channel his element through.

A Midak Skyblaster that he guards jealousy from his fellow Aspects of Makuta. He found it in the last week while skirting around the wreckage of the crashed head, not ready to interact with the inhabitants from the GSR yet. It was in a pile of broken shelving units and gun racks, basically pristine. The multiple small dents that are on it don't affect the inner mechanisms. And Sorilax is absolutely fascinated with how it is powered by light.

Equipment: A large backpack to conceal his Midak blaster, as well as to hold other objects should he ever run across them.


Grand Wish


What: Sorilax seeks to be able to control the metaphysical power that creates and sustains all life in the universe.

Why: So that all the newly created sentient beings of the world get to start with the same amount of Moral Light. Sorilax doesn’t wish to bend minds to his whim but wants to respect individuality. Hence, he wouldn’t touch the sentient beings that still live, but all new life would be created morally equal.

Basically Sorilax wants the universe to be a better place. He doesn’t want anyone created under the restrictions he was as an Aspect, where he constantly thinks things he wishes he didn’t.

The only beings that know of Sorilax's Grand Wish:

Sala, Sans

Name of ACR: Second Skin

ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Aspects of Makuta

Pilot of ACR: Sorilax

Type of heartlight: Exclusively Rahi (Currently a Muaka)

Physical Description: It bares a resemblance to its owner, except being large enough so as to accommodate Sorilax inside while keeping its armor integrity. It has an option to become air tight and serve as a temporary replacement body if Sorilax’s should ever be destroyed.

It is painted as dark gray as you can get without being black so as to better blend in with natural shadows.

Onboard Weapons Systems Options: A large, simple looking sword (which is actually poor close range defense with how long Sorilax’s arms are) and a shoulder mounted Rhotuka Launcher (which Sorilax only figured out after he had made his payment that his Rhotuka power was to heal whoever it touches of physical wounds and ailments, though not mutations).




Name: Viltia

Breed: Toa

Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees

Brief Description: Deep Jungle Green armor with Violet Blue under armor. Lighter Jungle Green Eyes. Average Toa height.


Background/Occupation: A Matoran on the Northern Continent for most of her life, her village was captured and enslaved by Skakdi under orders from the League. The Skakdi treated her and her fellow villagers with disdain, anger, and abuse. Often they would kill someone just to keep productivity up.

They were being transferred to begin rebuilding Le-Metru when the giant robot broke apart and sent them all falling to an unknown island. For the past week, still enslaved, their Skakdi captors drug them through the fringes of the marshes, looking for a place to set up a new home. Native Skakdi showed up and sought to loot all they could, allowing a chance for Viltia and her friends to escape.


Flaws: Hates Skakdi and would even break the Toa code to kill them.

Inexperienced, she has been a Toa for less than a week and doesn’t know her mask power yet. She has to use her Toa tool to be able to channel her element.

Not a trained fighter, she wouldn’t last long against those experienced with battle.



Element - the Green

Mask - Rahi Control - Allows its user to control one or more Rahi simultaneously. Although it can be used on insects, it is not as effective on them as other kinds of Rahi. The mask's power does not work on intelligent Rahi like Krahka and Keetongu.

Breed Quirks: An innate understanding of plant attributes such as poison.

Weapons: Lewa style Axe/Laser Crossbow combination

Equipment: Satchel




Name: Cravious

Breed: Skakdi

Faction: Zakazian

Brief Description: Deep Blue and White Skakdi with Bright Green eyes. Half a head taller than the average Skakdi.


Background/Occupation: Cravious is one of the leading technological minds of the Skakdi, especially so since Avak’s death. He has a firm grasp on elemental dampeners, mechs, and vehicles. He has intricate knowledge of how to make fake bodies. Most notably the realistically functioning body of the Aspect Sorilax, who Cravious has outfitted with a moving face, full joint functions, working eyes, and even a valve system so the Aspect can “smell” through the nose.

His attempts at A.I. are rudimentary at best and cause him much frustration.

Except for fake bodies, Cravious’ style is not compact, using pipes, hoses, pistons, and gears to achieve things normally reserved for electricity or simpler solutions. That’s not to say he can’t have compact designs or use electricity, but he prefers not to.

Cravious is fairly young, being only 341 years old. However the organic protodermis muscle on his face seems “gaunt and tight”.

He has several "businesses" with differing names that are all basically just creating or repairing mechanical objects or the storage of said mechanical objects and money. Most are run out of his Cube and/or in the Rig.


Flaws: Cravious is a violent, vicious creature, as are all Skakdi at creation. Cravious is prideful, greedy, and uncaring. His selfishness is astounding and he weighs everything through what he can get out of it.

Cravious lost his left foot in a machining accident. He now has a purely robotic replacement as he has yet to naturally regrow the muscle lost and as such his footing reaction time is a fraction slower than normal, causing him to sometimes stumble and catch his foot on things.

(Full recovery outside of healing powers being there because I believe it’s canon that organic protodermis can regrow if lost. Not sure if that’s true or not. I figure it’s like how the Toa Mata had to almost completely regrow their protodermis organics.)



Element - Lightning

Mask - None - Partial Breed Quirk: Lacks the mental discipline required to use a mask of power.

Breed Quirks: Vision Power: X-ray and Telescopic Vision (Like Avak)


Secondary Skakdi Power: The Improbable Machine. Cravious can use this power during construction of technology to create what he intends, even if the normal necessary ingredients aren’t available. Any missing ingredients or components must be replaced with something of equal size or larger. An example being Cravious wanting to craft a gun, but he is missing a barrel. He could use a wrench the same size as a normal barrel would be, attaching it not necessarily in the same place as the barrel would go, and the gun would somehow be able to activate and fire.

When working with a design, %75 must remain original parts and only %25 can be “replaced”. When creating outside of designs, the number of parts required increases based upon how complex of a technological concept is trying to be created. For example, a gear would be fairly easy to bypass, but flight would require massive amounts of extra parts and special components.


Other Breed Quirks: Can only use the Elemental power of Lightning in conjunction with other Skakdi or through use of a tool.

Cannot form a Kaita.

Cannot absorb food like a normal being, must chew and ingest food.



Normally he just carries his Seismic Pickaxe and a Zamor Launcher with him. The Zamor Spheres are of his own creation and contain his Lightning within them.

Various other weapons are for sale in his Cube and at the Rig.



A massive duffel bag that can strap to his back.

An enormous assortment of tools and parts.

Welding mask.

A pair of hands that he can exchange out for his own. This alternative pair is for finesse work and provides more accuracy when creating small details at the cost of overall structural durability.

A briefcase that is able to absorb Cravious’ Lightning energy in order for it to be powered. Inside it can hold up to four Heartlights or Heartlight Keys at a time.


A.C.R. Profile

Name of ACR: Debt Collector

ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Zakazian/Cube

Pilot of ACR: Cravious

Type of Heartlight: Skakdi of Ice

Physical Description: Debt Collector is a hulking mech built primarily for power and protection. It stands almost two Skakdi tall. It is painted bone white, with the names of those whose debts it’s collected written in black fine lettering starting from its legs on up.

Onboard Weapons Systems:

Jagged spiked gauntlets that are designed to slice and puncture ACR armor. (Weakness: only reach as far as the arms do)

Shoulder mounted Cordak Blaster (Weakness, can’t be fired up close due to splash damage)


Land and Submersible Vehicle Profile

Name: Cube

Owner: Cravious


Description: Cube is a home, store, workshop, and vehicle all in one. It is a giant protosteel cube. Cube is large enough to hold three vehicle ACRs or five normal sized mech ACRs at one time. This is in addition to several rows of weapon racks and shelves, a room for Cravious, five hammocks, Cravious’ weapon vault, equipment vault, and money vault, a Heartlight storage cabinet, a cold storage room, a current projects room, stations for driving, observation, and manning the guns, and Cube’s core room in the exact center of the cube shaped vehicle.

It has several doors and balconies on the sides and hatches on the top and bottom.

Cube has six legs that can walk it along in difficult terrain or it can switch to treads. Underwater six propellers extend, one from each side of the cube.

The outer protosteel armor is attached to an elemental dampener, though it is weakened to half of its effectiveness due to the size of Cube. Two elemental dampeners on at once doesn’t seem to overlap or make the effect grow stronger, so it only has the one.


Weapons: Four Cordak Blasters with auto-reloading mechanisms attached at the four corners of the top of the cube itself. They are controlled remotely using cameras installed into them.



5 NPC Skakdi-Xa

Water, Level 1 Quick Healing, Fellow male engineer that’s in it for the money.

Fire, Level 1 Elasticity, Old male and teacher of martial arts.

Lightning, Level 1 Density Control, Female that runs the businesses Cravious owns.

Gravity, Level 1 Limited Invulnerability, Female Security that guards the more expensive and exclusive items.

Air, Level 1 Slow, Male Security that is always getting into fist fights with Cravious for fun.


Speed: Slightly faster than a running Skakdi

Underwater Capabilities: Currently: Can't embark on extended deep sea voyages. Can't resist crush depth. Oxygen system installed. Several Outside cameras. Reinforced glass windows with protosteel shutters. Buoyancy systems installed.




Name: Hahvok

Breed: Krana

Faction: Independent

Brief Description: When active, Hahvok is an icy bright blue. When dormant, Hahvok is a pure white.


Background/Occupation: The separation of Mata Nui’s head from his body and the subsequent crash into Zakaz has forcefully awoken him.

To his surprise, he woke up on Zakaz and realized he is a Krana Za and Krana Ja that are now somehow linked. His connection to the rest of the swarm has apparently been severed. Somehow the Za made an emergency mental tether to the only Krana nearby at the time of the crash.

Hahvok’s Krana can now speak Matoran and have slightly higher mental capability due to their connection. However, in a way they remain separate, with the Za needing to continually provide its power to remain connected and one mind. They are still two full Krana, capable of piloting two bodies separately, both with their own unique Krana powers. (Not sure if there’s a maximum range for a Krana Za)


Flaws: Hahvok considers himself nearly invincible and is mostly dismissive of danger. Thus, he has no substantial regard for his own safety. He will carry on with his own business until he has no choice but to react. 

He has one true weakness: he will always confront enemies one on one, rather than as a unified force, forcing him to rely on his formidable individual skills.

Mentally, Hahvok is a bit simple, never before needing to think of anything outside of his queen’s mission.



Primary Power: Krana Za - Allows its Bohrok to communicate telepathically with others within the swarm. It also gives its Bohrok the ability to read the minds of other beings.

Secondary Power: Krana Ja - Allows its Bohrok to detect distant obstacles.


Breed Quirk: Can assimilate biomechanical beings to his whim by latching onto their faces and controlling their minds. 

Krana cannot control organic beings as they do so by overriding their host's programming. 

Krana can also slow down their life processes. 

Like the Matoran and Toa, Krana are a form of artificial intelligence.

All Rahi fear and avoid Krana as they sense something about them is amiss.

Krana have both active and dormant states. Krana are active if they are inside an operating Bohrok or if they are attached to a being's face. When not commanding a host they go dormant, conserving energy and turning a different color.


Weapons: None

Equipment: 1 Kohrak Va 


Name: Zal

Breed: Bohrok Va

Description: Zal is white and black. His eyes are a cold light blue.

He bears resemblance to all other Bohrok Va, being short and thin.

Breed Quirk: Kohrak Va behave in a cool and confident manner, whether walking or sliding down glaciers. They use their excellent hearing to detect any sign of attack, then use their mastery of camouflage to bury themselves in snow and ice as they wait for the protection of the Bohrok swarms. They are able to hide in snow and ice for several days on end.

Hahvok has the unique ability of being able to remain active and control the Kohrak Va that carries one of its minds as the Kohrak Va is disconnected from the Bahrag Queens.

Tools: Kohrak Va use Ice Claws, allowing them to scale cliffs with ease.

Flaws: Kohrak Va are not designed for fighting and it would be damaged quite easily in a battle.

Due to its disconnection from the queens, if the Krana is removed from its back, this Kohrak Va would seek only to be reunited with the Krana again.


To be clear. Hahvok is a Krana Za and Ja that are one mind that can pilot two bodies independently. The main body is a Kohrak (“vehicle”), the secondary body being a Kohrak Va (“equipment”).


Vehicle Profile

Name: Kohrak

Owner: Hahvok

Vehicle Class: Bohrok

Brief Description: Kohrak is white and gray. Its eyes are a cold light blue.

It bears resemblance to all other Bohrok, being squat and having a transparent head casing.

Flaws: If his Krana is removed, Kohrak becomes dormant.

Due to the shortness of its limbs, Kohrak is disadvantaged in melee battle.


Element: Ice (Channeled through their Ice Shields)

Can even freeze even open flames.

Breed Quirk: Kohrok’s bodies generated a cold presence, which kept other Bohrok away from them.

Like all the other Bohrok, they are capable of rolling themselves into a ball for fast transport from place to place and can snap their heads forward as a melee attack or to launch their Krana at an enemy, which will cause that being to be brought under the control of the swarm, or in this case, under Hahvok’s control.

Weapons: Ice Shields

Equipment: None




NPC Info:

Le-Metru Nuva (Refugee Camp)

Evolis Kerhs (Giant Centipede in Fau Swamp)


PC made, NPC refugee camp. Information current as of 4/29/20

Name: Le-Metru Nuva

Classification: Matoran Village (Refugee Camp)

Location: On the Northwestern fringes of (7, 13) in the Fau Swamp



Population: 44

PC - Sorilax - Tan and Brown Aspect of Makuta (Currently away from village 4/29/20)

PC - Sala - Orange and White Matoran of Plasma (Currently away from village 4/29/20)

Roughly 25-30 Matoran

1 Green Vortixx

Torch - Red colored Toa of Fire

Wing - Matoran of Air

1 Matoran whose Rhotuka power is a lesser form of the Green

Deceased: 2

1 Matoran

1 Steltian

Description: The village currently consists of 10 huts and 4 large flat platforms. Various bridges connect everything, being mostly stationary wooden bridges at this point. The huts are made up of cut wood and scavenged scrap protodermis and metal. Roofing is made out of acid resistant bark and now acid resistant armor from a giant centipede.

1 of the 10 huts is much larger than the others and is meant as a social gathering place, both for bartering and for politics. Currently it houses most of the 43 residents.

1 of the 10 huts is a cabin that houses enough beds for six beings.

1 of the 4 large platforms is nestled in thick branches and covered in a thick layer of pure soil and grass. It awaits domesticated Rahi.

1 crude elevator that uses what little cable they scavenged. It is the only way up into the village other than climbing the trees.

4 wooden poles reach above the canopy. Atop them rest solar panels with acid resistant armor able to close over them to protect from acid rain. Electrical cables run down the poles with crude metal coverings to protect them.






Backup Kanohi

Domesticated Rahi



Long term protection from Fau Swamp diseases and mutations

Long term protection from Fau Swamp Rahi and insects

Long term protection from wandering Skakdi-Za

Long term protection from acid rain


Trained Defenders

A knowledge database to look up the dangers of the Fau Swamp

Everyday items for most of the 43 villagers. For example cups, stoves, and work equipment.

A way to power the working equipment they do have. For example any leftover iStones or maybe excavation equipment.



Yellow Dye

Dark Brown Ink




Name: Evolis Kerhs

Breed: Giant Centipede

Faction: Giant Centipedes

Brief Description: Evolis Kerhs is two Toa wide, one and a half Toa tall, and roughly twenty Toa long. Evolis Kerhs stands on 91 legs, his other 9 lost in ages past. His ancient Chitin Armor is acid resistant, helping him to survive many of the dangers of the swamps. His brown splattered, deep yellow armor is scarred from centuries of survival and battle, but no weak point shines through.

Although not aware of exactly when it happened, as he was not created with one (being too small), Evolis Kerhs had a Kanohi appear in the middle of his head. It is a black Pakari that also has a deep yellow and brown splattered pattern to it.

Background/Occupation: Evolis Kerhs has tread and fought his way through the Fau Swamp for 803 years. Fight after fight, meal after meal, from temporary defeat to victory, Evolis Kerhs has gone from being as long as a Matoran’s hand to the size of a building. His only real fight now is against his hunger. The Fau Swamps have a hard time sustaining an insect of Evolis Kerhs’s magnitude. Luckily, Evolis Kerhs isn’t a picky eater and as he’s aged, his metabolism has slowed.

Evolis Kerhs prowls the depths of the Fau Swamp, consuming what he wills. But with age comes wisdom, even for an insect. Maybe it’s instinct, maybe it’s more. Evolis Kerhs has a basic grasp on the ecosystem and what it should and shouldn’t eat so that there is more food later.

Flaws: Evolis Kerhs is a majestic example of an insect, but he is still just an insect. As such, he fears fire and slows in cold temperature. He also refuses to leave his swamp, mostly wanting to be left alone.

His mind, while wiser than most other Rahi and insects in the swamp, is still just the mind of an insect.

Powers/Equipment: Resistant to acid and most of the diseases of the Fau Swamp. His legs end in points, perfect for attacking or clinging to the larger trees deep in the swamp. His mandibles are also very sharp.

His mouth can spew forth poison which paralyzes.


Edited by Kal the Guardian
Added Hahvok to post.



--------- Six Kingdoms: Rebirth Profiles: Saybo, Sorilax, Viltia, Cravious, and Hahvok   ---------

--------- Description of Sorilax's Second Skin, Saybo's Eclipse, and Cravious' Debt Collector and Cube ---------

--------- Description of the Fau Swamp Village Le-Metru Nuva   ---------   NPC Profile for Giant Centipede Evolis Kerhs ---------




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@Eyru, Tuakana approved.

@Kal the Guardian, welcome! Seybo is approved. Sorilax is approved if he found the Midak skyblaster in the past week before SKR started. Midak does not exist in the Time Between Time, and a blaster from Midak would have only been available since the GSR skull crashed into the island. Sorilax's ACR, Second Skin, is approved.

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I just updated Sorilax's profile.

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--------- Six Kingdoms: Rebirth Profiles: Saybo, Sorilax, Viltia, Cravious, and Hahvok   ---------

--------- Description of Sorilax's Second Skin, Saybo's Eclipse, and Cravious' Debt Collector and Cube ---------

--------- Description of the Fau Swamp Village Le-Metru Nuva   ---------   NPC Profile for Giant Centipede Evolis Kerhs ---------




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Posted (edited)

WIP, will unspoiler when complete. or not new editor is weird, it's ready for a look over tho.



hey i did it, thanks @Onaku

Name: Kathrine of the Flame

Breed: Toa of Fire

Faction: Metru Nui(?)

Description: Standing 1.8 bio tall with a dense, lean physique, Kathrine has spent years of her life training as a monk of the Order of the Kanohi Dragon, and it shows. Her colors are usually quite dull, dark reds and greys, with the brightest colors being her striking purple eyes and heartlight. A Calix accentuates a face that is youthful and cheery. Kathrine simply looks friendly. She has an almost unshakable relaxed demeanor that lends an air of trustworthy confidence.

Background: Hailing from an island to the south, far from Metru Nui and it's politics, Kathrine led a fairly peaceful life, part of a monastic order of Elemenals who had trained to link themselves more closely to their elements. These monks, the Order of the Kanohi Dragon, maintained a fierce neutrality, opting instead to open their teachings to all who chose to walk the path of the Dragon. Trained from her earliest days as a Toa by a Master Lhii, Kat has abilities beyond that of a normal Toa. Aside from sparring sessions with her fellows, however, her only real combat experience has was a fight against a Manas Crab which had made it's way to one of the island's caves.

Flaws: Kat has an almost pathological need to test her strength against high caliber fighters and beings. As such, she may often throw herself into unwinnable situations just for a chance to get stronger or to fight someone powerful, whether as a sparring match or something more. She also has an unfortunate habit of leaving her guard down until the last possible second

Powers/Equipment: The Fighting Flame- Kathrine's Elemental power of Fire is linked directly to her spirit. So long as she maintains the will to fight, her flames will similarly remain lit. This also means that the more determined she is to fight and win, the more powerful her elemental and physical abilities become. The extent of this ability is not known to her, yet. This is not without drawbacks, as her very much regular Toa body will not sustain high amounts of energy forever, and if she loses herself to the rhythm of battle, she could very well melt down or burn out.

Tuning Fork Staff- After an encounter in Po-koro, Kathrine has a simple protodermis staff tipped with blunt metal tines, similar to a tuning fork. this staff once belonged to Reson, a Toa of Sonics who bargained his own life in exchange for that of a captive Matoran.

Kanohi Calix- This ordinary Great Mask of Fate was a gift from Kathrine's mentor, Master Lhii, and has all the abilities of any other Great Calix, allowing her to perform at the very peak of her abilities.

Edited by The UltimoScorp
updating information, background, and equipment. formatting for easier viewing
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Credit and thanks go to @Onaku for the wonderful art that is my profile picture!


                                                                                           The Unofficial Guide to TBRPG Combat!

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On 4/6/2020 at 2:49 AM, The UltimoScorp said:

The extent of this ability is not known to her, but the upper limit brushes the line of Nuva territory in power (but not control)

@The UltimoScorp, change this sentence to read "the extent of this ability is not known to her," and Kat is good to go. While I personally think the name Katherine in a Bionicle RPG is exceedingly out of place, it sounds like this character has personal significance and so I won't ask you to change it.

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Posted (edited)
  • Name: Exo-Toa Unit D-6793 v2.0. Designation, "Varian"
  • Breed: Exo-Toa/???
  • Faction: Himself/???
  • Brief Description: They look exactly like a standard Exo-Toa.
  • Background/Occupation: This Exo-Toa recently reactivated after being dormant for some time on the island of Zakaz. It's purpose is unknown, but it roams the island in search of something. Whatever "Varian" is looking for, it won't stop until it finds it. 
  • Flaws: This unit has the standard flaws that any Exo-Toa has, being particularly weak to things that most machines are, such as EMPs and being highly magnetic in general. The fact that it cannot feel pain can also be a detriment if it's sensors do not detect it's being damaged. Despite being a machine, "Varian" seems more than capable of feeling emotion, and is prone to sudden uncontrollable fits of rage if pushed the right way. 
  • Powers/Equipment: Like most standard Exo-Toa, Varian has incredible physical endurance and strength, far beyond what most organic beings do. In addition, they have various sensors such as heat sensors, x-ray, etc that let it detect it's surroundings with ease. Varian is equipped with two weapons, a boxing claw that can extend, and an Electro-Rocket in the other hand, which fires missiles of considerable firepower. One unusual ability this particular exo-toa seems to possess is the ability to talk, it can have conversations just as well as most sentient beings, though it speaks with a very robotic voice. 
Edited by Snelly
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My Bzprpg Profiles, Six Kingdoms: Rebirth Profiles

Skyra | Savina | Darien | Hakari | Mekana | Oceanna | Taleen | Mimira | Denerium | Talinka | Arisaka | Wraith | Xxeth | Silene





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Name: Reson Ance

Species: De-Toa

Faction: Refugees

Brief Description: Clad in the standard grey and silver of his element, Reson cuts a lean, haggard figure, with slumped shoulders and tired gold-hued eyes.

Background/Occupation: Like most Matoran, Reson believed Toa to be flawless and perfect, the Great Spirit’s chosen heroes. That was, until the day he stumbled across a Toa stone and was transformed into a Toa himself.

There was no resident Toa in his settlement, no handy guidebook or wise Turaga to guide him on his path. And as a Toa of Sonics in a village of sound-sensitive Matoran, it was only a matter of time before things went horribly wrong, the kind of wrong that put several of Reson’s friends in comas, and led to him being driven from the village.

Since then, Reson has wandered from place to place, guided by a duty he detests and grim visions he cannot escape. His efforts to prevent these futures from unfolding have met with mixed success, but he kept trying, believing it to be the Duty the Great Spirit had given him.

And then, one day, the most horrific vision of all began to haunt him – the skies over Metru Nui rent asunder, the universe tumbling through a cold, black void. He rushed to the city of legends, joined the defenders in their efforts, but with no way of knowing if this vision was even real, and who or what would cause it if it was, there was nothing he could do to prevent it from being fulfilled.

Flaws: Reson is a bit on the scrawny side, and has made little effort to maintain his armour and tools, patching them up with whatever loose scrap he can scavenge or buy. The mismatched pieces of his armour are battered and rusty, making him more vulnerable to injury. His attitude tends towards cynicism, and he is almost always fatigued both physically and mentally, due to his efforts to avoid sleeping.

Powers: As a De-Toa, Reson wields the power of sonics.

Equipment: Reson’s tool of choice is a simple protodermis staff tipped with blunt metal tines, similar to a tuning fork. He wears a well-worn satchel containing personal items including a journal, writing implements, and a flask containing his special brew of natural stimulants to help him keep going without sleep (basically the Bonkle equivalent of strong coffee).

He wears a Kanohi Olisi, and though he has worn it for many years, he is still unskilled in its usage. Whether due to some flaw in its crafting, or Reson’s own lack of control, the Mask is prone to activating when Reson sleeps, infecting his dreams with snippets of possible futures and alternate timelines.

More than once, Reson has considered simply swapping the Kanohi for another, but he was always clung to the belief that the Great Spirit had given him that power for a reason. But now that the Great Spirit is dead, Reson is reconsidering this view, and a great many other things.


My Corpus Rahkshi Profiles

Six Kingdoms Profiles

Skyrise  Ascent


Legends Don't Last Forever


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  • Name: Fyura
  • Breed: Skakdi of Iron
  • Faction: Nektann's War Skaks
  • Brief Description: Fyura is a female skakdi of average height and a lean, feral build. Her armor is primarily ochre and gunmetal, and her kraata is attached to the left side of her neck, descending back under her spiny frill. She wears a canvas kilt to store her gear, with a beltbuckle depicting a maskless matoran hanging. On her neck she wears a necklace strung with skakdi teeth taken from both her victories and fallen comrades.
  • Background/Occupation: Fyura is a warskak in service to Nektann. She savagely worked her way through the hierarchy of raiders until she proved herself a reliable blackthumb and raider. As a rite of passage, Fyura underwent desecration by Lrrthxx, being granted a Kraata of Hunger in exchange for service to him. She remains on the mainland, raiding with other members of her clan; however, she eagerly wishes to make her kraata more powerful, both to empower herself and to advance in rank.
  • Flaws: Fyura tends to throw herself into her struggles, and failing tends to lead into long, depressive episodes (psychological flaw). In combat, she will often over-commit to an attack or maneuver, leaving herself vulnerable to any followup (physical flaw).
  • Powers: Being a fe-skakdi, Fyura possesses control over Elemental Iron, but only in conjunction with another skakdi (primary power). She also possesses spellbinder vision, which allows her to disorient and stagger her enemies (secondary power). Lastly, she has undergone the First Rite of Desecration by Lrrthxx, gaining a stage 1 Hunger kraata, allowing her to siphon small amounts of energy from surrounding plantlife (breed quirk). She calls him Vayde.
  • Equipment: Fyura's primary weapons are a protosteel battleaxe wielded in one or both hands, a useful weapon in both combat and boarding vehicles. She also carries a wrist-mounted crossbow capable of channeling her power over Iron, which allows her to fire metal bolts with some control over the shape of the tips, or to be used with pre-mixed flare and thermal charges. Fyura carries a chain wrapped around her other wrist; this can be used to bind prisoners, be attached to a grappling bolt for boarding, or simply used as a weapon. Lastly, she carries several lightstone and heatstone capsules for emergency situations, as well as several rugged tools for fixing up her ride.

Battle Trike

Type: Battle-Modified Transport

Description: The Battle Trike is a souped-up transport with two wheels in front for steering, while the back of the vehicle is supported by a large central tread. The cab houses the driver and up to one passenger, and the open back bed can be used for either cargo or (more likely) up to two warskaks.

Crew: Fyura's battle trike can be driven by a single driver, but a full crew is usually 3-4; one driver, one co-driver, and one or two gunners in the back. It could transport a single ACR instead of gunners, if the ACR was fairly light.

Technologies:  The only built-in weapon the Battle Trike possesses is a harpoon launcher for snagging transports. The trike can also drop a claw behind the vehicle as a braking system; while this can be used while driving normally, this is normally used to slow down other vehicles the trike is grappling. The driver can operate the braking claw, but only a gunner riding in the back can operate the harpoon.

History: Fyura's battle trike part of the fleet literally assembled by Nektann's Warskaks. Its rugged nature means it has been rebuilt and tuned countless times, and the current driver has used it in raids against convoys, stragglers, refugees, and static settlements.

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BZPRPG Profiles

TOA KALTA: Casanuva Vakua Kalyss Skorm Zueya Aelied Cyrix

OTHERS: Denrika Fyura Raiyo Aokora Maeloc Askha Somei Sydelia

"They belong in a museum!"

"So do you!"

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Name: Legion

Breed: Aspect

Faction: Whatever mad machinations suit him best.

Background: Born in darkness and trapped for several years without a body, Legion became many to allow their mind to survive the crushing isolation that befell them. When finally freed by chance, they seized the opportunity to explore new lands and new peoples. Now they seek to further their power and those of their followers, which they seek in times of desperation and need.

Description: An old machine's shell provides a suitable body for Legion, it's sickly green and steel colors completely unchanged save for time's effects on them. Rust creeps upon the edges and joints, and the hands have shrunk and withered, giving the clawed hands an even more skeletal shape, if possible. The head is serpentine, reminiscent of a Doom Viper's many heads. The curved hunchback carapace is eerily smooth. Lanky limbs and wide, steady feet complete a strange, tall figure. A brown, tattered cloak conceals most of these features most of the time, save for the gnarled hands, hunched figure, and the piercing red glare of their eyes within.

Flaws: The robotic shell that contains Legion is not in the best of conditions, with the rust and wear, it doesn't move quite correctly, and often makes uncomfortable grinding or clicking noises. On top of this, Legion is not the most....stable of individuals. While their calm and eerie demeanor is not often broken, when it is, it breaks violently. Even among Aspects they are considered strange and almost otherworldly. Prone to fits of nonsensical musings and ramblings.

Powers/equipment: Elemental Shadow, Kraata level 2 Poison, A walking staff, a long, thin dagger.

Credit and thanks go to @Onaku for the wonderful art that is my profile picture!


                                                                                           The Unofficial Guide to TBRPG Combat!

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Posted (edited)

 - Name - Zak-Yak

 - Species - Av-Skakdi

 - Gender - Male

 - Faction - Mesi

 - Alignment  -

 - Neutral Impure - Zak-Yak, like all skakdi, has made his living off of cheating, fighting, and looting. Although the only true form of leadership that Zak-Yak accepts is that of the word of an aspect and those who bear their mark, he is quick to fall into subservience given a show of greater force.

 - Appearence  - Zak-Yak is smaller than the average skakdi, being less than the three-quarters the size, this added on with his hunched stance and his weak jawline and small frills, gives him a small unassuming and timid appearence. In addition, Zak-Yak has a gimped right arm, making one of his arms useless. Zak-Yak has since been able to negate this deformity by strapping on the arm of an ACR over his right side, the size of which forcing him to walk in a gorilla-like style. Along with the ACR arm, Zak-Yak also wears with him a tattered cloak, equally infested with a thick patch of moss and fungus as his own backside. Zak-Yak himself is inordinately pale and sickly-looking in coloration, although in certain angles of sunlight golden flakes can be spotted.

 - Weapons - 

 - Master's Talon - Zak-Yak's only real weapon is his ACR arm, with the end of which being a massive claw, similar in appearence to the talons of a large rahi. 

 - Zak-Yak's Shiv - Zak-Yak always carries a hidden shiv on his person. Zak-Yak only uses this shiv when he is given the oppurtunity to kill someone when they cannot stop him, allowing Zak-Yak to fulfill any grudges he may have towards them.

 - Power - 
 - Vision Power of Ethereal Sight - Zak-Yak's vision power is ethereal vision, allowing him to see ethereal objects and creatures and to turn objects and creatures he hits with the beam to become ethereal for up to an hour or until Zak-Yak hits them with his eye beam again. In addition, Zak-Yak himself is able to turn ethereal, allowing him to pass through walls and to be invisible to the naked eye.

 - Elemental Power of Light - Zak-Yak also, like all skakdi, has a latent elemental power, his being the elemental power of light.

 - Personality - Zak-Yak is wild at best and downright delusional at worst. Zak-Yak, throughout his life of abuse, has developed this sorta stockhole syndrome opinion on life, with him easily developing grudges over even the most minor of slights, but also forgiving such slights for even the smallest ounces of kindness. But even in his madness, Zak-Yak still can understand his stance in life, and as such, zealously prays that he may be able to meet an aspect and be given the power he needs. Zak-Yak, in his mind, sees aspects as the most holy of entities and understand those who bears kraata to be their divine emissaries.

 - Biography - Since his birth, Zak-Yak was the most beaten and bullied by his fellow skaklets until the leader of Zak-Yak's warskak took him in as his personally slave. It was here in his formative years of abuse and service that Zak-Yak developed his stockholm syndrome and his reverence for the aspects and their kraata. Zak-Yak was left in such a state of life until during a raid against another warskak of mesi that the head of Mata-Nui crashed landed upon the planet, causing tremors and cave-ins to occur across the mesi tunnel networks and leading to the death of Zak-Yak's master and the destruction of his ACR. After awakening in the rubble, Zak-Yak found his dead master, and attempting to emulate him, manage to salvage the arm of the ACR and strap it upon himself and take the dead kraata for himself.

 - Weakness - 

 - Stunted Frame - Zak-Yak is incredably weak for a skakdi, his only defense his ACR arm. But the ACR arm can be easily disabled if the harness attaching it to Zak-Yak is damaged, leaving Zak-Yak virtually no way to defend himself.

 - Emotional Madness - Zak-Yak's emotional state is incredible fragile, with him being easy to descend into emotional outbursts on a drop of a hat, this also affects his opinion on others, with him easily being persuaded by acts of kindness or being frightened off by the slightest hint of aggression.


 - Name - Uraborask

 - Species - Bo-Skakdi Xa

 - Gender - Male

 - Faction - Independent

 - Alignment - 

 - Rebel Neutral - Uraborask is primarily out for his own satisfaction, hunting whatever rahi he finds to be a suitable challenge. Overall, Uraborask cares little for the affairs of the matorian and makes it a point to remain at least amicable with other skakdi he encounters, even when he knows their more likely to stab him in the back (or more likely from the front) then anyone else.

 - Appearence - Uraborask is characterized by his beastial-design, having longer-than-normal arms and hands, giving him added strength and reach, and his boney frills and tusked visage, giving him a look like he's wearing a rahi skulls. Uraborask bares brown and green colors to his body, giving him a form of natural camouflage. Adding onto his frame and camouflage, Uraborask also keeps a few spare gilly suit shawls in order to add to his natural camouflage. Uraborask carries with him a large satchel where he keeps a few trophies, his gilly suits, and his machete.

 - Weapons - 

 - Skakdi Hunter's Bow - This large, almost over-sized bow, is a perfect fit for any skakdi hunter. This particular bow, having been adjusted to account for Uraborask's own exceptional draw strength and arm length, is an exceptionally deadly weapon and its limbs have been reinforced with a series of hardened protrusions for close range fighting has an effective bludgeoning tool.

 - Kane-Ra Jawbone Machete - Crafted out of the jaw of a kane-ra alpha, Uraborask's first prize real prize, Uraborask has used and maintained this crude yet effective weapon since. Although Uraborask usually puts down his kills with this weapon, he mainly uses it as a tool and keeps it within his off-hand.

 - Powers - 

 - Elemental Power of Jungle - Although Uraborask's elemental power of jungle is unaccessable without the assistance of another skakdi, Uraborask at least bears trace influences of his elemental power, including an immunity to plant-based poisons and toxins and a knowledge of such plants. 

 - Vision Power of Deduction - Uraborask wields the exceptional vision power of deduction, allowing him to deduce the most likely actions of others and of events surrounding a scene based upon trace amounts of evidence, granting him exceptional tracking and precognitive ability.

 - Kraata of Chameleon - After his dealing with an aspect, Uraborask gained a kraata of chameleon, allowing him to change his camouflage style colors to match his immediate surroundings.

 - Personality - 

 - 100% Predator, 0% Prey - Uraborask always works to be the strongest he can be, rarely letting others treat him as lower when he can help it. Uraborask desires to always be the predator in any situation, never showing weakness nor giving oppurtunity to others. But, Uraborask does relinquish respect to those who either exhibit sufficient strength or respect the strength of others. Uraborask is also not openly hostile and is willing to work for anyone with sufficient payment or a good hunting opportunities.

 - Biography - Uraborask, since he was a skaklet, had the predator instinct to survive, often choosing fellow skaklet to mockingly hunt. His desire to hunt and test himself grew as he himself grew, becoming a menacing brute of physicality and predator instinct till he sought to escape the drudgery of the warring skakdi clans. Hunting down the largest kane-ra he could, Uraborask took down the beast with his sheer might. Unbeknownst to Uraborask, a rival from his old warskak tracked him down, and in his exhausted state, attempted to take the Kane-Ra for himself. In a fit of rage and a desperate struggle, Uraborask tore the jaw bone from the Kane-Ra and used it to brutally slay his fellow skakdi, this drew the eyes of a wandering aspect. Realizing what it truly took to be a predator, Uraborask offered the heartlight of his fellow skakdi as the last of their life faded and gained his kraata. Uraborask now wanders the wilderness for truly worthy prey.

 - Weaknesses - 

 - Beastial's Focus - Uraborask has a mindset similar to that of a predatory rahi, this leaves him constantly in a state of defensive aggressiveness. In addition to this, Uraborask can be easily dealt with when having to deal with multiple foes with varing abilities or when his opponent acts in strange or unusual manners, but the latter can be negated with his vision power or observing his opponent ahead of time for significant time. Uraborask is also simple-minded in this regards, be easily left in a temper when not actively doing anything or forced with complex challenges.

 - Break Them in a Single Blow - When hunting, Uraborask prefers to take down his prey in a single shot. If such a tactic fails, then Uraborask's best bet is to subdue them with his sheer might, usually grappling the target and knocking them unconscious. Otherwise, Uraborask will quickly succumb to fatigue and exhaustion after an extended duration. This effect gets worse when he is in environments of intense heat.

 - Vehicle Profile -

 - Type - Skakdi Transport Truck

 - Owner - Uraborask

 - Description - The truck, by skakdi design, is a hardy and semi-ramshackled vehicle that seemed to lack any obvious weaponry. It is built in a design like that of a jeep truck, equipped with hardy suspension capable of taking the rough barren terrain of Zakaz's wastes, a roll cage covering the back, allowing for fellow skakdi to ride in the bed with some safety, and a double hooked tow wrench mounted on the front and a larger, sturdier, tow wrench on the back attached to the roll cage.

 - NPC Crew - None.

 - Background - Originally owned by a skakdi trader, the vehicle has since been commandeered by Uraborask after he kidnapped the previous owner.

 - Weapons - None.


 - Companion Profile - 

 - Name - Skrillix

 - Breed - Hapaka

 - Gender - Male

 - Owner - Uraborask

 - Description - Skrillix is a young hapaka hound, azure blue in coloration with a white strip of fur going from the tip of his snout to his tail, leaving him with this white stripe on his back. Additionally, his paws are also white, making it look like he is wearing shoes. Skrillix is curious and very playful, as all hapakas are, but his wild nature makes him not as easily controllable.

 - Traits - Skrillix is both a natural herder and tracker, having the innate instinct and skills for both. He is also a tenacious fighter when needs be, channeling his hyperactive energy to defend himself or others.

 - Flaw - Skrillix is friendly to a fault, approaching other beings and rahi with playful curiosity as long as hostilities is not immediately shown.

Edited by Sparticus147

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  • Name: Korruhn
  • Breed: Ko-Toa
  • Breed Quirk: Ability to see in the dark (shadow imbued)
  • Faction:
  • Brief Description: Since his ascent to Toahood, Korruhn has retained little of his former appearance as a Ko-Matoran. Well-built on a sleek, solid frame, Korruhn bears armor of a deep, smoky grey imbued with brilliant white and ice blue highlights throughout, although any lustre and sheen has been pitted and marred by the many battles since. The armor has an appearance of master craftsmanship, offering both protection from heavy combat and the maneuverability of a stealth suit. His Kanohi is shaped not unlike that of a knight, sharp and angular with only a pair of holes for his icy blue eyes to burn from beneath, and Korruhn will sometimes cover this with the hood on his black half-cloak with white stitching and strange small runes, that he's never seen without. Through a horrible encounter with an unknown creature in Ko-Metru, Korruhn's right arm has been imbued with the power of shadow. As a result, his right arm appears much darker, the armor slightly more angular, and the arm seems to constantly give off a sort of shadowy smoke, although faint.
  • Background/Occupation: A former Cartographer of Ko-Metru, Korruhn excelled in this role as a mapmaker and explorer, until Destiny created grander plans for him. His tribulations took him across his homeland, pitted him against countless perils, and netted him a well-knit band of comrades. These experiences have shaped Korruhn into a finely-tuned combatant and tactician, 
  • Flaws: Suffers from a mild, but increasing case of Void sickness, resulting in clouded thoughts, distraction, inability to discern reality, and worse symptoms to come
  • Powers/Equipment: As a Toa, Korruhn is a master over elemental Gravity, using it to his advantage in both combat and non-combat situations. As well as elemental gravity, Korruhn has been imbued with the power of Shadow, granting him abilities from beyond the Void (including the ability to turn ambient shadow to energy, peer through another person's shadow if they permit, and plunge an area in utter darkness). Korruhn's Kanohi bears the power of a Calix, which, when combined with his elemental Gravity, allows him to perform near-impossible physical feats with ease.

Still designing an ACR for Korruhn, but this will work for now.

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Posted (edited)

@The UltimoScorp, Legion is approved.

@Crimson Jester, Korruhn is approved. I don't seem much different from Korruhn in the SKE profiles section. When you get the chance, make sure to add a pyschological issue for Korruhn to work with.

 @Sparticus147, welcome to SKR! There are only a few issues with your new characters that need to be addressed before they're ready for approval. In all, I know the canon of SKR and the rule set can be a bit convoluted so I just want to say I can see you spent time learning the system and navigating the pre-established lore. I'd also love to hear how you found SKR.


Honestly, Zak-Yak is almost ready. The only thing sticking out to me as needing adjustment is his skakdi breed quirk of latent elemental power being negated by his personal skakdi power. If you don't want the breed quirk, I'd recommend playing an indigenous toa similar to the character Achro who also lives in the Mesi tunnels. Other characters have used a piece of technology to "overcome" this breed quirk, much like Thok used his weapon as an elemental focus in the Bionicle official canon. Two approved examples coming to mind are Xane and Enra. I would be okay with the invisibility powers being Zak-Yak's skakdi power and him having one of the vision powers listed in his profile. Maybe the ACR arm is what allows him overcome his breed quirk -- similar to Enra's gauntlets -- to use a few different types of vision like you have listed, providing another possible physical weakness or limitation if it somehow got removed, broken, or stolen? 



I like your alpha hunter. The Kane-Ra is cool backstory and excellent character development, but does not meet the requirements for desecration. Adjust the backstory of Uroborask to reflect the rules for Desecration and Uroborask is good to go. The Kane-ra can still be central and important to your character's journey before SKR, but you'll need decouple it from the heartlight used in desecration. For easy reference, I quoted the Desecration rules below:

On 3/30/2020 at 2:43 PM, Unreliable Narrator said:

A willing host provides a still beating heartlight from a sapient being -- excluding Rahi -- to an Aspect and consents to complete an Aspect's wish. In return, the Aspect forms any one first stage Kraata of the 42 known kraata powers and grafts it to the host.  This binds the host and Aspect, and the host is compelled to complete the wish if possible.


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@Unreliable Narrator Ok, I fixed the two. I forgot that the subject had to be sentient for a rite of desecration and I realized after making Zak-Yak that allowing him to cheatingly use his elemental powers wasn't probably going to work. But I hope these two are now ready to join SKR. And for how I found this, I originally found BZPRPG when looking for "Bionicle RPG" and was redirected to here by Eyru.

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Name: Mega

Species: Female Fa-Matoran (Matoran of Magnetism)

Faction: Herself/Her stuff

Description: Gunmetal with golden hands, feet and accents, yellow eyes and a powerless Great Ruru on her face, a strange purple glyph painted on around the eyes. Built incredibly strong and oddly tall for a Matoran, with big arms and a bigger grin. Bandana that she occasionally wears on her head, but mostly on her neck. (Zippy drew her here, actually, thank you very much!)

Powers: Better sense of direction and an internal compass (Breed Quirk), incredibly strong (relatively) and good aim.

Equipment: As a tinkerer, Mega has a signature weapon she's built up over time. Salvaged from various scavenged weapons and tech, she carries around a rusty rifle-like weapon that can fire burst-fire shots of scrap bullets, but can also be loaded to fire fireworks when needed (she has a limited amount of these, however.) The scrap bullets are quite weak and fall away at higher armour targets but are useful for suppressive fire or scaring away Mesi. Mega also has an axe on her back, in case she needs to cut through metal or loses her gun. She also, less importantly, has a packet of cigarettes.

Background: Native Zakazian tinkerer and fighter,  great at repairs, even better at scaring off Zakazian Skakdi wanting to rob or kidnap her. Can beat you in an arm wrestle, probably. Great banter, too. Lives out in the wastes.

Flaws: Wanted desperately to be a Toa, and was jealous to the point of misery that they didn't become one. Bad cardiovascular system due to smoking.

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Name: Varah

Breed: Po-Matoran

Faction: Refugees, Po-Koro

Brief Description: Varah stands a head taller than most matoran, and is on the muscular side. Her armour colours are tan and black, with a tan body and a black Sanok, legs and hands. Bright red eyes and heart light.

Background/Occupation: Varah used to work in Po-Metru, taking on physical labour which strengthened her body immensely. When the League attacked Metru-Nui, Varah was active in helping her fellow Matoran escape, actively fighting off a few of Carapar's men with some of her braver brethren. Unfortunately, as a result, she was struck in the throat, which permanently rendered her mute even after the damage was healed. Since then she's taken up residence in Po-Koro, a village she's determined to defend with her life.

Flaws: Varah is mute after experiencing severe trauma to her windpipe. As a result, she's developed an intense insecurity about being ignored by her peers.

Powers/Equipment: Varah is stronger than most other Matoran, and swings her trusty pick axe better than anyone. She's additionally developed some skill in using ranged weaponry, flinging razor sharp metallic disks with impressive accuracy, in addition to wielding a rhotuka launcher she scavenged from a dead Barraki soldier which fires exploding stun rhotuka that inflicts momentary immobility as well as lingering disorientation and deafness upon its target. To compensate for being unable to vocalise, she carries a horn on her person which she can use to signal others.


Name: Rangi

Breed: Zyglak

Faction: Himself

Brief Description: A bit on the thinner side for a Zyglak though with a very agile body build.

Background/Occupation: Having been a drifter for most of his life, Rangi never found a place to call his own, living as an outcast from most society due to his eccentric nature. With the arrival of the Giant Head from the sky, he hopes to possibly find new prospects... and new friends.

Flaws: Rangi has a tenuous grasp on reality, and is reviled by most of the native Skakdi population as a trouble maker and overall madman. He has additionally become so desensitised to the pain response in his body that he often neglects his own personal safety, though not to the point of not taking cover if someone fires projectile weapons at him. Several scars that are still tender and can cause an involuntary physical response if hit, such as on his left arm which was also broken one time and healed incorrectly, making it weaker and prone to twitching. In fact, there are a couple other bones in Rangi's body that broke and healed wrong, and though most of the time this doesn't impede his agility, it is a source of involuntary tics and twitching as well as a constant source of pain.

Powers/Equipment: Rangi has all powers associated with Zyglak. How ever, he has less strength than most Zyglak, but on the flipside is far more agile. Despite his lack of physical strength, he is incredibly hardy, having survived many events that should by any logic have killed him. He possesses a spear and a sword, both made from scrap metal he scrounged from the desert. He rides a trusty hound steed that he calls Clanka-Clunk on account of its razor mane which clangs like wind chimes as it runs, on which Porangi has cut himself many times.

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Name: Morangad

Breed: Tiokaha (Muur, Mark of the Mind)

Faction: Zakazian

Brief Description: Largely purple, though with dark greyish stripes running horizontally across his back and neck, Morangad's body is heavyset and rugged. Corded muscle is plainly visible, as his body is clothed only enough to keep the cold off, with plant fibers and the skins of animals which died of natural causes. Beneath a thick brow on a gaunt face, bright green eyes gaze out at the world with a hard, decisive stare.

Background/Occupation: Morangad remembers a time before the Skakdi ruled over Zakaz. He also remembers the simple, but fulfilling life he lived with his small village in the north of Zakaz. He would like to forget both, if he were able.

No, that's not right. Forgetting would be easier, but he mustn't allow those he has lost to be forgotten.

The destruction of his village, with him as the only survivor, affected Morangad greatly, as you might expect. For one, he had to flee far to the south, eventually settling in the Fau Swamps, his natural constitution protecting him from the inhospitable environment that kept Skakdi and aggressive Rahi alike at bay. But it also impressed upon him a great hatred for the Skakdi and their metal war machines - indeed, for all kinds of technology and mechanical artifice, in general.

Flaws: Enraged by the presence of Skakdi or complex mechanisms, especially ACRs. (Psychological flaw)

Unable to tolerate large groups of people, due to being able to hear all their thoughts. (Physiological flaw)

Powers: Morangad was born with the Muur mark, meaning he is able to sense the thoughts of other nearby beings, as well as project his own thoughts into their minds in the form of telepathy. Additionally, it allows him to shield the minds of such beings from the influence of other psionic effects. (Primary power)

Finally, his status as a Tiokaha also makes Morangad a bit more resilient than the typical Toa. This and his many years in the Fau Swamps has made him highly resistant to toxin and disease. (Breed quirk)

Equipment: Morangad carries with him a mundane spear at all times. The thick, wooden shaft terminates in a jagged metal point, fashioned from the only keepsake he was able to take with him when fleeing his village.

Morangad also possesses a Great Kanohi Jutlin, the Mask of Corruption, allowing him to rapidly rust/decompose inanimate objects within his sight, up to and including protosteel. The mask does not work on living things. (Secondary power)

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  • Name: Informant
  • Species: Shadowed one's species
  • Faction: Aspects of makuta.
  • Brief Description: Tall and lanky, Informant has a wiry build and long tail. His blue and green body is covered with small scars in the shape of matoran lettering. His left eye glows red.
  • Background/Occupation: No one knows for sure where the dark hunter known as the "Informant." He was recruited at some point by the Shadowed one for his unique information gathering methods. Rumors say he used to be a scholar, sending his duplicates to gather information, but he has slowly been driven mad by his questionable techniques. Now the shadowed one sends him out to scout dangerous locations. Not long after the destruction of metru nui he awoke with a strange creature hanging off of his head, and a cryptic message. Go to the rock of dessecration, find parnassus, bring a sacrifice. He has been wandering Zakaz looking for answers since then.
  • Flaws: Informant is obsessed with collecting information, and hordes everything he learns. . Due to his lack of organizational skills he often has a hard time finding the notes he needs for a specfic situation. He often stops what he was doing in order to write down new notes as they appear on his body. He is weak for his species and avoids combat if at all possible. Informant's artificial eye was specialy designed to be compatable with his body, but if it were to be removed or destroyed he would grow a normal eye, making replacing the eye impossible.
  • Powers: Wears a mask of Time Duplication, allowing him to conjour up duplicates of himself. These duplicates immediately dissapear when they would be seriously injured/killed. He naturally possesses strong regeneration abilities, able to heal most injuries within a few hours. He can increase the regeneration rate through meditation. While meditating, lost limbs can regenerate within several days.  His left eye has been replaced with a lazer emmitter. This lazer is capable of boring through any substance, but it is extrmely concentrated meaning it takes a little while to bore through substances, and is only really useful for writing messages and inflicting pain. During one of his duplicate's jaunts into the future he got dessecrated, and has level 1 chameleon powers, allowing him to blend in with his environment.

Let me know if you have any questions. New additions are blue

I have control of an element you would never expect...



Corpus Rahkshi Characters: Revenge-Melody-Booger-Danger-Punishment-Toxitora Junior


Skyrise: Ascent Charaters: Paju & The Element - Rakin - Kane-Oma & The Mukau




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@Onaku Rangi & Varah are approved. Time for a new horn lord to rise ;)


@Burnmad Morangad is tentativley approved. Nothing wrong with the powers or skills, but just be mindful that this is a new island for players to explore. Even if your character's been around since before the dawn of time, there's a limit on how much they can know about Zakaz.

@Smudge8 Informant is almost ready to go. But for fairness sake, no regrowing of lost limbs. However, if they can manage to hang on to a lost limb, it'd be okay for the healing factor to allow them to reattach it and it healing together again. 



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Name - Sala 
Species - Su-Matoran
Gender - Male
Faction - Refugees
Appearence - 
 - Sala, like all matoran of plasma, is orange and white. Sala's mask, hands, feet, shoulders and arms are orange while the rest of him is white.
Weapons - 
 - Plasma Sword - Sala wields a plasma sword, an enhanced version of the fire sword. Unfortanetly, since the crash, Sala has lacked the neccesary supplies to properly maintain it and as such it is somewhat unreliable.
Power - 
 - Komau, Kanohi of Mind Control - Sala wears an unpowered noble version of the Komau, as such the mask lacks any kanohi powers.
 - Elemental Power of Plasma - Due to Sala's relation with the element of plasma, he can resist incredible heats, more so than a traditional ta-matoran, and can withstand bright lights.
Personality - 
 - Sala is a chronicler at heart, brave, curious, and foolish. Sala tries his best to do by others as they do by him. In addition, Sala has an unending desire to learn, willing to do whatever it may take to learn.
Biography -
 - Sala, before the League's attacks on Metru-Nui, was a chronicler, being fascinated by every last thing he could learn. This led to him getting into countless amounts of trouble. But once the Leagues forces started to threaten Metru-Nui, Sala took it as his duty to join the matoran guard and help protect his home. Once Mata-Nui crashed landed onto Zakaz, Sala escaped with the rest of the matoran. Weary but still fascinated with the potential of this new world, Sala, along with a few toa and matoran made their way to the Fau Swamp and established Le-Metru Nuva around the mysterious native, Sorilax.
Weakness - 
 - Brave Cowardice - Sala is equal parts brave and cowardly. Sala's bravery often gets him into trouble, especially when given a challenge. On the otherhand, Sala's cowardice often makes him to first to try to escape from a dangerous situation, this being all the more difficult when he is left with the choice to abandon his friends.
 - Hit or Miss - Due to being born with genuinely bad vision and a should injury during the crash, Sala cannot throw anything with any amount of accuracy or force at a distance, making it nearly impossible for him to properly use a kanoka disk.

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Name: Toku

Breed: Po-Matoran

Faction: Barraki

Description: Scrawny. Thin. The ports that allow ACR stick out more harshly from a Matoran that seems more skin and bones than flesh and metal. The Hau they wear stands at odds with such a feeble looking thing. 

Background:  Once a slave on Xia, Toku managed to escape to Metru Nui shortly before the world ended and despite finally being among his people, was shunned due to his weakened state and grew to despise the great city. Eventually he managed to find some semblance of kinship among the legions of Carapar when he acquired(stole, more likely) a suit of powered armor. Suddenly no longer just a tiny Matoran, Toku experienced what power was like, just before the whole world came crashing down around everyone. 

Flaws: At his core, Toku is a coward. Safe behind Protosteel he hides this well enough, but out of his ACR or if outmatched his true nature reveals itself. He is also petty and vindictive, going out of his way to get vengeance on perceived slights against him. Toku is as expected, physically weak in comparison to many other MU species, however his atrophied state leaves him even further weakened and only his innate Po-Matoran strength keeps him from being feebler than the lowliest of Matoran. 

Powers/Equipment:Innate Po-Matoran strength boost, ACR

ACR Name: Miss Direction

ACR Faction: Barraki

Pilot: Toku

Type of heartlight: Vortixx

Description:  https://i.imgur.com/EWkU5Qi.png

Weapons and systems: An upgraded Cordak launcher makes up the right arm. This launcher has the usual rotating drum, but has an upgraded launch system, and a longer barrel, allowing shots to be made at greater distance and with greater accuracy.  It also requires the use of both the cannon arm and the grasping hand, and cannot be fired on the move due to its force being able to topple the ACR if not braced properly. A magazine fed Kanoka Launcher rests on a pintle mount over the left shoulder. This weapon is loaded with Freeze discs, and can be mechanically or manually aimed. The mount point is lightly armored relative to the rest of the machine and can be easily damaged. The magazine is also fairly exposed and can be damaged. The machine does also have a fairly dexterous arm and hand on the left arm, and while clawed, is ill suited to combat and is not intended to be used as a weapon.

Credit and thanks go to @Onaku for the wonderful art that is my profile picture!


                                                                                           The Unofficial Guide to TBRPG Combat!

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  • Name: Taliesin
  • Breed: Toa of Plantlife
  • Faction: Nature
  • Brief Description: A Toa of blue-green in color, Taliesin wears a long cloak, and covers most of his face with a hood, the only thing really visible being his mouth. He is almost never seen without his long, gnarled staff. 
  • Background/Occupation: A Toa native to the island of Zakaz, Taliesin was part of a long forgotten druidic sect that's sole purpose was to care for the natural habitat and wild rahi that roamed the island. Taliesin has long since become the only member still alive, and has become a hermit of sorts, preferring the company of rahi and nature, only revealing himself to others when he has no other choice. 
  • Flaws: Taliesin absolutely hates people, and shows his disdain for most, if not everyone who isn't a rahi. Gaining his trust is rather difficult because of this. He also has a slight limp in his right leg, due to some past injury that never fully recovered. 
  • Powers/Equipment: Taliesin wears the Kanohi Rau, the Great mask of translation, which he uses to talk to the various rahi that live on the island. Being a Toa of Plantlife grants him power over plant-life, and the ability to create whatever sort of plants that he sees fit. The only things that he carries with him that could be considered weapons are his gnarled staff and a simple knife. He also has a satchel that has various potions and herbs within it that he uses to cure various aliments.  

My Bzprpg Profiles, Six Kingdoms: Rebirth Profiles

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Vehicle Profile

Name: Eclipse

Classification: Airship

Owner: Saybo

Description: A small freighter meant for keeping specialized cargo safe from damage in travel. It is painted almost a true black. It contains a Cargo Bay, an Engine Room, a Captain’s Quarters, a First Mate’s Quarters, a Bridge, and an All Purpose Room. It is a converted wartime vessel with many pockets of air designed into the armor to minimize elemental damage and maintain air pressure. This means that if damage is at a single point, the armor is weaker than normal, but if the damage is spread out, the armor will hold out for longer than others. (I assume this wouldn’t actually work in reality, but whatever, it sounds cool to me)

There is a railing running along the entire length of the top should occupants need to personally engage in combat while in flight. There are four laser turrets hidden in the armor on the bottom of the ship that rise up into their sockets to fire, making them then detectable to the eye.

NPC Crew: None

Background: It appears that this ship was apprehended by the League some time before the attack on Metru-Nui. During the attack, it was pinned by a falling building. The occupants abandoned it to join the fight, despite it still being operational if dug out.

Since then, the building has collapsed around it and the ship merely needs to be turned on to pull itself free of the remaining debris.

Weapons: Four laser turrets on the bottom of the ship.



--------- Six Kingdoms: Rebirth Profiles: Saybo, Sorilax, Viltia, Cravious, and Hahvok   ---------

--------- Description of Sorilax's Second Skin, Saybo's Eclipse, and Cravious' Debt Collector and Cube ---------

--------- Description of the Fau Swamp Village Le-Metru Nuva   ---------   NPC Profile for Giant Centipede Evolis Kerhs ---------




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Name - Vulimai
Species - Vo-Matoran
Gender - Female
Faction - Refugees
 - Vulimai, like all matoran of lightning, is blue and white. Vulimai's mask, body, hands, and feet are azure blue and her arms, legs are white.
 - Halberd - Vulimai wields her trusty halberd, a versatile weapon that has saved her life on a good few occasions.
 - Kaukau, Kanohi of Water Breathing - Vulimai wears an unpowered great version of the Kaukau, as such the mask lacks any kanohi powers.
 - Elemental Power of Lightning - Due to Vulimai's relation with the element of lightning, she can resist electrical energy more so than a regular matoran.
 - Vulimai is headstrong most of the time, rarely willing to sit by as others act, but, over her long years as a guard and later as a sergeant, she knows enough to take a few seconds and to think things through. She is equal parts caring and rough on her fellow matoran, doing what she can for them, even if it means being a little harsh.
Biography -
 - Vulimai in her youth was what you might call, a trouble maker, that quickly turned around when she was "conscripted" into the matoran guard and was taught discipline, loyalty, and perseverance. Taking these ideals to the extreme, Vulimai was able to become a sergeant of own squad of matoran and fought bravely during the siege of Metru-Nui but fled with the rest of the matoran and toa when Mata-Nui's head crashed into Zakaz. She has since been acting as the guard captain of Metru-Koro after the lasts ones death during the crash.
 - The Unstoppable Object - Vulimai can often be caught going into a sort of warpath whenever she decides her mind on thing. This can lead to problems as she can without outside help forget essential things or go beyond her position.
 - Very Shocking - For whatever reason, no matter what she does, Vulimai has the constant effect of being perfectly capable of shocking someone on contact. This would be useful if she had any control on it and if it didn't shock her too. This has made many interactions with her initially jarring to downright annoying.

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Name: Zsann
Breed: Skakdi // Magnetism
Faction: (yet) unaligned

Brief Description: Zsann's towering form could be described as intimidating, and most of the time she displays the attitude to match. Truly, the scar on her left cheek also does not help with making her the most approachable person around.
She approaches life with a no-nonsense attitude, and prefers action over long discussions. When it comes to those she regardsas friends, however, she also displays a surprisingly gentle and nurturing side.

Background/Occupation: Originating from the GSR head, Zsann finally found a reasonable place to abandon her former Mercenary position - nobody would know her here, and she could finally make a name for herself without the old baggage.
Flaws: Zsann's aversion to long discussions *may or may not* have something to do with her stutter. Occasionally her anxiety also gets the better of her, which was part of the reason why she originally quit her occupation as a mercenary. The scar on her left cheek opens up when grimacing or generally under stress because little does she know she has a habit of subconsciously grinding her teeth. A lot.

Powers/Equipment: Zsann wields a greatsword that looks reminescent of the Inika weapons. For ranged combat she switches to her Crossbow. If she meets up with another Skakdi (she deems worthy) she may utilize her Elemental powers, though generally she relies more on her Laser Vision and past fighting experiences to get her through tough situations.

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 SKR Profile: Zsann || My art collection topic - updated! (30/06/2020)

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Posted (edited)

Name: Ysocla Naenoic

Breed: Zakazian Skakdi of Lightning

Faction: Riggers nominally, Yumiwak’s warband in practice

Brief Description: Ysocla’s body is primarily a blue-violet color, with reddish purple accents on some of her limb armor. Around her heartlight there is a circle of white lines that glow. Those glowing lines extend from the circle across her body. Two parallel lines extend down her torso to her hips, where the lines become circles wrapping around the top of her legs. From the circles, two parallel lines on either side of her leg reach down to her ankles where they end in another circle. A similar pattern occurs on her arms. On her face, the lines split into four, two running along her cheeks towards her ears, the other two moving past her nose to wrap around her eyes and go farther along her scalp. Tron lines basically. She wears a tinted visor which can be moved over her eyes to protect them while doing everyday work. She also has a full facemask for more intense welding. When not wearing a blacksmith apron she can often be seen wearing a full length duster which helps cover the glowing lines on her body. On her left leg is a metal cast that keeps the shattered limb in place. Around her waist is her trusty tool belt, carrying various screws, nails, and wrenches as well as a hammer and a holster for her welding laser. Her trusty cane-sword is always nearby. She has bright blue eyes and never smiles.

Background/Occupation: Ysocla was part of a normal family of skakdi on Zakaz. Her parents were members of the Riggers, and tried to teach her early on the ways of being a pirate. Whether through a sense of decency or a desire to stand out, she struggled with the concepts of living on Zakaz. Vague stories around town mentioned the people that occupied the land before skakdi, a population lead by idealistic heroes with a code of honor. Despite those stories always being told in jest, Ysocla was enraptured by the idea of unselfish people who held themselves to a higher standard of behavior. She soon started trying to live by a code of honor, a move that immediately put her at odds with her family. After her parents perished in a house fire Ysocla was free to live her life her way, though it did leave her without a place to live.

Living on the streets she refused to turn to theft, instead taking what odd jobs she could. Those jobs, as well as her prior Riggers training, gave her knowledge and experience to deal with machines of various sorts. During one of those days she found herself in yet another duel in a series of fights. During this one in particular, her opponent had their friends sneak attack her from behind, restraining her while the group shattered her legs in multiple places. They told her that it was a lesson, to start acting like a skakdi. While some would have taken the trauma to heart and changed their ways, the lesson Ysocla took was that skakdi society was irredeemable. The current way of things had to be overthrown. With only one good leg to stand on, there wasn’t much she could do alone. Allies were required.

One fateful day while wandering between jobs, Ysocla spied a particular skakdi. This one carried herself with a unique regality, a confidence that few others possessed. Intrigued by her independence, Ysocla trailed the skakdi and her followers as they went about their business. As she was about to approach and engage the skakdi in conversation, she spotted a conspicuous mugger about to make his move. Ysocla loudly put a stop to his ambitions before he could strike, attracting the notice of the mysterious skakdi. Introducing herself as Yumiwak, she explained to Ysocla her history and goals of restoring her clan. Sensing that this skakdi might one day help her change society, Ysocla swore fealty to Yumiwak and requested that she take her on as a member of her crew. A position of engineer was open on the Tactical Panda II, and her mechanical experience made her a natural fit. Since then she has been a member of Yumiwak’s crew. While she sometimes accompanies her liege on missions, her tendency to defend her honor and occasional refusal to complete tasks that conflict with her nature leads to her sometimes being left behind to work on the ship.

Personality: Ysocla is very serious most of the time. She tries to have a professional air as much as possible, and holds herself to high standards. The code of honor she follows is a personal one, as she knows that others will not change their ways so easily. She will not join fights that would give her side a numerical advantage unless the opponents have shown that they are truly dangerous, she does not use dirty tricks or sneak attacks when fighting. While she has learned the hard way many times that her methods leave her vulnerable she does not stray, refusing to let setbacks ruin her resolve. She’s more comfortable with machines than people, as machines are upfront with their intentions. She does not smile.

Equipment/Traits: She is adept with machines, her vision power giving her the ability to more easily identify issues. She carries various tools including a larger wrench that can double as a blunt weapon. On her belt is a heatstone-powered welding laser. Variable settings enable it to both weld and act as a laser cutter, and the heat and light make it a decent emergency weapon. Her primary weapon is a cane-sword, a combination walking stick and self-defense tool. Her fighting style has been adjusted since her leg was broken. Where once she used quick strikes and a flurry of offense she now uses a more defensive style that requires less movement, waiting for attacks and taking advantage, with the occasional use of her teleport to give her unexpected reach.  

Primary Power: X-ray vision (to see through the lies of the skakdi. But not really, it's just normal x-ray vision)

Secondary Power: A short range teleport to n area she can see, her movement path is marked by a brief trail of lightning leading to where she arrives, and a crack of thunder where she previously was. Using this ability drains her elemental reserves, which can lead to her exhausting herself through rapid use. Functions like the Misty Step spell from D&D 5th Edition.

Breed quirk: Suppressed elemental powers over lightning that must be used in conjunction with another skakdi.

Psychological issue they struggle with: Her code of honor leaves her easy to take advantage of, whether goading her into a fight or making her vulnerable to dirty tactics. She puts herself into sub-optimal situations through her own stubborn adherence to her code.

Physical limitation: Her left leg is shattered, only really movable at the hip. This limits her speed greatly and attacks against her leg result in increased pain.



Justice is a motorcycle that Ysocla uses to get around the wasteland, especially after her leg was broken. It’s a standard cruiser style of bike, black in color with white accent lines similar to the ones on Ysocla’s body. On either side of the bike the word “Justice” is printed. Also on the sides as well as on the front the symbol of Yumiwak’s clan is emblazoned so that would-be thiefs know who they’re stealing from. A sidecar with a similar appearance can be attached for carrying cargo or if Yumiwak doesn’t feel like walking places. Most others are not allowed to ride in it without permission.

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